The People vs. Stephen Pierce

white lawyer power!

I was interested in telling the world that Stephen Pierce is a despicable scammer :: but not that interested … cause I kinda know lots of despicable scammers. But then he decided he needed to hire the classless act attorneys at Vorys Sater Seymour and Pease to sue everyone in sight … mostly people he’d already made to suffer … mostly people who can’t afford to hire an attorney. That awesome move was enough to bump Stephen Pierce up to number one on my list … so well done there champ.

How does it feel being back on top {sort of}? Remember the golden days when I was writing about The Syndicate and James Ray and you were just walking around criticism free with jewelry and nipples? Gosh yeah those were the days … maybe these lawsuits were a fucking bad idea? The fun thing :: for people other than you … is that I’ve only just begun my “welcome to being my number one” series of posts.

Two weeks ago I wrote an open letter to Whitney C. Gibson :: his wife Bradley L. Gibson … and their redheaded step-child Paul B. Kerlin. I also sent them a not-open letter the same day telling them this and that :: here’s part …

“Please inform your client that I have offered my assistance to all current litigants in disputes against him. I’m available to give testimony, or to provide evidence that I’ve collected over several years, or to actively investigate new claims using my vast contacts inside the world of scam {Stephen’s world}. And additionally that I plan to, on my own accord and without any form of compensation, help raise plaintiffs {and lawyers if need be} for class action lawsuits against Stephen and Stephen Pierce International.”

Hey Stephen did your Vorys lawyers pass that important information on to you? I’m sure they did because it’s substantive to your cases and they had an obligation to do so. If not :: I’d consider firing them … followed by suing them for malpractice {hint :: they’ve got more money than you and everyone you know}. Your argument could be that you knew not to fuck with the fake robot :: and would have immediately surrendered had you got the message … thus preventing the fallout that’s about to burn the smug right off your stupid face. It’s a better claim than any of this other bullshit you’ve brought against folks who can’t pay. Make Kevin do it and split your winnings.

Wait … why am I giving you advice? You suck a bag of cat bollocks. What is this post even about besides advice to badguys? Oh yeah …

Dallas Attorney Alan Rosenberg is preparing to bring a lawsuit against Stephen Pierce International {and affiliated companies and individuals} for the victims of SPI’s various scams :: fake opportunities :: and boiler room soul crushings. Alan and his firm :: Chamblee, Ryan, Kershaw & Anderson, P.C. :: have agreed to take the case on a contingency basis … which is super awesome of them because people who’ve just been scammed for insane monies don’t tend to have lots of cash lying around.

If you’ve been scammed by Stephen Pierce {or a phone room calling in his name} you should consider being a part of this suit. Not just for yourself :: or for the money {which you deserve to get back} … but because it needs to be done for the greater fucking good. Because it’s not going to stop unless we all step up and do our part to stop it.

Contact Alan Rosenberg at this email address for more details about getting involved in the suit.

Now :: minions … all y’all are always asking me how you can help. Scrape off! That’s what I usually tell you :: do what you want … I don’t wanna be the boss. But I guess it’s time to grow up and be the boss I never wanted to be. And so as long as you’re forcing me to be that boss … you better respect my authoritah!

In Texas lawyers can’t solicit clients for litigation :: so it’s all on us to get the word out … and we ARE going to get the word out. Forums :: blogs :: tweets :: facebooks :: membership sites :: email lists … anywhere one might expect to find a couple of Pierce victims lurking around. It’s gotta be mostly you guys because I accidentally got banned from the Internets as you might remember.

If Stephen Pierce has got all this money for hiring lawyers … we may as well give him something to do with them other than kicking dirt into the faces of the downtrodden.

Who wants to sue a {former} millionaire?

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  1. I’m so sick of all the people that like his dumb facebook messages. We need to do a facebook ad targeting his fb friends. They obviously don’t know the scumbag they are “liking”

    1. @Sick of Stephen,

      Five bucks at Fiverr will get you fake likes, fake Twitter followers, Google pluses, etc.

      Easy to manipulate social media.

  2. I couldn’t help myself. Ode to Nipple-Pierce:

    Of course you feel stressed
    Of course you feel depressed
    Your world’s crashing in
    You’ll soon pay for your sins

    And should you contemplate skipping bail
    Consider the time you’ll spend in jail
    In addition to sentencing for multiple counts
    Of fraud – oh my – how the charges mount

    Should you choose not to consider that now
    You’ll have time to contemplate, anyhow.
    You can contemplate your nipples, your muscles, your navel
    You can contemplate your success – if you are able

    In jail you won’t be the alpha dog
    You’ll be wishing you’d never seen this blog
    Maybe, just maybe, you’ll learn to regret
    The harm you’ve done to people now in debt

    I’m being optimistic, I’d like you to know,
    My hope is you’ll change for the better, although
    It isn’t very likely. The only improvement you’ve made
    Is to get better at scamming and at getting paid

    With others’ hard-earned money that you don’t deserve
    The result? A cage – a cage with a perve
    Who’ll be happy to see some fresh meat
    And will cuddle you at night and think you’re sweet

    When you feel defeat, after you fail
    When you cry at night, while you’re in jail
    Will you rise again? Will you achieve success?
    Many hope not. Me too, I confess.

    Nipple-Pierce, I know you only by your reputation,
    In my opinion, you’ve earned a prison vacation.

  3. Hello people all those lawsuits stephen pierce sent out he can’t prove anything written by the scumbags.He is going overseas to supena records from 2009 so that he can HANG his wife or KILL his wife The asshole is still married and the corporation is suing her under her maiden name stephen pierce spent $11,000 plus banging the Get Motivated student in 2010
    You are going to jail

    1. @former employee,
      It is well established that the good officers at the McKinney Police station are all but impossible to get moving on some matters but “threat to kill” is a crime. No argument there. This should be a police matter.

