Revengeful Bloody Rampage

... polite killing

Stephen Pierce is a scammer :: that much is fucking obvious … and easy to prove … which is why Vorys Sater Seymour and Pease are suing everyone but me. Unfortunately :: and kinda usually around here … the scamming is the least of it.

This text message is from Stephen Pierce to his no-longer wife Alicia Lyttle. Here’s what Stephen Pierce thinks about people who aren’t Stephen Pierce …

“I apologize for me foul language. I’m just reaching a boiling point that can get really ugly fe everyone. I’m already yelling at the dogs for no reason and trying to catch and control myself. In tired of being screwed by people around me and those that say try love me (but you hate me) just sit back and watch and let it happen and pretty much dare me to be upset about it.

I’m nearing the point of a revengeful bloody out of control rampage sparing no one since no one has spared me. And I’m very serious about this… I’ve been screwed with one time to many and now my screws are coming lose. Oh yea? Well I’ll show you crazy because I’m coming unglued about now. Nothing is beginning to matter to me anymore and that means I no longer have nothing to lose and a revengeful man with nothing to lose is the wrong person to screw with. I’ve tried kindness, I’ve tried for giveness, I’ve tried patience and all I’ve got is screwed. Now let me try something else.

It’s too late to be afraid of anything. I’m just done with it. I’ll sit on deathrow forgiven by God after I give street justice to everyone that has screwed me over and taken my kindness for weakness. I’m not afriad to die and I’m certainly not afraid to dish out final destinations to those who have murdered my dreams, hope and aspirations. The damn is bursting and unless I can take control and switch this off, I’ll live less than one more year and others a lot less than that. I’m furious!!!!!!!! I’m trying to control these thoughts in my head Now I now how people are pushed to extremes where they so things they otherwise wouldn’t do. Kill is such a p a polite word when you consider other things Anyone, let me go battle the devil and these demons trying to torment my mind”

This shit has been entered into the record in the divorce proceedings … and turned over to local law enforcement. They don’t care … they’re going to do jack shit.

That’s not how I feel about it :: that’s not what I’m going to do about it … how about you?

Have you promoted or supported Stephen Pierce in the past … to your financial gain?

How about you motherfuckers? How you feel about it?

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92 thoughts on “Revengeful Bloody Rampage”

  1. The slimeballs at Vorys are representing THIS:

    “I’m nearing the point of a revengeful bloody out of control rampage sparing no one since no one has spared me. And I’m very serious about this…”

    “I’ll sit on deathrow forgiven by God after I give street justice to everyone that has screwed me over…”

    1. @Just WOW, Stephen, you wont have time to be forgiven. Because Bubba and his boys will be sprawling your porky ass out on the cold concrete breaking you into the “Love Club” you fucking loser.

  2. I wasn’t around for all that but this maniac aimed that same anger and entitlement aimed at his employees when I was there. I swear before God that he would yell at us for over an hour without a break. One day, this gal just hit speaker and laid that ranting asshole on the desk for all of us to hear. That stephen pierce is a hot head who truly believes his own shit don’t stink. See how innocent he is? God is going to forgive him after he “metes out street justice”. Gimme a break….

    in case we thought we got away clean,he has now issued subpoenas demanding all communications for years past from people who made $13 an hour and worked for him maybe 3 months. It wasn’t bad enough that some gal cried in that office almost every day, now he has to hound us to death cause we got away before he could hurt us even more. This man is a nut case.

    Kevin Vela? Yeah, you with the buffed nails and pretty baby announcements….you feeling good about enabling this asshole to torment his employees? Is that the way things roll in your office? Wonder what the good folks of Highland Park would make of Mr.Clean paying the bills by enabling fraud and employee abuse.

    How about you Craig Pettit? Does it make you feel good to read how the Great OZ got his millions? Oh I forgot, ‘nothing you can do about that” absolves you of all responsibility. That is an especially good position to take if you are getting a percentage of the net…after he DOESNT PAY HIS BILLS!!!

