Empower Network :: Revenge of the Wussies



In the world according to {dumbass} David Wood :: there are only two types of people out there … badasses and wussies.

Badasses go “all in” by pumping $6000 into Dave Wood’s bare naked pyramid scheme :: the Empower Network … while loving every minute of it.

Wussies … don’t.

Things are just that simple to Wood :: because he is a dumbass :: because he doesn’t know how to do subtle … and because he doesn’t know he’s supposed to pretend he’s not a scammer. It’s like if Frank Kern had thinning :: thin :: and perpetually greasy hair … and had been dropped on his head {several times} as a baby.

Says DumbAss David in a recent sales video …

There’s a few steps for making a lot of money in Empower Network. Number one – get in. If you ain’t in – I mean – do you not love your family?

Fucking. Asshole. Scammer.

End of post.

>> bleep bloop


Okay :: not really … but I could end it there because … holy fuck … that’s so scammy. That’s so awful. That’s so blatantly exploitative and wrong.

Yet Wood and his badass partner in badassitude :: David Sharpe {mini-Mike Dillard} … claim that Empower Network is sucking in tens of millions of dollars each year. Sadly … that’s the only one of their many staggering claims I find believable.

The basic fake back story behind Empower Network is that David Wood used to be homeless living in a van {down by the river} :: and now he’s totally fricking rich in the most badassest of not wussy ways … and you can too!!

Searching my fake robot inbox for “homeless” returns three kinds of interrelated results …

a) spam from Empower Network affiliates

b) people asking me to write about Empower Network

c) various sad scamworld victims speaking to me about their current or impending homelessness

Spams an Empower Network affiliate in Bosnia …

FREE! Download Right Now… “The SAME EXACT SYSTEM two ex-homeless men used to make $464,913.00 in 3 months — all online, on complete auto-pilot ….without ever picking up the phone!”

But the “EXACT SYSTEM” that the ex-homeless dumbasses used to get auto-pilot rich :: was making themselves #1 in a long tail pyramid of hype and lies :: and by the time you’re reading about it in spam from Bosnia … it’s a bit too late to fill that #1 spot yourself.

INSIDE The True Story Of How 2 Ex-Homeless Guys — Made Six Figures And Helped Over 130,000 + Normal People Like Myself Delete Our “Inner Wussy” And Earn Over $20 MILLION In Commissions Online In 2012 with 100% going to the Affiliates.

Empower Network sales materials say David Wood was struggling to make it at various jobs and MLMs :: to the point of homelessness … until 2009 when he discovered the Internet and became an instant winner.

3 1/2 years of getting kicked out of Wal-Mart had yielded a grand total team of 15 reps, a closet full of Soap and Vitamins, a four foot box of ratted out ‘motivation’ tapes, and…

…not very much money getting, at all.

Fast forward a few years later… I sponsor 4,000 reps in 24 months, helped build organizations of 13,000+ customers in 56 days, do a $2 MILLION launch that started with a room full of people…

Now he’s gonna show you how to rise above your own MLM struggles using the same instant internet techniques. But on the archive of Wood’s original 2009 web bio :: he’s telling a much different {also bullshit} story …

At 19 years of age, I moved to England for 2 years where I did missionary work for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints.

No :: not that … that’s just funny. This …

I eventually made my way to the MLM, or Network Marketing industry where I initially built an organization doing more than $100,000 per month in global sales in less than six month – selling vitamins.

How he remembers his past is based on what he’s trying to sell you in the present.

An archived post from that same year also paints the “homelessness” story in a whole new {dark} light :: as Wood tells us in The 5 Cardinal Rules Of The New Homeless Rich – How To ‘Stick It’ To Society

In the past, homelessness was associated with lack, poverty, and sickness, but times have changed.

No … no they haven’t.

Simply put, because being homeless is awesome.

No … no it isn’t.

So there you have it. The four cardinal rules of the new ‘Homeless Rich.’ I’ll see you at the finest restaurants, swim with you at the most pristine beaches, and laugh as you go back to work, because I live where I am, free.

Life, as they say, is fabulous.

Spoken like a true badass pimple on Tim Ferriss’ ass.

Wood’s grandfather was a university president :: his father was a lawyer and a judge … he’s spoiled and entitled upper crust … and knows shit about struggle. Yet he feels ’empowered’ enough to equate a 100% voluntary camping trip in Hawaii … with the fucking desperation of actual homelessness.

Give him your money … or you don’t love your family. 

“After working on that business for 2 years, I decided that it was not the right long term fit for me, and I decided to take the skills that I had learned and build another MLM empire using Attraction Marketing principles that I had learned from industry Gurus like Mike Dillard.” ˆ

The “attraction marketing” that Wood “learned” from the many “gurus” already profiled here :: involves running ads like this early Wood ad for his now defunct MLMGlobalTakeover


Because you can’t make money online … until you start telling people that you already made money online.


It’s $20 per month to be a part of the Empower Network pyramid selling scheme. Paying that buy-in to the two dumb Daves :: purchases the right to sell five different Empower Network frauducts …

1. The “Viral Blogging System” — a clunky/ugly skin for the totally amazing {and totally free} WordPress platform :: which will convert most of your website’s on screen real estate into ads for the Empower Network. The VBS is $25 per month … and includes hosting.

Empower Network claims that their $300 per year sites offer SEO advantages for n00bs who don’t have an already established online presence :: being more attractive to search engines than stand alone domains … and so drawing in more {free} organic search traffic.

Sounds good … but it’s horseshit.


According to Alexa :: Empower Network gets less than 5% of it’s traffic from search. In contrast :: one could host on WordPress.com {for free} … where more than 18% of traffic comes from search. Successful Empower Network affiliates are forced to buy their web traffic … a very expensive and dangerous game.

The “Viral Blogging System” is :: literally … worth less than zero. It’s $25 per month to do big damage to your :: slim to none … chances for online success.

2. The Inner Circle Mastermind — $1200 per year to access audios of David Wood {prolly shirtless} talking about how fucking awesome David Wood is.

3. Costa Rica Mastermind — $500 for access to videos of David Wood {definitely shirtless} talking about how fucking awesome David Wood is.

4. 15k Formula — $1000 :: for you guessed it … videos about applying the fake ideas of a shirtless dumbass to your own life for fun and profit.

5. Costa Rica Masters Course — $3500 for access to videos of David Wood telling you the other secrets about his success that he hasn’t already told you for the thousands you’ve already paid him … this time he’s seriously going to go “all in” on telling you though. Or as the Empower Network puts it …

There are over 40 lesson videos in the Masters Course. The level of education that you will get in this product is worth more than a college degree in Marketing.

…Hell, in most cases, it is worth more than a MASTERS degree in marketing.

No … no it isn’t.

Even though you’re paying monthly just to be part of the scheme … you can’t earn commissions on frauducts that you haven’t purchased yourself. So if someone in your downline goes “all in” and you’ve only signed up for the $25 per month level :: then screw you wussy … your commissions are going to float up the pyramid to someone who had the balls to be an “all in” badass. And then aren’t you going to be just so sad?

“It’s the best fear of loss psychology that exists in this industry.”

Says David Wood :: like a dumbass predator … in one of his many terrible explanations of the Empower Network pyramid compensation plan.

Should $6000 for a couple hundred hours of video of David Wood {sleevelessly} pretending to be Frank Kern count as “product sales” for the purposes of making an FTC-style pyramid scheme determination?

Well :: obviously … no.

But it doesn’t matter … because Empower Network’s “100% commission” structure eliminates the need to ask that question. Here’s one affiliate’s attempt to make the comp plan understandable …


Simple … or something.

100% of each sale is paid as a commission to the Empower Network affiliate who generated the sale :: but somewhere around 40% of time … the affiliate will have to “pass up” 100% of his 100% commission to his upline. Every 2nd :: 4th :: 6th :: and every 5th thereafter … commission will be passed up the pyramid. This structure runs down infinite levels :: and has the effect of concentrating an overwhelming percentage of the money near the very top of the pyramid … where the two dumbass Daves have positioned themselves. Even in the total fucking ripoff world of MLM … this is a stand out ripoff.

The Empower Network doesn’t sell products :: they give away useless frauducts that are used as the spine for what is basically a cash gifting scheme … and then they sell access to that scheme.

70% of an MLM’s income must come from retail product sales outside of the distributor network. Very few {if any} MLMs can satisfy that standard … but most pay lip service to satisfying it. Not David Wood and the Empower Network though :: says he :: frequently :: and in the video above …

“All of our top earners make more money from pass ups than they do from direct sales.”

Well then :: I guess if The Man ever decides to get its fucking act together and do something about the plague of pyramid schemes ravaging our land … dumbass David Wood is just planning to plead guilty.

If you want a MASTERS in Frank Kern style marketing :: then go get it from Frank Kern … at least he showers.

>> bleep bloop

188 thoughts on “Empower Network :: Revenge of the Wussies”

  1. Empower Netcult … finally. Those couple of psychopathy-laden cocoons have already caused so much misery, pain and financial loss to so many people with their stupid racket.

    It’s time to topple this pyramid … and shackle its pharaohs.

    1. @Omri Shabat,

      It’s funny..

      You are filled with so much hate it’s actually funny.

      What’s even funnier is when you GOOGLE Omri Shabat .. you
      have your “competitors” websites over you.

      Why don’t you work on protecting your own name before hammering at everyone else because you’re jealous of their success.

      And if you’re really still that angry.. Take a knife and cut your wrists…Maybe someone will care.

      Your best friend,

      Jew Lover

      1. @Jew Lover, Yeh, he could have gone back to spend some time just sending a few emails to make $30,000 in 45 days and then get a giant-size check-picture with empfounders.

        “I already had a list of people who had come to know, like and trust me over the years and all I had to do was send out a few emails and we made over $30,000 in commission in the first 45 days.”


