Dean Graziosi Rocks the Bottom

The Sausage Party

Dean Graziosi thinks anytime is a good time to sell you on the idea that now is the right time to make an unjustifiable fortune flipping real estate. It’s a great opportunity for stay-at-home moms and people on disability to get out there and take action … I guess.

You know what they say about real estate … it only goes up. Or at least that’s what Goldman Sachs says while they’re selling you a real estate based derivative that they’re betting against behind your back. Suck it pensioners :: that’s what you get for not reading the fine print that we keep in our other offices.

Dean Graziosi :: stupid little nobody :: says the real estate markets have hit “rock bottom” … and he should know because he doesn’t have any degrees or educations cluttering his mind with fact-i-tudes.

Dean Graziosi :: stupid little boy in a stupid little boy’s body :: also says that he’s been making a mega-fortune teaching his “students” how to make money in the real estates for 15 years.  Or to put that another way :: he’s been bullish on real estate through its darkest period since the Great Depression.  Listen folks :: you can’t get it right all the time. This time he’s right … for seriously.

Dean’s Rock Bottom Blueprint frauduct is currently fake scarcity launching at a not-store near you. In fact :: you can sell it at your own AdWords arbitrage not-store :: as Dean discusses with Mike Koenigs in this “please mail for me” appeal video …


In an effort to get affiliate respect and support Dean Graziosi says he closes 5000 leads per week :: and brings in $2 million … per fucking week!  Gosh :: I wonder where he finds the time for his real estate moguling?

Says Koenigs in a sales email that doesn’t disclose any of his affiliations to Graziosi …

“If you ever watch TV, you’ve probably seen Dean. He’s been on each day for 13 years.

The last show I saw him in he was actually driving his car, pitching a BOOK on investing in real estate, using his knees to steer his Benz!

But why I respect this guy so much and why you should watch his video is that besides being one of the greatest real estate marketers around, he gets his students MASSIVE results.”

… or not.

The Secret to Anthony Morrison’s “Internet success” is using television infomercials and Utah boiler rooms to max out people’s credit cards. DickHead Dean Graziosi can attribute his “success” to the very same The Secret. In fact :: Utah based Professional Marketing International works both accounts … in the same criminal way.

From Dean’s support website

Q:  What companies do you recommend for Real Estate Coaching?

A:  We have a strategic partnership with four different companies. They all provide Real Estate Coaching.

The four companies are:

PMI employees commenting on Dean’s website …

When you enroll into coaching you enroll into the Success Academy. PMI is Dean’s coaching company that coaches and trains those in the Success Academy.

Some happy customers

You’re lucky, you only spent 5K. I spent a foolish 12K on some “total package”. It turns out the package was not the “total package” after all. A few days after I got the package I started getting phone calls from some other “tax” company telling me that “Dean” gave them my number and that I needed to purchase their product at a whopping 5K in order to truly be successful. So then it begs the question, didn’t I already buy a complete package? You would think so at 12K. So why then these calls? Then I started getting email from some other guy stating that he got my info from Dean and that I need to purchase his credit repair services in order to make money in real estate.

Yep :: that’s how it’s done!  Business! Success! Jesus Christ and his Latter Day Saints!

Just sub out Dean’s name for Anthony’s in the boiler room script posted here last week and you have the Graziosi script.  You can hear the echo of that script in the complaints of the victims

We were interviewed by two different people to see if we were “good enough” to be accepted into this program, even given a background check which gave them access to our social security numbers, dates of birth, etc (worries of fraud now cross our minds). Obviously we “passed” and our card was charged.

Congrats :: welcome to Utah where our State motto is :: “Fraud … and fuck you!” Our suckball Attorney General sees to it that the motto is strictly enforced by looking the other way 100% of the time.  And also … do some skiing.

If you want to make money in real estate :: become the manager of a hedge fund.

If you want to buy success from Dean Graziosi :: then prepare yourself for failure … and unplug your phone.

Rock bottom indeed …

>> bleep bloop


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  1. I once now looked up the word-name meaning for Graziosi and I found something that told me it was “Italian: patronymic or plural form of Grazioso”…

    so I went ahead to look up the word-name meaning for Grazioso…

    …and then I found about that it’s: Italian: from the personal name Grazioso (Italian grazioso ‘full of grace’), a continuation of the Latin personal name Gratiosus.

    So maybe he went ahead and changed it from the Grazioso “full of grace” one to the Graziosi other one which maybe coule mean “full of” something else?

    1. You cannot judge a person by their name certainly! Dean helps a lot of people and we should actually appreciate it and be happy of others who use his knowledge to be successful. Dean Graziosi has always helped me to resolve any issue I had with them through their site, which has enabled me to build my confidence on them.

