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... I'm telling my Mom

Jeremy Johnson is fighting back against the injustice of he himself and him not being allowed to perpetrate wanton injustice upon those less fortunate than himself and his mommy’s mommy.

He’s fought back before :: because like many spoiled Chihuahuas :: he’s all snippy and just wants to pee wherever. Last time he told us about how he couldn’t be guilty because Utah’s very own Attorney General was on his side

As further testament to I-Works efforts to be in compliance we invited the Attorney General of Utah, Mark Shurtleff, in first part of 2009, to visit our offices and to see our products and processes. After the presentation he called our employees together and told them “that they should be proud to work for a company like ours” because we were doing it right, unlike other companies he had seen.

They’re doing “it” right. “It” :: of course :: is giving assloads of money to Mark Shurtleff. But not all legal enforcers take blood money from obvious criminals :: just like not all legal enforcers understand how hard-working and easily manipulable can be the lost boys.

The strong beer drinking outsiders at the FTC thought The Ginger Queen was doing it wrong :: and so did the US Attorney. After JJ was sued :: he was arrested while attempting to flee the country with a box full of money that he needed for strictly religious reasons.

After getting out on bail because Johnson’s family already had millions before he started taking money from people who had little :: the talented Mr. Johnson was rearrested Thanksgiving weekend for a couple bad checks he wrote in Vegas before the FTC asset freeze …

According to the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, Johnson wrote checks six checks totaling $108,400 for cash or gaming chips at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel and casino Nov. 26, 2010, that he did not have sufficient funds to cover. A judge issued an arrest warrant for Johnson on Oct. 20, 2011.

Why didn’t the casino cash the checks sooner? Maybe I’d know if I’d ever lost a couple six million dollars gambling in a casino.

Anywayz :: getting arrested twice :: sure it’s funny to us … but Jeremy David Johnson is mad as hell and he’s not gonna take it anymore. He’s put up EvilFTC.com to finally set the record straight …

Our goal is to expose these people and their bad acts and incite congress to audit corruption especially within the FTC.

Just because you don’t know what the word corruption means :: doesn’t mean that you don’t have an incorruptible Constitutional right to use it incorrectly in a sentence … God bless America.

Johnson on Johnson …

Jeremy Johnson was arrested for the 2nd time on Sunday, related to the massive fraud case currently pending with the Federal Trade Commission. This time however, it has an interesting twist. He was arrested on a warrant for bounced checks which occurred nearly a year ago. This seems to be little more than another self fulfilled prophesy from the government in the case against Johnson.

Speaking of “self fulfilled” prophesies :: your writing fucking sucks … which is why your writing fucking sucks. I wonder if that bit of prophesying will be enough to get me into the Quorum of the Seventy :: or if maybe I should give The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints $1.5 million in loot like Brother Johnson did? Prolly the latter.

The Evil FTC’s civil suit makes Johnson’s criminal trial taste more like justice because Johnson can’t use other people’s money to hire Munger Tolles & Olson :: Mark Fabiani :: or Mark Shurtleff :: to defend himself. But the sense of not-absolute power is making Jeremy Johnson furious with the FTC in much the same way that he’s furious with Heavenly Father for creating him in the likeness of an albino’s angry asshole.

He accuses the FTC of fraud :: which is kinda impossible … but it’s certainly passionate. He lists the email addresses and phone numbers of all the lawyers involved and tells the media people that are bound to swarm his “I’m a high school freshman mad at his dad” website …

While the FTC loves to talk to the media when they are demonizing one of their victims they seem a bit reluctant to speak to the press when it involves wrongdoing on their part. You may want to trick them when you contact them and make them think you will write a story in their favor so they will call you back.

He lists lead FTC attorney Collot Guerard’s home address and personal email :: and devotes a special page to her …

Collot Guerard is exactly what you would expect an unimpressive government attorney would be. She has spent most of her career as an FTC attorney and is ready to retire. She has seemingly never had a significant case during her career with the FTC. However she wanted to make one last effort to make a name for herself before she retires and is willing to do it at all costs …

Yeah she’s just a senior trial lawyer for the United States of America with two decades of service and experience … what’s so impressive about that?

