MiniMork and Mindie Kniss

The Secret thanks Munger Tolles & Olsen

NotDoctor Sean Stephenson :: BFF of James Arthur Ray :: was recently engaged to the lovely Mindie Kniss. He told us about it {above} while in California speaking at the SANG conference. SANG is a totally innocent networking group cofounded by legend of black business :: and founder of Black America Online :: Stephen “Roc” Pierce.

Little connections like that are fun. It’s not a conspiracy against the customers or anything … just a few totally random coincidences that couldn’t possibly mean anything other than fun.

Mindie and Sean’s love is so powerful :: and real :: that it spawned its own product line …

… that happens sometimes.

Sean Stephenson went to Sedona in November to have people call him doctor for no reason :: and to stand up for James Arthur Ray in the face of all the haters who don’t understand how sometimes innocents have to die so that the chosen few can have Harmonic Wealth instead of jobs. Other people should just love and stuff :: you can even ask Oprah … yada yada … FREE JAMES RAY!

Mindie Kniss went to Sedona in November as well :: so it was nice that they didn’t have to be separated and risk the dulling of their product based love story. Speaking of products :: Mindie was in Sedona for selling her heartpaths

… if you act now Mindie might issue you the keys to your own heart {you were wondering where you put them}.

What’s a heartpath-vortex-fox like Mindie doing with a broken-boned fake-doctor-gnome like Sean? That’s what you’re asking yourself because you’re a hater :: and because you’re threatened by Sean Stephenson’s Man Transformation … just like he told The Syndicate’s Eben Pagan {aka Debbie DeAngelo} …

Mindie went down to Sedona in October to scope the most powerful vortex thrusters for HeartPath :: and she threw down this bit of iPhone wisdom …

Standing near to where James Ray’s victims died two years ago :: Mindie Kniss says “relational spiritual physical” self … unmistakable James Ray kool-aid talk. Hmm …

Sean Stephenson doesn’t really look like a friend of Death Ray’s to me :: Mindie Kniss on the other hand … totally does. Here’s Mindie in 2008 :: at 3:25 she starts talking about doing the board breaking bullshit at a James Ray seminar …

Now we’re actually getting somewheres :: not just random coincidences like NotDoctor Sean calling Joe Polish his mentor …

Mindie’s Death Ray kool-aid talk made me want to read all her twitters :: there were lots … but robots read fast.

Mindie likes talking to Alexis Neely. Who wouldn’t? I mean she’s pretty :: and smart :: and she used to be a lawyer at Munger Tolles & Olson … a super cool law firm that I think I might have heard about in some other context. In April :: during the trial :: Mindie tweets

@AlexisNeely holosync is awesome – used it for years and have had some RIDICULOUS meditative experiences. =) enjoy!

Holosync is awesome! I’m sure that’s why James Ray made buying it mandatory for attending Spiritual Warrior … rather than because he and Bill Harris were splitting the money. Anywayz Alexis :: enjoy your meditatives.

Mindie in Sept 2009

RT @greghartle What can you offer the world that no one else can?

Mindie Kniss and Greg Hartle are still pals :: from this year

@greghartle keep rockin’ my friend. when you come through Chicago, get in touch!

Greg Hartle saw Colleen Conaway die in July 2009 while working the Creating Absolute Wealth seminar in San Diego. Colleen had been upsold on a package of JRI garbage that included San Diego and Sedona during a Harmonic Wealth Weekend held in Chicago :: Mindie was there

is ready to rock HWW in Chicago with JRI

Mindie Kniss didn’t go to CAW in San Diego. Colleen went :: but she didn’t come home … she was lying dead in a morgue while Greg Hartle was alternating between doing nothing … and dancing.

The next month Mindie was selling James

wants to see you in Portland tomorrow night at James Ray’s FREE success event. Register here: http:://

Speaking of dancing death parties :: Mindie’s got ALL of the coolest pals

@megfredrickson just sent out your cards. thanks again!! =) happy holidays to you & Josh!

One last one

These two rock! How To Failproof Your Business, Episode 1 | IttyBiz via @naomidunford

Dave and Naomi == failproof.

But you know :: I’m sure it’s not one big sick machine or anything … it’s just totally random coincidences.

>> bleep bloop

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  1. God, can this even be real? People fall for this shit, I’m in the wrong biz man. Just get some guy in a wheel chair, and some chick who looks like she’s half stoned, shoot some quick videos about finding some “insert sci-fi name” + “other word for love” here and make quick cash.

    Fuck this 9-5 shit.

    1. @SomeDude ::

      Yeah :: all you have to do is perpetually kiss the ass of the worst people in the world knowing that there’s a 99% chance that they will completely screw you in the end.

      Living the dream!

    2. @SomeDude,

      “insert sci-fi name” + “other word for love”

      I know a guy that did that, but he used two words for knowledge or study instead. The Church of Scientology.

      But like @SD says you have to spend your whole life being friends with utter scum bags. (I mean the kind of people who, if one of them were trapped in a burning building, you wouldn’t be able to make yourself go back in and rescue them.) There isn’t any realistic way to do that without becoming a scum bag in the process.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd,

        I think you summed it up best in the other thread (Evil FTC dot Gov):

        “In fact, you could almost say shows like Lost and the new BSG lie to the audience in a manner similar to the way IM-MMO clowns do.

        The key difference being that shows like BSG and Lost only ever promised to be entertainment whereas scammers always promise “and you can too!” which is way more evil, especially when you say it to people who are hurting badly but still have hope.”

    3. @SomeDude,
      We were just discussing similar outrage with a friend of mine. Free monies!

      ‘Invent’ an uncolored MM sugar candy which will, at the same time, enlarge your pen*s, burn out fat, and help you work from home and fire you boss. No obvious refunds, disclaimer with almost non existing font. Sell hope. Screw lives.

      “The chicks will scream in orgasm, scratching your lean ripped back and while making money on autopilot and You’ll say to yourself, “life has never been better.”

      Now I risk someone actually making this sh*t… oh wait

    4. “I was able to use these ways to fall in love with a mutant who doesn’t even have a dick.. and you can too!” ~ Mindie

  2. Well that explains a lot.

    He sells his non existent soul to support her friend and mentor in court, and she gets a free ride to special-treatment-land on his motivational wheelchair. And she also gets to wipe his butt for him too.!/TheSeantourage
    TheSeantourage Dr. Sean Stephenson
    Find someone that will love you even if they have to wipe your butt.

    Evil, worthless and disgusting.

    1. @Yakaru, Jeez, that *is* disgusting. At first I was surprised to see that the great Not-Doc Stephenson himself has not yet joined in the fray on SD’s blog to defend himself; after all, he was so quick to contribute to Connie Joy’s FB page and LaVaughn’s blog. But after following that Twitter link, I see he is directing his time and energy in attempts to elevate himself (figuratively speaking, of course) via pseudo-profound philosophical tweets, e.g., “If you threaten the existence of mediocrity you become a target to those that profit from it.” “They can only poison your spirit if you let them get under your skin.” And so on. Also notice the attempt to gain spiritual cred by use of the background image of Not-Doc with the Dalai Lama. It’s not nearly as touching to me as the wedding scene in LOTR 3, when the king and the multitudes bowed down to the Hobbit heroes.

      1. @Cosmic Connie,

        Yeh, the Dalai Lama is bowing down to His Holiness Fake Dr Sean. Here’s the original:

        He’s a certainly big fan of not being criticized, isn’t he. That seems to occupy a large and important place in his teachings at the moment. He just wants people to love him…and wipe his butt. No doubt that’s the key to successful babyhood, and that’s as far as he’s got in his personal development. Looks like that’s as far as the little creep will get in this life too.

        He blabs on about all he’s had to overcome to be a success, but it’s nothing special. Heaps of people have debilitating conditions, and heaps of people who sit in wheelchairs have jobs – and real jobs. Most of them try to lead as normal a life as possible, be treated like as much of an equal as possible, and, according to quality of life studies, seem to be pretty much on the level with everyone else in terms of happiness.

        Occasionally there are those who try to play for sympathy, but most recognize how pathetic that is by the time they’re 8 or 9.

