BluePrint to Cult Riches

Mind Control Made Easy or How to Become a Cult Leader :: a short film by Carey Burtt.

This short film {12 min} somehow manages to be quite adorable in spite of the two brainwashed murders. It provides a clear blueprint for any budding psychopath to start making a 6 :: 7 :: or even 8 figure income simply by sucking the life out of other humans.  It’s easy :: it’s fun :: and it’s a complete turn-key cult solution.  Yours FREE today just for signing up for my telepathic opt-in list {and I’ll know if you don’t sign up you sneaky bitches!}.

Your mommy won’t let you watch awesome YouTube videos because she’s a Jehovah’s Witness?  That’s cool :: I’ve prepared this outline for you.

The Droid Center on Droidination presents :: BluePrint to Cult Riches :: The Outline

~~ Structure it like an onion — Useful/banal stuff on the outside … turd balls on the inside.

~~ Recruiting — {don’t beat your wife on the honeymoon}

Use Deception — Start with a pretty lie :: Infinite Internet Monies … Harmonic Wealth in all five areas … The Secret … talking to dolphins.

FREE — Give them something for free :: Free Program … Free Seminar … Free iPod.

Time Limit — Only 100 77 22 12 7 remaining … when is NOW the right time to sign up for the next seminar?

Love Bomb — Be friendly and responsive … ask questions … attain info that can be used later.

~~ Control Behaviors — Food and water intake … sleep patterns … rigid scheduling.

~~ Control Thoughts — Unicorn wealth is the key to happiness … Balance is Bogus Three for Three

~~ Control Emotions — Induce guilt :: fear :: and other negative emotions.

~~ Control Information —

On the Outside — Delete comments :: hunt The Salty Droid :: DMCA claims :: Lawsuit threats :: Harassment.

On the Inside — Never reveal the true inner workings of the group to the members. NEVER!

~~ Induce a Mental Collapse :: then call it a fucking “breakthrough.”

~~ Claim Authority — From divinity … Peruvian shaman … fake quantum physics … knowledge of secrets that will make you money while you sleep.  Make up stories that overstate your magnificence :: $12 Million in 12 Hours

~~ Induce trance states — Singing … jumping … group hypnosis … over breathing … chanting … prolonged meditation.

~~ Separation from friends and family — They refuse to believe in your unicorn dreams?  They are holding you back … fuck um … stop wasting your quantum time on them.

~~ Discourage autonomy and individuality :: Encourage dependence and conformity.

Preach independence :: Foster dependence.

~~ Confessionals :: The past sucked it hardcore … but now thanks to blah blah blah … everything is harmonic and my clickbanks are yielding high seven figures.

~~ Us vs. Them

~~ Fight Resistance :: treat criticisms of the group by insiders like crimes … accuse them of crimes … there must be something wrong with you … only losers fail.

~~ Indoctrinate with fear :: without the group you will fail to grow … you’ll be stuck … you will be poor and alone forever.

~~ Need people to die for you? Talk about death a lot … call bodies “containers” or vessels … maybe make reference to death as a “transition.”

The End.

Hmmm … something about all that sounds familiar …

>> bleep bleep

57 thoughts on “BluePrint to Cult Riches”

  1. Goddammit Salty I’m working on inventing my own religion (like L.Ron did) and now you go and spoil it for me you smart fuck ;)

    1. No man, it’s all good – just follow the instructions and your cult can withstand this kind of outside pressure – use it to your advantage.

      Any cult members caught reading the Salty Droid are clearly committing some sort of self-destructive negative thought crime with a catchy name. Here, I’ll give you a name for it for free – “Feeding the Beast.”

      If you’re Feeding the Beast, you’ll never attain the 13th Circle of Enlightened Being, my friend. Let us help you…

  2. Forget the religion, new age and internet riches… I’m going for President of the good ol’ U.S.A.

    It pays to be king!

    The shill Obama and team (from inside the onion) used ALL of these manipulation techniques on a grand scale.

    Big Government is our SAVIOR.

    Where’s my red jacket I got’s me some community servicing to do bitches.

    let the nonsense begin….

    1. It’s very true.

      Politicians are mouthpieces. Figureheads nowadays. Masters of the mass control manipulation.

      Gone are the days of public figures and leaders writing their own speeches and actually being the leaders.

      Sans Ron Paul. :)

  3. My favorite tactics include calling critics of your cult “angry people who don’t contribute to anything” and say that any opposing views are due to the person’s “shadow” that they need to “work on.” This effectively hides one’s one anger and psychological shadow with an appeal to your authority as leader, while distracting from the content of the message.

