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eaten by code

Software is hard! Get it?  It’s a nerd joke.  See it’s called “soft”ware :: but it’s actually not soft at all … wait for it … wait for it … it’s hard! {lolz} And of course :: “hard” could also mean boner :: and what’s more funny to a nerd than a boner? {lolz x 1023}

Okay :: nerds aren’t funny.  Shut up nerds :: your jokes are pissing me off.  Try sticking to math :: graph paper :: and World of Warcraft {4 the Alliance!} :: I’ll take care of the fucking jokes.  And anyway :: is software really that hard?  Can you get black lung?  No!  You can’t.  So as long you’re stopping with the jokes … you can stop with the whining as well.  Software is boring :: not hard :: GROW UP!!

Frank Kern doesn’t care if software is hard :: boring :: or bad for boners.  It seems he’s under the impression that code :: like pennies on the street :: can just be picked up and inserted wherever. In the week leading up to the List Control launch :: Frank released a “free” piece of software to help people build their lists {or something}.

Funny story

“It started off as an “innocent” give-away right? A Good Karma “List Machine”, hundreds pf people downloaded it, everyone kissed his ass on the blog post, “Ohh thanks so much for this List Machine – this kicks ass!” … Then people started to complain that they couldn’t log in …”

He called the software “Good Karma” in an attempt to callously murder the Goddess of Irony .

“After the Warrior Forum thread started for this, it got deleted. Twice.”

Warrior Forum :: Not for warriors … not a forum.  “Sissies Hiding” would be more appropriate … anywayz moving on …

“One post though had already caught my eyes. Why was everything in the code prefixed with “SE_”, like SE_Admin .. so I googled … This software actually belongs to SocialEngine, and no -this is not OpenSource software.”

Oh noes!  Please tell me he just lifted another company’s code :: repackaged it as his own :: and then gave it away to hundreds of people as a part of a “free promo” for a rip-off con job frauduct.  Jarrett emailed SocialEngine to find out …

“The zip provided is essentially a pirated version of SocialEngine, stripped down of some features. The distribution of it is illegal and is a violation of our terms of service.

In order to use it, a SocialEngine commercial license is required. We will be contacting the vendor providing this file with a cease and desist order.



Ha ha!  Hilarious. Noam {no relation to Chomsky or else the code would be open source} also posted about it on SocialEngine’s site

“We’ve had several emails lately inquiring whether a particular company is an official reseller of ours or whether it’s legal to purchase a license from other third party locations.

We wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that our website, SocialEngine.net, is the only legitimate and legal source of SocialEngine licenses. Any other venue selling or reselling SocialEngine licenses is fraudulent.”


List Control won’t help you make money :: but it helped Frank make an assload of money.  $2,000 per unit for an all digital product with no physical distribution of any kind. As an added bonus :: if you installed this program on your servers :: you’re in violation of the law and have exposed yourself to liability.

Thanks Frank :: you’re the best!

>> bleep bloop {pirate edition}

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  1. Well…

    Frank has slipped up big time this time.

    I’m sure selling thousands of copy of stolen and ripped software is way beyond any of the conditions of his original FTC agreement.

    This is sad. He could have been taken or scammed by a bad programmer or development company, either way after selling thousands of copies of this companies software I’m sure Frank is going to be in some major poo-poo this time.

    Good Karma – right.

      1. @B,


        It’s funny how most people even in the IM community see Kern now as a bullshitter after how pitiful mass control was with 99% Hype 1% Value.

        I’m sure I’m not the only one hoping this really bites Kern in his ass. FTC and other legal dogs, ATTACK!

        1. @hrm,

          You must be hanging out with a slothful bunch because Mass Control was actually pretty good. You may have clicked “Buy Now” on hype, but I’d say your percentages are backwards. I’ve heard 1% complain about it and have met many people who started their internet business with it.

          I’m not talking about a dozen or so people I know, I’m talking about hundreds of people.

          Don’t get hot about this comment, I’m simply suggesting we should leave Mass Control out of it.

          1. @.nate,

            Are you frigging serious?

            Kern charged for basically what was a video presentation of Cialdini’s Influence book.

            There was NOTHING new or ground breaking in mass control.

            Yeah, we know the old saying that everything has been done before.

            But you point out to me three things in Mass Control that made it so great as to justify it’s value.

            And please don’t start talking about the part where all of his “mastermind group” started calling in on the audios telling Frank “I used your techniques and I made 800 dollars this month taking action! WOO!”


            P.S.: I have a pretty slick outfit and bullshit persona too, please visit my site and opt-in. I want you in my funnel, baby.

            1. @hrm,

              I can’t point out three things in Mass Control that made it so great. I don’t know anything about it other than what I’ve been told by people to whom I asked the question, “How’d you get into internet marketing?” or “Who is your biggest influence?”

              So I can only argue you on one point:

              If you read a $15 book and take no action, you’ve gained nothing. We can agree there, right?

              If you spend however much Mass Control was and are influenced by either Frank Kern or his members to act, network with them for accountability, and actually make progress… how much is that worth?

              Is it safe to assume you’ve done both and neither have worked for you? What do you think the catalyst would be for you to succeed?

              P.S.: That’s they gayest pick-up line I’ve ever heard. ;p

            2. I have to agree with HRM. “Miss Control” was probably the biggest piece of hot air I’ve seen in years. I had a successful business BEFORE Mass Control, so it’s not like I can’t make a reasonable assessment about its viability and value.

              In fact, the only reason I was even exposed to it was because a poor schmuck I know asked me for advice after buying it. They couldn’t understand why it hadn’t helped them. I actually reviewed it myself (as much as I could stand to anyway) and couldn’t believe the price they had paid for it. Like HRM said, that $15 book would have been a much better choice.

              As far as I’m concerned, when people buy from Frank Kern, they are buying “feel good.” I’d prefer to buy knowledge, not hype. Especially at those insane prices. You don’t need to drop that kind of money to build a successful business, I can assure you. In fact, you are better off if you don’t.

            3. @Bill,

              Fair enough. I’ll add you to the group of people I’ve met who have complained about it.

              The count is still at 1% (I was rounding up before).

              Nice to meet you and congrats on your success. :)

            4. @.nate, I am not sure why you would consider defending a product that you have not seen, and based only on heresay. Perhaps you have some affinity for this fellow Kern, but you should think twice about putting your own identity on the line to endorse someone else’s product, especially when you have nothing to gain from it.

              I’d welcome the opportunity to address any specific merits of that product that you care to identify here. I can assure you that whatever those merits might appear to be, I can point you to much stronger resources that will cost you a mere fraction of what this “Mass Control” does.

              As I said, I believe when people buy such things they are simply paying an exhorbitant price for recorded, standardized “rah rah” and “feel good.” But for that kind of money or less, you could also buy a similar amount of time from a live, personal coach who would cater to your own specific needs.

            5. @Bill,

              My intention isn’t to defend the product. And my “heresay” is from successful online entrepreneurs. I certainly wouldn’t base an opinion of a product off people here, it’s just an inappropriate venue. So I stand by my opinion, with my true identity, because I (for one, out of how many people here?) always believe in being held accountable for what I say. There’s no risk of “putting my identity on the line” for someone if I’m humble enough to admit my errors down the road should I need to.

              I completely understand your perspective Bill. However, on the flip side, I was in a conference room last weekend where 20+ people were taken for $15,000 each. And I say “taken” because the 2 hour long pitch was so masterfully crafted to close the sale, it didn’t actually prove anything worthwhile unless you’re smart enough to analyze his pitch while he was giving it. So there’s 20+ people who could’ve bought a second or third car, but instead are going to go listen to some guy talk about how to sell – information that I’m sure is also available for $30 or less.