  4. Stephen Pierce’s mother asked him for a few dollars for father’s birthday party. Reply from Stephen “NO”. Not to worry the mother-in-law sent the dollars from father-in-law social security check..This is the same mother-in-law you are suing Stephen Pierce.

    1. @former employee,

      It wasn’t his money to give, it wasn’t his money to spend.

      As far as I am concerned, it appears people at that office were complicit [[thank you Todd for clarifying that]], so it really doesn’t matter if Pierce shared his ill gotten gains on relatives [[or spent it all on crap]], it doesn’t change the fact that Pierce is a piece of shit, and nothing will elevate that. Furthermore, anyone who knowingly helped him [[when they knew what was going on]], is not much better.

      You “employees” come after things blow up to “save” the fucking day. I heard you guys complain more about affiliates not getting paid, his wife being ripped off [[funny, considering she is currently pushing $997 scams of her own]], employees being abused, and Pierce not sharing, and you all just kind of gloss over the fact that innocent victims paid the price.

      What hypocrisy! You “cared” about affiliates, because if they don’t get paid, they don’t push Pierce’s crap, and if they don’t push that crap, you guys are out of a job [[nothing more]]. And you guys “helping” the victims, just kept them from complaining [[standard boiler room tactics]] until it was to late for recourse. You weren’t helping them, you were helping yourselves, and I’m fucking tired of hearing how you predators were “victimized”.

      PS – The individuals who think that the anger from these accomplices being ripped off is worth a thumbs up, let me know, because frankly I want absolutely no association with anyone that finds that worthy of praise.

      1. @_cartman_,

        I’ve been giving the former employees’ comments the thumbs up because I appreciate them providing more intel on and ammo against Pierce. The enemy of our enemy . . . should keep blabbing about our enemy.

        Similarly, I’m glad that Dale Brown now has EFF representation because that means the mediation is less likely to be a slam-dunk win for Stephen Pierce. I guess that means more money will go to Vorys and less money will be left for the plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit, but I really like the idea of a slow, grinding defeat for cocky assholes Pierce and Vorys.

      2. @_lanna_, agree. Let’s encourage them to tell it all. this guy is a crook and we all need to band together to report him to the FTC or the Texas attorney general. ANYONE have any contacts there? seems that the good customers have reported him but so far no action. how to speed that up?

      3. @_cartman_, i agree, this is not family court, but last year staffers stayed about 4 months and either quit disgusted or got hounded out the door for confronting the boss about his double dealing. they do care about customers but employees who try to help them get sued, so how much can you expect of them? they left and won’t support him. that all most of them can do. who’s going to pay the whopping legal bills? the same customers they tried to help sure aren’t. just asking, cause there would be more consumer heros here is some agency could protect them.

      4. @_cartman_, I agree that some percentage of Pierce’s employees and affiliates – like any other cross section of humankind – won’t care about anyone except themselves.

        I’m sure some believed in what Pierce was selling, though, just like many of us here believed in some form of fairy dust.

        And a few very likely saw the light and developed compassion for others once they were Pierce’d in the backside.

        I’m no happier than you that some human beings have no other purpose in life than to screw others and take, take, take. I won’t throw them a pity-party.

        I am happy, though, that anyone is willing to speak up, whatever motivation prompts it. Even if self-serving, it will help prevent someone else from falling prey to similiar predators down the line.

        1. @I wantz 2B rich, He changed back again to “pulled all support for”.

          Unfortunately, getting data & info needed sometimes isn’t as clean and easy as people might want and why the many big cases/actions are won by getting ex-cons/criminals to turn.

          1. @Jack ::

            Gosh that’s sad :: now that’s on like 250 posts … and some of the funniest comments. Alas.

            But this fight isn’t fun :: or easy … and it’s exhausting. Feels like the same shit every day for years … because it is the same shit every day for years. People who aren’t having fun anymore should move on to something else. Of course they’re free to do it without giving me the finger on the way out … but I guess that’s asking too much.

            1. @SD, I didn’t know if copyright cops came after Cartman’s avatar or if he was just taking a time out. I haven’t been here that long, and there are times that this stuff can just totally mess with my head. While I think the majority of the people here have a higher tolerance for it than I do, I can see how it could trip your trigger.

              And Cartman, if you’re lurkin’, you have as much right to your beliefs and opinions as anyone else here, and I don’t think anyone disputes that. With the exception of the occasional troll and occasional mole, we’re on the same side – we’s the good guys – even if we have different viewpoints about how to get ‘er done.

              I believe that some of the lite version of scamsters finally stop blocking out the truth of what they’re doing after coming to this site, or to other sites that spell out what’s really going on. In all honesty, had I realized how easy it was to scam people out of so much money before I came to this site, I easily could have done the same – I’m that financially challenged.

              That was my plan. To create some kind of product to hawk to people from information I got for free or cheap. And to do some affiliate marketing for the people who do make a lot of money selling fairy dust. ‘cept I wasn’t convinced it was fairy dust, just thought some of the associations between the IM/MMO crowd were tweaked. I had to open my eyes to the fact that it’s a big circuit. They take turns promoting the same old crap in a new package. And they all get a piece of it from existing customers and mailing lists.

              Cartman, you already know this. What you might not realize is the degree of service you contribute to people you don’t even know. If you and others here hadn’t made the choice to give up time and to share information, I probably would have purchased something else. And I would have started promoting some of the IM predators for a commission.

              Don’t let the dark side of it get to you….

          2. @Jack,

            Please assist me with my n00b confusion…

            Is @_cartman_ one of the “half-in, half-out” folks?