  4. It’s baffling how mind control leaders can stop their followers from distinguishing good people from bad people, rather,those of us who live to help others from those who live to hurt others. They also are amazingly capable of affecting their followers’ memories and power of recall!

  5. I remember in school having a guest speaker at a small group trying to convince us to go to a Landmark seminar… I think it would somewhat fit into this category.

    I at least went and did some research and just found that the whole thing just creeped me out. I am in a profession where there is a lot of scientology based consulting programs so I see this stuff.

    I think that given information we can think through it rationally and just dump the bullshit when it’s obvious. Now when you assemble in a group… and group think comes into play… and some of these other tactics above come into play… CREEPY SHIT!

    1. The thing that sucks the most is that cult leaders (and cults in general) use a lot of beautiful ancient meditation techniques and a lot of right words but twist both in unbelievable ways for their personal gain, so the techniques themselves get discredited by a lot of people and arouse fear and disbelief. Just like most religions twist enlightened people’s words to such a degree that the meaning becomes exactly the opposite… Sad to watch when it happens.

    1. Not all forms of influence or persuasion are the same, but they do fall on a spectrum:

      Professional persuaders tend to collapse all persuasion as being equivalent, and even reframe “manipulation” as good. This tends towards a slippery slope towards amoral views that allow for all tactics of persuasion as good if they benefit the individual. Cult educators recognize that education and even most forms of advertising are not equivalent to thought reform and brainwashing even though there are some similarities.

      1. Thanks for the link Duff.

        Speaking of indoctrination, thought-reform, etc…


        Replace your negative thoughts with what Joe personally uses so as to attain closeness with the ‘guru’ via mere association tendencies!

        ‘Clearing’? Really? Is that what we’ve come to?


        The only thing Joe probably ‘clears’ is his driveway to make room for more cars. ( Probably tax write off too since used in business! )

        1. This video of Joe is so interesting for so many reasons. So many of his “hypnotic” selling tactics are in this short clip. I would think it would be exhausting to be “on” like that all the time, but a true hustler plays to win! You go, Joe, sell that snake oil!

        2. Geez…

          It’s just so fucked to think how his message is basically “I have a Rolls Phantom because people like you give me money to get in my Rolls Phantom”.

          It’s just a big loop of nothing contributing to humanity.

  6. Thats it BLAME THE VICTIMS theory which is what ALL of these fools do. How they are so surprised when people get so bloody annoyed with them is beyond me. Then they remove all the negative comments and hide behind a wall of fake christianity and trusts and the like which anyone with a pea brain can work out WHY THEY NEED TO DO THAT. Is everyone as sick of these people as I am? These people are sadistic and often when you go looking into the family history you discover that siblings have been incarcerated or at least caught already for operating a bit less deceitful but a bit more open and it makes you realise just what freakin monsters you are dealing with. Blah, sick stuff, really sick stuff.

  7. Ah ha, I see now…

    All so smart, so sassy but yet easily taken by the hand and led down the primrose path with nothing more than a pretty face, a sharp tongue and a simple promise.

    So easy a caveman could do it …and did.

  8. Tony Decapreo,whose name clicks to,is repeatedly posting this pro DeathRay nonsense at It ends with: “James Ray is a Great man! He has helped millions change their life around. It is a tragedy what happened to those people, but let’s not erase the fact that he has saved more lives then he has destroyed.”

    OMG,I can’t believe anyone could write that.I’m going to be sick.

    1. Who measures things that way? “If 60 people attend a self-help retreat, and only 3 die, then by averages, it’s still a success! *Most* people survived!”. …What?

      Newsflash: self-help gurus aren’t supposed to destroy *any* lives…that’s the whole point of their “job”. If one person ends up with an itchy ass or vertigo from one of your little exercises, you’ve failed. Back to the drawing board. Get a new career.

      OJ killed less people than he fathered. By this logic is he “up” on the delicate balance of “bringing people into the world” vs. “taking them out of it”? Oh, wait, I forgot balance is bogus.

      1. “OJ killed less people than he fathered. By this logic is he “up” on the delicate balance of “bringing people into the world” vs. “taking them out of it”? Oh, wait, I forgot balance is bogus.”

        Ah ha ha!

  9. I think the video needs to add that vomiting is a way to purge oneself of evil toxins. And you can’t get that kind of advice from the medical community.

      1. I think the whole James Ray sweatlodge thing is a veiled anorexia powwow.

        After reading Megan and Josh’s (they deserve each other, BTW) immunity interview, I was dizzy. The whole event was a totally schizophrenic almost manic demonstration of weirdness.