        Not this guy. He’s found a niche as the freak show of the self help business, and seems to really enjoy being patronized and basking in the warm glow of sympathy born of ignorance.

        Obviously his medical condition would be a challenge in itself, but it’s no hindrance at all to being a motivational speaker. Most wheelchair-bound people probably face more of a challenge getting into a pub or restaurant than any obstacle he would have faced getting into the self help business.

        He doesn’t want equal treatment. He wants to be treated like a baby. And the tiny amount of his teachings I’ve heard so far is misogynistic pap and babytalk.

        1. @Yakaru, thanks for the link. It appears then that this chance meeting in a crowd has metamorphasized into Not-Dr. Sean having “even shared the stage with the Dalai Lama.” (per his Facebook Info Page). Looks like just about everything Not-Dr. Sean claims is a complete and utter gross exaggeration. Lame!

      2. @Cosmic Connie ::

        Here’s the last three …

        “Those on a mission to tear others down are hurt, confused, or afraid. Sadly they are completely unaware of that.”

        “I use to believe opinions about people I don’t even know. Now I believe only my experience of those I’ve met.”

        “All hatred is self-hatred.”


        Gosh people who don’t like criticism should maybe not take a dump on my lawn.

        1. @SD, Yeah, it definitely sounds as if he got hold of the New-Wage/McSpirituality/selfish-help goo-roos’ swipe file. How many times have we heard those lame rationalizations about the “haters” who supposedly are just out to tear other people down, when [according to the script] the real problem is that said haters just hate themselves, and are envious of successful people…

          It seems obvious that Not-Doc S. realizes he’s not going to make any headway here, so he figures that it’s best to continue tweeting stupid and gathering his hustledork “friends” around him.

    2. @Yakaru, Also we see him smirking up to the Dalai Lama because mr. Stephenson knows he has certain victory in the “find my soul” game I think it’s they’re playing there.

    3. @Yakaru, It seems to me he’s found a field where standing out pays better and faster, so he really doesn’t have to overcome much at all to succeed.

      He just has to look the other way and ignore the fact that he’s helping the scummers…er…scammers…pull more in.

      Then there’s that thing about being their circus sideshow he also seems to not mind, in the name of making money the easy way.

  3. I swear, the more I watch of Mindie, the more I see the features of Sean in her — could they be related? And if so, isn’t this called incest?

  4. “Dave and Naomi == failproof”

    Ah, I see a certain fake robot has the ability to sling a little code!

  5. Of course I actually do believe in coincidences. But only when the only other explanation I can think of would be something supernatural. I consider the coincidence explanation more likely than the supernatural one.

    In this case it’s just “Welcome . . . to the machine” “What did you dream? It’s alright, we told you what to dream.”

    But that sure seems like an awful lot of connections to one person. Congratulations, @SD! Good sleuthing. It must be such a weird feeling each time you discover a connection. It’s like, there’s a kind of satisfaction, but also that never-get-used-to feeling of lurching ickiness. No matter how much evil bad s— you uncover, it seems like there’s always more. Kind of like Jello or the Blob or the Energizer bunny.

    Yeah the bunny’s a good one because you can reference the “it just keeps going” machine aspect.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @Wyrd,

      I just hope that Sheila Polk is hearing of all these connections now and that it’s not too late for her to use it in some way.

    2. @Wyrd,

      There are more options than coincidence versus the supernatural–there is also the well-laid strategic plan and execution of a course of action.

      Remembering always Rabbie Burns astute observation, of course:

      The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men. Gang aft a-gley, [often go awry] An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain, For promised joy. …

  6. @SD

    Bend me over and kick me in the anus: I started Joe Polish on his marketing career.

    True story: 1991 I am on some TV talk show. I get a letter from Joe Polish filled with some funny insults. So I call the number on the letter, he says, “Why don’t you come to Arizona?”

    I say, “fly me out there”.

    So he flies me to Phoenix and Joe, it turns out, is struggling to run a carpet cleaning business. He’s got one truck, which he is driving.

    I tell him: “You’re not a carpet cleaner. You’re a marketer.” And I hand him a an issue of Gary Halbert’s copywriting newsletter.

    He took it from there.

    He then got tangled up with Dan Kennedy and later, the most evil of the evil, Eben Wind Pagan.

    I could tell you some private stories about Joe, Salty. He’s actually(or was at the time I knew him) a pretty good guy. But he had some odd hobbies.


    1. @Ross Jeffries,

      “Bend me over and kick me in the anus:”- for realz? Can I get in on that offer too?

    2. @Ross Jeffries ::

      Does Joe Polish have a marketing career? I guess I hadn’t noticed that … thought he was full time with the scum sucking.

      1. @SD, I believe Mr. Polish claims to run a giant empire in the carpet cleaning world, with the “you can too” business merely a noble addendum in answer to his strong personal drive to help others.

      2. @SD, He used to genuinely help other carpet cleaning businesses do quite well. He ran off into the weeds when he hooked up with Pagan

        Hint about Joe’s hobbies: Phoenix AZ. Van Buren Avenue.

  7. “Midget, midget, midget how he struts and winks
    Cause he knows a man is just as big
    As he hopes and thinks’…….Kurt Vonnegut

  8. As a believer in chi, it really irritates me that she can’t bring herself to name chi in the 2008 video. Is she afraid of its power? Is she such a poseur that she doesn’t know it’s called chi? Did fellow poseur JAR not teach that? Was he afraid when people learned it’s just regular old chi they’d forgo his $10,000 weekends and take tai chi at their local YMCAs instead?

    1. @Lanna, I appreciate your down-home take on ancient mysticism (opting for the workout in the park over other choices), but you really shouldn’t be upset when anyone uses the term “chi” in any way, shape, or form. It has NEVER been proven to exist which means that all claims about Chi are equally valid. She can say that it makes her hair shiny, that makes the oil in her car last longer, that it keeps her begonias thriving, etc., etc. Because no one has shown it to exist, has demonstrated that it does anything, or has made a scientific case for it in any way, it is fair game for anyone to make a claim about with equal validity.

      1. @Chris, Not sure for the logic-reasoning, because why don’t we say it’s like a placebo for control groups, still people on placebos aren’t told to do things like jump off buildings or other impossible things.

        Also, if it’s just the placebo, still I want to pay $50 and not $10,000 for something that doesn’t exist.

      2. @Chris, Lanna did say she’s a *believer* in chi. Whether one agrees with those beliefs or not, she made a good point about poseurs who take ancient belief systems and brand them with their own slime, and then charge others outrageous prices to partake of their “wisdom.”

        1. @Cosmic Connie, Dammit, Connie — I was just getting ready to put together my new Spiritual Wonder Chi-O-Lator Shoe Shine System. Now I gotta re-think it all over again.

          This get rich quick shit’s harder than it looks. And…not as quick, either.

          1. @Head Honcho,

            You’re not kidding, most of the gurus have crafted loads of products that sank without a trace for every one that gets a manic crowd buying it.
            They don’t mention those in the ‘and you can too’ sales letters.

            Put your Spiritual Wonder Chi-O-Lator Shoe Shine System on a shelf for a few months or years and then recycle it as the Spiritual Wonder Chi-O-Lator Miracle Shoe Rejuvenator System With Added Peptides. You might get lucky.

  9. Another random coincidence is that they seem to all have a fear of robots. Weird that they’d all have the same phobia.

    1. @what??,

      Lucky that we’ve got a not-so random robot on the case then. Or did their general but widely broadcast fear of robotics actually conjure up the not-so random robot?

      Another knotty problem that the LOA or gods ear can maybe answer for us.

  10. I kind of wondered if there was a connection beyond free publicity/trip. I could find no mention of the Homicider in any of Raisinette’s videos [[or his website…he only ever mentions Lurch]], and he only recently [[~2 months back]] befriended the homicider on Facebook.

    It’s surprising [[hah…I killer me]] that a “heart coach” [[beat…damn it…beat]] was the connection. I just assumed the Raisinette was a media whore, and wanted a piece of what he perceived to be the limelight, and testifrying on behalf of the homicider would give him the free press he craves [[he was right]].

