The Recovery Tax

Last week :: the FTC filed an amended complaint in the case against one of Utah’s {via New York City} worst boiler rooms … The Tax Club. The new complaint seems aimed at shoring up the government’s argument that the dozens of shell companies :: merchant accounts :: and bank accounts involved … were all in service of the same fraudulent scheme …

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Death of a Tax Club

Funny story :: one of Utah’s largest boiler rooms … is located in New York City. That’s the end of the funny part of the story :: I hope you laughed your ass off … because the rest of it is fucking terrible.

The Tax Club :: Earning more than your trust

Or as the FTC :: and the New York and Florida Attorney Generals :: put it in their lawsuit last week …

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Boiled Gnome

You know I hate me some gnomes :: the hats :: the tiny dumb dancing :: the chirp chirp singing … and of course the fucking scamming. Maybe it’s not fair to judge all gnomes based on my limited experience with them :: but so what … I don’t have to be fair to gnomes. Fuck you gnomes :: go away and fix some stuff with your dumb little tool sacks.

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But Death and Tax Clubs

The Tax Club just wants to help people … it’s all about helping. That’s why The Tax Club CEO Michael Savage went on the Fox & Friends to offer up his fancy inauguration tickets to river pilot Sully Sullenberger. It was quite a touching moment of selfless self-promotion.

Paying your taxes can be complicated :: especially when your fake business doesn’t make any money :: and that’s where The Tax Club comes in …

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Scamming Two Debbies

My fake secretary Debbie is quite susceptible to scams.

D-bags often call headquarters looking for an opportunity to suck-up to me and my divine stylings in authorship :: but I usually can’t take their calls {because fucking idiots are boring} … and they end up selling Debbie on some blueprint to international bestselling good fortune instead.

I call her names :: like ding-dong and bat-brain :: but that never seems to help …

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