        Don’t drink water, hydrate, don’t eat or drink, vomit, eat healthy little wedges of watermelon, vomit, drink mass quantities of chlorophyll, rinse and repeat cycle. WTF?

  10. David Schirmer is but one of the people touting cult like instructions and habits. Anyone who tries to manipulate people to only believe what they say as truth is evil in my view.

  11. Oh dear God, I actually listened to that video all the way through and found myself saying yes yes yes that is exactly what he does and I am referring to one of the people frequently mentioned on this blog. I cannot believe how completely blind this person is to what he is doing and has done to so many people yet he was brought up a christian was kicked out of the church he was brought up in and is now claiming to be a faith walking christian and a world expert at things he has shown absolutely no practical application of. It frightens me to think what he may be capable of and I feel a very deep disappointment that these people are allowed to continue causing so much deep deep hurt.

      1. Just a wild guess, but I think the person to whom Anon is referring might be The Wanker of Oz, aka Saint David of Victoria, aka the Mini-Madoff of Melbourne. He seems to have gotten under a lot of people’s skin.

  12. That video is much closer to the truth than what you think and i doubt that anyone caught up attempting to be like that would notice the irony.

  13. I had my own moments of following these types here and there, and watching this hits a little too close to home at times. Of course James Ray comes to mind when viewing this, since he’s had, uh, *extreme results* to his “program”. But there are several more subtle Secreteers and their buddies who are pulling the same thing, and will probably not kill anyone to get caught (but will no doubt bankrupt a few, then blame it on their “limiting beliefs”). It’s like they each have their own little hustler persona…Vitale, the “used car salesman”; Ray, “the mystic”, with Bob Proctor as their proverbial Professor X. I hope Wallace Wattles was buried rotisserie-style, to make all the spinning a little easier.

  14. This video depicts exactly some of the things I experienced as a teenager when I almost got involved with the Moonies in San Francisco. I guess it’s one of several reasons I started following the Sedona incident and writing on these blogs. In June,1977, my brother and I hitchhiked out to S.California from Oklahoma to visit our cousins. We decided to hitch up the Pacific Coast Highway 1. In Ventura, we met a guy named Al, and after four days of traveling, we arrived in San Francisco. We were watching a street performer when two soft-spoken people asked if we wanted to go to their house for a “hot,vegetarian lunch”. We did.It was delicious. Then they invited us back for dinner.We went again. Hungry.But there was NO MEAL.Only little plates for each of us, on which they had placed 3 TINY COOKIES. Almost immediately,they started a slide show.Pictures of happy young people working in fields on a farm.Somewhere in Northern California. Folks our age smiling in their bunk houses. And eating at a big table. We were never told exactly what the farm was,or who THEY WERE, but it seemed like a youth camp organization. After the slide show, the projector was left on. The main-girl-of-the-group stood in front of the bright projector light in the darkened room and talked about stuff like friendship,communal living,unity,brotherhood,LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE,harmony, happiness… Then they turned on the lights and told us to stand up and hold hands. There were about 9-10 of us. I remember singing “You Are My Sunshine,My Only Sunshine”.The whole thing was WEIRD,but I kept telling myself how nice they were. And peaceful. They called everyone Brother and Sister. One of the guys told us we were “invited” to go with them to the farm the next morning.Why not?It was summer. We could hang out for a few days, right? Early the next day,we went back. They told us there was a fee to ride the converted school bus which was parked out front, filled with young people. Al,our buddy,had the money,and boarded the bus,but my brother and I didn’t have enough. We were told to have the money wired and they would wait. So I called my Aunt Freida in S.Cal. After asking me a few questions,she insisted we GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE! She said this was a cult called Moonies and we might not ever get away from them! We did what she said. I ran to the bus and yelled at Al to get off. I told him what my aunt had said,but he just smiled. I still remember watching Al wave goodbye from the back window as the bus drove away.

      1. Jason,

        Have you considered putting a “blog archive” widget on the sidebar? So a person could read through the posts in chronological order. I have been reading for about 3 months but not sure how to access the older posts in a logical order.

        1. … dammit

          it wasn’t in the form I was looking for so I missed it. The calendar is exactly what I was looking for.

      2. Would you be interested in some video or audio clips where certain of the IM gurus here refer directly to what they do as “cult building”?

        … I remember it being said as a comparison. The guru, featured here before said in comparing what he taught to what the other guru taught was…

        “Guru B’s system is about business building but what I teach is about cult building.”

        … very interesting. Was a while back that I heard it, but it stuck and since this word keeps coming up I thought it might be interested.