We are going to release allot more information about the bad acts of Collot Guerard over the next few weeks. We would like to speak with anyone who goes to church with Collot and would like any information about the former Mormons who go to church with her.

Okay then. I wonder if I’d be guilty of a self fulfilled prophesy if I said this was starting to get kinda weird.

When speaking with others Collot refers to Jeremy as the “Mormon mafia” It is wholly improper for ones religious preference to have any place in a government prosecution.

Ahh! Something the unimpressive Ms. Guerard has in common with the fake robot. I thought it was best to keep that one to myself :: it’s called tact :: but the Ginger Queen said it first so now it’s officially okay to say it. Hooray!! Guess who else calls y’alls racket the “Mormon mafia” in private big boy? Everyone who knows what’s what … and you fuckers sometimes. Ha!

But seriously :: Jeremy needs our help before he {or any of us} gets arrested for a third time by yet another part of the Clark County government that Ms. Guerard so clearly controls like the :: still unimpressive but scarily powerful :: puppet master that she is …

If you have been a victim of abuse at the hands of the FTC please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you and would welcome adding your content to our site.

Fake robots love guest posting :: so I answered Brother Johnson’s call for content contribution …

To: info@evilftc.com

Subject: Applausing Your Efforting … amen

Dear EvilFTC ::

I just wanted you to know that your efforts towards bringing much-needed and meaningful change to our government are appreciated by myself and all of the other believers in fake robotics for whom I speak without their consent. Many are called to the path of righteousness :: but few answer their calls what with voice mail and twitter and stuff. So anywayz :: thank you.

I too am a victim of the FTC … and I’m hoping you can help.

I have a silly website where I do a little of this :: some of that :: and a whole gosh dang heck-load of scrapbooking. I’ve been demanding dramatic action against a dramatic crime for years now :: but very little action has been taken.

This lack of action could be due to the lingering anti-robotic racism of Ms. Collot Guerard … but I fear it could also be the bright light of my popularity burning the fragile fluorescent tube conditioned eyes of the bureaucrats. Perhaps if you would post my concerns to your unviewed an irrelevant EvilFTC site they would get more sensitive eyes viewership.

Like you :: I believe that Jeremy Johnson has been singled out. The “Mormon Mafia” term you’ve used to describe Johnson’s operations is quite perfect. They work together. They share leads. They share tactics. They share loot. They grind ordinary citizens down like a pack of werewolf piranhas. The FTC sued Johnson for his fraudulent continuity scam … falsely billing hundreds of thousands of credit cards smallish amounts. But what happened after those initial billings? Wouldn’t Johnson have brokered those leads to others in The Alliance :: where most of the real damage would get done? Where’s the culpability for the rest of the Utah BoilerRoom Alliance?

Jeremy Johnson’s not the devil … he’s the devil’s dingleberry. It’s the pack :: it’s the cartel :: it’s the group :: it’s the syndicate … it’s the coagulation of evil the makes the monster unstoppable.

We have RICO laws :: and we should be using them.

The criminals aren’t allowed to be working together … but they are. The good guys are supposed to be working together … but we’re not.

At what cost to our most vulnerable? At what fucking cost?

Thanks for letting me vent EvilFTC … you’re one of the good ones.

Fakest Regards,

Salty Droid

While I’m at it :: I might as well follow Johnson’s instructions completely and email all of the lawyers and commissioners whose email addresses have been so lovingly assembled …

To: {the nine feds}

Subject: I’m tricking you right now …

The people of the 52 States demand that the FTC be audited according to the 14th Amendment. The declarations of marshall’s law against Jeremy Johnson was never even called for by the Articles of Confederation.

You know it’s true … and I’m requesting that Congress give you a full filibuster immediately.



The Cylons

Everyone’s laughing at you right now JJ. Can you feel it? All these people who you’re going to have to look in the eyes :: people who have power over you like the wind over the leaves :: are giggling about how ignorant and foolish you are … right now JJ.