            Has he chosen, for now at least, to turn away from the stalwart Droid in favor of… what? like pals on warrior-forum or clickbank or somewherez like that?

            /me has much confusion and lack of understanding and is feeling very, very clueless.

            And I was looking forward to him joining this Minions 2.0 thing.


            Furry cows moo and decompress.

            1. @Wyrd, Why such air-grabbing, awkward public speculation? That doesn’t describe Cartman at all. It’s kind of insulting really, like making totally random, highly unflattering guesses from a public stage (without any supporting evidence) about someone sitting right out in the audience in front of you.

              Cartman has always been a staunch anti-scammer, period, and his hundreds of comments all over the blog support that. Just look around. The exchange above sums up his displeasure: he was not keen on cutting slack for anyone involved in the Stephen Pierce b.s. machine. That’s it.

            2. @Wyrd,

              No, no, no, no. Exactly the opposite.

              It’s like Cary the Label Guy says. Cartman’s against the scammers and anyone who rides on their coattails. He expressed displeasure regarding getting affiliate Dale Brown free representation (here) and then in this exchange about people voting up former employees’ comments (here).

              I actually agree with his sentiment and voted up his comments. Affiliates, employees and family, your complicity is not forgotten or forgiven. However, to me, that doesn’t preclude us working together to get justice.

            3. @Cary the Label Guy,

              Why such air-grabbing, awkward public speculation?

              ‘cuz I’m dumb like a n00b?

              That doesn’t describe Cartman at all.

              I’m sorry. I’ve been here since last August (I think), but I still don’t know my way around very well.

              I can tell @SD thinks @_cartman_ is cool (which should have been enough for me to know that @_cartman isn’t close with scammers, but–) @_cartman_ often has a lot of good info. I thought maybe that meant he was on warriorforum or something and that, that helped to provide him with sources. In my n00bishness, I obviously misread and misinterpreted what people wrote. And then there was @_cartman_’s silence, and silence is kind of hard to interpret.

              It’s kind of insulting really, like making totally random, highly unflattering guesses from a public stage (without any supporting evidence) about someone sitting right out in the audience in front of you.

              Again–sorry about that.

              Cartman has always been a staunch anti-scammer, period, and his hundreds of comments all over the blog support that. Just look around. The exchange above sums up his displeasure: he was not keen on cutting slack for anyone involved in the Stephen Pierce b.s. machine. That’s it.

              How ironic. And here I had always thought of The Salty Droid as being the one who would cut scammers no slack. That is–I wouldn’t expect @SD to cut any slack to the ones that didn’t deserve it.

              @SD being in possession of most of the information, I generally defer to his judgement of who “deserves” to have a verbal “smack down” put upon them. But perhaps @_cartman_ is in possession of as much information about certain scamming individuals as @SD.

              So, ok, casting random accusations was a stupid and insulting thing for me to do. Again, I’m sorry about that. I just couldn’t understand why anyone would react to a Minions 2.0 announcement by withdrawing all support rather than providing equal or greater support. The only thing I could think of at the time was that it was someone that was *half in half out* that didn’t want to be forced to take a more consolidated position.

              It hadn’t occurred to me that it might be the opposite–that it might be someone who has an uncompromising moral position on the issue of scammers, and that, that person sees The Salty Droid as coming from a compromised moral position of having too much sympathy for at least some scammers.

              I get that having to judge on a case-by-case basis makes things morally complicated.

              But in my experience, having a strict moral code with absolutely no gray area and no exceptions causes a lot of problems.

              Furry cows moo and decompress.

            4. @Wyrd, You’re not “dumb like a n00b,” you were just meandering out loud, in comment form. Meandering, as we all know, is a great form of exercise – almost as effective as free weights – but for your own safety, it’s always good to have a spotter.

              I’d also recommend the classic textbook, “The Joy of Silent Meandering,” by Albert Q. Random, Jr. Alternatively, there is the well-regarded “Doubleday Encyclopedia of Non-Directed Questions,” and its companion volume, “Anticipated Answers.”

              Now, I really don’t think I’d say that SD has sympathy for “some scammers.” I’d call it strategic focus, because there are only so many hours in a robot’s day.

            5. @Wyrd,

              I just couldn’t understand why anyone would react to a Minions 2.0 announcement by withdrawing all support rather than providing equal or greater support.

              Interesting spin. Show me where I stated [[or implied]] that this has anything to do with any announcement. Here’s a “clue”;

              I want absolutely no association with anyone that finds that worthy of praise.

              Please pass on the message to your fucking leader that [[no association]] [[no commenting]].


              Alicia Lyttle is one of you. She got sucked from the world in which she belongs … into this shit stinking den of iniquity. Where she’s dutifully done all the things she was supposed to do. Everybody loves her … everybody knows she’s great.

              What a sad fucking man you are, implying this fraud is a victim. This whole victim crap [[in regards to Lyttle’s participation]], is fucking weak! Her deception was [[and continues to be]] deliberate [[not incidental]], making her a predator [[except maybe in your fucked up world of interpretations]].

              I’m sorry I ever endorsed you, I won’t fucking make that mistake again. Why not show a little fucking humanity, and remove any parts of my comments where I show you even the slightest modicum of respect, so I don’t look like a total idiot for showing you one iota of respect.

              @Albert Tross

              I hear that there is even more to come on this blog about your pal, Stephen Pierce.

              Your attempt to claim Pierce is my pal [[simply because I don’t endorse this “industry”, Lyttle, or anyone else]], is fucking weak. The deception doesn’t stem from non-delivery of the bullshit product. Pierce’s claims were deceptive, and whether he delivered the product or not, is a moot point. The implication in this thread is that Pierce is a scammer because he did not deliver anything, that basically clears the industry and others who do deliver. You fucking moron.

