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Salty Droid

… you can’t make money online.

Can YOU make career replacing money online?

If you’re asking yourself that question :: then the answer is most definitely … NO!

Fuck no!

Not even close.

Forget about it.

But can you make enough money online to help out with your bills … maybe take some of the pressure off your life?

Almost definitely not.

You can use the Internet to help you sell goods or services :: but as it was before the Internet … your success or failure will depend mostly on the quality/cost of your stuffs :: on your ability the attract the attention of the marketplace … and on plain dumb luck.

The Internet as an automated success machine :: is just a mean lie … it never existed.

The Internet has made starting a new business cheaper and easier than ever :: but also harder than ever … because so many other people can now start a new business cheaper and easier than ever.

The web can help you get your ideas out there :: where they can be seen with just a single click … but then they’ll have to compete with billions of other ideas for those same clicks.

The Internet has changed almost everything … but almost nothing has changed.

Within this new world of paradox :: liars thrive … confusing an already confusing situation with manipulative propaganda about unicorns and golden eggs.

Liars can make money online {no doubt} :: but you … not so much.

… you can’t make money online.

It’s the {much hated by everyone in Internet Marketing} totally perfect counter-propaganda tagline of this site :: and it will be the tagline of this site forevermore.


Or at least until right now :: when I get bored of it … and shitcan it on a whim.


You know what I think makes more poetic sense as a tagline?

>> bleep bloop