Good luck with your little propaganda war bud … see you in the SERPs.

>> bleep bloop

74 thoughts on “Evil FTC dot Gov”

  1. Here’s hoping the (few) good and honest people left in Utah LEAVE IMMEDIATELY so the rest of these United States can secede from Utah and get away from its massive, state-sponsored SCAM INDUSTRY.

    Utah sure doesn’t need tourism when it can reach out and rip you off by proxy!

    1. @UTAH IS THE SCAM!,

      Oh no, you can’t secede USA. I have extremely fond memories of Brice Canyon at sunrise–I saw a cougar there, I think.
      Extreme punishment maybe, but wait until I do a return tour before seceding, please.

      1. @stoic,

        Yep that was a cougar and they migrated from Nauvoo and Missouri as opposed to being indigenous to the area. Traits to look for; anorexia, silicone tits, bleached teeth, SUV…escalade or similar, fake and bake, hooked on oxy, married to an IM’er and known to “look the other way”, when faced with the truth.

      2. @stoic ::

        You can still visit after we secede from them … and then you can bring all your sister wives as long as you promise to pretend that’s not what’s going on.

        @Ballzdeep ::

        Seems maybe you’ve met a few BYU Cougars.

  2. I think it’s interesting that in trying to disprove the allegation that iWork’s used false testimonials, JJ posts a grant application which looks suspiciously fake…the signatures don’t match the one on the FTC affidavit and the email address used belongs to a man who claimed to live in Utah in 2005 when clearly the fake/not-fake testimonial was from a woman who did not move to Utah until 2007. Maybe the FTC’s case that iWorks committed grant fraud isn’t so weak after all Mr. Johnson.

    1. @Shorty ::

      He’s handling the FTC case himself now I guess … I’m sure that will go fine just fine. There’s probably a keen legal mind hidden beneath that 6th grade level literacy.

  3. So, he wasn’t supposed to be arrested for bouncing checks in Vegas? I don’t get it. What did he think was going to happen after he stole all that money from the Wynn? He’s lucky the real mafia (which doesn’t exist, btw) didn’t send a couple of guys out to break his knee caps (not that they ever do such things). I’m speaking in hypotheticals when I speak of the real mafia, because the real mafia doesn’t exist.

    1. @Rafael Marquez,

      Johnson says the money was there when he wrote the check(s)*, but the Wynn didn’t try to cash it/them until after the feds froze his assets.

      The FTC says iWorks paid him $48 million in the last ten years, and with him tossing $1.5 million to the LDS Church it doesn’t seem like a stretch that he’d have $108,400 in the bank.

      The timeline, constructed from Deseret News and SL Trib stories, supports his claim:
      11-26-2010 Johnson wrote check(s) to Wynn.
      12-21-2010 FTC filed complaint.
      01-20-2011 Federal judge freezes his assets.
      ?????????? The Wynn tries to cash the check(s).
      06-22-2011 Meanwhile, feds arrest him for mail fraud.
      09-15-2011 Johnson makes bail.
      09-24-2011 Feds auction his toys.
      10-20-2011 Warrant issued for bad check(s).
      11-27-2011 Johnson arrested for bad check(s).

      We return now to our show already in progress, BCU: Las Vegas!

      Clark County DA David Roger is so pissed about bad checks that there’s a Bad Check Unit (BCU) with its own video:

      The delayed attempt to cash the check makes a little more sense if you look at BCU’s Sample Forms. Click the “BCU Complaint” PDF in your preferred language. Go to the second page, “Additional Information Needed from Gaming Establishments for Prosecution” and scroll down to “Markers & Checks.”

      What is the casino’s normal course of business (disposition) agreed to on redeeming/submitting marker for this person:
      _ On checkout _ 7 days _ 15 days _ 30 days _ 60 days _ 90 days _ Other (explain)

      So evidently it’s normal business practice to wait 90 days before settling up.