        ” $25 monthly: Basic Blog Hosting/Training
        $100 monthly: Inner Circle Marketing Training
        $500 one-time: Costa Rica Mastermind Series
        $1,000 one-time: $15,000 Per Month Formula Training
        $3,500 0ne-time: Costa Rica MASTERS Series”

        I think for me I’d just sell CostaRica all of the time because I can get the 86% $3,000 commission for it just like most real sales people do for companies all of the time all over the world and everywhere around.

        Also, I can’t understand how it’s a pyramid scheme, just because it seems exactly like one when somebody says:

        You must have purchased a product in order to qualify to earn commissions on that product.”

    2. @Omri Shabat, so I guess Level 1 marketing is just another version of this crap. This stuff really gets pushed on the work at home moms forums. always the vulnerable folks. But then again wait. Isn’t it the stay at home moms who make the millions lol

    3. @Omri Shabat, of course Empower is a scam, but not Level 1 marketing omg.love the blogs by people who leave one scam for another so sad

  2. Holy shit! (is it OK to say that on this website?) I’ve been studying MLM nonstop for a year and a half … yeah, I’m one o’ them wussie anti-MLM zealots … and this clown takes the cake, actually by quite a margin. Of course, if “the man” does go after him, Empowder will be forced to pay 2 or 3 percent of its annual take in fines with no admission of wrongdoing and an empty promise (is there any other kind in MLM world?) to never do it again. Pretty minimal cost of doing business, I’d say.

    Omri, you’re right … it’s time to topple this pyramid … and every other flat-line MLM scheme out there (if you graph their structure, they look nothing at all like a pyramid).

    This baaaaaaadass sounds a lot like Katie on gin.

    Any connection to “The C-crit”?

  3. I found out about that one of David Wood’s other hobbies is banning people from commenting on his FB page and then going to delete what they said in a conversation in order for making it look totally different than it was before really.

    1. @Jack ::

      I gave Mr. DumbAss several opportunities to tell me how wrong I am about him being a disgusting-scammer-pig-face-fuck-head before printing this article. But he didn’t dare :: because he’s a fucking poser :: and …

      {wait for it}

      {wait for it}

      … a total wussy.

    2. @Jack, this is true. I made a simple comment that “empower was not for me”, and got blocked. This reminds me of a dangerous cult. If you speak your mind, you’re harassed, kicked, blocked, pointed, etc.

      David Wood jumped on me to cut my throat with his best friend and partner in Empower, Aaron Rashkin, my direct sponsor in Carbon Copy Pro (who made a lot of money in Carbon Copy Pro and then left PRO U to join empower to make more money since a big percent (%) of his fans would follow him to hell and back). Just because some leads and he has followers (like David Wood and the rest), they do not make them ethical leaders. Hitler was a leader but he spread misery (wars, death, etc). My point is the people who follow those kind of leaders, despite losses, tells me that they’re corrupt and unethical (they continue to scam others, hoping to make up for their losses and they do it intentionally). I would rather be a whistle blower and hang out with wussies than hang out with people who become rich by stepping on other people.

      I quit Empower when they got kicked out from Paypal, facebook marked them as spam, and the golden boys (big merchants for ecommerce transactions) did not want to join hands because they were afraid to risk their reputation with Empower Network’s business model.

      Do you want to see the heated chat on FB with David Wood (he even involved God to justify his response to me)? If you do, send me a message in facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Ria.Ramari

      I managed to capture the pages with a screen shot before I was blocked for expressing my opinion in a polite manner. I just said “Empower was not for me and the people who run it should take business etiquette seminars.”

      1. @Ria,
        There’s no question in my mind that most of what you say is valid–especially the part about how Empowder reminds you of a cult. I’m personally just getting into studying how MLM employs cult MOs to ensnare their victims. It’s pretty startling when you get into it.

        However, in my observation and experience, most–but certainly not all–followers of these pricks and prickesses (don’t want to be sexist here) are VICTIMS. If they get into the predatory propagation of the shit they’ve bought into, they do so largely because their ability to think critically, if it existed before, has been suspended in response to the cult-like methods these criminal enterprises use to control their victims. The extremely low new-recruit retention rates typical of these “business [bankruptcy] opportunities” is, in my opinion, testament to the basic goodness of most people.

        From a fellow “wussy”, it might be good to reserve our judgment for the real culprits in MLM, IM and cults; and treat the majority of their followers as the unfortunate victims they are.

  4. I don’t understand about it being the bad on when somebody going with the last name “Marketer” even says it’s OK:


    Also, I don’t know about if you really know about how good the comp-plan is, because mr. Marketer told me about that

    “This compensation plan gives you the opportunity to make $4,625 per sale!”

    Also, he found out for me why paying for being for Empowers Network can make sense for you and other people, too, because he told me:

    “Think of it like this.

    The popular shop downtown that makes most of the money is going to let you “rent” out, and sell your products in their shop thats already getting a ton of traffic. Everyone goes to this shop, so selling whatever it is you want to sell (including Empower) is made waayyy easier since they already get a ton of customers (traffic) through the door.

    It’s in a prime downtown location – a location you probably wouldn’t be able to afford when your getting started.”

    It’s exactly the same thing exactly.

    Athough it gets confusing when he tells me later about when I can get his Empowers Network bonuses which includes this one:

    “FaceBook mastermind group with over 6,000 members”

    Because he told me that I can pay $25/month because Empower is Alexa #3, but then he shows me immediately about how I can pay $0/month for FaceBook which is Alexa #1.

    1. @Jack,

      Oh, I missed about the WordPress example, I think because I was too busy remembering about how to put the giraffes onto Alexa pictures.

  5. I meant about that Empower is Alexa #382 – not #3.

    So Empower = #382 Alexa = $25/month = Best Deal for Josh Marketer
    FaceBook (Empower wannabe) = #1 Alexa = $0/month = not good one for you from Josh Marketer

  6. I was looking at that Emprowler Network website and I am not sure about the part where they said some people have to pay them in Cyprus. Mainly because I don’t know where Cyprus is but if it’s on the way to Disney World I suppose that would be ok, especially if they had restrooms and we needed to stop anyhow.

    This is that part I was talking about:

    Select customer payments are processed by:
    Glezzik Trading Limited
    Leonida Christodoulou, 8
    Zimpelia Court, Office 32
    Limassol P.C. 3020

    Just a “head sup” but if you were thinking about paying them with correspondence, they say here that they don’t accept correspondence, just money I guess:

    UK Address (Correspondence Not Accepted):
    Empower Network Limited
    66-68 High Road
    Bushey Heath, Herts WD23 1GG

  7. That address in Cyprus (on the way to Disney World, I hope) also has this web site connected to it:


    The part of the video I liked the most is where they said you will be jumping for joy. Me and my neighbor Roy even had a contest when we were watching that video. We decided the winner would be the one that guessed the right number of times they said the word IMAGINE. But, we both got dizzy and gave up.

    Then I decided on a new game, connect the dots (thanks, Grandma!). I was looking on that other page, and it had a new company name called “Watubad Trading Ltd.” So I asked Mr. Google about it and it said that “Watubad Trading Ltd.” was in the shelf business. It says right here that it is a “Shelf Company”:


    I think what that means is, that company that made the list, “Oxford Tax Services” comes in and sets you up with business shelves. But not just any shelves, only USED shelves that have been “in use” for some time. That way, when people come in to your “new” business and see your “old” shelves, they don’t think you have a “new” business. So now they trust whatever you put out on those shelves.

  8. Jason moffatt is a whore for those guys, he will do anything for them and I mean anything another frank kern actor boy.

      1. @SD,

        Jason is a disgusting slob. Will do anything, and I do mean anything, for a few bucks. Even if that means suckering unsuspecting victims into the “vortex of hell” that is Empower Network, just because it’s a high converting sales “funnel.”

        Jason has all kinds of charges and convictions in Oregon that he left behind and tries to act like some guru because he knows Frank Kern. He knows nothing. Don’t believe me? Buy one of his courses, try, with much frustration, to use his course, and cry your eyes out afterwards.

        Hopefully you can get a refund.


        1. @brad, Moffatt = kilstein if someone did a little digging he would be destroyed. He stopped making the money pimping the launches that the droid destroyed so he became an empower whore and ruined lives that way in exchange for money.

  9. Please take the time to report the Empower Network to the Federal Trade Commission. They are stealing money from thousands of people. At the moment they are really pimping out their Alexa ranking. It jumped up after their Chicago event, then after people realized they got scammed the EN ranking dropped significantly in only a few months time. Then they just recently had their Denver event and it has jumped again.

    Like clockwork, it will fall again.

    1. @Bo ::

      The sort of IM n00bs who are getting sucked into the Empower Network scam should keep in mind that a site’s Alexa ranking is not meaningful … the search engines don’t care at all.

      A high Alexa rank might serve as a limited proxy for a site’s authority … but only if the site’s stats are not being manipulated by traffic buys :: fake clicks :: affiliate syndicates … etc {so basically none of the sites in the IM/MLM space}.

      Most sites on the interwebs get the equivalent of zero traffic … so manipulating your way up a relational chart isn’t very difficult. This graph from The Syndicate reveal post illustrates the point …


      None of those sites are authority sites :: none of those sites gets any stand alone traffic … but during the brief window that they were being pumped full of victims by The Syndicate … they looked massive.

      The same thing is going on with Empower Network. The two Daves :: plus huge blocks of misguided victims … are dumping big chucks of {expensive to attain} paid traffic into a site which would otherwise be barren of visitors.

      Try to build some organic traffic on a higher rated :: higher authority :: better trafficked site like wordpress.com before you spend any money on Empower Network. You’ll find that it’s an almost impossible task. Or :: take the money you were going to waste on Empower … and buy traffic for your own domain. You’ll still fail … but at least you’ll learn something about the Internet while you’re doing it.

