Caging Kevin Trudeau


The FTC thinks Kevin Trudeau needs to go to jail :: which sounds pretty awesome … maybe they’re finally going to start doing something other than pretending like they’re doing something?


Kevin Trudeau :: like so many other scammers … signed a consent order with the FTC over some flagrantly stupid shit that he’d done. Right after signing that order in 2004 :: he started taking a piss on it … just like he’s been taking a piss on all sorts of rules and regulations for the last decades.

Consent orders are fucking pretend justice. Some d-bag agrees to give back money that never belonged to him in the first place :: and pretends to agree that he’ll do no similar harms in the future … while never admitting that he’s done any harms in the past. It’s a great system :: if what you’re looking for in a system is the ineffective illusion of action … exercised arbitrarily.

Mike Dillard signed a consent order. Stephen Pierce signed a consent order. Irwin Frank Kern signed a consent order.

So … those problems solved.

The FTC wants Trudeau held in contempt of court and jailed :: not for scamming his evil little ass off  … but for making a mockery of their consent order’s mockery of justice. KT tells them he can’t pay a single penny of the $37 million he’s judged to owe :: while living the fat life in the suburbs … whipping out his gold bars for Scamworld Judas Peter Wink to fondle.

Here’s a recent FTC brief in the case :: pulled from a HUGE stack of useless paperwork … where the government details some of Trudeau’s blatant money hiding bullshit shenanigans. It concludes like this …

“Notwithstanding the complexity of Trudeau’s web of offshore trusts, foreign entities, and other asset protection devices, this motion is extremely straightforward. Trudeau is in contempt of this Court’s Order to pay $37 million and has not produced any evidence demonstrating his alleged complete inability to pay. Therefore, incarceration is the only way to coerce his full compliance with this Court’s order.”

When the FTC wants to go all criminal law on your ass :: they have to call in another department … the inappropriately named Department of Justice. Here’s a motion in the KT case filed by the same lawyers that brought you Rod Blagojevich goes to jail. It starts like this …

“The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA respectfully requests that the Court dismiss the original order to show cause in this case and enter an amended order to show cause against Kevin Trudeau that removes the six-month cap on the potential term of imprisonment.”

They’re serious … about the money. Not all the fucking money that would be required to make the victims whole :: of course … because that’s never going to happen. And not all the fucking money that would be required to compensate the victims for just their direct financial losses :: of course … because most of that money has already been flushed down the toilet of some leased yacht. They just want whatever he happens to have right now :: and if he coughed it up … he’d walk.

There will likely never be an actual criminal trial calling on Trudeau to account for the moral and legal violations that spawned this pile of civil paperwork and attorney’s fees. Our government has decided to treat financial crimes :: from the bottom to the top … like victimless hiccups in the velocity of money. I guess we’re saving our bullets and prison cells for black boys on mopeds.

It’s voting day in The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA :: where even fake robots have full suffrage … so I’ll put on a fucking hoodie and go vote. But I won’t do so conned into believing that it matters … or that it’s enough.

We need to get better :: because things that don’t get better … get worse.

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  1. This is funny, except it’s not. From the Recent FTC brief

    C. Trudeau’s Complete Failure To Disclose Credible Financial Information in His Opposition Demonstrates the Necessity of Immediate Incarceration To Coerce His Compliance.

    Trudeau’s opposition once again demonstrates that he will not pay or disclose credible financial information voluntarily, and that incarceration is necessary to coerce his full compliance.[14] Trudeau calls incarceration “extraordinary,” but civil confinement is a very reasonable response to Trudeau’s wholesale refusal to pay or produce credible financial information voluntarily. Indeed, Trudeau utterly fails to rebut the overwhelming evidence that he is hiding assets.

    So why does he still walk around free? Would anyone care to ballpark a guesstimate on how much money he’s taken in over the years?


    And speaking of voting–yeah, Droid same here. I have a strong suspicion George Carlin’s right about the whole thing. But I’m not quite as old as he got to be yet, and anyway, I’m stubborn.

    Note to public: Remember, Mitt Romney might have ties to Scamy, Scamworld monies

    May the odds be ever in your favor. Or something.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @Wyrd,

      George Carlin was a freaking genius, and while extremely funny, I’ve found his comedy routines more insightful than any philosophy book I ever read.

      It’s too bad hes gone, he woulda had a field day with this election

  2. Justice may be moving slow (if at all) but I do believe that eventually nature will take its right course and if the wheels of law won’t do what’s needed, eventually the Web (us) will deal with it the only way we know how.

    The Salty Droid was just the first one blazingly outing evil, there are many more of us here seeking true justice.