    1. @_cartman_, “he only recently [[~2 months back]] befriended the homicider on Facebook.”

      Aha…Internet is so bad for people to reveal those truths that way.

      1. @Jack,

        Maybe he is more interested in plugging the gap in the hearts of DeathRay’s now bereft audience, hence he is modelling his twitter stream to mirror the JAR’s now defunct vomit of hackneyed mottoes.
        Maybe not-Dr Sean sees himself as a spanking new duracell shoved up DeathRay’s butt, making him walk and talk again even while in pokey.

        Its almost like reincarnation, if you squint a bit.

    2. @_cartman_ ::

      I guess this makes it make a little more sense.

      Was still a crazy choice though … even considering the batting eyelashes of the HeartPsychic. Like everyone’s been saying :: nobody was ever going to call him out … positioning was good … etc. He’s been in this game a long time :: so he knew this would mean me … and the me is relentless. He’s prolly seen my fucking file and everything. Hey Sean :: if you haven’t seen my file then they must super hate you … and you just got played.

  11. Oh RETCH. I couldn’t watch after the, ‘find out how we MANIFESTED EACH OTHER’ bit of vile vomit.

    Do you think maybe, – SHMindie- just maybe, people aren’t fantasies to be MANIFESTED into existence by the sick hollowness of your sociopathic desires? That maybe, even if you don’t believe in anything like a higher power, their parents, their families, their friends who raise them, live with them, love them, forgive them, argue with them, play with them, help them out of corner, KNOW THEM- not to mention they themselves- have just a LITTLE more to do with who they are and who they fall in love with than all your awesome, super-duper super powers to snap the back of space and time and force the universe cough up whatever money, cars, houses and now for-crissake PEOPLE your tiny, shriveled little heart desires???

    And what’s your claim to being able to tell people how to ‘find their soulmate’??? You got ENGAGED??? Really. You’re not even gonna wait til the honeymoon to tell people how it’s done. Maybe you wanna advise my parents – who’ve had the absolute best most wonderful collaborative partnership ever to be called a marriage for 67 years on how to keep from breaking up, huh? You wanna hear THEIR take on how they managed to find and maintain such a wonderful relationship for so long? “We got lucky.”

    That’s it. That’s the secret to wealth, meeting just the right partner for you, staying healthy, staying safe, staying ALIVE even. Get lucky. But it’s not the secret to happiness. The secret to happiness is knowing when you got lucky and being grateful for it. Because there are a lot of people, better people than you, who weren’t so lucky. The secret is spending your time with people you care about, making new friends, building on the relationships you’re lucky enough to have and doing your best to help those who are less lucky. Because no one is lucky all the time and when the luck turns it’s awfully nice to be a person surrounded by friends instead of a parasite stuck in a pile of sh*t with the other worms.

    1. @Wanderlost,

      The last two lines of this sums up the problem with IM in a nutshell. You can either “leverage relationships” to build a “business” on the internet, or you can build real relationships with the people around you who love and support you. Rarely can you have both; the former demands all of your time, and the latter seems to be what suffers most at the end of the day.

      It’s hard to balance life, but there has to be a better way than the “get rich quick” world.

    2. @Wanderlost,

      When you attribute your parents 67 year longevity to luck and gratitude for that luck, I couldn’t agree with you more.

      My husband and I are going on 34 years and I say the same thing: we got lucky. Plus, each and every couple will find their own way, that will be unlike any other couple in the world, of things that will and won’t work for them.

      So when I too see these sales pitches for some cookie-cutter patterned and concocted formula for “successful” relationships, not only do I see SCAM written all over these fake businesses, I also feel sad for those who want what your parents have and believe that this is the way to experience that.

      @SD wrote: “… if you act now Mindie might issue you the keys to your own heart {you were wondering where you put them}.”

      That was too funny. The sad thing though, is that some people don’t see the sarcastic humor in that, and actually believe it. How else could 20 people enroll in her program?

      1. @KG,

        Interesting point. The potential make-up of those 20 enrolees is potentially very interesting. Either they’re true romantics, able to see the person as whole rather than needing them to conform to any of the conventions of physical attractiveness…or they’re a hell of a lot more interested in how Sean “manifested” Mindie than how she “manifested” him.

        While the side of me which longs to see the beauty in everything would love it to be the former, I suspect the latter reason is why she got those sign-ups…

    3. @Wanderlost ::

      Because there are a lot of people, better people than you, who weren’t so lucky.

      for realz!

      great points.

  12. So… What’s worse: exploiting others for fun and profit, or exploiting your own disability for fun and [faux] profit? Or is that fun and prophet? I forget which…

  13. Does anybody know about if mr. Stephenson is presenting his Twitter-statements for solving depression to NIH so now they can shut off the Depression And Treatment Research part?

    It seems to be like wasting of time and money to think through the depression-idea research-nonsense like the Disruption of Circadian Rhythms: A Crucial Factor in the Etiology of Depression because already we know from mr. Stephenson how to fix the problem when he tells us:!/TheSeantourage/status/19523977383

    “I believe “some” people are chemically imbalanced, however most of depression is simply fixating on what you don’t like.”!/TheSeantourage/status/2079618882338816

    “Wanna be depressed? Simple: Focus on what you don’t have, don’t want, and don’t like. Flip it around if you want joy.”

    Ta da!

    1. @Jack,

      “Wanna be depressed? Simple: Focus on what you don’t have, don’t want, and don’t like. Flip it around if you want joy.”

      Ala Jerry and Esther Hicks and “Abraham” — well, it didn’t work for Jerry — in fact, it killed him. And yes, there are all those brainwashed “Abers”, as they like to call themselves, who are now saying that, well, he WAS in his 80’s! Um, yeah, but this is the guy who said that he was going to live to 120! And yep, those same brainwashed cult members, when confronted with that fact are now excusing it by saying, “well, he probably changed his mind”. Yep, he certainly did — and that’s why he was undergoing “heavy chemotherapy” treatments from the very first moment of diagnosis. And then there are those who are saying that “he was having so much fun with his chemotherapy and enjoying it so much that he decided to go”. Yep, just like the so called “expert” clarvoyant said on the support call of the three who died at the hands of James Arthur DeathRay — “they were having so much fun, they decided not to come back”.

      As they often say in the 12 step rooms, “some of us are sicker than others”. Yep.

      1. @Bonnie,

        Well some are sicker than others–I’d like to see not-Dr Sean treating a chronic case of clinical depression with his tweet stream.

        The homilies might lift the spirits of the ‘worried well’ for a short time–until the next down of the usual and normal ups and downs of living–but all the ‘worried well’ really need is a distraction from worrying about their health.

    2. @Jack ::

      Fortunately :: his simplistic notions about realities aren’t hurting anyone … cause it’s not like he’s trying to pass himself off as a therapist or something.

  14. Salty,

    I am sure that you are all over everything first amendment but I found this article that I thought was interesting:

    I think what your doing is awesome … been reading since the beginning. I think it also takes balls to do this kind of work (no offense intended to the ladies).

    I think I would have folded after the threats started coming in. It would scare the crap out of me.

    Not sure I understand the law enough to know what this blogger lady did but if she is just getting bullied by the system because she doesn’t have the cash to defend herself then that sucks ass!!

    Anyways back to the regularly scheduled program.

    1. @RT, This lady sounds as thick as two planks to me.

      She believes something therefore it has to be true? And that gives her a right to keep on doing what she has just been fined $2.5 million for?

      She deserves whatever is inevitably coming her way.

      1. @stoic, I agree that bloggers, as well as those in more conventional media of course, need to be careful when they make accusations about illegal activity. But I don’t know all of the particulars of this case. However, according to the ABC piece, the blogger, Crystal Cox, was sued for “defamation after she blogged that [the person who sued her] acted unethically and illegally as a trustee in a federal bankruptcy proceeding. The bankruptcy involved … a company that helped property owners conduct real estate transactions in a way to limit taxes. Three executives of that company face federal fraud and money laundering indictments, according to the Associated Press.”

