The Secret of Tony Robbins


The New York Times reveals the secret of Tony Robbins :: and that secret is … Tony Robbins is so awesome and he knows Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and everything! He invented life coaching!

People “live and die and breathe” for Tony Robbins :: giggles Andrew Ross Sorkin … it’s all highlarious good fun. But he understands that there are some skeptics out there who don’t think Tony Robbins is so fucking great …

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Abundance of Oprah

“Oprah totally loves me now :: she’s getting all my craps for free :: but you should pay enough to upset the normal functioning of your life” :: says Tony Robbins to his email list {basically} …

“You think you have a busy schedule – how about Oprah’s? She showed up at Unleash the Power Within expecting to spend two hours,

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The Greatest Douche in the World

I want to tell you about The Greatest Vitamin in the World!!

Well :: I mean :: I don’t wanna tell you about the vitamins of course :: because you can just go buy some of those down at the store for like five bucks or whatever. No :: I’m talking about the opportunity to sell people on the opportunity to sell people on the idea that The Greatest Vitamin in the World is the key to future freedom from the reality of life’s realities.

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Sold Out {or not}

Dean Graziosi named his recent frauduct flop Rock Bottom :: and gave it an “it’s all downhill from here suckers” logo. It would be funny if it was intended to be ironical :: but comic irony is so clearly out of Scammy Smurf’s intellectual range … so it’s just an example of massive stupidity and terrible marketing.

Still :: after a slow start {and middle} Dean managed to “sell-out”

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Bottom Rocking the Planet

Not being an ass :: but Dean Graziosi sells better on camera than pretty much anyone on the planet right now … says asshole Dean Graziosi about himself … the loathsome and pathetic Dean Graziosi.

Better than anyone on the whole fucking planet! That’s how epic Dean is at the on camera selling. Planetary epic! If he does say so himself … not to be immodest or anything …

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