  3. The police did nothing about threats of ‘a revengeful bloody out of control rampage sparing no one?!?!?!” OMG!!

    What does it take? He is a nut case. Alicia tried to protect us from him but we knew. We just never knew how really bad it was til now.

    Thank you Salty for making this public. This abusive person deserves the outing he gets!!

  4. Ahhhhhh, Now, THAT’S the Stephen Pierce that I know!! It was so lovely to get a twenty page text message from Stephen on Thanksgiving day, while he was sitting all alone in his apartment, and the rest of us were celebrating with family and friends….Not Stephen Pierce. WHY??? Because he has no family or friends. And poor Kevin Vela calling me asking if I got the same text message. Yes Kevin, welcome to my hell!! Or how about the rants that went on for pages and pages at all hours of the night? Then you get the voicemails yelling at you because you didn’t respond to the text at 2:00am…Then Christmas morning comes and yep, another 40 page text message telling me that we all suck…..Everyone in the office is a piece of shit. Everyone is getting paid by him. Nothing is ever right, and again, we suck…. Not Merry Christmas, but WTF is everyone doing in the office? Sitting around eating bon bons? NO Stephen, they are working on your mess and your fly by night idea that you made up on stage. Or the consulting package that Stephen Pierce charged $20,000 a person for, and didn’t even have a complete package put together. Most of which he pulled off the internet at the last hour. This text message is just one of the many manic moods of Stephen Pierce. Stabbing employees in the back and turning them against the other while he sits back and laughs, like we are puppets and he’s in control. He’s a very very sick man.

    1. @Another Former Employee,

      He was seriously texting you and others rants on Thanksgiving and Christmas??? I find that surreal and a strong indicator of mental imbalance or at least excessive narcissism. Wow.

      He needs some serious counseling. Unfortunately, narcissistic personalities see EVERYONE else as “the problem” and not their own thoughts and actions. It’s called “denial” and it continues until they come to a place of accepting it. What causes acceptance?? Hitting absolute rock bottom or some other extreme life event and finally realizing the true cause for the hardship.

  5. For mentioning god every ten seconds, he’s displaying an astounding lack of emotional strength in every way imaginable.

    Sure, being Stephen Pierce would suck. A lot. He’s lost the trust of his employees, customers, partners and family, and it wasn’t even due to bad luck, so that he could say “Look, I’ve been a good person, but life just ain’t fair”. How much worse must it be to realize that your life is bad because you actually happen to be a bad person? Maybe pointless rage does feel better than being the insignificant blob that is Stephen Pierce, I don’t know.

    At some level, I can’t even be angry at the guy*.

    Just put him somewhere where he can’t cause any more damage. Once that’s done, we can talk about replacing his big book of cherry-picking with something that’ll teach him to accept responsibility and do something positive with his life.

    *Which might be more insulting in itself, even though I don’t deliberately use it for that. At least anger implies the perception of (destructive) power, whereas pity can seem patronizing or dismissive.

  6. I don’t understand why Stephen Pierce came up with Black America Online when it is obvious that most of his buddies are cheesy, washed up, pasty, snow-lilly-gold-medal-flower pansy ass WHITE con artists, such as Harlan (Harlot) Kilstein.
    No wonder it flopped.

    1. @, I don’t know how they get away with this kind of shit. Imagine if someone set up “White America Online.” There’d be carnage.

      1. @Tom ::

        There is a White America Online … and it stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

        The shit that’s being gotten away with here is the threats of violence and vengeance … oh and the scamming of course.

          1. @Wyrd, “You’ve Got Mail.” A dated but but sweet flick — and if I recall, a remake of a pre-Internet classic, “The Shop Around the Corner.” (Too lazy to go look it up now.)

            Personally, my favorite Hanks-Ryan pairing (and one of my favorite movies of all time) is “Joe Versus the Volcano.”

            1. @Cosmic Connie, Still have access to couthouse records? I think Vorys may not be representing the big man any longer. How sad.

