Black America Online

... put a "B" on it

Did you know that black people like using the Internets just as much as white people?

Yep :: it’s totally true … they love it!

But the blacks have high standards :: having grown accustomed to special but equal facilities created with their specific concerns in mind … or something. They can’t be settling for no white man’s Internet … I guess.

Maybe those are some of the considerations that led Stephen Pierce to found Black America Online {or maybe it was the love of other people’s money}.

From a 1997 article by Peter Kaplan in The Washington Times {not available online} …

“The business plan circulated by Black America Online in December 1995 reads like a golden opportunity. The company projected it would have 2,500 subscribers within six months, 22,500 by the end of the first year and 30,000 six months after that.

For those 12 months, BAOL would rake in more than $3.8 million in revenue, with a profit margin of at least 70 percent, according to the projections. By 2000, the company would be clearing $17.6 million in revenues and $10.5 million in profit.

“Who said it has to be hard?” reads a statement tucked in with the projections.

Just as impressive are the descriptions of BAOL’s top executives, brothers Stephen “Roc” Pierce, 27, and Thomas “Pakii” Pierce, 28. The business plan calls Stephen Pierce a “self-styled aggressive marketing guru” who was “rapidly becoming one of the nation’s most successful debt negotiators and marketing consultants.” Thomas is billed as a “skilled decision maker” and a “dynamic speaker” with experience in business administration.

But what appealed most to potential investors was their ambitious social agenda. The Internet, they said, could be used to educate blacks.”

Stephen Pierce is going to save the blacks! This is awesome … they must be so excited.

“We feel that as high entrepreneurs, we have an obligation to educate and inform our community,” Stephen Pierce said in an interview with Sun Reporter, a weekly San Francisco newspaper.

“We know that African Americans are lagging behind other groups in Internet use, but the numbers are improving. We want to help not only for our own benefit, but for the benefit of children who will have more educational resources at their disposal, businesses that will increase their bottom line and black people in general who are missing out on the wealth of information in cyberspace.”

Children are the future :: Whitney Houston told Stephen “Roc” Pierce about it in a hit song :: and he believed. It’s all about the children … and the blacks … and did I mention the blacks?

“Connecting and educating our black nation is priority, empowering and prospering our black nation is an urgency, uniting and loving our black nation is a must!” the company’s business plan says.

… dot dot dot … give me your mother fucking money!

It sounds like a bad idea :: and it reeks of the exploitation of a dreadfully serious battle fought by many generations of brave souls … but …

Still, Stephen Pierce was able to recruit prominent blacks, including entertainer Dick Gregory, to help promote Black America Online through the Internet.

The company won enthusiastic write-ups in trade magazines and newspapers. Stephen Pierce was even scheduled to speak at a seminar to be held by Black Enterprise magazine.

Joe Madison, a D.C. radio talk show host with WWRC-AM, said the Pierces signed him to a contract to be a spokesman for the company.

“He said they had a lot of investors, and it was a growth company,” Mr. Madison said. “I said, Well, this is a new arena, especially for African Americans. And it was wide open.’ My position was: Let’s give them a chance.”

When Stephen Pierce showed up at his Montgomery County home, Mr. Madison recalls, he arrived in a chauffeured limousine. The two sat down at a computer and watched as BAOL’s chat room filled up with subscribers.

“I was just impressed,” Mr. Madison said. “Everything he said seemed to be in place.”

The Pierces inspired similar confidence in others who invested in BAOL. One of them, Denver clothing designer Brendalinell Carhee, fronted the company $50,000 in cash and equipment and even helped arrange a corporate credit account with American Express.

But alas :: this is The Salty Droid so I’m sure you can guess where all this blacktrepreneurialism is heading …

It wasn’t long, however, before she and other associates started noticing troubling signs at BAOL. The company’s server was often out of service, and subscribers sometimes had to communicate through America Online to get access codes to BAOL.

Funny … but not good.

The “company” only lasted a couple of months.

But by the end of the year, BAOL was off line for good. When Ms. Carhee and other investors and business associates started trying to find the Pierces, they said, their phone calls went unanswered. Eventually, the Pierces’ phone numbers were disconnected.

“They, to this day, have not sent a letter, a postcard — nothing to the people that invested money,” Ms. Carhee said.

BAOL’s publicist, Hyattsville-based Leslie Communications, also has tried in vain to find the Pierces so it could serve them with a civil suit. According to company President John Leslie, the Pierces owe more than $3,000.

On New Year’s Eve, Ms. Carhee received a letter from American Express demanding that she repay $18,000 that had been charged on BAOL’s corporate credit account. The charges, she said, included televisions, stereos and clothes.

“I just about lost it,” she said. “There was not one thing on there related to the running of Black America Online.”

Turns out the only black Stephen Pierce cared about was Stephen Pierce.

“When Ms. Carhee looked more closely into the Pierces’ background, she said, she discovered the company had been run out of the home of the brothers’ parents. Stephen Pierce, she said, never finished high school. And neither brother had any prior computer experience …”

Gosh :: this Stephen Pierce sounds like a real piece of shit … maybe he should get into Internet Marketing.

>> bleep bloop

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  1. I wonder where SD’s going on this one. He’s starting with a small-time fraud more than a decade ago. What kind of bomb will he drop on Stephen Pierce before he’s done?

    1. @Just Jake,

      Yes, Stephen Pierce is a small time fraudster, unless he took $5,000, $10,000, or even $20,000 of YOUR money. In which case, he is the worst con artist in the world and the only one that you care about. I think this Black America Online was just a start for Stephen Pierce. He has since been fined by the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission. You can read that story here

      Someone ought to call that rosemarie and see if she knows that Stephen Pierce is still up to his old tricks.

      1. @Fayedimarco,

        I get your point about the scam only being “small-time” when it’s not YOUR money. And anyone who’s been reading @SD for a while knows often it’s your last $5,000, or $5,000 that should’ve gone to your mortgage, or $5,000 on your credit card because you couldn’t really afford $5,000.

        I think @Just Jake’s point was that @SD usually opens with a “Hello” teaser that gives us a brief glimpse into the scammer in question. If BAOL was just the start for Stephen Pierce, then it’s just the start for @SD. I’m sure we’ll read about the 2003 FTC proceedings and what he’s been up to since then. I’ll bet it will tie into The Syndicate, and I hope we’ll get to see or hear some juicy “insider” conversations.

        1. @Lanna,

          If you only have $5K left and you choose to invest in an obvious scam over paying your mortgage, you deserve whatever you get. Scams can’t profligate without people being greedy enough to fall for them.

          What people forget is that the greed street runs both ways.

          1. @Anonymous,

            I fixed it for you!

            If you only have $5K left and you choose to invest in a cunning conman’s well-concealed scam over paying your mortgage, you deserve sympathy. Scams can’t profligate without ruthless psychopaths being greedy enough to work them.

            What people forget is that the karma runs both ways. Enjoy prison, Death Ray.