    Perhaps we can’t enforce the law like the FTC but we can be, and will be, much MUCH less pleasant…

  3. Salty, since it’s the background topic of the day, what do you think of Obama and his promises.

    I’m not politically savvy, or even American, but I do recall in 2008 Obama was screaming bloody murder at the banks and the feds for they deregulation of the housing markets etc. And basically his whole campaign was CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE.

    I dont recall 1 bank or fed CEO prosecution making headlines or any noteworthy turnover — many of those criminals are still at the top doing their deeds.

    I know this site is focused on the internet and money making scam artists, but lets never forget it goes all the way to top!

    What are your thoughts on the whole Obama vs. Banks (i.e Change campaign and the results to date)?

    1. @Syndaicate H8r ::

      I don’t have a position on broken campaign promises :: I’m glad he thought shit should CHANGE … and I’m not even a tiny bit surprised that nothing did.

      Not prosecuting bankers who participated in massive fraud though … that I find unforgivable. But it’s never too late {until the statute of limitations has run … then it’s too late}!

      1. @SD, I watched the presidential debates…while the mention the deficit briefly(in generic terms), they mostly focused on issues like national security and the threat of Russians, and how they are going to pull troops out of Afgan…

        I guess if you keep talking about terrorists people forget about the real threat: the unregulated banks.

        Oh an Jeff Walker was featured in Forbes again

        Who are these writters at Forbes? Are they college drop outs who do no research.


  4. Thank you for putting all of this in perspective in your usual concise way, @SD. You really got to the heart of the matter. Trudeau has been fighting the FTC fine for years, and for the past couple of months (ever since some July 2012 FTC documents surfaced), some of the disillusioned ex-Trudeau fans have been buzzing about his imminent arrest. Some seem to honestly believe that this upcoming arrest, if it happens, is finally going to mark the end of “KT’s” (or “KY,” as some of them now call him) scamming days.

    Matter of fact, a certain infamous, hands-on-healing not-doctor and former Trudeau b.f.f. has been crowing about the arrest for a couple of months now, strongly implying that it is his own crusade for truth and justice that really put the wheels in motion. (Ironically, Salty Droid and the not-doc are actually in basic agreement about the general uselessness of government agencies in the fight against scams and scammers.)

    In any case, as we’ve seen, Trudeau’s lawyers have repeatedly been able to stall any real action.

    The current buzz among the ex-fans is that Trudeau’s latest FTC hearing, originally scheduled for October 24 of this year, then moved to October 30, and now scheduled for November 20, could determine whether or not he goes to jail. I am not holding my breath, particularly since Trudeau is reportedly now in Switzerland (he had some training events scheduled there already, apparently, and he has not been forbidden from traveling abroad). And, according to some of the buzz I heard, Trudeau is not planning to come back to the U.S. for his hearing in November. The word is that he plans to stay in Europe indefinitely. I have not been able to verify that yet, however. I know there are such things as extradition treaties, but still… Besides, his wife Natalie/Natalya Babenko is Ukrainian, and I don’t think the U.S. has an extradition treaty with Ukraine.

    One point that people tend to forget — even some of the most passionate ex-KT fans who are now watching this thing very closely — is that the FTC fine saga is all about some Trudeau shenanigans (infomercials and a book) that pre-date what is arguably his biggest scam of all: the Global Information Network (GIN). GIN is certainly mentioned at length in the latest FTC documents, but the $37 million plus fine has nothing to do with GIN.

    And GIN is a huge, huge scam – an ongoing one that Trudeau and his flunkies are struggling to keep alive despite a reported dramatic decline in membership.

    For the benefit of those who don’t know about it: GIN is a two-pronged money extraction tool, launched in 2009, that consists of (1) a Ponzi-ish MLM (the “affiliate” program, where participants make money by selling paid Level 1 memberships to others); and (2) a paid membership program, couched as a “training/success mastery” program, which costs many thousands of dollars as one advances. Ultimately there are supposed to be twelve levels of membership, but as of now there are only six.

    To get to a Level 5 membership costs more than $17,000, and that doesn’t include attending the events that are either strongly recommended or required to climb the membership ladder. It also doesn’t include the moneys to purchase all of the additional “tools” (frauducts) that are also strongly recommended/required. The newly created Level 6 membership reportedly costs $25,000. No telling what the fee structure will be for subsequent levels, if GIN lasts that long.

    In return for all of those many thousands of dollars, you apparently get… well, training materials – CDs and maybe some printed stuff – that are filled with Trudeau’s rip-offs of various other New-Wage/selfish-help/McSpirituality gurus’ wisdumb. Also I think you theoretically get more face time with Trudeau. Or at least you get bragging rights. Or something.

