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MiniMork and Mindie Kniss

NotDoctor Sean Stephenson :: BFF of James Arthur Ray :: was recently engaged to the lovely Mindie Kniss. He told us about it {above} while in California speaking at the SANG conference. SANG is a totally innocent networking group cofounded by legend of black business :: and founder of Black America Online :: Stephen “Roc” Pierce.

Little connections like that are fun. It’s not a conspiracy against the customers or anything … just a few totally random coincidences that couldn’t possibly mean anything other than fun.

Mindie and Sean’s love is so powerful :: and real :: that it spawned its own product line …

… that happens sometimes.

Sean Stephenson went to Sedona in November to have people call him doctor for no reason :: and to stand up for James Arthur Ray in the face of all the haters who don’t understand how sometimes innocents have to die so that the chosen few can have Harmonic Wealth instead of jobs. Other people should just love and stuff :: you can even ask Oprah … yada yada … FREE JAMES RAY!

Mindie Kniss went to Sedona in November as well :: so it was nice that they didn’t have to be separated and risk the dulling of their product based love story. Speaking of products :: Mindie was in Sedona for selling her heartpaths

… if you act now Mindie might issue you the keys to your own heart {you were wondering where you put them}.

What’s a heartpath-vortex-fox like Mindie doing with a broken-boned fake-doctor-gnome like Sean? That’s what you’re asking yourself because you’re a hater :: and because you’re threatened by Sean Stephenson’s Man Transformation … just like he told The Syndicate’s Eben Pagan at a PUA event {aka Debbie DeAngelo} … [video removed]

Mindie went down to Sedona in October to scope the most powerful vortex thrusters for HeartPath :: and she threw down this bit of iPhone wisdom …

Standing near to where James Ray’s victims died two years ago :: Mindie Kniss says “relational spiritual physical” self … unmistakable James Ray kool-aid talk. Hmm …

Sean Stephenson doesn’t really look like a friend of Death Ray’s to me :: Mindie Kniss on the other hand … totally does. Here’s Mindie in 2008 :: at 3:25 she starts talking about doing the board breaking bullshit at a James Ray seminar …

Now we’re actually getting somewheres :: not just random coincidences like NotDoctor Sean calling Joe Polish his mentor …

Mindie’s Death Ray kool-aid talk made me want to read all her twitters :: there were lots … but robots read fast.

Mindie likes talking to Alexis Neely. Who wouldn’t? I mean she’s pretty :: and smart :: and she used to be a lawyer at Munger Tolles & Olson … a super cool law firm that I think I might have heard about in some other context. In April :: during the trial :: Mindie tweets

@AlexisNeely holosync is awesome - used it for years and have had some RIDICULOUS meditative experiences. =) enjoy!

Holosync is awesome! I’m sure that’s why James Ray made buying it mandatory for attending Spiritual Warrior … rather than because he and Bill Harris were splitting the money. Anywayz Alexis :: enjoy your meditatives.

Mindie in Sept 2009

RT @greghartle What can you offer the world that no one else can?

Mindie Kniss and Greg Hartle are still pals :: from this year

@greghartle keep rockin’ my friend. when you come through Chicago, get in touch!

Greg Hartle saw Colleen Conaway die in July 2009 while working the Creating Absolute Wealth seminar in San Diego. Colleen had been upsold on a package of JRI garbage that included San Diego and Sedona during a Harmonic Wealth Weekend held in Chicago :: Mindie was there

is ready to rock HWW in Chicago with JRI

Mindie Kniss didn’t go to CAW in San Diego. Colleen went :: but she didn’t come home … she was lying dead in a morgue while Greg Hartle was alternating between doing nothing … and dancing.

The next month Mindie was selling James

wants to see you in Portland tomorrow night at James Ray’s FREE success event. Register here: http:://

Speaking of dancing death parties :: Mindie’s got ALL of the coolest pals

@megfredrickson just sent out your cards. thanks again!! =) happy holidays to you & Josh!

One last one

These two rock! How To Failproof Your Business, Episode 1 IttyBiz via @naomidunford

Dave and Naomi == failproof.

But you know :: I’m sure it’s not one big sick machine or anything … it’s just totally random coincidences.

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