          2. @Anonymous, The people I know who spend their last 5K or 1K or whatever aren’t greedy they’re desperate. And the scammers work exceptionally well on desperate people. Read their scam copy carefully and you’ll notice they’ve changed it a bit in this economy to appeal more to desperation than greed.

  2. Well….
    At least Stephen Pierce puts family first.
    I mean, he would never set a bad example, playing into stereotypes by leaving a wife and children to pursue fame and fortune.

    Certainly the Peter Lowe seminars have not gone to his head….
    (sarcasm intended)

  3. Those who invested money into BAOL should have done a little more due diligence on the guys. Just maybe…

      1. @Orenthal,

        Oh no! I might get accused by the droid for blaming the victims [sarcasm]. He might tear my made up handle ‘deuce monkey’ apart.

        There was no blaming. Just stating an obvious point that before anyone invests in any company – they should really know who they are investing in.

        Save a response to this for a more worthy comment, please.

      2. @Orenthal,

        Actually, it’s not so clear cut. @SD hates victim blaming, true. But @SD has also said that when the “victim” is an organization or company that is, itself, responsible and answerable to employees and/ shareholders, then that organization or company has a responsibility to those employees and/or shareholders to do due diligence.

        So.. yeah.. hard to say. *shrug*

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @Deuce Monkey,

      I agree. But then I was never in the presence of anyone with as much charisma and charm as Stephen Piece. He is just the best con man there is. He makes you believe.

      1. @Fayedimarco ::

        He’s not that good … it’s just not very hard.

        The best con men have titles other than con man.

        @DeuceMonkey ::

        Due diligencing an Internet opportunity in the 90’s wouldn’t have been easy task. But yeah.

  4. If you are a Syndicate member/buddy, you must by a shameless fucking creep with a shaft-people-for-any-reason-because-i’m-worth-it thing going on with you … or you can’t be part of the club.

  5. Another phony Guru who FAILED before he became a PHONY marketing guru

    Here’s a fact that goes unnoticed: the marketing techniques these jackasses use to sell frauducts don’t work in real business.

    Selling to someone other than a Make Money Online Biz Op buyer requires the facts not only need to be not only to be shared but PROVEN.

    The mind of the BIZ OP seeker is fixated on quitting a job or paying bills or the fantasy of being on a beach sipping drinks and they OVERLOOK many gaping holes

    Here’s another fact: these so called marketing techniques these phony guru’s use aren’t actually marketing techniques…they’re lies that they wrap in a marketing technique

    If I lie in banner ads does online media buying work

    If I lie all over my sales video does using sales videos increase conversion?

    you get the point

    They make all their money from SELLING lies as fact

    That doesn’t work in the REAL world

    Stephen Pierce is not the ONLY person who failed at EVERYTHING they did before they got in the Make Money Online biz op world

    I would be willing to make a bet they BELIEVE they’re bullshit marketing ‘ideas’ would work in the real world but they DON’T

    Last fact: It’s VERY EASY to sell a make money frauduct…it’s also very EASY to sell a boatload of these frauducts

    That’s gotta change

    Salty keep up the ONSLAUGHT about the failed backgrounds…I’m sure they will spin past failures to trick others into thinking they struggled just like them

    They failed in the real world because they were dumb fucks

    They put money in the bank because they lie to people who are desperate for a better life…

    I defy anyone to name a phony biz op guru who had success in the real world before getting into make money online frauduct business

    1. @Shit Storm, and now thanks to the Third Tribers it’s not just about pina coladas on the beach – it’s living your purpose, defining your dream, being heart centered, maxing your creativity and getting out there and “connecting” – which all boils down to the same BS with a new mask.

    2. @Shit Storm,

      Stephen Pierce would respectfully disagree that he is a dumb fuck. In fact, this very day he offers an innocent and heartfelt explanation for the failure of Black America Online.

      Read in his own words from
      I’m guilty of having been one of the smaller little start ups in the late 1990′s with a great idea… gone bad. Remember this…
      Webvan (1999-2001) raised $375 million in an IPO and they failed, but the failure of Webvan didn’t make it scam. (1998-2000) and raised 82.5 million in an IPO in February 2000 before collapsing nine months later. failure didn’t make it a scam. (1998-2001) raised about $280 million and even secured a $150 million promotion deal with Starbucks. But it failed, yet Kozmo’s faiure didn’t make it a scam.

      …now, in the late 1990′s I started an online venture with just under $100,000 in investor capital. It worked for several months and people were singing my praises… and then it failed… and the small handful of investors cried foul and said it was scam …WTF, are they on medication?

      Bernie Madoff, now that’s a scam. What I had was (for a lot less money than the body count above) …a failed business model and lost pennies by comparison to the bigger flops of that time.

      In my mind, we got off easy. We failed fast with a smaller amount.

      WOW (Words Of Wisdom) Moment: It’s better to fail fast and cheap, than to fail slow and expensive.

      LESSON LEARN: When people invest in a business and it’s going great, you’re a divine intervention in their life, but when that business fails you’re the devil and you ran a scam. Go big, but make sure you go big with investors and partners who have the stomach and guts and understand the risk. That when the ideas wins, you all win equally based on shares but if it losses, you all lose equally, also based on shares. But no one person becomes the scapegoat of convenient blame.

      1. @pammy, When I read about what he told us to go look at Bernie Madoff it reminded me of a fundamental-principle of scammer-dection…One good way to spot the scammer is when they say, “I’m not the scammer – THAT guy is.”

      2. @pammy, right-o. Stephen pierce is right about one thing. He isn’t a con man because he failed in business. That happens. But it smells like a con when he spends other people’s money on clothes, tvs, andl limos, fails to disclose these expenses, blind-sides investors and then runs and hides in Michigan(?) when the law comes looking for him. . Rinse and repeat in Michigan. Fined by the CFTC and runs to Texas. Rinse and repeat in Texas. Unpaid vendors and affiliates chasing him now. Maybe I don’t know how to tell the difference between a business failure and a con man but I sure recognize a pattern of behavior.

  6. Just what is a “high entrepreneur” anyway? I’m seeing visions of Method Man and Redman in that movie “How High” but what do I know.

    The last time I paid any attention to this guy, he was driving around in a bus “Sarah Palin style” as a motivational speaker or something like that.

    1. @Ryan Healy,

      I followed your link and found this sad story:

      As a senior citizen, I was really excited that I had found a way to save my retirement. I did everything that the program asked of me. Since my wife works outside the home, I did the work. I researched key words and put up 3 blogs. Now I needed help to monetize the site. That is why we are doing this, right? To make back that $5,000 thousand investment?

      Naïve as it sounds, I actually expected the money to come rolling in. What a joke. I called the Stephen Pierce office repeatedly and no one answers the phone. I sent in trouble tickets asking for help to Nothing. Nada. Nill. No response. Meanwhile I am doing my own best effort to monetize the site, but I have made less than $10 from my effort.

      From: which was linked to from the page you linked to.

      I find it so sad that these poor senior citizens are spending their retirement money on these scams. I always thought it was young people with extra money who were trying out IM, but the more I read, the more I realize it is often vulnerable older people who are falling for the scammers.