      1. @Sharon,

        Professional Marketing International (PMI) of Lehi, Utah.  The salesman on the phone wanted to see if I was good enough.  (that’s the game they play).   Like a dummy I gave them $35,000 from my savings.  I trusted Dean wan his helpful ways.  That’s why I did it.  I wish I had known what I know now.  Then I was contacted by the Tax Factory who wanted another $2,400 to set up an LLC for my deals and could do my taxes for me.  They told me they got my name from the Dean Graziosi Real Estate Success Academy.  PMI told me that after my 5th deal I would get my money back.  I did 8.  Then I had a stroke.  That’s was last year.  I have been trying for over a year to get my money back from these guys with no luck.   I can’t get get the physical therapy I need because these guys still have my money.  I have asked for my refund over and over again.

        While I’ve been trying to get my money back I started to do some investigating.  I was surprised to find out that   PMI is under instigation by the Federal Trade Commission and the California Attorney General’s office.

        I have come across numerous articles now I am going through this.  This one in particular.  It describes the tactics.  Does any of it sound familiar?

        It looks like these guys got me good.  Now, as a senior citizen and disabled person, I am too weak to fight.  So I have no choice but to file a complaint with the federal Trade Commission, the California and Colorado Attorney General’s office and now the better business bureau.

        I’m upset because due to my health situation when I need the money most, I can’t get it back.

        This is ridiculous.  I hope you never have to go what I have gone through.

        Be careful.

      2. @Sharon,
        I tried using that complaints site. It reads:

        “The Company shall respond to any customer complaints within 72 hours or 3 business days, and provide satisfactory resolution.” While I was responded to as a result of a complaint I made by phone, no one has ever gotten back to me from submitting a complaint through that site.

    2. You cannot judge a person by their name certainly! Dean helps a lot of people and we should actually appreciate it and be happy of others who use his knowledge to be successful. Dean Graziosi has always helped me to resolve any issue I had with them through their site, which has enabled me to build my confidence on them.

  2. @SD,

    It pisses me off as well that these assholes don’t disclose the material relationship. Here’s an email from Mike Hill, Mr. ethicalLYCOLORBLINDmarketer himself:


    Hey guys,

    I’ve had a few people ask me what
    I know about Dean Graziosi…. {yeah, right!}

    As it happens, I know more than I
    probably should about Dean.

    Here’s my take on his infomercial
    millionaire claims..

    – Mike


    Hill will positively absolutely refuse to see the negative in any of these con men. Maybe its because he’s been kissing the Syndicate’s Ass for over a year. And he’s become intoxicated by the fumes that he actually loves them. Or is it desperation?

    Anyways, Hill went so far as admitting that he met with Mr. Convict himself (Perry Belcher) to help Belcher with his hot dog cart site. Isn’t Belcher enjoined from internet marketing? Oh yea, Hill admitted that Ryan Deiss (where have I heard that name before?) is Belcher’s partner. Yuk!

    But I digress, Hill resumed his ass kissing of the Syndicate recently at Trey Smith’s par-tay in San Diego. Maybe he has no clue that he’s just part of their “second tier” strategy. And they talk about him just like they talk about Andros and their other wanna-be’s.

    Back to this e-mail, Mr. Ethically Colorblind here tells his readers how he’s so much more ethical than Grazioso, how he’s not down with Grazioso’s landing page, how he’s not down with Grazioso’s “call center”……

    ….and then gives you his affiliate link….

    ….because he’s figured out that the reason why this shit must not work…….

    ……is because people don’t take fucking action!

    FUUUUUUUUCKing ayyy! That’s it!

    The yin and the yang are reconciled! The universe is balanced.


    Fuck all the wolves posing as sheep. Hill included. Syndicate included. Second string syndicate wanna-be’s included. Koenigs included.

    May your day of reckoning arrive before the day of my demise. So I can see it for myself. And rejoice.

    Fuck you and your products and your ethics.

      1. Oh, yes…I remember seeing Mike Hill’s psychotic little comments pop up on that post when he thought he was being anonymous, and his simultaneous (now removed) pro-evil rant over on the Worrier Forum. You know, as much as he deserves it, I am simply not going to call Mike a jerk. I am going to call him an asshole.

  3. RE: James Ray

    This needs to be moved ~ except I can’t find anywhere to move it *lame grin*

    Too-shay, Mr. Horowitz ~

    (emphasis added)

    James Arthur Ray Aftermath: After the negligent homicide convictions for New Age guru James Arthur Ray, Mitch Horowitz, author of “Occult America: White House Seances, Ouija Circles, Masons, and the Secret Mystic History of Our Nation,” ponders whether we should regulate retreats and rituals. While Horowitz acknowledges that Ray-inspired regulations “could be valuable,” he ultimately opposes government intervention.