              I believe everyone needs a mentor to be successful. Everyone is free to name their price for this. For some, it will be free, others it will be $2,000, and still others $15k+. The point is, even if the information is the same, if it works for you, it’s worth the money.

              I don’t know man… I guess my eyes were opened this past weekend when I saw people begging to throw five figures out of their bank accounts for absolutely no proof of value. I think the responsibility falls on the consumers.

              And no matter how much we talk here, I will still believe Mass Control was worth it to the people I’ve spoken to. ;)

              1. @.nate ::

                Mass Control was crap. Sorry. He sold it for thousands … launch after launch. I recently suffered through some of it … and it was NO BETTER than any of the other cat piss I’ve listened to from all these other “successful online entrepreneurs.”

                It’s a rehash of the good work of others … sold at a criminally fixed price … by a syndicate of fucking criminals. I mean :: obviously he stole all the intellectual info on there … just like he stole the code. Because what the fuck does Frank Kern know about influence and the mind {that’s original}? What does he know about real marketing? Not like he had a long career in the biz :: then decided to write an ultra expensive and exclusive guide. He’s just a ghetto con … he shouldn’t be charging thousands … or ANYTHING at all.

                If Mass Control was so great and helpful … then why did people need to join his Idiot MasterMind group for thousands and thousands of dollars a month? And why are MOST of the people I know who joined that group … and paid Kern eye popping amounts … still total fucking failures? Cause they failed to take “massive action?” Ohh Pleeeease! Frank Kern is a con man … not a business man.

                And you don’t need a mentor to succeed … that’s why most of the people who succeed big on the web do so before they are old enough to drink. What you need is an awesome original idea … and the naiveté to ignore the high likelihood of failure and give it a solid fucking try anyway. You need a mentor if you want to be a union electrician in Newark. If you’ve got yourself a “mentor” on the Internet … and that person has a receding hair line … then you are on the road to expensive failure.

                Who are you talking about with the $15k :: Joel Bauer? So you went to Live ’09? Hoping to pick up some tips from Brad about becoming the prick of the century? Bauer is at the top of my list … what a moron.

                So lets agree to agree about Bauer not being worth $15K {or any K’s} :: and let’s agree to agree that you never should have disagreed with me about Kern. And if you know any of the 20 who signed up to pay the 15k … try to talk them out of it for god sake. We’ve got to watch out for each other peeps. It’s a shitty world out there.

            6. .nate, I like what I see in you, and I think your intentions are good, but you are standing on a precipice.

              Your analogy about price and value is really no different than a discussion about placebo effect. However, even placebos can’t change the reality of someone who’s been overpromised the moon in relation to their own resources or abilities. It’s not always about “failure to act;” sometimes it’s about “failure to deliver.” You can find exceptions in any situation, including people who eat at McDonald’s 3 times a day for years and check out fine with a cardiologist.

              Regarding Kern, SD brought up some good points, most notably that he is simply not particularly qualified or experienced enough to teach the mechanics of real (mainstream) business. I’ve done a little digging. His online experience has been selling dog ebooks and “make money” material, and the dog stuff doesn’t seem to have lasted for very long. That’s all I can see. I am totally not impressed with his “make money” sales experience, despite the fact that he has in fact made some money selling that stuff. That’s all dubious cart before the horse stuff, and his sales there rely heavily on hype, hope, and hooplah.

              He’s selling dreams, and that’s far different from selling real world products with fixed attributes. I’d like to see him try to sell physical catalog products, for example. I expect he’d fail miserably.

            7. SD: “Bauer is at the top of my list … what a moron.”

              But Joel Bauer is a genius!!!


              …and his kids totally love him (lol):


              Look at these rave reviews:

              “Could your daughter look a little more uncomfortable on camera?”

              “I’m so effective, I can kill someone with this business card. It’s the stock, it’s foil stamped, it’s embossed. It’s….This guy is nuts.”

              “and all this time i thought the kids that had it the worst were the ones who’s fathers left them.”

              “Joel Bauer isn’t convincing anybody about anything how the hell does this guy pay the bills as a public speaker. The only thing hes selling me on is how big of a douch he actually is and on how sorry I should be feeling for his daughter. Can you imagine this asshole as your dad, avoiding razor blades would be a permanent psychological struggle”

              “If you look into his daughters eyes, you can tell her soul is missing. Joel Bauer has consumed it”

              “Wow his daughter sure looks like she’s having fun! And Joel always looks like such a nice friendly guy! I went to one of his seminars and he’s NOT A FRIENDLY GUY. He’s just there to sell you his promotional DVD’s, and Motviational Books full of useless garbage. He also talks down to people, and is VERY RUDE and a little slow/dumb.”

              “”Briana… the youngest I believe to this day”… His daughter hates him so much. Hilarious.”

              “He doesn’t sleep, he’s a machine, you can’t reason with him, you can’t bargain with him! If he want’s to sell you something YOU WILL buy it or you will die… I think he is the Sith”

              “his daughter must hate his guts.
              haha i would!”

            8. @SD,

              I believe you, I do. I guess I’ve only talked to people who have seen success up to this point and perhaps they’ve misjudged the root of their successes.

              About the mentors, I do disagree there. I think they’re excellent to have. I have a few mentors, all of which have different specialties. It was at this point things started coming together for me from a business standpoint because the bases I didn’t have covered I could get advice on by dialing the right number. The best part is, I’ve spent $0. I suppose it’s not for everybody, but I don’t see how it could be bad (as long as you choose wisely, as I have).

              Yeah, I went to Live ’09. I’ve gone to the last 3. This one was a pure pitch-fest. The first time I learned absolutely nothing, and there was hardly ANY talk of SEO/SEM which is what we’re always there for. I got to feeling like StomperNET’s continued existence hinged on how much they sold at this event. It was just severely disappointing.

              Joel Bauer… omg… hahaha. You know he mentioned you during his keynote? He talks so fast I don’t know how many people caught it.

              I didn’t recognize any of the people signing up for his program. Actually, I don’t remember if it was him or Marshall Sylver that was $15k, but they were both about the same. I saw one of Sylver’s DVDs. I counted three typos on the cover in 10 seconds glancing at it. It was clearly designed (I use the term loosely) 20 years ago too. Price? $2k. Amazing.


              I respectfully agree with you. It’s an interesting market to watch. Recently there’s been a HUGE Facebook ad goldrush. But it’s not about the ads being cheap or effective, it’s about internet marketers always looking for the “magic button” and the fact that they’ll always click on ads relevant to them. In the last three months I’ve been targeted with more SEO magic pill ads than I’ve ever seen. And I bet every one of the people paying for those ads are seeing a positive ROI. It’s incestuous and entertaining (wow, never thought I’d see those two words in one sentence), but real-world marketing it is not.

              I count myself fortunate to have made it in a “real” market with real products. I guess my desire is to help others who want to do the same. There’s a huge disconnect between real world business and internet sales. My real trouble is if ALL the top guys are bad, I’m going to be bad too, because I’m on my way up. Maybe you guys can keep me accountable, eh? ;)

            9. @Bauer

              wow….25 years to design a business card…..I wonder if he will finish his envelopes and letterhead before he dies…gawd…I’ll be on the edge of my seat until 2032 when his letterhead should be released….

              it’s nice….die cut, embossed, foiled stamped….it’s like an amalgamation of all things 80’s(well duh….that’s when he started it)…and it incorporates pop up book technology….

              maybe he builds crowds faster then he designs cards….
              hmmm…..not so much…his embedded youtube video has 230 views since sept ’09….and he doesn’t share stats and metrics…so know one really knows how many views are from his site……551 twitter followers…..

              listen naysayers….give him a few decades and then you can come back and bitch if he doesn’t have 250K or so views, or 1/2 million followers…..

