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Philip Zimbardo :: Stanford Psychology Professor :: and totally KickAss guy:

Most of the evil in the world comes about, not out of evil motives, but from somebody saying, “Get with program. Be a team player.”

Professor Zimbardo’s famous Stanford Prison Experiment is the last science nugget in this multi-award winning Sheeple series.

The Sheeple in this experiment were all students at Stanford.  Idiots :: Fools :: ChuckleHeads :: Brainless Rainbow Chasers?  Nope!  Smart as fuck :: over-achieving :: naive optimists.  The editor of this blog {also rumored to be “smart as fuck”} applied to Stanford {Law} and received this letter in return …

Dear Mr. ********,


seriously … lol.


The Stanford Admissions Committee

P.S. Thanks for paying the fee sucker.


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Zimbardo and the students recreated a prison in the basement of the University.  A coin flip determined which students would be the guards {which included some KickAss CHiPs costumes} :: and which would be the prisoners {which included mostly nakedness and suffering}.

The guards quickly internalized their roles. Sunglasses at Night proved too powerful an intoxicant :: they quickly forgot that they were a bunch of spoiled Stanford pussies :: and started behaving like sadistic hard asses who’d had one too many pee-n-poop balloon splattered in their face.

Depressingly :: the prisoners also internalized their roles.  They subjugated their individuality and identities and BECAME numbered prisoners.  After just 36 hours one of the prisoner participants had a full fledged emotional breakdown.

The guards who weren’t sadistic :: said nothing to stop the guards who were.  When a new prisoner was introduced to the experiment and objected to the BullShit treatment :: he was made the enemy by the other prisoners.  How dare he rock the fake boat!

The experiment ended after just six of the scheduled fourteen days when a grad student {and Zimbardo’s future wife} pointed out that this BullShit was totally out of control and unethical. But to America’s eternal fucking shame :: the same experiment was run in 2004 {but this time with dogs :: blood :: and death} on the 372nd Military Police Company assigned to guard {… and torture} the prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

Normal people :: scary setting :: clearly defined social roles :: ambiguously dark task assigned by an unthinking institution :: obedience :: conformity :: suppression of dissent.  People’s behaviors conform to the situation. Put them in a bad situation … predictably bad shit will result. {check out Standard Operating Procedure ::  a great Errol Morris documentary about Abu Ghraib.  Get a free taste on This American Life}.


The Modern ConMan understands the truth behind these three experiments much more than The Modern Man does.  The Con’s tactics revolve around the exploitation of these basic human tendencies.

AssHole Business Plan

1. Set up a group based around some squishy ideology or principle that doesn’t lend itself to math.

2. Program the members of your new herd to see conformity to group norms as the ultimate expression of individualism {because everyone wants to see themselves as the lone wolf … without suffering the fires of actually being the lone wolf}.

3. Put the Con at the head of the group as some kind of “Guru” who has the secret unicorn knowledge necessary for progress along the path of the aforementioned squishy ideology.  Classify the marks in a subservient position to the Great Leader :: But on path toward more bling-n-glory just like he is said to have attained.

4. Use the powerful social dynamics of the group to crush the will and individuality of EVERY member of the group.

5. Profit!

Who were these idiots in the sweat lodge? Who is falling for these ridiculous Internet Marketing scams?  Who gave billions of dollars to Bernie Madoff without asking a single question?

It was you :: it was me :: it was all of us.  That’s just the kind of stupid shit we do.

Pointing angry/judgemental fingers at the victims of these crimes {and cults} is the worst kind of mistake.  As one Droid commenter {whose name is not important} put it:

“Social conformity and the blind obedience of “authority figures” is built into our genetics, and the more we try and pretend that “it couldn’t happen to me, because I’m smarter”, the less likely we are to spot the evil leader when he or she appears.”

Exactly!  I can think of a certain “know-it-all” someone who needs to practice that right now.

EDITORS NOTE:  Hi. My name is Jason, and I am susceptible to the sublimation of my individuality to social pressures that occur below my level of awareness.

Gr8 Job! The phraseology is arrogant {and prickish} :: but the message is humble and true. MeatBags are fucking weak in a group. Admitting you have a problem is the first step in blah blah blah.

>> bleep bleep

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  1. Something the experiment also showed was that even positive emotional ties will not save you from abuse and exploitation if there are no reprisals to be feared and no social norms to serve as a gauge.

