But Death and Tax Clubs

Thanks Sully

The Tax Club just wants to help people … it’s all about helping. That’s why The Tax Club CEO Michael Savage went on the Fox & Friends to offer up his fancy inauguration tickets to river pilot Sully Sullenberger. It was quite a touching moment of selfless self-promotion.

Paying your taxes can be complicated :: especially when your fake business doesn’t make any money :: and that’s where The Tax Club comes in … specializing in tax preparation for businesses without business. Why wait to pay an accountant in the future for services you could pretend to need from The Tax Club right now? Joyce Marie from the testimonial page agrees …

… helping. Helping is probably also why The Tax Club is a member of The Alliance for Life Long Learning :: as they explain

At The Tax Club, we are dedicated to the highest standards of business practices and customer service. For this reason, we support and are a proud member of The Alliance for Lifelong Learning. This Alliance was formed by organizations and companies that were dedicated to building and maintaining quality products and services for the education industry.  To become a member of the Alliance, The Tax Club had to comply with rigorous standards relating to every facet of our business.

“Rigorous standards” :: like frequently licking Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff :: as The Alliance discussed in their 2009 K Street meeting … a meeting attended by Michael Savage.

The Tax Club is located on the 60th floor of the Empire State Building :: as they try to remind you at least once per paragraph.  But here’s the address I prefer {being a bit of a stickler} …

1492 Silicon Way St. George, UT 84770

… because The Tax Club is a Utah company … and that’s the address they give on their Utah incorporation paperworks. The Tax Club was mentioned on the fake robot blog this summer in association with 40 minutes worth of Professional Marketing International boiler room audio horror. Says me …

tax-deductible — um … what? sounds like bullshit … maybe Utah’s The Tax Club can help by billing $2500 more to Debbie’s card

Replies a commenter …

The Tax Club would nail her for way more than 2500 – No joke some of the buyers drop 30-40k before they are done running through the mill…

Once Utah based Alliance member Professional Marketing International gets their filthy claws into someone like Debbie … they pass her off down the chain of telemarketing doom. Here’s a page that acts as a bridge between the two …

“As a valued PMI client, we would like to offer you a free Sales Tax ID set up. Obtaining a sales tax ID can play a key role in getting your business up and running. For that reason, PMI and The Tax Club have partnered together to make sure that we get you set up as quickly as possible.”

Again with the helping. So anywayz :: last week

New Canaan police said Michael Savage, of 119 Clearview Lane, New Canaan, crashed his 2009 Maserati Quattroporte at Ponus Ridge and Lakewind roads just before 10:26 p.m. Thursday …

The car was allegedly heading southbound on Ponus Ridge Road when the it somehow went off the northbound lane and onto the lawn of 1801 Ponus Ridge Road police said. On the property, the car hit a mailbox and a tree before it came to rest on top of a stone wall. Police said the car was completely totaled and unrecognizable.

Witnesses saw Savage leaving the crash scene on foot, according to a release by Sgt. John Milligan.

A new Maserati … nice. I mean it’s ruined now … but it was prolly nice before. And local reporter Paresh Jha reports that Savage purchased his home in 2010 for $3.9 million … also nice. It’s good to know that someone is making them monies … I remember Debbie saying she was 56 and making only $26,000 per year … but that was then … by now she’s probably just as rich as Michael Savage and has her own ruined Maserati.

Arriving police and firefighters found a passenger trapped inside the car.

James Jackson Savage was pronounced dead at the scene, Milligan said.

His father was in the car :: trapped … dead or dying. The younger Mr. Savage :: having brought him to this condition … left him there and fled the scene. Police spent the night searching for Michael Savage :: they found him early Friday morning at a hospital one town over … where he refused to be interviewed without his lawyer.

So while The Tax Club’s Michael Savage is lawyering up over the death of his father :: I thought I might show the Google checking Connecticut police who paid for that fucking ruined Maserati …

… and give a shout out to shitbag Michael Savage … let him know that :: yes :: I certainly will be there for him in this his hour of most not needing me.

>> bleep bloop

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    1. @Jack,

      For some reason, that I don’t know what it is, I never saw the obvious connection that Oprah has to all this crap. She’s had so many scammers on her show over the years. If the media operates as a large part of the sick machine. (and it often does) Then Oprah has been one of the very large gears in that machine for a long time.