      3. Thank you,SD.That is very helpful information.The Moonie experience made me leery of groups,but my brother wasn’t so lucky.He ended up getting himself nearly killed by some Krishnas a couple of years later in Puerto Rico. Although I don’t blame the victims,it is scary when followers carry on the work of their crazy leaders even after they’re incarcerated or dead.

  15. Didn’t that aussie secreteer mention in a youtube video not that long ago that he wanted to create a group of followers or something. I’ll try to find it and post it here but someone told me to watch it and tell them what they thought of the guy, my response, the guy absolutely freaks me out. Apparently he belonged to some strange belief and now hes basically running every public access the church has that he has aligned himself with. Poor bastards, they have no idea whose got a hold of them.

  16. Just reading an Australian News page and felt that just maybe some of the people mentioned on your blog might demonstrate some of this:

    “……..early entrepreneurial success contributed to him developing a “value system which was centred around the acquisition of materialistic symbols of success”.

    Barker was diagnosed with a narcissistic personality with patterns of grandiosity and need for admiration.

    A psychiatrist recently found he did not have a personality, mood or anxiety disorder or mental illness but rather a history of impulsiveness, poor behavioural controls, unaccountability, a “parasitic” lifestyle and lack of realistic long-term goals.”

    I found those comments very interesting.

  17. Great Video! Very informative and deeply disturbing. It’s almost as if you have studied this type of human behavior and cult formation yourself?
    Good job of it by the way. Very good job.

  18. One of the best informative video i have ever seen. In 12 min information given is enormous.Applies to most of cults/spiritual organizations.Applies to ART OF LIVING cult as if it was made after deeply studying its operational style.Anybody intending to join any group must see this video before joining.
    In fact this video be shown widely in schools and colleges across the world to enable younger ones, the most vulnerable s to know about realities of so calles spritual groups.

  19. the scary thing is… most groups. even politics and education… falls under this scope… cults with-in cults with-in cults…

  20. Droid, here’s other items for the list.

    Exploit derivative legitimacy

    The aspiring cultmeister/mistress should

    If at all possible recruit trusted persons such as physicians, therapists, yoga teachers, and (big win) lawyers. *Flatter* these people. Their presence will be an unspoken endorsement.

    **Find ways to recruit trainee therapists and students in psychotherapy programs, preferably at New Agey schools. These people will someday have clients and can use the therapeutic alliance to recruit em into your shady cult.

    Yoga teachers are great recruits because they too have clients and can recruit for you. Ditto for personal trainers and body work healers.

    Rent space from trusted institutions such as universities, hospitals, and if possible, retreat centers or Buddhist centers with good reputations.

    The beauty of it is that in this economy everyone is desperate to make some cash by renting space to ANYONE. And by doing this, the operator will make it seem the hospital or university or retreat centers is endorsing their stuff.

    Find ways to have yourself photographed or quoted alongside trusted public figures such as the Dalai Lama

    Make sure, very publicly to do good cause work – or give the appearance of doing such work. Donate .0001% of your profits to some charity in India where they’re desperate for help and ask no questions

    Network with other New Wage operators. Flatter them and write blurbs for their books and stuff.

    Get them to flatter you and write blurbs for you. Scratch each other’s asses.

    Try like hell to get on Oprah or whatever other show replaces hers. Remember, exposure, exposure, exposure.

    Make sure that if anything goes wrong, someone else is always to blame. Always.

  21. Almost forgot: Have some of your demonstrative devotees planted throughout the audience. THey should open up and spill their guts in public, cry, have breakthroughs, or think they are.

    Use of shills or plants will be effective at causing audience members to do the same thing–humans tend to imitate the behavor of those around them.

  22. OMG that is exactly how DAVID AND LORNA SCHIRMER ran their seminars. They are so shallow that the Schirmers fake face book friends appear to be all they have left these days. Sick fake bastards.

  23. Right on point. Blueprint (with a good dose of terror added) also used by Stalin, Mao, the Khmer Rouge… etc. A number of identical or similar techniques used by organisations such as Opus Dei, christian evangelical groups, etc. Every religion under the sun employs a number of the techniques – but ‘soften’ the techniques, and you have a blueprint for brand marketing. Ever seen the Diesel Island ads? But please note that I am not saying that Diesel Island is not very cool and good. Cults exploit the very human desire to belong – the onion analogy is perfect – the people on the edges have no idea what is going on at the core. Love bombing, blackmail, manipulation, and terror etc. keeps them naif.

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    1. @paul lyonga,

      Don’t join the cult. You can’t make money online.

      Also, I’m confused about the part where you can’t afford a call, but you can afford Internet access. How does that work?

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