  2. Yep aware of this experiment too. Railing against what humans are and do will NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. The brain is programmed from childhood (and maybe beyond if you believe in nature over nurture) to obey the instructions of those in authority.
    The greedy will exploit this, there is no profit in having people change it as it smacks of anarchy, and everyone knows how dangerous that is (because that is what they have been brought up to believe, fit in or stand out and be a target).
    I am happy you are pointing out that the victims are not to be mocked, yes your sheep do go a little too far at times don’t they? Taming the mob is going to be difficult as many do love to be baying hounds who follow their leader and lust for blood.
    I will watch with interest to see if you can get them to be constructive and semi civilised when they start reporting things to the FTC and writing letters to their local member of congress.

  3. SD,
    I am disturbed.  Which means your posts are on point.  As a military professional who retired after 23 years of “conformity” my first reaction is no.  No, there is something still right in the way our military acted at Abu Ghraib.  No, I don’t follow blindly, I do think about what I do/did as a functioning member of our society and our current “adventures” in world affairs.  But then I have to stop.  Was I/am I a sheeple?  Am I susceptible to the same pressures and perceptions these people were?  I don’t know.  I hope not.  I hope I can back up and review any scary scenario with an open mind and critical thought.  I think I have “been there – done that” and responded appropriately, but I just don’t know any more.
    I do know this – I believe in doing right, because it’s the right thing to do.  I believe in treating people with respect and dignity, because it’s the way I want to be treated.  I currently live in a country that has, in my opinion, totally fucked up ideas and beliefs (no, I don’t live in the US right now).  A country that, if most of them knew what I thought, how I felt, how I DIDN’T believe, they would gladly, according to their way of thinking, kill me and have no regrets.  Yet, I still respect their beliefs and way of life, because that’s all they know.  I think that gives me perspective.  But hey, what the bleep do I know?  My point is, who am I to judge them?
    I would like to think that most people can have the same perspective I do.  However, as you’ve pointed out in your 3-part posting, I don’t think that’s the case.  It makes me sad.  It makes me sad to think that I spent my adult life defending something that doesn’t exist.  But I hope you are wrong.  I still hope you are wrong.  I hope that humanity in general, and the American populace in particular, appreciates that unique right we have that sets us above a majority of the world.  That is the right, formalized in our founding document, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – pursuit, not attainment.  Not perfect, but it only takes a short while living overseas to realize how important that right is.  It doesn’t take long to realize it doesn’t exist in the shitholes we try so hard to change, and it can be crushing to realize they don’t even understand the magnitude of the change we are trying, however imperfectly, to help them implement.
    So what does all this have to do with your topic?  I guess just that however imperfect the bullshit is, it does belong to all of us, and we are all part of either the problem, or we are part of the solution.  Personally, I want to be part of the solution.  I want to help expose the sick, perverted people who prey on those who don’t have the strength to know when they are being taken advantage of.  I want to turn the tables on them and make them suffer, because they do not give a shit about their fellow humans – they only care about themselves.  They are bullies.  And that’s an unforgivable condition.  I can forgive sheeple for being only human.  I cannot forgive the wolves in sheeple clothing who prey on them.
    Keep up the good fight.  You are a voice of reason in a sea of bullshit.  Know there are those of us who support you.

    1. @Dave its  a painful to think that all you’ve believed and did was for something that does not exist, but you and all of us who were duped by something did the best we thought at the time. Our intentions were good and most likely you were also trying to raise a family and provide for them or help protect your country during your military career.
      Doesn’t that count for something? I think so.

  4. The great debate – personal accountability or guilt of the provider?
    Any of the fucksticks you write about here would be history in 2 months if people simply stopped buying their shit.
    Personally (and I may be the minority), I’m a fan of personal accountability.
    I don’t WANT my congressman to step in and “regulate” the Internet, or the people on it.  I don’t want the FTC to “bust these assholes”.  I don’t want the FBI to raid the home of Harlan Shit-stain.  
    Even though I don’t like them, I like the idea of the gumvint attempting to “fix” the problem even less.
    I don’t hold McDonald’s responsible for making me FAT because I CHOOSE to spend $30 every day eating there.
    I don’t hold Wal-Mart responsible for hurting poor little local business because local consumers ABANDONS the native business when walley-world rolls into town.
    I don’t hold Curves responsible because my sister buys a membership…continues to eat like shit…and (gasp!) doesn’t lose any weight.
    Reminds me of that Jack Johnson song.  Is it the media to blame?  Or the person watching it?
    Are evil porn companies to blame that millions of people CHOOSE to watch it? (But they’re ruining marriages!)
    Are evil TV producer to blame for the bubbly pile of feces that consumers inundate themselves with every night starting at 5:00 PM local time?
    I don’t watch TV – because it SUCKS.  I vote with my wallet and my feet – I don’t buy bullshit that is lame, and I don’t watch crapola.  That’s the only REAL vote that counts.
    And I’m not arrogant about it – I’ve bought bullshit scams before too. I’ve bought all kinds of products (including info products).  Some were gr8, some sucked.  For the sucky ones, I got a refund.  For the gr8 ones, I gave ’em a teste-monial.   But never did I long for the guvmint to come in and reg-you-late.
    As stupid as these marketers can be (like one supa-douche dropping $50K to name a fucking AIRPLANE), the government does things like;
    Spend money tax-payer money to crush cars –
    Tell us that 500 million americans a month will lose their jobs unless they pass a stimulus package –
    And lament the oppessive atmosphere that prevents cuddly OB-GYN’s from practicing love with their patients –

