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Pictured above are the top keywords bringing people to The Salty Droid according to Alexa.

Depressingly for Truth :: Justice :: and the American Way :: the Number 2 search term is total shit {you’re welcome for the cheesy pun}. Not-Doctor Kilstein has no defense against the truth contained within this blog :: It’s hard to defend yourself against the truth in any circumstances :: But when you’re an emotionally unbalanced perverted moron … it’s especially burdensome.

Shortly after my first exposé about Doofstein’s sick, disgusting, antisocial behavior :: he started telling people this cat crap ::

“This person also published that I killed my infant daughter who died or a cardiac malformation. Nice guy huh. He’s a troll”

Uhm No :: That’s a** LIE** :: A totally stupid :: vicious :: disgusting :: tortious lie. I doubt anyone has ever published such a thing … and I certainly have not. I wrote a post about its untruthiness on June 5th. The post stated in no uncertain terms {and perhaps with a dash of profanity} that this was a lie. Being put on notice of his “inaccuracy” did not stem the tide of Doofstein’s lying. In the intervening months I have heard this lie repeated back to me by dozens of other citizens. The DumpyManBeast is as committed to the dissemination of this lie as I am to shining a bright light on the truth.

This is a very risky and unthoughtful strategy :: Even for a D-bag. Occasionally it may work out per the Not-Doctor’s pea-brained plans :: with the target of the lie never coming to this site out of revulsion at my fake infanticide shenanigans. But that outcome is likely very rare. The scandalousness of that story is hard for any mere mortal to resist :: and 9/10 peeps go str8 to Google to try and read the story for themselves. Unfortunately for Not-Doctor Philistine’s evil plans :: Google can find no such story :: and directs people instead to my posts about it NOT happening.

If Kilstein would continuously lie about something so horrible :: Something not even remotely grounded in reality :: Then what wouldn’t he lie about? That question answers itself. NOTHING is too far for Kilstein. NOTHING is off limits. NOTHING is inappropriate. Harlan cares only about procuring more money for Harlan :: The rest of us can go fuck ourselves.

Señor Dumpy resorted to this insane defamation tactic after just TWO Droid posts. I haven’t yet been offered a complementary review copy of flaming turd-ball Tactic 7 :: but judging from his behavior :: Hostility must be Tactic 2 {Tactic 1 = Donuts!}. Think about that before you give Not-Doctor Kilstein your money. The Droid can take a lot of abuse :: I’m a machine after all :: and a rhetorical bad ass. But what about you? Are you going to be able to keep your blood pressure at a healthy stasis when you request a refund and Kilstein starts telling everyone that you did time in prison for burning down an orphanage? For most of you squishy little humans :: that’s a self answering question as well. You can’t handle it without totally freaking :: So just keep your credit card in your wallet :: Kilstein is way more trouble than you need.

Doofstein is Doomed :: Lying is just a stall tactic :: It can’t win. The truth ALWAYS wins … only the timescale is variable.

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