            2. @BranP,

              I just checked the court’s website. The last record for all three cases is “Order – Nonsuit – DC Civ M.” For the affiliate and the copywriting blog, the nonsuits were filed 4/23/12. For the website, the nonsuit was filed 5/8/12.

              We’d learned before that a nonsuit means the plaintiff has called off the lawsuit for the time being, and in Texas they can restart the lawsuit after any length of time.

            3. @Cosmic Connie, Thanks for checking on that. I did some checking of my own on the continuing (though quieter) saga of Stephen Pierce. I found on the Collin County website that Stephen Pierce has 3 lawsuits still active. One lawsuit is against his wife and her family and two of them are against former employees.

              I guess Stephen Pierce is either too broke or too distracted ( to pursue all of them as one case has a court order to dismiss for want of prosecution. I doubt he found Jesus.

  7. Can you imagine Harlan Kilstein joining a Black America Online doing his “research” on Christian Blowjobs and Fingering Healing? Sure, he’ll tell you he’s just looking for a nice big, juicy hot dog, but really…Harlan worshipped Stephen Pierce in a Jedi Suit, with his mother’s panties underneath during the wee hours of the morning when the rest of the world slept for five years. Just ask Mother Kilstein where all her granny pants and feminine napkins went…

  8. Oh, common!!! Leave the dogs out of it!

    Such behavior reminds me of a small dog barking up a much bigger dog for as long as he on a leash. You know, “Let me at him, let me at him…I’ll rip him apart. Oh, I’m off the leash? Shit”

    It is never too late to join your fellow scammer Don Lapre, you know.

  9. This is the kind of monster this industry produces. Like rocks stars, but without the talent or the challenge of having to sing in key occasionally.

    Unleash unlimited power. Also known as sitting on death row, informing god that he’s forgiven you.

    1. @Yakaru, Rock stars fit the eccentric genius model. Mad but revolutionary. Do not try at home. PPierce presumes to tell others that what he does and how he does it is what they should do. And he teaches them how to be more like him. Disturbing.

      I’m posting from TEDxUChicago. Learning about revolution. It’s time for us to rise up on our hind legs and shut these people down!

  10. So… what will it take to get the mainstream media interested in this joker? People actually dying? (That’s apparently the main reason why the media were interested in James Arthur “Death” Ray.) Judging from the out-of-control screed @SD shared here, Stephen Fierce is just a few temper tantrums away from being front-page headlines. Of course he could always try to come back with the defense that he was just letting off steam or exaggerating or speaking metaphorically. But that defense will be pretty thin if he does end up seriously injuring or killing someone. And if the worst happens, his victims’ blood will be on the hands of the l.e. officials who knew about his threats and did nothing. Of course that small army of enablers in Pierce’s’ own organization will have blood on their hands as well.

    1. @Cosmic Connie, Forget 60 minutes. They won’t be interested until someone is dead. This feels more like a story for American Greed on MSNBC. Anyone got any contacts over there?

  11. Mr. Pierce might want to re-read Matthew 18:23-35 before assuming that God will forgive him for any ‘street justice’ he might be planning.

    23 “Therefore, the kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants. 24 As he began the settlement, a man who owed him ten thousand bags of gold was brought to him. 25 Since he was not able to pay, the master ordered that he and his wife and his children and all that he had be sold to repay the debt.

    26 “At this the servant fell on his knees before him. ‘Be patient with me,’ he begged, ‘and I will pay back everything.’ 27 The servant’s master took pity on him, canceled the debt and let him go.

    28 “But when that servant went out, he found one of his fellow servants who owed him a hundred silver coins. He grabbed him and began to choke him. ‘Pay back what you owe me!’ he demanded.

    29 “His fellow servant fell to his knees and begged him, ‘Be patient with me, and I will pay it back.’

    30 “But he refused. Instead, he went off and had the man thrown into prison until he could pay the debt. 31 When the other servants saw what had happened, they were outraged and went and told their master everything that had happened.