        2. @hrm, Did you buy Mass control? Cos Mass Control was great content and if implemented it works. All these haters are just jealous of successful marketers. You have nothing better to do than to sit here on a blog and hate on people who have taken action and become successful. This blog should be aiming at Obamas sorry ass and his administration who has absolutely ignored the constitution. Thats where the real corruption is.

  2. Having SE_Admin is not proof of stolen source code. The list machine thing doesn’t look nor act like SocialEngine.

    If it was stripped down version. It would be completely STUPID for any real developers to do. Why strip down an entire CMS thats for a social network site to do some sort of multi-level list building thing?

    It doesn’t make any sense.

    SE could be anything. The developers brand, the “first name” of the product before it was called Good Karma List Machine, or infact just made up so it didn’t conflict with any other table in the database.

    Even if this is all true. I doubt it’s Frank Kerns doing. Probably the dumb-dumb programmers (if its true). If its found to be true with more proof than se_admin, then I am sure Kern will need to do some sort of damage control PR thing.

    Just sayin’…

    1. According to the creators of SE. They looked at the source code and found there stuff in there.

      They aren’t just basing these allegations on the SE_Admin name in the database.

      Just saying’…

      Frank’s a dirtbag.

      This is a dirtbag move. He likely just assumed he’d never get caught.

      Sounds like a Perry Belcher / Andy Jenkins / Ryan Deiss type of play

    2. @SE_Admin, if we took your hypothesis as true than what you are really saying is that Kern is even more of an idiot than the premises of this post in the first place.
      Just think, stealing code would be dumb. Having people work for you or using software without knowing or simply trusting a low level programmer without doing your proper du diligence and putting your company and future in jeopardy is 100 times more dumb than simply staling it.

      So based on what you said, either way he loses. 1 he stole it or 2 he is so stupid he does not deserve to run a company. And on top of that either way he is sooooo unethical to be putting himself out there to the public he charges money to as being some kind of expert.

  3. As both a writer of software and a genius, I feel I do you a disservice if I do not weigh in.

    Gentle people, let us look at the facts:

    1. Frank Kern is really kewl.
    2. Frank Kern has long, unkempt golden locks and a beard.
    3. Frank Kern has eyes filled with compassion and fire (and the occasional booger) at the same time.
    4. Frank Kern feeds the masses with love and peace and hope for astonishing material gain (which weighs much less than 5 loaves and 2 fish)
    5. Frank Kern surfs on water, which is kind of like walking on water.

    Given these undisputed facts, I put it to you that, Frank Kern is in fact a genetically engineered clone of Jesus.

    1. @spoonfaceboy, does that mean we will be subjected to some father-issues before long?

      Luke! I am your father!!

      Wait, wrong story…my bad!

    2. @spoonfaceboy, that’s a really funny comment, except the last part.

      I believe in Jesus (as a Prophet) and feel that’s a insult to him.

    1. @Major Poo Poo, yeah that’s what I am thinking. Still due diligence where due diligence is due. If you are making a squillion dollars you could hire a company with integrity and not have to worry about the provenance of your unique software gift.


  4. Just to reiterate, all those people who received that dicey “Notgood Karma” software are now using illegal/pirated software. Oh, and the developers can most likely track that to your server. The penalties, if caught, can be astronomical. Thanks, Frank.

    Oh, and word on the street is that the Kern modified version was unsecure from the getgo, so that’s yet ANOTHER problem. It’s an open invitation to hackers to pay you a visit.

  5. A special message for Frank Kern and all the people who downloaded that software he offered:


  6. We all know Frank Kern is a loser.

    Though Salty, I must say, the most value I got out of this post was your link to awkwardboners.com

    Now excuse me while I go grab my axe and chop firewood to re-assure my heterosexual manliness.

  7. What’s funny is, he didn’t need to pull this extra scam to sell his crap.

    At this point, dudes like Kern scam because they enjoy deceiving people, even when they don’t have to add scams to scam money.


  8. “Oh noes! Please tell me he just lifted another company’s code :: repackaged it as his own :: and then gave it away to hundreds of people as a part of a “free promo” for a rip-off con job frauduct.”

    Isn’t that what they all do.

    I found David Schirmer giving away Proctors stuff like his Science of Getting Rich seminar along with Proctors Born Rich and a load of e books he’s probably lifted from somewhere and another load of crap that will have his whiny voice all over it Oh and the big secret book. The one that no-one wants anymore the one thats on Amazon for $1.50 (now that’s value). And is that website a copy of the secret or what. Nothing original and it never is.

    Its an obligation for a con to be able to pull a copy of everyone else’s stuff and sell it for big bucks and they get more brazen every time the do it.

    1. @savie, Why don’t you stick with one name? I must admit, for a one man anti-schirmer band, you certainly keep the fire burning. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, can you post your regular anti-Schirmer comments under SCHIRMER posts? This one’s about Frank Kern. Unless you want us to post all our Kern comments under the Schirmer posts and muddy the Schirmer waters…

    2. @savie,
      With the Proctor-type giveaway, that is generally acceptable to Proctor as he views it as free advertising, a way to get his name and products in front of other possible suckers for his line. Its cross-promotion and all the secreteers do it, what do a few more digital downloads cost?

      Ripping off someones code and packaging and selling it as your own is rather different.

      1. Okay, so this isn’t a Schirmer thread, but since the subject was brought up anyway… I agree with @stoic that the Schirmer-Proctor thing isn’t the same as ripping off someone else’s code and selling it as your own. However, where Proctor & Schirmer are concerned it may not be just another cross-promo deal. The two were business partners for a while, but Proctor successfully sued Schirmer for deceptive trade practices a couple of years ago, and my understanding is that Schirmer can no longer legally sell any of Proctor’s stuff or use his name. (Sorry for jumping in with a non-Frank-Kern related comment. :-))

    3. The reason I posted that previous comment is because there is (one) person who uses random names and tries to change the topic of nearly every post on this blog to a discussion about Schirmer, sometimes by creating his/her own dialog. They typically use a trivial segue (see above) to connect the subject at hand to Schirmer in some minimally plausible way. In this instance, as usual, there is no real interest in the subject of this post.

      I think you two are a great asset to this forum, but realize you just fed the animals…

      1. @Gertie ::

        You’re obviously right … and that is most def a long running pattern.

        And yet :: many behaviors exhibited here are the direct consequence of the horrible practices discussed. People are pushed to the brink :: and it’s hard to come back from the brink. So I remain willing {for justice and mercy} to endure behaviors I don’t necessarily sanction or appreciate.

        Come and hold my hand for awhile crazy people … and let me gently remind you that obsession is unhealthy.

  9. Busted!! I’m talking about you, salty SUPER lib, you cornholing left wing “boo hooo, people are making money off of other people’s laziness and iwanttomakemoneywithoutdoinganywork stupidity” liberal asshole–

    //Ha ha! Hilarious. Noam {no relation to Chomsky or else the code would be open source}//

    What a fuckwad retard. Yeah, that’s right la-la-loooooooooooser, anything other than open source is bad. DEATH TO BILL GATES!! ROAST LARRY ELLISON!!!

    Noam Chomsky is one of the biggest pieces of liberal shit ever to slink out of the leftist cess pool. The fact that you hold that cumstain in high regard telegraphs you, you laughable loser.

    Hey fag boy…what do you think of Obama? Still happy you voted for him? Still fantasize about tossing his salad? Yuy…you do.