      I don’t think she’s a sociopath though. Instead, I think she shields herself behind layers upon layers of self deception. That’s the best way to do it, obviously. That way you can do long term goal planning and accumulate a fortune and what all. But the self-deception is key else-wise you might become aware of all the damage the fraud is doing to people.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

  1. Mr Sullenberger’s heroic actions really throw Mr Savage’s selfish ones into sharp relief, don’t they?He left his Dad dead or dying and walked off? Scumbag.

  2. I seriously don’t know why you’re surprised Salty that The Savage doesn’t give a flying fuck that his Dad was dying in a car wreck he created…

    When you’ve been FUCKING over people for as long and as hard as The Savage then leaving your dad behind to die is actually quite easy to do

    Maybe his running had a purpose

    For all we know The Savage (you couldn’t script a better name) was rushing home to send an email solicitation to his list ala Frank Kern did when his was in surgery fighting for her life

    What better way to demonstrate you truly care about the little people making monies than to leave your DAD dying in a car wreck and send a quick email about a new sale

    Face it you’re not Frank Kern or The Savage and you possibly can’t begin to understand what a great marketing opportunity a dying relative is

    1. @Shit Storm ::

      I tried really hard to be surprised … but it wouldn’t take … and then I couldn’t even be surprised that I wasn’t surprised.

      Help … I’m sinking!!

    1. @Shannon ::

      You don’t know the man … so I’m here to help you. You’re welcomes.

      Staying out of it is kinda the opposite of my speciality.

    2. @Shannon,

      Sorry I didn’t answer your post earlier but I was drove off the road while reading your post and have been running from the cops ever since

      Here’s my reply:

      How dare you compare The Savage to a scumbag

  3. Jesus….he left his own father dying in a car and fled the scene. A bird flew into me once when I was out driving the bike. I stopped to see if I could do anything – poor thing was stone dead on impact. I felt remorse for killing that bird – even by accident. Yes, yes a biker who stops to check on an injured/dead bird. My image is ruined. I managed to keep my soul intact though – unlike Mr Savage who values everything less than his own sham of a life.

    What type of person critically injures a family member, one who helped bring him into this world, and leaves him there to die alone??

    I’m starting to think that maybe a global apocalypse isn’t such a bad thing after all.

    I don’t think there’s any punishment that fits this crime – except maybe for him to swap places with his dad.

    1. @NaFianna ::

      No need for an apocalypse.

      There are freaks amongst us. They look like humans … but they aren’t. Their deeds don’t show the dark side of human nature … but the lack of it. There is still a big “us” … like 95% … who can’t even imagine doing something so heartless without getting all vomitty.

      1. @SD, I love this. Thank you for writing it. I also feel like you just turned your whole image on its head. (in a good way)

  4. At first I was thinking this was just another tale of a smarmy hustledork…and then it took a turn towards the truly appalling.

    I’ve long known that Fox & Friends is a joke, often a thinly disguised infomercial for the featured “friends” (I think this was one of the things that gave it away for me http://blog.mrfire.com/attracting-money-on-fox-friends/ ). It’s just something to fill in air time, spread a falsehood or two, and add to the revenue stream.

    But you, @SD, have driven the point home once again that it’s not just harmless fun when mainstream media continue to showcase real scumbags.

    I do wonder how Savage the Younger is going to try to get out of this one. If he follows the usual hustledork pattern, he will try to milk the tragic loss of his father for all the sympathy he can. Maybe he can take some lessons from Death Ray’s recent pleas for mercy before Judge Darrow.

    And by the way, the folks responsible for the captioning in that F & F segment spelled “inauguration” incorrectly.

    PS ~ @Shannon: It appears that @SD knows the man well *enough*, and has no intention of staying out of it. Good for the fake robot.

    1. @Cosmic Connie ::

      Too bad the Joe on Fox & Friends video is gone … I was planning to learn something about Murdoch approved miracles.

  5. What the woman in the testimonial video really needed was a refresher course from a child about what does and does not make a good security blanket.

    1. @what?? ::

      Yeah I don’t think Linus would approve of security blankets that come with stiff continuity billings. She’d be better off picking up smoking … it’s very comforting if you don’t think about the cancer part.

  6. He’ll probably use the “it was pesticides in the wood” defense or claim that his father was in the car voluntarily and could have left at any time.

    1. @anonone ::

      Lee Kuan is ready to accept that … ONLY A FOOL WOULD DENY THIS SCIENCE!

      But in all tragic seriousness :: I wouldn’t bet against his having had a sandwich within two hours … dead people really get the old appetite firing.

  7. Everything Joyce “Debbie” Marie says about The Tax Club, I can say about my tax prep guy, who charges a fraction of “30-40k” and has no Utah connections.