    1. @Jack,

      Ha! YouTube really hates Empower Network … it automatically flags videos that links to EN because of the obvious spammy nature those videos carry.

      Few months ago, after a massive deletion campaign against EN by the YouTube team, David Wood addressed his devotees the only senseless way he knows how …


      But hey, at least that “tragedy” gave Dave & Dave another opportunity to hone the pyramid furthermore with another over-hyped overpriced shitty product … Empower Network Video Hosting.

      1. @Omri Shabat, was trying to give u a thumbs up.. hope i didnt hit the wrong thumb :P

        This is one time where I love censorship

  10. Great Job SD.

    This is the worst scam out there right now.

    Funny thing, I tried to join it to see how bad the product was for myself and the credit card didn’t go through… The explanation I got was that they use an overseas credit card processor.. I wonder why.

  11. Before I read, I just want to say thanks for taking the time to write this Mr. Droid…. this should be a damn movie….

    1. @Rafael Marquez, to be honest it hurts seeing people who live below the poverty level put so much energy into this crap. I tried commenting on this and just get verbally beat up speaking about the scheme.
      Even if you tell them to drop it and get their own hosting for under 5 dollars and learn about being a writer ( if they do want to blog )- they will just ban u from commenting on their video.

  12. Salty, you’re the best and I applaud you!

    I always enjoy your deservedly caustic expose’s of all the dastardly scumbag scammers surrounding our space.

    The Empire Network are classic scum with the greasy twist who prey on the wishful, ignorant, hopeful and stupid. We can’t do much about stupid, but the more that the wishful, ignorant, and hopeful types understand the real world of scam artists, they will greatly benefit from learning the real truths.

    Kudos to you Salty Droid for your perseverance at stomping on the plethora of internet marketing scum suckers!

    You have to wonder why they do not care about Karma.

  13. These scum need to be brought down. One of the most disgusting scams on the planet, by one of the most disgusting pigs on the planet. Very good target Salty.

  14. Awesome article!

    I can’t stand Empower Network…I once talked to David Wood on the phone when he was building up his Numis biz. He and his wife were going to people’s homes to give old-school mlm presentations. I never let them come to my house…he’s shady.

    I’m surprised that David Wood, his brother and his followers haven’t descended upon your blog. I read an Empower Network review (an honest one that more or less called EN a scam!) from a gal a few months ago and they descended upon her blog, calling her names (really bad names), criticizing her, and so on. I’ve also seen the Empower Network Cult descend on Facebook pages that question them/give honest reviews about what a scam they are. They really like to call people bad names lol.

    I don’t know how you take down people and “businesses” like this. If regulatory offices don’t do much about it, who will?

    I once threatened an internet marketer to give me my money back..by telling one of his servants (he wasn’t grown up enough to talk to me on the phone himself) that I’d report him to FTC. First he said the FTC (or whoever it was) wouldn’t do a thing to them and then he immediately refunded me my money. At least I salvaged a few hundred $$$ out of tens of thousands of dollars…I was duped by mlm/make money online scams for a few years. I hope others don’t get duped.

    1. @Bev, Re: Numis at


      “A hallmark of an endless chain recruitment scheme is the ability to buy one’s way to higher levels of commissions.”

      “Since the coins sold by Numis Network appear to have little retail appeal to true customers, the only way a representative can hope to make money is by constant recruiting. The representatives cannot rely on retail sales of coins, so they must rely on the complicated methods of calculating various bonuses for the recruits in their downlines. The only hope for a representative lies in recruiting an endless chain of representatives.”

      It almost sounds just like the Empower idea.

    2. @Bev ::

      Here’s Wood “spilling the beans” on Numis Network …


      Numis has recently merged {whatever that’s supposed to mean} with World Ventures :: which The Verge’s Adrianne Jeffries {no relation to Ross Jeffries} wrote about while she was still at The New York Observer …


      So I guess now you can take your silver and gold collectible MLM coins on glorious MLM vacations.

      To our success,

  15. Wait, I think now I know about that EmpowerNetwork is real for us, because eljeffe77 who told me about that he’s one of the good guys told us

    this at Warrior Forum


    “EN is the real deal guys. 100% commission which is great, and honestly – the things you learn – you can use to sell and market ANYTHING. Friend of mine signed up and made $3000 this month or so (he’s brand new) to the Empower Network

    I’m going in at level 2 in empower today, the person that referred me to empower i VERY much trust and he’s Just under one of the higher ups- which gives me (and my people) access to his stuff and even the OWNERS site and training.

    No scam at all, just do what they teach you and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

    I would not be going in if I didn’t trust this person.”

    1. @Jack,

      Correction: Judge Mark Wood


      Aki can get you gold there, too:

      Maybe just registered agent stuff, but would be sortof funny if all business from Alaska are required to work from that house, maybe.

      1. @Jack,

        Mormon missionary training = kick ass at selling unicorns but total lack of familiarity with ethical behavior

  16. Now I’m randomly wondering–how does news of Empower Network spread? What are its primary vectors of infection? Friend of a friend? Facebook page? Google Ad-words?

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @Jack,

      Right. “buy everything now.” So simple. I’ll just mosey on down to Wal-Mart and put everything in the cart… then me an’ my giant anti-grav sled the size of a football field will stroll over to Home Depot…

      It reminds me of a Doctor Who adventure

      Mr. Fibuli: The psychic interference transmitter, sir. There seems to be something counter-jamming it.
      The Captain: What? We dematerialize in three minutes!
      [activates P.A. system]
      The Captain: All guards on alert! Someone is using a counter-jamming frequency projector! Find it and destroy it immediately!
      Mr. Fibuli: Captain, do you suppose any of the guards know what a counter-jamming frequency projector looks like?
      [the Captain considers for a moment, then into the P.A.:]
      The Captain: Destroy everything!

      Buy everything. Destroy everything. Hmm that does sort of seem to be the at the very heart and soul of MLM.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @Jack,

      Yes, that’s a good point. “Go all in.” more or less directly translates to “risk everything you have on this potentially risky venture.” [`or are you a wussy?’ taunt the Daves.” I say “fools rush in..” But that’s not fair though. Desperate, scared people rush in too when they feel like they have no other choice.

      It’s easy for me to miss the gambling reference now because I already know it’s scam.. much like gambling. (Gambling’s only save is that many people know it’s not a viable way to make money. At least their conscious-thinking part is aware of it. If they get hooked, then that doesn’t really matter.)

  17. Oz at BehindMLM mentions:

    “I also couldn’t help but notice the apparent ties to Costa Rica, where founder David Wood lives and company events and “retreats” are regularly held.

    Costa Rica has a flexible corporate regime and bank secrecy is enshrined in law. A high degree of corporate anonymity is possible; there is no legal requirement to reveal beneficial ownership of companies.
    Costa Rican companies pay no tax on income generated outside of the country.”

    But maybe it could be about this for Costa Rica (or both):

    “Harmful Legal Vehicles: Does the jurisdiction allow cell companies and trusts with flee

    Costa Rica partly allows harmful legal vehicles”


    But it seems like to much to do, so probably he should just ask Jeremy Johnson if he can use some old companies from him.


    UK, Costa Rica, Cyprus, virtual offices in Florida.

    No red flags I can see about any of it yet.

      1. @Lanna, There are rumors that much of “Al Qaeda Navy” (bunch of cargo ships they use the smuggle people around the world) was registered out of Cyprus through front companies registered on Cyprus.

  18. Interesting comment left on Brad Campbell’s post about Dave Wood. It’s invigorating to see a straight outta the burbs white boy like Campbell write about pouring out a bit of liquor for his ‘downed’ Empower homies.

    Wonder if Brad will prove that Empower delivered and warranted his psuedo-gangsta support.

    “It’s a shame that Google and YouTube have such manipulation-friendly policies and procedures in place.”

    Couldn’t have said it better.

    Thank god for free speech and people who actually love their brothers and sisters enough to flag videos filled with spurious claims.

    Your “come on in, the [empower] water is fine” attitude is funny. You know the water is tepid and filled with money-eating bacteria. Stay in it too long and you’ll become one yourself.

    Brad, ping me when you feel like empower delivered on its promises. And bring your bank statement to prove it. You know who I am.

  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kQYNBjkQpk


    They’re actually taking their credit card, putting it into our secure server that’s a developed proprietary technology and they’re actually depositing from their credit card $25 monthly into your bank account.

    Trying to remember where I could have heard of the idea of new money paying old money with big % returns. Somewhere.

    1. @Jack,

      our secure server that’s a developed proprietary technology

      As opposed to putting people’s credit card info on a closer-to-actually-secured server belonging to a payment gateway like Chase Paymentech, Google Checkout, PayPal, etc. versus something cobbled together by scammers?

  20. Thank you SO much for writing this, SD. You just saved me many hours of research and general frustration.

    Just posted links to this post from my FB and Twitter accounts. Too bad you’re not monetizing. :-)


    1. @Rosalind Gardner, thanks for posting that, it was a matter of time, I knew it wasn’t just me that had a bad taste in my mouth about this garbage

      1. @Bob Fernicola,

        Re your facebook page:




        You need to understand that a pyramid scheme results in everyone at the bottom losing money and being conned.

        A corporate structure is shaped like a pyramid – *clever* – but all the employees get a living wage, including those at the bottom – *required by law* so is nothing to do with a pyramid scheme.

        Pretending the opposite is plain crass.

        But then again – probably someone posted as you – rather than you yourself – to this site?

      1. @Phoebe, I guess it’s true about it, because I just learned about that maybe it’s too old-school for the ol’ “clear and conspicuous” affiliate link disclosure thingy and instead maybe we can just go to bury disclosures in the footer of pages nowsday. I guess, those seem to me to LOOK like affiliate links, but probably no, it’s just her using affiliate-looking links just kind of as good sport.

        1. @Jack, Totally understand what you mean.
          I am an affiliate marketer and spoke in the past here about what I did online.