        Cox says she provided links to the documents so people can make up their own minds. And if you Google her, you’ll find her blog. One post in particular, dated Nov. 10, 2011, has numerous links about this bankruptcy case.

        I am not prepared at this point to throw Cox to the wolves, especially since it sounds as if she’s on her own muckraking mission. Again, people who write about others have a responsibility to check their facts, but maybe it’s time for bloggers to get more protections under the law, whether or not they call themselves “journalists.”

        1. @Cosmic Connie ::

          Agreed. I read the ruling …


          I mostly hate it.

          Here’s her blog …

          It is strange to say stuff about the trustee … that’s really playing with fire. And and I can’t tell what her point about this Kevin Padrick was supposed to be … but maybe he’d like someone else to sue. I guess I’ll email her.

          @Stoic ::

          … spoken like a Brit.

          1. @SD,

            ‘… spoken like a Brit.’

            I’m feeling quite dozy today and don’t quite follow. Any further explanation–apart from the obvious Perfidious Albion?

            1. @SD,

              From the article, and conceding that I do not know the details, the judgement looks solid to me.
              This woman seems to have been setting up a protection racket–“pay up or I will trash your company online and not only ruin your reputation but destroy your business
              too. Look at my previous efforts and what they have already done to your standing–imagine a forseeable future of that.”
              It didn’t sound any better when Capone said it.

              This ain’t a ‘wrong’ to be touched with a bargepole.

              Re British law, there are a slew of laws that I personally disagree with–but still do not disrespect as I live in an attempt at a democracy and respect the rule of law despite my personal preferences.
              Having seen many places with no rule of law whatsoever, however flawed that law might be, I’ll take the restrictions on my personal preferences because they are generally put in place for the benefit of all.

              Rule of law is vital- otherwise we are beasts in the jungle cannibalising each other. British law ain’t perfect but it is good enough to get by on and luckily democratic systems are flexible enough to change and modify bad laws when the situation demands it, or when that is the wish of the majority.

              Only a narcissist demands that the whole world adapt completely to his personal preferences–plenty of examples of those having a go throughout history.

            2. @SD,

              BTW, not that you value my opinion at all, but I won’t be supporting you if you ally yourself with this womans lost cause–because that will tell me that you are thinking irrationally and I stay away from irrationals if at all possible. Irrationality has a nasty habit of being infectious.

              If you need a defence fund for fighting an IM’ers stupid suit, you’ve got my vote and my support–but not for some stupid narcissist woman who doesn’t know which end is up.

              1. @stoic ::

                Gosh chillax. Do you think I pasted that link without reading it? Because I read it … and I’m sure you’ve been reading here long enough to guess what I think about it. But I want to talk to her so I’ll just keep my fat mouth shut for now. That was supposed to be the not so hidden message of that comment.

                It’s actually quite irrational to jump to the conclusion that I’m being irrational given the shortage of evidence to indicate that as a lurking possibility.

            3. @SD,
              Apologies–I wasn’t aware that you were proofreading comments.
              And I don’t really do hidden messages at all, these days.

              I don’t expect you to take a blind bit of notice of anything that I say–but I say it anyway because that’s the way I like to live. Can’t see any other reason to be still alive and kicking on this very messy, though still perfect planet.

          2. @SD,

            What I don’t get is why she was sued for $2.5 mil. I mean–if he knew she couldn’t pay that kind of money then, never mind how much damage may or may not have been done to his character, why would you sue for such a large amount?

            ’cause opinion wise to someone (like me) that doesn’t know anything about the details yet, that makes the guy look bad. It makes it look like he’s beating up on the little guy (gal).

            Furry cows moo and decompress.

            1. @Wyrd, @stoic, @SD: I didn’t mean to duck out of this conversation; I signed off my computer shortly after writing my comment yesterday evening, but have been following subsequent comments (and links) on my iPhone. By now I have figured out that this situation is too complex for me to reach any conclusions (duh). My initial comment was based as much on a general observation that bloggers’ rights are constantly being threatened as it was on the particular case. Obviously I did not follow all of the links to all of the various blog posts and other documents that formed the basis of this case. I’ve since read a little more — though not everything, of course — and at this point am even more uncertain than I was.

              I do understand @Stoic’s point (and apparently the judge’s as well) about Ms. Cox’s target being a private citizen. And when I read the Forbes article @SD linked to, it appeared to me that Ms. Cox was engaging in some of the same things services such as Rip-Off Report have been doing — that is, publishing negative content about a person or company and then offering damage control and clean-up to that same person or company, for a price. (Or am I misinterpreting this, and basing my opinion on incomplete information?)

              In the interests of full disclosure, and showing you where my own biases lie, I was also a little put off by Ms. Cox’s signature in the email printed in the Forbes article. Whenever I see “Love and Light,” I shudder. (Unless, that is, Ms. Cox was being ironic instead of New-Agey passive-aggressive.) That has no bearing on the legal issues, of course; it’s just a personal observation.

              And then there’s the point that both @stoic and @SD made in their own ways, which is that Ms. Cox was (and is) apparently playing with fire, legally speaking.

              Still, this case raises many troubling issues, not the least of which is that extravagant judgment against Ms. Cox. “Well, what is a man’s reputation worth?” some might ask. Who knows? Again, I don’t know the whole story here so I can’t “side” with anyone at this point, but I will be interested to see where (if anywhere) @SD takes this issue next.

            2. @Cosmic Connie,

              Still, this case raises many troubling issues, not the least of which is that extravagant judgment against Ms. Cox. “Well, what is a man’s reputation worth?”

              Defamation awards are usually more punitive/exemplary then compensatory.

        2. @Cosmic Connie,

          I wasn’t looking at it from a free-speech point of view (since I don’t know US civil law)–just a ‘playing the system’ point of view.

          Apart from what protections bloggers should or shouldn’t have under the law, once you are involved in the legal system you have to play by its ground rules–because it is the big boy.

          When you lose in court your next move is to appeal–it is just plain asking for it if you continually repeat the offence–as she seems to be doing–while displaying contempt for the system.

          Its not about what I believe to be right, I don’t have a horse in the race, its about being pragmatic.

          1. @Cosmic Connie,

            Also the finding was that she defamed him, that he was not a public figure therefore she had no protection at all.
            He was a private person, he wasn’t all over YouTube flogging frauducts.
            If someone posted all over the net that I was doing something ethical and illegal when I was not, I would go after that person too–as I am a private person and don’t like being defamed.

            1. @stoic, Speaking about flogging the frauducts about the internet, maybe Lanna can give us better insight into the Cancer Solutions that I’m trying to figure are from same Crystal Cox?

              Only thing I can understand from it so far is that whois-hx for lists back in 2006 & then in April, 2011…and that has savvybroker@yahoo for it, too.

              Also, and I got the message about that:
              Reverse Whois: “Crystal L. Cox” owns about 781 other domains, but I don’t know about it so far yet and if it’s true or not or if I can be qualified to investigate or not because of conflict-of-information from from

              But despite all that hwich what may-be true about the c-cox sites, also my idea for SD Alignment is different – because from what I can understand alignment has to do with facts & ruling of the case not the person case centered about.

            2. @Jack,

              I am basically a much lazier slob than you or Lanna would appear to be.

              Once I understand the ground rules I just look for anomalies–mainly because I don’t personally give a toss about Crystal Cox and her nefarious doings–I do give a toss about efficient use of my instrument (the pipes, the pipes are calling me) in the interests of staying alive as long as possible.

              Of course the ground is always shifting under the feet–but no-one ever promised me a rose garden when I was perched on my cold butt on god’s ear.

      1. @Crystal L. Cox ::

        Digging deep is a good idea :: we’re pretty good at it here too. You could kind of call me an investigative blogger … but that would be an insult to my fucking satire.

        Anywayz :: I hope you find the time to send me that stuff … I’m quite curious. Digging deep and what not …

        1. @SD, I can’t understand about the idea said in Forbes that investigative-bloggers wanting shield-laws can also want to offer reputation services to people they investigate? Unless it’s not real correspondence?

