Conversations with Black Americans Online


It’s fun to tell jokes about Black America Online :: because it was called Black America Online … and that’s funny.

Black America Online.

See? Funny.

The failed techno-blaxploitation of what was to become the uncoolest of uncool tech companies == funny.

You thought you got mail :: but you got Shaft … up to here.


Anywayz :: I’m sure it wasn’t funny to the people involved … and they’d like to smack my face off.  But investing money into new {or old} business ventures is a great way to lose money. Most businesses fail :: often due to the mistakes and miscalculations of their overpaid founders and executives.

Says not-black America Online chairman and CEO Steve Case in January 2000

“I don’t think this is too much to say this really is a historic merger; a time when we’ve transformed the landscape of media and the Internet. AOL-Time Warner will offer an incomparable portfolio of global brands that encompass the full spectrum of media and content.”

Says The New York Times of the same deal a decade {and several hundred billion dollars in loses} later …

“To call the transaction the worst in history, as it is now taught in business schools, does not begin to tell the story of how some of the brightest minds in technology and media collaborated to produce a deal now regarded by many as a colossal mistake.”

If you want mistake free businesses :: you best hire only robots … because humans are forever fucking everything up. Failed business ventures don’t feature on The Salty Droid because failing isn’t a scam … failing is just the most usual reward for trying.

Black America Online wasn’t the worst idea in the world :: people had the dot-com fever … and way stupider ideas were making stock market millions. The idea had enough believers and backers to get some non-trivial financial support … and some free press. There was momentum :: it was an opportunity … and some of the people involved were excited about it. But the man with the plan was a parasite who would go on to prove thousands of times over that his sole concern lies with his own immediate {vain and shallow} material desires.

Stephen Pierce’s involvement in Black America Online meant that things were only ever going to end badly for the company … or worse. And while Stephen had no problem moving on to his next scam without the faintest hint of remorse :: his non-scammy family was left holding the bag … and dealing with years worth of fallout for his inexplicably selfish actions.

Thomas Pierce was the IT brains behind Black America Online. While Stephen failed to graduate from high school … Thomas graduated from college and has had a long career as an IT systems architect {or some such thing}. His wife Rosetta is an attorney … and they’re now living in Florida. After many years of remaining silent as the Black America Online story continued to reappear and fester in association with Stephen’s ongoing shenanigans … Thomas decided it was time to say something.

Here are Thomas and Rosetta talking to Jason about Black America Online :: and the role played by the Pierces not named Stephen …

… behind black america online …

… and how.

Getting your Mom and Dad sued :: and then walking off like it ain’t no thing … priceless. But that was just the beginning of Stephen Pierce’s epic disrespect for his own proud family.

Everyone in Internet Marketing knows that Stephen Pierce is the ultimate rags-to-riches story. Kicked out of a troubled house :: high school drop out :: homeless :: shot … but now a millionaire via the magical power of Internet unicorns. Here he is telling Gideon Shalwick all about his homeless to millionaire program …

… describing his childhood home as “typically dysfunctional.”

Hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting people heard the hard knocks story while Stephen Pierce was sharing the Get Motivated stage with the likes of Bill Cosby.

Overcoming adversity to succeed is a good story :: but it’s not a true story … at least not for Stephen Pierce.

… stephen pierce family matters …

Stephen Pierce’s parents rose up during dark times for black Americans offline :: carving out a solid platform inside a less than welcoming middle class America … from which their kids could hope to push on to even greater successes. They kept their family together during good times and bad :: serving our country and enduring the many sacrifices required of career military service {including 82nd Airborne in the jungles of Vietnam … hooah!} … and providing support :: guidance :: and a constant example of right living for their children.

Stephen’s parents have the truly inspirational story … but he gladly discarded it like so much rubbish in favor of a narcissistic fantasy where he overcomes the problems he was lucky enough not to have.

>> bleep bloop

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    1. @Jack, Actually I can make it a challenge for people: listen through the “Stephen Pierce family matters” audio – then look at mr. Pierce in the video screencap and try not to throw up.

      1. @Jack :: 3:31 EST :: Doctor Mario accepts challenge …

        3:32 EST :: Challenge result = fail.

  1. “My first priority was getting my parents off the lawsuit.” Wow! Thomas and Rosetta sound pretty calm. Helluvalot calmer than I would sound even this many years later.

    Damn! Garnished Thomas’ wages. I mean “come on” Stephen, your brother and his wife are financially suffering and you’re out there pitching your rags to riches story? Which really means that you’re getting rich putting others into rags.

    Hey Steve-O Monument Valley Park called… they have a rock for you to crawl under

  2. SD, the conversation is appreciated. Thanks for taking an interest in the family details and publishing the story.

    1. @Thomas L Pierce,

      Great Job Thomas! You did the right thing by telling the truth about our family, and speaking out about who you really are, and your role in the BAOL mess. I will support you all the way. Whats right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong. Throwing our family under the bus to make a buck ($$$$$$) is wrong. Leaving you financially bent and our parents financially bent is really wrong.

    2. @Thomas L Pierce, and @April Pierce — thanks so much for your open discussion of the reality behind the Stephen Pierce issue. I know it can’t be easy for you. I’d be ripping-paint-off-walls-with-my-fingernails pissed but I hear none of that in you. Rest assured you’ve chosen the correct path.

      Everything I’m learning about Mr. Pierce is not surprising me. That he wouldn’t even take care of any and all financial burdens you faced as a result of his mis-deeds, from all the massive amounts of money he’s otherwise burned through, is almost impossible to imagine.

      Welcome to the family of truth. And, again — thanks.

  3. We have great parents and I happen to be looking at them right now. Very humble people, and will do anything for anybody. They have raised 2 of there grandchildren from the time they came out of the womb, and they still have them in there home today. One is in college and working and the other grandchild is working, and will be starting college this fall.

    1. @April Pierce ::

      I’m sorry that you all had to make an appearance in such a strange place … but the stories I’ve heard about your family are a rare glimpse of the optimistic and hopeful world that I know exists outside of crazy land.

      So our thanks for that.

  4. Wow, it’s amazing how much of a piece of shit Stephen Pierce is. I imagine what a medieval city, with no sewers, no sanitation and bodies festering in the streets etc. would smell like. Then I picture how that does not compare to the stench that Stephen Pierce emanates. I feel sorry for his family.

  5. I shutter to think that I actually admired Stephen Pierce for overcoming the awful fate of growning up on the Mean Streets of Washington DC. I actually helped him tell that story! I told others that story! Those students admired him too for the same reasons.

    To answer you question Thomas—Stephen threw his family under the bus and created this story because he is dangerously out of touch with reality and knew he could sell it and that is as far as he thinks. How do I get the money. He is also blinded by his own fantasy of entitlement. He is entitled to your money, he is entitled to 12 hours of your day, he is entitled to yell and insult you, he is entitled to lie, lie, lie, lie to everyone. He is entitled to anything he wants and he doesn’t even notice the price that other people pay for exposing him.

    Thanks SaltyDroid is exposing him.