      Next, on a very special episode of BCU: Las Vegas, in a shocking story ripped from the headlines, Mormon mafioso Timothy Thomson has Utah Attorney General Matt Shirtcuff in his pocket, but are they any match for Clark County DA Roger David and federal lawyer Callie Gerard? And what about the real mafia that doesn’t exist?

      *Deseret News says “six checks totaling $108,400 for cash or gaming chips”, but SL Tribune says “a six-figure check” “for gambling and lodging expenses.”

      1. @Lanna, Now after that I think mr. Johnson now has to set up his site EvilLanna.com to stop damage from more of your truth-research being pushed off onto the unsuspecting target public.

      2. @Lanna,

        Steve Wynn (who has his own very interesting backstory of junk bonds and a heady rise to glory from car-jockeying at Caesar’s) would know a high roller when that high roller keeps frequenting his joint.

        Casinos often extend a line of unofficial credit (hang on to uncashed checks) to such types as they understand the pull that has on a gambling addict, and that there are other wily sharks in the Vegas pond. The next time said high roller has cash in hand and hits Vegas, he will return to the Wynn (avoiding the blandishments of competing establishments)and try to chase his losses to redeem those uncashed checks.

        There is nothing that Stevie likes better than a man with cash in hand having another go at beating the house.
        Stevie himself doesn’t gamble much at all now (that junk bond thing was hairy and a real close call) as he got some maths educations in probablilities and realised that the numbers rule and the odds are fixed for a reason. Stevie is a bit of a blockhead but he does learn.

        Stevie now buys Picassos and Mondrians and such which he keeps in a little backroom of the Bellagio–and lets people look at sometimes.
        He’s all heart, that man.

        1. @stoic,

          Oh, and the fact that the Wynn finally decided to chase the bad checks means that some very financially savvy types have realised that it is curtains for JJ and his business wheelings and dealings.

          Even casino bosses understand that you’ve got to know when to fold ’em.
          You can’t win ’em all.

            1. @Silver Agave,

              A Tasmanian devil once told me an apposite joke for that but all I can remember is:

              dip, dip, dip in New Blue Cheer,
              dip, dip dip in water so clear,
              under the nose, smells like a rose…….

              If that rings a bell for any Aussies —it was a great joke.

            2. @stoic,

              I do remember that joke and I must even confess to being an escapee from that tiny god-forsaken island. One thing I REALLY like about Germany is that none of them know any jokes about Tasmanians.

            3. @stoic,

              Actually the version I heard of that joke wasn’t specifically aimed at Tasmanians, but I heard it when I was still in Tasmania, so….

              It’s actually called Wrest Point (maybe it was a typo when they were naming the place) – I used to play the black jack machines using a particular system, win enough for the door charge to the disco and a few over priced beers, and finish up in a drunken argument with the DJ about why he wouldn’t play Metallica or something….

      3. @Lanna, Johnson’s claim about the presence of any previous funds may very well be moot.

        If the money he wrote the check against is determined to be illegal proceeds, then sufficient legitimate funds would not have been present at the time he wrote the check, nor likely later when it was presented to the bank.

        He could hardly claim his inability to make the check good was due to not having access to what would be considered stolen money. In such an instance, it could reasonably be viewed as his having written a bad check, and he should be prosecuted for having done so.

        Ultimately, however, it is not the casino’s obligation or responsibility to sift through someone’s external circumstances. They have a check that is not good, and the laws prohibit that.

      4. @SD and @Jack,
        Thanks, but my truth-research shows the weasel’s not lying in this particular instance. Jack, EvilLanna.com is available. I could buy it out from under him, but what would I do with it? Redirect it here?

        Heh, heh, yeah, I think Johnson thinks he’s a wily financially savvy shark, but compared to Stevie’s global empire he’s one of those baby nurse sharks you can pet at the aquarium. The FTC has nicked his tail, and the Wynn accountants can smell the blood in the water.

        Hmm, interesting how the legal system works. It sounded like @Rafael thought Johnson wrote the check knowing it wouldn’t clear, so I just wanted to say that’s not the case. If the money is determined to be illegal proceeds, will the LDS Church have to give back their cut?