          But aside from it is the question about C-Cox saying “I did give the Court my source of the Blog Post and over 500 Pages were Denied in as Exhibits.” in the comments at:
          analysis of case if in Seattle which I can’t wrap my diploma-mill legal-head about why it was done?

            1. @Jack, Yes, by all means, buy that domain while it’s still available. A few years ago when some of my snargets were plotting on ways to SEO me into oblivion, one of them whose name I won’t mention had a Pat answer to the problem. He suggested securing the domain name I don’t think they ever did, though.

            2. @Connie,

              Do these personXsucks-type websites work, though?

              Leaving out guys like Limbaugh and those who received their fame through some position of power and are trashed for using this exact power for not-quite-good, I can’t come up with a lot of (good) examples.

              The few sites I’ve seen – about half loosely related to this blog or IM in general – seemed more like the “adult” equivalent of teenage girls setting up websites in frontpage to bash their ex-boyfriends. In all of those cases, the hoped for “SEO bomb” turned out to be little more than a SEO fart – and those generally embarrass the people responsible for them more than those who they’re aimed at.

      2. @Crystal L. Cox,

        I am potentially interested in learning more, but your website was a huge turnoff. The investigative journalists I know who operate independent news websites follow strictly follow the AP Stylebook, but your website seems to be more Kevin Trudeau Style.


        Videos Obsidian DOES not Want YOU to See

        Important self-appointed titles:

        Investigative Blogger
        Industry Whistleblower
        Investigative Journalist

        . . . ad for neutraceutical beverage . . .

        more seekrits:

        Videos REMOVED by Corrupt Bend Oregon DA to Cover Up Millions in a US Bankruptcy Corruption Scandal.

        I. FACTS

        Last time we heard that one around here, it was followed by “facts” about imaginary death threats.

        Let me know when it looks less like the corner of Scam Street and Crazy Crossing, and then I will take a look.

        1. @Lanna,

          One thing I’m trying to dare to myself, is to separate the person C-Cox away from the case/ruling resulting from C-Cox story, because my new fake-legal mind is thinking second is so more important and good to talk about.

          But, on what you said about style, and because we can call each other thought-leaders, I was asking you more .previously on SD. up above about which it looks like is C-Cox site:
 and wanted to ask also particularly about Dr. Donsbach since it’s still on-topic of the non-doctors here.

          1. @Jack,

            For your Stop Genome Cancer Research Fraud website, what you need to do is put an ad on Craigslist for a “Dan Kennedy style copywriter” and for a small fee that person will crazy-crossing it up for you.

            I was gonna say there are probably a lot of people named Crystal Cox out there, but then in the header of it says “DIG Deep” just like Crystal tells Salty below. Dig deep? Happy to oblige.

            The grammar, spelling and punctuation are all just atrocious. That’s never a good sign.

            The first article is on germanium. Germanium is not an FDA-approved drug, nor is it on FDA’s GRAS list so it’s a violation of FDA regulations for Crystal to write that germanium “inhibits tumor and metastatic growth” in that first article. In 2004, FDA sent a mean letter to HBX, Inc. warning them to remove such language from their website. I’m not sure of all the ins and outs of FTC 16 CFR Part 255, but I think it says FTC can sue Essense-of-Life, LLC once for having saying it on their own website and then again for letting Crystal put it on her website. Then they can sue Crystal for putting it on her website, too.

            Germanium is a metallic element right next to arsenic on the periodic table. Wikipedia and the American Cancer Society sum up what I’m seeing in PubMed. In 1922, some proto-Wistar rats injected with germanium had higher red and white blood cell counts than the control rats. In the 1960s, germanium showed anti-cancer promise, and that line of research continues today. However, many, many studies have shown that consuming germanium for more than a few months results in kidney failure. FDA issued an import alert on germanium in March. DO NOT EAT IT!

            Crystal’s next article is on bromelain, a pineapple extract. Again Wikipedia has a good summary. Research shows bromelain reduces joint inflammation and debrides burns, and MedlinePlus has a nice big page on it. It’s safe to eat pineapples. Please consult a professional before slathering your burns with pineapple pulp.

            Crystal’s last couple posts are on cesium chloride. This is plain old cesium salt, not the radioactive isotope cesium-137 used in radiation therapy. The American Cancer Society says it does little against cancer, but it causes heart arrhythmia. In fact, it’s so good at giving bunny rabbits heart arrhythmia that they use it to cause arrhythmia in experiments. DO NOT EAT IT!

            OK, enough of Crystal’s site. On to the Essense of Life!

            In addition to the products Crystal’s hawking, the Essense of Life folks also have their own DIY lithium therapy for all the self-diagnosed bipolar patients out there. Now, actual lithium therapy is usually a last resort after trying newer, less numbing drugs. There are also specific food guidelines with actual lithium therapy, like no grapefruit juice. Luckily, Essense of Life doesn’t sell real lithium carbonate or lithium citrate – both FDA-approved, and therefore FDA-regulated, prescription drugs. They sell lithium chloride, a desiccant and industrial chemical. Nice.

            Essense of Life’s phone number is in the 951 area code, which is in Southern California. However the State of California has no record of “Essense-of-Life, LLC” as an LLC or corporation. When I do a WHOIS lookup, I’m only told the IP addy is and “The IP address from which you have visited the Network Solutions Registrar WHOIS database is contained within a list of IP addresses that may have failed to abide by Network Solutions’ WHOIS policy.”

            The WHOIS on Crystal’s site says she’s in Montana. Can you guess who’s based in Southern California? If you said fake-Doctor Kurt Walter Donsbach, you’re right. But he’s in jail, so if he’s running Essense of Life it’s by proxy. It’s entirely possible. This dude makes Perry Belcher look small-time. Here are the original 11 charges filed against him in 2009. He charged Ms. S. $5,100 for injections for arthritis that contained steroids, which led to severe bone density loss. He charged an undercover FBI agent $543.06 for seven types of pills, one of which turned out to be an unapproved drug pulled from European trials due to high rates of liver failure.

            In April, Donsbach was sentenced to a year in jail and ten years of probation after pleading guilty to 13 felony charges including practicing medicine without a license. You can read about that, about Coretta Scott King dying of cancer in his Mexican clinic, and about Donsbach pleading guilty to other federal charges in 1996 in this article.

            1. @Lanna & @Jack ::

              It’s strange {or not so strange} because this post is about strange {or not so strange} connections :: and the Donsbach / King thing is connected to Michael Beckwith … pictured in the post.

              From Rick Ross ::,30230,64722

              “MB was close with Coretta Scott King and Yolanda King before their untimely deaths. Both were generally sucked in by New Agey thinking, particularly around health and wellness.

              What is most interesting to me is that, towards the end of her life and battle with cancer, Coretta was taken (probably on Yolanda and Beckwith’s advice) to go to the shady Baja clinic of “Dr.” Kurt Donsbach. You may be old enough to remember the “laetrile scam” where people were told that apricot pits would cure cancer. This fraud was popular in survivalist/Neo-Nazi circles in the early 80s and used to fund their political activities. Eric Rudolph, the abortion bomber, for example, grew up in a family that was involved in the laetrile scam. Donsbach was the originator of the laetrile scam!

              Also, in media reports at the time of her death, Coretta was described as being “near death” when she entered Von Donsbach’s clinic. HOWEVER, later media reports claimed that she was in better health upon her admittance than had been widely believed. Now, for one of America’s greatest civil rights icons to spend her final days in the clinic of a doctor banned from the US, hiding over the border in Baja, who was also the inspiration for what I consider a MURDEROUS scam like laetrile used to fund Coretta’s greatest enemies, is pretty hard to take. Couple that with the King’s close association with folks like Beckwith and we may be looking at some pretty disturbing patterns. I would also point out that Yolanda King died soon after her mother, just dropping dead one day on the street in Santa Monica, at the age of 50 or so. “

            2. @SD,

              It never ceases to amaze me! There is a whole genuine marketing world separate from the IM scammers. There are vast swaths of New Age-yness largely devoid of selfish-help scammers. But the IM scammers always know the selfish-help scammers, and they’re all friends with the MLM people.

            3. @Lanna,

              ‘There are vast swaths of New Age-yness largely devoid of selfish-help scammers. But the IM scammers always know the selfish-help…….’

              ya think, Lanna?