    32 “Then the master called the servant in. ‘You wicked servant,’ he said, ‘I canceled all that debt of yours because you begged me to. 33 Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?’ 34 In anger his master handed him over to the jailers to be tortured, until he should pay back all he owed.

    35 “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother or sister from your heart.”

  12. Well what can one say?

    I just wonder if he actually meant it; in which case the man is clearly unbalanced in some way. Or if he didn’t mean it, and he just said it to try to manipulate a certain emotional response; in which case he’s just really f*cking manipulative, but we already knew that.

    Also, he can’t type very well.

    It sucks that, that text isn’t considered important in the divorce proceedings–but I think that’s how divorces sometimes go. The judge sort of assumes that both parties are sort of in the wrong and/or that in the heat of the moment either spouse might have said horrible things about the other.

    Anyway, what really sucks is that (if I understand correctly) the divorce is still ongoing. I don’t know what Alicia Pierce did or didn’t do. But no one deserves to be stuck married to that creepy PoS Stephen Pierce.

    hmm.. I don’t suppose divorce proceedings allow friend of the court stuff, do they? I’m just thinking if a whole bunch of former employees did depositions where they went on record espousing just how effed up it was trying to work for Stephen Pierce…

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  13. Is there such a precedent as a legal “pre-emptive self defensive strike” for average civilians under the threat of violence like this?

    It has become clearer and clearer that Law Enforcement doesn’t regard credible threats as any of their business (in spite of the fact that these threats are blatantly against the Law these Enforcers are sworn to uphold) …

    What’s worse, is at the same time, those same L.E. folks provide no reasonable course of action for the individual to proactively defend themselves (other than waiting until they are literally under physical attack to take any action whatsoever).

    At first, I was thinking the Nipple-Pierce saga was a little funny and ironic like some of the older-school IM/MMO scammers … but now this guy is just scary. A serious disaster waiting to happen.

    It reminds me of Mike’s story on the Breaking Bad episode “Half Measures.” What a messed up world we live in when the “Authority” only protects the criminals, and leaves the victims defenseless. Fuck.

    1. @Doctor Mario, It may take imminent threat of physical violence to get him off the streets, as far as his intimidating his wife, family, employees, etc.

      I have a nitwit next door neighbor who likes to make threats. Short of getting a court order to protect me against harassment, without witnesses to his threats, law enforcement can do nothing.

      The worst thing I could do – living alone out in the country – would be to file a protective order against a crazy, abusive man. I watched him accelerate after speaking with someone from the sheriff’s department. He’d come flying over the fence in a heartbeat – and probably kill me before help arrived – were I to have a restraining order issued. So I did what I could do. I now own a handgun. Legally, that is.

      If I were one of the targets of this raving lunatic, I would absolutely and very discreetly arm myself. If he came after me, I would, in fear of my life, do whatever was necessary to protect myself. He’s disturbed, he’s aggressive, and fraud issues aside, it isn’t likely he’ll be incarcerated unless he physically harms someone.

      1. @I wantz 2B rich :: I would think a totally zany & insane text message blatantly threatening bodily harm presented to the Officers would be enough in terms of “evidence”?

        I guess the threat is just not a severe enough crime to really do much?

        I strongly agree on one point :: If I was getting messages like that from Nipple-Pierce I would definitely be packing heat.

        1. @Doctor Mario, Years ago my boyfriend was getting threatened by an asshat of a campus cop. If you knew my boyfriend, you’d be saying, “Wait, what?” Apparently the campus cop didn’t have his head screwed on tight. My bf bought a gun and learned how to shoot because this campus doofus had him terribly unnerved.

          Some time after that, he offered to send me the gun because I was having issues with pesky space alien cult members on my doorstep. I told him no, my next door neighbor was handling it by waving her rifle around every time the culties came by.

  14. No matter how long he lives, Stephen Pierce is gonna die being exactly who he is.

    Oh, and buy a gun. The police can’t protect you from anything. Never have, never could.