    The public should be alert to such situations—but not at the expense of the free exercise of spiritual experiment that has long characterized our religious culture. When considering crackdowns on ersatz sweat lodges or extreme rites, Americans ought to take guidance from what Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson wrote in 1944: “The price of freedom of religion . . . is that we must put up with, and even pay for, a good deal of rubbish.”

    Horowitz endorses better education, something the new not-for-profit organization, SEEK, (Self-help Empowerment through Education and Knowledge), endeavors to do. Meanwhile, the story of Ray’s deadly sweat lodge ritual doesn’t seem to be going away, the Guardian just did a lengthy write-up about Ray, anti-Ray activists (and cult observers) are not letting him slip out of the spotlight, and you can bet there will be appeals once he’s been sentenced.

    Quoted from:…mes-arthur-ray

    Note: I do not endorse everything by this author ~ and the bolded parts enhance my opinion(s)

    1. @2Tired2, Thank you for sharing the irrelevant information on here and allowing us to find out that you can’t read enough to navigate a blog to the right secction.

    2. @2Tired2 ::

      … so I guess that’s you telling me that the James Arthur Ray story lives on?

      You typed “this needs to be moved” before you pressed submit … so I guess that’s where I’m confused. Please don’t explain because explanations are the devil’s playground.

      1. @SD, “explanations are the devil’s playground.”

        ROFL!! That’s one for the scrapbbok, right there!

  4. PMI, hugh? What does that stand for…? Predatory Marketing International? Poor-folk’s whose Monies I stole? the Police should Make some Inquires? Which?

    Speaking of legal ramifications… check out this email from puffy eyed idaho home-town hero and star of fox-news himself, whose pitching for Good ole’ Dean Ole’ Buddy Ole’ Pal… -comments in ()


    I hope that you’re doing well. (I just spent 2k on a coaching program and found out that I need to spend another 5k and max out my credit card for the hope of making money for my family… but other than that, I’m fine…) I just got back from a week long vacation with the family. (So THAT’S where my money went!) We had an AWESOME time waterskiing, 4-wheeling a making smores. :) (Isn’t fraud fun!)


    When I got home, I found out that YouTube had shut down our “Daily Sketch” channel… with no explanation why. Grrr… (no explanation needed… oh wait… why didn’t you just tell people they shut it down because it was getting too much traffic and their servers couldn’t handle the load? (a load of somethin’ alright! *he he*) … you must still be on vacation in your head… any decent scammer would have caught that! … ps… so why did Youtube cancel Russell Brunson? ANyone know? Have they caught drift of his fraud circle?)

    Anyway – we’re re-uploading the videos to another service now, and will have all past episodes (and a few new one) by tomorrow. :) (Yipeee!!!)

    So – why you’re waiting,(yes, WHY am I waiting? Freudian slip or typo?) I’ve got 2 pretty cool and unusual things I wanted to show you. (fool me once…)

    1st – this is one of my buddies Dean Graziosi (who I got in a bidding war over an airplane, once upon a time – all details and proof pics shown on this page) is GIVING away a HOUSE!

    Yes – a HOUSE – do you want it…? If so – go check out this page: -link deleted because Dean Sucks)

    2nd – We don’t normally promote any type of “cheesy” clickbank magic software products (because 99.999% of them are garbage) (like how to build a potatoe gun… HA!) but there is one that came out that’s actually really good. (I doubt it)

    Two of my friends (one who is a software developer, and one who is the BEST LIVING copywriter in the world) just came out with a cool program that is worth checking out. You can see it here:

    (Link details below)

    Anyway – have fun on those 2 sites,(Fraud is fun!) and look for an email tomorrow with our NEXT daily sketch… :)

    Russell Brunson


    Now, besides Brunson shilling for Dean and his PMI bioler-room… the second link on that email… is quite a gem… is goes to:… which is a sales pitch built around saying how different it is that all the other scams out there… WOW! You know, I’ve seen this tactic before… but it never ceases to amaze me how craptastic this model is: 1. Scam People 2. Wait for them to get tired of being scammed by predictable methods 3. Scam them by ‘outting’ the tactics we used in step one and ‘differentiate ourselves’ 4. Rinse (even though the dirt just never seems to come off) and repeat until busted by the FTC!

    So it continues to the point that it takes subject lines like this:

    “Russian robot – impregnates alien..(traffic software results)”
    to get people to open emails anymore… oh and the body of that email:

    You’re kidding ,right?

    You actually clicked…on THAT???

    Your “disease” is further along than I thought..

    And this is the ONLY cure I know of..

    ==>> Check this out NOW!

