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Hardly Software

Software is hard! Get it? It’s a nerd joke. See it’s called “soft”ware :: but it’s actually not soft at all … wait for it … wait for it … it’s hard! {lolz} And of course :: “hard” could also mean boner :: and what’s more funny to a nerd than a boner? {lolz x 1023}

Okay :: nerds aren’t funny. Shut up nerds :: your jokes are pissing me off. Try sticking to math :: graph paper :: and World of Warcraft {4 the Alliance!} :: I’ll take care of the fucking jokes. And anyway :: is software really that hard? Can you get black lung? No! You can’t. So as long you’re stopping with the jokes … you can stop with the whining as well. Software is boring :: not hard … GROW UP!!

Frank Kern doesn’t care if software is hard :: boring :: or bad for boners. It seems he’s under the impression that code :: like pennies on the street :: can just be picked up and inserted wherever. In the week leading up to the List Control launch :: Frank released a “free” piece of software to help people build their lists {or something}.

Funny story

“It started off as an “innocent” give-away right? A Good Karma “List Machine”, hundreds pf people downloaded it, everyone kissed his ass on the blog post, “Ohh thanks so much for this List Machine – this kicks ass!” … Then people started to complain that they couldn’t log in …”

He called the software “Good Karma” in an attempt to callously murder the Goddess of Irony .

“After the Warrior Forum thread started for this, it got deleted. Twice.”

Warrior Forum :: Not for warriors … not a forum. “Sissies Hiding” would be more appropriate … anywayz moving on …

“One post though had already caught my eyes. Why was everything in the code prefixed with “SE_”, like SE_Admin .. so I googled … This software actually belongs to SocialEngine, and no - this is not OpenSource software.”

Oh noes! Please tell me he just lifted another company’s code :: repackaged it as his own :: and then gave it away to hundreds of people as a part of a “free promo” for a rip-off con job frauduct. Jarrett emailed SocialEngine to find out …

“The zip provided is essentially a pirated version of SocialEngine, stripped down of some features. The distribution of it is illegal and is a violation of our terms of service.

In order to use it, a SocialEngine commercial license is required. We will be contacting the vendor providing this file with a cease and desist order.


Ha ha! Hilarious. Noam {no relation to Chomsky or else the code would be open source} also posted about it on SocialEngine’s site

“We’ve had several emails lately inquiring whether a particular company is an official reseller of ours or whether it’s legal to purchase a license from other third party locations.

We wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that our website,, is the only legitimate and legal source of SocialEngine licenses. Any other venue selling or reselling SocialEngine licenses is fraudulent.”


List Control won’t help you make money :: but it helped Frank make an assload of money. $2,000 per unit for an all digital product with no physical distribution of any kind. As an added bonus :: if you installed this program on your servers :: you’re in violation of the law and have exposed yourself to liability.

Thanks Frank :: you’re the best!

>> bleep bloop {pirate edition}