    1. @the voice of reason, good grief. You don’t sound like you have much reason in that comment. In fact, that sounded stark raving insane. What’s the point in spewing all that venom like that? It doesn’t win ANYONE over, nor does it change anyone’s mind. Even people with your political inclinations would be hard pressed to listen to you talking like that.

    2. @the voice of reason,

      lol come on VoR… You’ve made some coherent posts at times…

      Free-market talk / capitalism / socialism / whatever aside… Even you have to admit that Frank Kern is among the biggest fake bullshit artists in the IM community. He preys on the weak and uninformed and sells them utter dogshit.

      There’s a lot of guys out there that have done well, and deservedly so. They provide some value, and worthwhile insight as to increase your value.

      But Frank Kern is not one of them.

    3. @the voice of reason, Cornhole is a fun, family-oriented game! While cornhole’s rules require no particular political affiliation, cornholing can certainly build bridges between the Fox News/MSN wings at family reunions.

  10. hmm…

    Let’s say Kern actually did hire a programmer… and lets say the programmer is the one that made the ripped software etc, and handed it over as if it was his new work.

    What should someone like Kern do to prevent this from happening? I was thinking of getting some software created (for me, and eventually for sale once it was fully tweaked for what I wanted)..

    But how does someone with out any programming knowledge make sure that the software wasn’t stolen, ripped, stripped/coded etc… like this?

    1. @Outlier, that’s sort of the problem – of course he hired someone.

      The ‘borrowed’ code appears to be part of a ‘shortcut’ the ‘developer’ took to produce an admin interface for the distribution. That code isn’t doing the list-building stuff.

      Not sure how you can bullet-proof yourself against this kind of thing. It’s happened to Microsoft and many others too, just in the past year.

      1. @Unicorn Army, It wasn’t just “borrowed code,” it was OBVIOUS borrowed code!

        It was so obvious that a blogger who downloaded it from Kern contacted the REAL owner of the code to ask a technical question about it, not knowing that it had been “lifted.” That’s because the code’s owner was IDENTIFIED in the code.

        It would have taken minimal effort to have prevented this.

        We’re also assuming Kern was truly “unaware” and not just looking the other way to save a few development dollars.

        1. @Rob, we don’t know what the circumstances are.

          But just having some other developer look at it is no assurance that you’ll find anything.

          It was only obvious to that blogger because the “developer” didn’t take the name out… which most scumbag “freelancers” would do if they stole code.

          This is a risk inherent in all development, which increases as you go “el cheapo” and offshore. But hey, for all we know the “developer” might have thought they had a license.

          Noam (SE developer) posted about unauthorized resellers on March 1 – that’s not about Kern (sorry Droid) because his promo was 3 weeks later. It’s about someone else who was selling licenses to SE without permission. The code was being sold on eBay. Creating software isn’t just hard… it sucks.

          At this point, it doesn’t matter – because even an unintentional act of infringement is still a problem. Less of a problem if you take immediate corrective action.

          Anyone see Frank Kern taking corrective action? No, probably not. Frank Kern has apparently taken no action whatsoever to inform those who downloaded this code.

          If he’s aware of it (would be hard not to be aware, the Droid is semi-famous) it’s not something he can just ignore away.

          (BTW – the “security issues” apparently were in the blogger’s imagination. The copyright infringement is real.)

    2. @Outlier, It’s very simple. You have another, unrelated developer review the code. It shouldn’t cost much for a cursory review, and it’s the only intelligent thing to do if you really care.

      What Kern did was inexcusable and indefensible.

      People should cut him ZERO slack for what happened. He was either lazy, cheap, or greedy, or (more likely) a combination of the above.

      Epic FAIL.

      1. @No Excuses, that works if the developer is so stupid that they leave contact info for the original programmers in their stolen code. Otherwise, you’re still screwed.

        What Kern “did” we don’t know.

        What he’s NOT doing now, is clear enough. Taking no action to address the situation is inexcusable and indefensible.

        1. @Unicorn Army, you’ve got that right, Kern should have immediately communicated this. All those people who are unknowingly now using that pirated software are now at risk themselves. If I was a Kern customer, I would be extremely upset.

        2. @Unicorn Army ::

          I’ll bet he knew about it ahead of time. Like @RJ said above … it’s dicking people over that he gets off on … and he’s looking to do it wherever he can … even where the financial gains will be trivial.

          All these guys are charging rape-me prices for their products … and talking up this “you should pay for quality” bullshit. But then on the backend … they are fucking over everyone … and refusing to pay for anything. Programs get ripped off … staff get stiffed … vendors aren’t paid … wives are sued for fraud. The margins are astronomical … so keeping everyone in the game happy with some grease would be easy enough. But no. I guess there is no sick pleasure derived from running a sensible criminal enterprise.

          {ATTENTION :: people always complaining about my complaining about high prices :: watch this.}

          If he paid an overly low price for the coding … or paid nothing at all … or had an abusive relationship with the vendor where he was pressuring and manipulating them … then it’s ALL on him because he’s on notice that the code is not good enough for commercial distribution … because it couldn’t possibly be good enough.

          Corners were cut :: because cutting corners is fun when you know you’re selling nothing.

          I appreciate your “only say what we actually know” mentality. But once it’s clear that there is a cover-up … that an obvious problem is not going to be addressed or redressed … then “speculation” becomes “logical hypothesizing.”

          1. @SD, I just think that if they’re really assholes, the known facts will come out to support that conclusion. As they have in this case, no? I agree that the “douchebag hypothesis” has been tested and proven correct here… in two separate experiments.

    3. @Outlier, It gets deeper than that .. apparently Kern and his cronies are offering a “cloud” service, and my guess is that it generates this code (among other setups and templating) … they “released a fix” with “new” developers, but it’s only available to those with the could service! Yeah SURE it’s “fixed” .. my shiny ass!

    1. We may never know. Even if that’s what he did, what about all the people that are still using the first version and don’t know about any later version? If he had been up front about this, then the word might have gotten out better, since there would have been some urgency in the announcement.

      Of course, Kern released the first version to non-customers as a “teaser” so how would they even know anyway? Right now, they are screwed and don’t even have a clue. That’s pretty bogus.

      He really should have “manned up” about this a long time ago. It will be hard to justify any delay on coming forth about this when this has been discussed so much on blogs already.

  11. “Do as I say, not as I do” – perhaps this should be Kern’s new slogan?

    He says:

    (1)Big prices are worth it for quality products/results
    (2)You *could* torrent (pirate!) his stuff, but then you’d be an underachieving loser
    (3)If you’re not willing to invest in yourself, you’ll get no results

    He does:

    (1)Er..pirate code from another company
    (2)Pay as little as possible for everything
    (3)Makes no investment (time, money, effort, thought, etc) behind the scenes of his million dollar launches

    1. @208-577-6210,

      He makes one hell of an effort doing his purdy face in the mirror every morning.

  12. This won’t go anywhere. SocialEngine incorporated GPL code into there software. They have dirty hands and would be very unwise to launch any “copyleft” suit.
    The Smarty templating engine is included in such a way (not as a pure library) that makes the SE license null and void as it is a LGPL 2 license.

    What will happen is SE will encrypt everything they do for now on and continue stealing code themselves.

    1. @Jimmy Hoffa, that wouldn’t really matter. No legitimate business would want to touch something with the “hope” that the outcome would be as you describe. Small businesses are even more vulnerable because many couldn’t afford to defend themsemselves and would more than likely settle to avoid the legal costs. This whole fiasco is an invitation to trouble that NOBODY would want, period. To top it off, nobody was aware of the issue when it transpired and there has after all this time been no noticeable attempt by Kern to inform all of the downloaders.