  6. It’s obvious that stephens motivation is money – the story he tells makes people feel sorry for him and paints a completely different picture and people fall for it. It is also obvious that he cares about himself only – telling a fake story at his families expense and leaving them to handle his mess – sad

    1. @Driven by money ::

      The strange thing is though … as the story moves forward you’ll see that very often Stephen acts against his own financial interests in slavery to his supernova ego.

      This is a sickness that must never be fed :: but instead we are feeding it windfall monies and false fame … two of the most intoxicating vices. Not good.

  7. …says, I am TRULY disgusted with S. Pierce. What I know to be true about Mr. and Mrs. Pierce is that, when I was struggling in my youth they took me in to their home and treated me as one of theirs and almost 30 years later they still do! Mr. and Mrs. Pierce are my son Jaired’s godparents. I cannot believe this SMUT S. Pierce is putting out about his own flesh and blood parents! Stop it! Repent! The day of the Lord is at hand! Search yourself bro.! The Pierce’s are a man and woman of God! Love you guys! Stay prayed up b/c the devil is a LIAR!!!!!!

    1. @Disgusted Family Member ::

      A couple times Thomas describes the family as “typical” … like as in normal … but unfortunately for everyone there isn’t much normal about a family that sticks together … and reaches out to help others so often like I keep hearing about with the Pierces.

      Throwing your moms under the bus is bad enough :: but throwing a good moms under the bus is just like … unforgivable.

      1. @SD, I commented even prior to listening to the audios here. Thomas Pierce appears to be a sensitive, dignified, articulate, genuine, intelligent, and extraordinary human being. His wife conveys every bit as much as warmth and love as he. Thomas’ parents sound even more exceptional than he.

        I am struck by the grace with which Thomas conveys his story. I’m so glad he had the strength of character and the presence of mind to share his family’s background with us.

        Thomas, you’ve shown to me that I can be a better person. While Jason says that your father’s story is more motivating than the fable Stephen spins – and I agree – I find you inspiring. I am humbled, and I want to apologize for the crudeness I exhibited in my criticism of your brother.

        It’s very easy to jump on the bus and join the mob. What Stephen has done is abhorrent. I’m glad that he will be stopped. Thomas has put a face on this family. It’s clear that this is a much larger tragedy than any of us could have imagined.

  8. Welcome to “The Whole Truth” about Stephen Pierce.

    It’s truly amazing how Stephen Pierce calls what he does success. It must be hard for him to deal with all of his “success” and “fame” without letting it go to his head.

    It’s lucky for him that he is a sociopath and is completely delusional about his own success and fame. Otherwise he might have to face the painful truth, “The Real Truth” – that he is just another lying “internet” scumbag.

    But he seems very comfortable with lies and deceit. Very comfortable indeed.

    It’s a real shame for his parents, and family. They are the ones who have payed the price for his “success.” A steep price for sure.

    May Stephen Pierce find himself “Shafted” as he has shafted so many others.

    Eye for an eye.

  9. Stephen Pierce needs his a$$ whooped by many Saltydroidz, if he is indeed lying about being abused. People that lie about abuse make it hard for the ones who really have been abused. Shame on you!

    Sounds like Thomas and his wife were duped and lied to as well. Feel sorry for his parents, especially his father a retired Major with a son like Stephen to embarrass him. Hope that the rest of the Pierce family can get some recovery and peace at some point in the future. It’s a shame that they are hard working people who really believed in their son and brother and this is the thanks they get.

    1. Anonymous, I met them when I was 18. I am now 46. I can tell you that Stephen, nor Thomas, nor the sisters were abused! WHAT! Hecks no! I have had a birds-eye view. I used to live with them for a good period of time and when I wasn’t living with them, I was over there a LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mr. and Mrs. Pierce are my 3rd oldest son’s godparents! How would I ever look asking anyone to be my childs godparents if they were abusive! This allegation is SMUT! LIES! GARBAGE!


      Disgusted Adopted Family Member

  10. @Thomas and @Rosetta – i commend you for speaking the truth. Even I believed the stories Stephen told about his “hard knocks life” – he really conned me with those stories – and until I left him in 2010, I didn’t find out the truth.

    Here’s the video where he really talks about his family: listen to :50 and on
    If you have been to a live event or read his book “Make Real Money on the Internet” He talks about how he was kicked out of the house, how his family didn’t believe in him, how they told him that everything he touched turned to dust … he told this sob story over and over again. He made you believe he was from the ghetto, and that he survived despite having a “dysfunctional family.” People read it in his books, listened to it on his CD’s, he spoke it from stage from the USA to Asia to Africa and everywhere in-between. People believed it and felt sorry for him. (How misleading!) Imagine telling lies on your parents just to make a dime. On facebook he makes posts on mothers day telling people to respect their mothers – yet he’s never called or bought his mother anything on mothers day as long as i was with him (I always did and just signed his name – but she knew it was me!) He’s the definition of a hypocrite!

    @Thomas – Lorette always said that when his family went to his events to show their support, he would never talk about his sob story … interesting…

    I am very embarrassed that i believed his stories, I love you all (Mom Pierce, Dad Pierce, Thomas, April, Reyna, Josh and the rest of the Pierce family). I want everyone to know that during my divorce battle (i’m still not legally divorced) you all have been so supportive. I remember the time Dad Pierce called me once a day for a week and talked to me for an hour. Mostly sharing military stories and telling me to remember that I am wonderful! And Mom Pierce ending every conversation with “remember we love you and always will” Your support, love and encouragement are amazing – and I”ll always be your daughter … I am glad this is cleared up thanks to SD!

    @Thomas – here’s something interesting. In our divorce proceedings, Stephen indicated that he did not want me talking to his family. My attorney’s through that was extremely strange, (we didn’t agree to it) and pretty soon I understood why! He’s been telling lies upon lies … and I’d find out … which I did…

    What he’s done to your family is horrible, and what he’s doing to mine is inexcusable! He’s suing my mom, who worked in our business 7 days a week (Mostly WITHOUT EVER GETTING A DIME) … she took care of the house and dogs when we left town, washed his dirty underwear, cleaned the house, took care of our guests, worked at our workshops (many of our clients knew her well) and our clients and staff loved her dearly! What’s he suing her for? He’s claiming she was the “manager of financial affairs” and is trying to pin his current problems on her. Before she worked for us she was a cleaning lady, cleaning people’s homes.. and now he’s taking her to court slapping a title on her that’s meant for a CFO. He’s doing it just to be a jerk and a bully. The stress he’s causing is really wearing on my parents. My dad’s just had heart surgery (after a rush to the hospital). His medical report is that he’s only getting worst and may have to go back in shortly for them to put a stint in his heart. He spends all his time thinking and researching how to get his daughters (me and my sister) and his wife (my mom) away from Stephen Pierce. Stephen Pierce wont stop until he has completely ruined, hurt, or stressed to death the people who helped him the most. But we’ll save my story for another day…..

    Just want you to know that ya’ll aren’t alone. You’re inspiring @Thomas and @ Rosetta and you too @ April …
    Stephen Pierce turns my stomach, he literally makes me sick, and leaving him was the best decision I’ve ever made. The constant harassment and lawsuits he’s throwing on me and my family and my business partners just goes to show what a real bully and jerk this guy is.

    I am so embarrassed that i was married to this guy, I changed my last name, rebranded myself …. I am sure this post has earned me another lawsuit by Mr. Pierce!