    2. @Ryan Healy,

      I also followed the link and found someone who got help in getting arefund. This is what she said happened:

      “The AG office sent my complaint to the Wa St dept of Financial Institutes, Security Division. A William McGinty is very interested in finding and receiving more information about Pierce. Mcgintys’ fax is: 360-902-0524, phone is:360-902-8745.


      BTW I read a bunch of the stories on that site and Stephen Pierce is a heartless cold blooded con artist

    3. @Ryan Healy,

      That site is brilliant and God bless the person who put it out there. Stephen Piece attorney Kevin Vela is harassing former employees to take it down; he even sued one of them and wont drop the suit until this person finds out who owns that site. Now I ask you, how long has Stephen Pierce been in the internet business and he cant find out who owns a domain?!? Gimme a fricking break, bro!! Is there any way to protect yourself against bully like this guy who want to stop free speech when it turns on them?

  7. Wait, you mean this Stephen Pierce?

    Secrets to Creating Wealth: Learn How to Create Outrageous Wealth with Only Two Pennies to Rub Together

    or this one…

    The Essential Clickbank Guide – where Stephen will teach you step by step how to defraud n00bs on the innerwebs by inflating your stats and showing fake testimonials… and you can too!

    or perhaps this one?

    Make REAL Money on the Internet – ie, not “fake unicorn monies” on the innernets.

    How strange that the “investors” that have been chasing after him have not been able to find him. It took me 3 seconds to pull those up on Amazon. Maybe Ms. Carhee should attend blogworld or something and track him down there. Surely he’s somewhere in San Diego living the high life with the B teamers.

    Just a thought, Ms. Carhee… if you want your monies back, that is.

  8. not sure why my last comment didn’t post, but I’ll try this again…

    Ms. Carhee should look no further than the next Internet Marketing Circle Jerk, er. “Conference” to find Mr. Pierce. Perhaps Blogworld even? But it certainly couldn’t be too hard to find the guy who published these gems:

    “Secrets to Creating Wealth: Learn How to Create Outrageous Wealth with Only Two Pennies to Rub Together” by Stephen Pierce

    (2 pennies to millions, and you can too!)

    “The Essential Clickbank Guide” by Stephen Pierce (Kindle Edition – Mar 29, 2011)

    (it is “essential” that you falsify testimoanials and inflate income claims, if you wanna make the big monies!)

    and my personal favorite:

    “Make Real Money On The Internet” by Stephen Pierce (Paperback – 2008)

    (not fake unicorn monies)

    hrm, I’m liking where this is going, Droid.

    Bring it ON!

  9. I have a feeling this is going to get really good. I’ve heard some private scuttlebutt about Pierce and the atrocious way he treats his employees (and the contempt he and many of his colleagues actually have for the customers who buy their crap).

    Also of note, Pierce is yet another name in the rogue’s gallery of partners of notorious (water-boarding, Shurtleff-aiding) Utah boiler room Prosper. And in a related note, the founders of Prosper have come out with a new “bestselling” book called “Prosper: Create The Life You Really Want.” The “About Prosper” section in the back matter mentions that Prosper carefully vets its partners to make sure they adhere to the highest standards of ethics and conduct. Stephen Pierce is mentioned by name in that stellar group (along with Joe Vitale, John Assaraf, etc.). And in the “About the Authors” section, we’re told that founding partner Ethan Willis’ companies (yes, plural) have been recognized as “one of the best places to work in Utah.” Uh-huh.

    Go, Salty.

    1. @Cosmic Connie, OMFGSMUSITHTTWMUATMATIJABD! (Oh my fucking god, slap me upside in the head there to wake me up and tell me about that it’s just a bad dream).

      “About the Author

      Ethan Willis is the CEO of Prosper and has been recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young in 2005 and as one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs by Vspring. His work in the field of entrepreneurship has been featured in such media as BusinessWeek, USA Today, and CNBC. He is coauthor of the #1 New York Times Business bestselling book The One Minute Entrepreneur with his friend and mentor Ken Blanchard. He is an Alumni of BYU and Harvard Business School.

      Randy Garn is one of the founding members of Prosper and serves as the organization’s Chief Relations Officer. He previously served as the company’s president for more than seven years, overseeing the business during the beginning phases of the company’s growth. He was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young in 2005. He is an Alumni of BYU and Harvard Business School.”

        1. @Jack, And just look at the list of luminaries who praised the book. Several comments are on the Amazon page, and there are more to see when you search inside the book. Most if not all are Prosper “partners.” I know, big surprise.

          1. I just came across this June 2011 bit about Prosper being granted a patent “protecting its method for marketing and delivery of financial coaching services.”

            (And if this has been mentioned somewhere on this forum before, I apologize for the redundancy.)

            Co-founder Randy Garn is quoted in the article as saying, “A patent on our coaching system not only benefits Prosper and its employees, but it also assures our business partners and students that they are working with a front-runner in the industry. This patent will further separate Prosper as the most mature and trustworthy source of one-on-one personal coaching.”

            And here’s Ethan Willis: “A key differentiation of the Prosper model is our ability to find people who will not only benefit from our program, but who are also most likely to excel. Receiving this patent further positions Prosper as a leader in the distance education industry and ensures that Prosper will be able to continue to match the right student with the right program.”

            Debbies of the world, hang on to your credit/debit cards. (I realize it wasn’t Prosper that bamboozled poor Debbie, but the bidness model is the same.)

            Of course, as more and more of Prosper’s “partners” — including but not limited to Stephen Pierce — are exposed as hucksters and scammers, and as an increasingly harsh spotlight is shone on Prosper’s business practices, you kind of have to wonder about the value of that patent.

            1. @Cosmic Connie,

              It is sort of an automated sociopathic scamming system that among other things calculates “a behavior-based quality rating reflecting the business opportunity value of the potential customer.”

              Want to guess what “business opportunity value” means?

              Maybe “naivete + desperation + available credit”?

              No doubt they want to license this “system” to others in the biz.

              Patent #7949588,

            2. @Cosmic Connie, I think it’s time for them to go study the 45 – 425 Million Corpora made by the Brigham Young Linguistics man Mark Davies to find jump-brain some words-in-phrases to make their patent-description more accurate in-line with the info on SD.

    2. @Cosmic Connie, According to Prosper – trusty BBB now runs commercial featuring them:

      “The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has featured Prosper Inc in a special televised commercial that will air for two weeks on KUTV/CBS and KSL/NBC. The commercial promotes credibility and reliability with businesses in this economic environment. BBB Accredited businesses must meet certain standards to qualify for accredited business status and to remain an accredited business.”

      I remembered about SD talking about abc-expose on BBB and found:

          1. @Monty J. Pythonowski, Why don’t the police or the FTC do something about Stephen Pierce? Why is this not illegal?

            1. @Jennifer Spinnin, You mean FTC that gave BBB this testimonial:

              “The BBB is a fine example of a well-functioning, self-regulatory agency, and I appreciate its efforts on behalf of American consumers.”

