Sean Stephenson :: Doing it in the But

Sean of the Dead

Size matters :: in certain things … like illegal cockfighting. You want to have the biggest cock if you plan to go home with some of them sweet sweet cockfighting monies. Some people might tell you that smaller cocks often win out … but those people haven’t been certified in Cockmaster Shamanism by the employees of a Carnival cruise ship like I have {it’s kinda a big deal}.

But size doesn’t matter in matters of the heart. Like having a black :: cold :: vaguely turd like :: heart … that can happen to someone of any size. From ungodly giant :: to more like … raisinette …

Dr. Sean Stephenson was born with some terrible life threatening disease :: I think Crohn’s … but he survived!

And you can too!

Unless you die of course :: then you can’t … but that’s on you for not wanting life badly enough like Sean.

Dr. Sean Stephenson is a doctor of the doctor type arts. He calls himself Doctor on his timetostand website :: and he says stuff like …

“Received Board Certification in Clinical Psychotherapy from the Association of Integrative Psychology, is a Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and completed his doctorate at Kona University (previously named, American Pacific University). Sean operates a private practice out of the Oakbrook Terrace Tower in Chicago, IL.”

Dr. Sean’s psychotherapy … or something.

He even has intrepid print reporters like Mark Duncan calling him doctor …

Speaking as a man who has made a complete life from after being born with a severe disease, Dr. Sean Stephenson, a professional speaker, board-certified therapist and author, described his long-standing friendship with Ray.

He had a long-standing friendship with Death Ray :: because Ray cherished his friends … that’s what nobody told me so I believed it.

“I don’t know where I would be in my career today, I don’t even know if I would be a professional speaker if not for James and one or two others,” said Stephenson.

Maybe you’d have a real job? Maybe you’d be doing something other than the least honorable thing?

Dr. Sean Stephenson has made a success of his life by telling others how he made a success out his life by telling others how he made a success of himself. Dr. Sean’s “success” in the success industry is predicated :: not on his own journey from hardship :: but on the express or implied endorsements of others who have achieved higher levels of successfully selling the sheeple on their own unexperienced successes. Tony Robbins writes the foreword of your book … James Arthur Ray does whatever the fuck James Arthur Ray does for his “friends” … and boom! … you’re a success.

You can be anything you want if you just get off your “but” … and join the right couple of dick clubs. And hopefully you’re not wanting to keep your soul … because those aren’t allowed.

Sean Stephenson says James Arthur Ray is not a threat to society, and that he shouldn’t be kept from the motivational speaking circuit.


Pleading judicial leniency for a man whose morally repugnant actions cannot be excused is pretty messed up. But not messed up enough for “self-help” :: so Dr. Sean thinks that Death Ray should get right back out there … you know so he can do some more positive stuff like we’ve heard about with the blood and tears and torture and lies and fraud and death and baby kids without their daddy. Helping!!!

Ms. Polk wanted to make her “James Arthur Ray has fake credentials” argument during the guilt / innocence phase of the manslaughter trial :: but a certain wishy-washy noodle brain :: who was always wearing what can only be described as a “little black dress for old men” :: wouldn’t let her. It probably would have mattered to the jury :: but it wouldn’t have mattered to Sean Stephenson cause his credentials are fake too … success!

Fellow JAR trial blogger LaVaughn laid it out last week in her post :: Sean Stephenson: Diploma Mill Yoda

So Stephenson studied hypnosis and NLP at an unaccredited school that claims to be accredited. He got his doctorate in something you can’t legally hold a doctorate in from a university that may or may not have been accredited at the time he graduated, but was never accredited to give that fictitious degree. Note that there is no mention of his holding a masters degree which is a prerequisite to a doctoral degree.

Sean Stephenson is a doctor in the same way that Panda Express is a great place for authentic Greek food.

Not-Doctor Sean says {emphasis original} …

As a Board Certified Therapist, Sean operates a private practice out of his office in the Oak Brook, IL.

Oh … Chicago huh … how convenient. Maybe I’ll send Jason down there for some sessions in Not-Doctor Sean’s self-proclaimed specialty …

Men who want to increase their self-confidence for the purpose of attracting women, improving their career life, and improving their physical health.

In spite of having access to all of Eben Pagan’s bonus materials :: Jason has only been able to attract one beyond awesome wife … and zero forewords by Tony Robbins. It’s pretty sad. And I’m sure Sean :: as a Certified Therapist :: will understand Jason’s preference for being called “Doctor Jason” due to his properly attained Juris Doctor.

Hey I guess that makes me a doctor by proxy {dbp} … Doctor Droid.

Dr. Droid’s Chicago practice focuses on helping men and women understand just how stupid their stupid ideas are … that plus pap smears … trust me … I’m a fucking doctor.

Unfortunately for free money :: LaVaughn points out that Illinois is one of the states that has passed special laws about calling yourself “doctor” when you ain’t one. So I guess my dreams of fake doctoring are dead :: and Sean’s were a big mistake. Although in the comments of LaVaughn’s post Not-Doctor LyingPants seems to have it all worked out …

“Besides, I’m in the process of moving to PHX where your concern isn’t even an issue anyway.”

It’s not criminal to rob a bank as long as you make plans to go to Mexico afterward.

Another possible Stephenson solution …

“If I wanted to I could call myself a Life Coach. I’ve considered it to avoid the obnoxious run-around I occasionally encounter (referring to you).”

Yeah you could call yourself a “life coach” champ :: because that’s nothing … whereas “doctor” actually is something … so that makes it different. I know it’s hard to understand that without a PhD … but it’s true.

I believe in God, The Universe, call it what you want, something much bigger than you and I. I have prayed that the families of those that died and all those affected by their deaths find peace. Hatred and resentment is toxic and does nothing productive for humanity.

They didn’t want prayers to your ambiguous gods :: they wanted justice … and you flat spat in their face with your shallow misrepresentations in defense of a monster. The choice is never as simple as peace or hate you small-minded waste of space :: in between are things like courage and conviction and passion for protecting future peoples from similar sorrows.