    Thanks SD!
    We are all so grateful.

      1. @Alicia,
        So you leave Stephen and find out he is a bigger scammer then you thought?!?

        Why then do you promote the X lady when you know she is just the sister of Mark Anastasi?
        A scam again!
        Just because they learn something at a seminar does not make them an expert.
        Seeing that video is just shocking to me.

        I have not seen you speak and know you are now speaking on Internet Marketing. I have heard only good things about you, but come on.

        When are you going to learn and open your eyes?

        When are you going to stop hanging out with and promoting these scammers?

        By doing and promoting them are are no different.

    1. @Alicia (Stephen’s ex-wife),

      Hang in there sister. You don’t know me, or remember me, although I met you a long time ago at a church w/ Rev. Daniel, Thomas and the Pierce family. I am kind of an adopted child. I’ve known the Pierce family for almost 30 years–so I am well qualified to speak what I speak and confident to say all that I say! I love the Pierce family! This is not the Stephen that I knew back in the day! I pray for his soul! There’s redemption for us all! God will continue to move on your behalf! I’m glad the devil is being exposed! God Bless you Alicia.

      L. Powell

  11. Hey Ya’ll – lets get some posts on his facebook walls! Lets link to Salty .. all these people on facebook liking his stuff – they have no idea – they are dealing with a scumbag!!

  12. Thomas, Rosetta, April and Alicia, thanks for having the courage to tell the truth.

    Frankly I’m not surprised that Stephen Pierce has sculpted his bio into a rags-to-riches story. That’s what sells and-you-can-too. However, I am positively aghast at the malevolent, deceitful, exploitative (blaxploitative) way he talks about his family, especially since there’s no reason to even mention them/you.

    @Alicia, dtalpha’s About Stephen page still says, “[H]e was completely disowned by his family because they couldn’t listen to his business dreams any more.” That’s right after alluding to his 1995 bankruptcy. Obviously it’s untrue because the next year, in 1996, he and Thomas were operating BAOL together out of his parents’ garage. I don’t understand why he even mentions his family there, though. Being bankrupt is sufficient “rags” evidence.

    In the video, GS says, “Tell me a bit more about your background and how you finally ended up in internet marketing.” Not, “Tell me about your parents.” Stephen could’ve started his rags-to-riches story with leaving high school, getting shot, going bankrupt or failing repeatedly. Instead he uses bizarre, manipulative sentence structure to tell us how Major and Mrs. Pierce probably aren’t necessarily like terrible black stereotypes:

    Coming up, I didn’t necessarily come from like a broken home. My mom wasn’t on drugs, and my dad wasn’t a pimp or anything like that. I think we probably had your typical dysfunctional household.

    I don’t know if he was simply trying to hide his fraudulent sob story from his family or if there is some sort of inverse Orientalism going on in the PacRim, but he seems to reserve this blaxploitation for non-U.S. venues like the video by New Zealander in Australia GS. I don’t recall seeing any mention of being shot or homeless in over 30 U.S. news articles and wire releases. Contrast that with this line from a May 30, 2007, piece in Singapore’s The Straits Times (sorry, no article link):

    Once a gang member, the American was shot in the leg, declared bankrupt and made homeless before turning his life around.

    Not only is he spreading lies about his family and profiting through his perpetuation of these stereotypes, he is, IMHO, disrespecting the people who actually deal with the dangers of shootings and homelessness on a daily basis, not just long enough to have a story. Sleeping in an acquaintance’s office is not what people envision when they hear “homeless.”

  13. Stephen’s definition of “dysfunctional” reminds me of Naomi manipulating the definition of “manipulation”.

    Sorry, I keep coming back to that re-defining words thing. ‘cuz I’m fairly pedantically minded. When being all argumentative and stuff it can be tempting, in the heat of trying to prove oneself oh-so-right, to fall into the trap of redefining terms to the point that they mean only just what you want them to mean.

    So we have dictionaries and there’s a little warning flag that goes off inside my head whenever someone gets to the point of having to radically redefine language while trying to say how they are oh-so-right.

    It’s how you can tell when your suave, persuasive, cult-of-personality, motivational speaker has wandered down into dangerous drink-the-kool-aid cult land: When they are to the point that they say “sad” and it means “happy”, and when they say “take action” it means “buy my sh*t now!”

    [geek time]
    Actually, my favorite example of this (defining words to mean their opposite) comes form Sutekh the Destroyer:

    “Your `evil’ is my `good’. I am Sutekh the Destroyer. Where I tread I leave nothing but dust and darkness… I find that good.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @Wyrd,

      DISCLAIMER: My definition of “good” is much closer to the one in the dictionary–not Sutekh’s.

      Clarity is key.

  14. I have been waiting over 15 years to speak on this, I am April’s best friend and I just want to say that I have known the pierce family since I was a teenager and they are a loving, kind and giving family! It would hurt me that they had a well off son, that was allowing them to suffer financially. They certainly did not deserve this and at the same time never complained. They even raised two grandkids as their own who turned out to be wonderful. All the Stories of him living it up all the while his parents were suffering financially was not only ridiculous, but dispicable! I have also known Thomas and he has always been a man of integrity and good character, and I just can’t believe that he is taking him through this nonsense, what a prick!!!!!! Alicia is a lovely person and I really don’t know how she endured Hellboy for as long as she did, she was the backbone of him, but God will bless her and restore her as He will the Pierce family. Stephen u need to get your life! I am not rich but I was blessed that God put me in a position to help your parents financially and I was more than happy to do it because they are wonderful people!!!!!!! I am going to pray that God has mercy on your soul!!

    1. @KB, If you are indeed supporting Stephen Pierce’s parents throughout all this financially you are to be admired. Stephen pierce you are NO MAN, you are a coward and liar. You’re going to hell with gasoline drawers on!

  15. Man, it’s incredible how deep the rabbit hole goes with this guy. He’s scum. Looks like he’s going to get what he deserves too.

    Being someone that bought a bunch of his products based on his lies, I can level with everyone wanting to see this guy in jail.

    However, I don’t think his wife Alicia should be looked at as this innocent person in this matter. I had multiple contacts with her and she was not only enthusiastically pushing all this crap, she was the one training other girls to do the same.

    After ordering something from Stephen and months going by without it being delivered, I received a call from a girl from Stephens office trying to sell me on a seminar and Alicia was on the line actually training her on how to sell to me at the same time, all while she was chewing food. “tell him to buy the seminar.” *crunch, crunch, crunch* “tell him to buy the new course,” loudly, wasn’t even trying to hide the fact. All this even after I told them both that I had not received my purchase. Now she’s selling seminars, consulting, speaking, and training about how to do business online? And what makes her qualified to teach such? Learning how to scam people with Stephen?

    I mean, I’m glad she’s brought her story out, and it certainly seems like Stephen and her marriage was a mess, but she certainly isn’t innocent in the matter of the scamming people. She came out with her story as if she was ready to get away from all this crap and move on with her life, but that wasn’t her intention at all. She’s got away from Stephen but she’s also started her own scamming business now. Truth be truth.