    A couple of times over the past couple of years, Trudeau offered an exclusive, limited-opportunity way to advance quickly and become a member of his “Inner Circle.” The first Inner Circle membership promo was for $50k apiece, and the second one for $75k. For forking over $50k or $75k you got… well, still more bragging rights, and supposedly some deal where you’d get to split 2% of all GIN revenues with the other elites in the Inner Circle. But Trudeau has also run other “2%” promos as well as various bonus and incentive promos, just to get more people to sign up and fork over.

    And for all GIN members and aspiring members, there was always, always the promise of maybe possibly eventually getting to hang out with the real movers and shakers of the world: the mysterious “GIN council,” the supposed co-founders of GIN, made up of about 30 billionaires all over the planet. These were the best of the best. World leaders. Royalty. Bilderbergers. Really elite types, in other words. Trudeau never would reveal their names, however. (Fortunately, more people are waking up to the fact that the “council” does not and never did exist.)

    It’s still true that if Trudeau does end up in jail it will more than likely be due to the actions of government agencies such as the FTC, and possibly also the SEC, IRS, Justice Department…whatever. But that seems to be a pretty big “if” at this point.

    And, jail or not, those who lost money from Trudeau’s biggest scam of all will still be out their money.

    Trudeau is telling the FTC he has no money to pay the $37 mil fine, but he has made a career of boasting that he is a billionaire. And he also has a tidy little hustle going with his “Stand With KT” legal defense fund. If you donate $2,500 or more to help him fight his legal battles (he insists he’s fighting on your behalf too), you get a chance to maybe have dinner with him and give him more money. (At least I think the ticket to dinner is $2,500 or more now. It used to be only $1,000.)

    In the end, it really will be the grass-roots efforts that may make a dent in the big sick machine, though more than likely those efforts won’t stop the machine entirely. But that doesn’t mean anyone should stop trying. Education efforts should be ongoing.

    Some of the ex-GIN members have initiated some real efforts to expose GIN for the scam it is, and Trudeau for the scammer he is. I have supported them in this and I hope it is the beginning of a trend, but like so many other things I have learned to manage my expectations in this regard. After all, a few of the ex-GIN have allied themselves with folks who are, IMO, even worse than Trudeau. We have exchanged words about this.

    But again, we shouldn’t ever give up hope or to stop trying — individually and collectively. For my part, I believe a great start is to join @SD’s own efforts, the Minions 2.0 project. Of course, to join that you can’t be a scammer or a promoter of same.

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      I commend and really appreciate the effort and guts that you, Jason and others have demonstrated in revealing the true nature of scumbags like Trudeau, Coldwell, Kern, et al.

      Hopefully these eforrts will eventually result in these wastes of skin receiving the legal consequences, e.g., long prison terms, they deserve.

      Beyond the financial devastation these people bring to the many lives, I have to wonder how many people have died as a result of placing their trust in the “medical” advice promoted by folks like Trudeau and Coldwell.

      I’ve always thought there is something wrong with a legal system in which an individual who burgles a home and steals a TV could, depending on where the burglary takes place, face a double digit prison sentence while scammers like Trudeau can steal millions and literally destroy numerous lives and receive only a slap on the wrist … if that.

      In my view, Trudeau should be turfed into the slammer until, at the very least, such time as he repays the $35 million.

      Maybe he could build a career there based on trading medical advice, such as “the miracle cure for a shiv to the back that the FDA and pharmaceutical industry conspire to keep people from knowing”, for toothpaste or some other hoosegow commodity.

      1. @DGR, I frequently vacillate between thinking that hucksters such as Trudeau should be incarcerated… and wondering if confinement in jail or prison is in fact appropriate for non-violent offenders such as he. On the other hand, there is the question of significant financial and very often emotional damage, inflicted over and over and over again… and I suppose that is violence in its own right.

        Yet Trudeau has been in prison before, where he met other scammers and took up scamming again after he got out. Then again, what other legal way besides incarceration is there to stop a scammer from scamming, if only for a little while? (Medically implanting a conscience into them is not feasible at this point, and probably would raise its own ethical and legal issues.)

        But then I consider again how ineffective prison really is at stopping scammers; James Arthur “Death” Ray’s machine has been promoting Trudeau’s GIN upsell CD set even as Ray himself is serving his too-short sentence in Arizona. Ray is counting the days till he can get out and, presumably, start scamming in earnest again.

        Ambivalence, ambivalence.

        Understand that I have no such ambivalence about violent offenders such as Ray (negligent homicide). Killers and sexual predators, if charged, tried, and convicted, belong in cages. But Trudeau? Well, as I said, it’s a difficult one, in my view. But it may be moot for now if he pays up and/or goes into exile.

