Stephen Pierce Scam Nipple Lawyer

... the nip slip

Dear LameLawyers {to whom I’ve sent private notice of this open public letter} ::

That’s your client’s nipple right there :: he likes to show it to all his professional contacts on the facebooks … because he’s a tiny insecure freak stain with no education or skills.

But that’s not really the problem is it?


The problem is that Stephen Pierce is a scammer … a totally fucking heinous scammer.

You wouldn’t have to be a world famous scam expert like me to know it. You could just be a lawyer who gave a shit about the world :: and professional ethics :: and did ten minutes of due diligence before taking on a whole embarrassing pile of meritless free speech repressing harassment suits. But you don’t … and you didn’t.

Stephen Pierce generated leads for Utah {etc.boiling :: it sounds like thisand thisand this.

Stephen Pierce worked with The Syndicate :: it sounds like thisand thisand this.

Stephen Pierce is a scammy :: scamming :: scammer.

This is a man so foul and fucking dastardly that he’d sue his own mother-in-law … and you’d help?

This is a man so fucking slime covered and selfish that he’d sue people he already scammed … and you’d help?

The is an un-man so without character and moral values that he’d continue to torture a wife that he’s already tortured almost all the way to death … and you’d help?

Well fuck you!

Then this story isn’t gonna be about Stephen Pierce being a scammer … the thousands and thousands of people assembled here already know that anyway. It’s gonna be about what kind of bullshit lawyers would do what you assholes are doing right now.

It’s gonna to be about your names :: and your firm’s name … and you’re suddenly going to understand why Ms. Pierce and his nipples are so desperate to silence Internet dissent.

Everything you say and do in these cases I’m going to print here … everything {like when you call unrepresented parties and misstate the law}. And as the story of Stephen’s years of scams :: cons :: and monstrous abuse are further revealed … it will be forever attached to you and your negligent practice against the public interest.

… or not … you decide.

>> bleep bloop

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  1. I love it! So they remain anonymous unless they continue representing him … then everything that goes into the court goes into public domain.

    Will definitely be interested to see how this plays out.

    My bet is they don’t stop and we get to see a show here.

  2. It’s gonna to be about your names :: and your firm’s name … and you’re suddenly going to understand why Ms. Pierce and his nipples are so desperate to silence Internet dissent.

    Well, my nipples just got hard . . .

  3. Once again, all roads lead to Yanik Silver.

    Pierce was in Silver’s apprentice program before Pierce became an Internet Marketing rockstar.

    When o’ when is Yanik going to get the Salty treatment?

  4. Oooooooh! I’m looking forward to seeing s’more documents. After all, dis man is an associate of the famous 7 billion dollah Jay Abraham. Wonder what kinda copywritin’s a gonna be on those docs….

  5. Stephen Pierce is the guy who got me started on this whole slippery slope before reading this blog and using my own deduction saved me. I bought his “The Whole Truth” (about internet marketing) ebook way back when he got started doing the guru shuffle.

    If I remember correctly, one of his recommendations was to use a “black hat” SEO technique (I didn’t know what that was back then), he called “smart pages.” Smart pages where what amounted to spam pages. He’s still up to his old tricks though with this email heading just the other day: “Page 1 of Google in just 3 days”

    I won’t link to the webpage, because it is just another lead generation page to a boiler room for none other that Ryan Diess and another one of his BS claims on how you can get “Massive FREE Target Traffic. How you can invest just 15 minutes…”

    And that’s not a scam offer with fraudulent claims. Yeah right!

    What amazes me is how hard Stephen Pierce works to come across as a “do right” GOD fearing” American success story. Yoda thinks the force is strong in this one. I say bring on “The Whole Truth” about this scamming fraud star.

    Gratsi Salty.

      1. @Shit Storm, Worse than reading the stories was listening to them over the phone every single day and knowing that they would never get the service, product, payment, paycheck, or refund that they deserved. Those are real people.

        1. @Former Employee, every day at Stephen Pierce International was just a barrel of laughs, wasnt it? The best is when The Big Guy himself would finally grace us all with his presence (in that same True Religion shirt he’s wearing in the “nipple shot” and his Russell Simmons diamond dog tags)lock himself in his office, play on his iphone, giving the aura of importance and that he is actually doing something… OR..when he would send those super-sweet texts where he would threaten us all that he might actually come into the office and there would be “blood baths” and “heads would roll” because we made The Great and Powerful Oz Angry! then…he’d never show up.
          Truly intimidating. very, very scary.

          1. @Another Former Employee, Speaking of the Russell Simmons dog much did we spend on clothes for him? He coulda paid the affiliates, the hotel or the contractors or the landlord… but no….he bought jeans and that SUV with all the bling…$100K!!

            How well I remember. He used to yell uncontrollably for hours, demanding this and stopping that and changing something else. Mostly he wouldn’t show up at all. That is true, but when he did he’d stroll into the office all gentleman manners as if verbally abusing and insulting employees was how things got done and maybe the rest of the staff didn’t know he was a monster. My honey actually sat outside one day to make sure i was safe while my boss was in the office! I should sue his ass for harassment. Any body want in on the fun?

    1. @Researcher :: My favorite comment off ::

      A Freudian slip from a typical Pierce supporter (judging by the spelling & grammar):

      “I dont believe a word of this! mr pearce is a great speaker and a millionare from selling his ideas. whats wrong with y0u folks. give the bother a break.”

      Can’t a bother get a break up in here???

      Truth in irony …

      Even if Nipple-Pierce “makes” several “million dollars” a year, he’s probably broke from fines & civil judgements against him (not to mention legal fees, considering how often he & his “businesses” are in court)!