              – Deborah Platt Majores, Chairman, Federal Trade Commission

              Or FTC that partnered with BBB for this:

              Or FTC that co-sponsors with BBB

              Maybe FTC doesn’t want to have to investigate the FTC for all their miscalculations about BBB’s “fine example of well-functioning, self-regulatory agency”.

    3. @Cosmic Connie, Prosper knows all about Stephen Pierce ongoing practice of unpaid affiliates, vendors, landlords, credit cards, and taxes. Is that what they mean by requiring “the highest standards of ethics and conduct” from their partners?? ……Damnit Randy….and I thought you were different than the others…

  10. Seriously?!?! Come ON! I mean, I know we all just read that post on psychopaths and how nothing is sacred and they will play on those emotions that make us most human…… but come ON! In the past few months we’ve had the gender special interest scam factory that is Naomi Dunford, then there was the physical-disability special interest scam (I’m looking at you Anik) and now we have the afro-centric scam!

    It’s not bad enough that they steal money from people driving them into bankruptcy and breaking families apart. Now they are muddling up important social issues that so many good people put a ton of time and energy (some even devoting their lives) into resolving.

    There are just so many layers of parasitic behavior. These psychopaths take the one thing that makes us more human than them (empathy, compassion, etc) and weaponize it to use it against us and steal our moniez, they take the fact that we dream and desire for a better life for ourselves and family….and weaponize it to use it against us and steal our moniez. They take our desire for social justice and equality and a general desire for the underrepresented to succeed and have access to so many resources so many of us take for granted……and they fucking weaponize it to use it against us and steal our moniez.

    Enough. I’ve reached my limit of this bullshit. I’m not sure what will be of most use but I feel that it’s time to take action. The first thing that comes to mind is create a list of these scammers, the places their companies are located and the politicians (and states attorneys associated with them). If we put that up, everyone here can contact those people with their complaints. If enough do it then perhaps they have to do SOMETHING. I hate the idea that there’s nothing I can do…that these asshats are free to scam and I, as an upstanding and productive citizen, can’t do a damn thing to stop them from mucking things up.

    Perhaps we can also follow the example of Anthony Navarro and start a site that is geared towards those looking at buying these frauducts and then include the personal accounts of people who have been scammed.

    Just brainstorming here….but I’ve really just had it. Anyone else got some ideas or feedback?

    1. @@Whatthewhat,

      You seem to imply that no action is being taken now. But in fact Salty Droid is taking action by creating this website and exposing the scammers. This site is a powerful antidote to places like the warrior forum which sets dollar signs dancing in front of everyone’s eyes. People can now find this site when they are searching for info on the frauducts. I think this site is wonderful and is doing a world of good.

      1. @Pat,

        Not knocking this site or what salty is doing but we all need to stop smoking the salty droid website site will get this stopped crack pipe

        These scammers haven’t slowed down one bit..we need to take more direct action

        This website isn’t enough…reporting them sporadically isn’t enough

        salty isn’t enough

        We need to be much more diligent…much more direct

        1. @Anonymous, I made a comment about some ideas for it on SD a while back which I can post here for you and other people again (I put into it new resource-links, too).

          It means that there are MANY ways to fight a battle, but we have to pull out ALL the guns, because no ONE gun is going to do it. The only thing that can be done is to keep trying to minimize their impact.

          All the big guns we have available to us already but the key to unlock the power is to increase the number of people who can organize them and can have the will to make it get done:

          * Law Enforcement
          * Market disruption sites like SD site
          * Petitions & complaints to advertising venues
          * Public humiliation of perpetrators and also for the people and companies that facilitiate them like TechCrunch did with Facebook & Post Transaction Processing Wall of Shame

          The Syndicate is so deeply entrenched and the SD site hasn’t been here so long really history-wise, so I think it’s so early to say that nothing is having an impact. I bet if you looked back 3 years ago or less there wouldn’t be so many other sites proactively taking a stance against syndicate shenanigans (and related shenanigan-scams)

          Law Enforcement hasn’t stepped up to this much but they have stepped up and no longer just are chasing the bizop envelope shuffling scams – they now go for people who believe they can never be taken down, like when now they go after:
          FTC vs. Jeff Paul & John Beck & John Alexander
          Russ Dalbey

          The two are important because mr. Paul espec is a secret star of many syndicate members & there are others who are easily vulnerable to FTC attack.

          2 other important “can’t touch me cases” to be found:

          Jess Willms
          Jeremy Johnson (remember iWorks was around for a very long time).

          And even though you will still see TV commercials for the likes of the man cosmic connie calls mr. TrueDough have started operating their businesses offshore and that’s a sign for them to know they are no longer a “main stream” con, but now a real “catch” for law enforcement.

          The answers are obvious but I don’t think can ever be totally effective but at least can be MORE effective.

          File complaints
          – Make your own blog or site or videos
          Organize boycotts against even local stations that run ads
          – Name names of people who promote the bad crap for us – although one fake robot once said that “Parables are better than lists” – it really depends who’s behind the list and the facts and data beyhind it (it’s too easy to just make a mcArthy type blacklist with no evidence).
          – I want for us to all go and get to learn about and then know about the potential fighting allies vulneralbilities (maybe like an AG being an elected official not stopping a scam, NBC running a show tied to shady characters – covered right here on SD, going against affiliate networks or managers facilitating scams).

          I can keep making more and can even put up some good ways to organize more if you want it, too.

          but HUMOR is a real weapon as too much of history has shown and SD is maybe one of the biggest humor-bombs in this marketplace of shadiness yet today.

          1. @Jack, As I was writing my original post I recalled someone (turns out it was you…thanks btw) that had listed some action steps….i just couldn’t remember what post it was on and wasn’t able to find it. Thanks for posting it here again.

        2. @, What action do you suggest? How about a Son-of-Salty website, so the whole issue of scammers can own more online real estate.

      2. @Pat, it’s funny that you said that…while I was writing my prior comment I had included a line in there about how Salty’s website serves several purposes, including but not limited to (and in no particular order of importance) pissing off the scammers, warning would-be “marks” of these scams, and generally shining a light on the dark underbelly of this purported “industry”.

        I took it out because I thought it was taking me a bit off point. I don’t deny that Salty is doing all of these things. I was more focusing on the idea of “Ok. Salty has done his part. Now what part do I play in this? What action can I take?”

        I heartily agree with you on the benefits this site provides.

    2. @@Whatthewhat,

      I agree completely. Salty has done a great job, but there needs to be more than one site. If a site is optimized for the con man’s name, then it is easier for potential victims to find it IF they do any due diligence at all. I’m in on helping with that website to expose these guys. I lost some money to Stephen “I’m too sexy for my shirt” Pierce and would love to get me some revenge.

      1. @Jennifer Spinnin ::

        The trouble is that life is much more complex than SEO. There’s a site for every internet marketer and self help faker in the biz. But people rarely see them … and when they do they are preconditioned to write them off as authored by jealous haters who didn’t want to put in the effort … blah blah blah.

        People have to go to jail … it’s the only real solution for a problem this big. I didn’t think that at first … but I’m convinced of it now.