        Regarding the number of people who have died because of quack-o health advice, I think that would be immensely difficult if not impossible to quantify. The fact that “real” medicine kills people too makes the issue more complex. So again, I have some ambivalence about saying that all of the health quacks are directly or indirectly responsible for many deaths. Some are, obviously, but many probably are not.

        I’m simply not gung-ho for criminalizing the sharing of health information and opinions, though of course the actual practice of medicine is subject to very specific rules and restrictions, as it should be. I am, however, gung-ho for the sharing of critical information so people can make informed choices for themselves, and we should be able to share such information without deranged threats of retribution from those we criticize.

          1. @hotdiggitydamn, Yes, it was that very meeting that inspired me to write my first blog post about True-dough back in January of 2009. I didn’t hear of GIN till later that year, though.

        1. @Cosmic Connie,

          I understand what you’re saying, Connie.

          For me though, there’s no ambivalence when it comes to people like Trudeau.

          And it’s isn’t because I’m a “lock em up and throw away the key kind of guy.

          For example, I don’t believe people should be locked up solely because they were caught using illegal drugs.

          I do believe the legal system doesn’t treat the illegal activities of people like Trudeau with the seriousness these deserve.


          1. @,

            I do believe the legal system doesn’t treat the illegal activities of people like Trudeau with the seriousness these deserve.

            I think every regular reader here would agree on that point.

          2. @, DGR

            Sorry, accidentally hit “submit” before finishing the above post.

            Anyway, I think we all know enough history to understand that even the most draconian laws will not totaly eliminate crime from a society.

            And a prison term … such as the couple of years he spent in prison for credit card fraud prior to his becoming a “somebody” … won’t change the behaviour of a sociopath.

            However, a lengthy prison term for folks like Trudeau wbased solely on his status of flim-flam artist profiting from claims that are false or misleading and/or which he can’t back up with scientific evidence and which could put people at risk if followed ill signal that society does take this type of crime seriously.

            Re:”I’m simply not gung-ho for criminalizing the sharing of health information and opinions.”.

            Neither am I.

            If Trudeau, or anyone else, wants to disseminate information based on their personal experience and/or the documented experience of others, fine.

            However, if they want to share that information for a price and do so using false, misleading, undocumented claims, then I … and I think many … have a problem with that regardless of what product or advice is being shared (sold).

            Re: “Regarding the number of people who have died because of quack-o health advice, I think that would be immensely difficult if not impossible to quantify. The fact that “real” medicine kills people too makes the issue more complex.”, I don’t know eaxactly what you’re referring to with “”real medicine kills people” however, to me tis isn’t relevant because it it in no way validates what people like Trudeau, Coldwell, etc. are doing.

            And the fact that it may be difficult to determine how many people might have died or been harmed in some other way based on trsusting the advice of folks like Trudeau doesn’t make it undesirable to try to do so, particularly when part of the sales pitch involves demonizing the FDA, pharmaceutical industry, etc. and providing encouragement to ignore the “medical establishment”.

            The old “two wrongs don’t make a right thing”.

            I’m not defending the FDA etc. I believe it’s in the public good to closely scrutinize “medical establishment” activities however, to my mind this should be done separate from the sale of a product and substantiated with documented evidence.

            And on the other side of things … and applicable to most of the scammers mentioned on this site … where is Trudeau’s proof that any advice he has sold has lived up to the claims he used to sell it or that he has ever offered this information in “good faith” rather than solely as a means to con people out of their money?

            What are his “typical results”?

            Most of the scammers discussed here have smartened up enough not to not run pyramid or ponzi schemes.

            The majority sell products that are outright junk and/or consist of information freely available elsewhere.

            And in respect of their “products”, I don’t believe … and people can correct me if I’m wrong … there is nothing illegal in selling or sharing these.

            The problem arises when false or misleading claims are part of the sales pitch … and further compunded when a conspiracy is entered to gain “social cred” based again on false or misleading claims.

            So re: “I am, however, gung-ho for the sharing of critical information so people can make informed choices for themselves”, I’m gung-ho on this as well.

            However, people are not able to make an informed decision based on information presented as “fact” that are in fact lies or misrepresentation of fact.

            Which is, among other things, where the Enron boys and others got themselves into trouble, i.e., providing falsified data which investors accepted as “fact” in making their “informed” investment decision.

            One complexity in this is the, in my view, rather blurry line between legitimate and illegitimate marketing practices, because the point could be made that there really isn’t much of a difference between what guys like Trudeau do and some of the, for example, weight loss commercials which bombard the user with “I lost 80 lbs. in 6 months” stories while having basicall unreadable “some resultsmay not be typical” disclaimers at the bottom of the screen.

            In my opinion, this shouldn’t be tolerated because people aren’t provided with the information they need to make an informed decision, i.e., what were the actual typical results?