    P.S. You may already be too late.

    **** End Email

    and the link in that email… went to, of course:

    RAHH!!!! Are you kidding me! This is getting out of hand…

    Oh… if you watch that video… watch it from ‘clean eyes’ and understand it is designed to break down rational thinking… but stay rational and have a kleenex handy, because a few minutes in… you’ll cry when you see the poor girl they got on video… to relay a script that shows just how predatory these guys are…

    I feel sick to my stomach now.


    This is the time people… We’re in the right place… keep it going!


    1. @How Does This Happen?, Brilliant and hilarious analysis for us.

      btw, I see on the abovematrices jv page:

      where mr. McRea says:
      “I can’t even describe to you how awesome this program actually is. I’ll be honest, I got a bit tired of seeing my Clickbank account refund rate going up because other products I’ve promoted being less than adequate so I wanted to create a product that would REALLY do what it says.”

      is there another translation other than “I got tired to do the shilling of products I knew were crap and would waste people’s time and money…”

      because right now I’m not seeing the alternative explanation for that bizarrely revealing statement about mr. Mcrea’s ethical & also moral constitution.

      1. @Jack, Thanks! And yes it is very telling of Bill McRea’s moral character… On the hand… It’s not.

        You see, little Billy here (who loves sausages the way art collectors love Van Gogh) is just falling in line with the machine (who I hear some band used to Rage Against… Or something). The machine likes money… More particularly in the flavor of ‘other people’s’ oh and the more vulnerable, the better… It’s like age on wine. But the problem is you can’t take lots of other people’s monies unless you throw TONS of offer’s at them (well, when you don’t have an actual business that is… But who needs that when you can bilk your way to fortunes untold!).

        And in IM land no-one expects you to actual review the products you recommend! What they expect you to do is build a large list and copy and paste their swipe copy into your email provider and away we go on the backs of unicorns!

        Besides… Even if he did do his due diligence (which in this case is looking at his clawback rates) he wouldn’t -couldn’t- find a legit program on clickbank at all!

        How sad is that?

      1. @SD, So… When Russell Brunson mentioned in the email above that he “got into a bidding war over a plane” with Dean Graziosi… It was just over the naming rights of a plane! Ah ha ha! What a turd! Well, who says Russell doesn’t dish out value? There’s a golden tip right there! Take something lame… Take it out of context… Phrase it in an ambiguous way so as to make it seem like a sure sign of your ‘success’ but when/if anyone says anything about it… You’re all good, cuz ur so smart a to word that wayz.

        Damn these people suck.

        I mean, I hope an objective reader doesn’t see this as a biased statement or viewpoint… Because it’s true… These guys suck.

  5. I’d never heard of Dean Graziosi up till now. But while the name may be new to me, the story is all too familiar. And why am I not surprised that Prosper is one of the “four strategic partners” listed on Dean’s support Web site?

    1. @Cosmic Connie, He may be ‘new’ in the public eye… But you should see the way B-teamer’s and even some A-teamer’s follow this guy around at IM event’s… Hailing him as a some icon from ‘the real world of business’! It’s pathetic. The A-Teamer’s love him because he’s the far more successful fraud they hope to be. Ya’know… Cuz the guy’s ‘been on TV for thirteen years’ … lol… You mean the guy has PAID to be on tv for thirteen years. It’s not like he’s got a show people enjoy watching and get value from… ANYONE can be on an infomercial – if you have the money… And that’s te trick. Another reason these guys look up to him is because he’s ‘perfected’ the low to no work model, where you outsource all actual sales, outsource “fulfillment,” outsource clawbacks and chargebacks, outsource customer service, and outsource responsibility! Because after all… When it come’s to court, he won’t be calling them partners, he’ll be calling himself a ‘jilted client’ whose name was wrongfully dragged through the mud an in fact deserving of a lawsuit for damages… Ya’know, just to strengthen the claim.

      It’s the perfect business!!!

      1. @How Does This Happen?, And the points you made illuminate why I became a fan of Salty’s blog in the first place. He fills in the pieces of the great hustledork puzzle with which I’m less familiar. I’m pretty knowledgeable about the rock stars of the McSpirituality/New-Wage/selfish-help industries (those talking heads in The Secret and the like, as well as classic scammers such as Kevin True-dough), but I am very impressed with the way Salty exposes the other segments. Increasingly, there’s overlap among the New-Wage rock stars/motivational giants and the dirty little underbelly of Internet marketing. I learn something new here almost every day.

        1. @Cosmic Connie,
          He sure is an all-round educational little robot, my cussing has now taken on an international flavour.