              Furthermore, I included a link [[to a quasi-private video]] which showed that Lyttle employs the EXACT same tactics [[that labels everyone else featured here a fraud]], but the link was altered [[twice]]. I guess allowing people to view the video, would fuck up the Droid’s “victim” post.


              I don’t give a fucking rat’s ass what you like, or dislike. Money, or your quest to obtain it, means nothing to me. I was not here so you can absolve your sins, nor do I give a fuck about your inequities. If you were an exploiter of humanity, that is something you have to come to terms with, not me. If you need to vote me down, because I abhor those who *DELIBERATELY* exploit the trust of others, have at it. If you don’t like my integrity, because it makes you feel like I am rubbing your nose in your stupidity, go see a fucking psychiatrist and deal with it. I am not here to deal with your fucking mental illness. Do you have any further comments for me, smart ass?

            6. @_cartman_,

              I wrote that stupid crap that I wrote a little over a year ago.

              I don’t care what you have against @SD or AL. If you want to make such a big deal about it, go start your own blog. I might even read it. Maybe.

              You should take a new handle though. The “screw you guys I’m going home” bit doesn’t seem to be working out for you.

              From the tone of your comments, you remind me very much of Rorschach/Walter Kovacs of the Watchmen.

            7. @_Cartman_, Incorrect assumption. My comment to which you refer was directed to a comment from “Anonymous,” which (unknown to me) apparently was you. Since it was both anonymous, and on the surface it read as if it were in some way defending of ol’ “Roc,” I responded accordingly. If you re-read my comment, I lambasted Mr. “Roc” for BOTH non-delivery and utter horseshit. He is a DB any way one looks at him. Go read that again.

              Also, you did not really GET what went on here. Nobody said a “victim” can’t also be a “scammer.” However, sometimes you have to be strategic to get to the BIGGER scammers. It’s not unlike chess. SD was attempting to get some dialog going here with people who wouldn’t otherwise have a reason to open up – and you were CURTAILING that dialog, and the INFO that said dialog would provide.

              It would be like if an undercover CIA agent was having lunch with a suspected terrorist, and you walked up to the CIA agent and said, “Hey, Bill, why the hell are you even talking to that criminal!”

              The “beef” you had wasn’t a “beef” at all. You just made a snap judgment and blew up about it. Doesn’t mean you can’t rethink that and make amends.

            8. @Albert Tross,

              Since it was both anonymous, and on the surface it read as if it were in some way defending of ol’ “Roc,” I responded accordingly.

              How the fuck am I supposed to write, so you don’t read it with complete and personal bias. Is that the same premise that Wyrd used to make the following back-handed insult?

              to turn away from the stalwart Droid in favor of… what? like pals on warrior-forum or clickbank or somewherez like that?

              If you re-read my comment, I lambasted Mr. “Roc” for BOTH non-delivery and utter horseshit.

              I know, and I did not state otherwise. My comment was a generalization of the overall turn of the thread [[aka comments]], and I would like to fucking know [[beyond the Maria Andros “intuitive” interpretation]] which part of my comment lead you to the conclusion that Pierce was “my pal”.

              It’s also not surprising that you placed your own bias on an “Anonymous” comment. When I was “Anonymous” and brought up the child tragedy [[the near drowning]], which was used in lyttle’s sales letter, Droid stopped the dissemination of that information in it’s tracks [[why droid, do you only care about children, and how they are exploited when it suits your interests]] It was “surprising” how a lyttle shill appeared to confirm the “noble” sales worthy event, and stated they would come back to disclose the details [[once they got permission]], and yet, they never came back. Oh sorry, the point of bringing that up, was someone accused me of being a friend of Pierce [[or Pierce himself]] in that exchange. Droid went out of his way [[yet again]] to intervene and stop the dissemination of that event also. [[why did you feel the need, you know my tactics work, play both sides of the “street” and someone will respond…right….fucking weak sauce]]

              The “beef” you had wasn’t a “beef” at all. You just made a snap judgment and blew up about it. Doesn’t mean you can’t rethink that and make amends.

              I have no plan to compromise my fucking integrity, and I have no fucking interest in anything but clearing my name from this hypocrite’s site. Lyttle has participated in the active exploitation of children from that tragedy [[real or imagined]], the exploitation of a impoverished child from Harlem [[video available on youtube]], and the explotation of a mother’s love [[using her Niece…video available on youtube]] & guilt for having to work. What a fucking HumanITearRightIn she is.

              So with all due respect, go fuck your amends. Is that clear enough?

              PS – Droid, I didn’t include any fucking links so you wouldn’t butcher them, and as you can tell, I am technically using my real name [[as per your fucked up new rule used to silence me]], since my name is technically available to your lyttle fucking fraud. After all she is entwined with Tim Erway [[aka Maggot Sponsoring]] family of frauds, and so is Andros. So fuck you, lyttle man.

              PPS – Anybody else have a fucking comment to make to me? Cuz I’m just getting fucking started. Come on, we have at least two fucking hypocrites here. Stop hiding behind a check mark, and open your fucking mouths.

            9. @ _cartman_2.0.1

              I have a comment–it is really good to read your uncompromising prose again, _cartman_

              Your unique perspective missed, but I am not suggesting you return or make any unnecessary amends.

      5. @_Cartman_, Oh Mr. Cartman, what in tarnation are we gonna do with you young fella? Why, me and Mr. Crikey were just readin some of your comments about that airheaded Maria Andros and we were laughing so hard my dog, Spitbucket, came running in to see what was going on. I guess Spitbucket thought Mr. Crikey was getting frisky or something, but at our age getting frisky is fishing for loose change in the couch cushions at the same time.

