Death of a Tax Club

Funny story :: one of Utah’s largest boiler rooms … is located in New York City. That’s the end of the funny part of the story :: I hope you laughed your ass off … because the rest of it is fucking terrible.

The Tax Club :: Earning more than your trust

Or as the FTC :: and the New York and Florida Attorney Generals :: put it in their lawsuit last week …

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Utah’s Shit in a Box

This fucking freak is gonna eat your granny :: hard … not in the sexy teen vampire way … that plus the Utah Arts Festival in this week’s Salt Lake City Weekly.

Phone Predators is the third of three Eric Peterson articles about how the “this is the place” founded by Brigham Young {for his multitudinous wives} has become “the place”

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Swallow Hard

Utah’s Deputy Chief Attorney General :: John Swallow :: wants to replace Mark Shurtleff as the biggest fucking disgrace in the American legal profession … and as the chief legal representative of Utah’s rotting fraud vortex.

Of course the Attorney General is the state’s top legal enforcer :: tasked with prosecuting criminals rather than representing them … but that was back before the the bizarro world ate the real world.

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Boiled Gnome

You know I hate me some gnomes :: the hats :: the tiny dumb dancing :: the chirp chirp singing … and of course the fucking scamming. Maybe it’s not fair to judge all gnomes based on my limited experience with them :: but so what … I don’t have to be fair to gnomes. Fuck you gnomes :: go away and fix some stuff with your dumb little tool sacks.

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But Death and Tax Clubs

The Tax Club just wants to help people … it’s all about helping. That’s why The Tax Club CEO Michael Savage went on the Fox & Friends to offer up his fancy inauguration tickets to river pilot Sully Sullenberger. It was quite a touching moment of selfless self-promotion.

Paying your taxes can be complicated :: especially when your fake business doesn’t make any money :: and that’s where The Tax Club comes in …

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