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This Salt Lake City Weekly cover story is fucking amazing :: in a “sticking it to the badguys” kind of way … and fucking depressing … in a “this is how it’s going in our society” kind of way. Bad Company: An ex-con who says he raised funds for John Swallow is nowhere to be found on the AG’s campaign records. Eric Peterson :: “crushing it”… to use a totally pointless phrase popularized by someone totally pointless who I fucking hate. Here’s a short :: and far less useful … version of the story {aka a Huffington Post}. So this guy Robert Montgomery :: who got his start with the Mormon Mafia’s Ginger King Jeremy Johnson

… was in jail. I know … surprising right? No big deal though :: it’s just that his wife killed herself with his gun … after he was done beating her for the umteenth time. Trouble is :: you know how it is in Obama’s America … people who have already been to jail for other felonies can have their Second Amendment rights violated in ways that make Mike Lee quiver for lost justice.

U.S. District Judge Ted Stewart noted in his 2004 decision to approve harsher sentencing for Montgomery that the “defendant engaged in a pattern of escalating violence against his wife, culminating in an incident just hours before her death.”

A July 2004 Salt Lake Tribune article on the proceedings quoted prosecutors saying that Montgomery had choked his wife into unconsciousness shortly before she took her life.

But that was then :: and this is {a couple of years later} now … so it’s all {dead wife} water under the bridge. Robert Montgomery has been on the str8 n’ narrow :: for like weeks now … and is just running a tiny little boiler room that offers credit repair services he doesn’t actually provide. Says Rob on his very own LinkedIn profile …

“I am a very aggressive entrepreneur with a very colorful background and experience(s) beyond belief! Business is still as fun and exciting to me as my very first commission paycheck from I Works Inc in 2001!!!

Emmediate Success and MyCreditCompany.com are two of my most favorite creations and I think Credit Repair is one of the most fulfilling and legit services I’ve seen… And, those who have lost their good credit standing and want it back……I’ve been their myself a time or two and am proof that the industry is legitimate!!!!!!!”

Yep :: sounds totes legit … like an ignorant ex-con trying to write a resume legit. But it was good enough for John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff :: who I guess are too dumb to know what too dumb sounds like … and who have built their feeble empires extorting comparatively minuscule sums of money from the absolutely epic scale Utah fraud machine. City Weekly has Montgomery and Swallow palling around together … like a couple of slutbags. Montgomery tries to help raise money for Swallow by holding some cops and robbers fundraisers … including a pancake & raffle shindig at Mimi’s Cafe.

“Rob got up and he was like, ‘Hey, we want you to all meet the attorney general and the future attorney general. This isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card, but we want them to know who you are and understand this industry.’ ”

Oh and also :: you won’t need to get out of jail for free because we won’t prosecute the hand that feeds us … but we will obviously expect payoffs whenever the mood arises. Here’s Swallow campaigning at the same Mimi’s Cafe {a slightly more appropriate venue for a scandal than was Krispy Kreme} … https://twitter.com/JohneSwallow/status/193482274019344384 … different day :: different white people … these looking more like the sort of folk that Swallow’s “aggressive entrepreneurs” are daily savaging. But like many in the Mormon Mafia :: Rob Montgomery believed in the protection racket a little too hard …

“During an ECS company meeting, Montgomery announced that Swallow would be able to keep federal regulators off his back.”

Ha! Let me guess :: he knows a guy :: who knows a guy … who knows Harry Reid? Utah’s top law enforcers are literally part of the scam :: one of the biggest {in terms of monetary damage} scams of all time. It’s pretty effing mind blowing … though I’ve adjusted to it. But serial wife beaters? Really Utah’s Attorney Generals? Really? Wife beaters :: are like … totally okay? Isn’t that something that even scammers :: and the politicians who protect them … could agree to be against? Fucking fuck … I guess not. John Swallow :: if you were a real conservative :: a Mike Lee Tea Party conservative … you’d kill yourself right now to prevent the bloated Federal government from deficit funding your expensive trial. >> bleep bloop

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  1. Hold on a second…let me get my ‘The Secret’ movie notes out.

    Give me a minute now, need close my eyes and take a few deep breaths…breathe in…and exhale…breathe in…and exhale…to get in the zone…

    Okay, I’m there…

    I am now visualizing this double douche Robert Montgomery being sent to hell where he is eternally stinkfaced by Harlan.


  2. Love the way this was written! My hope is that people will start opening their eyes…. real wide! Eric did an amazing job on the article and it was my pleasure giving him some of the info he needed ;)

    1. @Yakaru,

      Well yeah, but you know it’s like Salty said, the guy is “crushing it”. So he’s just got to look like that.

      You know `Inc. Magazine named Crush It! one of the top books for business owners in 2009!’. So that’s important because 2009 was only four years ago.

      I’m sure the “information” found in “Crush It!” will be so sage and timeless that in 2113, it will be the only book people ever read.

      That reminds me, because of “Ready Player One”, I need to find and listen to Rush’s 2112 sometime.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

  3. Salty:
    While I have followed your blog for a number of years, it seems to me your sardonic wit and considerable skillZ are somewhat wasted in the pursuit of lowlife two-bit scammers.

    If you want to do some social justice- why not go after the slimers who operate the banking system in the United States. Mr. Ritholz, your fellow attorney and writer writes about the scammers whose activites, under a thin veneer of legitimacy, are legally robbing ordinary people,day in and day out.


    Ginger King and Frank Kern and the others are in scam kindergarden compared to the Jamie Dimons, Lloyd Blankfeins, and the money launders over at HSBC bank. Why not take on the REAL people who are ruining the world in a BIG way?