              Guessing is not your forte I can see. great at hard digging and hard research and stuff but you don’t quite get the guessing games do you.

              How about a bit of a cruise around the carib on a casino boat for a quick education in probabilities–then maybe Stevie will let you in for a look at the Mondrian–if i remember write it was only one Mondrian, my fave though.
              Vegas, what a tip that place if you aren’t a gambler.
              Which I’m not and never have been.

              Its a very small world–stop off on Necker, or was that nevis and pay through the nose for a stay on Branson’s private island even.
              OOPs forgot, His house there burnt down not so long ago so he’s rebuilding, maybe next year.

              meanwhile you could do worse than study up with Yanik, who is off the planet, with any luck, once branson starts his travel business to outer space. Not that Yanik has that far to travel even now.
              I loathe him, reminds me of some-one, who was that, Silberstein (not being anti-semitic folks, it was his just his name—sometimes a cigar is just a cigar)

              Silver stone, a right clever little monkey he was.(not being animalist folks, you know how I love them feral beasties, all of them –being pretty much that way myself)

              here’s one you would like, Lanna, maybe, what do I know anyway?

          2. @Jack,

            Salty will have to approve my lengthy, link-laden response. I have one more thing to add to it, from this article:

            Donsbach’s license in Oregon to practice naturopathic medicine was revoked in 1990 after he was found to have forged a diploma and transcripts 15 years earlier, according to court records.

            1. @Lanna, I don’t know about Stephen Barret and not getting SRAM included in PubMed, but I did find from:

              the idea of getting to Jack-In-The-Box for my alternative-healing foods:

              “The team followed DONSBACH from his residence on Horton Circle, to a Jack-in-the-Box, and on to the Health Advances building at 696 Naples Street, Chula Vista. DONSBACH parked the Dodge and entered the building.”

            2. Crap, I wrote “jail” when I meant “prison,” and I wrote “having saying.” Oh well, to err is human.

              Thanks for the tip on Stephen Barrett and I think maybe @Chris has been reading a little too much of and not enough PubMed.

              As for Jack-in-the-Box, if Donsbach has been taking what he feeds his patients, why worry about a little grease when your liver could give out tomorrow from those unapproved NSAIDs?

              Hmm, all your comments posted while I waited for @SD to fish out my comment kill that rumor that you’re @SD’s sock puppet, or vice versa.

    1. @Product Line Marriage,

      “The distance between you and another
      is equal to the distance between you and yourself”

      It’s bad news for Anthropophobics.

    1. @Deuce Monkey ::

      Thanks Mom.

      … and yeah probably. It’s just getting stupid of me at this point. Money talks … and I love talking.

      1. @SD, Yeah, @SD. You don’t have to go all crass and commercial or anything. Maybe just a “donate so SD can buy new circuits” or something button. I bet you’d see a flood.

        Well, at least a strong river.

      2. @SD, This was a really interesting part of Jason’s call with Aaron Wall. The problem is that if you just slap Adsense on here, it’ll all be ironic ads for get rich quick scams :P

        1. @Sundog, Yeah, “slapping Adsense on” is what I did for my own blog, just for grins. It was the path of least resistance. A Kevin True-dough fan recently lambasted me for doing the same thing that (according to him) I am “accusing” Kevin of doing: trying to make money. Typical straw-man argument leveled by believers against critics; the KT fan’s reasoning is that I am p.o.’d because KT is successful and makes money.

          The KT fan thought he was calling my on hypocrisy, particularly since, as he put it, the ads that appear on my blog are “irrelevant.” I often do smile at the unintended irony of those ads, although sometimes they seem to almost “get it,” as in the ad appearing on one of my recent Abraham-Hicks posts, offering services and support for people who deal with schizophrenics.

          And as for making money, I’ve had Adsense for more than two years and have made about $102.00 USD from it. So far the money hasn’t corrupted me, near as I can tell. It is hardly the millions and millions that KT has made over the decades from one dodgy scheme after another. I guess that’s because I’m not a savvy marketing type like he is.

          I do know there are much smarter ways to use Adsense (and other monetizing programs), but so far I’ve been too lazy to do it for my hobby blog, focusing most of my energy on my paying work.

          1. @Cosmic Connie,

            The believer can use it both ways, too:

            Don’t make any money? You just envy those who do.
            Do make a lot of money? You’re just trashing other people to generate publicity for your money-grabbing scheme.

            Btw, how about unicorn shirts? Or “My callcenters take pension money from gullible seniors”-stickers we can slap on local self-help ads? (Maybe focus a bit more on brevity there)

            1. @Clark, I think you might have just hit on the way @SD could pull in some legitimate bucks from this blog to support his efforts: T-shirts and bumper stickers. They could earn him a modest profit to reward his enormous efforts AND help spread the word.

              One T-Shirt + one trip to the mall = LOTS of curious people educated when they visit the blog to see what’s up!

            2. @Cosmic Connie

              I’d buy one! I’d also buy a copy of Dr Droid’s Big Book of Insults and use it before Penn Gillette buys out the entire stock.

            3. @Cosmic Connie,

              I’d buy one or two also–and wear them with pride.

              Advertising, that New Blue Cheer has a lot to answer for.

              I heard a great story about how to sell more shampoo back in the day–some bright spark came up with the now mandatory double wash and put it in the directions on the bottle–twice as much used and sold for no advertising cost whatever.


    2. @Deuce Monkey,

      Reframe: If donations are ever helpful, is there a way to donate to keep this blog running and operational?

    3. @Deuce Monkey,

      I like the idea of using the money to buy Google Adwords campaign or banner space with stuff like “Learn about this or that Internet scam”, “New Age or New Wage, the Secret to taking away your money”, etc.

      The only problem is that someone who just stumbled on this blog would have no idea as to what is going on right away.

    1. @Ross Jeffries, Now you’re just being cruel. He’s not a midget. He suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta — brittle bone disease. He could break a bone sneezing. Wrestling would probably kill him.

      1. @LaVaughn, Osteogenesis imperfecta and the real future possibility of prison sure don’t seem like a good mix, especially in the prison shower stalls. A handicapped crook dropping the soap ……hope he’ll be able to “motivate” the other prisoners to stay off his “But”. LMAO

      2. @LaVaughn,

        Maybe him and the troll Pepper could get together for a sneezing bout–we could film it and put it on U-tube with Ross Jeffries commentating in NLP language so we can flog some stuff for Mr Salty’s defence fund.

        I’d run a book on how many broken bones the not-Dr might sustain per round–we’ll be coining it,

        ……..And you can too!

        Then there’s the ebooks to follow, of how to make your own U-tube advertorials–I’ll have to work on the back-end but it will go on forever!

        (Must find a suitable role for Druff in this manic scenario–can’t forget him–no troll left behind is my personal motto.)

    1. @Ross Jeffries,

      Sorry, but I happen to respect the midget wrestlers — I watched them with my dad as a child — but I have absolutely NO respect for Scam Stephenson, I mean, Sean Stephenson.

  15. Ok the Joe Polish and Sean video is creepy. Watched it with the sound off and uhm….the way he sticks his finger in Joe’s ear reminds me of that James Arthur Ray pic where JAR sticks his finger into his father’s ear like that. It could be just a coincidence, but the video is strange. Sean has his tongue out the whole time and then Joe blushes. Awwww.

    1. @422,

      Sickening isn’t it — how all these scammers and creeps just use each other to further their own means.

    2. @422 ::

      Set it to Pink Floyd and pop some acid …

      … no don’t … I’m not a Certified Therapist so I can’t say for sure … but prolly don’t.

  16. @SD

    After reading my comments on the blog, Joe called me and left a message wondering why I would say anything even “remotely negative” about him. He went on to say that he’s never said anything “negative” about me. So why would I want to do that?

    So, Joe: I’ll answer you here, because I don’t want to get into it on the phone with you.

    I’m not personally mad at you. It’s not about that at all.

    It’s about what you are DOING.

