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Death Ray Speaketh :: Episode 2

Do you know what you need to do {assuming you’re still alive} to get into the “higher upper echelons of people on this planet?”

No? :: me neither! Kinda doesn’t sound like a real fucking thing. But if I humored the possibility that it was a real fucking thing … then I’d go out on a limb and say you should try to be born there. Be born in a rich country :: to a rich family :: horah! … please accept my congratulations for making it into the “higher upper echelons” … you deserved it.

James Arthur Ray presents a less statistically based approach in his latest still birthed video turd …

– a purpose {like torture :: ego tripping :: or money at any cost}

– a vision {like of yourself as a unstoppable god}

– a coach {like Carlo Ancelotti … Chelsea Sucks!}

– a practice {like lying :: and LGATing}

– a mentor {like Tony Robbins :: or Satan}

– a group {cause manipulating individuals is too hard to be profitable}

– a retreat {death optional}

… bullshit.

Episode 2 of Death Ray Speaketh :: once again a substantial improvement over the unoriginal original … and for a fair price.

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