  6. There are loads and loads and LOADS of real estate ‘moguls’ selling big ol’ binders of useless information and patting each other’s backs and launching each other’s products. I’ve got a goddamn inbox full of their bullshit. I assumed the only reason you hadn’t gone after them was because it was self-evident that they were scams.

    I even murkily recall the name of Dean Graziosi. A quick search of my Gmail Dumping Ground Of Real Estate Bullshit shows that I ordered a book of his in some massive launch thing back in 2007 and NEVER GOT THE DAMN BOOK. (To this day I still don’t have it. Not, in the end, that it would have helped much.)

  7. Here’s a few quality points by an affiliate who obviously knows what he’s talking about …

    Dean Graziosi has lastly lost his thoughts it appears. This time He’s giving a home worth more than 50k and no one can stop him plus they much better not attempt. He is that self-confident that he’s got a winner with his most recent providing, the Rock Bottom Blueprint and it appears like he is appropriate around the cash.

    1. @SD, That post should include a chart indicating the minimum blood alcohol level required for it to to be comprehensible. The first sentence is entirely believable though. I’m guessing the “50k home” supposedly being “given away” would probably turn out to be less desirable than a happy meal.

      1. @Ryan Healy, Hey Eben I didn’t know you were wearing glasses.

        How many aliases do you have? lol

        1. @Anonymous ::

          Proxying up for a lame personal attack?

          What could possibly be more dickless?

          Oh wait … I know … doing it twice.

            1. @Kann, please don’t take this the wring way, because I want an actual response from you…

              How can anyone legitimately claim that the revealing of documents, recordings, and other evidence of fraud and manipulation of vulnerable individuals… Are personal attacks? Because, to me, only those perpetrating the crimes, their affiliates, those still under the ‘spell’ of manipulation, or anyone who can’t see past the droids hi-larious potty mouth and the -legitimately- passionate performance he puts on, would consider it a personal attack. Am I wrong?

              Because I think anyone who has objectively read, watched, or listened to the evidence revealed on this site would be able to see it that way. Unless they themselves are either a sociopath or have some serious mental defenses up because they don’t want to believe it, which I can understand.

              It’s understandable to defend an existing position… Even when proven wrong… But that doesn’t make it acceptable.

              I had a hard time at first. I had to walk away from a tremendous amount of business that I could have made by shmoozing about the IM crowd… But I made a decision to -despite a serious need for cash- help anyone who has been documented in the way many on this site have been.


              Well nevermind… I don’t think you’d get it, coming from where you are. Reply and prove me wrong…

      2. @Ryan Healy,

        We’ll have to agree to disagree — I dislike anyone being used or taken advantage of without their ok or knowledge. It’s quite obvious that they had this picture taken in order to use it for their own selfish con games.

        1. @Bonnie,

          There is always something in it for Bill, or he isn’t there. He wasn’t a Rhodes scholar for nothing–he knows which way is up.

          1. @Stoic, Indeed. I attended an expensive, post-presidential Clinton speaking engagement a few years back. During that speech, I was absolutely convinced he completely made up an off-the-cuff story to underscore a point he was trying to make. You could almost see the wheels turning in his head before your very eyes, as if he were making it all up as he went along.

            What was especially odd was that the lie was completely unnecessary; he was being deceptive for no real reason at all. I think that was more unsettling than the lie itself: why would someone lie simply for the sake of lying? That seems quite foreign to me.

            Bill Clinton is a very intelligent and knowledgeable guy, all politics aside. But, as David Geffen (a once huge, former long-time backer of the Clintons) not long ago said in reference to Bill and Hillary, “Everybody in politics lies, but they do it with such ease, it’s troubling.”

  8. Well, to be fair, isn’t the suckball Attorney General fixin’ to study up on the problem of Sister Wives before Jonathan Turley comes to town to challenge him? Of course he’s far too busy to do the job he’s elected to do, protect citizens from fraud, etc.

    After all, isn’t polygamy a far greater threat to most people than being bilked by the likes of Greasyosi?

    1. @Barbara ::

      It’s a GW Law tag team on Shurtleff … of course I’m just a burn out and he’s got a chair … but whatevs … different strokes.

  9. Some Dean written and recommend swipe for today …

    Subject: How to avoid Big REGRETS…

    This is shocking. Dean’s revealing it all!


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    It’s time to get unstuck!!! Go watch now!

    Your Personal Sign Off

  10. Probably it should mostly just say this part:


    but without all that other gibberish-nonsense stuff.

    1. @Serge Tchakhotine, … wow. Ron LeGrand has been in biz for 27 years… And has supposedly made 100’s of millionaires through real-estate… Yet he can’t get a single tweet about him or more than 15 people to ‘like’ him on Facebook? … Makes Dean Graziosi look like a Rockstar! Excuse me… Makes Dean Graziosi look like a fraudstar(tm)!