        Jeremy Johnson, welcome to the exciting world of having a felony charge on your RAP sheet! This is where karmic justice meets judicial process, and the check bouncing arrest was just the first in a long line of felony-based life-complications.

        1. @Lanna, I thought about it after I posted and now Thom’s post makes me interested about if a check can be “good” if it’s made good with stolen money.

          One thing from the post made from you I do know is the idea that time-lines are more fun than some people would want me to believe.

        2. @Lanna ::

          Yeah but … I’ll bet ya that the government put him on notice well before the actual asset freeze for just this reason. Probably told him not to make any sudden moves. If he wrote such checks after such notice … he’ll go down for them.

          It’s also possible then that he wrote a check for chips he knew they wouldn’t cash … kept the chips … and the cashed them after the freeze. Please god let that be what he did … please!

          1. @SD,

            If my memory serves me right, when Vincent James was on the verge of getting busted, he went to Vegas and bought a few million in chips.

            He gave the chips to his girlfriend and another associate. They then cashed the chips as if they were their own winnings.

            The authorities eventually seized everything that was in VJ’s name. But the funds from the chip dumping weren’t caught.

            That’s how the GF lives in a giant house in Vegas, which VJ only “visits” because he’s on parole in Arizona. Funny thing is, he receives mail there and everything.

            1. @Just Jake ::

              … as long as we are talking about shit the FTC should do … and you’re mentioning Vincent James … it makes me want to say …

              Russell Brunson.

            2. @Just Jake,

              Remind me, please, (as I forget stuff) is Vinnie the original seller of dodgy supplements (made a fortune both on and off-line flogging chalk tablets as cancer cures etc. etc.) that Belcher modelled his later Selmedica scam on —or am I getting him mixed up with someone else?

            3. @SD,

              Who could forget the penises? Well, me obviously.

              That’s the one and the same Vinnie–I read (skimmed) his ebook (which Yanik very kindly sent to me as a free bonus for something or other, or maybe just my email, it all gets quite confusing in the detail) where he laid out the bones of his scam method and confessed to paying his debt to society but was now going straight by flogging his method of scam to as many suckers as he could——-no wonder I forgot the penises in the shuffle.

            4. @Just Jake,

              Let’s hope the authorities have plugged that chip-dumping gap in the strategy.

              keep up, authorities, keep up.

      5. @Lanna,

        He got paid $48 million, but he only forked over $1.5 million in tithing? Hellooooooo, he also ripped off his church! He should have paid $4.8 million. That’s what I was told, you tithed on the gross, not on the net. Did you want net blessings or gross blessings?

    1. @Bonnie, Well then maybe they should have arrested him again right after that mugshot was taken. Then they could have taken another mugshot of him for smiling in that last mugshot. If he kept on doing that I suppose it might go on into infinity. I would sure hate to be the one taking pictures of Jeremy Johnson into infinity.

  4. I love both of your emails. In my perfect Monday world here, the one to the Nine Feds was sent with that Cylons picture in the signature. And it would be a guaranteed vote from me to any politician who read your work as a filibuster.

    Here’s a message for JJ that’s free from religious bias:

  5. Oh, Good Goddess. Making the U.S. gummit the evil party? Painting himself as a martyr to that evil and a hero to the rest of us? Looks like the Ginger Man is following right in the slimy footsteps of Kevin True-dough after all. And judging from the supportive comments he’s getting, it’s working. He may not be quite as much of a fundraising genius as KT, but he’s pretty creative in the red herring department.

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      I’m not sure there are so many “supporters”…he doesn’t allow any comments that are not 100% positive through [[even mine which are 99% positive are being held back…sigh]]…the comments that are there have unusually similar writing styles….most seem super shilly…

  6. Been awhile since I posted but what you are seeing with the johnson ftc website is someone with a casebook narcissist personality disorder. Most of the IM syndicate people are antisocials. There is some overlap in the disorders but the narcissist loves and craves the attention and can’t get out of the spotlight.