    1. Your view of things (…from your dislike of a McDonalds diet making you a fatass [FYI…McDonalds yields to public opinion on their decisions, not the threat of government intervention]….to where people are shopping, and what people are watching), do not have anything to do with the false advertising practices being discussed here, or the individuals involved in those practices.

      The people being discussed break the law (plain and simple), and deceive people by presenting false facts, false metrics, and false testimoanials. This is not about “personal accountability” for things you may have read on another forum, or the comics (or wherever you get your knowledge), this is about criminal accountability of the fraudsters.

      I realize that you probably read one to many posts in the warrior forum (I recognize the “amalgamation” of points in your post)…and felt you had the intellectual capacity to piece it all together and present it as your own…butt… time try staying on topic, rather then attempting to bring in non-sequiturs in an attempt to validate your argument (okay strawman?).

      Ahh never mind….I read the following and all was clear….

      ” I’ve bought bullshit scams before too. I’ve bought all kinds of products (including info products)”

      translation:I sell crap (by presenting false informaion), but I don’t want to stop, so I write non-sequiturs and present my case, because you never know when some faction of the government may be reading and is going to see my post and thnk to themselves…maybe we made a mistake and should re-think this….

      Funny, funny…sad little man…we are not discussing the changes made….no, no…these FRAUDS preceed any changes made by the FTC. Their enforcements will be much easier (as someone else pointed out),  now that these changes give the FTC more power to act on these fraudsters claims.

  5. Golf Cart man,

    Evidently, I struck a nerve.  I apologize.  Didn’t mean to distract anyone from the mission of prosecuting evil law-breakin’ scammaz.  I’ll get back to being funny, little, and sad…oh, and hanging out in the warrior forum (to see if I can amalgamate something less non-original)…and leave you and the guvmint lynchmob to do da regulatin’.

    For those of you who are not literary snobs…and are curious what the hell a “non sequitur” actually is (as I was) …

    Translation:  “you don’t agree with everything in this post. Therefore, you are an obvious dissenter, and most likely a godless, heathen, non-tax-paying derelict…plus you’re dumb…of the same dumbness that would shock a person with 450V for no other reason than be given the OK by an “authority” figure.  And and your name is probably Berry Pelcher.”

    Told ya I migh be the minority.  Golf cart man – thank you for confirming.  Yawn.  I’m heading back to Mickie D’s for some comfort food.

    1. “Golf Cart man, Evidently, I struck a nerve.  I apologize”

      Hey, my fault. I thought your level of functioning (what you can do) was much higher and you would be able to discuss (talk about) things at the level of a fifth grader; My bad.

      A friend of mine is learning disabled (that means he’s special like you), and I know how hard it is for him. I should have been more sensitiv (that mean nicer) and just clapped when I saw your post…because you are just as special too…yes you are…..oh, yes you are…..

      So, do you like to play golf? Do you like getting the little ball in the hole….yeah…isn’t it fun….clap….so much fun…so much fun….Does your daddy take you around riding in the golf cart….ohhh that must be fun… much fun…so much fun….

      Anyways, I hope you had a good day at school, I will talk to you later on….okay…bye….

  6. This blog isn’t about supporting government mind control.  It’s about exposing exploitation.
    Sure it’s easy to say those people chose that on their own. But would you say that if your 14 year old daughter is abducted by some perv from a chat room who told her not to tell her parents and then talked her into meeting him somewhere and then abducted her and worse?
    Would you be so quick to say “well she brought it on her own, so it’s her fault”    ?
    What if some shit bag like Schirmer manages to convince your elderly mother or grandmother to sign over her entire life savings and home for some bullshit financial scheme ? Will you be so quick to say it’s grandma’s fault? She was too stupid to see it coming?
    Put people in a bad situation and then give them false hope, but don’t tell them it’s false, deceive them into thinking it’s the answer to their problems , what do you expect?
    Those people still don’t have a choice, because of their circumstances.  Going to Ethiopa and selling people water laced with cyanide and then saying it’s their fault they drank it , because you didn’t physically force them is pure bullshit pal, and I HOPE you get thoroughly fucked one day like many of the people here ;)

  7. This post really hits home.  Reminds me of organized religion and the denomination (I won’t say lest I offend someone) that was prevalent where I grew up.  Young, impressionable, and being punished for questioning it out loud and not conforming to expectations.  Really enjoy this mini – series…your material is getting better.