Your precious self-help double speak already killed people :: how abouts you don’t use it to dance on their graves as well?

“I get that you are upset with me for testifying on behalf of James Ray. That case was filled with sensitive issues and debatable points. I also shared my opinions, both personal and professional. I understand that there will be many who despise me and even curse my name for that. I can live with that.”

Good :: cause welcome to me crawling up your ass … no “buts” …

>> bleep bloop

122 thoughts on “Sean Stephenson :: Doing it in the But”

  1. Ive met with Stephen, and in person and from my brief time with him he did come across as nice (and a lot less scummy) than the rest.

    But the robots logic is to irrefutable. Sad, but the “truth” (i.e. facts) need to get out there.

    This doctoral lying shit really pisses me off.

    Its also kind of funny when you think about all this. All the layers Salty, they are revealing the middle — and its fucking AIR.

    JAR == full of shit.
    JAR SUPPORTERS == fake doctors

    The web is collapsing, 1 salty post at a time.

    We stand by you salty!!!!!

  2. This guy is going to help me attract more women?…..Really?
    I’m not taking a shot at those less fortunate but in looking at the photo in SD….errr….excuse me DR. Salty Droid’s post – I don’t see it.

    I will say however, that ‘Dr. Do It In The But’ has positioned himself nicely for an Anthony Award.
    I nominate him for Best Supporting Actor In A Fake Role.

    1. @Fake Blogger,

      Not taking a shot at those less fortunate, Fake Blogger, but I thought the same of Ross Jeffries–before I learnt about the early TV appearances— and the NLP and gullible women who are conditioned to fall for it, of course.

      Still waiting for that re-run, Ross. We know your mum loves you and that you were a smart kid, so how could it hurt you?

      1. @stoic,

        What re-run? I’m not sure what you mean. Be more clear and I’ll see if I have what you are looking for.

        It’s funny: some people swipe at me here, and I really don’t care. But why does Salty allow me to participate when he thinks what I teach is, and I quote, “cat crap”?

        When I first got on here, Salty himself said he took a “hard”(ha ha) look at my business and gave me a clean bill of health.

        1. @Ross Jeffries,

          The one of you when young going on some talk show posing as a satanist. It tickled me, particularly as I became interested in pua’s on Rick Ross where you featured for a short while.

          I don’t like what you do but I really doubt that you care about my opinion. I think that you were a smart kid too, just like your mum, and am intrigued by what made that young ‘satanist’ trickster move into flogging pua stuff.

          I’m just nosy like that.

            1. @,

              I’d keep my paws off of it but I would like to see it, just the once.
              I can no longer even remember where I got wind of it, a still from it maybe–but it was supposedly on the net at one time.

        2. @Ross Jeffries, I don’t believe I’ve read that Salty found your business sound. Two things he’s said to you or about you here do stick out in my mind. 1) “I’m conflicted about you commenting here.” 2) “He’s hard to shake, like syphilis.” Possibly not verbatim. I’m with Connie. Sometimes you’re humorous. Sometimes you have interesting insights and sometimes you’re better ignored.

        3. @Ross Jeffries,

          You know you’re a piece of shit and everyone here knows you’re a piece of shit.

          Manipulating people, using people, playing with peoples self respect is noble?

          You’re a bottom feeder…a phony with no redeeming value whatsoever

          Don’t bother replying nobody here cares to hear your twisted misogynistic views on the world

        4. @Paul Ross (Ross Jeffries), No matter how “cool”, “good”, “acceptable” and on “our side” you try to make yourself, there’s something about you that makes people nauseated and screams “STAY AWAY FROM THIS RETARDED LOSER!!”.

          “You can fool some people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

          As for the Satanist act, you’re still a fake. Sucks to not be able to fit in anywhere, oh well sucks to be you, Paul. Dumbass.

      2. @Ross Jeffries, Well, you do operate in one of those “esoteric” spaces that a fair number of people think is batshit. I think SD vacillates between finding you amusing and sometimes insightful, and having a certain contempt for the business you are in.

        As for the swipes, I have to admit you have maintained surprisingly remarkable civility. I’m not sure I could, and I’m not even involved in batshit. ;)

        1. As a woman, I’ve always felt uncomfortable — and justifiably so, I think — about the whole PUA shtick, even though some in that “industry” claim that the type of seduction they teach is not just about manipulation in order to get sex, but also about improving one’s self-confidence and ability to get along in life, and so forth and so on. I’ve made an honest effort to be understanding and tolerant, but for the most part, I don’t really buy those rationalizations. But then, I’m not the target audience for PUA products and workshops, and since I’ve been in a committed relationship for many years I’m not a target, either, thank Goddess.

          OTOH, I think @Ross Jeffries is occasionally humorous and has some amusing inside scoop on some of the smarmy New-Wage players. So there’s that.

          I think there’s a place for all voices here — except for trolls, of course.

  3. I hope he doesn’t decide to start calling himself a life coach. ‘Not-Doctor LyingPants’ is much classier. Plus, he wouldn’t have to worry about getting the ‘obnoxious-runaround’, since he actually earned the title instead of just making it up.

    1. @Meet The Tongue,

      I have a comment for not-Dr Sean, if he ever comes back to earth and is in real need of re-starting his heart–go with the pro’s, not-Dr Sean–you just can’t beat a belt or two from a professionally targeted defibrillator in times of real need.

    2. @Meet The Tongue,

      Seriously, this is how my brain made sense of the first couple seconds of video:

      Maybe this is Sean getting ready to speak:

      “I am a unicorn, and you can, too!”

      So’s I guess Sean is moving to Arizona to be with Miss Kniss in Phoenix? Strange, heart restarter Mindie Kniss doesn’t even list her engagement on her About page, although she does list a date-TBD upcoming event with Sean on her Events page.