        1. @Head Honcho,

          I was trying to make a distinction between the worst types who are profoundly evil and the run-of-the-mill nasty bully in the office. I am leery myself of glib labelling, seeing as I failed the psycho test on another thread!

          These things are on a continuum, most people have a mild narcissism–then there are malignant narcissists who kill their families rather than own up to some wrongdoing which would destroy the perfect facade they pretend to.

          I hold that there are probably people who fit the psychopath criteria and yet who lead blameless lives. Morals are socially constructed and people are endlessly complex and rarely fit any category—–except, of course, for the dirt bags on Salty’s list.

    1. @Carl Burger, You can’t be sad, because always you can get the high-powered Grant Offers from some more good people like young multimillion-empire boy Ryan Eagle who tells us where to go find Grants in his Promoting Grant Offersguide even though even though most bottom-barrell ad-venues can’t let us see them:

      “While it’s true that some of the main PPV networks do not allow promotion of grants, there are a couple ways around this. First of all many tier2 traffic networks will allow you to run grants, yet if you wanted to run on TrafficVance this does not mean you are out of luck. ”

      It turns out to be able to find many things mainstream advertisers don’t want you to see! we can get the secret information from mr. Eagle’s sort-of-not-public Campaign Guides once we see how he tries to challenge us to turn the last part of urls from “true” to “false” and then go do the Google Chrome incognito trick for new url to find out where to go get best ads for products that most mainstream advertisers are in conspiracy to hide from the public that demands them.

      It’s lucky for us to have the men like mr. multi-millinaire boy Ryan Eagle, because now for each Jeremy Johnson ftc deprives of from, mr. Eagle and the clone-people of his can go find many other stand-ins to let us get the goods we always want and demand.

      So it’s not sad time, because nothing can stop the free grants calling out for us to get them NOW! (Also, you can do good, too, when you give mr. Eagle your money, because of his big-generous philanthropy at Eagle Web Assets where he tells us about that:

      “Because we were blessed with the ability to spearhead companies into profitability, it’s our responsibility to help out individuals that are less fortunate. Eagle Web Assets is very involved with many philanthropic and are always looking for opportunities to give back. If you ever have a charity or organization contact us.”

      CNN should do a story for the good deeds!

    2. @Carl Burger, Get full story about our 24-year old multi-millinaire boy hero from Ryan Eagle Interview and also good advice if you believe our children are the future:

      “I own cars worth more than houses, I have watches worth more than cars, I have investments making more than doctors do, and my wardrobe is worth more than most people entirely. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that hard work always pays off.”

      1. @Jack, I was wondering about when he said this:

        “my wardrobe is worth more than most people entirely”

        That still doesn’t really tell me much about how much his wardrobe is worth. Mainly because I’ve never bought a person myself, so I don’t really know the prices people sell for these days. Maybe he could give some examples of what different types of people are worth, and what condition they have to be in to be worth that.

        Also, where he said:

        “I own cars worth more than houses”

        I guess it wouldn’t be good then to put that car in the garage of some house that is worth less than the car. Maybe then, you would put that house inside the car.

    1. @Matt Harward, It’s a cruel thing to say about a narcissist! Now go to apologize by getting going to buy mr. Johnson’s EvilFTC site some fake traffic!

    2. @Matt Harward ::

      Not many peeps care about this story … partially because {so sadly} most of the victims have zero Internet savvy … and often even lack full Internet access.

      But unlike Nick Denton … I don’t really give a fuck what you people want to click on. The story goes to Utah … we go to Utah.

      And like I’ve said before … if you follow the other stories … try and imagine how much Jeremy is helping us right now by giving me good reasons to snuggle with FTC.

      Thanks Jeremy … again … you’re the best buddy.

      1. @SD,

        I don’t quite follow what you mean about “reasons to snuggle with the FTC”. Are you saying that this gives you a valid reason to “raise your hand” so to speak and put yourself on the FTC’s radar in a non-spammy sort of way? That’s cool.