        People need to go to jail … and that’s out of all our hands.

        1. @SD, Maybe not entirely out of our hands. We can encourage victims to contact their state Attorney General like the woman in Washington did. Or their local police. Of course, it gets easier when victims band together to complain.

          1. @Jennifer Spinnin, Good for the start, but still too much problem with how legal-process goes about…with too much fake-fining and not enough real-jailing.

  11. My only experience with Stephen Pierce was hearing him speak at a StomperNet conference. He told a story about being shot (i.e. with a gun). Andy Jenkins then said he was also shot once. And if I recall correctly, so was Ross Goldberg (or did he say he was just a drug dealer, but never shot?).

    I fully accept that it’s possible for someone to rise up from disadvantaged socio-economic circumstances, and it would be wrong to blame the victims of violence (no less, gun violence), but…

    I submit to you that it’s not a coincidence that so many of these guys (speaking at the same conference no less) were shot at, dealing drugs, or involved with criminal behavior of one kind or another before they got into Internet marketing.

    At heart, they are hustlers. If they stumbled upon the most legitimate business model in the world, they’d find a way to turn it into a con of one kind or another.

    P.S. When these guys get up on stage and talk about being shot or dealing drugs or their “bad past,” they are always careful to preface it by saying it’s not something they are proud of…which of course, is why they bring it up on stage, in front of hundreds of people and video cameras. Not because they think it’s cool.

    P.P.S. Props to Brad Fallon for reminding us that a poor socio-economic background is not needed to be a to-the-bone hustler. Lawyerly types in nice suits can rob victims blind just as capably.

    1. @andyhair,

      love the post…

      What a surprise many internet scammers had criminal activity in their backgrounds

      Selling money making scams online doesn’t get you shot so I can see why they got out of the drug trade

      Going from drug dealer to internet con man is a lateral move

      1. @Shit Storm, the law and morality do not map onto each other well. Every profession-from hooking to dealing to trimming shrubs to look like penises- provides a good or service for a price. Fair enough. The other side is the con, which gives slim to nothing for a price. To be a con artist crack dealer, one must sell _fake_ crack. Else he’s legit. In short, the move you describe is not a lateral move at all.

      2. @Shit Storm,

        I feel I have to respectfully disagree; the internet con men are worse than drug dealers- when someone is selling drugs, it’s an honest transaction of an intoxicating substance, some of which are arbitrarily illegal.

        I don’t want to get into a debate about pros and cons of legalization, but I do want to say that I just got a six pack of my favorite drug this morning, and am enjoying the first of my six doses right now, and I don’t hold it against the guy who owns the mini-mart.

        These con men, on the other hand, don’t satisfy any demand at all- they lie and say they will satisfy yearnings for a better life, solve financial problems, etc., but none of it is true, they just take peoples money and give worthless hard drive clutter in return.

        Being a scammer is a step (or more) down from being a drug dealer. It’s about as low a way to get money as there is.

        1. @Grover Lembeck,

          I doubt these guys were honest drug dealers, just sellin’ a safe, effective product that happens to be illegal. They were probably the ones selling oregano as weed and gravel as crack. Like @andyhair said, they’d find a way to turn any business into a con.

          We’ve been commenting in circles about psychopaths versus sociopaths versus DSM-IV categories, but the drug dealing and involvement in violence (even as victims) paints these guys as much closer to the DSM-IV’s Antisocial Personality Disorder than white-collar slag Naomi Dunford. According to
          Wikipedia’s APD entry, they can tick three boxes and win an APD diagnosis:
          > “failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest”
          > “conning others for personal profit or pleasure”
          > “reckless disregard for safety of self or others”

    2. @andyhair,

      I submit to you that it’s not a coincidence that so many of these guys (speaking at the same conference no less) were shot at, dealing drugs, or involved with criminal behavior of one kind or another before they got into Internet marketing.

      Well, first, the white guys in the room may have just said that to avoid the appearance of being one-uped by the black guy.

      But basically, I agree with you–we shouldn’t be surprised that many of these guys may have actually been shot at. See, we’re pretty sure that all these guys are sociopaths. Assuming that to be true, we note one of the markers for a sociopath is “criminal versatility”. And one of the hazards for certain criminal activity is getting shot at. Therefore it’s perfectly likely that they have been shot at. Q.E.D.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

    3. @andyhair,

      Kevin Vela is Stephen Pierce very own “lawyer in a nice suit”. A pretty boy who enables Stephen Pierce to coerce employees, withhold paychecks, deny refunds, and avoid taxes. Stephen couldn’t run this scam another day without Kevin Vela. Nice work, pretty boy. How much is that retainer?

      1. @Brandon Parlett, What’s Vela’s website? I wonder how many other scammers he represents. The only thing worst than a scammer is the attorney that enables them!

    4. @andyhair,

      A few years ago, before I realized that ALL, ALL of these fuckers are scam artists, I bought Piereces’ Make Real Money On the Internet Book (well, actually it was free as long as I paid $10 shipping).

      I was not interested in actually using it to make any real or imagined money, but bought as more of a exercise.

      It’s as shitty as you might expect…no REAL information on how to do anything..just exhortations and generic suggestions.

      He’s a douche like all the rest of them.

      The IM world is another manifestation/infestation of the same tactics, ethics and illegality of multilevel marketing.

      Dan Kennedy was in Amway (maybe even his parents, too) when he very young. He learned his lessons well. Interestingly, Jeff Paul was DK’s de facto partner for many years.

      Now, Jeff Paul has the Feds up his ass…

      …DK spawns, trains and supports these cocksuckers, yet he’s NEVER implicated?

  12. I think the writing in this article is perfectly hilarious. Great way to show the stupidity of the idea that black people need their own channel into the internet. Like they can’t find their own way online like everyone else. People all over the world manage to find their way around online without help, but no! Black people need special assistance. Talk about stereotypes!

    1. @Pat,

      wul me

      A gurl was walkin2 skewl wit her bf n they were crossin da rode

      she sed “bbz will u luv? me 4evr”

      he sed “NO..””

      da gurl cryed N ran across da rode b4 da green man came on the sine.

      boy was cryin and went to pic up her body.

      she was ded.

      he whispered 2 her corpse “I ment 2 sey i will luv u FIVE-ever…” (dat mean he luv her moar den 4evr)

      xxx~*…like dis if u cry evry time…~*xxx

        1. @Former employee, YOU ARE CORRECT-A-MUNDO!!!!! Mandalay on The Lakes Apartments – 720 Carolyn Pkwy. – Irving, Texas. Need a refund??? Mail him your nastygram. Although, he still won’t honor your request – but Good Luck. Stephen Pierce needs to go to Jail and then burn in Hell! This man deserves everything he has coming to him. :0)

      1. @Booger Jones,

        Texas real estate is cheap, so don’t let the looks of the place fool you. I can’t remember the figure now, but I believe he spent in the neighborhood of 500-800K for it. I know it was well under a million.