      Mindy’s not content to just be a fake-doctor’s wife – soon she’ll be a fake-doctor in her own right. Piecing things together from that About page, LinkedIn and this profile, Miss Kniss has a bachelor’s in theology from real-school Colorado Christian University and an MFA in creative writing from real-school Pacific University, but she’s got a master’s degree in Metaphysics and is a PhD candidate in Metaphysics at fake-school American Institute of Holistic Theology.

      Here’s where you can check out schools’ accreditation, in case you missed it in LaVaughn’s article:
      Bookmark it!

      With automated external defibrillators, you don’t even need a professional or fake-professional targeting them.

      1. @Lanna,

        Well, I guess you can’t beat that modern progress, what with today’s tech ‘n all.

        (keep up, keep up, dolt)

      2. @Lanna,

        she must have been held back…she anticipated finishing her “PhD” in 2010 [[video below claims she and Stephenson were "PhDc"]]

        PhD in Metaphysics, American Institute of Holistic Theology, Anticipated 2010

        [[I received my degree in metaphysics…it was difficult…there were almost impossible true/not yet realized questions…and there were philisophical multiple choice questions like; “If a tree falls in the forest, who gets the wood”…ohh wait…no…that was from my PhD in lumberjackery…but believe me…the questions were hard…I did my dissertation on spooks…entitled…”Caspers; To be, or not to be”]]…_cartman_ PhD [[if anyone wants to check my creds…my certificate has been registered in the æther]]

        [[oh…and not to blow my own nose…in 2009…I was made an honorary member of the Justice League of America…so yeah..I am a super man]]

        all my meta-surreal credentials and edjokeation aside…

        Kniss claimed to have incorporated in 2007, but I find no corporations [[in the 3 states referenced to that entity…Arizona, Illinois, Oregon]] with any date going further back then Nov ’08 [[except for an Assumed Business Name: Mindie Kniss, dating back to July ’08]]…I’d question the veracity of any credentials Kniss claims to hold.

        CEO Kniss Integrative Coaching, LLC
        May 2007 – Present (4 years 8 months)

        Kniss Interactive Coaching LLC incorporated in Nov all accounts [[a few videos on YouTube aside]]started conducting “business” on the net in ’09 [[none of her websites [[including those defunct]] date back to ’07]]

        Strange, heart restarter Mindie Kniss doesn’t even list her engagement on her About page, although she does list a date-TBD upcoming event with Sean on her Events page.

        I’m guessing she’s using Sean Stephenson [[raisinette extraordinaire]] as her stepping stone [[figuratively speaking]] to “success”…

        1. @_cartman_,

          Well, I guess now that he’s been outed for the creep and scoundrel and insensitive bully that he is, and will be losing such a large chunk of his followers, and thus $$ signs, which is all she saw when she looked at him, I’m guessing that she will be trying to find an excuse to end it now — except, oh my, how to do that and still save face and not let everyone think (know) that she was only using him? (which should be so evident to anyone with even a quarter of a brain anyway). But, but, but, but, but….

          Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive….

          1. @Bonnie,

            He might be just the creep, scoundrel, insensitive bully that she has been looking for her whole life as a ‘soul match solution’
            She is a Life Coach, after all, and not-Dr Sean, although he’s considered it according to La Vaughn’s blog, isn’t one of those yet.

            The couple that strives together, thrives together (I might Trade Mark that, it has a ring to it, if dull of sparkle)

            Then again, if she’s truly a feral beast of the IM world she will rip not-Dr Sean from her re-started heart without a whimper and bound off to pastures new bellowing her plaintive mating call.

            Phew! Its all getting a bit Mills and Boon for me, I might need that new-fangled defibrillator after all.

            1. @stoic,

              Like most of us, she probably had a deep inner knowing that there was a little something missing from her life for as long as she can remember — but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it — and now, if they ever consumate their relationship, she’ll finally be able to — I’m just wondering which finger it will be — probably her little pinky — yep, that sounds about the right size.

        2. @_cartman_,

          Sometimes it takes a lot longer to fake-write your fake thesis than you anticipated, I guess. Me, I have only taken Metaphysics 101, but that was with a group that was actually state-approved as a Private Vocational School, so that’s probably too legit to count toward my fake-doctor degree in life coachering.

          I have astrally navigated the Dewey Decimal System of the Akashic records and found your æther-registration, _cartman, and I am confused: Why did you complete your PhD again in this life when you had a perfectly good PhD in metaphysics left over from your last life? Wasted time, that is.

          About the incorporation date, I have done the same thing on my LinkedIn. I’ve been freelancing for years but didn’t incorporate until recently. I have lumped my work all together under my company name with the start date five years before the incorporation date. Do I need to put in a footnote about the incorporation date so my credentials have more veracity? I do want to appear veracious.

          1. @Lanna,

            Do I need to put in a footnote about the incorporation date so my credentials have more veracity?

            I guess it depends if one’s “credentials” requires the entity to exist. For Kniss to be a corporate director [[CEO]] from May ’07, it would require a corporation to exist from May ’07.

        3. @_cartman_,
          In the vid Kniss says she’s ‘so, so excited about this…’ and her vocal tone does a downturn. Wow! Such emotion! Such fanfare! Such emotional transparancy! Such a convincing performance. GAWD! At least she could pay for some acting lessons if she’s going to fake her excitement!

          I wonder if she’s just as excicted about marrying Sean?

  4. I think I remember seeing a video with this dude on stage at an Eban Pagan event for PUAs. My guess is he was a planted participant that further adds credibility to the scam.

    Tricksters and swindlers come in all shapes and sizes. From giant giants to the handicap-able, smash nosed irritants to homeless surfers…

  5. I am a bit concerned for the noodle brain, Dr Droid, and would welcome your professionally informed second opinion. He’s retiring shortly, do you think that a quick Caribbean cruise might sort out the kinks in his brain or should I let him fester and die in his own time?