    This story reminds me of that time Lance Briggs crashed and abandoned his new Lamborghini. Unfortunately, the punishment for leaving the scene – at least when nobody dies – is a lot less than the punishment for DWI, and leaving the scene gives you a few hours to sober up and practice your story.

    People sympathetic to Michael Savage, like Shannon maybe, might say he panicked or was in shock. But then why did he hire “a criminal defense attorney whose website highlights his skill with DWI cases”?

    It’s a weird thing to hope, but I hope James Savage died on impact. I hope the last thing he saw wasn’t his son’s rear end, abandoning him in his hour of need.

    1. @Lanna ::

      I’m thinking the late Mr. Savage can’t have been too surprised if he did see Michael’s fleeing cowardly ass … this is for sure not the worst thing Michael Savage did this year.

      It’s true about leaving the scene being a helpful move in a DWI situation … if you pull it off without doubling your problems. But leaving a scene where your recklessness has caused serious injury … that’s never going to help … and will almost always lead to tougher charges {intentional homicide even} and stiffer sentencing.

      Fucking moron. Even if it wasn’t so amazingly cold and heartless … it just fucking stupid. What a stupid evil moron.

      1. @SD,

        After all his heartless behavior to get locked up this way just PROVES to the world that he doesn’t care for a single soul…including his dads

        May he enjoy a lifetime of anal fun in prison…after fucking others over he will get the literal equivalent

      2. @SD,

        Well, yeah it was pretty damn stupid. The one story he should stick to, which is probably also a vague approximation of the truth, is the “I wasn’t thinking clearly” one.

        I could buy that. Of course, IMHO, that shouldn’t be seen as a mitigating factor. If nothing else–I mean apart from him being an evil scumbag, etc.–if he’s going to be so dumb as to crash a car, cause the passenger’s death, and flee the scene, he shouldn’t be allowed to drive anymore.

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

          1. @SD, He would do well to take a page from The Real Housewives of New York husband who drove home from a party, just happened to crash his car in front of some friends’ house so he walked over there and “had a few shots to calm his nerves”, before the police arrived…
            “No officer, I only started drinking after the accident”

  8. Here’s a tip:

    If your phone rings and the caller I.D. shows a Utah area code, DON’T answer it.

    Of course, that’s assuming all the motherfucking Utah state-supported Scammers Union members aren’t forging bogus area codes, which they probably are.

    Curiously, statistics now indicate that 11 out of every 10 Utah residents are scammers, as are their pets.

    1. @Russ, my team lead (for a real 40 hour a week job, not this bullcrap) lives in Utah, I kind of have to answer the phone when she calls me. (And most of the time I really enjoy talking to her.)

      I have to echo what Cosmic Connie said, at first this looked like it was going to be one of The Droid’s patented takedowns of yet another Internet scumbag (of course, with that Utah twist), and then it turned into tragedy. Oh my God…I cannot even imagine being in an auto accident, leaving my father trapped in the car, him dying there and just walking away. Some things are not only beyond the pale, but un*fucking*believable. What the hell was this jackass thinking?

      Thing is, I doubt we’re going to have the satisfaction of seeing Michael Savage pay for his crimes. He’s rich, he will lawyer up, his lawyers will throw around enough poo to make it look like it could have been involuntary manslaughter, and he’ll walk. Of course, his family’s destroyed, but he probably loves his IM friends more than he loved his parents.

      I don’t even know what I’d do if I was the proximate cause of a relative or friend’s death. I think they’d have to hide the knives, guns and poison…but this guy I’m sure doesn’t have anywhere near that kind of remorse.

    2. @Russ,

      “Curiously, statistics now indicate that 11 out of every 10 Utah residents are scammers, as are their pets.”

      Thanks–I needed that laugh.

  9. This story keeps leading me over to all kinds of some wacky-things, like This case filed by “Mr. Integrity” Video Professor (in bankruptcy now):

    Plaintiff: Video Professor, Inc.
    Defendants: Dean Graziosi, Ryan Patten, Michael Savage, Edward Johnson, Tax Club, Inc., The, Infomercial consumer awareness, Inc., Justin Leonard and Leonard Fitness, Inc.

    Inside of which in original complaint mr. Integrity accuses Defendants of running a consumer-protection racket

    …all of which to me seems like ends in an oddly-quick settlement:

    “After the motion for preliminary injunction was filed, plaintiff negotiated with the non-Leonard defendants and secured an agreement to shut down the Infomercialscams website.