      Just for the sake of being thorough in case people are too lazy to click thru … here’s a snippet (i.e. STILL NOT EVERYTHING!) of the “man’s” crimes & civil disturbances :

      Name Filed On File Type State Court Type Amount Case Number

      Name Title Address
      Stephen Pierce Resident Agent 9525 Sherwood Dr
      Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
      Company Name Filing Date State Corporation ID
      BLACK AMERICA ONLINE INC 03-18-1996 MD F04358909

      National Criminal Record Search
      20 RECORD(S) FOUND
      Search Criteria
      DOB 19680804
      Search Detail Records
      Name Address SSN / DOB
      DOB: 08/04/1968 Age: 42
      MName ALAN
      Sex MALE
      Height 6’02″
      Weight 210 LBS

      CRIMINAL Offense
      OffenseName BD CK/UTTER/NSF/$30000 & UP
      OffenseCode 27.141
      CaseNumber 2D00082042
      State MD
      CaseType criminal
      DispositionDate 02/07/2000
      Plea OTHER PLEA
      Disposition NOLLE PROSEQUI

      OffenseName BD CK/UTTER/NSF/UND $10000
      OffenseCode 27.141.(A)
      CaseNumber 2D00082042
      State MD
      CaseType criminal
      DispositionDate 02/07/2000
      Plea GUILTY

      OffenseName BD CK/UTTER/NSF/UND $3000
      OffenseCode 27.141.(A)
      CaseNumber 2D00082042
      State MD
      CaseType criminal
      DispositionDate 02/07/2000
      Plea OTHER PLEA
      Disposition NOLLE PROSEQUI

      This is one “trustworthy” bother!

      … er … *brother* …

      Special thanks to @Researcher & @truth (from over on

      1. @Doctor Mario, I was in Pierce’s “coaching” program in 2005, went to his Market Genius Seminar that Jay Abraham spoke at. Considering the esteem I held him in at that time, this list of jusgemensts and BK’s … well I feel a little nauseous.

        Actually, a productive exercise would be to do a public records search on every high profile “guru” out there.

        May as well get the truth out. As in “The Whole Truth”. It might save a lot of heartache.

      2. @Doctor Mario, Stephen Pierce has his panties all in a wad over that website and the truth it exposes. The inconvenient truth. I see a lawsuit coming.

    1. @Noteworthy,

      I wonder if that facebook page will stay up long. I mean–I gather from @SD that the reason the Droid is not on the Facebooks or the Twitter-er-ers, et. al. is that his accounts kept getting suspended. It seems that the parties the Droid accuses just make a complaint against him and then BOOM there goes the account.

      So I’m wondering if Stephen Pierce will manage to get the Stephen Pierce Scam page shutdown. I mean–I hope that doesn’t happen, but things like that seem to happen a lot.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd, Of course, at this point, 800+ people (a sizeable crowd) like that page and would know about it. That’s a lot of “splaining to do.”

    2. @Noteworthy, you know what makes me want to puke is that his fan page is full of a bunch of people posting saying how awesome he is! they have no clue, sad.

      and those motivational quotes – are you kidding me? he doesnt live by any of those – telling your employees they are “morons” and “heads are going to roll” and banging one of your students in her 20’s on a 10 day vacation getaway while your wife is at home taking care of the business and the list goes on- where does that fit into a motivational quote? interesting…

      oh and that new product he is going to try to promote – yea, well he hasnt paid his affiliates in over a year – good luck getting them to mail for that one buddy

      1. @ex-employee, Then perhaps it’s a very good thing that you and some of your former colleagues are helping to set the record straight. Remember, even the smallest snowball can trigger an avalanche. Persistence is the key!

  6. I’ve been watching for an update on this jerk-off ever since he harassed me, blamed me for the problems he created, refused to let me do my job, took advantage of my loyalty, insulted me, and then held my last paycheck. He is at the very least the worst human being I ever met. He treated customers like throw away objects and now wonders why he lost his business. I hate him with all my heart and the site of that disgusting pucker makes me want to puke…. all over him.

    1. @Former Employee, Being a guy, I want to puke at the pucker myself. But mostly puking about the customers that I stalled and stalled while SP played video games. Lying ass brought his own business down.

    2. @Former Employee,

      Feel free to unburden yourself…tell Uncle Salty all the bad things Stephen Pierce has done

      Tell the world how heinous this scammer is

  7. Dear scumbag lawyers

    First of all, good luck to you. as an ex-employee of mr pierce, nothing EVER ends nicely in his world. any ex-employee that worked with stephen directly all leave hating him (hence that is why you cannot find any that will help you in mr. pierces defense). they leave and don’t get paid, they get screwed over, blamed for everything and its just always a big mess.

    sooo…with that in mind, you guy are no different.

    this will end with you not getting paid, stephen firing you, him blaming you if things dont work out in your favor, you will get in yelling matches and the list goes on. and on top of that you are now associated with one of the biggest scam artist scum bags on the internet. Don’t you wonder why he went through like 30 employees and now has 1 in less than a year? Wonder why he has no friends? Wonder why his family wants nothing to do with him?

    anyway, enjoy your time with mr. pierce, lets see how long this lasts…

    1. @ex-employee, Nothing ends well for Stephen Pierce or anyone he hires, does business with, recruits, takes money from, or sleeps with. And these boys are just fresh meat.

      1. @Former Employee, These guys need to ask Kevin vela how much money spi owes him. I heard lots and lots..,

  8. I’ve been waiting for this! Im loving every single second of the demise of the high and mighty Stephen Pierce- and his nipple.
    I too was blamed for his bad business practices, prevented me from doing my job, accused me of being a liar, accused me of being disloyal (even after I caught another employee that really WAS ripping him off!), stealing by accepting paychecks for work that he claimed no one was doing, put up with endless verbal abuse from pissed off customers,- and it took me FOUR MONTHS to get my last paycheck even after I handed back his company laptop and every and all information on any work I so painstakingly did for this arrogant, insecure jackwagon! He’s a piece of crap.
    Adding insult to injury his so-called “attorney” had the nerve to offer me my job back if I could come to his office and let him go through my personal cell phone so he could see if I was talking to former employees!He actually said “dont delete anything, you’ll just make it worse for yourself.” Wow, glad I saved all those emails! F-You Stephen Pierce and your smarmy idiot attorney! By the way, Smarmy Idiot Attorney….cufflinks? really, cufflinks? What is this, 1963? Spend less time with the hair product and the accessories and learn the law, you moron!