    If I think what you are doing-lending your name and support to a scamming fucking con-man with fake credentials, who, himself, supports a scam Guru who KILLED PEOPLE-then I’m going to call you out on it.

    By the way-What do you think of Sean’s fake PH.D by the way? Or his claims that he gets laid “like a rockstar on tour”?

    I mean, c’mon: I can help virtually any guy get laid. But even I have my limits.

    Do you really think he’s got a genuine “relationship” with this bat-shit crazy woman? And that they really have something valuable to teach about “finding the one”?


    If you DO something scummy, then my personally liking you doesn’t and shouldn’t protect you.

    And when you got into bed with Eben, at least figuratively speaking, you got into bed with corruption and sociopathy.

    Hey: you do a fantastic, real, and amazing job helping carpet cleaners build their businesses. I don’t care if I get flamed here for saying it. It’s true.

    And helping out Sean Shitsucker is just plain wrong.


    I don’t care what you say about me as long as it’s true or fucking funny. And you’re a fucking funny dude, fruity.

    Just stop endorsing and assisting con-men.


    P.S. With regard to what you said on your message about hearing “Sean’s side” of the story with Death Ray: what the fuck? What “side” of the story is there, giving testimony to try to keep a MULTIPLE MURDERER out of jail? THERE IS NO SIDE other than lock him up and throw away the key. That your thinking has been so muddled tells me that the chronic reframing disorder of Mr. Pagan is rubbing off on you. You are better than that. Live up to it.

    1. @Ross Jeffries, —

      Tag line on your website: “The Amazing Seduction System Of A Skinny, Ugly, Aging 6 Foot Geek That Puts The Women You Want Into Your Bed,Fast And Easy!”.

      “I mean, c’mon: I can help virtually any guy get laid. But even I have my limits.”

      “It’s about what you are DOING.”

      “If you DO something scummy, then my personally liking you doesn’t and shouldn’t protect you.”

      “…just plain wrong.”

      1. @, Sorry Chuckles, but in my world, helping guys to get laid is a good thing.

        Your opinions will vary.


    2. @Ross Jeffries,

      I picked out the self-same line in your valuable comment:

      ‘I mean, c’mon: I can help virtually any guy get laid. But even I have my limits.’

      PMSL, and worth the wait.

    3. @Ross Jeffries ::

      Funny. Why u no call me Joe? You got my number right bud? Of course :: even RJ thinks you’re vile … so you prolly won’t fair well talking to me. Idiot.

      Lots of times you peeps say things in the comments like :: “if so-and-so is reading this” :: which makes me laugh. Yeah … they’re reading it … and obsessing over every word the like the completely bent freaks that they are …

      Isn’t that right losers?

      Don’t answer that … just call each other up and cry about it.

      1. @SD, No, I don’t think Joe is “vile”.

        What he is doing in endorsing Sean is wrong.

        In fact, Joe is one of the few out there who actually, for real, built a successful business in the real world(not cyber world) as a carpet cleaner.

        When I met him, he was his only employee and had one carpet cleaning truck.

        He built a successful business doing that and then turned around and made a much bigger business out of teaching other carpet cleaners how to do it. But the difference between him and those in the IM space is this: he really did make money as a carpet cleaner and really did built a thriving business from virtually nothing.

        However..once he got into bed with Pagan and the rest..that’s a different story.


        P.S. Flame away….I’m just saying what I know to be true.

        1. @Ross Jeffries,

          I can’t support or “flame” against the story, but as someone who knows the power of a well-crafted ad and a decent marketing plan, I think it very well might be what happened, which opens another question:

          Why leave it all? Why not expand into similar industries and build even more companies, adventure, retire or become a philanthropist?

          I’m fairly happy about my income at this point and there’s nothing (read: nothing) about the “you can too!” industry that’s remotely attractive to me, even considering the amounts of money that are being tossed around*.
          I don’t want to hang out with the “cool gang”, I don’t want others to pitch some quickly thrown together guide for me and I don’t want to be associated with whatever quack or guru the scene is promoting.
          Maybe I’d do my own reclusive event where every applicant who can quote The Secret or anything by Deepak Chopry gets automatically rejected; without all the hype, just for people genuinely interested in learning something.

          But yeah, I don’t get it. I remember executives of known companies tossing out motivational/”success” tapes on the side in the late 80’s to mid-90’s when “personal branding” came up, but it was kinda pathetic still then.

          What makes a guy jump into this business today? Why not stay with what you’re good at? It just seems like breaking up with your girlfriend so you can date your body pillow to me.

        2. @Ross Jeffries,

          No, I don’t think Joe is “vile”.

          What he is doing in endorsing Sean is wrong.

          dude…serially….synonyms are your friend

          Polish doesn’t just “endorse” the Raisinette…Polish recently promoted M.Andros to his list [[I ♥ Marketing]] …they laughed about his lack of sKcooling and her dropping out of beauty sKcool [[@5:47-6:05]]…amongst other nonsense…

          so yeah…he’s vile…I mean unethical…


          dude…you should nail Polish!…hah…I made a cosmetical type joke…or..or…you should take the shine out of Polish….or…or…you should Polish up your blog….

          yeah…I’m very punny [[pat self on back]]…my numerologist told me so!…thanks TG…there will be a couple of extra numbers in your envelope this week

          _cartman_ DoH! [[Doctor of Humorology]]

            1. @Ross Jeffries,

              Joe, just another obssessive–like me–who loves his job(or was that razor blade, shaver, cut-throat something) so much he bought the company (shades of Victor Khyam,
              this memory problem is getting to me)

              says yes, he truly is the vile despicable piece of work described here.

            2. @Ross Jeffries, To put it another way, Mr. Saturday Night:

              “Joe Polish gave up the suds so he could hustle bullshit with his syndicate buds, yo!”

  17. This Dr. Sean is not even licensed to practice his voodoo in the State of IL…yet he continues to use the title of “Therapist” and advertise himself in offering “Therapy”. The Licensing Commission took a report on him….some bitch turned him in while he was testifying during the JAR Trial ;)

    PS—Love the young Bimbo soul mate of his….does he really think anyone’s gonna believe she’s “his girl” ??? At least JAR’s girlfriend was real–and beautiful….and over 21. Geeeeesh !

    1. @Moxxie, And if they DO end up doing something, can you also ask them if they know anybody who is awake at their desk over at Perry Belcher’s probation office?

        1. @stoic,

          Shit, i should have watched that crap first—Tom $cientogist Cruise–who wouldn’t know the truth it if bit him in the bum.

          Still we still have some Captain Jessops left in the in the world–remember jack Nicholson’s great speech in All Good Men?
          Or was that one good man?

          Film, about a US Naval Court Room Drama–code red, code red.
          You must have seen it.


    2. @Moxxie,

      Maybe I’m just glum that the thumbs liked your idea of reporting Sean Stephenson to the state but hated my idea of doing the same to Tim Brownson, but this doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not sure what Licensing Commission you mean. Do you mean IDFPR? “Therapist” alone is not on IDFPR’s list of regulated professions:

      1. @Lanna,

        You are surely not basing anything on the thumbs–remember how Amazon listings get played to make a best seller out of a piece of crap like that birdie book from Grand Master Ching Hai?

        or was that Ka-Ching high as a kite?

        (dont do drugs myself, not with my condition–got enough scary movies of my very own to dice with that paticular unstable intrument)

        them pesky pipes though, forever calling me to action:

        1. @stoic,

          Or this one even, a bit of a mish mash, but banging–and its got COMMENTS, from the publics.

          Read them and weep.

    1. @Bryan Neuman ::

      $98 more than it was worth … so it’s actually a pretty good deal … she must be on the right HeartPath or something.

  18. I don’t remember if this link has been posted here before …

    When Mindie talked about breaking boards using the power of your mind in the “Life Coach Lessons: Inner Game” video it made me think of this:

  19. My little brother got in a car crash and became a level 4 quadriplegic 5 days before my wedding (over 20 years ago), and missed it. As he became acclimated to his life on wheels, we noticed how people go above and beyond themselves to make room for the little crippled boy: we named it Gimpathy.