        If you go on Zillow, you’ll see his neighbors’ homes are selling in the 100’s now. Beautiful house, but he didn’t pay millions like he intimates.

    1. @Jack, Notice how @1:06 of this last video, the interviewer asks him for “an example” of a company who had done what he had just suggested that people do… BUT instead of giving her an example, he goes into another lecture on what people should do.

      This is how you catch a con-man… Ask him for an example of someone doing what they are trying to sell as a proven method and watch as they spins into another lecture… Because he/they have no example of someone doing what they suggested, with successful results! All he has is regurgitated advice… No substance.

      If she were a real journalist, she would have called him on it.

      But she’s not.

      Just like he’s not a success.

      But, hey… Just ask Frank Kern or Brendon Burchard… It’s not lying, it’s marketing! It’s not fraudulent, it’s positioning!


      1. @How to catch a conman, I see it now. More fun about $500,000:

        “He discovered he had a knack for picking out stocks. After a year of giving his stock tips away for free on a forum, and discovering his tips were worth $725K profit to anyone who had followed them, he started a membership site even though he didn’t know how to put together a website. He sent out an email to the 1,200 people on his email list and waited. After that first $350 order came in several minutes later, the momentum didn’t stop. Pierce made $500K that first year and now, ten years later, grosses $10 million per year selling products on several websites as well as a lucrative speaking career.”

        That seems to be around year 2000 based on domain-registrations noted below in my post about CFTC action – so 5 years after 1995 BAOL scam he still doesn’t know how to build website?…or was he just “making shit up”?

        1. @Jack, That’s pretty funny considering his “stock picking experience” was all theoretical and not actual (unbeknownst to his customers), according to that consent action.

    2. @Jack,

      Everyone should note who this is interviewing him…”Celebration” is, if I’m not mistaken, a spin off of the 700 Club and a product of The Christian Broadcasting Network.

      (I am biting my tongue right now really hard…trying not to ask the obvious question…”Who is the real scam artist in this scene?”)

      You can fill in the rest of blanks, citing Bakker, Hinn, Roberts etc.

      The funny bit is…here’s Pierce borrowing the “credibility” of this program to scam people on his program.

      I also wonder aloud if there was some affiliate relationship.

  13. @Internet Marketing for Dummies

    At least Stephen Pierce puts family first.”

    “Imagine helping your husband build one of the most impressive Internet marketing companies and then a decade later having to walk away from it all and not be entitled to what you built?

    That is exactly what happened to Alicia Lyttle when she got a divorce from her former husband and the while recovering from her battle with cancer.”

    What a bunch of lovable guys…

    1. @Back in the day, They’re keepin’ it in the family. Check this out:

      Named in the letter: Alicia Pierce (“of Impulsive Profits, a leading Internet marketing firm”), Stephen Pierce, and Lorette Lyttle, dubbed “one of the best outsource project managers in the world.”

      Since Lyttle is Alicia’s maiden name, I assume Lorette is her mother or sister or some other relation.

      See also:

        1. @Jack,

          Alicia and Lorette Lyttle are sisters. They are both extremely nice people (so are their parents).

          I am sorry to see they are being dragged into this post because neither of them had anything to do with BAOL because they didn’t even know Pierce and his brother at the time.

          Focus on Stephen and Prosper. Leave his ex-wife and her sister out of it.

          1. @Status,

            “Imagine helping your husband build one of the most impressive Internet marketing companies and then a decade later having to walk away from it all and not be entitled to what you built?”

            I want to know about more of what capacity she helped build the business first – because the trail of shenanigans goes well behind the early years…it’s a long, long trail of years.

            1. @Jack, “beyond the early years” not “behind the early years” unless walking backwards in positive direction on time-line I guess.

          2. @Status, As Jack pointed out, this isn’t just about BAOL, but the Internet marketing businesses that followed.

            The reason I pointed out the relationship is because of what I read on the sales page. Specifically this:


            In addition to myself, the “Behind Closed Doors Home Study Course” features the expert advice and knowledge of Lorette Lyttle, one of the best outsource project managers in the world, and Alicia Pierce of Impulsive Profits, a leading Internet marketing firm.

            Both Lorette and Stephen were very hesitant to join me in this project but after months of cajoling, they relented and decided to participate and reveal their best-kept secrets for success.


            I find this bit of writing to be confusing (since Alicia is the one writing, and she mentions herself in the third person), as well as disingenuous.

            I sincerely doubt it took months of cajoling to get her own sister and husband to create an info-product with her. That’s all.

          3. @Status, Yeah, I agree.l I know his wife and Lorette and they are really generous, professional gals who provide their customer’s with a great service. Stephen Pierce lost the best thing he ever had when he lost Alicia. She covered his butt for years. Now it’s just hanging out there for all of us to see! GAG!!! I want to puke!!

            1. @Brandon Parlett, Maybe if Pierce’s “butt hadn’t been covered for years,” less people would have handed over their money to him. Just a thought.

              But since his now-ex is “really generous,” maybe she could give some of those people their money back.

              I know I’d feel like someone was being generous with me if they handed me back my own money, because that’s what generousity is all about. Giving people back what was once theirs. It’s never too late to be “generous!”

            2. @Brandon Parlett, BINGO!…exactly…Who’s the lucky winner?!

              “Nice” I don’t see about any way for us to measure it…but the give-back idea is definitely *measurable*.

              My sisters doll had a “nice” smile, but something to tell you about is that the rest of that doll made it scary for me.

            3. @Brandon Parlett, I used to work for Stephen & Alicia for 3 years. I’m thinking what you meant is she was had him do the stuff he needed or promised him to do. Once she left he went wild, and we all saw it. He locked her out of everything. She left with her car and some suitcases. You would think after being caught cheating and years of abuse he wouldn’t be such an asshole when she left him, but anyway. He opened an office, fired 15 of the staff members because he wanted a “fresh team” (and guess what – they have all since been fired or quit! haha) and he didn’t know how to even remotely run a business (but he thinks he does and tells everyone else they are idiots). When she was there she made him do as much as she could and we had no real problems until she left. We rarely had complaints. All these complaints and websites about him happened after he fired the team. He fired people who had been there for 5 years! She left and he stopped paying vendors, stopped paying affiliates, stopped delivering on what he promised, fired everyone (or they quit) who were part of the original team, it was a mess. The phone rang non-stop but no one of the new people he hired knew what to do and he wouldn’t let anyone talk to old employees. He has no clue how to run a business (but again, he thinks he does and even offers companies “corporate training” what a joke). From what I’ve heard, he won’t sign their divorce papers, he won’t sell the house, he hasn’t given her a penny of their joint assets. She is starting her life over with nothing but a car and and clothes, but in my opinion starting over with nothing is better than dealing with him! He’s such a jerk, even Stephen’s sister quit after Alicia left!

    1. @Jack, That is a different Stephen Pierce. OUR Stephen Pierce was too busy drinking his own Kool Aid and buffing up his biceps to get involved with Slimdown.

    1. @Allyn,

      I think the South African/Rhodesian white man accent ‘Blek’ gives it away, I’ll give you a thumbs up, neat.