        Anyhow Mr. Cartman, you best not be disappearing from around here cause me and Mr. Crikey enjoy what you have to say. Mr. Crikey’s nodding his head to that right now, cause I always read what I type out loud and I can see the top of his head over the potato chip bag.

      6. Cartman 2.0- I liked the older, funnier 1.0 version better. I gave your comment a thumbs down. Salty is about more than just exposing the big scammers. He’s also about giving the victims – who very often come here as scammers-in-training – a chance to recover their humanity, their dignity, and move away from the dark side. Personally, I’m very damned grateful not to have had my nose rubbed in my own stupidity.

  5. I want to comment on the continuing expose of Stephen Pierce international and Impulsive Profits, both owned by Texas based internet marketer Stephen A. Pierce. The three former customers who complained online about their inability to get either service/product/support or refund were typical.

    Apparently, the version of the contact that gives you only 3 days to request a refund fails to mention that you may not receive your log in information or materials for weeks or even months. Forcing the point will get you on the refund “list”, but getting Stephen Pierce to actually approve the refund and send the money is another hurdle. Stephen Pierce himself has to approve every single refund, refusing to give anyone in his company the authority to do so based on some standard policy or procedure.

    Instead he put employees in the awkward position of having to hold back the flood of complaints with excuses and delay tactics. When neither the employee nor the customer can take it any longer, Attorney Kevin Vela got involved. Customers credit Vela with enabling the fraud to continue with his own threats of defamation lawsuits. In fact, Vela actually got customers to inform on former employees in exchange for their refund. Aside from the legal ethics involved, that is an extraordinary requirement for a simple refund when the company didn’t give you a product or service in the first place!

    This torture is meted out to consumers who have already had their trust destroyed and their persistence tested to the extreme. Most customers just give up.

    I’m sorry,. But that scenario played out dozens maybe hundreds of times does not sound like the working of a legitimate business to me. Making former customers beg can only hurt a company’s reputation and provoke customers to anger and action that they might not otherwise have taken.
 Treat too many consumers with this callous disregard, and they will fight back.

    The same can be said of employees. Treat too many of them to intimidation and legal action, and you bind them together into a force that is stronger than the sum of its parts. Those folks can bury a fella, Stephen. Back off.

    1. @Ex-Employee and @ I wantz 2B rich

      This brings back vivid memories of my time at SPI.

      I was just as sold as a customer at first, I’ve seen plenty of “Opportunities” in my days before then, and would have never even wanted to work for that type of company without feeling that the person and product were different.

      I guess it comes from relating (hopefully I guess) to the rags-to-riches story of someone who I thought might be a “mentor”. I’d bet most customers have the exact same view. He’s a great man on the outside, speaking words that inspire and give the image of someone who has “made it”.

      It was this “inspiration” that kept me with the company nearly a year. During my time there I tried to keep faith that what I was doing and teaching customers would work for me (and them in the process).

      In the end I could no longer continue working for him because I felt that the product sold was misleading and hurting a majority of the customers who purchased, often borrowing, using their last savings or retirement to invest into what seems to be a “sure thing”…

      (My experience and resignation are described in my original post at )

      Just know that MOST of the people I worked with in my time there had a conscience and a soul. Most ended up resigning because of this. Although Most were “bribed” for their silence by a legal contract and a final “buyout fee” I never signed such an agreement, which Im sure he’s kicking himself for not doing right about now. At the end of my time there, I probably would have taken such a buyout as like the rest, I just wanted to get the whole experience behind me. Now though, I’m glad I didnt as It appears to me from the response so far, that people are rallying behind my example.

      I hope that my actions bring justice for the customers I could not help. I think that I wanted things with stephen to be real, just as much as a customer who purchases his products.

      You can see my actual resignation letter at to get a good idea about what it was like for me working at SPI.

  6. stephens FB post today – he is hiding behind religion – this helps rope people in who think he is a “godly” man – when he is far from it – sad

    I am the temple of the Holy Spirit. 1 Cor. 6: 19
    I am an ambassador for Christ. 2 Cor.5: 20
    I am free from condemnation Romans 8: 1
    I am more than a conqueror Romans 8: 17
    I am in the palm of the Lord’s Hand Isa. 49: 16
    I am covered by the shadow of His Hand Isa. 51: 6
    I am in God’s Hand and none can pluck me out John 10:28
    I am delivered from sin Romans 6: 7
    I am free from weaknesses and diseases. Matt.8: 17
    I am complete in Him. Col.2: 10
    I am delivered from the power of darkness Col. 1: 13
    I am accepted in Him Eph. 1: 6
    I am dead to sin and alive to God in Christ.Rom.6:11
    I am seated in heavenly places in Christ. Eph. 2: 6

    When you know who you are, it doesn’t matter what others say you are.

    1. @fb post, Even “better” is full-posting here

      “Who are you?

      I am both cause and effect.
      I am both the creator and the created.
      I am both the problem and the solution.
      I am both the before and the after.
      I am both the beginning and the end.
      I am who God says I am.
      I am the temple of the Holy Spirit. 1 Cor. 6: 19
      I am an ambassador for Christ. 2 Cor.5: 20
      I am free from condemnation Romans 8: 1
      I am more than a conqueror Romans 8: 17
      I am in the palm of the Lord’s Hand Isa. 49: 16
      I am covered by the shadow of His Hand Isa. 51: 6
      I am in God’s Hand and none can pluck me out John 10:28
      I am delivered from sin Romans 6: 7
      I am free from weaknesses and diseases. Matt.8: 17
      I am complete in Him. Col.2: 10
      I am delivered from the power of darkness Col. 1: 13
      I am accepted in Him Eph. 1: 6
      I am dead to sin and alive to God in Christ.Rom.6:11
      I am seated in heavenly places in Christ. Eph. 2: 6

      When you know who you are, it doesn’t matter what others say you are.”