    1. @Another Former Employee, Would that “attorney” be Kevin (Dirty Hands) Vela of Vela-Keller in Dallas? Anyone know if Stephen Piece ever paid that guy? As disgusted as I am with Pierce, I am even more disgusted with Vela. To put all that pretty boy charm and smooze in the service of screwing customers and his practices is WHAT? Helping people start businesses?!? My God! With his ethics as a guide, he will spawn little SPI’s all over town! God save Dallas!

    2. @Another Former Employee, Never a good day when your name and the word “Nipple”are used in the same sentence. LOL. Too bad he didn’t show his facebook fans his ass.

      1. @BranP, Stephen Pierce was probably too busy taking pics of his nipples with his iphone to worry about his ass. He’s worked hard for that “delicious” body of his! *gag*

        Best part of working at SPI..making fun of the boss man!

  9. Wow, that picture is revolting. Why would he think anyone would want to see that? My two-year old nephew used to like to lift his shirt and show his belly but thankfully he grew out of it.

    It hasn’t even been six months since the courts issued this:

    “Specifically, the CFTC order:

    •finds that Pierce violated the Commodity Exchange Act and the CFTC regulations as charged in the complaint;
    •directs him to cease and desist from such further violations;
    •imposes a civil monetary penalty of $25,000; and
    •directs him to comply with specified undertakings regarding representations made on his internet websites.”

    What the fuck is so hard to understand about cease and desist? Does this asshole still like to be called “Roc”? I wonder if his nickname was chosen to honor the French skincare line? What an asshat.

  10. Now your talking Salty…Fuck’em Up!

    Dear Jackass Attorney for Stephen Pierce,

    Get ready to ruin your name online…you need to learn some SEO.

    Get ready to explain to every last potential client you get over the next 20 years all the negative shit being attached to your name and law firm.

    This ends when we say it does…you need to learn some SEO

    Find a new client


    Those of us who have had it with scammers like Stephen Pierce

    P.S – This will attach to any family member just because they have your last name…I know I will be pointing a shitload of links…apologize to the kids – maybe you can talk to Google about that – Googles # is 1-800- Go Fuck Yourself

  11. I am so pleased that this is finally happening – and on this site! I was ripped off by Stephen Pierce, just like everyone else here. Then along comes Kevin Vela and you soon discover he is worse that Stephen Pierce, for sure! He certainly must have been hired by Stephen for his smooze and charm to try and silence anyone attempting to get refunds – by whatever methods! What a creep. How does an Attorney like him get to practice law? If Stephen Pierce and Kevin Vela are an example of what Dallas has to offer, then God Help Dallas!

    1. @Another Ripped Off Customer, It is embarrassing that Stephen Pierce and Kevin Vela have hurt your impression of Dallas. That Kevin Vela misuses his position as a lawyer.

  12. From TMZ 4/24/2008


    Tony Robbins claims a competing motivational speaker has stolen his schtick, so he’s suing the dude.

    In the lawsuit, “Banana Hands” Robbins claims the wife of Stephen Pierce — the other motivational dude — used a small camera to record almost 50 minutes of a speech Stephen gave at one of Robbins’ seminars. Pierce then posted the video on his website, and encouraged his readers to skip Robbins’ $8,000 seminar and buy his video instead. Self-help yourself, folks! The firewalking guru is also claiming that Pierce posted a fraudulent statement on his website claiming that he got permission from Robbins to film the speech and make it available for public sale.

Robbins is suing for all profits Pierce made via the unlawful use of Robbins’ likeness. Calls to Pierce’s camp were not returned.

    More reading for any FTC officials:

    Thanks for the memories Stephen Pierce.

    1. @Tony Robbins: FTC, the past only matters when you repeat it–

    2. @Tony Robbins: Thanks for the memories Stephen Pierce,

      In the lawsuit, “Banana Hands” Robbins claims the wife of Stephen Pierce — the other motivational dude — used a small camera to record almost 50 minutes of a speech Stephen gave at one of Robbins’ seminars. Pierce then posted the video on his website, and encouraged his readers to skip Robbins’ $8,000 seminar and buy his video instead. Self-help yourself, folks!

      That’s so damn funny. You can’t make this stuff up. Ab-so-lute-ly no regard for the rights of others, not even other scammers, not even a little bit in a sort of enlightened self interest kind of way.

      Stephen Pierce: SOCIOPATH.

      I hope he goes down hard. And soon.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

    3. @Tony Robbins: Thanks for the memories Stephen Pierce, gee, I wonder if Rob-’ems will give any proceeds to the people nipple-Pierce scammed?

  13. I saw where Mr. Stephen Pierce has the magic OptiMINDzation tapes that he says stimulates your brainwaves and gives you a higher I.Q. I don’t much care about the I.Q. part but stimulating brainwaves is hard to do on short notice.

    Then I got to thinking if you don’t buy the magic OptiMINDzation tapes like the invisible TV voice tells you to, what would happen to you? So I didn’t buy the tapes, and I’m pretty sure my I.Q. went up by 15 points right when I decided that. I would say it was 14 points for not buying the tapes and 1 point for not paying the postage and handling. And then 1 point for not buying tapes from a man called “ROC.” I figure if I keep not buying this stuff, I will be a genius in only a few more weeks.

      1. @Jack, Hi Jack. I think the negative negative subscription option is a real good idea. So then everyone that signed up that way would receive money instead of having to pay. I guess it would be good as long as you didn’t have to also get the tapes, even if they were free. Because the money wouldn’t help much if the tapes made you too dumb to count it.

    1. @Luther,

      Maybe the increase in IQ occurred because the control group was listening to audios from Stephen Pierce? That should make anyone look smarter by comparison.

      If you didn’t like that joke, here’s another bad one:

      $29,99? That stuff isn’t worth a plugged nipple!