  11. It seems that another Internet Marketer can’t find launch partners.

    Here’s Eben Pagan begging for help with his launch. The email reeks of desperation.

    Congrats Salty.

    Without your blog, Eben and the Syndicate would be doing launches after launches.

    “Were doing a new launch in a couple of weeks,
    and I thought you might want to work with me
    on it.

    Our launch will be for a new program Im doing
    starting in September called…

    The GURU MasterClass.

    Its going to be a synthesis of the best trainings
    Ive created to teach authors, speakers, experts
    and regular people how to turn what they know
    into information products – and sell them online.

    Its truly going to be the best program Ive ever
    done on the topic.

    If you have a list, a group of customers, or a
    circle of influence that you think might benefit
    from this type of training, I want to invite you to
    partner with us – and offer the program to them.

    In exchange, Ill pay you an affiliate fee – and
    give you part of every sale we make to your

    If this makes sense, and you have a list or group
    that would benefit from the program, please
    contact Megan on my team for more information.

    IMPORTANT: Please make sure you tell her
    about your list, your business, and why you think
    this program would be a good match for your group.

    We get a lot of responses from requests like this,
    and we can only follow up with people who are
    serious… so tell her about yourself and your business!

    Thanks, and I hope we can work together on this


    1. @JohnCarltonRippedMeOff,
      His tone doesn’t prove he’s desperate… But his verbiage does.

      Check this out…

      “In exchange, Ill pay you an affiliate fee – and give you part of every sale we make to your group.”

      PROOF! How? Because there is NOBODY in the A-Team, the B-Team or even most C-Teamer’s who would need the additional clarifying point as to require him to have to say “I’ll give you an affiliate fee AND give you a part of every sale we make” … He is clearly broadcasting far and wide, where clarifying statements like that are needed to get his point across.

      But why would he be desperate for newer crowd of affiliates…?

      Perhaps… For some strange reason the syndicate is losing it’s stranglehold on the marketplace…? I’ve heard venomous specters can have that effect.

      Good night little syndicates!

      Time to crawl back in the hole you came from and read your children some stories to help them fall back asleep from waking up to a nightmare of robots in their closet.

      1. @How Does This Happen?,

        Perhaps we are seeing market saturation for the current crop of gurus and their ‘novel’ techniques?

        Someone will shortly come up with another left-field wheeze though.

    2. @JohnCarltonRippedMeOff, ya, his text is “reversing tables”. Playing to hard to get, huh?

      Hey, I am desperade for money, but you must qualify yourself to me, because I am playing like I don’t need you when in fact, I really need you.

    3. @JohnCarltonRippedMeOff, The clearest evidence that these programs are garbage is the sheer volume of “products” that each person “creates” about the EXACT SAME THING. I mean, it’s one freaking topic. Are we really supposed to believe that these people are so innovative that they keep bringing new methods to the internet marketing industry every couple of months. Especially when all of those advertising/scam pages look the same, no changes in style or method.

  12. Nice. William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton is in another league then these guys,…. anyhoo “Bill” Clinton seems to be in good company. {google!}

  13. Brendon Burchard is peddling this guy’s stuff:

    Watching this may help you communicate your message and expertise better.

    (It’s really a solid example of doing video and this expert stuff well).

    A bunch of people are driving traffic to this video today, and when I saw it I was surprised.

    While I wouldn’t usually tell you about this topic, I was so taken aback by this guy’s “expert promise” that I wanted you to watch HOW he does it.

    At Experts Academy, I’m always saying that no matter what your TOPIC is, it’s how YOU connect with others, explain your value, share a bigger vision, and serve that makes all the difference.

    People come to Experts and have varied topic areas of expertise: from parenting to publishing, motivation to marketing, wellness to wealth, spirituality to success… the list goes on. I can’t wait to hear about your topic.

    Anyway, THIS guy’s topic happens to be real estate (which I know very little about), and he’s REALLY good at demonstrating what we call the “expert promise.”

    Click here to see the video.

    (Weird opt-in page, I know, but trust me and watch the vid).

    Again, I usually don’t talk about this specific topic (real estate), but I wanted you to see a real pro on video explaining who he is and what promise he delivers.

    I think you can learn a few ideas about how you can convey YOUR topic by watching him. His video:

    — Shares a bigger vision and opportunity
    — Busts myths
    — Proves results
    — Previews value and blueprint for way forward

    ALSO, it’s pretty much all direct-to-camera, which I keep sharing is a key to successful expert marketing today.

    By the way, this guy — his name is Dean — is a multiple New York Times best-selling author. He’s been on TV for over 13 years, so he’s a real master on camera. Take some notes.