    Moon Unit of San Francisco

    1. @Moon Unit, Too bad nobody has ever been to come say that same idea here maybe over one million times on this blog and found out the answer was already on it many times before.

      You know what you should do?

    2. @Moon Unit,

      As Jack said, it’s already been ‘splained here before….but I feel sympathetic with Moon Unit’s outrage at the current state of Investment Banking industry, so I am going to take a stab at saying it again..

      Those of us who have had personal brushes with cult tactic groups ( or those of us who just have been bright enough to see they exist and erhical enough to be bothered by them) whether IM or MLM or Other, are thrilled to have Salty fighting this particular fight. Few people really understand how this particular brand of badness works, or believe it exists. Our criminal justice system is not set up to deal with crimes that involve the removal of freedom of mind.

      The Investment Banking thing is indeed huge and a problem if you ask me, Wall Street versus Main Street and all that. Thing is Moon Unit, SD can’t do everything. It is to be hoped that there are other bright souls out there taking on some other of the world’s ills.

  4. You motherfuckers Obviously don’t know rob, and how many people he’s helped out, and what a great family he has, before you point fingers and write nonesense articles stick your fist up your fuckin ass

    1. @sean, helping local people out and having a great family does not preclude him from being a jerk and a fraudster to yet OTHER groups of people. Don’t assume what you know is the ONLY truth. It’s known as “focusing bias”.

  5. I would like to say I cannot tell you the things I have personally been thru due to these disgusting mother fu@&$#$….For years my ex and father of my children abused me,stalked me,stalked anybody who talked to or. A me around me. He violated protective orders repeatedly. In fact one time (third time that week) he was breaking in and I hit him with a coffee cup..they arrested me and charged me with aggrivated assault. They took me to jail and left him at my home ,…doors unlocked and took me to jail. I called an attorney from jail in booking and they cut my phone call short and put me in lockdown for hours. I was there three days and while there my ex destroyed my home bleached my clothes etc; They failed to file,I was released. I started to repair my home…just pulled in my driveway with a truckload of furniture I bought,my ex drives by,..5min later I was arrested for aggrivated assault . They left my van,keys in it,New furniture,and my purse in in. Unlocked . Again when I got out ,everything was gone . Eventually they dropped the charges but refused to file on hi. For po violation and buburglary . This happened over and over and over . I couldn’t fight him. Eventually the police treated me so bad I stopped calling them and when friends neighbors did…..I wouldn’t talk to them because they would belitte me and take me to jail . I would hide out and not show to court because I knew what the result would be! Witnesses would go and charges would get dropped

  6. the last incident ..one of hundreds…….my son19 and my nephew 16 saw him breaking in and stopped. He hit my nephew…my son hit him to protect my nephew. His head was cut open…nobody went to jail…he hit a minor on my property there were several witness. He went to the hospital for the cut…shortly after being released him and his cousin in broad daylight went to my sisters looking for our sons…crashed into their car smashing it thru her fence kicked her front door open chased her and he boyfriend up the stairs.
    Kissed her and saidawoke gang reference and told her our kids are dead. The’re was a policeman that resides two townhomes down and several neighbors who saw and gave plate numbers specific descriptions of him and his cousin. They described the bandage on my ex’s head from the incident earlier

  7. I went along with police to question my ex…upon catching him in several lies and being convinced ed he was a part of it…the officer arrested him…the officer said I could take my kids…when my ex saw me getting my kids he told me I was dead my kids can watch me die…he told the officer he was going to slit his throat that officer told us that he was going to tie the two I cidents together because it was obvious retaliation. He was immediately released. The police never went looking for his cousin weeks maybe a month went by,…nothing…we called repeatedly and got excuse after excuse …the officer was on vacation and didn’t turn his report in….the pprosecutor had to look at it…etc; finally after SEVERAL calls to SIM gill and several cancelled appointments by SIM…I informed his secretary I was calling the news. She called back and said I could ha e 15 minutes with him. He told me we didn’t have enough evidence to even take my ex to trial. They refused to file. His cousin was eventually arrested and was sentenced to 5 years. Later the district attorney refused to file for the fight with my son and nephew. But brought charges against the two kids for assault on my ex. I petitioned for a protective order. The granted a permanent one as he didn’t show to court. He was busy violating it during court he was at my son’s school…violating the temporary po. Months later he took me to court the protective order was dropped and they made Me tell him where I lived. My living he’ll started again.

  8. Over the last 7 years this man has been able to alienate me from family friends jobs . I didn’t even leave my home for a year once. Nobody would believe Mr that this was going on. They wouldn’t believe me that I tried and the system and police had failed me and intimidated me so many times I all ready knew what would happen .. my older kids had to leave my home…I went from a successful working woman to an insecure depressed abused anti-social physically and emotionally scarred barely surviving mess. He broke every window out in my home. He did it weekly eventually I just boarded them. The police enabled him and I saw and informed Sinn gill at our meeting that I had seen a letter from Mark shurtleff. He played no attention to this. However just weeks later I saw Mark getting arrested on the news! My ex tthis whole time was on a no tolerance probation for hitting his kids and crushing their step fathers face! He continues to be violent and somehow still is allowed to carry a gun and obtain a hunting license. These are only three of hundreds of incidents …90 in a three year period. I know who’s to blame and I would bet my life I’m not the o my one that survived this. Praying every day for God to help u get thru and justice. I had to live for my kids. I feel so bad for women who endure this. It’s sickening. I hope this pile of shit rots in prison!

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