          It’s like saying Dr.’s are all opening a practice so they can “look up a woman’s skirt”.

          The biggest difference between an Affiliate and a Scammers is the affiliate is not making a product. The Scammers try to recruit the affiliate to make them money.

          You will never see people like the ones who run Empire Network at a conference ( unless it’s one they created) with the same people who hire us to promote the latest video games consoles or latest fashion.

          These people create products that DO NOT exist at all.

          They are not a part of http://www.imanetwork.org/ and will never be…

          I run a website that promotes local businesses and pretty much a community website, A website on Video Games.. and another i need to redo for Women.

          Not one website is a scam, not one word is a made up product, unless xbox isn’t real.

          I pay for my own hosting. I pay for my own domains, I pay other people to create websites for me and work on them alone.

          Internet Marketing is a job where over 90% of the people who try it fail. This is what scammers use to get people in their scheme-

          Some people are lazy and/or feel that cannot do it , but want money or need money ( who doesn’t).

          I would not advise anyone become an Affiliate. I would advise someone to learn about Business. if you do not have the basic skills, u fail anyway.. even after you get the fat check ( it wont last ).

          The disclosure link has to be on a website by anyone who recommends a product from their own lips and writing.. FTC regulation.

          To be honest I had to think on this one.

          Why don’t honest Affiliates speak up about this topic?

          Actually majority of them do. They do it on their own websites and videos and speak how they do not promote products they would not personally use. They do not want a crapp reputation and therefore do not promote sh!t.

          Asking the robot to monetize his website kinda threw me off guard lmao.

          wasn’t expecting that one.

          1. @Phoebe,

            “The disclosure link has to be on a website by anyone who recommends a product from their own lips and writing.. FTC regulation.”

            Not just about ON the website…but clear and conspicuously clear and conspicous.

          2. @Phoebe,

            Are you able to share the links for your local commmunity business website and the website on video games?

            I have seen ‘small business’ websites with an honest business premise that make money – but only if they have a professional standard of journalistic coverage, or if they are clearly defined sales agents or advertisers for businesses or products, or indeed if they are selling a real product or program. I don’t think honest money making ‘pure’ affiliate websites exist – but I would be happy to be proved wrong.

            1. @Random stuff, Are you willing to use your real name here on this website like I am?
              Also give me a link and address to your home and place of business so we can see it.

              I you look back on this website. I was not received well here because I call myself an affiliate marketer. I personally believe I wont be teaching you anything about business or scams by providing you information to my home.

              if you need an example of a website I have… Look for local business directories, also look for reviews on video games ( pc games )…

              You said they need to have a professional journalistic coverage… when you have a website that lists small businesses so they can promote to a local audience, there is not a lot of journalism on the owners part, but the business owners.

              if you say affiliate websites don’t exist, well then I have to say you do not spend much time on the internet, or using a horrible tug of reverse psychology to get me to prove to you something …

              if you have a brain you wont fail by looking up and reading. if you are not able to tell the difference between fake and real websites…. educate yourself.

              1. @Phoebe ::

                You say you can make money with affiliate marketing without resorting to scamming … so @RandomStuff asks you to show us such a site. I fail to see how this is an appropriate response to that …

                Are you willing to use your real name here on this website like I am?
                Also give me a link and address to your home and place of business so we can see it.

                if you say affiliate websites don’t exist, well then I have to say you do not spend much time on the internet, or using a horrible tug of reverse psychology to get me to prove to you something …

                if you have a brain you wont fail by looking up and reading. if you are not able to tell the difference between fake and real websites…. educate yourself.

                You’ve been reading this site for long enough to know that I hate uncorroborated claims about making money online.

                I totally agree with @RandomStuff that to make any legit money from legit affiliate marketing :: you need near professional level skillz in both communications and technologies … and even then it’s a long shot and a massive struggle. I’ve never seen a profitable affiliate website where one :: or both … of those things aren’t clearly on display. It’s not something your average citizen can pull off “in just a few hours a week” during “their spare time” while being a “work from home mom” … etc etc etc. That shit is ALL a fucking lie.

                So would you also classify me as an uneducated :: brainless :: not having spent enough time on the Internet … type person? Cause last time I checked I was overeducated :: unquestionably brainy … and spending nearly all of my time on the Internet.

                My real name :: home address :: and personal details are plastered up all over the dark side of the web … so there’s that objection met.

                Now prove up your claims … or save them for the mirror.

      1. @Jack,

        Is it time for the Six Degrees of Scamworld game?

        1. Rosalind Gardner calls Underground Online “undoubtedly my favorite conference in the internet marketing (as opposed to affiliate marketing) realm,” in your link.

        2. Underground Online is where Joseph Flatley met Anthony Morrison and had this photo taken.

        3. Anthony Morrison’s TV Internets infomercial convinced Debbie to buy his get-rich-quick book.

        4. And that’s how Chris Bartold at PMI had Debbie’s phone number and was able to scam her out of $10,000.

        Have you listened to the Debbie audio, @Rosalind Gardner? Do you know what you’re promoting when you’re promoting Underground Online?

        1. Rosalind Gardner promotes “Underground Seminar by Yanik Silver” in your link.

        2. John Raygoza blogged, “I joined Maverick business adventures to hang out with like-minded individuals. The group was started by Yanik Silver.”

        3. John Raygoza scammed some people’s mommas and some elderly men with health problems out of as much as $55,000 before being charged with kidnapping with intent to ransom or extort, false imprisonment, robbery and witness tampering.

        When you lend your credibility to Yanik Silver, are you OK with him passing it on to John Raygoza, @Rosalind Gardner?

        1. Rosalind Gardner promotes Yanik Silver.

        2. Along with scammer thug John Raygoza, Mike Filsaime joined Yanik Silver’s Maverick Business Adventures and had this photo taken of himself and Silver holding a giant check.

        3. Mike Filsaime went on the record about his boiler room addiction including using shut-down-by-the-FTC Ivy Capital, Debbie-scamming PMI, and waterboarding-for-fun-and-profit Prosper.

        What’s your policy on waterboarding employees, @Rosalind Gardner? Do you find it effective in getting them to scam more money out of poor single mothers?

        1. @Lanna, @Jack

          (a) Rosalind Gardner is either so stuck in the mire of the dark side that she cannot see how stupid she is being by commenting here and including a link that defines her as being right smack in the middle of scammer central.


          (b) another person does’nt like Rosalind Gardner, so made the @Rosalind Gardner post ‘as a joke’ against Rosalind Gardner; – which would of course not be cool – regardless of Rosalind Gardner being a member of scam central.

          More on Rosalind Gardner:


          She uses an extraordinary scam central list of fake testimonialisers to help sell her ClickBank frauducts – even Allen Says of Warrior Forum thinks they’re great!

          I wonder if there’s a way of verifying (a) or (b) above?

          1. @Random stuff, Joe Vitale maybe is super-important because I can find him in his own very stand-out testimonial box.

            But I think all can be OK because I found out from Matt Haller there:

            “This month I passed the $10,000 a month club in income & I gotta tell you, I’m excited.”

            I think too that the Testimonial made me get excited too much, too!

            1. @Jack, That must be an old-ish testimonial, since Joe has written many more “Best-Selling” books since “Spiritual Marketing,” which Joe said he originally wrote in 1999 but whose copyright date is 2001.

              “Spiritual Marketing” was actually a precursor to “The Attractor Factor,” which was picked up by a real publisher, Wiley. And of course Joe became a movie star in 2006 with “The Secret,” another impressive credential not listed on the Super Affiliate Handbook site.

              The larger point is not lost, of course: They’re all part of the same big, sick machine.

            1. @Lanna,

              Wow! Thankyou! Yup – a definite (a). Interesting that Rosalind Gardner fails to understand

              – quite how bad the business she is involved with is,


              – the whole point of this site

              to such an extent that she tweets a link to this site and comes and comments here.

              In fact – more than interesting, it’s baffling, and also excellent entertainment!

              On a more serious note – there is the *very* small, but real hope, that if Rosalind Gardner can approve of one article here, then perhaps, the rest might start to make some sense, and provide some insight to the lack of ethics of her business model.

              Or maybe it was just one scammer disliking another scammer so much that she loved the fact that that scammer had a good piece written by SD.

              Who knows.

              My hope is that at least all of Rosalind Gardner’s 12,000 followers come visit this site, and get a better insight into the realities of the IM game.

            2. @Lanna, @Jack,

              5 FOR I = 1 to 100
              10 IF INT(RND() * 2) = 0 THEN NAME$ = “Jack”
              20 ELSE NAME$ = “Lanna”
              30 FOR J = 1 TO INT(RND()*8)+1
              40 PRINT $NAME; “, “;
              50 NEXT J
              60 PRINT “!” : PRINT
              70 NEXT I
              80 IF INT(RND() * 2) = 0 THEN PRINT NAME$; “.”

              Commodore BASIC from memory without looking anything up. Why can’t my head have useful skills in it?

              I’m not sure if I got the IF.. THEN.. ELSE structure quite right, but I believe the rest of it should work. (Actually I’m not sure if the C64 BASIC *had* an ELSE clause, but if you use an extra variable, you could recode it so it could with a pair of mutually exclusive IFs.)

              Someone try it on a emulator and see if I got it right. :-)

  21. I joined then quit within minutes when I discovered that you had to pay a $19 monthly fee in order to collect commissions, No way pal,dirty trick left a bad taste in my mouth. I was out 25 bucks hey you live and learn

    1. @Bob Fernicola,

      I’ve noticed that it’s easier to live than it is to learn.


      So you’re promoting MLSP Bob?


      You know that’s the system that Wood and Sharpe came from? Prolly using it to suck people into Numis … and giving them the “idea” to make an MLM out of the MLM tools business.

      There’s no monthly fee associated with MLSP then?