            These are the exact methods used by folks we consider “scammers”, i.e., put page after page of information and testimonials designed to convince the potential buyer that the can make a “six figure” income if they purchase the product regardless of their experience or having a real product to sell, accompanied by a small disclaimer page referring to “results may not be typical, guaranteed, etc.”.

            In my opinion, the difference between the (what I might for some cases view as rather dubious) “legitimate” stuff and the “illegitimate” is that the “legitimate” folks, e.g., weight loss folks can presumably prove that the results blared on about in there commercial were actually achieved by some people, regardless of whether these are solely attributable to the use of the product, while guys like Trudeau, Kern, et all presumably can’t prove the majority of or of the outrageous claims they make to peddle their crap.

            I think that this “blurriness” … which the scamers use to their full advantage … may, along with the mistaken belief that there must be something legitimate about the claims and product otherwise the law would shut the operation down .. may confuse many people.

            Having some of these folks receive well publicized serious prison terms in respect of their fraudulent and harmful activities and clearly indicating to the public that these activities are not acceptable would in my view do nothing but good … regardless of the fact that these aren’t likely to change the individual’s behaviour.

            Scammers got to scam.

            However, it may change the decisions of people who might otherwise be drawn into the scam and suffer significant harm and/or become scammers themselves without necessarily intending to or realizing that they are doing anything wrong.

            Some of us here may have been at some point drawn to the fringes of (or burned by) an internet marketing scam and realized, based on our own knowledge, experience or research, that it was something hinky that we didn’t want to become involved with for whatever reason however, that obviously isn’t the case for everyone.

            1. @DGR, Very well argued. Yes, the disclaimers that the scammers publish are jokes. They do just what they have to do to get by the FTC, FDA, etc. In fact Trudeau is very clever about slipping disclaimers not just into his written promotional material but also into his persuasive/manipulative speech. The promotional videos he made for GIN, particularly for the infamous “Lazyman’s” promo, were full of sneaky little hedging words.

              He would go enthusiastically on and on about the tremendous returns possible with his latest scheme, and often would even give a plausible time frame for those returns. He would use all of the “hypnotic” tricks of repetition, speaking with great emphasis about the great returns. Then he would speed up his speech momentarily, quickly slipping in something such as, “It may not work out exactly that way, but…” and then he’d go back to his hypnotic, repetitious routine.

              The thing about Trudeau in particular — I think even more than Kern, et al. — is that he has worked very hard to create a cult-like following over the years. And with GIN he has worked hard to form a system to suck people in even very deeply and to keep them hooked – and not hooked on phonics. His own background in Scientology studies has apparently taught him well. This “GIN monthly questionnaire” is the type of obsessiveness that is apparently encouraged in GIN:

              I will say that despite my ambivalence about incarceration for nonviolent criminals, even in my most ambivalent moments I have to admit that it would not actually break my heart to see Trudeau in an orange jumpsuit.

            2. @DGR,

              I just wanted to mention that those “results not typical” disclaimers aren’t good enough anymore and should be reported to the FTC. With October 2009’s 16 C.F.R., Part 255 update, they now require typical results be disclosed anywhere atypical results are shown.

              Response Magazine started their article about the then-proposed change with:

              Alas, poor “Results not typical”!

              I knew him, Horatio, a disclaimer of infinite value, of most excellent effect.

              He hath borne on his back a thousand weight-loss testimonials …

              The FTC press release lists more of the scammy B.S. outlawed by the final 16 C.F.R., Part 255 guidelines. I think Part 255 should be The Official FTC Guide of the Salty Droid.

    1. @Fubsy,

      Based on what I’ve read in history books about some past presidents and what I’ve learned here about some current elected officials (Mark Shurtleff), I dunno that, that’d work very well as an antidote for someone’s scammy behavior.

  5. People who should be in jail

    – Kevin Trudeau
    – Robert Kiyosaki
    – Frank Kern
    – Mike Filsaime
    – Every single marketer associate with the syndicate

    Special Mention:
    – and of course the owner of the warrior forum for being a pedo bear (well she was 17 when the started dating)

    I am speaking of Allen Says or should I say: Clifton Allen Says, Jr.

    The owner of the worst IM forum has been finally exposed as the piece of shit he really is.


    1. @F*ck the scammers,

      …amazing that the owner of one of the top Alexa ranking domain names lives at his parents bungalow, and dates children – *or not*.

      The more people realize quite how bad and how rotten the IM world is the better.

      There are still too many IM conferences appearing everywhere like rashes on the face of humanity – such as …sad and bad.

    2. @F*ck the scammers ::

      Well … that was interesting.

      That bizarre billboard proposal is and unexpected gem of a detail.