    Saving the world, one ebook at a time,
    I remain, faithfully,
    yet another not-doctor,


  6. “Dr. Sean’s “success” in the success industry is predicated :: not on his own journey from hardship :: but on the express or implied endorsements of others who have achieved higher levels of successfully selling the sheeple on their own unexperienced successes.”

    That’s it. Self-help in a can. “I’m helping people cos I’m tawkin to ‘im and they pay me ain’t I? Get off your but about credentials and lose your unharmonic nonpositivity. That’ll be 5K.”

    [Deep bow to Salty, LaVaughn and Connie]

    1. @Jeffrey Hammond, LOL. I’ve been having fun with the faux-degrees-of-separation phenomenon for years.
      I live in a state, Texas, where brandishing a phony degree (depending upon how one does it) can be a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by (1) a fine not to exceed $2,000; (2) confinement in jail for a term not to exceed 180 days; or (3) both such fine and confinement. “Metaphysical” universities are now off the hook, because a few years ago the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board determined they were religious institutions, not subject to secular policing. But that doesn’t make them any more credible, IMO.

      1. @Cosmic Connie, thanks for the link to your great post. I see you’ve been on this case a loooong time.

        I especially like the “specialization” in “Mystical Research” from U of Sedona. I’m guessing that’s intuitively writing your bibliography in the lotus position. Who needz books?

      2. @Cosmic Connie,

        Gotta love the Texas legislature and their “wisdom.” Imagine the collective brain power of that place given that Rick Perry was the one that rose to the top.

  7. “Received Board Certification in Clinical Psychotherapy from the Association of Integrative Psychology, is a Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and completed his doctorate at Kona University (previously named, American Pacific University). Sean operates a private practice out of the Oakbrook Terrace Tower in Chicago, IL.”

    Salty – I’ve been watching the hack/fraud that runs “Kona University” for some time now. He’s been running NLP seminars all over the country and selling 5k week long packages to come to Kona, HI and learn “The Ancient Hawaiian Art of Huna”. He basically markets to emotionally damaged people and folks with painfully low self-esteem (often one and the same) and sells it as a modern day Psychotherapy cult disguised as a bastardization of Hawaiian mysticism. The hacks’ name is Matthew B. James. Hmm… you’re saying… where have I heard that name before? Oh yeah, son of TAD James – NLP huckster extraordinaire. MBJames actually TRAINED James Arthur Ray in some of his NLP salesman techniques – but was quick to distance himself from JAR as soon as the Sedona tragedy came out. Free free to look at this painfully inept douchebag on his website:

    He loves to pitch himself as a Ph.D. and that he’s the president of Kona University. Formerly unaccredited American Pacific University. Yes, it’s a diploma mill. Yes MBJames got all of his degrees from diploma mills. And if Sean is touting a Ph.D. from this place – he got his fake degree from shelling out boat load of cash to this unaccredited douchemill. Nothing else.
    The whole NLP scam is worth investigating. The further your creep up that chain, the worse the group seems to get. Makes you wonder – are they like vampires? And if you kill the head vampire, can you kill them all? Seriously, you should put Matthew B. James, and Kona University on your shi…er…to do list. And by “to do” I of course mean, destroy.

    1. @Perry O. Veritas, This is not quite accurate. James’s masters is from the University of Phoenix, which, while execrable, is an accredited school. He did, I believe, award himself a doctorate through his own school, which is laughable. But he eventually completed a PhD at Walden, which is accredited and has a decent reputation. My husband downloaded a copy of his dissertation some time ago and was underwhelmed. He found it serviceable but light. It’s only about 88 pages.

      1. @Stoic

        You retard, tell that to all the other schizophrenics who let voices enter their minds and control their actions.

        1. @Druff,

          Oh lord, Druff, I missed this gem. How remiss of me, no wonder you took off in a huff when your demands were overlooked.

          Well, what can I say, you’ve clearly got nothing in your head, no voices, no mind and no control at all.

          Ever wondered where your mind really is Druff, cant see it touch it or find it when you go looking–now there’s a puzzle.
          But maybe not so much of a puzzle in your case.

    2. @Perry O. Veritas,

      In the NLP world, Tad and his son are laughed at.

      A story: I went to a Tad James event back in 1991. It was about “Healing and Belief” or some such thing. Tad asked a question, “Why did small pox disappear?”

      I raised my hand and said, “Because it was vaccinated away”.

      He replied, “Wrong. It’s because human consciousness changed.”

      I said, “Hang on a second. I understand that the orthodox, mechanical, Western medical model is incomplete. But aren’t you taking things to the opposite extreme by insisting there is no actual physical cause for small pox?”

      He said “I encourage everyone to to believe the way Ross does(translation: don’t ask questions or challenge him). It will limit your ability to heal”.

      I walked out…


      P.S. I later found out that Tad was cheating on his wife, Ardy, with his massage therapist, all the while talking about his “great relationship”.

      PPS As for Tad’s claim that he invented “Time Line Therapy”(his big flagship course/product for years), he actually got the entire idea from Bandler, who sketched it out for him on a cocktail napkin.

      PPPS. Tad and his son cyber-squatted Bandler by grabbing the domain “” and refusing to give it back without a huge sum of $$$. Bandler had to take legal action to get it back.

      1. @Ross Jeffries, It’s interesting, but mostly now I want to know where I can go visit NLP World and if OK to bring the kids.

      2. @Ross Jeffries, one change I’d make to your observations – it was actually GRINDLER whom they cybersquatted. Not Bandler.

        And as for “timeline therapy” – what a bunch of garbage. Really? You can help people to change things about themselves that happened BEFORE THEY WERE BORN???!!! Awesome. Sign me up.

        Problem I have with any of these asshats is that they’re selling their services as Psychotherapy. And the people who they’re selling it to probably genuinely need psychotherapy. Problem is NLP…. NOT psychotherapy. And therefore, the people who are turning to NLP to “self-help” themselves out of their problems are only creating greater ones for themselves (namely, big FINANCIAL problems from paying for high priced NLP crap) that are going to need… yup…. psychotherapy.