      I’m afraid it’s going to take more than a false analogy to make me stop whining about pyramids.

      To our success,

  22. It seems simply mentioning “BBB” to a David Wood minion implies to be kicked out of Empower network, event after having spent USD 5000 and brought dozens of clients :


    Maybe when someone mentions “FTC” David Wood manages to have him sent to Guantanamo ?

    Anyway I think by complaining afterwards to BBB this affiliate could have got a refund (of course he had the problem of his “downline”).

  23. Can I humbly make a suggestion? We stop conferring faux legitimacy on scams like this by referring to them as “multi level marketing”. Let’s be accurate they are fucking Ponzi schemes.

    1. @Marc,

      Personally I quite agree. I’d love to see the term MLM be proven or legally defined to be the same as pyramid scheme.

      Bu that’s going to be a lot easier said than done. You or I can probably get away with calling them whatever we want. But People That Matter have been sued (successfully!) by people running these schemes when those people said (that’s a pyramid scheme).

      See it turns out that in legal circles for quite some time now, “pyramid schemes” have been considered an illegal enterprise. Case closed. Gee that was easy.

      But at the same time, legal protection and a legal definition for “Multi-Level Marketing” has been developed (primarily by those running MLMs .. of course) and the whole point of defining things in this case is to specifically carve out a set of circumstances under which an enterprise that you or I might easily recognize as a “pyramid scheme” can legally only be referred to as an MLM under penalty of … I dunno, probably defamation. ‘Cause it just wouldn’t do to besmirch (e.g.) Herbalife’s good name by calling them a fucking pyramid scheme and a blight on the poor.


      That felt better. But if I were anybody important and within 50 ft of a live TV camera, I’d have to be more careful or else be ready to hire legal representation. And even with said representation I’d have to be prepared for the possibility of losing.

      Sucks, huh?

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd, I think in this case though the term pyramid may be apt. At least herballife actually offer a physical product (I’m cringing writing this because I really don’t want it to be thought I’m defending them). I’m at a loss trying to figure out what the Empower network actually offer beyond a very basic website designed to attract people into the downline. You don’t have to be a genius at doing sums to realise it’s an unsustainable model and a lot of desperate people at the base of the scheme are going to suffer.

        As repugnant as companies like herballife are I suppose there’s a veneer of legitimacy (there’s the shiver again) because they can always argue that in the main they exist to provide nutritional products, the fact that most of their money gets earned by recruiting distributors is incidental (even though everyone knows it’s not)

  24. I never fail to be amazed at how many Scamworld gurus are “formerly homeless.” Former homelessness should be turned into a faux-credential to go with all of the other letters that some of them put after their names. Something like FHNB — Formerly Homeless Now Billionaire.

  25. Bruson told he’s top big Empower Affiliate & Dot Com Secret Sex people, Empower People, and Pure Leverage people can get him to write some 10k checks to promote the Empower, Dot Com Secret Sex, and Pure Leverage.

  26. I know a guy who makes over 25k a month. i hope he doesn’t get any ideas of becoming a guru and making an azz of himself.

  27. RE:


    I did a search on Google for Phoebe – and came up with about 31,700,000 results (0.17 seconds).

    So if you want a name which is a unique identifier – you should try harder.

    Why not add a link to help us out?

    Otherwise it is about as real as “Random stuff” – without the chicken!

    And re http://www.imanetwork.org/ – it seems to be for real companies rather than ‘work at home moms’ – and has nothing about affiliate marketing. But then again you would probably call me stupid again. But then again I don’t have a chicken’s brain.

    And you will not provide any links to any of your successful websites?

    Would they prove or disprove your stories?

    We will never know – but the conclusion is foregone and obvious.

    1. Plus to be clear – the message above was for @Phoebe

      @Phoebe – I have nothing to prove or substantiate in terms of websites – I don’t run affiliate websites, therefor posting a weblink to a site of mine is not relevant.

      Your posting a link to one of your websites would help settle the matter – proving that you are genuine – or not?

  28. Since I do not see a link to respond to you where you responded I will respond.

    “August 20th, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    @Phoebe ::

    You say you can make money with affiliate marketing without resorting to scamming … so @RandomStuff asks you to show us such a site. I fail to see how this is an appropriate response to that …”

    Look at who is typing.. This person has no name and no link… A person who is hidden. Just like in a business forum where we speak about development of scripts and mobile compliant websites, we do not list our websites on the forums. ( most do not ).

    You may ask why don’t we? Have you ever been click bombed? What about Dos Attacked? Maybe a little Brute Force on dat ass?

    These are all types of hell used on webmasters. You can have a website speaking about being a new mother and it get attacked, simply because someone wants to know how much damage they are capable of causing.

    If any of this is a mystery to anyone. search in Google “How to Avoid Getting Click Bombed”

    Have you ever created a website to have someone steal and reproduce it,because you do not have it trademarked? <That would be my fault for not having it trademarked, but I wont be a ass clown to keep serving the whores either. Design, Name and all will be re created.

    Giving me a thumbs down because i will not give a man behind a screen and anyone reading to fck me in the azz is taking care of my ass and not trying to prove to anyone who do not know me that I don't steal money from little Mexican women trying to feed their babies.

    When the topic of Marketing scams should be the target of discussion, the people seem to focus more on trying to degrade people who respond and agree with the topic. This is why other affiliates ignore the topic. Affiliates who have their business online for anyone to visit.

    Nobody wants to be part of a Salem witch hunt, while the scammers are banking and laughing all the way to Costa Rica.

    Giving me a thumbs down here is OK.. as long as i wont have anyones thumbs it in my azz with attacks on my website

  29. One vertical in Affiliate Marketing is Coupons


    if these examples are “not good enough” examples of affiliate websites, then you really have no idea of what affiliates do. This is a over-saturated niche, but non the less affiliates.

    The weird part about this is you are looking for a website that is selling a make money product and the 90% are not in a make money vertical.

    The link here is an image or screen capture from my mail.

    If i promote a website ( after approval ) do not focus on me after that. it’s a business deal. I cannot force someone to buy some Fashion and make some old lady give up her credit card info for some hot red pumps for her sugar daddy!

    1. @phoebe ::

      So you won’t show us your own sites :: after claiming they are big money makers … because then your site will be attacked by some unknown attackers who are for some reason trolling a consumer activist’s site looking for random victims … but you are willing to expose other’s to the same risk by placing them here as examples without their permission?

      Pretty awesome of you.

      1. @SD, dude i never claimed shit.. This is your owned words here. Find on this website I had websites that are big money makers and I can show you where I said I could not attempt to be conned to buy money making products because i couldn’t afford them anyway….

        See this is what I was saying when I claimed the focus is on a witch hunt instead of the topic.

        My website is not for activists. My life is not on trial here. Your words are not for me and are directed at the wrong person ( even thought you cannot see this ).

        The feeling that I got a when I first read a article on your website is that this was a website that was used to expose fraud and people who are predators, that use their little knowledge of business to con them into giving them money…

        That’s what my first impression was.. that soon changed when I saw how individuals are attacked. It went from the fraudsters straight into some personal shit, that was really crazy to me.

        I thought about the last few comments I made before this comment. this is what I came up with.

        I gave enough examples of what an affiliate website looks like.

        I think that by speaking the truth is actually the wrong route to take here.

        The message is not getting out. No matter how much comedy can be written about the crap that goes on- the masses are still not listening. I can tell anyone around me who thinks about going into eCommerce, and tell them “Just don’t buy anything that teaches you how to make money online”.

        I understand why the avg person who owns a website ignore this all. As long as they don’t con anyone…. who gives a damn at the end of the day… if you do give a damn and speak, you also will be a target…

        This is the conclusion I came up with and think that my mistake was speaking on this topic.

        I wont be as vocal about it anymore… I am not going to not speak about it, I just will do it with people who i think would be a target of a con, because they are the ones who are not reading your website- and loosing money.

        You need to stop trying to hurt people who are not attacking you and also people who would be the first to agree on a topic you speak about- it harms the cause not help it.

        I don’t bank off of other people’s Misery.

        I just know that speaking on this topic now does more harm than good… it’s not noticed, unless it’s affiliates who mainly ignore it.

        Even if I give proof of one store i partner with it will not be enough, because most people are looking for something else- maybe some type of make money product ?? ( i don’t fckin promote it ) wtf?

        1. @phoebe ::

          I’m not saying that you’re a scammer trying to hurt people. I’m saying if you’re not a scammer :: and don’t have a high level skill set {plus lots of good luck} … then it’s almost impossible to make money online.

          Let me guess your situation …

          You have a couple of sites that don’t make any money at all :: but you really want to believe that someday they will start making money if you’re just persistent … because that would be awesome. Right?

          If that’s the situation :: then we don’t need to see any links … because I know just what that looks like already.

          But let’s not be throwing around shit like this …

          I know a guy who makes over 25k a month.

          … at The Salty Droid. Shall we not?

          1. @SD, I get what you are saying, really.

            I am just that person who would like to be a webmaster and run websites- That’s all true.

            The thing is because I want to do this I will be called sh!t for it, based on what another person is doing? LOL

            I created a website to promote coupons= dropped it and put up the domain.

            I created an online Diary to log what I do online, so other people could read it.

            I do other things like learning website design and App creation also.

            nobody cares at the end of the day, because it’s all about trying to tear down other people… i give up and need to redirect any energy I have on myself…

            Making a website says nothing about the person behind it…if you knew me as a person you would know that I am not your enemy…

            I have lost this argument though, I do give up on trying to speak about the whole scamworld.

            P.S. stop turning people away who actually care.

            1. @phoebe,

              Hey, I think you’re cool. But you’ve got to understand that anything said on this site that reads even vaguely like and endorsement of someone selling Internet Marketing-Make Money Online, or anything on this site that reads even vaguely like bragging about success at “making money online” is always going to be met with harsh, stringent skepticism. Kinda like how I expect it goes whenever someone tries to submit a paper on successful cold fusion to a scientific journal.