    2. @Luther, Hi Luther. Hi. Oh, that’s me. Well, how did I get in here already again, I don’t know. I just wanted to say to all the non-Luthers about how that OptiMINDzation tape video is on Mr. Mike Filsaime’s youTUBE video channel. So I think Mr. Mike Filsaime should stop listening to the OptiMINDzation tapes as soon as he can or even sooner than that. His I.Q. will be very glad, I think maybe.

    3. @Luther,

      This turned into a parody of itself when it said::

      “Don’t think again without it!”

      Well played.

      1. @zipnar, I think that part about not thinking again was supposed to start just before they asked for your credit card. So I think the people without credit cards will be luckiest ones because they won’t have to stop thinking at all.

  14. Salty My Man, I just read the Consumer Protection Summit ideas for bringing down scammers. Now, Mr. Pierce attorney says he ain’t no scammer, so I guess this don’t apply to him. (beep beep)

    “Articulate :: smart :: awesome people are getting scammed every day…. Unfortunately for everything and everyone, their voices are systematically silenced by the scammers … who understand far better than you the extreme danger posed by quietly dissenting voices. Very very publicly, let’s bring the enforcement hammer down on any scammer who attempts to use the court system to silence victims or speech.”

    Pierce and Kevin the Enforcer systematically threaten everyone they can into silence. Problem is, the subpoena frees those tongues, and they will be waggin’ soon.

  15. Salty, I had read you previous posts re this widely acknowledged scammer and wondered how log it would be before “it” came under your microscope again. Too long I say, but boy am I glad that you have raised your voice again.

    This turkey has been traveling the world promising much, taking lots and providing NOTHING in return. What really cuts my tail is that he clearly never intended to provide any product and had the absolute hide to ask for large amount of money for the privilege.

    He came to the Land Down Under, promised the world and gave nothing – all for the price of $20k a head.

    We are not alone and we (now) have a voice.

    My blood is boiling at the thought that any self respecting legal firm could even consider representing this #^&&*^*&! Rapists and murderers might deserve representation, but sometimes I wonder at the ethics of elements of the legal profession.

    Don’t aim for the heart with this target. You’d just be wasting a round of good ammunition.

    1. @Kangaroo Court ::

      This is much worse than defending rapists and murders as the state rightly attempts to take their liberty :: because that has to be done for the sake of justice … and if done with distinction and respect for the context … then it’s a service to society.

      But here they are representing a badguy to help him do his normal badguy things. That’s just disgusting … and it’s certainly is pox on the profession that not just lawyers … but law firms … would stoop to it.

      1. @SD,

        I could not agree more.

        When lawyers represent rapists and murderers they do so to see that the law is upheld and that the accused gets a fair trial. However, when they side with dogs, not only do they get the mandatory flees, but they degrade their own profession. This is a habitual scammer of innocent people and has no respect for anything but their money.

        On the bright side, they probably won’t get paid for their services. That’s karma.

        1. @Kangaroo Court, is it legal for lawyers to misuse their position to intimidate citizens? Is that a protection racket?

  16. Oh, I should have added this quote from the great man himself.

    “If this isn’t good enough, let me know and I’ll stop the team from working on this and I’ll send you my attorney’s info and you can try getting something out of him.”

    Somehow I didn’t think that attorneys engaged in fending off customers and answering legitimate complaints. Looks like I was wrong again in this instance.

    1. @Kangaroo Court, Ah. “My attorney” would be Kevin the Enforcer. “The Team”…let’s see…would that the the nameless, faceless gnomes from Fivver?

  17. It looks as if his lawyer, Kevin Vela, belongs to the “it takes one to know one” school of thought. He has his own little marketing biz, “Fanbaby”. He sells really cheesy looking college athletic program birth announcements.

    Why wait and embarrass your offspring when they’re in junior high when you can begin at birth?

    Talk about your full service attorney! Go in for estate planning and pick up Junior’s birth announcements at the same time. It’s one stop shopping convenience. Next up is a coffee bar, he can’t let all that lobby space go to waste.

    1. @Barbara, Maybe Mr. Kevin Vela got that idea after he didn’t buy Mr. Stephen “Roc” Pierce’s OptiMINDzation tapes. I didn’t buy them and then I got lots of ideas. One idea is my “I was featured on the Salty Droid” announcements.

    2. @Barbara ::

      Gosh how strange that Internet Guru Stephen Pierce’s top slap-monkey can only get zero traffic to his super awesome millionaire website …

      “We are the first and only officially licensed baby announcement shop for the college sports fan! We carry an adorable line of custom baby announcements so you can announce your new addition while celebrating your school pride.”

      Celebrate school pride all over your baby’s ass!

      You’re never too young to become a piece of marketing!

      Remind your friends that you went to college … again.

  18. …And the Salty Droid fires a warning shot across the port bow… or something.

    Some folks in the comments are pretty sure they know who this lawyer(s) is/are already. I’m not going to check into that or speculate yet because
    1. I have work I should be doing and
    2. it could take a while and
    3. I doubt seriously the person(s) @SD has given the very good fair warning to will heed it.

    @SD / @SaltyDroid:
    I’m anticipating that your full barrage against the lawyer(s) will being shortly.

    My only question on that is: Are you sure it’s not some poor shlep that just really needs the money? I mean, you being you and all, I doubt you’d post if you weren’t sure. But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t ask.

    So I have to ask: are you sure the lawyer(s) are just greedy, unscrupulous, (kinda stupid) bastards instead of merely economically desperate? Desperation can make people even more blind to obvious truth (like that Stephen Pierce will make a horrible client) than greed can.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @Wyrd, What attorney hasn’t heard of Google?

      Here’s the easy ‘n quick mathematical formula:

      Prospective client + Google – Ethical concerns and risk to my reputation = Is It Worth It?

      When you say “economically desperate,” you mean as in starving for food and forced to shoplift a sandwich to survive? Or coming up short with the country club payment this month? I’ve never heard of any attorney found starved to death.

      1. @Joe @Wyrd

        Economic Desparation makes people do stupid things … the lawyers may not be impoverished but they could be struggling to make payroll or cover overhead and that may motivate them to take on any client willing to pay them money.