      I think it’s he made it with Bible Dice which I think maybe is like the Bible Magic 8-ball. I asked to tell me about mr. Pierce and it said:

      “Proverbs 26:11 – As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.”

    2. @fb post, I could be wrong, Mr. Pierce, but I think those promises belong to those who follow the Lord in thought and deed. Sorry, but you need a major attitude adjustment before you qualify.

    3. @fb post, I think God’s the only one who can help him now. Have you noticed no one has posted a comment about NP acknowledging he’s done any wrong to these people, or any expression of remorse?

      Even if he had, were I scammed out of thousands of dollars, I don’t think I’d be able to forgive him.

      All this scripture makes me wonder if it’s a sign that he’s off his rocker – what he’s quoting is not congruent with his behavior. For whatever we might have to say about Daniel Amen, MD, I’ll bet a SPECT scan will show some serious anomalies. Not that such a finding would excuse the behavior, but I for one would be curious to see what’s going on in his brain, aside from calculated, devious plans to defraud others.

      1. @I wantz 2B rich, I know the pierced-nipple, and he doesn’t apologize because he has done nothing wrong. those folks didn’t follow his plan, that’s their fault. if they had his determination, focus and obviously superior intelligence and did everything the great Oz told them to do in that book, they too would be milionaires.

        In fact, i would not call his behavior calculated or devious cause that implies that he is consciously aware of the damage he is doing at the time he is doing it. No, i think he is so out of touch, so totally self-absorbed, so sure he is right and the rest of us are wrong, that he just doesn’t consider the option that he might be wrong. that’s his story and he is sticking to it.

        What’s that saying I heard? “It’s not hard for him to admit he’s wrong. it’s just hard for him to imagine it.”

  7. Mr. Droid…i’ve said it before…and I’ll say it again: One day, when I am grown up (old) I want to be Obi-wan to your R2DFUCKSCAMMERSx100s.

    I’ve linked to you from my fb and posted amazon review of nipple-s ‘work’.

    I wish I had more time.

  8. After reading the article.. it made some sense until it just turned into profanity, based on nothing factual. Just a witch hunt for anyone dubbed to be a “scammer”. Then following on to read the comments is even more disgusting, nothing factual just profanity and people with nothing better to do than to find some poor scapegoat to take their problems out on. I write this completely objective after coming across this sad web page..

    1. @Terrance, “Nobody’s sharper than Marko the Pencil when it comes to helping students learn to read for meaning”…

    2. @Terrance,

      I suspect Jack’s answer might be a bit beyond your current reading & comprehension levels, so I fill some of the detail for you. In order to show that the above post is “based on nothing factual” a good way to start would be to identify a fact which is contained in the article, and then add supplemental information to show that it is false.

      Starting with just one fact is a good way, then continue with the rest of the relevant facts, until you have shown that all the relevant facts are false.

      However, if you can’t find anywhere to start, maybe it’s best *not* to just hurry on to the conclusion and hope no one will notice.

      1. @Yakaru, Let’s give Stephen a chance to prove us wrong. Stephen, jump in here and prove that you didn’t promise to talk 1-2-1 to students/customers and then just not do it.

        Did all those former employees just dream that up? Did that not happen?

        1. @Anonymous,

          With the greatest of respect, you are out of your cotton picking mind if you think that Stephen Pierce will do anything for anyone AFTER they have paid him their money.

          It will not happen!

          After more than four years of emails and telephone calls and broken promises from Stephen Pierce, many of them personally given, nothing happens. Ever. He will never commit to a deadline and never come up with the goods.

          Don’t believe me? Go and buy one of his products and then update us each year on how it’s going.

          I’ll see you in court Stephen as I have already registered for the class action. Bring it on.

          1. @Angry Ant, I’m 102.9% certain that @anonymous was being entirely cynical with that line of questioning.

        2. @Anonymous,

          There appears to be a concerted effort to indicate Pierce is a scammer because he didn’t deliver the goods. Good on you anonmyous.

          Perhaps those looking can go to Alicia Lyttle and get the satisfaction they were looking for from Pierce. She is making $1,440,000 per year (before commissions) on a few thousand residual members. Imagine what they could do if they put some effort into it.

          The reason people are not making money on the internet, is that they are not hiring mentors.

          1. @, You complete idiot. Stephen Pierce did not pay his own bills when he had the money. He refused to provide service when he had the staff to do it. AFTER she left him, until today, she is responsible for her customers and he is responsible for his.

          2. @Anonymous said:

            “There appears to be a concerted effort to indicate Pierce is a scammer because he didn’t deliver the goods.”

            Appears? Concerted effort? Actually, no effort is needed. Stephen Pierce provided all the “indication” needed, in the form of documented scamming.

            Not only was he selling bullshit, he wasn’t even delivering the bullshit he was selling. Why did Stephen Pierce not deliver his bullshit? Was he keeping all the bullshit for himself? Did he think he would run out of bullshit? And if he kept that bullshit, by now he must be full of bullshit. Stephen Pierce’s bullshit cup runeth over!

            By the way, I hear that there is even more to come on this blog about your pal, Stephen Pierce. “Roc” on!

    3. @Terrance, There’s no possible way anybody with a lick of common sense and no agenda could read what’s posted on this site, follow all the numerous and damning third party links, and come to the ridiculous “conclusion” you barfed up in your inane comment.

      You’re either one of Stephen’s bitches, or you have the I.Q. of potato salad, or both. Regardless, it’s a net loss to your family tree.