    Which made me go back to do the double-take-check to see about who the “non-Leonard defendants” were…

    …and then go see all the DeanGraziosi customers speaking out on behalf of mr. Graziosi.

    …but I guess it’s not OK to read between the lines.

    Only thing I don’t know about is why some defendants (such as mr. Savage, say, disappear before end of case).

    1. @Jack ::

      I was just reading over that stuff myself last night for not the first time. It’s an even funnier story than it looks.

      1. @SD, Sounds like one to keep reading.

        Do you about why why mr. Savage isn’t in the ending dismissal? I couldn’t find a diff one for him.

  10. Fled the scene of an accident and left his dad dead or dying in the car, huh? *head shake* Man, you just can’t make this stuff up. Or rather–this is the kind of thing that if it appears in a work of fiction people tend to say such things as “oh that could never happen!” Those people usually believe in ghosts too.

    Sometimes I almost wish I did believe in ghosts. And spirit possession, and demons and all the rest. It’d almost be comforting to believe that a human couldn’t do something like that without some outside evil force controlling them.

    I’m sorry that, that tragic crap happened. But seeing as how it has happened now, I really hope the police and legal system nail Michael Savage’s ass to the wall.

    That Fox and Friends seems pretty sick too. I’m already a liberal-that-hates-Fox-news. Now I hate them more. I didn’t actually think that was possible. I get proven wrong a lot.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  11. Savage isn’t very bright. If he had done this deed in Massachusetts instead of Connecticut he’d be on his way to a successful run as a US Senator. And someday a Presidential hopeful.

    James Savage and Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment on this story.

    1. @Cromulent ::

      I don’t think being a Savage is as useful in Massachusetts as being a Kennedy. And had it been Joe in that car :: instead of Mary Jo :: then Teddy would have hung.

      1. @SD, Well Savage does not have the use of esteemed toadies like Arthur Schlesinger and Ted Sorensen. And if I ever plan on committing involuntary manslaughter I’ll make sure to have a Joe Gargan in my camp.

        But I disagree; if Joe Sr had been in the car Deadly Teddy would have been just fine. Might be nice to have Mary Jo Kopechne’s observations, but she is not available for comment.

  12. All of you scumbags reporting and commenting on scumbags. Lol, this is hilarious to watch scumbags throw stones at one another. @sd I wish you the same fate as the ones you cast stones at. Lol!!!!!

    1. @Daniel ::

      I don’t think scumbags throwing rocks at each other sounds very hilarious … monkeys throwing grapes at pandas … now that’s fucking hilarious.

        1. @St. George ::

          I don’t have any hackers to be throwing … hackers go to jail … whereas effective jokers never stop winning. Fucking fuckheads don’t know what to do with jokes … you know? No … of course you don’t … but trust me.

          If you’re noticing system anomalies though … I’d suspect the feds … I think they might hate you. Just a lil’ tip from one scumbag to another.

          1. @SD, I appreciate that knowledgable feedback droid, you’ve got that suave Ruport style, hackity hack hack stick in your back. And yes, much appreciated that you admit the obvious that you are a scumbag, really no different from the rest of us. Sleep easy & welcome to the club!!!

            1. Heh, heh, I didn’t get that one at first. Had to look it up, but, yeah, the double colons and whatnot are totally Ruport style. I’m not sure it’s suave, but it’s for sure syntactical.

            2. @lanna, you are as stupid as I am, take out the o and add the e. Then go to your all powerful google machine and type that in. OOPS up comes a picture of the hackety hack droiiiiiiiiiiiid,,,, a graduate of the Murdoch school of hacking. Hey droid do you want my cel number so you & your cronies can test out your vm hacking skills???

            3. @St. George ::

              Thanks for trolling :: there’s been a bit of a troll lull … it’s bad for bizness.

              I shant need to do any hacking :: cause the group of bandits that JJ doesn’t want me calling Mormon Mafia … horribly exploits and tortures its own employees. Lots of those employees have criminal pasts … or are in highly vulnerable postions … so they can’t speak out. And there are many cheap and easy ways to maintain silence … like for instance … making people into unwitting co-conspirators.

              But there is someone they can talk to … someone not government … someone not press … someone who understands that you can be a part of it without being a part of it … someone who keeps his mouth shut … someone who cares only about the information and not where it comes from … someone who may or may not be a robot …

              Do you like this speech so far @St. George? I’ll bet you can imagine how well it goes down with people feeling tortured :: isolated :: and alone.