        That doesn’t make it a smart decision … in fact it looks like in this case it may guarantee that no clients ever want to hire them in the future … thus creating the very situation economically they are trying to dodge in the short term.

        1. @RT, Working for Stephen Pierce is a hard way to make a living, as they will soon discover. The only time he is happy is when YOU have just defended him against a legitimate claim for payment or bullied someone into giving up their right to free speech and assembly. He, of course, is taking a Karate lesson and cannot be bothered to render the service or write the check that would solve this problem in some recognizable and legitimate way.

          1. @Former Employee, That’s because Stephen Perce doesn’t want to solve his problems. He wants blood out of every lowly turnip that falls off the truck and into his path.

      2. @Joe,

        I’ve never heard of any attorney found starved to death.

        I know what you mean, but in point of fact there are a lot of law school graduates that are broke-poor. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them try IM-MMO.

        So you want to be a lawyer []

        Of course, @SD has already responded below, and it turns out that–yeah @SD has it all checked out. There’s apparently a half-lawyer low life, and then there’s also three lawyers from a law firm that really ought to know better.

        It will be interesting to see how it goes down.

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

        1. @Wyrd, “Broke-poor” still isn’t starving, and if someone can find his/her way through law school, they can find their way to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter (after they’ve burned all those law school textbooks to keep warm). Everything else is a choice.

    2. @Wyrd ::

      First of all :: they’re obvious pester suits … making them a service that members of the bar should not be willing to render under normal circumstances. Exspecially in support of such an obvious imbalance in bargaining power. Rich fuck pesters rich fuck and lawyers get paid handsomely for tomfoolery of rich fucks … fine. But the cases I’m talking about here are not okay … for any reason.

      Second of all :: this Kevin Vela bitch peeps are talking about is Stephen’s normal ghettoass half-lawyer. The kind you find lingering all around these parts co-conspiring with the king scammers. Someone name Brad Fallon’s permanent shyster to back up that point … I forget his name because he is forgettable.

      This sort of post would have no effect against a nobody bottom feeder like Kevin.

      Three lawyers from a 100+ firm who recently took over for Kevin is who I’m talking to here … and they have no excuses.

      For the next post :: I’ll be sending an email notice to all the firm’s top partners … just as a service to make sure they know what’s what.

      1. @SD,

        You go, Droid. Nipple-Pierce’s rampant fraud and theft makes some of the others look like altar boys (and we know they’re not). How this guy isn’t in jail is beyond me.

        1. @I wantz 2B rich, He is not in jail because he makes former employees sign an non-disclosure before they can get their final paycheck. Kevin the Enforcer usually had those conversations when he was representing Stephen Pierce.

          1. @Former Employee, Are non-disclosure agreements enforceable when illegal activity is involved? Reluctance to report fraud is entirely understandable – I’ve had to report drug theft in a few different settings (not MMO/IM related). The powers that be circle the wagons around whistle-blowers, and you lose at least a pound of flesh in the process.

            I’ve also had to file a complaint against a former employer with my state labor board in order to get 2 weeks vacation pay owed me. It was a big corporation, and they paid up. I was shocked at the time to learn that a big corporation would try to cheat employees. Duh-uh, huh? I’m still amazed that Mr. Nipple-Pierce has gotten away with as much as he has – I’m sure many complaints are from out of state, making it difficult to get any satisfaction from the bastard.

            Glad you got away from Mr. thinks-he’s-wonderful.

            1. @I wantz 2B rich, I have not ask about the non-disclosure agreements, but his attorney (or maybe former attorney) Kevin Vela got them from everyone as far as I know. Remember, it is not what you did, it is what they can prove. (Denzel Washington, Training Day)

          2. @Former Employee, I guess I got out of the “corporate Offices’ easily..Kevin Douchetard Vela didnt ask me to sign a confidentiality or non-compete or gag order! Oh wait, he did ask to go through my cell phone, though (Paranoid Pierce needs to know who has been talking about him and what we are saying..I might have been giving away important company secrets!) and I do believe I told him, in the nicest way possible (and thoughly documented it) to kiss my fat white irish ass. And to never contact me again for anything.

            If Vela was on fire in the middle of the street, I wouldnt pee on him or waste my free 911 call to put him out. So adorable he is peddling college birth announcements. He’s is a disgrace to U of Texas.

  19. I found out about how I can stop not giving Stephen Pierce all my money which I think so far involves making up a bunch of words that rhyme:

    1. @Jack, Hi Jack. Also another secret is that you can break a board over your head for free so you don’t have to pay Mr. Stephen Pierce to break them that way. Unless maybe you don’t know the other secret, which is where your head is. A friend also shared that secret with me if anyone wants it.

      1. @Luther, OK. So making up some rhymes and breaking a board on your head is how to get profits for sure then. I hope it doesn’t take too long for me to get it right because so far my only result from practicing it is my head hurts. Also, my poems seem just to get worse and worse.

    2. @Jack,

      So that “doctor” bloke finished up smashing his “productive results profits” (sic) as well as his procrastination. That’s very stupid.

    3. @Jack :: O-M-G!!! Thank you so much for finding & posting this video!

      At least this Nipple-Pierce douche is reminding me of the humorous side of asshat scammers …

      Most of the SD bad guys lately have been so dang depressing & downright disturbing (Raygoza, Donefor, Belcher {still!}, J.A.R. (good riddance), and this whole Boiler Rooms underbelly) … I almost forgot about the funny side of ripping off old people & housewives & internet n00bs (and those other types who really can’t afford to be getting ripped off).

      Thanks for the comic relief Stephen Pierce!

      I hope you end up in poverty & prison …

    4. @Jack, If anybody wants to know about it, here is the Motivational Hall Of Fame, which seems to be a page on the internet somebody put up, or also most of them you can probably find in the SD categories.

      If you don’t want to pay too much hosting and want to be in some sort of hall of fame, you can make your page on a free webpage site or something like Squidoo, maybe.

