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Frank Kern :: To Teach A Predator

Frank Kern and Jeff Walker are “good friends” :: buddy buddies :: snugly chums :: BFF’s :: etc. etc. etc. They love to do friend stuff together … like forming cartels … and being in a cartel … and carteling … shit like that.

Frank: Stealing money is so much awesomer than working!

Jeff: You said it Frank!

Frank: Now lick my ass you bitch!

Jeff: You said it Frank!

That wasn’t appropriate. I should be more professional if I want people to take me seriously … dot dot dot … bite me!

Frank is speaking at Jeff’s event. Sort of … if you forget about the fact that Jeff’s events and Frank’s events are just two different days of the same fucking hustle. Frank can’t resist explaining to the people whose self worth he’s destroying to make a sale … how great a sales angle destroying self worth can be. Stealing from people is fun and all … but nothing beats the sick rush of telling them that you’re doing it while you’re doing it. As many of you have testified to me … it’s something they do at every seminar as a sort of game.

The Low Self-Esteem Success Chance :: according to Irwin …

“… is the conclusion you want your prospect to have, which says, well these guys are smart … and I’m retarded. I can’t do it. But if I could just do one tenth as much as they do … then this would definitely be worth it.”

Consider those callous words in light of Frank’s story in the Frank Kern Underachieving post. There Frank explained how he hadn’t made any money on the web before putting up a sales page that claimed he was making six easy fucking figures.

“If I could only do one tenth” … but in many :: many :: holy shit so many :: instances the guru salesmen is not even doing one tenth of his own claims. You :: poor … sad … “I’m retarded” :: B-Teamer have literally ZERO chance of doing one tenth of the “$10 million” day Irwin goes on to boast about.

“I couldn’t even do one tenth” :: says you to your sad self after failing to make any money at all. “I guess I really am retarded. No sense filing a complaint with FTC :: or posting about it on my blog. It’s just too embarrassing. It’s my fault anyway … gotta work on my mindset.”

Well how fucking convenient for Frank and his Syndicate boyfriends.

Target people with low self-esteem :: take their money … make them feel even worse about themselves.

Rinse & Repeat

… actually … forget rinsing.

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