    4. @Terrance,

      Stephen Pierce’s family is not happy with what he’s saying about them. His ex-wife has a restraining order against him. His former employees are supporting a class action lawsuit against him. His affiliates are angry about not being paid.

      Who’s left to come here and call this a witch hunt? You could be a random troll, in which case, go back to 4chan. You could be a current employee; contact Alan Rosenberg so you can testify on behalf of the plaintiffs instead of getting named as a defendant. You could be Stephen Pierce himself; we’ll see you in court.

    5. @Terrance, go away – you have no idea what you are talking about. stephen uses everyone else as his scapegoat, hello? get up to speed…

    6. @Terrance, Hello, Stephen. Welcome to your professional obituary. Of course you’re appalled at the language. That is so much worse than defrauding the elderly and disabled! So much worse than barfing up verbal abuse and threats on family and staff. So much worse than leaving a trail of unpaid suppliers and affiliates. WTF??

      I hadn’t noticed that until you pointed it out. You really are a superior human being, just like you said.

    7. @Terrance, Well Terrance let me tell you what you can go and do…. Take about $5K out of your retirement fund and hand it over to this ass bag Stephen and let him go to work for you. Sit by the phone and wait for your results… and report back here…. if you like.

  9. @Terrance –
    The comments show nothing factual?
    You must have skipped a lot then – including the documented court cases against Stephen Pierce.

    Your selective objectivity is breathtaking.

  10. What a baboon. How many states did this guy try to hide out in? It looks like he has been involved in a lot of fraud cases and lawsuits galore. As for the web. This guy knows nothing about how to market anything on the web online or offline. What is this gibberish about him taking up religion all of a sudden? Out of all of the goofy gurus we have running loose in this country this guy takes the fucking cake.

    1. @Jack, These guys (Stephen Pierce and Craig Pettit) are now in trouble with the State of TX. for unpaid taxes.

  11. Stephen Pierce – a.k.a. “Ryan”(?) sent me the information about how he can make 1.2 million dollars for putting up Kindle-books, so maybe he can use the money from that for paying different people instead of suing them:

    “Kentucky Man Sells 1.2 Mil Kindle Books In 6 Months

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    It is seriously awesome.

    Go grab your copy now.

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    Success Scamming Inc.

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    Richardson, TX

    1. @Jack,

      I think you should put your scrolling captchas on the back burner and focus on your link removal service. It would save a lot of people a lot of money to have the links removed from their Stephen Pierce aka Ryan emails before they reached their inboxes.

    2. @Jack, oh, cripes, they’re selling Kindle spam as a ‘system’ now. Just what the world needs.

    3. @Jack,

      Well, at least my services as an MS Paint artist are back in demand. All those high quality Kindle covers don’t design themselves!

    4. @Jack,
      Hey WTF – Why did you remove those links?
      I want to make 1.2 million dollars in 6 months too.
      Hope you’re happy now that you’ve made my kids starve!!!!!

  12. Ain’t that the truth! Someone else made your kids starve. I know you didn’t mean that, but Stephen Pierce says things like that all the time. For instance, he is now offering a new product (watch out world!) which you can read all about at If you don’t go to this webinar, it will cost you thousands, maybe millions of dollars!!

    ttp:// sounds just like him.

  13. Ain’t that the truth! Someone else made your kids starve. I know you didn’t mean that, but Stephen Pierce says things like that all the time. For instance, he is now offering a new product (watch out world!) which you can read all about at If you don’t go to this webinar, it will cost you thousands, maybe millions of dollars!!

    ttp:// sounds just like h

    1. @Eric G,

      That book was published circa 2000. Was a bestseller at the time. Not exactly a secret.

      Assume you meant Stephen Pierce instead of Stephen King. The latter could read and understand the 48 Laws of Power. The former wouldn’t understand half the words in it — and he lacks the discipline to read something that long.

      1. @,
        Yes, I meant Stephen Pierce. I thought I edited my error, but the system put in a duplicate post with that correction (see below)

  14. I’ve been doing some reading lately and ran across something called “The Forty-eight Laws of Power.” It’s a list of way to maintain power. Most of them made me think of Stephen Pierce, but this one really suits his methods. Blame every thing on every one else. No personal accountability unless it furthers your own agenda to ACT humble and accountable. Otherwise, act the charming and innocent victim.

    Classic Stephen Pierce, until the SaltyDroid exposed him and gave us a forum for telling the truth about him!

    Keep Your Hands Clean
    You must seem a paragon of civility and efficiency: Your hands are never soiled by mistakes and nasty deeds. Maintain such a spotless appearance by using others as scapegoats and cat’s-paws to disguise your involvement.

    1. @Todd H. Bart,

      You’re one of several posters who have recently brought up the book here.

      One could easily pick Cialdini’s “Influence,” Sun Tzu’s “Art of War,” Machiavelli’s “The Prince,” or Clausewitz’s “On War.”

      Yet “48 Laws of Power” keeps cropping up instead. Starting to wonder if there’s an agenda to pike the book through comment spam.

  15. Salty,

    Let me first thank you for providing me with the venue to post my story which you will see show that this snake oil salesman is still peddling.

    I attended the “Get Motivated” to get ripped off seminar in Lexington KY, October 2011. I too fell prey to Stephen Piece and one of his sidekicks, Corey someone, sales pitches on achieving finance success through their affiliate marketing packages.

    After these sales gurus captured my attention, they convinced me that I could become financially successful if I invested in one of their affiliate marketing training packages. I purchased the Platinum package that included unlimited LPG express (I think this is unlimited landing pages) for $6994. Yes, I “purchased” the package at a total cost of $6,994. They forbid you to use the words “purchase” and “cost”. You are to refer to the process as “investing in yourself” – “investing in your education.” The package I purchased consists of a box of seven CDs,, unlimited landing pages, and attendance at a two-day summit in Utah.