              Oh :: that reminds me that my email is listed below … and that I can also be reached anonymously via this form …


              The truth shall set us free!

        2. @, Ah, memories of spiderbitch delusions and peeing under kitchen tables into juice pitchers. You’re all class, anon.

    2. @Daniel,

      As a rule of thumb, the intelligence of the author is inversely proportional to the number of exclamation marks used in his writing.
      Thanks for providing us with another data point supporting the rule.

  13. This is a new low.
    Leaving your dad for dead…….my mind cannot even fathom that.

    Even Kim Jong Un stuck around till dad passed away.

  14. Huh…that’s weird. 300 employees sounds like a lot. I guess somebody better update their Manta profile.


    Maybe that’s from Michael Savage’s and Ted Johnson’s other business venture, Ikongo, where you can pay $1200 for a logo and some business cards.



    My favourite part is the listing of dispute resolutions. If you have an issue, just contact…wait for it…Debbie!

    In all seriousness…you gotta be some kind of F*!&ed to leave your father dead or dying in an auto accident. COLD. If his own father couldn’t depend on him to help him out of a car accident…can you trust him with your taxes?

    1. @Jack,

      I nominate Michael Savage for the Screwing Over the Elderly 2011 Overachiever Award. Regardless of ConsumerAffairs.com’s expensive, Crystal Cox-style Internet protection racket, those sad stories from older people – including business-savvy older people with existing stores and existing websites – make me sad and angry.

      1. @Lanna, Also, I didn’t know about making so much money with Focus Groups. I only could make about $40 when I did them, but now I see from 12/15/2011 complaint The Tax Club got an idea to be able to make $70,000 from their Focus Group when the father and cancer-stricken daughter team were told by a man named “Derek”

        “…that he was part of the Focus Group and he and Lee were the guys who get the job done right now. He said that if you don’t invest now, you will never make any money. I was told that if I do everything he says, I will be making more money than I will ever need. He said to get a CRM, Marketing, and several other promotional services.

        I sent a check for $7,450 and was billed $10,000.00 on a credit card. I was billed many other charges totaling nearly $70,000.00.”

        But at least he got a non-functioning website from the deal he can enjoy while his daughter is battling cancer.

        Btw, I had an award for the “Consumer Affairs” to go with the “Award Winning Journalist” awards their banditing about.

  15. I know Mike Savage, I worked for him for years….Mike Savage is an alcoholic. There are plenty of people who have worked for him that can testify to this. I have no doubt whatsoever, that he was drunk when he killed his dad. Ask the folks at Legends on 33rd Street across from the Empire State Building how much this guy drinks. Ask his right hand men and women who cover for him on a daily basis–Lindsay Bigelow Kush (Controller at the Tax Club), Gary Milkwick CPA (Vice President at the Tax Club), Brendon Pack (Sales Director at the Tax Club and co-owner of the Tax Club), Preston Clark (Director of Business Development at the Tax Club). This list could go on and on. This guy and his company is a leech who preys on desperate people and deserves severe punishment for his actions .

    1. Hey Salty,

      Considering the latest article on this accident says the police haven’t even interviewed Savage yet (sounds like ‘rich’ justice is prevailing), would it be possible to pass on the above information to the police? I can’t stand the thought that this guy would walk away from his dying father after probably drunk driving, then get away with it.

    2. @Anonymous ::

      Prolly a good time for all the people you just mentioned to find other ‘jobs’ … like maybe real ones this time that don’t involve gouging the shit out of the vulnerable and starry-eyed.

      @Lynn ::

      The police will see this without any passing on of it … that’s one of the fun things about my google powers. This will be investigated as a homicide … so it will take time. Before they talk to Savage and his attorney … they will likely want to interview people about his whereabouts and activities that night. Anyone with information about that should surely contact the New Canaan Police Department ASAP … 203-594-3500.

      And :: Michael Savage isn’t really ‘rich’ in Connecticut terms … he’s a pathetic little poser with new money cash flow and no wealth.

      1. Wikipedia on New Canaan …

        “The town is one of the wealthiest communities in the United States. In 2008, CNN Money ranked New Canaan first in the nation with the highest median family income.”

        All of New Canaan’s homicides are rich people homicides.

    1. @Info Donor ::

      If The Tax Club doesn’t at least have the FTC’s attention … then everyone up in there should be fired and flogged.

      They know … they totally know … it’s all about if they’re going to do anything about it or not.