      1. @SD, Wondering if the FTC will shut down the shit hole known as warrior forum. Who knows maybe pedobear Clifton Allen Says Jr get away just signing a consent order just like Kevin Trudeau and Frank Kern did

        Or maybe the FTC never cared in the first place, if so all these scammers would be in jail.

        Hey Droid, thanks so much for exposing the scams going on in the Rich Dad Poor Dad seminars. (I personally consider Mr Kiyosaki in the same league of Frank Kern, Tony Robbins etc)

        Will you expose Mr. Pedobear Allen Says in the future?

        Take Care and Thanks Again for your work exposing the scammers of the syndicate and the IM world.

    3. @F*ck the scammers,

      A damn good exposé, for sure…


      I smell bait and switch.

      Bait: The Warrior Forum is a scam. Here’s proof.

      Switch: THIS is how you make money online.

      I could be wrong, of course, but my spidey sense is tingling.

      1. @Marcus,

        Perhaps that will happen… and if it does then we can all hem and haw and get all irate, etc.

        But if someone’s going to do bait and switch they usually don’t bother all that much with making such heavily documented bait because they don’t need to. Law of diminishing returns and stuff.

        So.. even if it does turn out to be bait and switch, this appears to be someone that did all that research for its own sake–or rather for the sake of actually, truly discrediting d!ckholes in the Warrior Forum no matter whether there’s a switch to come or not.

        For sure, “Jack Wadd” has some angle. But for the moment I don’t see a need to assume that, that angle is anything other than simply stickin’ it to the Warrior Forum. And I’m ok with that. Because I think the scammers that run that place deserve to have some stuff suck to them. … figuratively, of course. Tar and feather is no longer in vogue.

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

        1. @Wyrd, Seems like the scammers of the warrior forum didn´t like to be exposed as the crooks they really are. They managed wordpress to close that site.

          It is too late SCAMMERS!

          People is waking up! Thanks to the Droid and other blogs you are no longer be able to sell the same crap over and over again.

          This is the begining of the end to all IM SCAMMERS!

          For each blog you manage to close there will be thousands more ready to expose you to the world!

          1. @Allen Says is a pedobear,

            Yeah it sure does look like they got the WordPress site taken down. Now http://gurusoftheghetto redirects to

            So I guess little has changed. on the free speech suppression front from 2009 to 2012. Most kinds of speech are fine, but if you want to point out that someone on the Internet is making false claims, and if you use even the slightest bit of material from their site to help make that point…. then you can expect your whole fucking site to get shutdown.

            Thanks MPAA and RIAA. Thanks Congress. Good to know we can always count on you to think of yourselves first and the individual citizens a distant last. While you were busy writing a law to stop people copying music and movies without permission, I’m guessing it didn’t occur to you that, that same law could be used to silence *important* free speech. But also, if you *had* known that, that could happen, I don’t think you would have cared. Because why should you care about individuals’ rights? Especially now we have Citizen’s United. Maybe the Supreme Court should find a way to grant corporations voting rights so as to complete the farce in grand style.

            Sorry. got kinda OT there…

            Furry cows moo and decompress.

      2. @Marcus,

        Sometimes people just do things because they feel they have to – without any measurable compensation that we define today as “money” or “fame” or anything else.

        Right now, I’ve got money. I’ve got a family. I’ve got friends. I’ve got a life. I don’t need any more. Fame? A phantom which only exists online in bits of binary code can have it. I don’t want it.

        I’m not gonna waste my time convincing you that not there’s a “bait and switch” going on here.

        The best argument I can make against that:

        let time go by and everybody will see that I’m just a crazy man with a fire in my heart and my “reward” is going to bed at night knowing that my vendetta against these scums of humanity progresses with each person exposed and each piece of information posted.

        I won’t be putting up “ads”, I won’t be writing ebooks on how you can make money online, I won’t be recommending products nor doing it on somebody’s behalf either.

        Yesterday, today, tomorrow, the day after that – a year from now, however long it takes all you’re gonna see from me is VENDETTA. Pure venom knitted into the written word directed at the eyes of those who shamelessly fleece those who can least afford to be scammed.

        Just had to get that off my chest *burp*


        1. @Jack .V. Wadd,

          Damn dude, just read your article about JaRyCu … and all I gotta say is, it put my doubts to rest, and also left a sour taste in my mouth. It sucks that losers like this are spewing out “internet marketing advice” to newbies with no clue.

          Keep up the good work!

        2. @Jack .V. Wadd,

          Yesterday, today, tomorrow, the day after that – a year from now, however long it takes all you’re gonna see from me is VENDETTA. Pure venom knitted into the written word directed at the eyes of those who shamelessly fleece those who can least afford to be scammed.

          That’s cool.