    Though typically aimed in the right way, someone offering extra help was often actually a burden. Hyper-focused, no research. In public scenes, people generally easily become flustered by my brother and others really severely challenged, physically, and start overcompensating. My brother and I used this to our advantage. We use his physical inertia to skate gleefully to the front of shows we loved, and needed to see. We pressed the stage for acts he gave a shit about…but all handlers treated us well, because my brother’s condition created Gimpathy everywhere…they cleared a path.

    So now it has been more than 20 years. Gimpathy is everywhere, but my brother still struggles every single day to put on pants.
    He, nor I want, nor need, your empathy here.

    Sean, on the other hand, is willing to use this as a marketing tool – this thing that hurts so many, this painful thing that truly distances them from normal. He has no expertise or criteria, so he uses Gimpathy to call attention to who he is, and what he wants to do. He won’t name it, as Kent and I did: but his lack of otherwise credible standings states it for him.

    So I say Fuck YOU, Sean. From someone who doesn’t know you. You un-due far more than you do.

    1. @Martypants, You tell ’em, Marty. I get no pleasure out of making fun of Sean’s disabilities, and for the most part I think that is true of everyone else here. And yet, and yet… on the one hand, Sean says he doesn’t want to be treated differently because of his disabilities, while on the other hand he is, as you and Kent might put it, playing the Gimpathy card to the max. He even got Lurch… I mean Tony Robbins… on his cheerleading team. That’s beyond crass.

      1. @Cosmic Connie, Right about not wanting to make jokes for the Sean-disability, but now I better admit about it tearing me up inside when nobody is going for the Robbins-Stephenson “Awaken The Giant Within” type joke.

        Marty, amazing/fun/insightfulness coming from place of REAL credibility.

        1. @Jack,

          Go for the joke, please, I do love a good apposite joke.
          I still don’t understand how your funny brain works though.

          just another not-Dr.

        2. @Jack, Hi Jack, I think maybe I would like to hear that “Robbins-Stephenson “Awaken The Giant Within” type joke. I really like to laugh, but I found out if you are by yourself, the bus drivers keep looking back at you in their mirrors.

          I reckon maybe to save some time I will go ahead and do my first part: “Who’s There?” I know you didn’t say “Knock Knock” yet but I am pretending like you did, if that’s ok with you. If it’s not, go ahead with “Knock Knock” and I will do the “Who’s There” part again. However you want to work it is fine by me.

          1. @Luther, Hi Jack, it’s me Luther again. I just saw where I forgot to put the question mark ? on that “Who’s There>?<" the last time I said it in that other comment right there above this one.

            I didn't want you to think I would mess up your joke. I'm real sorry about that if it made you worried any. It won't happen again.

            Also, where I put the question mark earlier up there in this comment here, those arrows are just to show where I fixed it by putting in that question mark I forgot in the other comment. I will be sure not to use any arrows in the actual "Who's There?" when it gets to be my turn. I just wanted to clear that up.

            1. @Luther, It’s OK about it but now you ruined my “secret sauce” I thought maybe the people could pay for, so I will see about going through my punctuation list again.

          2. @Luther, OK, I’m trying to think about working on it now and at least I have the Luther-tip idea so far. Also now I’m wondering about if it’s I should do the Jeff Walker sneak-peak idea for the Joke like which I did for my new alphabet song. I think the joke-sneak-peek can be easier, especially if I can just claim the Luther part is already the sneak-peek.

            Probably what I have to do is make some sort of pdf-blueprint or something for it where I tell people more information for what the joke is about and it’s too hard for them to do for themselves, but if they want my actual joke then they can send money over to me and i can give them a done-for-you robbins-stephenson Awaken The Giant within joke, especially since I remember from back in August of 2010 that one of my comment-friends Mana Borgman told me about just doing things like it with using The Best Spinner.

            1. @Jack, Hi Jack, I’m sorry about ruining that secret sauce. If I’d known it was a sauce I would have sure kept it a secret. Anytime anyone asks me who told me some secret, I always say, “Sorry, Mister, I never reveal my sauces.”

              I’m thinking probably for sure the Jeff Walker “sneaky peak” idea with the pdf-blueprint would be a good joke, it made me laugh already, and I wasn’t even on the bus that I usually do my laughing on. The spinner part makes it even funnier, I think probably.

              Just make double or even triple sure people don’t pay you for that joke in small demonization bills. If they did you might end up like Atrick and nobody could read because of all that money on top of everything. It would be a “real shame” (that’s an expression they use in Tire and Wrench Magazine) if that nice picture of your sister’s doll on your website got covered up by some old big pile of money.

              Now you’ve got me real excited in antsicipation of that pdf-blueprint spinner idea (!home run!). But I’ll keep the sauce part a secret this time.

            2. @Jack,

              Corboy taught me a new phrase, ‘mother sauce.’ Got me to thinking about the mother of all sauces.
              Don’t really know where that phrase originates, but it works for me.

              Just talking to myself here chaps, really, I do that a lot. helps me to think when I am perched on my frosty butt on gods ear.

              ignore me and talk amongst yourselves. I’m never going to match Jack’s genius brain anyhoo–he has a head start.

              I’m might come and roost for a while on
              jackbe though–if there are some good jokes and i can learn the ground rules in double quick time–or was that 4 time, in time, who the fuck gives a toss?

              Will i be able to find it now that google is my friend again? Do ya think?

              back to work now,
              No peace for the wicked.

  20. @Brick Brack,

    You missed the button entirely that time, now where do I remember seeing one that before????

    Oh, thats right–a mistake I made that you picked me up on.

    Being an extremely private person, I always lay a lot of smoke–doesn’t make me too stupid though–just careful.

    And being a fire-fighter (hah, just guessing) I’m used to working in thick smoke–its never slowed me down yet.

  21. @Brick Brack ::

    Remember when I called him rasinette? That was funny stuff. It’s like so mean … but not too mean because it doesn’t really make sense.

    Once you come out with a word like “Eugenics” then you’ve left the jokey realm for another whole other worser realm. He can breed all he wants :: maybe then he won’t have to spend all his time pretending to be something that he’s not … giving advice about shit he doesn’t understand … doing business with the scum that grows on top of the other scum.

  22. @Brick Brack, How does it feel to know that “little mutant” is more successful and makes more money than you? In his eyes you’re a mockery. A joke. A wannabe in business what he is. What he achieved that you’re still struggling to. You are truly the essence of a dumb fuck.

    1. @Gary Underhill, Since you don’t know who @Brick Brack is, and you don’t know what @Brick Brack does, and you don’t know what @Brick Brack has achieved, your coment actually puts you miles closer to “truly being the essence of dumb fuck.” More accurately, it makes you “the mother of all dumb fucks.” LOL.

  23. Hoping someone will produce the full list of domains owned by Crystal. I think you can pony up a few bucks for it at domaintools. Very interested to see the other “online reputations” she was prepared to manage.

    1. @Hoping…, When you say, “someone will produce,” you must mean, “someone else will pay for it to satisfy your curiousity.” Just whip out that credit or debit card, and you’re good to go!

  24. Mindie kniss holds a bullshit degree in metphysics (not impressive), and exploits the emotionally unstable so she can make money off of them (like many other proclaimed “life coaches”). What is a life coach you ask? Basically it’s somebody who can’t make it as a social worker but is convincing enough to the soft-minded that all they need to do is smile and have good thoughts to “free themselves.” If these people are emotionally distraught, they should be seeking professional help, and not some canned advice from a JAR wannabee.
    Mindie is also trying to market her fairy tale love story [insert violin music here], but she should probably wait until she’s been married for a respectable/impressive number of years. How long has she been married? What a joke!
    It’s sad how greedy people can be for $$. If these life coaches really wanted to help people, they’d be offering their services for next to nothing, as opposed to charging an exorbitant amount of money. Sad….

  25. Sean Stephenson and Mindie Kniss are made for each other. Both are total scum through and through. We need to get Salty Droid’s article on Stephenson the Happiness Wizard Mutant to show on the top results whenever anyone googles ‘Sean Stephenson’. PR-spin or not, wrong is wrong, that is sure and no appeal to relativity or morality or subjectivity of reality can turn that around.

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