      1. @Jack,

        Each speaker has a link to a page of blurb which links to a page on an external site called “yoursuccess” or something. All except for James Ray that is, whose link goes directly to amazon, with no apparent profit for them. So they haven’t tossed him out of the esteemed hall of fame, but they also didn’t want to deal with whoever is currently in charge of his products.

        …Very interesting!

  20. Salty,

    Can I get an amen.. oh wait, that’s for the Great God-fearing brotha Pierce to say..

    Mister “God bless you and yours” got himself into a lot of hot water when he was caught red handed banging one of his Get Motivated Students while still married.. hmmm…. can you say product creation lab??

    The guy’s whole truth is a complete fabrication.. he was never homeless but thrown out of the house when mommy and daddy realized he not getting a job..

    the lived in a car and took shower in restroom….classic… that must have been a crowded restroom cuz about 8 other gurus where in that same car and restroom…

    Word on the street is he got shot when he tried to rip off the drug dealer.. he couldn’t even do that right…

    If you look closely enough at the nipple picture, you will see the boiler boy himself from Prosper getting ready to suck on that nipple for some more leads…

    A complete bipolar scammer, the closest this guy ever came to making $10 million dollars a year doing anything was playing monopoly. A legend in his own “optimind”…the walls now closing in..

    He’s a master at secretly buying the other guru’s courses under an assumed names, cutting and pasting and then repackaging their products as his own great creations..

    Just one last question.. anyone know if those brainwave tapes will stipulate my nipple?

  21. Not verified, but *interesting* if true…
    According to forex-peace-people:

    Review: Stephen Pierce’s name is a scammer – plain and simple. Not only does he prey on people’s greed for large profits but he allies himself with other swindlers such as Todd snively who is doing 4 to 9 years in federal prison for running a futures bucket shop. I don’t know how Mr. Pierce escaped justice since he was a partner with Snively.”

    Here’s a bit of Snively:

    “Release: 4834-03
    For Release: September 4, 2003


    Todd J. Snively, Resident of Northville, Michigan, and Two Michigan Corporations, Commodity Consultants International and Futurewise Trading Group, Are Subjects of Registration Actions Based on Misappropriation of $6.27 Million from 900 Customers

    Washington, D.C. – The U. S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced today that on September 3, 2003, it filed Notices of Intent to Suspend, Revoke, or Restrict the CFTC registrations of Todd James Snively as an associated person, and the registrations of his companies, Commodity Consultants International, Inc. (CCI) as a futures commission merchant, and Futurewise Trading Group, Inc. (Futurewise) as a commodity pool operator, commodity trading advisor, and introducing broker based on the entry of an order of permanent injunction against them in a federal district court for the Eastern District of Michigan earlier this year.

    The March 2003 federal court order stemmed from a complaint filed by the CFTC on February 8, 2002 against Snively, CCI, and Futurewise, charging them with cheating hundreds of investors out of millions of dollars (see CFTC News Release 4606-02, February 11, 2002). The court’s order was entered with the consent of the defendants, who neither admitted nor denied its allegations (see CFTC News Release 4764-03, March 20, 2003).

    The order requires Snively, a Northfield, Michigan resident, and CCI and Futurewise, both Michigan corporations, to repay $6.27 million to approximately 900 investors. The order further permanently prohibits Snively, CCI, and Futurewise from participating in the futures industry in any registered or exempt capacity and bars Snively, CCI, and Futurewise from trading for themselves or for others.

    The CFTC Notices allege that the court’s order, and the facts underlying it, are sufficient under the statutory disqualification procedures of the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) to suspend, restrict, or revoke the CFTC registrations of the registrants. Accordingly, the CFTC has ordered that a public hearing be held to determine whether the registrations of Snively, CCI, and Futurewise should be suspended, restricted, or revoked.

    The following CFTC Division of Enforcement staff are responsible for this case: Rosemary Hollinger, Scott Williamson, Robert Greenwald, Mark Bretscher, Donald Nash, and Joy McCormack.

    A copy of the CFTC Notices of Intent to Suspend, Revoke, or Restrict Snively’s, CCI’s, and Futurewise’s registrations may be obtained at

    Media Contact:
    Rosemary Hollinger
    Associate Director, Central Regional Office
    CFTC Division of Enforcement (312) 596-0520″

    No luck for finding Pierce-Snively connection yet.

      1. @Jack, Here is the press release on the Pierced Nipple. (CFTC Docket No. 02-15, January 21, 2003


        CFTC Order Requires Pierce To Pay A Civil Monetary Penalty and Comply with Undertakings

        WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced today the issuance of an order settling an administrative proceeding against Stephen Pierce of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

        The CFTC order, entered on January 21, 2003, finds that, from approximately March 2000 through July 2002, Pierce, a registered commodity trading advisor (CTA), sold subscriptions to his futures trading recommendation services through various internet websites.

        The order finds that Pierce touted his trading record and failed to disclose that it was based on hypothetical or simulated trading and not actual performance. Further, the websites overstated the profit potential for Pierce’s trading recommendation services and understated the risk of loss. Finally, as a registered CTA who acted as such, Pierce was required to keep certain books and records, including client or subscriber information. The CFTC order finds that he failed to keep such records. The CFTC order arises out of an administrative complaint filed against Pierce on July 30, 2002 (see CFTC News Release 4683, July 30, 2002).

        Without admitting or denying the findings in the CFTC order, Pierce consented to the entry of the order finding that he violated anti-fraud provisions of the Commodity Exchange Act, CFTC regulations requiring prescribed cautionary language when presenting simulated or hypothetical trading results, and CFTC recordkeeping requirements.

        Specifically, the CFTC order:

        finds that Pierce violated the Commodity Exchange Act and the CFTC regulations as charged in the complaint;
        directs him to cease and desist from such further violations;
        imposes a civil monetary penalty of $25,000; and
        directs him to comply with specified undertakings regarding representations made on his internet websites.

        The following Division of Enforcement staff are responsible for the case: Rosemary Hollinger, Scott R. Williamson, Robert J. Greenwald, Mark H. Bretscher, and Joy H. McCormack.