          Of course in normal, everyday life, I’m not really a fan of vendettas. Most of the time, I don’t think they’re a good way to go about solving problems.

          However in the special case of a vendetta carried out through free speech against an entity (in this case gurus of the Warrior Forum) that’s unambiguously a force for evil in the world–well in that case I say… cool.

          Happy hunting.

  6. Kevin Trudeau is a dirt bag extrodinaire. Some of his “medical” claims written in his last book

    Animals in the wild never get sick ie. that heart disease, diabetes, cancers are not present in the natural world.

    Bacteria and viruses don’t cause disease, which is why you don’t “catch” cancer or diabetes; disease is caused by an imbalance of vital energy.

    The sun doesn’t cause skin cancer.

    Medical science has completely failed to prevent or cure disease.

    While I dislike IM people, I have a special rage reserved for homeopaths/natural doctors/natural cure sellers that peddle this kind of bullshit. If there is a Hell, I hope that there is a nasty little corner reserved just for them.

    1. @Karen Friesecke, @Wyrd, While I agree with your sentiments about Trudeau, I still think one of the best weapons against outrageous health/medical claims is a combination of ridicule and rational criticism. Re the sun and skin cancer: that is definitely a false statement, but usually when Trudeau — or Leonard Coldwell, for that matter — have made that statement, they have accompanied it by a half-truth: “It’s sunscreens that cause skin cancer.”

      It is true that some studies have indicated that some sunscreens may contribute to skin cancer. But the studies are by no means conclusive, and there are some sunscreen choices that may be safer than others.

      There are numerous articles on the Net about this, but here’s Wiki for starters:

      In any case, it is disingenuous of Trudeau/Coldwell to state that the sun does not cause skin cancer. But they love the sensational, “things they don’t want you to know” declarations. It’s too bad the two of them broke up, since they are so much alike.

      1. @Cosmic Connie,
        I’m all over “medical” bullshit like white on rice. I’ve called BS on a few dubious pet natural cures and treatments when the need has arisen.

        I have a very special rage reserved just for homeopathy and practitioners of medical woo. My Mom is a huge believer in natural cures. I didn’t have an Aspirin until I was 14 YO because my Mom thinks that drugs are bad. Of course she bought Trudeau’s book, which makes me nuts, but I can’t tell her anything.

        For anyone that is interested in reading the writings of real doctors that debunk woo medical science, head on over to;

        And if I may make a suggestion to the Droid. Stanislaw Burzynski is a dirt bag that masquerades as a cancer doctor, charging patients hundreds of thousands of dollars for dubious treatments which are not FDA recognized. To get around his little FDA problem he registers any new patients in a clinical trial. Yeah, so far he hasn’t cured anyone yet. How this man still has his medical license is beyond me…..

      2. @Cosmic Connie,

        At the peak of Mount Bullshit, Trudeau has worked his way up to, where he now remains, and will likely always be at the peak of it ad nauseam.

        Why? Well, I consider myself an excellent judge of bullshit, and have more nerve endings on my bullshit detector than Ron Jeremy has on his Johnson.

        Therefore, watching his goofy infomercials late at night, knowing all of this beforehand, he actually got me to forget the fact that he was full of shit for a couple minutes (give or take).

        I was amazed, really.

        This asshole is one of the most dangerous people you could ever have the misfortune of meeting. The sad fact is that this guy could do so much good for this world with his abilities, but he has chosen to join the dark side instead.

        Having him on TV selling shit is akin to hiring a dope-fiend to run your pharmacy.

    2. @Karen Friesecke, I have agree with you. All the dumb books and I can still recall the lose 30 lbs in 30days, yeah right. The amount of water alone he wanted you to drink could hurt your kidneys. He will never pay enough to to the people he defrauded. His snake oil is just that, snake oil. Trash. He hasn’t served enough time in my view.

    3. @Karen Friesecke

      There was a landmark study done in China (if you care to read about it this is not an affiliate link) which concluded that the root cause of our most prolific diseases (mainly US and UK) is our diet of animal products. In cultures that eat a whole-food, plant-based diet have almost no incidents of heart disease and associated afflictions.

      That said, on a program about this on TV (Nat Geo I think) they interviewed some legitimate doctors who, instead of using common drugs to treat heart disease and diabetes (i.e. Plavix, Lipitor, Insulin etc.), they took these willing patients off of their meds, tapered off, and replaced them with a whole-food, plant-based diet. The results were nothing short of miraculous. I mean, these patients were off their meds and healthier than ever before.

      Now, my point to all this is: The real crime here, is that I could go on TV and tell the whole world this amazing information, and everyone will think “Yeah right, what bullshit, same as that dude Kevin Trudeau with that fake natural cures book.”