        1. @Perry O. Veritas,

          You said,

          “Problem I have with any of these asshats is that they’re selling their services as Psychotherapy. And the people who they’re selling it to probably genuinely need psychotherapy. Problem is NLP…. NOT psychotherapy.”

          True enough. And anyone who gets it(and they are very few and far between) understands that NLP is not psychotherapy.

          It’s a modeling technology that lets you look at human skill and copy that skill. What results can be interesting or useless. Some of the methods that get distilled from it actually do work, some don’t, and the majority of them work SOME of the time with SOME of the people under SOME circumstances.

          It’s funny: this blog tends to have a contradictory view of NLP:

          1. It’s totally bogus and doesn’t work at all


          2. It’s dangerous, destructive and incredibly powerful

          I think it’s a good set of tools, but only ONE set of tools, for someone who wants to do some interesting things with himself and with other people.

          One last point(and I’m sure this will generate lots of flames): NLP is NOT scientific. And the founders of NLP are and were the first to say that. It’s a model and their claim is that if you follow the model you will get the predicted results. In that sense, it’s more of a skill like playing poker or like a school of self-defense: follow these premises and observations and you will win at poker or you will kick the other guy’s butt. What the underlying mechanism is, they haven’t a clue and don’t care.

          But you could say the same thing about MOST forms of psychotherapy. Their efficacy has not been validated in any kind of large, controlled study with two exceptions: cognitive behavioral therapy and, most recently, mindfulness based psychotherapy.

          That leaves a whole hell of a lot of licensed, accredited “therapists” who aren’t doing much more good than talking to a friend or the problem getting better on its own.


          1. @Ross Jeffries,

            You can do better than that, Ross Jeffries, this blog doesn’t have an opinion, either black or white.
            Commenters express a variety of varying opinions.

            Otherwise, I agree, good value.

            1. @stoic,

              I’m neither a broad (oh, just waiting for LaVon to come in and say you’re showing contempt to women for using a term like that, lol) or white according to you. So what would that make me a colored male? You have problems with colored people, retard?

          2. @Ross Jeffries,

            NLP was largely conceived by a coke addicted scum bag murderer who’s left a lot of lives in ruins, that’s why it attracts scum bag losers. It’s a trickle effect. Stupid, egotistical, I’m-better-than-you and I can prove it by screwing you over too, losers.

            Manipulation works cuz it’s manipulation. It doesn’t work all the time, but as the general populace gets dumber and dumber stupid tricks employed in NLP grab bag tactics might work more and more and give the illusion it’s something special. Maybe it is.

            None of your student would attract a genuinely intelligent woman who isn’t a sleaze already.

            That’s why you haven’t found anyone worthwhile to spend your life with, because your technology only works on stupid bimbo’s to begin with. Those of us who figured out stupid bimbo’s just want to be told what they want to be told before they spread their already open legs don’t need to spend money on your cr@p.

            Guess what? If you start early enough, like when you’re still a teenager, after a good half dozen years you realize that a dumb chick is a dumb chick and you don’t want to be spending the rest of your life chasing them. Then, and maybe then, you’ll do the right thing to eventually earn the attention of a genuinely intelligent woman. These women don’t fall for your stupid tricks.

            You’re still 18 in your brain Ross, you know it, you moma knows it, and the rest of the sane people commenting on this blog know it.

            1. @Druff,

              He’s right about the modelling though. Bandler modelled some of the few very effective therapists as a starter and only got coke-addicted, addled and murderous later, I read an ebook or two of his, so it must be true.

              Of course some-one else holds that he pinched the modelling idea from another in the first place–even before the ebooks and ever increasing and endless backend.
              Whatevs, he and most of his johnny-come-laters turned into a right dangerous stew.

              Give Duff a break, he’s a smart enough, already.
              Oh, what ever happened to the other one, Grindler–any blood on his hands?

            2. @LaVaughn,

              You can’t decide that because it’s a product of your imagination. If we come from where you imagine, we’d believe there are no such thing as stupid women I suppose? Only stupid men? Genuine question there. The point, which you missed because of your obvious sensitivity, is that NLP is a “technology” that only works on the dumb to begin with.

              @ Stoid

              Modelling = Mimicking

              Anyone can mimic if they try hard enough. It’s what makes you a good actor. It’s fact that Bandler would go into the woods on copious amounts of drugs and allow some “voices” in his head to help him map out this technology. Grinder may have helped to bring a bit of balance to that wacko but they’re all a bunch of liars in the end and the proof is in the pudding. NLP is useless for therapy or anything honest and genuine. It’s used to scam.

            3. Druff, you blockhead, where else was he going to get the voices from if not in his head?…..drugs or no drugs?

              In the woods near where I live is an artwork left over from an installation there some years ago. It is a big concrete ear that the artist slyly set deep into the ground so it couldn’t be moved when the installation ended.
              When I want inspiration I go sit on God’s ear (lucky I have a concrete butt) and get direct transmission of the truth–from gods ear to my arse.

            4. @LaVaughn,

              You’re responding to a product of your own imagination. Therefore your commentary is for you, not me. That’s stupid.

              Yes, whores and stupid women do exist just as the opposite is true for men, sorry to break the news to you. That’s who NLP will work on, as would flashing some cash and a nice car too. It’s nothing special.

              I would expect a stupid feminist like you to extrapolate that one point and make it the whole message exclusively. When you take your feminist-blinkers off you can tell me what this meant:

              “None of your student would attract a genuinely intelligent woman who isn’t a sleaze already.”


              Yeah dummy, tell that to the other schizophrenics that respond to voices in their head.

              “When I want inspiration I go sit on God’s ear (lucky I have a concrete butt) and get direct transmission of the truth–from gods ear to my arse.”

              – where you continue to talk from. Enjoy your noise.