              This is because those two very common things: 1) promoting others’ snazzy online infoproducts and 2) bragging about income from online bidness are at the heart and soul of the sick machine that keeps making people believe the pretty lie that YouCanToo!

              This site is the one site in the whole Internet that’s sort of guaranteed to act as a forever-reality check against that kind of uncritical nonsense.

              It’s important. It has to stay that way. It will stay that way.

              To your success.

              Furry cows moo and decompress.

        2. @phoebe, Maybe there’s a point your missing. I’m not sure aobut how you can be on the same side, endorse Rosalind Gardner who promotes UnderGround which has featured so many people who are categories on the SD – and which was featured in Flatleys ScamWorld article as mentioned up before.

          Also, I always find it interesting to go compare Aaron Wall’s reaction to SD saying “you can’t make money online” vs other peoples’ reaction. Aaron just went on to do a little chuckle. Other people…?

          1. @Jack, Jack since i started affiliate sales… I hve unsubscribe from a lot of people. There are only 3 websites i read weekly. Gardner is not one… I read her book a couple of yrs ago.

            Jack you are asking me to speak about thousands of people..

            I can’t. I don’t know what they do. I only know about what I do and what to avoid. Affiliate marketers work to make a sale. A GURU make a product and try to sell something that is not tangible lol. My best way to explain it.

            ( thinking about myself being thousands of miles from my home, and arguing over a coupon blog )

            Damn I gotta get a life…

      2. @SD, risk? so you are saying and agreeing that posting websites here would be a huge risk for a website owner?

        I would need to know if this is true. Does posting an affiliate website pose a risk to the owner?

      1. @Jack, i should also add the websites are normally spammed and have been on and offline for years. It was used as a diary of what I do online and had it setup to either sell the domain or keep it- haven’t really decided since I never took them seriously.
        I had planned to go day to day to actually write about a website from start to finish and never did.

        Was there anything else that I should have done with websites?

        Should I be using it to call people names?

        I have a real life besides the website.

      1. @Jack, right on jack…. Show me how much pain can a person who promoted grocery store coupons hurt a single mom?

        I mean not ever promoting like some of the larger websites.. but a couple of coupons.. just may cause someone to go over the edge and loose their life huh?

        you are not getting it are you?

        I spoke about how people who seem to be “helping” are not actually helping this “cause”.

        It’s like back in the late 60’s and early 70’s when the cocaine and sellouts got into the circle of the Black Panther Party. Totally divided people who were on the same side.

        That’s not what I am here to do, but it will be my end of it.

        I don’t want to speak about the issues with cons anymore publicly, i do it by slamming their videos and also personally on their websites… and the best part by telling someone else who would be a victim.

        I don’t use other people.. that’s not my purpose.

          1. @Jack, Jack do You feel hot? Why would you feel heated up and please be specific and tell me. What is causing you to feel so much hatred on the internet towards me?

            Was it something I said towards you? Did I steal something from you?…

            I started loosing interest in all of this the day i started speaking about Empire Network ( on youtube )

            Being hated by the Scammers and the people who hate them also…

            Really dude I don’t care anymore. Because I spent time here speaking it’s turned me cold now.

            1. @phoebe, I don’t think people are talking about you being a scammer, but when you go onto say “we’re all on the same side” but then to go endorse Rosalind Gardner who recommends Underground Seminar which has pushed many of the scammers found upon MANY categories here AND which was featured in ScamWorld it’s hard to figure out how you think it’s the same side? I can understand there can be differences in opinion about scams, but UnderGround is intricately connected to categories on SD.

              Anyhow, off for me to learn some Game Secrets.

        1. @phoebe,

          I’ve been trying to follow your commentary on this thread. Maybe I’m too dense; but I’m finding it difficult to understand what it is you’re about and which side you’re actually on. It appears that you’re standing with one foot on the big sick machine’s side and the other foot on the consumer advocacy side. It would seem that you can’t get away with riding the fence here.

          Speaking only for myself, perhaps if you wrote with a bit more care and clarity your readers could better understand what you’re really trying to say. I for one, don’t want to discourage anyone who’ll stand up for the unfortunate folks caught up in MLM, IM or other cults. On the other hand, I’ll do anything I can to expose a troll. Which are you?

          1. @Roger Willco,

            How can I be a consumer advocate ?

            Let me give u a little background on how I found this website.

            I happen to be on a website that was from an affiliate marketer ( the affiliate not once said anything negative about what Salty Droid was doing or his approach to the issues in Online Marketing ).

            It was something like-” take a good look at this video” the video was scamworld.

            ok so I marched over to the website and read about some stories and it really blew me back. I actually didn’t understand how deep the scamming went- not on the scale it was with a syndicate.

            I read, commented, looked up people and what their business model was all about.

            Tried to educate myself on what it’s all about when it comes to Super Affiliates cross promoting each other.

            Roger, even when I speak and am telling someone I promoted online legally, i have been degraded and put in the same basket with a syndicate LOL. This went on for a very long time here.

            if I say I promoted xbox I would be called the spawn of a demon or satan. I decided to just let it go.

            After all that has been said. I have been in agreement with the topics here on this website, but it doesn’t matter- people love to fight and rally and gather for more blood… but with comm enters only… The people doing the stealing.. are not affected by any of this ( conversation about them ).

            Decided after I get thumbs down for actually agreeing and seeing how no GURU is no longer coming to this website to refute what is said about them.. the anger will be towards anyone who is a webmaster.

            I left the whole conversation to think about what I said here and think that it’s all directed at the wrong people.

            Either I allow others to affect how I see myself or I keep being me.

            How can I be an advocate when I have people calling me a theif? Please tell me ?

            I really don’t care now.. thanks to this website. I don’t care about any of what’s going on out there. White collar crime is part of the norm and the history of this country….

            This is how I feel after commenting on this website after a year. I lost interests in speaking on this topic. I don’t wake up in the morning to screw over other people…I have had people on this website do it with me.

            Someone told me there were no blue eyed devils… fug that

            please do not speak to me about MLM because I have never been a part of MLM ( wow still surprised at the amt of misinformation )

  30. LOL ” i endorsed Rosalind Gardner ”

    I told her that i am glad to see that she actually spoke on he website about this topic ‘ it threw me back when she said “monetize it” :/

    I don’t “click” with that circle. I don’t fit in. Maybe it’s my accent, skin-tone, what i like… my interests, i have been totally ignored by GURUS…

    But like it when the speak on the BS in the industry.

    You wont be able to get people to step up to speak if you are standing behind them with a shovel aimed at their heads…( fell over )… ok guys..


    1. @phoebe, Fair enough. Somehow it was just me mistaking you calling her a “great business lady” as some kind of endorsement.

      1. @Jack, leave Rosalind and phoebe alone you thread hijacking troll. Rg merely posted some support for sd’s article and phoebe simply said they make legit money as an affiliate.

        You are obsessed with phoebe showing a money site, which is a no no in the IM world for reasons you probably don’t understand.

        If you want an example of a working affiliate site then visit a site called google… It’s a big fucking affiliate site. Want another? Go read about something called Adsense. Also owned by google.

        Now fuck off and let us get back to reading about empower network.

        1. @Matt Harward Scammer, I think you get too easily confused, maybe. Here’s one of the niftier breakdowns for Marko-Impaired:

          1. Random Stuff asked Phoebe to show a money site.
          2. Phoebe said no, then asked Random Stuff to use real name.
          3. SaltyDroid piped in explaining Phoebe’s asking Random Stuff for it couldn’t be relevant at all.
          4. Phoebe made some ideas about why she couldn’t show a site.
          5. SD made a funny, snarkastic commet about that.

          If you go around reading the SD site much really you find SD asks the same question Random Stuff about showing-sites ALL the freaking time on a site called the SaltyDroid site (for the Marko-Impaired).

          I pretty much am sure if anybody is the troll here it’s probably the Salty Droid, then?

        2. @Matt Harward Scammer, Guess who went and posted this one:

          “@phoebe ::

          So you won’t show us your own sites :: after claiming they are big money makers … because then your site will be attacked by some unknown attackers who are for some reason trolling a consumer activist’s site looking for random victims … but you are willing to expose other’s to the same risk by placing them here as examples without their permission?

          Pretty awesome of you.”


        3. @Matt Harward Scammer ::

          So you come on to a post about Empower Network to talk about the completely unrelated Matt Harward :: and then you accuse someone else of thread highjacking?

          Because that is stupid :: and also … you can’t make money online {“for reasons you probably don’t understand”}.

          1. @SD, yeah sorry just went off the deep end there and needed to rant more than anything. Didn’t make much sense. Won’t happen again.

        4. @Matt Harward Scammer, I wanted to tell you about that I went ahead to find out about the Adsense idea you made me learn about and wanted to find out about if it’s that I can make money for getting my site listed on the places like NetComber.com and WhoRush.com?

  31. Looks to me like Phoebe is suffering from a common human disturbance. Cognitive dissonance. More commonly known as “It wasn’t (isn’t) me!”
    Kinda like waking up and realising oh… Yeah… You are associated with, facilitating, or working for/with evil scum and you may also be part of the problem!_

  32. David – I’m a big fat pussy – Wood supposedly resides in costa rica. Wonder if he thinks that’ll offer him some legal protection from the long arm of the law when and if it decides to bitch slap him for being such a wanker.

    1. @marzz, It reminds me of a story about recent takedown of Liberty Reserve…

      “LIBERTY RESERVE was incorporated in Costa Rica in 2006 and operated the digital currency commonly referred to as “LR.” While the company billed itself as the Internet’s “largest payment processor and money transfer system,” serving “millions” of people around the world, including the U.S., at no time did the company register with the U.S. Department of the Treasury as a money transmitting business, as required by law.”