        1. @Jon,

          @Jim offers exactly nothing in terms of a valid argument.

          There is a reasonable body of evidence that animal products are a cause of many serious diseases that vegetarians / whole food eaters do not get.

          Kevin Trudeau uses this to assist his scams.

          Every scammer under the sun will use and abuse a bit of truth in order to enable the scams.

          So exactly what?

          1. @Random stuff, Moreover, people who have been around Trudeau and have actually worked with him have seen him consistently violate his own “health” advice. He reportedly has no qualms about using microwave ovens (though he preaches against them), he smokes (cigars) like a chimney, and he apparently can’t even stay on that “easy” hCG weight-loss/maintenance system, if various photos over the years are any evidence. Also, he was pushing that “hair farming” system some years back as THE cure for human baldness, but if you look at recent photos of him (particularly from the back) you can see that he either has not discovered the cure for human baldness after all, or he doesn’t care whether he goes bald or not. But yes, KT uses a bit of truth to enable his scams, as he has been doing for more than two decades.

            1. @Cosmic Connie, …I guess I am not surprised.

              Just wondering what the word on the search engines was currently re Trudeau – and this popped up:


              …Trudeau is the very definition of smarmy.

              …& posted by ex friend L. Coldwell: equally unpleasant, but achieved fewer criminal gains.

              …looks like the FTC is really not interested in getting Trudeau.

              …the brainwashed GIN attendees are no different to Tony Robbins event attendees (event prices are on a par)… sadly chances of Robbins ever ending up with the criminal convictions that he needs are small indeed. How can these awful people take so much money, ruin so many lives, and get away with it?

            2. @Cosmic Connie, …glitch there somewhere. Did not mean to steal your @Cosmic Connie – Name should have been @Random stuff. Apologies!

            3. @Random stuff: I figured the system glitched; no worries. I must really be lousy with the SEO (or maybe it is a Blogger limitation), because I have been blogging practically nonstop about Trudeau’s court woes for the past couple of months, as well as blogging about that ABC “Lookout” episode, which aired May 29, and which Coldwell did not capture in its entirety on his site.

              On my latest post I have links to a few hundred more pages of documents, filed on July 15, including a nearly 400-page doc that has a transcript of the May 21 evidentiary hearing (in which Kevin invoked his Fifth Amendment rights nearly 400 times). Kevin is due back in court on July 26 (this coming Friday). If he doesn’t show up — or if he doesn’t come back from Canada — his parents may lose their 60-year-old home, which they put up as collateral for his bond.

              The FTC at this point seems to be only interested in getting Kevin to cough up the $37.6 million fine, presumably so that dissatisfied purchasers of his weight loss book (the one that touts the infamous hCG diet) can get their money back. They either want him to pay the money or to prove to their satisfaction that he cannot pay (as he has been claiming for months). They have been recommending incarceration to force the issue.

              I don’t think he will be or necessarily even SHOULD be thrown in jail, at least not for this case, but the FTC has been flapping their gums about it for a long time. Look at the first comment on this post — from Wyrd, last November. He links to a document filed on October 15, 2012. The 27-page document I link to on my latest blog post says a lot of the same stuff — and it was, as I noted, filed on July 15, nine months to the day AFTER that other document.

              The FTC has also been digging into all of Trudeau’s businesses, including the Global Information Network (GIN), but that is apparently only in the service of their mission, which remains to get him to pay that fine for the weight loss book. They do not necessarily seem to be on a mission to stop Kevin Trudeau, much less to stop Scamworld. This isn’t to give short shrift to any of the individual investigators or attorneys who have been on KT’s case for years or decades. But they can only do so much.

              However, there does seem to be a criminal trial pending as well (1:10-cr-00886, before Hon. Ronald Guzman). We’ll see how that goes – or if it goes.

  7. Well, well, well. The government shutdown has put the Trudeau civil court proceedings on hold… perhaps indefinitely. The FTC cried “Uncle!” today. There’s still the criminal case, which WAS set to go to trial on November 4. That one is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s office, but I have no idea if or how it will be affected by recent events.

    Stay tuned…

      1. @SD,


        But I see your point. In Bizzaro logic, it stands to reason: If Abe gets all the credit for KT’s legal woes, then Abe should man up and take blame for the KT case’s stall. … following that line, I guess the whole gov’ment shutdown is on Abe’s shoulders as well.

        1. @Wyrd, @SD: It’s moot because, coincidentally, around the time that it was announced that the civil case was stalled (again) — this time due to government shutdown — Abe and Loony Coldwell decided that KT is old news and the court cases are trivial. Abe is now focusing on the really big important thing, which is the potentially mega-million dollar blockbuster Hollywood movie about how he almost single-handedly brought down the conman of the century.

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