    And Thomas isn’t as innocent as he tries to make himself seem either. In addition to running Black American Online with Stephen, he also released another product a few years back with Stephen called Blogging For Fun & Profit. There was another aspect of a different product or business Thomas was involved with Stephen in as well if I recall correctly. So even AFTER the Black American Online scam, and after he knew “Stephen scammed everyone,” he gets back together with him years later for another couple runs? Doesn’t make any sense. Why would Thomas do more business deals with Stephen after, by his own claims, Stephen “did things privately,” got him fined, sued, etc, and he knew he wasn’t trustworthy?

    Stephen Pierce needs to go down, and it’s pretty obvious that he’s on his way to paying for what he’s done, but the people around him that took part in it and financially benefited need to pay as well. They’re all trying to play this innocent BS, but people like me that bought all of their garbage know better. Just because you had a crappy husband or brother doesn’t give you a get out of jail free card for your own part in the crimes.


    1. @brad, If you look at Stephen’s history in Internet Marketing – he had great success, was teaching and the success stories are def. out there. He was very popular because the company was teaching some great stuff, and people were seeing results. None of his staff knew of his true past. We believed what he told us, and worked hard to make things work. People loved his teaching, his workshops, his ebooks, courses, webinars, etc. Lots of people gave him and the company credit for helping their businesses.
      His real problems started in 2009 when he decided he didn’t want to deliver on things he sold, and his staff couldn’t force him to anymore. In 2010 when I left he locked my sister and I out of everything, and then he quickly fired the almost 16 people on his staff (some of which had been there since 2005) and he rehired people without and transition information or training. He started selling stuff he couldn’t deliver on – and he didn’t have a team that could deliver on his newly created packages. If you look at the majority of his complaints on line – they start in the end of 2010 and rise sharply in 2011 onwards. He fired a very knowledgable team (so dumb), stopped paying affiliates (real dumb), he stopped servicing clients (even dumber), and the complaints start pouring in. This is why the “fall of Stephen Pierce” such a big story.
      Yes, I”ve been doing Internet Marketing for over a decade. There are some parts of it i absolutely love. Yes I can teach a lot – and I love teaching. If you think everything in Internet Marketing is scammy, then I can’t convince you otherwise, but I love teaching people and helping them in their businesses.
      Also – Thomas and the blogging project… When they did the blogging product together – that was at Stephen’s insistence – and at that time he was running a Internet Marketing Company that was well respected and didn’t have any major issues. I’m sure Thomas thought his brother finally got his act together…
      There were no complaints online – only compliments. But, Stephen sabatoged that project with his brother – but the many people that bought that course said it was their start in understanding blogging and it was ahead of it’s time. It was a great course, but the two brothers had disagreements and it was pulled off the market.
      I’m not sure about the phone call – the only outbound calls he had for sales were from Prosper (they did his backend coaching). The internal team of coaching club managers never did outbound selling to my knowledge. Yes, I always answered my cell phone, so if I was out at a restaurant eating dinner and someone called me – i would answer! Sorry if that bothered you, I’m sure it bothered the people in the restaurant eating with me as well, but i did always answer my cell whenever possible.

      1. @Stephen’s ex-wife,

        Sorry Alicia, the only outbound calls were not from Prosper. You and a girl called me and identified yourselves, not Prosper. You specifically told me you were Stephens wife and I have spoken with you previously so I certainly recognized your voice. You were training a girl to call and sell those products to people.

        And Stephen has had a TON of people mad about his scamming a lot longer than just 2010 onward. No one has said anything up until now for fear of speaking out. It’s only been recently that Salty Droid came out and started making it okay to talk about these things and given a voice to us little people who’ve been ripped off. He started scamming people with the stock course over a decade ago! He didn’t have any great successes other than making money selling crap on “how to make money.” Ever product he’s sold has been a scam, every single one.

        I’ve seen your sites and you’re selling the exact same type of dream and scam products that all the other IM’ers sell. Same hyped up copy and “cash this,” “cash that” type products. The thing you need to realize is that just because Stephen was a crappy husband, I’m sure he was, that doesn’t give you the right to go on selling hyped up making money products. That just proves my point that you were, and still are, just as invested in selling this garbage as Stephen was.

        So Stephen insisted that Thomas do Black American Online and Thomas listened, then Stephen scammed the whole deal to the ground, and got Thomas in huge trouble. Then Stephen insisted again that Thomas do another couple products AFTER the whole Black America Online fiasco and he did that too? Umm, okay. LOL.

        In addition to feeling sorry for all of the people you guys scammed, the people I really feel for are Stephens parents.

        Thank God for the Salty Droid giving us people on this blog a voice.


            1. @brad, please help us expose him to the authorities as SaltyDroid alone cannot make the authorities investigate him! I just received a link to his new Success Sculpting product video where he shows a screenshot of $76,000 income from January – March, 2012—-and that was from one product! If he is still making that kind of money, he can hound every former customer, employee, and affiliate into the ground if they try to expose him, and he will. This is one ugly maniac.

    2. @brad ::

      The trouble is you are over simplifying a very complex situation.

      If you purchased some of Stephen’s garbage that means you were at least partially under the spell … you thought he might have something to offer you because of the way he was positioned. Had you started implementing his tactics and modeling his behaviors you’d have started becoming a scammer yourself … unbeknownst to you. It happens in baby steps covered by ever increasing doses of self-denial.

      Lots of victims of James Arthur Ray were already a long way down the unicorn path :: participating in behavior patterns which carried out to full fruition would have put them in direct conflict with this fake robot blog. But when I came across them they needed a hug and a lift not a lecture … so that’s what they got.

      It’s one big sick machine that :: on the whole :: produces mass torment and anguish. While the machine is undoubtedly evil … most of the individual parts of the machine are not … they’re just varying shades of duped. Deciding who’s who is a tricky business … I wouldn’t suggest trying it unless you’re looking to make research your full time job.

      @Alicia ::

      The trouble with your perspective is that you think non-fulfillment was the problem … but that wasn’t the problem. That’s just one of the few things that will actually generate complaints because it helps force people to understand that they’ve been scammed. But all of it’s a scam :: fulfillment or not … every second of it … the whole fake construct … ALL of it.

      I’ll bet you’d have a hard time backing up those claims about successful students. Point me {privately} to any successful student who is making money on the Internet without hurting people … or without relying almost exclusively on skills or talents that have zero to do with anything Stephen Pierce could have taught.

      My whole time doing this no one has ever shown me a single actual success story.


      But anywayz … this convo is better suited to an upcoming post.

      1. @SD,

        I agree, I was certainly under the spell. I’m smarter now, but at that time, I was pulled in hook, line, and sinker.

        Really, the main point for me here is that Alisha is still selling products of this nature, which is what is concerning.

        I look forward to the next post, I’m sure you already have a plan for expanding all of this anyway.


        1. @brad, it seems like you think that every single product in IM is a scam? there are legit products and good people in the IM world…

          1. @products,

            Nope, never said that. I mentioned specifically the people who are selling scam products. There’s no wondering who I’m talking about.


          2. @products, Ok, I’ll bite, and I’ll say it:

            “I think that every single product in IM is a scam.”

            Yes, I do. In fact, let me repeat that:

            “I think that every single product in IM is a scam.”