  14. This I think has to be same:

    Because here:

    It tells us about Ann Arbor resident Stephen pierce with sites
    about Rapid Fire Swing Trading and Chart Traders

    and mr. Stephen Pierce of Ann Arbor had the-websites that time (one of also listing “Impulsive Profits” – as previously seen on Wannabe Producer’s post).

    “Domain Name:
    Creation Date: 2000-11-18 04:11:34 UTC
    Tech Name: Stephen A Pierce
    Tech Organization: Impulsive Profits, Inc.
    Tech Address: 2232 South Main Street #421
    Tech Address 2: 0
    Tech City: Ann Arbor
    Tech State/Province: MI

    Domain Name: CHARTTRADERS.COM Created: 2000-04-18
    Stephen Pierce
    361 Rolling Meadows Drive
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103

    “The CFTC order, entered on January 21, 2003, finds that, from approximately March 2000 through July 2002, Pierce, a registered commodity trading advisor (CTA), sold subscriptions to his futures trading recommendation services through various internet websites.

    The order finds that Pierce touted his trading record and failed to disclose that it was based on hypothetical or simulated trading and not actual performance. Further, the websites overstated the profit potential for Pierce’s trading recommendation services and understated the risk of loss. Finally, as a registered CTA who acted as such, Pierce was required to keep certain books and records, including client or subscriber information. The CFTC order finds that he failed to keep such records. The CFTC order arises out of an administrative complaint filed against Pierce on July 30, 2002 (see CFTC News Release 4683, July 30, 2002).

    Without admitting or denying the findings in the CFTC order, Pierce consented to the entry of the order finding that he violated anti-fraud provisions of the Commodity Exchange Act, CFTC regulations requiring prescribed cautionary language when presenting simulated or hypothetical trading results, and CFTC recordkeeping requirements.”

    1. @Jack, Yeah. that is the same Stephen Pierce in a previous life-as-scammer. Apparently he was selling his ‘trading secrets” as if he had used them himself, but he hadn’t REALLY used these ‘secrets’ successfully..Like someone said about Prosper….

      Naivete + available credit = Your My Ticket to Ride!

  15. “$18,000 that had been charged on BAOL’s corporate credit account. The charges, she said, included televisions, stereos and clothes.”

    Televisions, stereos, and clothes, oh my.

    They say you can tell a lot about a person by what he puts on an American Express corporate expense card right before he disappears out of town.

    Not having a high school diploma probably made his stuff a lot lighter to pack. Well, except for those televisions, stereos, and clothes, oh my.

    1. @Earl,

      Stephen Pierce seems like he’s trying to be a black Tony Robbins. This video is ridiculous.

  16. This gentleman sat through one of Pierce’s sales presentations and ends up giving him a good raking. Also check out the comments about Pierce on the actual youtube page below this video.

    1. @Hammer Time,

      Among other things, “MarkeeDragon” said he felt traumatized by watching the terrible way Stephen dealt with the audience. Stephen totally ignored anyone that attempted to ask a question while he was presenting his ~$5,000 software.

      MarkeeDragon says that some people might be successful with Stephen’s system, but that the price would be their soul. Then he does the nervous-joking chuckle thing.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd, MarkeyDragon’s commentary of Stephen Pierce is too kind. He didn’t want to get sued! He did point out that Pierces strategy is 10 years old. And if anyone out there still thinks they can autoblog their way to wealth, they need to watch their wallet! They are ripe for the pickin’

    2. @Hammer Time, Thanks for sharing this. LOL “The only problem….Stephen Pierce is an asshole!”

  17. Gosh :: this Stephen Pierce sounds like a real piece of shit … maybe he should get into Internet Marketing.

    Oh I see. The last bit was you being ironical. It took me a moment because even to this day I can sometimes be a bit naive and slow.

    A quick Google search and Google image search show’s the dick in question is already an Internet Marketer of all over the place.

    He has a “website” (i.e. a scammy scam page) that says where he’s been featured and how cool he is and stuff.

    The pictures clearly show Stephen doing the Inspirational “and you can too!” hustle in the modern style with the little microphone clipped to his face many, many times.

    It’s likely that you, @SD, first heard of or read of Stephen Pierce being referenced by some other IM-MMO scammer, then went into research mode and found that Washington Times article.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @Wyrd,

      “even to this day I can sometimes be a bit naive and slow”

      If naive and slow means “I never heard of this scam artist and never bought his crap” then I envy your naivete because I think it was in 2002 that I purchased his ebook called “The Whole Truth.”

      It was only the second crap ebook I bought, right after Marlon Sanders’ “Gimme My Money Now.” Paving the way for six more years of crap buying…

      Oh the irony of titles!

      1. @, I bought The Whole Truth and Rapid Fire Swing Trading. Almost bought a package he offered at a seminar, but held off.

        If I remember correctly, The Whole Truth was littered with quotes from Mike Murdock, a wisdom and prosperity preacher from Texas.

        Am I remembering correctly?

        Either way, I know there was a distinct phase in Stephen’s career where he borrowed heavily from Murdock’s work.

        1. @Ryan Healy, I tried finding some more about it, but mostly people talking about Whole Truth tell us about easy-miracle-ranking “Smart Pages” which more I looked thought it was things my SeoMoz teachers told me could get me banned when I read Knowing Black Hat SEO.

          But I looked at mr. Pierce told us at Smart Pages Ban By Google – NOT about that:

          “From: Stephen A. Pierce
          To: Robert MacCurry
          Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2003 8:29 AM
          Subject: Re: Smart Frames and Smart Flash

          It’s bogus ask for proof. They can’t give any. However we continue to show undeniable proof that SmartPages are NOT banned and are incredibly effective.

          It’s is an outright lie started by someone we
          doing business with and had Armand do the SmartPage Software and not them.”

          Also Armand Morin screams towards us in the article about that SmartPages don’t get us banned and were just myth-facts made up by jealous competitors. So, I went to look about at the easy-high-ranking software from mr. Morin at Armand Morin Product Page but don’t see about the Smart Page Generator software there.

          But what I think now is maybe Rand Fishkin and SeoMOZ don’t want to tell me The Whole Truth because I only pay them $97/month and that maybe if I could pay them the Pierce-Style-$5000 right away they will tell me about the secret easy-high-rankings software that can’t go get my site banned in Google.

        2. @Ryan Healy, Thank you for this discussion thread. As a former employee, I can tell what I saw. Stephen Pierce gets a lot of pithy quotes from Mike Murdock that he tweets or posts on his facebook pages. And there is nothing wrong with him doing that. Encouraging the masses is one of his strengths. He gives people new confidence in their ability to succeed. All good. The problem is that he gives them confidence in HIM as well. And that is a big, big, mistake because he does not deliver unless you come sit in his office, file a lawsuit, post on a dozen sites and send him the links, or send a letter to the authorities and copy Stephen Pierce. Threats/yelling/cursing help make him miserable, but action is better.