        A copy of the CFTC order can be found at

        Media Enforcement Contact:
        Rosemary Hollinger
        Associate Director
        Chicago Regional Counsel
        CFTC Division of Enforcement
        (312) 596-0520

          1. @truth, It’s the link posted by Jack and some others back a few months from now, but still doesn’t say the exact connection to Snively? Or is it there somehow, besides him and Snively being in MI?

            I heard about a reporter who knows the connection for sure, though.

    1. @Jack ::

      Well :: I see Mr. Snively’s name written all over inside of my fancy reporter’s notebook … so I think we can safely consider that connection verified.

      I like to find out about a situation before I get involved … but I guess some lame lawyers prefer to find out about stuffs after they get involved. Different strokes and whatnot …

      1. @SD,

        “Snively”? Seriously?
        That’a a villian’s name if ever I’d heard one…or maybe I’m confusing him with Snidely Whiplash. I wonder if they could be related?

  22. “The Alpha Leader Program is a MUST for anyone who wants to learn about leadership! You’ll be spending valuable time with Stephen Pierce to learn what it takes to be a true leader and you’ll also get the chance to learn from various speakers and experience how to put up a big event such as UYMG!!”

    See the crew-excitement/pre right now!..

    1. @Jack, Hi Jack. Maybe we could also be rich and successful if we paid to go to clapping school. But I think your family might get tired of hearing you doing your homework.

  23. If Nipple-Pierce has anything to do with United Healthcare, or if United Healthcare thinks people like Nipple-Pierce are glowing examples of motivational speakers, it clarifies a couple of things for me:

    1. Having to wait 5 days for a surgery that should have been done within 24 hours, and 2: copays that have increased.

    If he’s the fucking future of medicine, I think I’ll use the LOA to attract a shaman from the scam-’ems.

  24. Stephen Pierce MUST Join “Institute of Technology Ethics Committee” for going scam-free.

    I found a good idea for mr. Pierce in which he can join Shawn Casey’s Institute of Technology Ethics Committee to finally get his name cleared-up.

    Plus also he can start making to to put into the victim-comp-fund by doing many award winning programs mr. Casey tells us about, such as:

    Award Winning Program #1: Process Samples From Home
    Award Winning Program #2: Granny Makes Millions
    Award Winning Program #3: Granning Makes Millions

    I don’t know about why mr. Pierce didn’t ask mr. Casey when mr. Pierce and mr. Casey were telling people about how to be later-on millionaires and probably at many other types of events, too.

    1. @Jack, Hi Jack. They reviewed 179 “programs” using advanced scientific research and these are the top 3. That was very nice for them to do that for our benefit.

      I saw where the number 2 and number 3 “programs” are both called “Granny Makes Millions.” So I guess after Granny makes millions in number 2, she goes to number 3 and makes some more millions. I wonder whose Granny it is? I will ask mine if she is the one and I will let you know.

      Also, where Dr. Sunil Waddawah said:

      “I hope you have found this report on the top three work at home programs awarded with and endorsed by the ITEC Ethical Seal of Approval for June 2008. (We plan to do another full-scale evaluation in 120 days).

      Until we publish our comprehensive review of the 179 programs evaluated, I hope you find this review of the top 3 valuable. We felt we should put this up immediately as this is the information people have been saying they have to have it, and this is the information that could get you started making great money from home, beginning today.”

      I was thinking maybe someone should check on Dr. Sunil Waddawah to make sure he is o.k. since now it is 4 years later and the other 179 “programs evaluated” are not on that web page like he said they would be in “another full-scale evaluation in 120 days.”

      I wonder also if he researched hotdogs, ice cream, curb painting, house painting, doggy day care, child day care, importing, magic cure pills, or petting zoos? Because he can call Mr. Perry Belcher who is an expert in all those things and also being arrested and being a convicted felon:

      1. @Luther, I tried to find out about Dr. Waddawah but all I can find so far is this which seems to look closer to more like mr. Casey than Dr. Waddawah

        1. @Jack, No I found out about something called “embedding disabled by request” – maybe mr. Casey didn’t want to get his singing-fame, but I made some process-sample money with my Grandmas and paid YouTube to make exceptions:

        2. @Jack, Hi Jack, In that case I will be sure not to buy any “program” that does not come with the official “Granny Makes Millions” certificate of approval for riches-getting ETHICS.

          Also, now that it has been even longer since I did not buy Mr. Stephen Pierce’s magic OptiMINDzation tapes, I feel like I am even smarter than I was the day after I didn’t buy the tapes. So if you want your I.Q. number to go up, just keep not buying the OptiMINDzation tapes and you might also get smarter.*

          (*) Official Disclaimer: This result might really not be typical and some people that do not buy the tapes only just save money instead of getting smarter.

          1. @Luther,

            I was perplexed at first by programs two and three both being “Granny Makes Millions”. Surely there can’t be that many wealthy grannies out there, can there?

            But upon closer inspection Sunil has mislabeled program three which is actually “”. So after processing samples from home your now newly wealthy grandmother makes millions and then sets out with her little granny pickaxe to mine gold?

            I know it’s good for the elderly to keep busy but this seems verging on elder abuse…leave the old folks alone Dr. Waddawah!

            1. @Barbara,

              When I was a kid (meaning, when I was around the same developmental stage these guys are exhibiting right now), “mining for gold” was a euphemism for picking one’s nose. Knowing how much IM people claim they hate actual work, it seems oddly appropriate.

  25. I found some motivation from mr. Pierce, which includes him telling people that they can throw bricks at him, so I don’t know if I post it here if it means that he might complain that his video he made is telling him to do bad things like that or not:

  26. When I read stuff like this, I really, really hope the religionist’s are right.

    Yes, Hitler, Stalin et al are going to suffer the most.

    But the guys mentioned on this blog aren’t going to be much more comfortable.

    Come the day of Judgement, while the rest of us may have sinned to some extend or another, I am pretty sure most of us we will be looking down on the likes of the Frank Kern and his ilk.