            “Internet marketing” is just another sasquatch or Loch Ness monster. It doesn’t exist, except in your mind, and perhaps on your credit card statement.

            “Internet marketing” is code for MMO (make money online) which is an “all inclusive” faux netherworld of fantasy and schemery. It’s inherently parasitic.

            I’m not going to debate the selling of SPECIFIC, defined skills or SPECIFIC, defined services (e.g., writing catalog copy, being a contract web designer). Nor am I going to debate the selling of specific, tangible widgets (e.g., can openers, toilet paper holders) that may be ADVERTISED for sale via the internet. None of that qualifies as “internet marketing.”

            I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of physical widgets by ADVERTISING on the internet. However, that wasn’t “internet marketing” either, any more than having your business phone number in the phone book makes you a “phone book marketer.”

            The internet is just one medium, not some alternative universe into which you simply plant yourself, and wholly and completely exist by intercepting what comes and goes. That’s unsustainable nonreality.

            “Internet marketing” IS absolute, escapist fantasyland. Anybody residing there needs to get a new address, asap.

            1. @Oldtimer ::


              That doesn’t mean that every person who sells a scammy ass IM product is a scammer :: but it’s all fake bullshit … no doubt.

            2. @Oldtimer,

              I disagree on a minor level. I think internet marketing is a legit thing – it just means marketing on the internet. Just like you can advertise on TV, in newspapers, in magazines…you can advertise online.
              The problem is with WHAT you advertise. If you advertise ‘make money posting classifieds’ through newspapers, you’re dishonest. The same way MOST of the IM people teach others how to be IMers…that’s dishonest.
              There are tons of legit people who make money advertising online as affiliates or product creators in LEGIT markets (like selling hyperbaric chambers to kids with cerbral palsy who would’ve NEVER received it at affordable rates if not for internet and the free market research it makes available).

              So the problem isn’t the internet. It is not marketing on internet. It is the people who make a living telling others how to make money. Essentially, the unicorn niches (be rich, by happy, be sexy) are the problem – not the internet or marketing itself.

              Unfortunately, other evil doers will take Stephen’s place because humanity as a whole seems to be incapable of growing up.

      2. @SD,

        Awesome post. Great points. I couldn’t agree more.

        Especially this part

        “It’s one big sick machine that :: on the whole :: produces mass torment and anguish. While the machine is undoubtedly evil … most of the individual parts of the machine are not … they’re just varying shades of duped. Deciding who’s who is a tricky business … I wouldn’t suggest trying it unless you’re looking to make research your full time job.”

        And this part

        “My whole time doing this no one has ever shown me a single actual success story.”

        Well, yeah. That would be a bit difficult. Especially when you specify

        “making money on the Internet without hurting people … or without relying almost exclusively on skills or talents that have zero to do with anything Stephen Pierce could have taught.”

        It reminds me of the James Randi Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge.

        The thing is, there is that gray area. If a person happened to be successful in some random business and that business happened to be partially or entirely online, then we have a problem that’s the same as when a person 1) gets sick then 2) goes to see a doctor or RN/LPN and also 3) partakes of various homeopathic or other dubious remedies.

        When the person gets better later, that person might claim that they got better exclusively because of the goofy “alternative medicine”. That ignores both the possibilities that the treatment that the doctor prescribed got them better and the other possibility that the body simply healed itself on its own.

        Important Things and True Things are usually not contained within glossy, shiny wrappers.

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

        1. @Wyrd,

          Real life is an extremely complex experiment, and knowing that the answer is 42 isn’t very, um, actionable. That’s why we take stuff into the lab to test one element at a time.

          Probably we should start with a pilot study before moving up to groups large enough for statistical significance. Maybe just one control subject and two or three experimental subjects. Each subject gets an email address, a PayPal account and 24/7 access to an Internet-connected computer.

          Subjects in the experimental group will also have access to the Kindle Cash Flow System. I think for the pilot study we shouldn’t allow access to the Bonuses, but we can add that into the larger study and run multivariate analysis to see if each of the Bonuses makes a difference.

          The hypothesis is that experimental subjects will make $30,000 a month. The null hypothesis is that experimental subjects will not make $30,000 a month. We’ll also use some simple descriptive statistics to explore differences between the control’s PayPal balance and the experimental subjects’ PayPal balances.

          I guess we would need to do the experiment for 2 months since they would still be exploring the Kindle Cash Flow System in month 1.

          I can help design the study and write the report, but someone else is going to have to house the subjects. Subjects at my house would most likely die in a cat-related accident.

          1. @Lanna,

            Real life is an extremely complex experiment, and knowing that the answer is 42 isn’t very, um, actionable. That’s why we take stuff into the lab to test one element at a time.

            Yes. I’m familiar with the scientific method. And you only want to have one distinct difference between the control group and the experimental group. I think your write-up was very good, although my life science teacher taught me that it’s always good to have a larger sample size if possible. And it’s even better if you can get a different set of scientists to run the experiment based on your published notes to see if they get (close to) the same results. Also, the experiment should probably be double blinded. And, of course, all that’s really, really expensive. I suggest we submit a research request to MISPWOSO. (Maximegalon Institute of Slowly and Painfully Working Out the Surprisingly Obvious).

            Good stuff! And that mouse is so darn cute!

            But, in other news, you mentioned The Answer… and that sort of begs The Question

            You know it’s the mice that run everything, right? ;-)

            Furry cows moo and decompress.

            1. @Wyrd, I’m looking forward to the day when one of the “gurus” backs out of the IM-MMO niche and SD can run the headline: “So Long, and Thanks for All the Scams.”

              Haha, what am I thinking?

              @Lanna, Regarding the $30k a month, have your mouse – er, that is, control group – contact me if that pans out. I need full-time employment that pays out benefits like that. ;)

      3. Alicia,

        Can you give some more details on the event where the little baby child nearly died. I am looking into it to write a story about your altruistic ways, but can’t validate any information, that such an event transpired.

        The information conveyed is not enough to validate the alleged event, the date is not given, the surname of the winner is not given, the location is not given.

        World Internet Summit has no archives indicating any winner by the name of James at the May ’08 event, and there is no information archived for the Oct-Nov ’08 event.

        I’m going to put the other anonymous in his place for using my handle. I have your back lyttle sister.

        Anonymous, you are going to have to suck it, when she provides the details here. Question her integrity? Not while I am here! BTW, Jenkins program sucks!

        1. @,

          Yeah, right! Nothing screams integrity more then using the near death of a child, and giving it validation with some God/Law of Attraction/Karma type reward system, in order to validate a den of frauds and sell a product. And sweetheart, ask yourself why this broad told the story 4 years later.

          Yeah, I fucking wonder.

          Maybe while we are at it, we should call in Paulie Sabol, I hear he is willing to take down Filsaime to be elevated to the status of a hero!

          It’s quite apparent that my condescension for the frauducts she is pimping, went over your head. Do you think that maybe if you read my comment a little slower, you may be able to pick up the nuances of what I was trying to say?

          1. @, I personally know the story about the girl that almost died and I was there when it happened – I’ll ask the guy if he minds his name here – the story has been told many times I am confused on what the problem is about sharing a story that happened 4 years ago if you tie it to something relevant now? How Is that validating fraud? You’ve never remembered a story in the past and retold it?