  15. If Stephen Pierce carries out his bloody threat, which he said he was SERIOUS about doing (“sparing no one”), some people are going to have some explaining to do, since it’s all been openly documented here.

    By “people,” I mean the local Texas authorities, the (s)crew over at Vorys, anybody who has him booked for an event, and certainly anyone with an active business relationship with this clearly dangerous man.

  16. i remember when he sent this text, she was scared for her life, and she told me because if anything happened to her someone would know what happened, scary shit. i know there were other death threats as well to her and other employees, something is really wrong with that man. then 5 min later he will post a motivational quote on his fb page.

      1. @Lanna, I got messages from Stephen Pierce bitxhing about everyone who worked for him. He was never happy with what we did to build his empire. He used to say that he was the only one working which is hard to fathom when we were all doing 2 jobs. At the least he was a jerk to work for!!!!

      2. @Lanna, every situation provoked him. if he didnt get lemon in his water his assistant would get hate texts on how useless she was and she cant get anything right and how everyone is against him. dont remember the specific ridiculous situation on this one…

  17. I thought OJ was in jail?

    Alicia, I knew you were granted a restraining order, but I had no idea his actions were so out of control.

    Hopefully, the Stand Your Ground law won’t be repealed in Florida and you are the proud possessor of a concealed weapons permit.

    In his mind, others will be responsible for him sending them on to their “final destinations” in a murderous rage. And he puts it in a text message, no less.

    Interesting similarities:

    Although I’m sure if Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease had any thought of that they would refuse to represent him.

    Or not.,2933,479867,00.html

  18. What a miserable low life – I mean seriously. This guy cant even afford bullets. Theres plenty of room for you in prison Stephen. God will not forgive you.

  19. – it’s the strange-tables marketing event of the year, featuring…
    – Bill Walsh – President & CEO Powerteam International
    – Joe Sugarman – Inventor Blueblocker Sunglasses
    – Stephen Pierce – Internet Marketing Expert
    – Anthony Morrison – Automated Profits from Home
    – Shellie Hunt – Global Entrepewneur, Life Coach
    – Berny Dohrman – President CEO Space
    – Matt Bacak – Internet Marketing Legend
    – Michael Stephenson – Shows You the Secrets
    – Austin Walsh – Social Media Expert

    My guess is that for charity-work a certain % of profits goes to Tables Without Borsders.

      1. @Jack,

        I barely made it past the 7 min mark of the video. I was waiting to catch a glimpse of Stephen Scammer Pierce. As soon as Mark Victor Hanson started talking I had to stop. Oye!!

        I chuckled when Bill Walsh said he puts you in the room with people that are able to write $1MM checks to you to help your business dream come true. What a crock!!

        Watch episodes of ABC’s “Shark Tank” to see just how shrewd the savvy investors are. Hint: They wouldn’t be where they are otherwise.

        Walsh is just another wannabe looking for street cred by ASS-ociation. I wonder if they give out ASS-hats for that? I imagine they would be very unmistakable and distinctive. Hopefully they wouldn’t come in the “scratch and sniff” variety.

        Want to know what some of these goo-ru types are REALLY like? Check out Jack Canfield (Mark Victor Hansen’s biz partner) in the book “Long Past Stopping” written by his son Oran Canfield. Jack = Not a nice guy. #understatement


        P.S. Click on my name in this post’s header to see a Google search results for Shark Tank episodes.

      2. @Jack,

        The gestures that Walsh uses are SOOO hackneyed and rehearsed, especially the “steepling” of the hands are SO trite and scream out “SCUMBAG”.

        And when they call their biz op a “university” I shudder.

    1. @Jack, Actually, Bill cancelled that Stephens appearances with him in the Bahamas and at Boot Camp in Chicago. Know what Stephen did in retaliation? That master of human relations, served Bill with a subpoena demanding all communications between himself and everyone that Stephen is suing!

      Having had the slap down, Stephen couldn’t take the lesson that he needs to settle down. He kicked the hornets nest yet again!!!!