    The LORD is known by the judgment which he executeth: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. Higgaion. Selah.
    (Psalm 9:16)

  27. Anybody who has any first hand experience with Stephen Pierce really should email SD right now. He’s on your side. Remember, there is strength in numbers!

    1. @Joe, Do you happen to know the email address of SD? Who is SD anyway? I’m a former employee. Thx.

      1. @Yet Another Former Employee, SD=Salty Droid (the author of this blog). The email is under the “contact” menu at the top, and shows up right under the comment box when you make a comment. SaltyDroid (at)

  28. I am sick of stephen pierce and his shit. he is suing his wife because she was an employee and suing her under her maiden name. She needs to sue stephen’s mother for not aborting that piece of garbage

  29. Well, well, well… I’m not surprised. :D I hope something comes of this! He should not be in operation at all! I wouldn’t even classify him as even human! I worked for him for quite some time and no lawyer has come looking for me. I didn’t sign any NDA so I’m free to spill the beans on what I know and I WILL – at least for the time I worked for him (4yrs). Let’s just say that I know for a fact that these customers DID NOT get ANY professional graphic designing for any product creation/MySpace/Landing Pages, etc. At least not during the time I worked there. That’s all I will say on here. I’m sorry to those who ordered from this man. But he laid off his only graphic designer and he treated her really poorly just like he did with every other employee. So, with no graphic designer, there will surely be no products created. Who is this lawyer and how do I get in contact with them?

    Thanks and gl to all with this. I will be following it!


    2. Regarding NDAs: no NDA can prohibit someone from reporting criminal activity. It doesn’t matter if there was an NDA or not: if you have information about fraud, theft, or scamming, you can NOT be silenced by a piece of paper. So, do the right thing. DEFINITELY call Alan Rosenberg in Dallas asap, at 214-695-4308. He’s on your side.

    3. @Yet Another Former Employee, Yes, this is the Stephen Pierce that I knew too. Not a cell of humanity inside that hollow shell. I was seldom the object of his direct outbursts as he preferred to attack the women in the office, but I saw it all and head it all. When I finally demanded tinge with him to discuss his lack of service, he blew me off and left the office demanding that I be fired or punished or something awful. OMG! I had been disrespectful to the Great OZ

      1. @Todd Bart, So off I went, back to my little cubbyhole to lie and stall, lie and stall the customers who had given him $10,000 and $20,000 if their life savings, their retirement, their borrowed money or whatever. Stephen Pierce is an unethical person who cares only for himself and uses anyone he can as a tool to beat dissenters into submission. Today’s tool is the boys are Vorys, Scammer, Sadist, and Peas. (

        Don’t miss his newest amazing offer that is sure to make you an internet marketing genius, just like Stephen Pierce himself @

  30. Hey Salty, Just to keep your readers up to date on the latest Stephen Pierce scam, He now has a new deal called Success Sculpting which he hawks @ Don’t miss the fake comments. The dead giveaway is the timing on them.

    I guess Craig Pettit is in on this one too since that address is his store front on the bottom of the page.

    Stephen Pierce name is not associated with this new product at all, so I guess he is hoping to distance himself from even his own name! LOL!!! Jerk has ruined his own name!!! Now that must be a blow to the biggest ego in America.

    Most of the content is hidden in the member area. Wonder what lies he is telling behind closed doors?

    1. @Former Employee 1, It looks like Stephen’s orifice is situated in the same strip shopping center as “Pappy’s Pet Lodge and Spa,” and “Shuck N Jive Cajun Restaurant.” Now I’m concerned about the potential detrimental impact that could have on those two fine establishments.

      1. @Uncle Ralph, someone join that club and tell us what he’s claiming this time! Pleeeeasse!!!

      2. @Uncle Ralph, Evil twins Craig and Stephen are probably never there. But don’t worry, if the undeniable smell of dog shit business drifts out the door and over the other stores, they’ll find a way to blame it on Pappy’s Pet Lounge. If it smells fishy, well that must be the Shuck ‘n Jive.

        Cause it’s never going to be them. Stephen is an innocent man in a business where most people just don’t work as hard as he does. Craig?? Well, Craig is just not responsible for what Stephen does.

        So there you have it. Isn’t that a neat little package? Scam and Scammer.

  31. The SaltyDroid won!! Legally Ginger and the Sister Wives at Vorys dropped all charges against the 3 bloggers,customers,affiliates (victims).

    All droids and droidettes take a bow. Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease ( either wised up and shut down the Stephen Pierce reign of terror or they got through to that sicko with their new wisdom gained at the capable hands of the Droid!!

    Oh, do see his new product at A new gig for the unsuspecting.

  32. Nice work Salty!!! However, I withhold judgment about Legally Ginger and the Sister Wives. Until they drop ALL CHARGES I continue to believe that Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease will be anybody’s bitch for $250/hr.

    ” … we believe in your right to fuck over the little guy. If the little guy deserved to have rights … then he’d already have enough money to hire his own whore law firm. Am I right? Of course I’m right.

    That’s why at Vorys Sater Seymour and Pease our motto is … You’ve got monies? We’ll take the case!!!

    Other law firms with more than three hundred attorneys might get all up in your scamming face and be like :: “explain your business model to me … and your criminal history … and your problems with federal regulators … and the outstanding judgements against you … and the reasoning behind your desire to sue people who have empty pockets” … but not Vorys … that shit is all bullshit that you don’t deserve …

    We’ll take the case!!!”

  33. Salty:

    You “da man” – but then you knew that.

    Those that tried to do the right thing by setting up blogs/sites and then got attacked by the scammer will be eternally grateful for your involvement and commitment to the cause. They may even offer to buy you a beer or two.

    Well done to all.

        1. @Luther and Jack, Same address in BFE nowhere so no one can find his ass when he fails to deliver. Anyone know who he’s scamming now..oh, excuse me! Anyone know what he’s doing for a living now? he he

          I saw some books on Amazon that looked way familiar…Anyone else??

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