          2. @Anonymous ::

            First :: don’t talk to yourself like you’re not talking to yourself … fucking asshole.

            Second :: is that a proxy server?

            Mind explaining that?

            1. @SD, Love it! I been wondering if/ why the great Pierced Nipple himself or one of his surrogates wasn’t joining in. Proxy server= I don’t want you to know that I’m in Whitney Texas.

    3. @brad,

      To label everyone associated with Stephen or working for him in some capacity over the years as known scammers is to misplace your criticism. At that time for me, he did appear to have made change and progress. For all I knew, there was real success there from speaking with people in his coaching club, dealing with Alicia and her family and what I could see as far as PR, etc. It was as Alicia stated at that time. At least for me. I wasn’t aware of scamming or bad reviews where they existed at that time. Like we said (as a family) we never disowned him though he makes that the case in his story. I believed in his change at the time and there was substantial evidence support this change.

      Hindsight is 20/20 no doubt and many people are looking back on decisions made and questioning themselves. Stephens actions viewed now in compilation, paint a much different picture than when viewed back then and only from one’s ‘individual’ interaction so to speak. The claims being leveled against him no were just unthinkable to me back then. I’m still grasping it all. But in the end let the facts fall where they may. My story isn’t to convince you or anyone that I’m not a scammer. Because I’m not. It is only to tell my story and that of the family and bring some clarity. Some of us have been manipulated more than once and more than others. Call it dumb, stupid, whatever. But at the end of the day the truth always outlives a lie. Sometimes justice and vindication seem very far and long in coming.

      Telling my story doesn’t mean that since BAOL, I disowned my brother and that he was always a scammer to me. There were lessons to be learned. From the family perspective we just don’t throw people away. No one in the family will and or would have supported knowingly taking peoples money wrongfully and deceitfully. I’d hoped he learned some lessons over the years. BAOL remained a sore spot even until now but life goes on as did I.

      The intentions of people who worked with and collaborated with Stephen over the years, past and present, have been so buried by his actions it is hard to convince people who have been harmed from his actions of anything other than being “collaborators”. This is just another unfortunate outcome of this whole thing.

      1. @Thomas L Pierce,

        I never said I “labeled everyone associated with Stephen or working for him in some capacity over the years as known scammers.” I named you and Alicia specifically and that was all, because I dealt with Alicia multiple times, and I purchased products you were involved with after Black American Online with Stephen that didn’t live up to their promises or weren’t delivered at all.

        And of course you don’t disown your brother or “throw away family,” that’s common sense and I never implied anything of the sort. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t love family without doing further business deals with them if one went extremely bad. You know, like lawsuit bad?

        Your story failed to mention that you continued doing business and selling products with Stephen, even after Black America Online, so I made that point clear. Am I wrong for doing so? I don’t think so. I’m the one who got burned by those products and everyone here has a right to know. If you’re going to be honest about your business associations with Stephen, at least be all the way honest is the way I see it. Leaves less for people who’ve dealt with you in the past to bring up.


        1. @brad ::

          Your story failed to mention that you continued doing business and selling products with Stephen, even after Black America Online, so I made that point clear.

          Not really. You don’t really know what he did or didn’t mention because you only heard what I chose to present.

          You claim that Alicia was upselling you … and training someone else to upsell … and that you recognized her voice. But did you? Would you?

          Because claiming to be someone else is step one of the boiler room process …

          Is what Alicia’s doing now … and did before … part of the problem? I think so … I think 100% of this bullshit is a scammy scammy fucking scam. But I pick who I point to carefully. Are you doing that right now?

          Or are you pointing to people … not because of their leadership in the world of scam … but because they’ve made themselves the subject matter here while trying to be part of the solution … and while trying to rethink their past thinking?

          This is free speech forum and you are free to say what you want :: but for the record … you are not helping me right now.

          1. @SD,

            You’re right, I agree that the attention needs to be on Stephen in this situation, he is certainly the big fish.

            With that, I’ll respectfully take a seat.


  16. People,

    let’s not forget there has never been any proof that NipplePierce is a “multi-millionaire”…. just because a guy does a couple million in sales certainly doesn’t make him a millionaire.

    I’m sure if we saw the tax returns we’d see this guy made a couple hundred grand at the expense of affiliates and scamming innocent customers…

    Also, the latest scam is he has no changed the corporation that is paying affiliates to Success Sculpting, Inc.

    Ooooh….does that come with hard nipples???

    1. @Lowsalt, How I wish he made no more than a couple hundred thousand. Unfortunately, he has made over $4 million in one year, so if he’s broke now as he claims, he has blown thru a lot of dough. Of course you’re right about not paying the folks who got him there.

      This last week he launched that new venture called Success Sculpting and the YouTube video shows a screenshot of $78,000 just Jan – march 2012. I guess there is a fool born every minute. (Craig Pettit? You in this mess too? Sure you are. Where you go to church?)

      1. @Former employee :: If you don’t mind sharing …

        How do you know the $4 million in one year figure?

        Can you provide more details how you came to this knowledge?

        I am so suspect of the whole MMO industry when it comes to these types of figures, because falsified income claims are just “part of the game” … and things like Youtube video screenshots showing $xx,xxx in one month are part of Scammer-Photoshop 101.

        Plus, total revenue is much different from corporate profit is much different from Nipple-Pierce’s take-home “salary” or spoils-of-fraud or whatever you wanna call it.

        I will be very interested to learn more from an insider about verified income for this exhibitionist.

        1. @Doctor Mario ::

          Stephen’s claim was $10 million per year … he’s been saying that for years. People buy his products primarily based on his specific claims to personal success using his methods. So lying by more than half is frauderific.

          But :: everybody is going to be very sad to learn that he did bring in a ridiculous fuckton of money.

          Get Motivated — Stephen Pierce — Prosper = Big Monies

          Millions per year. Take a look at the stadium shots and think of it in terms of dollars per lead … because that’s how Get Motivated :: Stephen Pierce :: and Prosper think of it. Tickets are basically free … and at one point they were doing a couple per month. It’s scary stuff.

          Get Motivated must like watching Alicia get tortured … I guess that’s why they never said anything … and don’t say {or do} anything now as he tries to destroy her whole life for no reason but lust for destruction.

          It sure is Get Motivating me to do something about Get Motivated.

          1. @SD,

            tl;dr – Get Motivated! owners Peter and Tamara Lowe likely make $1 million to $10 million after expenses from sales of seminars from Stephen Pierce and other gurus, and some of the 80% of attendees who buy go on to spend as much as $500 a month on guru programs. Get ’em, Droid!

            Regarding Get Motivated! Seminars Inc., a market data expert told a reporter from Baltimore’s “The Daily Record”:

            . . . seminar admission tickets likely cover only the cost of advertising and facility rental . . .

            For the May 4, 2010, Get Motivated! event in Baltimore, the reporter estimated 8,000 of the arena’s 14,000 seats were occupied.

            8,000 attendees
            x $4.95 per person
            $39,600 ads & facility rental

            Sounds reasonable. Wait, what about speaker fees?

            . . . includes so many high-priced speakers, some whose fees can range from $20,000 to $60,000 per appearance.