      Even if your assessment is correct, SocialEngine did not “steal” any code; they only “may” have not utilized the portion you refer to while adhering to GPL standards. There is a big difference.

      Lastly, from an ethical standpoint, there would be no justification for Kern to simply take their software based on the idea that some of it was not theirs to begin with. Not only is he not Robin Hood, but his intentions would have been purely self-serving anyway.

  13. I dont like posting on sites like this but I thought you would find this interesting. My brother in law works in an gov agency (prefer not to say which one) and Frank Kern is on an inquiry list. That is right be for an investigation. Evidently someone that is close and works with him has been feeding information about his deceptive practices and misleading claims. I will try to find out more but I should not know this much already. He said they are also about to step up a case for a guy named Pegin, or Pegen. He supposedly is connected somehow with Kern.

    1. @Steve, I hope you are correct. The other person you refer to is Eben Pagan. Him, Kern, Fallon, and all the other internet marketing d-bags are an incestuous bunch.

    2. @Steve,

      If you do find out anything more you probably ought to keep it to yourself. Kern, Pagan et al are aware of this blog and do read it. Don’t give them any kind of head-start against a government investigation by leaking things here. Save it until after the government’s department has made its move.

  14. Who the fuck is the Brendon Douchebag guy all the gurooos are rimming? Man, they are whoring their lists for this guy. Another 2K offer with Kern, Armand Moron, and Walker in the lead trying to win a Porche 911. Fucking Kern writes – I just met the guy and now he’s sucking him off for a Porche. Armand Moron never mails his list and has mailed like 16 times for this offer. WTF is with this? Who is the guy?

    1. @Something Smells, Totally Agree. Kern, for the 5th time to the 5th different guru, in the last 2 weeks alone, gives “MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION”. Uh, because Jeff Johnson, Brendon Burchard, et.al, give THEIR HIGHEST SUPER-AFFILIATE CASH PRIZE???

      1. @Kerncantsurforplayguitar,

        There’s more to this – I purchased his List Control joke to check it out (it really is a joke – seriously, ther’es better material in free guidelines provided by Google and Aweber).
        Right after, I got this email from him saying:
        “Watch out for shiny thing! don’t buy any more products until List Control is over”.

        Well, what he meant to say was “Don’t buy anything else so you can save money to buy overpriced junk me and my fraud goonies come out with.”
        Because 3 days later he was mailing out crap for Jeff ‘The Liar’ Johnson, follows by Brendon ‘Who Am I?’ Burchard and then even more….

        Is there any way to do something like a citizen’s arrest on this guy for just the enormity of his lies and fraud?

        1. @advancedNoob, Thanks for the update. Keep us posted on the quality of List Control. I suspect, as the 4 weeks are winding down, (soon I think?), you’ll be promised many shiny things… but only if you don’t request a refund.

          That’s how he justifies his, “Take my entire course and if you don’t like it, ask for a refund”.


          Don’t fall for it.

          Don’t fall for any more “Shock-and-Awe-Coolness” (did he REALLY say that with a straight face?)



          RUN for that REFUND!!!

          (And keep us posted)

          1. @kern can’t surf or play guitar, I’m cutting and pasting from the brilliance of hrm in another post on this site.

            hrm said:
            Q: What do you get when you take away Irwin Kern’s:

            – Trimmed beard
            – Surfer dude hair
            – Laid back “hey I’m just like you bro” informal drop-out contrived presence

            A: This guy http://www.sixfigureincome.com/profiles/KernFrank.html

            Another average-joe car salesman trying to hawk re-hashed bullshit

            Shock-and-Awe-Coolness, Frank???

          2. @kern can’t surf or play guitar,

            Trust me, I have no reason to fall for his crap. I actually purchased for only 2 reasons – one to check it out because I happen to know quite a bit about listbuilding and such, and have had the priviledge to learn for free from a great non-hype resource about marketing online.

            As of right now, let me say this – List control is a massive waste of time and nothing else. What I find really funny is this:

            He says clearly that he will be creating 3 new products – each priced around 2000 – product control, launch control and something other ‘control’. You get access to these for free (but not really) if you don’t get a refund. Let’s see here – he sold 1500 LIst Control copies, and only 550 seats were available to the seminar where you get access to these 3 products…he KNEW this before making the claim on his site, then why did he sell 1000 more than he could have accomodated???? I’ll tell you why – because he wants the money – nothing else!

            Right there you can see the level of assidious crap he’s pulling over his subscribers – he will package EVERY LITTLE STINKIN NON-NUGGET OF MISINFORMATION AND HYPE, and sell it over and over in different formats – each time for $2k or more and each time his fraud goons will promote it for a pat on their back from the mighty Kern and cash bonuses.

            The level of predatory mindset these guys have makes me want to involuntarily vomit in desperate attempts to cleanse myself of their grubby hands feeling inside my pockets to see what else they can get…

  15. Hey all,

    I’m the coder who posted all this on my blog, I’m glad to see I’m not alone. I wouldn’t have posted all this but they (Trey and Kern) really rubbed my the wrong way by saying i was just “some blogger”.

    I think all these “gurus” are a bunch of dicks, and should be exposed and fast. Freakin Reiss the other day was like .. and if you act not I’ll give you the code to show my opt-in form when the video gets near the end .. duh View source…

    These d-bags (I love this site) know diddly about web development, software, and really anything related to programming, seo, or shit well just about anything… they create mass-histeria about “duplicate content” then wanker “SEO Experts” charge thousands of $ to poor saps who actually believe this load of crap.

    Now, don’t get me wrong there are “some” things they give away that are useful, but don’t you think you should look into the legality of something the first time you do it? No, having SE_Admin in the code doesn’t mean crap, but having the EXACT files does. Why did they strip down the CMS? Easy .. they are shit coders. Trey couldn’t code his way out of wet paper bag. He claimed Smarty was what he was using to protect against XSS… like wtf dude

    So, right now I’m coding up all the free things I can and am just going to sit and wait .. list builders, twitter automaters, content spinners, and on and on till they have to come up with something original ..

    1. @Jarret, on the bright side, if they hadn’t called you “some blogger” when you exposed the XSS issues (did any of that turn out to be real?) you may not have been pissed off enough to go digging in and find the stolen code, which was pretty important to the whole story.

      1. @Unicorn Army, Actually somebody on the warrior forum noted that it “looks odly like SocialEngine code” … could prove it but the whole thread is deleted …

    1. @Vik,

      yeah….just look past the superficial way he speaks in his weedeo….

      An informational video to “protect” “noobs” from the bad “marketers”….but he names no names….and makes non-identifiable references…

      Claims a reference to email communications with a marketer who admitted to being deceitful in sales copy…but doesn’t name them….

      Claims one should be skeptical of screen shot weedeos because “the way the money is made is a lie”…the reality is they made the money not by elusive technique…but rather by photoshop…for someone with such self-professed “knowledge”, one would think he would know that…but then his “screen shot” might be a lie as well…can’t have that).

      Shows his “$532K” screenshot, but quantifies that with the way he made it is not for noobs (again to “prove” his “integrity”)

      Shows his $2K/week “passive” income ($25K in 9) plus a couple of more small incomes…to show that while others just talk the talk…he actually walks the walks

      That video of his is so full of crap it’s sickening…and it doesn’t much surprise me that he has a $102/month website…which…btw…appears to be just another pyramid scam…what he is selling appears to be membership…but what that membership consists of….is anyone’s guess…because nothing is revealed….

      1. @_cartman_,

        Damn…how did that submit….