      “Secret Service Special Agent-in-Charge Steven G. Hughes said: “These arrests are an example of the Secret Service’s commitment to investigate and apprehend criminals engaged in the misuse of virtual currencies to conduct global monetary fraud. Cyber criminals should be reminded today that they are unable to hide behind the anonymity of the Internet to avoid regulated financial systems. We are grateful to our many law enforcement partners throughout the world for assistance in this investigation, especially in Costa Rica, Spain and the Netherlands.””

      Full story…


    2. @marzz, I could be way off base, but I figured David Wood moved to Costa Rica because it was cheap to live there and thus would allow him to create the illusion of being wealthy in his how-to videos and exaggerate his financial success. I suspect that might be a reason why so much Internet marketing comes out of Arizona and Utah. I know if I were making the kind of money IMers claim to make, I would be living it up in Malibu and not Phoenix.

        1. @Lanna, or anyone else know how long he has lived in Costa Rica? I believe he can’t apply for citizenship until he’s lived there for at least 7 years per the TSE (Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones) of Costa Rica.

          1. @Shorty,

            This Slideshare posted by Christopher Contino on January 7, 2012, says:

            In the early part of 2010 David and his wife relocated to Costa Rica, where they live in a beautiful beach house.

            Assuming they are American (or Latin American or Spanish) by birth, they can become Costa Rican citizens in early 2015, five years after they became residents of Costa Rica. It’s seven years for other nationalities.

            But if they were to divorce (or if their marriage isn’t official) and marry Costa Rican citizens, they could gain Costa Rican citizenship with about the same effort and in the same time frame as renewing a passport in the U.S. Tico Times pointed me to this TSE citizenship page and TSE citizenship by marriage PDF, which I read via Google Translate. Basically provide copies of your passport, birth certificate, and some other forms.

            The Liberty Reserve article illustrates:

            Budovsky renounced his U.S. citizenship last year and became a naturalized Costa Rican through an arranged marriage, The Tico Times reported on Monday.

            And this July article explains exactly what it takes to arrange a marriage to a Costa Rican:

            Valerio worked as a street vendor selling empanadas near Immigration Administration facilities in San Jose when she was contacted in 2008 by Budovsky’s lawyer, who asked her to marry the Ukrainian-born U.S. man in exchange for C200,000 ($400).


            Also, Costa Rica doesn’t check up on whether new citizens actually renounced their old citizenship, so it would be pretty easy to maintain dual citizenship and then conveniently renounce your U.S. citizenship when the U.S. authorities start sniffing around your scam.

            1. @Lanna, my Spanish is a bit rusty, but I’ve retained enough to be able to read the TSE PDFs. The 5 year residency applies only to Central Americans, Latin Americans and those born in Spain. North Americans fall into the other category requiring 7 year residency. Also, there was a change in immigration policy that went into effect May 2012 that does not make it as easy as renewing a passport to become a citizen via marriage. The new rule grants only temporary residency for 3 years and requires interviews to determine if the marriage is legitimate. It can actually be quite difficult to gain citizenship.

          2. @Anonymous,

            Thanks for taking a look! I’m glad to hear it’s not that easy to get Costa Rican citizenship anymore.

            @K. Chang,

            Yeah, but good luck to her for getting much after the courts rule all of Budovsky’s money ill-gotten gains.

  33. My friend is doing this and she can`t fucking see how scammy and dirty this crap is. It`s so sneaky how the make you believe it`s a great opportunity. Even with all I have shown her, she still wants to try it.

    1. @Elaine B., I’m in a similar boat :(. My brother has been involved for over a year now. When I found out, I tried to show him it was a pyramid scheme, sent him articles like the Verge Scamworld piece, etc. But the cult-y self deception techniques had already taken hold. He actually DEFENDED Frank Kern being sued by the FTC as a good thing that made Internet marketing conform to better practices!! Then he stopped responding to my questions because I was being “unsupportive”. We’re family so I want to maintain a good relationship with him and haven’t pushed it, but it is often on my mind that I would like to kick David Wood in his wussy nuts repeatedly.

        1. @Lanna, thanks for the link. I probably blew my chance to just subtly feed bread crumbs as I started out with something along the lines of “Internet marketers are evil scammers! Stay away from those guys!” What I have done instead has been to feed bread crumbs to others around him like my parents and siblings as they were totally unaware of the real nature of Empower Network. To the uninitiated, it just sounded like he was making educational/informational videos and the rest of it they admitted they didn’t get but chalked it up to it being some kind of Internet technology thingy. So far not much has come of it though as he doesn’t talk to any of us about what he is doing anymore.

        2. @Lanna, I am tired of it. It`s like a cult. I get tagged daily to look at their crap and follow their path and drink their Kool-aid. Its just a matter of time until it implodes so for now I am reviewing policies on how never to allow anyone tag me on anything.

        3. @Lanna, agreed that “breadcrumbs” to “lead” them to enlightenment is probably the only “practical” way to de-cult the afflicted ones.

          I think Steven Hassan’s Free of Mind website have some information on cult deprogramming. I think it comes down to two things: You have to feed them REAL information, and you have to prevent bad information from getting to them, at least until they started accepting real information.

          Steven Hassan told his own story about how he got de-culted. He was a moonie, in really deep, and was running without sleep and basically drove off the road and crashed into a tree.He woke up in a hospital with broken legs. He’s not going any where, and over the next week, his family basically broke down his programming piece by piece with love and logic to make him see the truth.

          You probably won’t be able to “borrow” your friends for a week, but if you can make your friends see what his/her “other friends” are doing to him/her (such as spreading thoughts like “why are you hanging out with losers who didn’t join us”) that’d help too. :)

          I think I had a few links to that on my website, as I discuss quite a bit of the false logic (bad arguments) that those people use.

          1. @K. Chang, Please find the links. I am afraid I may be reaching the Point-of-no-return with my friend. She is incredibly gullible. It`s working against her.

            1. @Elaine B.,

              This is the comment of @Slowly Waking‘s that @Lanna was linking to:

              There’s also this website here:

              He says he might be able to help. He lectures at M.I.T. He was a moonie once and, most importantly, he’s not Rick Ross and he wants nothing to do with “deprogrammers”.

              But I only ran across his site like yesterday. So I can’t really vouche for him or anything.

              I hope that you are able to help your friend.

            2. Speaking of Rick Ross, I wasn’t aware that he had sold his domain name, RickRoss dot com — not the content, of course, just the domain.

              I found out the hard way that the old domain is no good when I tried to follow a Rick Ross link I had embedded in one of my old blog posts, and it took me to a casino/gambling site.

              Whatever you might think about Ross himself, his site has been a good resource for information about hundreds of scams, scammers, cults, and cult leaders. But apparently there was some brand confusion with the rapper Rick Ross, so Rick sold the domain and moved the content. (Looks like the rapper lost out, though.) Unfortunately about two years worth of content was lost and may never be recovered.

            3. @, I don’t know Mr. Hassan personally. I do know he’s somewhat controversial in some circles; but most of my anti-MLM/cult colleagues have a great deal of confidence in him.

            4. @Roger Wilco,

              I also don’t really know anything about Mr. Hassan. But I am curious to know more–since I just sort of recommended him to someone albeit with disclaimers.

              What is it about him that is controversial in some circles?


            5. @ Wyrd,

              A Psy D, who specializes in cults flames him pretty hard in a book review; but she sounds like she has a personal vendetta against him.

              Rick Ross, who’s own methods are very controversial also is explicit in his refusal to endorse him. I can’t locate his website right now on accounta I’m on Skype with an important correspondent (my daughter).

              Good Luck!

            6. I got 3 links for you. it’s link through my blog:





              The problem with showing these examples is they will immediately hit back with “they are doing it wrong (but we won’t)”. You’ll have to have a counter for that.

  34. Whew I’m so thankful to salty for posting this as it takes the heat and spotlight away from repeat scammers like me, Matt harward. I just posted a fake apology, sort of, on my reinvented site. Cest la scam vie…

  35. “Thanks”, Rod Cook for this one:

    “I talked to David Wood and his partner (nice folks) about their business model and the “pass up” pay plan a brilliant extension of the Aussie 2-up that has taken shutdown heat with other companies. I looked at their products and they certainly have more value than a lot of older 2-ups.”


    He tells us that they are such the nice folks he wanted to become their father:

    “I gave them fatherly advice: Figure out how to return dissatisfied buyers money when they wanted a refund. With the money going directly to distributors. It is hard to get distributors to return money. Almost 20 states have refund requirements stretching out to a year for consumers.”

    “Thanks”, Dad.

    1. @Jack, “Dad” also once told us about this:

      “4. I pondered this and I am going to…. Gulp..! Make an exception to my hate of Aussie 2 up pay plans! An exception to my dislike of Aussie 2-ups pay plans? Why?: Nouveau Riche ran by Jim Piccolo is the only working Aussie 2 up model… ”

    2. @Jack, Rod Cook is a MLM advocate. He writes MLM comp plans and is a MLM Consultant. So if he says something’s evil, it’s beyond evil, by the scale over here. :) He had butted heads with Fitzpatrick and Taylor many times.

  36. Well I want to thank you all, Salty for the article and Connie, Lanna, Wyrd, K.Chang and everyone for your help, but her “new” friends effectively brainwashed and cocooned her.

    She no longer speaks to me and when she does, she doesn`t “get” why I opposed it, since she never read my emails or the information I sent her. She literally said to me “you don`t even know what it is about”. I know enough to know it`s a MLM, and that they sell services that are basically free elsewhere and that you have to PAY for the privilege of making MORE money. She can enjoy her ill gotten gains.

    I am sure sacrificing a friendship to get to the “top” is totally ok. Specially when the “top” is just above the toilet.

    1. @Elaine B.,

      Yeah, well “while there’s life, there’s hope.” — he Doctor.