            Although the May 8, 2012, Des Moines event will have eight non-selling speakers, the reporter only listed five big-name speakers for the 2010 Baltimore event: Zig Ziglar, Gen. Colin Powell, Michael Phelps, Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin.

            $40,000 average fee
            x 5 speakers
            $200,000 total speaker fees

            Oh my! How on earth do Get Motivated! owners Peter and Tamara Lowe make enough money to live on?

            To make a profit, . . . the Lowes are likely splitting the revenue with the three financial and business training product salesmen . . . from the sales they make as a result of the seminar.

            Ms. Reporter, are there really that many sales made as a result of the seminar?

            Kittell described his two-day investment training seminar . . . worth nearly $3,000, he said, but . . . now . . . only $99.

            . . . rows of tables piled with clipboards holding order forms. Seemingly half of the roughly 8,000 attendees were on their feet, elbowing their way toward the tables.

            8,000 attendees
            x 50% buy Kittell’s seminar
            4,000 buying Kittell’s thing
            x $99 price
            396,000 gross revenues

            And Peter and Tamara split that with Bob Kittell?
            $396,000 gross revenues
            ÷ 2 parties (Lowes, Kittell)
            $198,000 revenue to each party

            Wow, Bob just grossed himself $198,000 with 45 minutes of talking? And he does that twice a month?! I mean, I know there’s other fixed and variable costs that need to come out of there, but wow!

            That doesn’t quite cover the $200,000 total speaker fees for Peter and Tamara. How will they eat?! Do you think people will buy Stephen Pierce’s Internet income workshop or James Smith’s real estate investing seminar, each $49*? (* The cost of James Smith’s seminar isn’t stated in the article, but it does say an attendee who bought the Kittell and Smith programs “spent about $150.”)

            Industry experts say that roughly 10 to 20 percent of those who attend such seminars don’t buy anything. Another 10 to 20 percent buy products and successfully use them. The remaining 60 to 80 percent buy products but never use them.

            Whoa, 80 percent buy something? So beyond the 50 percent who bought Bob Kittell’s seminar, 30 percent will buy a $49 item.

            8,000 attendees
            x 30% buy a $49 product
            2,400 buying a $49 product
            x $49 price
            $117,600 gross revenues

            $117,600 gross revenues
            ÷ 2 parties (Lowes, seller)
            $ 58,800 revenue to the Lowes

            Does that cover the Lowes’ speaker fee expenses?

            $198,000 revenue from Kittell
            $ 58,800 revenue from $49 products
            $256,800 revenue for the Lowes

            $256,800 revenue for the Lowes
            -$200,000 total speaker fees
            $ 56,800 net revenue for the Lowes

            OK, and they do that twice a month?

            $ 56,800 net revenue for the Lowes
            x 2 Get Motivated! events per month
            $ 113,600 monthly revenue for the Lowes
            x 12 months in the year
            $1,363,200 annual revenue for the Lowes

            And it’s all from people like Stephen Pierce selling seminars!

            Hey, do people ever buy more than one product?

            . . . a first-time attendee . . . By the end of the day, she spent about $150.

            What’s the maximum the Lowes could earn at an event like the 2010 Baltimore one?

            8,000 attendees
            x 80% buy
            6,400 buy something
            x $197 maximum purchase price – all three products
            $1,260,800 maximum gross revenue

            $1,260,800 maximum gross revenue
            ÷ 2 parties (Lowes, seller)
            $ 630,400 maximum revenue for Lowes

            $ 630,400 maximum revenue for Lowes
            – $200,000 total speaker fees
            $ 430,400 max net revenue for Lowes

            So, annually we’re talkin’–

            $ 430,400 max net revenue for Lowes
            x 2 Get Motivated! events per month
            $ 860,800 monthly revenue for the Lowes
            x 12 months in the year
            $10,329,600 annual revenue for the Lowes

            All that, just from selling Stephen Pierce products and the like! Now, how good are these products?

            . . . noted that the products sold at the seminars, which have an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau, all offer a money-back guarantee.
            That’s the difference between a con man and a salesman, said ——, who said he nearly jumped at Kittell’s offer himself.

            Right, but @Wyrd reminded me ABC News found a $425 payment to the Better Business Bureau got “a non-existent company called Hamas” an “A-” rating. Is there some social proof that makes people comfortable buying?

            “These people are going to draw your crowd,” said —— ——, a psychologist and executive coach . . .

            “They’re successful enough at this point they don’t have to go anywhere for a buck,” Lerner added. “It makes it a credible program when they lend their name to it.”

            Hrm. So Zig Ziglar, Gen. Colin Powell, Michael Phelps, Rudy Giuliani, Sarah Palin and others lend their credibility to Stephen Pierce and Get Motivated! to earn money they don’t need? That sounds awfully greedy.

            But at least it’s just a one-time $49 to $197 they get out of 80% of attendees, right? Right?

            She said she attended a seminar by real estate coach Brian Buffini seven years ago and immediately became a fan. ——–, 64, said she subscribed to his investment package for $500 a month after that until the recession forced her to cut out the expense two years ago.

            “It was worth it when I was doing it,” she said.

            W’huh? A $500-a-month investment package that doesn’t make her enough money to afford a $500-a-month investment package? That – that doesn’t sound like a quality program. Just what exactly is it that they sell at Get Motivated!?

            “What we sell is not really tangible,” said [Julie Ziglar] Norman.

            1. @Lanna, Excellent Analysis and you got the numbers right!

              Stephen Pierce had a boatload of cash coming in from those workshops–2 a month most of the time. most weekends he made $250k but one weekend he made $450K!!!

            2. @Lanna, Re: BBB – Pre-ABC-Expose SmartMoney investigation of BBB

              “Another Garrett study, published in The Journal of Consumer Affairs in 2006, analyzed 1,500 reliability reports from particularly complaint-prone industries and revealed that BBB employees tend to record the way its members handle disputes far more favorably than nonmembers. With auto dealers, 27 percent of members were deemed to have made a “good-faith effort” to address customer issues nearly twice the number of nonmembers. With moving companies, the BBB credited more than three times as many members as nonmembers with making the effort. The bureau says this likely means that its accredited businesses try harder to tackle customer problems, but the report offered a different conclusion: “The BBB’s alleged preferential treatment of its member companies is still an open question that deserves more scrutiny.””

              And also the $75,000 BBB-Payment wow:

              “Today, to become an accredited member, businesses must pay a local chapter anywhere from $200 to $10,000, depending on their size. The national council, meanwhile, reels in even bigger bucks with its partnership program, with some 228 companies paying from a few thousand dollars up to $75,000 for, among other benefits, actual voting rights on some BBB programs. Chapter heads say the mandate to protect consumers hasn’t changed, but “obviously it’s a business first before anything else,” says Jan Quintrall, CEO of the Spokane, Wash., BBB. “You have to take care of the business side first.””

              Voting rights?

            3. @Lanna,

              Excuse me while I move back from the keyboard for fear of filling gaps between the keys with expelled bodily fluids.

              At the same time as he was raking in all of this cash he was providing the following reply in response to a query on the progress of work SUPPOSEDLY being done on a development job.

              “If this isn’t good enough, let me know and I’ll stop the team from working on this and I’ll send you my attorney’s info and you can try getting something out of him.