      Tax Club / IVY … what’s the fucking difference? Identical tentacles growing off of the same ugly beast. Just plucking off tentacles one at time is never going to help … and so far no one’s had the balls or the brains to take on the whole beast.

  16. UPDATE, Jan. 3, 2012

    New Canaan Police said today that they received a 911 call from Michael Savage’s cell phone at 10:25 p.m. on Dec. 22, 2011. The caller, who they believe was Savage, said he had just crashed on Ponus Ridge Road, according to police. The call then ended.

    Police said they have yet to speak to Savage, who has not been charged, and that the investigation into the fatal accident that killed his father is ongoing.


    1. @Anonymous ::

      Well … there goes his “I wasn’t the driver” defense. And not a full enough report to count as a report for the sake of his failure to act. Super stupid all around.

  17. If you all want to know a little about Jim Savage-I am a relative of his. He and his siblings grew up with a father who was an alcoholic and was very abusive. I feel Michael could have a drinking problem that was passed down, and maybe texting while driving could have contributed to the accident as well. I know Jim had a drinking problem himself and had a temper. The more I think about it-that whole Savage clan is very cold for reasons I don’t understand so I have always kept my distance from them anyway.

      1. @SD, Hi there. I know he likes to text a lot when he drives. That is all. I have so much more I want to say.

    1. I also want to add that the Savage’s are the coldest people on the planet. When I was young our dad-Jim’s brother, left us. After our dad left Jim’s family never wanted to continue contact with us. It was like we never existed. I thought Facebook would bring us all together but they still treat us like we don’t exist. The way I see it-when people don’t focus on family before material things, or money then it’s really sad. I never want to raise my family to be that way-EVER.

  18. I went on Dr.Drew’s Life Changers and they sent me to a Life Healing Center to overcome the trauma that has been going on in the Savage family for many generations. I am so thankful I stopped the cycle of toxicity.

  19. First, where do they get the tools er hosts for Video #1?? Wait, I know; former cashiers from ‘As Seen On TV’

    Then, from Video #2 we have the infamous quote:
    “a child needs a security blanket – and everyone needs a security blanket like The Tax Club” I mean who the FRAK would let this out as an endorsement.

    But hey, why not pay your taxes now instead of waiting till they’re due…especially when it makes more business sense not to. But wait, if you sign up now, you’ll be enrolled in the “Win a Date Sweepstakes” whereby you’ll have access to our infomercial actors 24/7/365…..because

    You’re in Business for yourself but not by yourself….WTF??? Yea, WTF???

  20. I feel compelled to comment on the Michael Savage case, because – well, I must get this off my chest. I’m not inclined to believe in the supernatural or paranormal or biblical fury, but if demons DO walk among us, Michael Savage is indeed their dark overlord. After almost two years to the day that this “man” left his father to die, the New Canaan CT police have charged him with…. are you ready? Here goes: misconduct with a motor vehicle, a Class D felony. He turned himself in to police, posted the $5000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court Dec 23 (the fatal accident was Dec 22, 2011).

    I arrived at this site after reading about the outcome of Mr Savage’s case. Alongside the brief article in my local paper was a picture of Mr Savage. http://www.ctpost.com/news/article/Son-charged-in-fatal-2011-crash-that-killed-father-5069136.php He looked youngish and *fairly* normal, so I wondered, what’s the deal with this guy? I googled his address: 119 Clearview Lane, New Canaan CT and watched a 5 minute youtube video showing the details of his 4 million dollar estate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SSiiY4fYvw

    I then wondered, wow…what does this guy do for a living? That is how I ended up here. Sickening….just BEYOND sickening. You see, if demons walk among us, I must be living in some sort of weird vortex or black hole to hell. This man lives only a few towns away from me. PURE EVIL, but he is not the worst of the worst. It grabbed my attention because of another article about New Canaan that I read just last night – http://www.ctpost.com/news/article/Battered-New-Canaan-woman-testifies-5063983.php
    That one was about a lawyer – who used to work for Pres Bush – that nearly beat his wife to death in their 9500 sq foot mansion. She barely escaped with their 7 year old and 4 month old daughters. Yet another demon in New Canaan.

    Right on the heels of the one-year anniversary of the Newtown shootings. THAT sick SOB lived a mere 14 miles from house ((sigh)). Nothing like Christmas in Connecticut! Just so you know – I live near these demons, but I don’t come from money. I’m a nurse and my husband’s a landscaper. These evil rich folks need us normals to deliver their babies and cut their grass. Think its time to move…

    Thank you for allowing me to vent. I’m sorry to go off-topic!

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