      There’s still the chance that she won’t wind up sinking too much time or money into it. Just stay on stand-by. You never know how something like this is going to unfold over time.

      Re: ill gotten gains: there’s usually little and less of that. After all, if the make money scheme actually worked, eeryone would be rolling in filthy lucre.

      Of course I don’t mean to give false hope either. I’m just saying–don’t count her out after just a few weeks or a month or whatever it is.


      hmm about failure rate. We know the failure rate is 99% or 99.5 or whatever. I wonder–are there any good numbers on *how long* it takes to give up on MLM? *That* would be good information.

      Unfortunately, of course, all the manufactured obscurity of the big MLMs makes this information hard to obtain.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd, I always wonder what is the “margin”. How much do you gamble in to get some out or before you get a payout. I am sure that even a small incentive can become a huge motivator for moving forward. I see her there for years. She knows my stance and you know the old sayin’ “What you resist, persist”. I expect grand kind before I ever speak to her again.

        I no longer care. I walked away and it didn`t matter to her, so I win.

        BTW-She owes me money and said she would pay me today. As of 2P.M. Nada. Enjoy it Empowerment Network! I am sure you need it more than I do. With all those legal problems and such.

    2. @Elaine B., You’ve pinpointed the problem: she had been “cult-ified”, brainwashed into accepting the money cult’s thinking is the ONLY way, and any one trying to show a different view as “heretics” to be avoided, albeit probably as “negativity”, “don’t get it”, and so on.

      Unfortunately, she is probably beyond your help, at least in the short term. Though you may want to let her know how many friends and family did she lose in pursuit of this alleged success, and will it be worth it at the end, even if she does achieve it? Sometimes, that is enough to snap a person out of their cult indoctrination. Rather rare though.

      Unfortunate when such a person finally snap out of it, it’ll be a total cognitive dissonance there’s no telling how will she react.

  37. Brilliant analysis of the situation. I have been looking with interest at the stuff and people coming out of EN and it certainly has a strange feel about it. Sadly this badass / wussie emotional blackmail is typical. For a short while I even thought it might have been an opportunity.

  38. Can somebody tell me about if ScamXPoser is a good one for joining EmpowerNetwork under for me?

    I’m thinking about getting too many things from
    ScamXPoser recommendations,
    but mainly I want to get some of these from them:

    * Empower Network – ScamXPoser tells me it’s #4 best of everything –
    even better than their #5 best – Chris Farrel Memberships!
    * Elevation Group
    * Team Vinh International

    I think if I get the Team Vinh one, then I don’t have to go get the Chris Farrel
    Memberships one, because Team Vinh is Turnkey and told me here about that:

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    Dramatically increase your “MLM” success by engaging V to build
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    So I want to think maybe I can use Team Vinh to get people on into EmpowerNetwork and then
    I can ask Mike Dillard about what he thinks I can make more money with, so I can become some sort of
    MLM Billionare or even Millionaire, maybe.

    FACT! (According to Team Vinh here):

    “By the way::: Many of us already know that the MLM Industry is currently around $130+ Billion
    per year. It is Endorsed by virtually all the major Billionaires out there (Buffet, Clinton, Gates,
    Trump, Kiyosaki, and many others) and on its way to a Trillion$ Industry.”

    So there we have the FACT! about that MLM is NOT A SCAM!!!…Team Vinh is playing around with
    facts or something like that.

  39. Blogging is not for fun anymore. Everybody is very serious about it will all the nice theme and plugins. However too many bloggers are creating blogs the wrong way. Perhaps we could share how to be a successful bloggers, empowered bloggers :) Truely enjoyed your posting. With the new ENv2 coming up, not sure if blogging is just for fun :) get super exited!

    1. @Jhans ENv2,

      Wow … you really don’t know where you have landed, you little spammer?

      Yay! Let’s all pay for a fake blogging platform when we can get a so much better one for free!

      Oh, and say hi to your couple of psychopathic MLM heroes Dave & Dave.

    2. @Jhans ENv2,

      Since your spamming inanity appears to be blogging related you should probably also be ccing Rick Calvert and his taco brigade. His event is the master of unlocking web profits via taco goodness to. hear him tell it.

      I probably made up some of that. But I think you get my [fnord]

      Furry cows and five tons of flax.

    3. @Jhans ENv2, clearly you haven’t seen what Squarespace can do, for merely $8 a month! And you can even try it for 2 weeks, absolutely FREE!

      What you paid for month to month went into other people’s pockets. You’ve been fed “crap” info and you don’t even realize it. May want to do some comparison shopping before claiming superiority.

  40. I work for the Los Angeles Film School and our VP of admissions and marketing is obsessed with both Empower Network and Rippln.

    It makes you wonder if someone gets suckered into such pathetic pyramid schemes how can they be trusted to run a business…..

    Does anyone else work with schmucks who adore this kind of BS and how do you help them get out of it and see sense??????

    1. @Arnold Strong, unfortunately, getting such people to “see the light” is difficult, and almost impossible. Often, getting him AWAY from his support group i.e. his uplines/downlines/groupies for a week (no phone, no internet) and feed him the TRUTH for a whole week may do it. Indeed, that’s what a lot of cult deprogrammers do (and got accused of kidnapping, among other things)

      But I guess that will not be possible. :)

      I have something else to do now, but I’ll be back with some other recommendations… more practical ones.

    2. @Arnold Strong, found a link for you:

      How to deprogram yourself: 19 steps guide to learn how you’re played and how to reverse the process yourself

      It’d be somewhat hard to apply it to someone else, as the old adage goes: you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Similarly, you can lead a cult member to the truth, but you can’t make him/her see it (unless s/he wants to).

      But the general tactics is to get him out of the echo chamber where all his information is coming from within that same place and all he hears is “yes, follow the leader”. And you have to be non-judgmental else he’ll just retreat into “they don’t understand us” shell, and just keep spoon-feeding him the truth, and hopefully it’ll get in there and germinate and eventually lead him to question how much bull**** he had been fed (much like growing a mushroom).

      There are plenty of exit counselors, but I can’t seem to find anyone who specialize in treating ex-MLM / NM members, even though they are widely regarded as a “commercial cult” that are often quite destructive, both emotionally and financially.

      I’ll also throw in this video between Steven Hassan, cult expert, having a chat with Doug Brooks, anti-MLM attorney, and Robert Fitzpatrick, anti-MLM expert


      And my attempt at explaining the cultish behavior of MLMers at recruiting more warm bodies to build up his/her downlines:


    3. @Arnold Strong, oh, last self-promo link. :) Though I’ll give you a summary first… Teach the three step process:

      1) I admit I don’t know enough to make a decision
      2) I will not make a decision until I know enough
      3) I refuse to act until I have made a decision

      Scammers are out to goad victims into violating one or more of these rules.

      Why do people fall for Internet Scams, and What Can you Do to help them?

      To de-cult someone, you have to show them that they were not exposed to ALL the relevant information, that their decision had been hastened, and/or they acted without actually considering the decision thoroughly. The more info you can get from the cult itself, the better.

      In EN’s case, one of the best weapons is their own income disclosure statement, though you should also read up on various articles on BehindMLM about how EN ignores its own rules when it suits them, like parading a 14-year old as a “badass earner” when their own rules says you have to be 18 to join (the kid used his father’s name).

      1. @K. Chang,

        No offense … but Dude, speaking only for myself, would you be kind enough to please dispense with the shameless self promotion?

        I’m just sayin’

      2. @K. Chang, I don’t mind about the links to your site, but if you go onto say:

        “In EN’s case, one of the best weapons is their own income disclosure statement, though you should also read up on various articles on BehindMLM about how EN ignores its own rules when it suits them, like parading a 14-year old as a “badass earner” when their own rules says you have to be 18 to join (the kid used his father’s name).”

        …can you put up for us those links, too?

        1. @Jack, here’s the stuff

          EN, with Dave Woods on stage, did that “fall to knee and submit” to a 12-yr old (sorry, not 14) kid who used his father’s name to join, and made 12K in 4 months. Woods saluted the kid as “badass” and handed him a check that’s bigger than the kid, and everybody in the audience gave a standing ovation. Nobody bothered to mention that EN’s affiliate agreement clearly states you need to be 18 or older to join, and the kid basically committed fraud.


          I even see SD made a comment there. :)

    4. @Arnold Strong ::

      I wonder how humans can be trusted to do anything :: cause you’re all pretty much crap salads … and yet somehow there are iPhones and footprints on the moon.

      @K Chang ::

      You have personal experience dealing with a coworker sucked down into an MLM vortex? Or you’re just talkin’ out your ass yet again?

      1. @SD, I “almost” talked one of my friends out falling for a sweetheart scam. (Heiress in England needs money to pay barrister to get inheritance to marry my friend) Does that count?

  41. Today I found myself in possession of a catalog for Perfectly Posh, a “Start Your Own Pampering Business” pyramid scheme with a post office box in Lehi, Utah. I started Googling to learn more about this obvious fraud, and up popped Empower Network! The article at http://www.empowernetwork.com/clintbutler/blog/perfectly-posh-scam-review/ assures me this scam is not a scam, but you might have trouble succeeding if you don’t turn over a bunch of money to Empower Network to set up your Perfectly Posh Marketing Funnel.

    I fuckin’ hate Scamworld.

      1. @Wyrd, Or maybe they could get sophmores to go hopping about with a Perfectly Posh shop and then got to make up some anagram maketing headline…

        Soph Hops Posh Shop!

        At least then they wouldn’t have to steal from Dr. Seuss.

  42. DW’s “homeless” claim is stretching the truth :(

    His Ex-Wife informed me they lived in the campervan from Choice – could (easily) afford a home but wanted to have flexibility re their home location, hence the van so they could travel around.

    ‘Funny’ how a story of “Choice” can be Twisted into a ‘Hero’ story – typical DW, who has Very Little grasp of Reality :(

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