              You’re decision.”

              That’s is a direct quote from Stephen Pierce on his personal email His spelling – not mine.

              Needless to say that project was never delivered and any discussion regarding a refund went unanswered in spite of repeated requests and threats over a past four year period. The issue will be resolved before the courts.

          2. @SD, trust me. He reported more than $4M and still didn’t pay his taxes, blamed that on the ex-wife. He DID HOWEVER, put $20K in his own pocket every month.

            Then he didn’t pay American Express, the landlord, the printer, the office supply store, his attorney, or about a dozen other good folks and who did he blame for all that? You guessed it, the ex-wife.

            She must have some mystical power over that office his voice is the only one I ever heard say No don’t pay them….

      2. @Former employee,

        Wow.. really former employee $4 million? Gee, you still $6 million short of the $10 million a year he claimed (illegally by the way) in his book, on his sales copy and everywhere else he could put it.

        With $4 million a year, I’m surprised you’re an ex-employee and not the “only” employee that’s still left.

        Here’s the deal genius, tax returns don’t lie, screen shots do.

        Maybe you can explain why two offices opened and closed in dallas, his mega-mansion is in default and he hasn’t paid affliates in over a year.

        His new scam, dump the SPI, Inc. which was supposed to pay the affiliates and now launch Success Sculpting….

        Maybe when the great God-fearing Christian was sculpting that student from Get Motivated while still married he was pumping up the sales figures…

  17. I found it interesting that Stephen says he was “so good at doing bad” in his youth. I guess that has never really changed.

    My heart hurts for Stephen’s parents. I know they still love their son no matter what. At the same time, they probably want Stephen to get his comeuppance so he (hopefully) turns his life around.

    A tough situation for loving parents to be in…

    1. @Ryan Healy,

      Mom and dad has unconditional love! He knows this much.
      They are not responsible for his actions thank GOD in heaven!
      I am so glad that when we go meet our maker, that we are only accountable for ourselves. If had to be accountable for other people and there actions. I would look 89 years old at age 33.

  18. My heart goes out to the Pierce family. My greatest fear in raising children was that I could teach them everything right, and that they would still make bad choices that end up hurting them or other people.

    Stephen – I know you have to be reading these posts. For shame.

  19. I was a member of Stephens UYMG program – the first one in early to mid 2000’s I think for a year around 2004. Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren were involved and the program actually had informational value from the two of them and was worth the nominal fee – a few thousand dollars. Stephen’s input was useless. I fully agree he is a slime bag and sociopath.

    I remember at the end of one of the seminars his family members helping to make DVD copies of the seminar.

    I’ll play “devils advocate”. I find it extremely hard to believe that you had no idea what he was up to. Soon to be ex- wife lived with the guy and rear of the family were intimately helping him. We’re your eyes closed because of all the money based on absolute deception.

    I think it’s great you are speaking up now but you owe it to give those scammed a more full explanation of what you were thinking and doing during “the golden years of scam money”.

    Furthermore I want to know if Abraham and Schefren were in on the scam. They are, according to Salty Droid, members of the “Syndicate”.

    1. @Former UYMG member ::

      So you find it “extremely hard to believe” that Alicia and family aren’t just as guilty as Nipples McTyrant … but you fucking wonder about Abraham and Schefren?

      Please … spare me.

      Furthermore I want to know if Abraham and Schefren were in on the scam. They are, according to Salty Droid, members of the “Syndicate”.

      Not true :: they are in syndicates not doubt {because that’s the only way to succeed as you can learn from Irwin F. Kern for “the nominal fee” of a few thousand dollars} … but not The Syndicate.

      Maybe you should read more and “talk” less.

      1. @former employee, I don’t know who you are, but I am the one who writes as ‘former employee’ so find your own handle please.

        What does that mean “think before you write”? is that a threat?

      2. Let’s not squabble about handles (they aren’t status symbols), and let’s not lose focus here. A person might just type in “former employee” simply because they also happen to be a former employee. It’s a pretty generic description after all. Kind of like Stephen might type in the name “asshole” because he happens to be an asshole. See what I mean? ;)

        1. @not a former employee,

          The handles are actually very important here because so many of us remain anonymous. Unless you link to your website or blog, you only build trust and authority through your comments here.

          @former employee has been commenting since November 2011 and earned some trust. It’s not fair for a new commenter to come in and either hijack or piggyback on @former employee’s reputation.

          Plus it’s confusing to watch any commenter besides @Jack argue with him/herself.

          If you’re not the former employee who’s been known as @former employee since November, please pick an exciting new handle of your own. When @SD gets back from vacation, he’ll be enforcing the one-name rule, so pick a good one.

          1. @Lanna, if it’s that big of a deal to the new former employee to be recognized as a former employee, he could potentially go by The Artist Formerly Known as Former Employee.

            …even though he was never really acknowledged to be Former Employee, and is in fact merely a handle thief (the lowest of the low!).

          2. @Lanna, I realize that. I never said handles weren’t important, I said “let’s not squabble over them.” I stocked up on common sense back when it was only $3 a pound and I still have some left. I’m even willing to share.

            I was trying to diffuse the situation and avoid additional comments like these. The point about having a unique handle had already been made.

            This is all out in the open. If you’re going to spell things out like that, you’re going to spell it out for everybody, including subversives who might get ideas.

        2. @not a former employee ::

          My handle is a status symbol.

          Because I’m a Doctor.

          1. @Doctor Mario, Maybe you have a cure for Stephen then. But I doubt it. Like Kenny Rogers always said, “You gotta know when to fold ’em.”

  20. To Pierce Family – from the looks of it you are a wonderful family who have nothing but unconditional love for your children including Stephen. I wish I had such nice parents and family, and I’m angered that Stephen Pierce is possibly lying and making it hard for people who really have been abused, such as myself.

    People just don’t want to believe that terrible abuse can go on behind closed doors, even in the most unlikely families. So when someone lies about it to gain an advantage it makes the real childhood abuse survivors look bad.

    Even with an abusive childhood behind me, I’ve never wanted to scam, abuse, lie and cheat anyone, although I’m no angel and was angry at the world in my teens -turning to the booze bottle for a couple of years.

    The most inspiring and encouraging thing about this whole Stephen Pierce story is that his parents and siblings seem like very sincere, genuine and loving people. I know you all love Stephen unconditionally even after what he’s put you all through. Wish I could have a family like that.

  21. I am new on this site but I am reading about my previous employer Stephen Pierce. I am not surprised that he did this to his family. He was always so focused on himself that he did not care a bit what happened to his customers or the money they entrusted to him, so I guess that he doesn’t care about his family either. So sad. He is a user, that one. A real user.

    He has to have broken lots of laws in Texas and other states. I know i saw that happen. They should get him for all the packages he sold that weren’t even developed. I know about that one personally. I had to stall those angry people for months and months.

    He now has a new business I wonder how many victims he will run up over there?

    1. @New Here, You should email Salty. Many of your former coworkers already have. People really need to know about Pierce.

  22. Hi, I don’t know about if this is off topic for this one, but can somebody tell me about how I can make some of the outrageous wealth with having only to go around and about while using two pennies for rubbing together?

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