          Stephen also contributes heavily to Murdock’s coffers. Nothing wrong with that either, except that the funds he contributes were taken under false pretenses from trusting, less fortunate, and now VERY confident students who are not going to get the services that they bought because Stephen Pierce verbally and emotionally abuses his staff (EEOC lawsuits pending.) Either they don’t get the websites, the logins, the personal attention, the product, or the mailings. Doesn’t matter. Every day was same song, second verse. And Kevin stalls them for 8 months or until they drop from exhaustion.

          Why is he still in business?!? I guess there is a sucker born every day, right?

          1. @Pammy,

            “He gives people new confidence in their ability to succeed. All good. The problem is that he gives them confidence in HIM as well.”

            It’s a great quote for me that applies to so many people found talked about on SD. Thanks for giving it to us freely. Well, well said.

  18. From:

    “Stephen is one of the world’s recognized internet marketing experts in providing business-building advice to CEO’s, start-ups, Internet entrepreneurs and small businesses of every kind and has been seen on NBC News, FOX News, ABC, CBS, and Daystar.

    You can see Stephen live around the United States on the nationally acclaimed Get Motivated Seminars Tour, sharing the stage with Colin Powell, Sarah Palin, Bill Cosby, Michael Phelps, John Walsh, and many more.”

    I feel faint.

    1. @Jack, and I feel nauseated. He won’t last much longer with Get Motivated cause they been gettin the calls.

    2. @Jack ::

      Get Motivated … to Prosper.

      It’s been going on for so long … so long.

      Hey Get Motivated … what’s your backend?

      Don’t answer that question before you consult with your corrupt attorneys.

      1. @SD, All I can hope about is that Bill Cosby doesn’t haven’t success advisors forcing people to end up like his good buddy, Rudy:

  19. As a black man all I can say is:

    “Way to go Pierce. You’re the first black me to stoop almost as low as a Vicious Garden Gnome.”

    Keep going. Maybe some day you’ll be just as douchey.

    100 years of social progress, asshole. That’s what you’re fucking with.

  20. Stephen Pierce gave a presentation in Filsaime’s 7 Figure Code seminar frauduct a few years back wherein the Vicious Garden Gnome introduces him as the “guru to the guru’s guru… mentor to the mentor’s mentor”. Pierce used to be a full fledged member of the syndicate back in it’s early days, but it was never clear why he was black-balled {pun intended}.

    1. @Mack the Knife,

      That reference is due to the fact that Rich Schefren was mentored by Pierce back in 03/04.

      Schefren sold some ebooks but wanted some guru action so brought Pierce and Jay Abraham together and the three of them put on a $5k coaching program.

      Then Schefren became guru to the gurus which would make Pierce guru to the guru of the gurus….

  21. Imma go out on a limb here and predict that Stephen Pierce has something to do with a boiler room and elderly people.

    1. @Wannabe Producer, It’s a good call there about possible bad calls people got and I wandered thru the net briefly to find this: where commenter H.S. from Singapore says:

      “I got a call in Singapore. They told me that they wanted to use my success story for Stephen Pierce advertisement. Their coaching cost from US$6,000 to US$15,000. They got my number from Stephen’s wife. Hard to believe. Its too expensive.

      If Stephen wanted to use my success story then he should pay for it.”

      I thought about it being odd for somebody getting calls from 801-371-0755 (Prosper) all the way to Singapore, but then found out about this:

      But makes the Stephen-Pierce-Charity-Miracle-Work make more sense where:

      Pierce used the power of the Internet to raise $130K in 64 hours live on stage at a seminar in Singapore for Feed the Children.”

      1. @Jack,

        Well it seems that phone number you dug up belongs to Prosper, Inc. of Provost, Utah. Home of the finest boiler rooms in the country.

        Oh, and guess who one of the “partners” of Prosper, Inc. is:


        As SD has said before, it’s all part of the same story.

        1. @Wannabe Producer, Yeah, I think someone else here mentioned the Prosper-Pierce connection the other day. I forget who, though. :-) (Doesn’t hurt to mention it again, though!)

      2. @Jack, Hi Jack, I was wondering when those people call themselves “Prosper” who is doing the prospering? Because I was thinking maybe they should change their name to “Give Us Your Prosperity” or G.U.Y.P.

        1. @Luther, The 3 rules of Prosper club:

          1.) You do NOT talk about Prosper
          2.) Prosperity is only for those in Prosper
          3.) You do NOT talk about Prosper.

  22. Look, when I said that Lorette and Alicia were covering the old man’s butt, I should of said that they were not the problem. They carried the problem on their backs for years while trying to run an honest business. I saw them deliver services when he wouldn’t do it and keep commitments to students with him shoutin’ in their ear not to bother. I also saw them pay vendors when he was telling them that “paying that bill doesn’t advance the company.” and stuff like that. They made good for the customers and now have a business of their own where they make an honest living. That’s all I meant. They were not the problem.

    1. @Brandon Parlett, It sounds like you were right there in the same room with all of them. What else did you see? Any tips for the customers that were not “made good?” I mean, for the ones that can no longer afford internet but can still use a library computer.

      1. @Jack, If I had actually seen Stephen Pierce or Alicia Pierce do anything illegal or unethical I would have turned them in. I worked remotely for 3 years and didn’t see anything in the office. Just Alicia helping customers on the phone, making sure I was helping customers, working her tail off while she had cancer and Stephen Pierce yelling at her like a madman. I knew he was a monster. When she finally left him, his true colors came out.

        1. @Brandon Parlett ::

          Here’s the point about Alicia and all the other employees and stuff though … I don’t care about the past.

          Let’s just stop Stephen Pierce from doing more damage in the future.

          1. @Jack, Hi Jack, It makes more sense for me now also, since someone I know explained it to me using hand puppets which is my favorite way to understand things better.

            So maybe she was like you said, terrified of him and afraid of him also. And maybe he didn’t tell her about the missing “k” in his nickname, “ROC” and she found out about it by doing some alphabet research like we did. Dr. Phil says if someone hides one thing from you then they probably hide other things. So it probably wasn’t just the k.

            The good thing is she and the others were able to get out of there and now they can help warn people who might not know better.

          2. @Jack, Yes, she was clearly afraid of him and so was everyone who worked there. He was mean to us all but His crazy just got worse when she left and he had to manage the business himself.

  23. SD – Hoping there is a continuation to the Stephen Pierce story in 2012. Read the first two posts with interest… seemed like there was still more on the way.

    1. @Ryan Healy ::

      Oh but there’s always more on the way … until surrender or {adequate} incarceration … forever and ever amen.

      ~ SaltyDroid circa 2012

  24. Man, i hate to say this (and it’s a super-late comment besides, as i just found this particular story), ’cause i revere Dick Gregory as a comedian…but as soon as i saw his name crop up as one of the ‘endorsers’ Pierce nabbed for promotional purposes, i knew where this was headed…if Gregory’s name is attached to an endorsement for *any* product, it’s like a dead giveaway that said product is a scam.
    Funny, because he seems like a no-BS kind of person in real life, but he’s had his name attached to more shills than i care to think about.

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