      Those brilliant strategists at Vorys can’t manage their client, so they’re letting him commit professional suicide and in the process associating their name with this scammer. Good enough for both of ’em.

      1. @former employee, yeah his lawyers (and stephen) are idiots. they are damaging their own client by sending out all of these subpenas – you think any of them will EVER do business with stephen again – no way in hell ! what idiots, professional suicide at its finest – “How to Self-Sabotage Yourself” by stephen pierce & Voyers

    2. @Jack, Does anyone remember a few years back when Bacak was running around at marketing events in a fake beard and wig? He had some sort of disguise going on and was trying to hide from the public. I want to say that this happened at a Kennedy event. This was about a good five years or so ago.

  20. I thought someone said that Steven Pierce is living out of a rented apartment and not his…

    “Today, Pierce lives in a 12,000 sq ft mansion inside a gated community on 4.3 acres of land.”

    1. @Never Scamed Again,

      Maybe he’s talking about his future in prison. Most popular gated community there is.

    2. @Never Scamed Again, Gosh golly. 4.3 acres of LAND! 4 acres is no big deal, but when you add that .3 to the equation, wow! I mean, that’s the difference between “average” and “wowverage!”

  21. This is very typical of a narcissist when he sees his supply being cut off and his sense of grandiosity and entitlement being threatened.

    I think it’s more likely he would commit a very bloody suicide, involving some violent means of death(as opposed to pills etc). He’ll leave a scene of true horror as a means of punishing those around him.

    And as horrible as he is and un-remorseful, I don’t wish suicide on anyone. The irony is that his family still loves him despite everything and THEY will be the ones who wind up hurt. Suicide can destroy families.

    Best he goes to jail and is locked away from the ability to harm anyone, including himself.


    PS: Here is an interesting quote: “It has also been suggested that self-help literature about bolstering self-esteem and getting what you want out of life or that encourages the feeling of victimization has aggravating effects on NPD thinking and behavior.”

    1. @Sharmashansheik, interesting. and he eats and drinks self help and self fulfillment, all the while telling a new crew every few months what a victim he is. no word on those he has victimized. I guess they are hiring HIM.

      So sad that the rest of the world don’t see it that way. They mistakenly think that he ought to pay his bills before he pays an attorney to lie to them, treat his employees with respect, and hire enough of them to give service. Sigh. They are all wrong but him.

      1. @former employee 1,

        VERY typical of a narcissist to utterly unable to view himself objectively and to take in ANY criticism or feedback as having any possibility of being valid.

        Also typical to be the abuser while seeing himself as the victim.

        The thing narcissists fear more than anything else is to be viewed as ordinary, average, just like everyone else. So either they are suffering grandly or achieving grandly or grandly battling impossible odds against a horde of evil people.

        So predictable as is his eventual self-destruction.

        I feel so sorry for his family. Get out of the way. You cannot help him.


    ”No ability to understanding other people’s emotions and intentions, lack of empathy, a poor response to fear and distress and a lack of self-conscious emotions such as guilt or embarrassment.”

    ‘The ‘cold-hearted’ psychopathic begins offending earlier, engages in a broader range and greater density of offending behaviours, and responds less well to treatment programmes in adulthood.

    “They regard life as a giant supermarket where they can stroll among the shelves and take what they want.”

    For further reference, see these stunning articles:

    Stephen Pierce Scam Nipple Lawyer

    Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease :: Attorneys-at-Scam

    The People Vs Stephen Pierce


    ”No ability to understanding other people’s emotions and intentions, lack of empathy, a poor response to fear and distress and a lack of self-conscious emotions such as guilt or embarrassment. The ‘cold-hearted’ psychopathic begins offending earlier, engages in a broader range and greater density of offending behaviours, and responds less well to treatment programmes in adulthood.”