            5. @Druff, I’m guessing this is you? The abusive comment you left on my blog (since removed) calling me a “femi-nazi” was something of a tip off. Knock yourself out. It all says more about you than it does about me.

            6. @LaVaughn,

              Druff’s Karma will come back to get him, but good — it’s working well for his pal James Arthur DeathRay.

            7. @not-Dr Druff,

              I just love noise, the more chaotic the better, it turns me on.
              Does that make me schizophrenic, do you think, or could I really be a more complex paranoid schizophrenic?
              Waiting to hear from ya,

            8. @LaVaughn,

              It shows the quality of your guesses to be wrong, as the rest of what you assumed about me. If you weren’t wound up with some issues that causes you to read into what I originally wrote to begin with you’d see the obvious. Your guesses are about as good as your intuition it seems.

              @ Stoic, keep talking, everyone is listening

              @ Cosmic Connie, where’s the evidence? Because LaVaughn says so? Ridiculous.

            9. @Druff,

              I am not at all sure that they are listening, Druff.

              I just tried to PM a few people on RR, after replying to yet another lame NLP troll (a diguised ‘corboy’, hundreds of clones of that nasty little maggot) only one PM has been read–I’m guessing the great rr man himself, as the others were blocked en route.

              Who are you Druff, friend or foe? because Corboy has been playing games on here as well, as various dumb white broads.
              Who’d have thought it?

            10. Apologies to all white broads, (by no means are they all as dumb as my current nemesis, who is likely neither white nor a broad)— written in the heat of the moment but still unforgivably crass of me.

              Should have kept my fat mouth shut on that one if not one any of the others.

              So sorry ladies, it won’t happen again.

            11. @stoic,

              on your second to last response; I have no fucking clue what the fuck you are talking about. Take it or leave it.

              on your last response; I’m neither a broad (oh, just waiting for LaVon to come in and say you’re showing contempt to women for using a term like that, lol) or white according to you?

              So what would that make me a colored male? You have problems with colored people, retard?

              @ Connie, yes I guess I meant Bonnie, sorry for dragging your name into it.

            12. @Druff,

              Its just always all about you, ain’t it, Druff.

              I don’t personally give a toss about you or what or who you are–your consistent behaviour tells anyone with eyes and a working brain what you are.

              Welcome to the Hotel Salt, Druff. Not quite the easy pickings you’re used to.

              ‘They stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the beast.’

            13. @Druff,
              hoo, hoo,

              Pots and kettles, Druff
              Kettles and pots.

              You can do better than that, make us laugh here at least, to earn your spot.

        1. @Perry O. Veritas,

          They did it to Bandler too. From the article you cite:

          “Some months ago, Matthew James, son and collaborator of Tad James, a publicly recognized figure in the NLP world registered both my name and the name of the other co-creator of NLP, Richard Bandler as domain names.”

      3. @LaVaughn

        Yea, it’s hard to miss something in the forefront of YOUR mind. Please don’t pass your ugly imaginations onto me, dummy.

          1. @Druff You wrote, “@ Cosmic Connie, where’s the evidence? Because LaVaughn says so? Ridiculous.”

            And later you wrote, “@Connie Oh love how I’m JAR’s friend now. Good one. Yall love the truth of course.”

            I’m lost. Where’s WHAT evidence? And when did I say you were JAR’s friend? When did I write anything to or about you? Maybe on that second remark you meant “Bonnie.”

            With all due respect, you seem kind of disturbed.

      4. Just a humble informed opinion, but I’m pretty sure the majority of the most effective NLP techniques came from the same place all the most effective Scientology techniques were taken from without credit. For more information consult the history of our space program ;o)

  8. For the record, here is the quote LaVaughn called him on, and which he said he’ll correct by Monday (12 Dec)

    Sean, now a PhD and licensed psychotherapist (he’s completing a second PhD in clinical hypnosis), discusses not only what he learned from his hardships growing up, but what he learned from President Clinton about making connections in the workplace, why choosing your words carefully is a key component to success, and how choosing your friends wisely is a good idea.
    – Washington Post

    The original is here is taken from a brief blurb about several different books. It looks like the writer is simply repeating info from the book itself or other promo material, or maybe she spoke directly to Dr Yoda. In any case the answer he gave LaVaughn doesn’t explain why the journalist thought he already had a PhD in the first place:

    “That reporter in the Washington Post was accurate, at the time I was pursuing a PhD, and then switched my degree program years later to a DCH. So at the time it was accurate.”

    He chooses his words as carefully as he chooses his friends.

  9. @Salty

    Stephenson profits off the fact that most people are too chickenshit to call a “deformed” or “challenged” person out on any of their shit behavior, for fear of looking like bullies.

    Glad to see it doesn’t stop you.

    1. @Ross Jeffries,

      Well, like Maya Angelou says, when people show you who they are, believe them. Sean has shown everyone who he is over and over again — and it has nothing to do with him being deformed or physically challenged — he’s a cruel and uncaring and self centered rat who’s using his disabilities as a sympathy card to mistreat and fleece everyone and that’s the way you have to treat him.

      1. @Bonnie,

        [Sean Stephenson]’s using his disabilities as a sympathy card to mistreat and fleece everyone and that’s the way you have to treat him.

        You’re right. Especially since, as you point out, he’s “using his disabilities as a sympathy card”. And what’s the Last and Most Valuable/Useful/Versatile technique of the sociopath? Why the Appeal to Sympathy/Compassion of course.

        Sean’s a major, major d-bag.

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

        1. @Wyrd,

          Would that be funny cows muuuuu, noodle brain?

          remember when you asked me not to identify you here?

          noodlebowl that time wasn’t it.

          Corboy in other words–all the time you were trying every which way to identify me, every underhand measure, every false flag op–you asked me for mercy and I gave it, soft hearted fool that I am.

          I just hate conmen. used to hate them virulently, now i just cheerfully hate them–as its all one in the end, n’est pas?