    I know Dean, so this morning after seeing this I called and asked to interview him.

    I want you and I to understand how he built a $100 million expert business with his books, infomercials, videos, blog, coaching, seminars, etc.

    He said yes, so here’s our call information you can tune into at no-cost tomorrow:


    Just shot this vid on my iPhone!

    (I don’t like it as much as our other cameras, but it turned out okay. The iPhone is good for quick stuff).

    As you know, this week I interviewed two experts who can help build your brand and share your message more profitably:

    1. Dean Graziosi (aka the $100 million man) on great marketing and the mindset to win in life (and this economy)

    Dean is doing a great launch right now on the topic of real estate.
    Watch him to learn how a guy who has been on TV for 13 years communicates and markets via online video.
    2. Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body, on how to build a publishing phenomenon.

    Tim and I are doing an event together.
    Details via the replay link below.
    These were HARD to get interviews for you, and these guys never reveal stuff like this without charging boat loads of money, so listen today.

    You can replay both interviews for the next 48 hours only via the link below.

    Enjoy! And keep at it,

    — Brendon

  14. FTL {for the list!} …

    I’ll make this short and sweet. I’m selling on tonight’s call, so push
    push push.

    Send people, get checks.

    Get paid to change lives. Not a bad gig!!!

    Attaching swipe copy for today again. Make sure to schedule a reminder
    email to go out an hour or so before the call. So schedule to go out
    maybe 4:45 PST/ 7:45 EST.

    Gonna send another email in a few with Swipe copy for Video 4. YES, we
    go live with cart open TOMORROW.

    But, I will sell a ton tonight.

    Some cool changes on the leader-board…

    1. Alvina Torres – Still holding on to #1, Guerrilla Style!
    2. Brendon Burchard – Putting on the rocket boosters
    3. Bret T. Smith – Took over #3, This guy can drive clicks!
    4. Greg Habstritt – RIGHT behind Bret, less than 100 away!
    5. Brian Tracy – Moved up from 7 to 5, 150 out of 3rd place! This
    message is REALLY resonating with your self improvement list!
    6. Greg Writer – This guys following is awesome, You are BARELY behind
    7. Mike Koeings – Moved up from 9… watch him!
    8. Angelo Labrou – This guy is from from Greece and can pull these
    9. Andy Jenkins – Less than 100 out of #8, and hasn’t even tried yet.
    10. Shawn Casey – Less than 50 out of #9, and 150 our of #8… GO!!!
    11. Kristina Cassell – BIG MOVE, up from 14! Nice job.
    12. David Lucht – So close to top 10, less than 100 from #11.
    13. Don Fowler/Greg Clement – Only 12 alway from David, watch these
    guys, the heat is coming!
    14. Vivian Baxter – Moved up from 15, only 120 away from #11, another
    push will do it!
    15. Sinichi Sasaki- Moved up from 18…. poised to make it happen.
    16. David Bach – Moved up from 20 yesterday, showing his strength in
    his mailing.
    17. Tellman/ Overcome Everything – This guy has the super human power,
    watch him.
    18. Rick Dawson – Out of the blue, he breaks the top 20. Three off of
    17! Congrats.
    19. Philip Tirone – Down from 17, but still swinging.
    20. Chris Attwood – Breaks into top 20, NICE!

    This isn’t a time to sit on your hands. Opt in % stayed strong
    throughout, we have over 11,000 comments.

    We are going to change lives and sell like crazy. I’m gonna be writing
    big checks. Why not to YOU?

    Why not ME Dean? Oh thanks for asking. I’d literally rather be dead … that’s why. Does that answer your question Dean?

  15. Simply put — Dean Graziosi is a clown. I bought one of his books somewhere around early 2009. At that time I’d just lost my job and was living off of my savings and unemployment checks. I was obviously in a position where I had to do something fast, so I ordered one of his Real Estate books. Why the FUCK did I do that? Next thing I know, I was being bombarded by all of these different companies offering their “coaching” programs.

    I would politely decline one company, and there would be more calls from other companies. Then one day, I decided to humor one of the sales guys. He basically pitched me some bullshit of Dean Graziosi’s called “The Success Academy,” which he told me would cost around $6,000. LOL…according to him, they’d have to interview you to see if you “qualify.” Get the fuck out of here. The truth of the matter is — anyway with the money qualifies. Anyways, the guy on the phone began to go on and on about how important having a success coach can be and blah blah blah…

    After he finally shut the fuck up, I asked this moronic sales guy if he could give me a little background information on himself and his experience in Real Estate. The guy got pissed, then. Then he said something to the effect of, “Are you going to join the program or not, that’s all I need to know.” Of course I told him no. Then I explained to him that he obviously has no background in the field he’s supposed to be “coaching” me in. Secondly, I explained that I was living off of my savings and there was no way in the hell I was going to invest part of my savings into this nonsense.