    After I listened to one of the CDs, I had questions, so I attempted to contact someone for technical support. I was batted around several times, on several occasions, but was never able to reach anyone who had the expertise to respond to my questions, so I put the CD box aside and tried to ignore the fact I had been the victim of a $6,994 scam. It was $6,994 I did not have. Rather, I placed myself in debt to purchase this package of snake oil.

    Looking at this retrospectively, when a company has a full page of disclaimers on the reverse side of the sales receipt, the company likely has had many complaints, but has no intention of returning your money, should you not be satisfied with the package. But, of course, their focus is on getting you to sign the form and sending you on your way. They certainly are not going to sit down and explain that the package is a ripoff and that they have no intention of returning your money when you realize that you have been scammed.

    They have called me on a number of occasions, asking me to reserve my spot and confirm my attendance – hotel stay, etc. at one of the upcoming summits in Utah. The next upcoming one is in June. They even asked me if I have any food allergies, in case a meal might have food allergens. Of course, this is not an all-expenses-paid trip, they just want to make sure that you are locked in on attending. My speculation is that it is a sucker count, of sorts. No doubt, they will be peddling some kind of coaching package there – probably to the tune of $10,000.

    Anyway, that’s my nightmare with Stephen Pierce and the rest of is snake oil peddlers. I am another victim of slick sales tactics, designed to swindle you.

    1. @Don’t tread on me, So sorry this happened to you. If he promised to buy back those blogs, send your story to the attorney general!! Texas has business laws and this man has broken some of them!!

    2. @Don’t tread on me,

      Also send your story to Kentucky’s Attorney General and the state’s department of revenue.

      There’s an excellent chance that Pierce has not qualified his company to do business in the state. So in addition to deceptive trade practices, he may have tax and personal liability issues.

    3. @Don’t tread on me,

      That sucks, dude.

      Even so–it could’ve been worse. Some folks that get into IM-MMO get into thinking that if it didn’t work the first time, then it must have been their fault so they try again and again and again spending more and more into debt.

      Maybe you can get in on the class action lawsuit. I have no idea if you could get your money back–but the more legal judgements there are against Stephen Pierce the better.

      Contact Alan Rosenberg at this email address for more details about getting involved in the suit.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

    4. @Don’t tread on me, It’s not really sales tactics, its just blatant lies and BS! And that’s the problem.

  16. This particular blog will never die, simply because the subject will never change his spots and will always be a con artist.

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    1. @DominaTrix,

      linkz? links, plz. AQGS (A Quick Google Search) did not immediately find me a result saying Stephen Pierce had lost the ability to work his evil.

      So.. links, please? News article(s)? Court document(s) even better.

      On the plus side, the Google search did reveal a few high ranking results that shine un-favorably on Pierce.. of course it also still had Stephen’s “I am the Light, I am the Way, give Your Money” stuff all over too…

      How about prison time for Mr. Pierce? That’d be nice. Prison time for committing serial fraud. That’s my new drum-beat just as soon as I think of a good clear definition of serial fraud.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd,

        Stephen PIerce International Obituary is at

        Here is Impulsive Profits==

        He and that equally unrepentant snake-in-the-grass Craig Pettit are still in business doing sompin’

        1. @,

          For readers who don’t own U.S. businesses, the franchise tax is the fee your state charges you every year for being a corporation. (It has nothing to do with the franchise business model.) In Texas, it’s .05% to 1% of your Texas profits, and you owe nothing if it’s less than $1,000.

          The status for Stephen Pierce International, Inc. is “franchise tax involuntarily ended,” which means, “The entity’s registration or certificate was ended as a result of a tax forfeiture or an administrative forfeiture by Texas Secretary of State.” If you fail to file the franchise tax form, or if your filing is rejected because you owe state taxes, this happens. As the link suggests, you can “request tax clearance to reinstate entity,” which basically involves paying what you owe and filing all the required forms.

          The status for Impulsive Profits Inc. is “forfeited,” which means, “The entity’s right to transact business in Texas is forfeited,” which I’m pretty sure is just a more permanent version of “involuntarily ended.” The company can still be revived, though, by paying what’s owed, filling out all the forms, and requesting the state “set aside the forfeiture.”

          Sec. 171.252. EFFECTS OF FORFEITURE. If the corporate privileges of a corporation are forfeited under this subchapter:

          (1) the corporation shall be denied the right to sue or defend in a court of this state; and

          (2) each director or officer of the corporation is liable for a debt of the corporation as provided by Section 171.255 of this code.

          Acts 1981, 67th Leg., p. 1704, ch. 389, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1982.

          Yes, Impulsive Profits can no longer sue people, and this is a great time to sue Stephen Pierce for his personal money. But this situation is easy for Pierce to overturn with the right forms and a some tax payments.

            1. @Wyrd,

              Happy to help! I’m glad @DominaTrix brought this to our attention. Maybe there is a larger story like Stephen Pierce owing millions in back taxes, being close to bankruptcy, or abandoning SPI and IP to start a brand new scam, but this could just be an oversight or delay.

              If something else IS going on with Stephen Pierce, I hope someone close to him will email details and carrot cake recipes to the Salty Droid.

  19. Karma is an absolute bitch.

    The true sadness however is that the Government agencies – paid for by the taxpayers – have consistently failed to prosecute this individual for the fraudulent activities that he has undertaken for years. You should be entitled to a tax refund!

    1. @Angry Ant, My favorite point is when he goes about to tell us at beginning this isn’t going to be a bashing, negativity session and then he goes on and about to go bashing & bashing & bashing & bashing & bashing &….

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