        ($25K in 9) = 25K in 9 months…but in 8 weeks in 2010 a magical thing happened and all of a sudden $2K/week ($104K/yr)…truly magical….

        1. @_cartman_,

          Not sure if you actually watched the vid properly, but what he was actually getting at was that most of the marketers that show these income proofs make their money by selling ‘make money online’ kinda products – not by actually making money in everyday niches.

          Second, I’m not referring to this single video – i’ve seen a truckload of free content from him which is far better than a lot of the paid products that I’ve seen.

          Finally, he DID name the names in the email he sent out, but didn’t in the video itself because the video is supposed to cover the products in general. I was able to tell easily what products he was referring to.

          From all I can tell you seem rather defensive and I for one wouldn’t be surprised if you’re one of the guys he recently outed. So what’s the deal here? You even talk quite a bit like one specific guy he mentioned….

          1. @advancedNoob,

            Recently outed?….I suggest you read some of my posts ….

            As to defensive…most “internet marketers” are fucking jokes (Fallon, Kern, Jenkins, Filsaime, Andros, Deiss, Brunson, Schirmer…to name a few…add anyone you like to the fucking list)…happy dumb fuck….

            What I was saying is he is as much of a scammer as the people he outed…just because he has a simpleton such as yourself fooled….really isn’t my problem…

            Learn to comprehend before you speak to me….and call me a fucking “internet marketer” again, and i’ll kick your fucking teeth down your throat…

            1. @_cartman_,

              Whoa there! First thing – learn to actually talk instead of threatening someone. Got it?
              Next – before you claim I’m some simpleton, it’s not my problem that you put all IMers in the same category as Fallon and other d-bags.
              All I did was show you clearly that there ARE marketers out there who make a living without selling rehashed crap over and over.

              Second – I’m new here – I have no idea how many posts you’ve put out or whatever. What I was referring to is verbage such as this — “weedeo….” – this is something that I know of only ‘Jani G’ (the definition of a d-bag in the making). Sorry I jumped the gun and made assumptions, but a simple civil clarification would suffice.

              Here’s the mail I’d received form him – the names are named, and there is nothing promoted:

              > This may be a little late coming, but here’s a word of warning
              > about another over-promoted product – Triffiliate Payday by Jani G.
              > There are 5 main reasons I don’t recommend this:
              > 1 – It is not newbie friendly as the sales page claims.
              > 2 – The method involved getting an interview with the creator of a
              > product that is about to be launched. How most people are supposed
              > to do that is beyond me. Janie got ‘lucky’ because George Brown is
              > a close friend of his.
              > 3 – The sales tactic was COMPLETELY unethical. He claimed they
              > will sell only a 100 to begin with. I was almost sure that won’t
              > turn out to be true. The sad fact is that well over that number
              > were let in…I would venture a guess to say that over 1000 people
              > purchased it…could be wrong, but definitely 500+. Second, it was
              > claimed that the site would be shut down over and over, but it
              > hasn’t been…and for all that it matters, the price will only be
              > increased later, the site won’t be shut down.
              > Why I particularly disliked this was because the emails to the
              > affiliates joyously talked about how many sales affiliates were
              > making and so on…so to the excuse that he lost count of people
              > and how many sales had been made is bull…and that is enough in
              > itself to make me not want to promote any of his other products.
              > 4 – This ties in with #3 – the method involved has a chance of
              > working if there is a small number of people working it…but with
              > the large number of people who may try to apply it, it won’t work.
              > 5 – The product is incomplete – for the most part, you only get the
              > ebook and none of the other things in there…which were supposed
              > to show up within a couple of days at first, but are still MIA.
              > Anyway…if you still want to buy, first exit the page so you’re
              > offered a prompt to get the $20 discount on it…but I don’t
              > recommend it either way. At most I’d pay $25-$30 for this.
              > Note that none of this implies anything about Jani himself. I don’t
              > know him and this is a review of this product only.
              > Meanwhile – I did get a LOT of responses asking for an SEO
              > video…so I’m working on it right now. Will send that to you
              > sometime tomorrow hopefully!


              Hopefully this clarifies something of where I stand and why I quoted this guy at all.

            2. @_cartman_,

              “Whoa there! First thing – learn to actually talk instead of threatening someone. Got it?”

              First, you responded to me, not the other way around. Second, I will respond the way that’s appropriate for the response I receive…

              If you can’t handle that, don’t respond to me (correction; don’t go fucking accusing me of being an “internet marketer”), because I called out another fucking prick (and saw past his BS weedeo)…

              “Second – I’m new here – I have no idea how many posts you’ve put out or whatever.”

              Well la…di…da…if you are new, read before you accuse someone of being an “internet marketer”…if you don’t, don’t be surprised by the response you receive…

              “this is something that I know of only ‘Jani G’ (the definition of a d-bag in the making)”

              Now that is fucking Ironic. I pissed on Jani Ghaffor back in ’07…he allowed my comment about his lack of sales, after claiming it was the ultimate in lucration (he responded to the comment..then removed my comment and his subsequent response…go figure) for promoting the Abunza scam…ironically enough, the Abunza scam was started by Saldarraga(sp) (to target desperate spanish speaking individuals)….Saldarraga(sp) was involved in pushing Proctors SGR program (and was screaming about his sales being ripped off…ohh fuck me with irony….if I can retrieve those sales files, I will post them here)…it couldn’t be any more bizarre if I made the whole thing up.

              “Hopefully this clarifies something of where I stand and why I quoted this guy at all.”

              Not really….it’s analogous to saying Arthur Andersen isn’t so bad, because they “protected” us from most companies…except for their participation in the Enron scandal (oops…sorry….our bad)…butt…they warned us about others…and that is really what is important there….not that they stuck it to anyone with Enron…

              PS – Sorry about not berating you any sooner….butt…thanks to fucking Microsoft and their piece of shit OS, I was unable to start any Network services (access is denied…in MS language…means it’s your problem). To add insult to injury all this happened when I changed out my EVGA (8 month old X58 classified…POS) Motherboard (which kept degrading my RAID array…and locking up my USB ports..and corrupted a boatload (not my super yacht) of my .aep files)…and I have been fucking around with my system for two days, and just didn’t have the time or energy to respond…ahhh…now that feels good.

              PPS – While I can’t prove it, I believe Microsoft OS “locked” those services, by making the registry keys specific to the NIC address (or some other hardware ID number) of the motherboard (I pay for their anti-piracy measures…fucking nice)…well…I probably could prove it….butt…I’m lazy…and I kind of like my head without any “bullet” holes….hey….I saw anti-trust….just kidding Bill…

              sing: Kumbaya..bill gates….kumbaya..ohh bill…kumbaya

    2. @Vik,

      I don’t feel a great need to defend this guy except that I’ve honestly found him to offer some great info at no cost.
      I don’t see what the issue is with the JV page? Isn’t that pretty much affiliate marketing? Unless the product he’s selling is another overpriced rehashed crappy nonsense (which I can vouch it isn’t since I’m a member), and/or the costs are unjustifiable, I don’t see the issue.
      Whatever…not a biggie to me. Doesn’t take away from the fact that there’s a load of free info and content he’s given out over the last few months….here’s the 10 of vids he sent out btw. You’re supposed to opt-in to get em, but I don’t he really cares that much:


      In any case, don’t take my word for it by itself. I’m simply recounting my experience…make your own decisions :)

      1. @advancedNoob. Since your “New Here” at the House of Salty- then -You need to shut the FU*K Up- every one of your comments- are even more idiotic than the next – I feel dumber just cause my eye’s peeped-the barf you spewed out! Why are you even reading this blog? When surely your “GURU” worship is apparent- so when your done with “Washing Kern’s Balls & Shinning Filthy Filsaime’s Dome” Why don’t you PISS OFF to the Warrior Forum- with the other ball washing, monkey ass kissing- guru worshiper’s, You’ll Feel right at home giving each other Guru reach around’s.