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

    3. @Matt Harward, I find Jeremy’s twisted story very interesting. I just don’t have anything to add. I’m sure Salty knows how many hits the site and this post are getting…

      1. @Anna ::

        It gets fewer hits than the other stuffs. JJ thinks he’s a big deal … but hardly anyone outside Utah gives a shit about him. I agree with him that it’s not fair … $375 million is a staggering shit load … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of doom. Plus he got arrested twice … his banker got arrested and the fucking bank collapsed … he buried gold … I mean what’s a guy got to do to get a little attention?

        Sorry JJ … I wish you were sexier. If Ms. Guerard is looking for a career defining case she should move on to somebody that people give half a crap about.

        Like Tony Robbins for his Syndicate joint venture … just a lil’ suggestion.

  7. Jeremy Johnson…

    He’s evolved…
    And he has a plan… … {or something}

    I stopped watching the new BSG after season 2 because it was becoming abundantly clear that, while the cylons might have a plan, the writers surely didn’t.

    I predict Jeremy Johnson’s gonna go down in flames much like the BSG series did. His case will be more interesting to watch than the series was though (I think).

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @SD,

        Yes, that’s true. Lost was another series that I could not get into. Of course in that one it was even more obvious that the show creators had no idea where it was going or why.

        I guess the only reason why that stuff bugs me so much is

        1) Neil Gaiman’s, Joss Wheddon’s (and for that matter Scott Sigler’s) writing style clearly shows that it is possible to script out your story way in advance (like at least a whole season).
        2) Shows like the new BSG and Lost and old X-Files set up the idea that there are these Great Big Mysteries that will be revealed later.

        But since the writers on those shows don’t really have a grand plan, but they act like they do, they’re being disingenuous and misleading the audience to gain ratings.

        In fact (to bring my rambling back to a semblance of being on topic), you could almost say shows like Lost and the new BSG lie to the audience in a manner similar to the way IM-MMO clowns do.

        The key difference being that shows like BSG and Lost only ever promised to be entertainment whereas scammers always promise “and you can too!” which is way more evil, especially when you say it to people who are hurting badly but still have hope.

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

  8. I would like to share with Jeremy Johnson something I learned by first grade:

    “It doesn’t pay to taunt the biggest kid on the block.”

    I predict he will be pulling steel-toed boots out of his ass for years.

    1. @Carl ::

      He’s like “mom they’re working together against me” … NO they’re not … but they should be … and if you keep it up maybe they will be.

  9. I tried posting to that evilFTC site…but to no avail…guess I have to type to his shills here…

    There is no innocent until proven guilty in this case. After all if that was the case the assets of JJ would still be where he could access them. RIGHT?? I believe for the government to sell his personal items is to say he is guilty… BUT WAIT !! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TRIAL????? – S. Vogel

    no shit, Shillock…there is no innocent until proven guilty…perhaps you missed this…

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a civil complaint against Johnson in December 2010 on behalf of numerous people alleged to have been defrauded by Johnson’s various companies.


    funds/assets were seized by a court order granted by a judge in CIVIL proceedings. Presumption of innocence [[aka “innocent until proven guilty”]] has to do with criminal offences [[ie:the charge of mail fraud which came later]]…there is no “guilt” or “innocence” in civil proceedings….there are only judgements/motions/orders/etc in favor of the plaintiff or defendant…not guilt or innocence…so your statement [[and excessive use of capitals and punctuation]] just proves what a fucking idiot you are…..sorry…my bad…I should have prefaced that with, “with all due respect”…

    1. @Jack, Evidently, Jeremy Johnson has yet to read the advice in my previous comment, so I will repeat it here:

      Something I learned by first grade:

      “It doesn’t pay to taunt the biggest kid on the block.”

      I maintain my prediction that he will be pulling steel-toed boots out of his ass for years.

  10. WT…F?? Why can somebody tell me is Jon M. Taylor, MBA, PhD from MLM-TheTruth making comments to the EvilFTC site???

    and hilarironically tell mr. Johnson:

    “When Jon Leibowitz became Chairman, we had reason to hope that the Commission would be reinvigorated in carrying out its mission to protect against “unfair and deceptive acts or practices” in the marketplace.”

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