    1. @carrie barefoot   SD’s material has always been excellent, but yours could use quite a bit of improvement.

  8. Doing the work of Salty again (I was the one who alerted visitors of this site to the new FTC regulations that are a VERY big deal–contrary to what Salty says), check this bitch slap delivered by Google on the latest scourge of the internet–the unbelievably widespread tooth whitening and “I got ripped in 4 weeks” CPA scams…

    I’m certainly no fan of Google’s (well, I’m a fan of their search engine, but not “Google”), but it’s VERY refreshing to see Google react so fast and lay the hammer down on this filth.  Yeah, yeah, Google is hardly the only source of these disgraceful ads, but it’s still a big kick in the head to these scammers.

    Hey Salty, just kidding about the whole “doing the work of Salty” thing.  But really, it is a big deal, because it’s not “tooth whiteners” and “get ripped” ads that have been outlawed by Google.  It’s the fucking disgusting CPA forced continuity bullshit scams.  If Google has continuity programs in their sites, then it’s bad news for anyone trying to send search engine traffic to forced continuity offers.  One tweak of their Algorithm, and SAAAAAAALAAAAAAAAAAAAAP–anyone using “you’ll also receive a 30 day trial to…” language may be knocked to page 100 of results.

    What a great development.  Sheeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiit, it seems like the scammers are under seige all of a sudden.

  9. “… seems like the scammers are under seige all of a sudden.”
    And they will forever remain so.
    For the people who have been deeply hurt in every aspect of their lives by any one of these scammers there is no way in hell they will ever let these bastards know peace.   It is impossible to forget what was done to you out or pure greed and nor should anyone feel any obligation to forgive just because any one of them suddenly (and conveniently) claim to have mastered the holy text or converted to some shady belief which incidentally they appear (although its obvious as hell) to be controlling. These arrogant bastards will be made to suffer for a very long time because that IS the law of attraction and in retrospect they knew it was all coming, because they were the ones who claimed to have understood peoples minds.  How ironic don’t you think.
    They need to cut the crap and knock off all the sugar coating and charm and have a bloody hard naked look at themselves as moronic fools.  How many peoples lives have they affected in a really negative way?  That IS the real legacy they look forward to.

  10. These turds hook up to every social networking site on the planet and STILL they are not successful or wealthy.  They have tens of thousands of names hooked up to that networking planet and STILL no luck.  They are obviously the slowest learners on the planet also.  If they were smart something in their weeny brains would have told them a very long time ago that what they are doing is not working.
    INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
    TURD: Generally, a log-shaped piece of shit. Nevertheless, they are also found in coil-shape, mushroom-cloud shape, and even loch ness monster shape.

    or Perry Belcher or David Schirmer shaped turds.

  11. The last three posts have an extremely skewed view of “scammers”.
    Slow learners? Hardly. They adapt 100x’s faster than any internet marketer than has been mentioned on this site. If you were actually paying attention to the teeth whitening sites instead of just reading articles about them (I don’t mean that as a “slam”, just stating the difference), you’ll have noticed how they’re getting around the new Google slap already, and it’s quite brilliant.
    Under siege? Haha. I’ll laugh for them. They’ve always gotten around the rules, and they’ve already gotten around these. Without skipping a beat. If you haven’t been watching, start. You’ll learn more by watching them and analyzing what they do than you will find answers to your questions.
    These guys make boatloads of money, and you’ll never find out how or why through an eBook or Guru. Watch them, and respect them as your adversary, and you’ll improve yourself.

    1. That’s pretty odd as Salty does hold his actions and views to the gauge of ethical behaviour and social norms. The guards, however, did not, which was one of the key findings of the experiment.

    2. Dearest D-bags :: Remember when you linked to my wife’s employee directory? Because I do. How is that plan working out so far???

  12. Excellent job, I COMPLETELY FORGOT about the Stanford Prison Experiment, although it has similar conclusions to the Milgram Experiment. You always bring on a great discussion!

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