    Then the guy asks if I can sell everything I own to pay for the course, including my house. Of course I told this clown that I wasn’t going to do such a thing….then he hung up. After this incident, I went to Dean Graziosi’s website and message board and relayed this incident to them. In a short time, there were about 5 more people who told similar stories about a “Success Academy” rep being extremely rude to them. Shortly after the thread starting getting some attention, one of the mods deleted it. I reposted the thread, and the same thing happened. Reminds me of the Warrior Forum…

    I would advise anyone to stay away from Dean Graziosi. He’s just like another other “guru.” He makes his money by teaching others how to make money. The only person that gets rich is him and his accomplices. I will admit that I did have a little success in Real Estate, but that was after I threw away Dean’s book and joined a local Real Estate group in my area.

    1. @L.D. Carter,

      This reminds me of, some years back, I read about a guy who played along with someone from one of those scams that are known as “the Nigerian scams” — you know, the ones from the endless emails you get where someone died and you have just inherited so many millions of dollars, or there’s corruption in their country and they need someone to help them get this fortune out of the country, or you just won so many millions in a contest (that you never entered!) — anyways, this guy played along with them for the longest time and it was just hilarious reading the dialog! I think you can probably find it (and probably many others by now, because I’m sure this guy spurned a lot of “copy cats” — “good” ones, of course) by just doing a search for “Nigerian scams”.

      Anyways, maybe this is the way to get rid of these sleazy con artists once and for all, or at least help to do so — play along with them for as long as you can, without letting on what you’re doing until they either figure it out or lose patience with you. Too bad we can’t get everyone in their potential radar doing that, but unfortunately, there’s still a lot of gullible people out there who think these guys are on the level and that this will save them and get them out of their financial and life predicaments, whatever they are — which is why Salty is here and why I’m such a big fan — he might only be saving one potential victim at a time, but at least he’s doing something — and one day, hopefully, he’ll have helped to shut down these concienceless lying crooks once and for all! And hopefully, at the end of it all, they’ll all be sued for every crooked penny they’ve ever made, just like what is hopefully going to happen to James Arthur Ray when all is said and done. And I sure won’t feel sorry for a single one of them when they lose everything and find themselves sleeping under a bridge, like they don’t mind doing to others — or even jumping from one. And yes, I do have a heart, and I do have compassion — but what goes around comes around.

  16. Wow Salty I hope I hallucinated the whole response I wrote on this thread months ago. Forgive me maybe too much coffee and it’s on another thread. But who here seriously thinks Dean Graziosi was born that way (Baby I was born this way – Lady Gaga) If I can’t come right out and say it let LADY Gaga be a clue. Do you really think “Dean” was born a woman and that “he” was born that way? I cannot this thread is not CHOCK full of responses saying the same thing. what gives?

    Five years ago I had a sleepless night and saw a late night infommercial where “he” was selling “his” products. I looked up “Is Dean Graziosi a woman?” and found (not to my surprise) hundreds if not thousands of other people asking/saying the same thing.

    So am I the only one on here who thinks that looks like a lady in a suit?


    Maria Mandros (I mean Andros – and yes to me Mandros is the opposite of Dean)

    1. @Maria Mandros,

      If you commented as @girl hiding, and by months ago you mean two weeks ago, your comment was on the post titled “Sold Out {or not}” with the “Rock Bottom Blueprint SOLD OUT” image of Dean Graziosi, not this post titled “Dean Graziosi Rocks the Bottom.”

      I think your post didn’t get a ton of comments primarily because these Dean articles are from July and August. We’ve moved on . . . for now.

      Personally, I like this site because it outs scammers. The second it changes its focus to outing transgendered individuals, I’m outta here.

  17. PS Also Joe “my bald head needs some” Polish posted this pic on his lovely Flckr account. I signed in and labeled it “3 men and a lady” (he was not amused)

    he’s another scum artist

  18. I signed up for the Dean Graziosi success Academy. I was contacted by Professional Marketing International of Lehi Utah. I paid them $35,000 form my savings. They told me they refund my $35,000 after I did 5 deals. I did 8. Then I had a stroke. I applied for my refund. It has been a year and still nothing. I can’t get the physical therapy I need to recover because they have my money still. I need the therapy to learn to walk and talk again. But because they still have my money, I cannot afford therapy. So I was left with no choice. I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. I also filed with the California and Colorado attorney General’s office. I cannot believe that they would treat senior citizens or the disabled that way. Yes I upset a d I’m going to make sure these guys live up to their promises.

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