  24. I’d like to challenge Stephen “gayfornipples” Pierce to a duel. No holds barred, no time limit unarmed combat unitil one of us either gets knocked unconscious or screams “please sir, I apologise for being such a tragic milker of dicks, you win, let me continue to exist as the ass-licker that I am.”
    A simple indemnity form can be signed and then we can begin.
    People like this massive abusive cowardly fuck need a severe dose of reality.

  25. This is unbelievable.

    Steven P was one of the first guys i found internet marketing through. Of course it was a youtube video that he had made. I’ve never purchased any of his products or anything. The crazy thing is that he was speaking in the city next to mines about 4 or 5 month ago.

    I totally thought the guys had a heart. I know he was very successful but I didnt know he earned his money unethically though. Its a shame.

    Im just sitting here thinking how that BMW of his I drove by the night he was in the city next to mines was most likely purchased through scamming others.

    I cant believe he talked to his employees the way he did according to the writers above.

    You know what? this is exactly why I do not purchase products from the so called “BIG TIME GUYS” because they already have money and if they really show us how they made their fortune it would go viral therefore drying up their cash flow…

    I happy i found this site through the site

    This shows me how not to be as an internet entrepreneur. One thing for sure what you do to others will come back to you being it positive or negative.

    Now excuse me while i go erase this dude from my facebook fanpage…

    1. @Deuce Monkey, This is absolutely disgusting. It was a “Default” judgement against a beautiful, honest kind person who didn’t deserve it. Actually…none of the people deserved being screwed over by him. Why is this loser allowed to continue doing this?!?!

    2. @Deuce Monkey, I request that Salty please put Stephen back on the front page with this latest stunt. He is STILL out of control!

  26. Stephen is still married. Alicia has a restraining order on this mad man. Remember he told her he would kill her and no one would know any different
    Stephen you are a disgrace. Watch out Stephen the good lawyers are going to get you…you talk too much and you will bury yourself. You will never win because you are evil

    1. @former employee, Did Stephen ever get a visit from the police for his death threats? Was anything ever done???

        Whitney police was notified…….nothing
        Wife has all his words on her cell

  27. Droid,

    I thought I’d feed your robot brain some food for consumptive recharge means.

    Have you seen the latest bullshit with Stephen “Jerk Off” Pierce? He’s a 100% tosser, with a capital “T”!

    He’s claiming he won the court case against his ex Alicia, and yet it was by default! Oh my “Pierce”.

    No fucking court case, nothing was contested, he’s just bragging on FB how he won – yippee for him – it’s about the only fucking thing he’s ever won – even if by default. Let’s all bow down to Pierce Off on the count of 3.

    Stephen’s mother and sister all hate him, his own relatives (on his side) hate him – yes, he’s an evil mother fucker who can’t lie straight in bed. Maybe the pills he’s popping would rattle out of his pockets and the thought of his old chubby black gut would bounce back into his sweating bald head. An ego bigger than his biceps and a brain as small as his cock.

    He doesn’t like me either (as if I give a flying robot fuck), but I thought I’d let you know he’s going down faster than a black man in a white brothel (no disrespect against blacks – he doesn’t deserve to be black).

    Gee, my words are flowing more than Pierce’s default bullshit now eh?

    Let’s start a “Crusade Against The Big Man” thread and bring this mungrel of a man down more than he’s stooping at the moment.

    Keep well Robot Balls!

    1. @Pierce Off, This is so typical of Stephen Pierce ( He couldn’t wait to send his entire mailing list (including me) the notice that he won a 3.5M settlement against his wife. He just didn’t mention that this was just a default cuz she didn’t did the paperwork. Her bad on that, but it is a far cry from having any evidence, so he is (once again) misleading his entire 63 fb fans into believing that he actually won something worth some money. So sad. Those poor suckers only adore his cuz they never been had like the hundreds of us who he screwed.