        1. @MR Z,

          What the heck! are you even reading what I’m saying? Worshipping Kern? You moron I’ve been posting real updates from within List Control on how bad it sucks!!! Whatever, your idiocy is apparent…what’re you on huh?

      2. @advancedNoob, In all fairness, I took a look at some of the free videos, and while there is some quality information (mostly targeted at noobs, to be honest), at least it is stuff that can be implemented and is useful, unlike kern’s overpriced hot air.

        However, my point in bringing up his JV page was to illustrate how the the page gives of the same vibe as the rest of the IM crowd: it’s all about their personal *greed*.

        Look at how he is enticing his partners to sell, sell, sell!

        “educate yourself about it before you promote – it’ll only make you more excited, and therefore more money! :)”

        “whatever you think will help your subscribers make the best decision (and consequently help you make the most money!).”

        And lastly, just read the emails created for his JV list to mail out. They are just stuffed with techniques used by Kern and crew to build trust so that they can later sell you (“I got your back, I am protecting you from all the scammers out there *and* I am helping you for free! Now I’m sure you’ll be glad to open your wallet…”

        He’s not doing things that much differently from the rest.

        1. @Vik,

          I 100% agree with you — and I actually emailed him saying that when he first came out with with the CNP3 thing. The reason I did so is because he’d been giving good content for a good solid 6 months and had sent out warnings on at least 10 different products in that time – that’s NOT what you do if you want JV partners. Especially the D-Bag Jani G – he’s a fast rising ball-licker and is a personal cronie of George Brown and some others.

          This is really what has convinced me that this guy is not out to be buddies with the d-bags like Kern and jani-G, Harlan and so on. I mean he sent out a warning about VideoBoss and Andy Jenkins even…I don’t see why anyone would do that if they had any hopes of working with these guys and getting them as a JV partner, right?

          The JV page itself, you’re right, it does sound very ‘traditional’ IMer, but the fact that he’s openly pissing off the biggest players in the business with his honesty says completely the opposite. I guess I’ll write him and see what he says about it.

          The funny thing is that Kern in his List Control calls constantly talks about how all you need is a good product that has genuinely solid information and he’ll promote it. But he obviously won’t promote (IMO) the best product today because he’d rather be a d-bag and trade back scratches with Andy Jenkins and company instead of working with someone ethical for once.

  16. When I discovered this site, I felt a combination of comfort and rage. I was happy to finally find people who thunk like me about shit…especially about the Mega-Watt Messiah Frank Kern (WTF is with the white shirt and beard…come on, Folks, who is Frank Kern trying to subconsciously dupe us into thinking he is…..that’s right, flippin’ JC!!!)

    Up until I foundthise site, I literally believed i was the only person alive who could see the Monster in Messiah’s clothing…the Conscience-less scumbag that is Frank Kern. The second I laid on one him and watched him do his shtick – and that IS what it is – I knew he was scum. Then, I was totally floored that the comments under his blog-shit were so glowing. Could it be possible people were actually licking his shoes clean this way? Yup!!

    How can ANYONE be so gullible?!

    Interestingly enough, when I went to the site to check out that free promo offer, ‘cuz I couldn’t remember which pile of shit it was of his “repertoire,” the site now says that “Frank Kern has now retired from teaching internet marketing and is only accepting private consultations and his platinum club members.”

    How fucking Ironical!!! Since he NEVER TAUGHT ANYTHING USEFUL TO ANYONE!!! He is a Scam Artist…so are all his buddies!!! Greedy Scumbag!!!

    YES, it is all nothing but a circle-jerk convention with his and his cronies. They all started at the same time and cross-pollenated (yep, they’re as disgusting as they sound!) each others lists!! The whole thing by all of them is nothing more than a big con. When he came out with that fucking video where he is driving around in that VW van expounding on platitudes, I about vomitted. I was so enraged at this con job that I shut it down and created an html page that is a white-hot “Won’t you join me” rant that is aimed at exposing this shit once and for all. I simply can’t stand by, and won’t, take it any more…the lying to the sheeple – even if they are sheeple, and especially because they are – has to stop. Frank Kern teaching people “mystical secrets” was over the line…and the people were literally SWOONING about it in their comments. He may as well be JC! Funny, too…because I found on this site a listing of the same name. In my computer, I have my departure rant and it is titled “Frank Kern isn’t God!”

    Actually, I hope Frank is Now Retired because he is going to prison for pirating that software. Good karma. LOL!!!!!!!!! THAT is karma, my friends. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that he gets what he deserves. I do wonder if it was a set-up…you know, a sting…he is on thin ice with the FTC…maybe someone decided to burn him…hell, I’d have done it if I had the chance…you know that the people that downloaded it have ZERO idea (probably) that they downloaded pirated software. You think Kern is going to tip people off? HE DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THE PEOPLE HE STEALS FROM!!!!

    Frank Kern is a thief. He steals and lies. He is SCUM.

    Please, won’t you all join me in bowing our heads and praying like mutherfuckers that Frank Kern gets the Karma he TRULY deserves.

    By the way, Salty…I fell in love with your Balls…couldn’t help myself…it was literally love at first site…love the way they roll around…I was enchanted…so I had to have them for myself…{ball-o-tags} OK, yeah, so I am a little easy to dazzle nowadays…it’s late….but that ball totally rocks!! I gotta have it…er, do the work to install it ;P Finally, balls I could play with all day ;D

    This site and you totally rock. I feel like I have found Home for my fucking sanity. I grew up with brilliant parents who exposed every scam they smelled faintly. being anti-bullshit is in my blood. Looking forward to getting involved here…seems a natural fit…and I do owe ya’ for that big ball o’ love…”oooo, look…rolly…” I need to get away from the computer more!!

    May Divine Retribution visit Frank Kern in all its glory and make right everything he made wrong!! Go God!! (The real one, not FK…there is a reason his initials are FK…he’s a bad F**K!!!!! {Ick…erase mental image…if I were the last woman on earth, I wouldn’t hit that for anything!! Skanky Scumbag, Frank Kern!!!! Now, he’s Frank Burn…in hell!}

    Get on the bus and let’s strap him to the grill, aye??!

    LOL…I recently warned Craig Beckta that I was going to expose all this shit with Kern all the way down to him. He thought I was BS’g…they’ll see only too soon.

    The Page is almost done being tweaked…for maximum impact…

    I gotta go…I can’t stop playing with your balls…I gotta go grab some of my own…{and you thought I just had penis envy ;}

    Props to everyone here!!! Thank you for listening to my (long held and nowhere to share it before now) rant! I am overjoyed that other people see this piece of crap for what he is…I am sensing his house of cards is about to tip over now…(FTC)…he may just take all (YOUR) money and make a run for it, maybe to another country…Such a scumbag!!!!

    1. @Irwin, We’ll NEVER Forget The Real YOU,

      The Person Who Most Influenced His Life: His grandfather, E. Raymond Smith–”He built an empire starting from nothing and with no formal education. And he did it by always maintaining a high level of integrity and by making sure the people he did business with were happy. The greatest thing he ever did for me was to set a standard to live up to. I’m still working on it.

      Some would suggest that he may need to work a little harder…

      1. @Nikki

        Yeah, I found that inspired projectile vomiting in me, too…

        I feel sorry for his grandfather, to have built something (supposedly) through integrity only to have Kern becomes the genetic anti-all-things-good spawn of his genome.