          For your listening pleasure, try some of lemmy’s wit and wisdom, Ace of Spades by Motorhead.
          I’d give you the link except some bastard is in my computer right now and fouling it up.

          No worries, you’re such a self-help fan–let your fingers do the walking.

            1. @SD,

              Just making some finer and finer distinctions SD. have to get to the dayjob soon so no time to be subtle.

              No worries, try Sandman while I am unplugged:

            2. @stoic, I don’t see why you would want to get some other dayjob. I think you do a good enough job here.

              If you need some time off to go to the doctor or the race track or something urgent like that, you could always ask Lanna or maybe Yakaru or even Cosmic Connie to swap shifts with you here.

              It just wouldn’t be right after all that hard work and moving up the ladder in this blog for you to give up your career here. You should probably go to your favorite butt rock and think about it some more.

              I know I would be sad if you take another job, even if I was already sad that day anyway. It would be like, sad with a side order of more sad. I don’t like those sad side orders one bit. And also, cabbages.

            3. @SD,

              Shifts shifts, culture shifts is what I really like. (and my dayjob too–natch)

              it gets my vote, or thumbs up whatevs.

          1. @stoic,

            I don’t know who Corboy is. ATM I’m fairly confused.

            I also don’t know who you are, @stoic. I also haven’t tried to find out. Should I? Did I give you offense in some other online venue in the past with some other handle?

            I’m pretty certain I’ve never used a handle even remotely like “Corboy”.

            Almost all of my handles have “wyrd” as a prominent part of them. As an exception to that, when I first started posting on saltydroid, I had the handle “Iam3r”.

            Google my sig (with quotes):
            “Furry cows moo and decompress.”
            Of course it’s possible that at some point someone else may have used it without permission. But when I looked at the page 1 Google results, it appears to all be stuff I actually wrote. (Except for the sponsored link Google stuck at the bottom.)

            If I google with me not logged in to Google+, I see:
            1st result: “The Wyrdest Geek” — this goes to that blog I made a long time back that I never update. Maybe I’ll get to it sometime.
            2nd result: On some website called someone actually recognized me from my sig and freaked out. That’s so dang funny. He’s right. I do also post on I love that site.
            3rd result: an XKCD comic I remember commenting on.
            4th result: an review where I’m pimping for Scott Sigler (he’s awesome–go buy his books, no scams just simple entertaining horror fic. Although I did see him reference Brian Clark once in a tweet. Natch. I sent him a tweet back telling him that Brian Clark is a scammer, but Scott didn’t follow up with me.)
            5th result: The Muppet based character alignment chart: ’nuff said
            6th result: Spiked Math is a cool webcomic. Well “cool” meaning: so obscure even I don’t get half the jokes on there.
            7th result: The ASL guy. I study ASL because my kid is deaf. Of course now we know he’s also autistic. sigh
            8th result: I can’t stand the movie “What the Bleep to We Know”. I hate it with a fiery passion.
            9th result: The Reinvigorated Programmer is a good name for a blog. And he blogs about Doctor Who and Buffy sometimes.

            10th result: A sponsored link for with the link name “Animal Cow Moo”. Click here IFF you’d like to buy cow related paraphernalia.

            Furry cows moo and decompress.

            1. @Wyrd ::

              k cool.

              sorry about that … forget it.

              none of the other facts matched that theory either … but it’s cool because I got to waste more than an hour checking into it.

              time well spent right @stoic?

              sure … cause this is such a big operation and i have thousands and fucking thousands of free hours to just burn on nothings.

            2. @Wyrd and @SD,

              I noticed in the link @SD posted for me about Michael Bernard Beckwith and Coretta Scott King that there was a forum user who goes by corboy:

              And looking to see what corboy’s been posting lately, I saw lots of posts from a forum user going by Stoic:

              I’ve no idea what kind of llama drama’s been going down over in Rick Ross land, but it looks like it’s spilled over.

          2. @Luther,

            Stoic is a regular internet netizen and man-huner, don’t bug him he just went through Ryan Deiss’s new program and is using his new found skillz



            Actually I change my mind. Stoic is a stupid turd with fucked up voices in his turd filled brain.

    1. @Uh Huh, I actually kinda feel sorry for this idiot. He probably doesn’t realize that the chick he’s “engaged” to is using him to self promote herself.

      1. I’m not so sure he’s that oblivious. The match appears to be boosting his credibility and career just as much as hers. I just find it ridiculous that people think a few months in a relationship qualifies either of these two to dispense love advice. Why don’t they just model their dating practices on Kim Kardashian? Sheesh!

    2. @Uh Huh, This video is terrible

      “The man is supposed to be the tree,rooted in the ground. the woman, the air…”

      WTF? These views are from the 50’s or what?

      Actually I know he got this concept from Tony Robbins

      Hey guys! life is simple!

      You do everything for pain or pleasure – men should be active – women passive…


      Soooooooo lame

  10. Can somebody tell Sean that we don’t want the prayers of a heartless, narcissistic Not-Doctor?

  11. Say, how much do these fake-doctor degrees cost – and can we pass the hat to get one each for Jack and Luther? These idiots are usually very consistent in called themselves “Doctor” but this is the first time I’ve seen one claiming a fake PhD, much less “board certification.” Wow.

    1. @Dr. Unicorn Army, I thought when I read enough comments on SD blog I get a free legal degree sent onto my mailbox, but OK if I have to pay the fee.

    2. @Dr. Unicorn Army, I’m not sure I want to be a doctor, because I heard that “respect comes with a price” so maybe I’ll probably just stick without it since that’s free. But maybe if I could just be a doctor at the dinner table that might be ok, as long as I didn’t have to do any extra talking when I was eating my happy meals.

  12. I hate this kind of quote from all knowing losers like this cocksucker:

    “I have prayed that the families of those that died and all those affected by their deaths find peace. Hatred and resentment is toxic and does nothing productive for humanity.”