  28. How is it that I am the most intelligent person in the world? Am I the only person to realize that if something is working so well, then why are these assholes trying to let YOU in on the deal?
    I’ve always been of the idea that these goofs aren’t making money from some cool scheme, their making money off the softheads that pay exorbitant amounts to go to seminars and want to be lied to in the hopes that their get-rich-quick quick scheme will work. I’ve got 11 o’clock news for you that you all already saw at 6.
    There is no get rich quick unless you actually play the market and have the savvy and education to do so. That and the lottery. If I were you I’d stick with the lottery.

    1. @mikey, Hi Mikey. I think you are the most intelligent person in the world. All the really intelligent people go to TED. TED people have people like Tony Robbins speaking. Tony Robbins is one of ‘these assholes’. Therefor the TED people are less intelligent than you. So, from my perhaps less intelligent deductive thinking, you must be more intelligent than the people at TED.

      Or perhaps you are missing out on the main story line here, which is that for example intelligence is vulnerable to manipulation; ‘these assholes’ use manipulative techniques; an example of one of the most evil set of ‘these assholes’ are the leaders of the church of Scientology (or fake cancer Dr sex abusers, or… whatever, the list goes on) and finally THE WHOLE POINT is that ‘these assholes’ prey on the vulnerable *regardless* of intelligence.

      But you might be the most intelligent person in the world, and invulnerable. In which case good for you – but that makes me wonder how you could be missing the main purpose of this site. The purpose of this site is (a) to provide a worthwhile reality check for people firstly wasting time, and also wasting money, on chasing Unicorns (b) be entertaining as well as informative about a very dark corner of the internet (c) stop the worst offenders from being able to rip people off, by bursting the bubbles of credulity that their victims are ensconced in.

      The *real life* story lines on this website are fascinating, as well as tragic, sad and unbelievably awful, to the *hopefully* regular intelligent readers of this blog. When scammers and douchebags jump in to defend their seedy MLM ‘& you can too’ lifestyles, (aka trolls), the resulting editorialising process is just one extra entertainment.

      Try a few more articles on this blog – or alternatively, I don’t think this site is relevant to you (or not – wait till you are sixty…).

  29. Couple of questions:

    Did Pierce really win a huge judgement against his ex-wife for embezzling?
    How the hell did he get to pick up this bullshit story about the judgement, along with all the promo crap about his new speaker’s pledge?

    If you didn’t know Pierce, you would walk away from this story thinking he is the biggest victim on the planet.

    The entire thing smells bad.

    1. @Mr Ed, Pierce technically won a huge judgement, BUT he won on default, he says it was proven and he won in a court of law – which was a lie, nothing was proven court, there was no evidence, nothing. the ex wife had the default judgement overturned and he won nothing (yet of course he doesnt publicize that)as far as i know now they are going to court for real dont know when (she posted on her fb wall this update a few months ago) his speaker pledge is so dumb, and he has nobody joining it – also if you read it says he is using the money from the case he won to fund the pledge, so that means the pledge has $0 dollars haha

      1. @anonymous,

        so that means the pledge has $0 dollars

        That’s funny. Of course, if he were called out on that, he would no doubt try to spin even that as a good thing.

        1. @Wyrd, Case re-opened…via

          “02/20/2013 Order Granting New Trial REOPEN – OCA Order Granting Defendant Alicia Lyttle’s Motion to Vacate Interlocutory Default Judgment and Motion for New Trial, and, Subject to Special Appearance, Defendant Monetized Marketing, LLC’s Motion to Vacate Interlocutory Default Judgment and Motion for New Trial”

          via SoapboxMom re: mr. Pierce:
          “That silly little man keeps removing my comments. I am right back on his butt!”

          Search by case: 296-00485-2012 here

        2. @Wyrd, This speaker pledge is just another example of how Stephen Pierce tries to cover himself in holy water while drowning in his own shit. Sorry, but I was a customer and got scammed time and again with false promises and all that. He will tell you that was all his wife, but she was no where in sight when he denied to take my calls, denied me service that I paid for, denied me the refund he promised, and finally had his attorney intimidate me into silence for awhile.

  30. What a world class ass bag. Let him show up to my door pounding, and screaming and we’ll see how it ends.

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