        Tsk, tsk…what a shame.

        Kern wouldn’t know integrity of it smacked him upside the head…but I sure hope it does anyway!

        Shit like that could never recognize the nature of truly good qualities. He’s too busy with his trailer-park-trash dorkface brain-seed obsessing over how to “turn anything and anyone INTO CASH.”

        SOMEBODY needs to make a funny infomercial mocking Kern…anybody bored tonight? Come on, Folks…I know it is a stretch to find a costume that ugly and stinky, but you guys aren’t wimps!! (Man, I wish I had the time to do this project…let’s have a Kern-Off! We can try to out-do each other with Kern spoof videos and whomever gets voted to get the award wins the prestige of winning a SaltyDroid Kern-Off contest…{ya’ didn’t think there’d be cake, didja’?}

        Kern is such a caricature, that this kind of “loving project” is loooong overdue. He even makes trailer-park people look bad!

        What a human monument you are, Frank Kern. Too bad that monument is made of not-so-fresh shit!

        {see, now you don’t want cake anymore anyway, am I right?}

        Once we conquer the Kern-Off, we can have a Filthy-Same-Off…maybe, even for the beary bold, a Pagen-Off {gasps fill the room!}…heck, the possibilities to truly depict these shitballs is endless!

        Besides, according to our beloved pal Andy Jenkins {excuse me while I go vomit violently}, video IS the fastest growing media in history…so who wants to bet we can front-page Google with a nice Kern video…we’ll just name him…Dank Burn…or something…aaarrrggghhh, this is so do-able…we could and should have lots of fun at their expense. Video could go viral really fast people…somebody has to have time for this project (I sooo wish I did right now!)

        Not-so-sacred cows, beware!


    2. @Irwin, We’ll NEVER Forget The Real YOU,

      Irwin has got to be the gayest name ever!!! This picture fits the name Irwin quite proper. What a dork face

  17. Because someone just robbed Thelma Lou… in Mayberry. (saw it on the news)

  18. Franks grandfather was a slum lord, and had a two bit used car lot. That being said, he would throw his boy Frank money just trying to get Frank going somewhere. Ask Frank about his invisible dog fence venture. Word was he couldn’t get it going. Even with people coming to him for business. This internet thing was something a cousin of his was working on. Frank took it and ran with it. He’s done good, but it was doomed. The Smith clan has this problem. Time runs out.

    1. @Maconga, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Irwin Frank Kern is a flea bitten, greasy haired, dork faced, backwoods Georgia, inbred loser, hick who couldn’t earn an honest dollar to save his own life.

      Peeps like him play technology and laugh all the way to the bank, thinking they are free and clear, not knowing that the very technology they are abusing is backfiring on them exponentially. Moore’s Law is in effect punks. It’s a two edged sword bitches ;)

    2. @Maconga,

      You said, “Franks grandfather was a slum lord, and had a two bit used car lot.”

      Just curious where you found those tidbits? Always good to be sharpening your internet sleuthing skills. :-)

  19. I also suspect most of the “wealth” he flaunts was inherited from grandpa. He even drives an old Jeep that his gramps had, in one of his “be like me” videos.

  20. I know em from the “hood”. He’s all uppity now, but I knew before he was known.

  21. All I know is that Frank never wanted to actually work for a living, and he has made that known. He has seemed to have done that. The FTC thing was probably some of his best advertising. I always wondered why he didn’t get into the legitimate marketing industry. I mean he could be good at it, right? He could easily be the ShamWow! guy couldn’t he? Obviously, he still doesn’t like to work… I would like to agree with him on one thing, Angela Shelton is hot as hell. If has hit that, damn you Frank! Now I am jealous. Otherwise its kinda shit.

    1. @Maconga, I’m not sure Frank could be the Shamwow guy (doesn’t seem to have that level of energy in his personality). But yeah, he could have done something a little more legit and probably made just as much money. Good point about the willingness to work aspect, that seems to be the motivation (or lack of) for a lot of these guys.

    2. @Maconga,
      Curious…how or why did Angela Shelton’s name come up in this comment on this post? Did I miss something?

  22. Its an old highschool trick. I am hoping she feels obligated to give him his money back. Hes got to live off of something.

  23. Ya know what I’ve noticed? The growing trend of fake gurus leeching off their wives’. While the wives go to work everyday these fat man-wenches pretend to have the inside info on money, business and success. LOL get real.

    They suck the old fake “gurus” off, and whore themselves out to whomever, just to get a few peanuts thrown their way. It’s really pathetic. Their wives, real life friends, and family don’t respect them at all. Some of these losers even breed bunches of children, knowing that their lazy ass can’t support themselves, much less more kids.

    Eww, then they have one night stands at marketing seminars with sloppy fat, middle aged women scammers or even with their favorite guru. LMAO

    They sit online all day and talk shit, pretending to be richer, better, and more successful than what they really are. Some of these pathetic bastards don’t even have a pot to piss in if it weren’t for their wife.

    They make up fake products online, HOPING, WISHING, PRAYING , BEGGING that just ONE person falls for it, so they can hand some money to their wife for groceries. Pathetic. Quite a few of these losers come to this very site and try to intimidate people by posting their shit talk, not realizing how utterly pathetic and stupid they look. They don’t have any room to talk, because they are worse off than you and me. Get off your fat pathetic ass and do something with integrity for once in your life. Otherwise you will remain the pathetic loser you are behind bars.

    1. @javascript:void(0), Profoundly accurate comment. Truer words have never been spoken. This is actually very common!

      To show everyone how this comment really hit home, when I first read it, it had a -1 vote. Now, why would anyone give such a comment a thumbs down like that? I’ll tell you. Because it HIT HOME and IT’S TRUE.

      All these posing scammers need to end up in one place: jail.

    1. @Maconga, Yeah, that’s a load of bullshit alright. They left out the part about his run-in with the FTC, and it seems fantastimagical that he made a bunch of money selling doggy ebooks. At least they were honest about him living in a single wide trailer.

      1. @Lou, Frank has never lived in a trailer I can assure you of that. He wouldn’t have willingly done that. Now if it helps sell his persona ,then he tell you anything. Its redneck chique.

          1. I will offer much more when I finish my 10 DVD expose on The Life of Frank Kern. It will be priced at the low low price of $997 and limited to 700 copies. It will come with lots of free value added content once the money clears. No refunds! If you ask for one Ill just send you a pair of Angela Sheltons dirty underwear, they may be clean. I am not sure. Do they sale detergent that smell like ass and surf board wax? Hold on, I’ll be back in a bit. A bunch of black vans just rolled up my driveway.

            1. @Maconga, That sounds like a bargain compared to Frank Kern’s “good old boy” DVDs where he rambles on and on about simple minded stuff, after you fork over thousands of dollars. I wonder how many of Frank’s DVDs are now being used as coasters these days. I also wonder what his new act will be and what community theater it will be playing at.

            2. I always wondered how he fills up so many DVDs. I know it sounds impressive, but anybody with any shred of technical knowledge would question that much fluff.Does it really take that much to teach you how to be a pompous ass?

              I knew a guy who played in a band with him who used to joke about how Frank couldn’t put on his own guitar strings. He also told me that one time Frank found a shoebox with a bunch of US savings bonds that his granny left him that were all fully matured, and Frank didn’t even know what they were. Idiot, gosh!

            3. @Maconga, Well, he does like to use his “prop” jeep and “prop” surfboards. He also knows if he needs to stretch it out a bit he can always switch on his country boy character and talk slowwwwer, and people will be none tttthe wiserrrrr. Until they get their credit card bill and he’s working on his next surf and sell product.

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