    Well call off the grieving…little man said a prayer…how mighty white of you

    Let me explain something to you Dr. Dickbreath:

    Hatred and resentment are just FEELINGS…KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE is toxic and does nothing productive for humanity.

    People lost their lives because of all this PSEUDO THERAPY…how many more have to die

    …and if you would like to talk face to face when you come to phoenix I suggest we do it in the sweat-lodge I’m building just for you asshole

  13. Wasn’t there an NLP cheerleader around her a half year or so ago by the name of Duff? Can you come back and defend the actions of this scum bag, please?

    NLP, a tool made by scammers to be used by scammers to…SCAM.

  14. From his Twitter page:

    Those on a mission to tear others down are hurt, confused, or afraid. Sadly they are completely unaware of that.

    At first, it sounded like new age garbage being tossed out to distract critics from his own immoral actions, but after a few minutes I started to see the truth in it:

    After all, just look at all those confused and afraid lawyers and human rights activists trying to tear down human trafficking and prostitution rings. See the sad, non-authentic faces of the policemen arresting a serial rapist. Feel the self-hatred of the rebels revolting against a dehumanizing totalitarian regime.

    Yes, they’re all extreme examples. But they all show how laughable and disgusting this “Everything’s neutral and you can’t judge it” zen bullshit is.

    And if it doesn’t apply to extremes, why should it apply to the murky field in between? There are objectively bad things and they deserve being called out. Whether you feel gaily or irate while doing so is more or less irrelevant.

    Do I hate Sean Stephenson? Not really. Do I think he’s a loudmouth who’d deserve being taken off his throne of life/love/buttwiping advice? Pretty much, yes.

    1. @Clark,

      There’s absolutely nothing in Zen that teaches that everyone and everything is “neutral”. NOWHERE. It’s a New Age corruption of the teaching.

      1. @Ross Jeffries,

        How is your new IM scam “Mindframe Persuasion” going these days?

        Anybody using the “tool that could make [them] millions even if [they] use nothing else from ]your] Home Study Course”?

        By the way, putting the “®” after “Mindframe Persuasion” is a fraud. It isn’t a registered trademark.

        I hope the Fake Robot gets you in his sights someday soon.

  15. Ok, friends, I’ve gotta chime in here…. There’s a lot more to NLP than just modeling. Through honest study of certain NLP techniques, you can decipher the strategies in your own thinking process to change your life. Too often, people don’t know how to change because they don’t understand how specifically to change their thoughts and their emotions. NLP can give you the tools to do this.

    Re: Timeline. First of all, you decided how you felt about past events. So you CAN go back and change your perception and heal past events with using Timeline. I know it may sound strange at first, but it’s possible. Just because you may think Timeline sounds silly, doesn’t mean a lot of people haven’t found it extremely powerful and helpful to them. Of course, you don’t change the past event – just your belief and perception about it.

    Having studied NLP for years, it has totally changed my life and given me control over my thoughts/emotions. Unfortunately, NLP has been given a bad name because of the way people use certain techniques in order to manipulate others. If you believe this (and I understand if you do), perhaps you may want to consider there is another side to NLP.

  16. Isn’t this the same guy who was on stage with Sam Kinison doing a bit about yelling about Jerry’s kids “THE CASH OR THE CURE”…and saying how Sam helped him get his dick sucked and helped him get coke while Jerry hasn’t done shit for him. (This was all a bit for the stage…at least I think is was only for the stage.)

    Oh yeah…he comes out drinking a beer too. lol.

    1. @McShiggity, According to wikipedia, Sam Kinison died in 1992, and Sean Stephenson was born in 1979. You do the math.

    1. @Cruel Dude,

      Well, you’re safe on both counts Cruel Dude, as the first ain’t ever gonna happen and the book is a piece of crap anyway–so save yourself some cash and a lifetime of spam harassment.

      As for Sean, he can wheel himself into oblivion all, by himself.

  17. IT is not difficult for this fake doctor to attract a woman. There’s a sexual perversity called acrotomophilia where some people are attracted to physically or mentally challenged humans, and the more disfigured they are the better.

    It is legally and medically considered a pathology too.

    So if you want my suggestion to find your mate, find someone pervert enough to date your kind. It’s what this fake doctor did.

    I normally respect physically challenged people but I’d really like to find this guy and tell him that he is a worthless piece of shapeless meat that farts lies out of his mouth. That would be a monster, not because of disfigurement, but because of the lies.

    PS: Apparently One doesn’t have to be good looking to be a narcissist.

  18. People tend to look at the surface and assume that’s all there is instead of seeing through the fog of double-speak, lies and bullshit.

    Sean Stephenson is an irresponsible, deceitful, two-faced, egomaniacal excuse for a human being, a bully without any true care about others’ well-being, who hides behind the facade of a caring, compassionate guide and clever double-speak.

    You could confront him with that irrefutable fact and he’d just counter: “Salty Droid, your followers insult me anonymously. Casts it into doubt whether they’d really voice such claims face-to-face.” Or something else, just to avoid facing up that he’s a horrid “human” being.

    Good thing we have you, Dr. Droid, to inform us of people like this. To them, responsibility is just a joke. The punchline would be Dr. Droid delivering what they deserve.

  19. Well, I guess Mother Jones isn’t perfect. A recent (June 23, 2014) post glorifying a TEDx event that included “Dr.” Sean:

    “Among the acts was Illinois therapist and motivational speaker Sean Stephenson (below), who held the prisoners rapt with his tale of overcoming adversity. ‘When I was born, the doctors told my parents I would be dead within the first 24 hours of my life,’ he began. ‘Thirty-five years later, all those doctors are dead, and I am the only doctor that remains!'”

    Not that I don’t support the idea that prisoners are people too. And there’s a lot wrong with our criminal justice system in the U.S., particularly with the rise of private prisons. But showcasing scammers seems like fighting one injustice with another.

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