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Donate to the Kevin Trudeau legal defense fund now! Now motherfuckers … NOW!

“Here’s the bottom line. I believe the government wants to lock me in prison for life and virtually burn all of my books. Your first amendment right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH is being violated.”

You’ve prolly never heard of virtual book burnings :: cause it’s totally 2.0 … and you’re a 1.5 at best … which is why you’re always being virtually violated.

It’s not Kevin’s not-right to do whatever the fucks Kevin wants that’s under threat here … it’s your FREEDOM to read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn at a public library.

“I am the victim of government corruption at its worst. This is reminiscent of fascist and communistic nations.”

Fair comparison :: and I’m sure not at all offensive to the hundreds of millions of people whose whole lives have fallen victim to mind raping at its worst … none of whom ever had a house in the fucking whitebread Chicago suburbs.

KT’s all about FREEDOM …

“I know some of you will mail checks for thousands of dollars and take me up on all the gifts and dinner with me. Some of you will send as much as you can afford. Every penny counts. Please help me pay all of these unjustified legal bills and defend your first amendment right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH.”

Any little bit helps … or all your little bits. You know :: whatever … daddy needs a new McMansion.

But of course :: you can have too much of a good thing … we can’t have everybody being free now can we? Expecailly not the dirty lazy Mexicans …

“Cover art” from one of Kevin Trudeau’s racist as shit radio shows.

Kevin doesn’t think we need a national immigration policy that’s consistent with our roots as an immigrant nation :: or consistent with the needs of our complex labor market … we just need to get ourselves some “Mexican Laws.” If history has taught us anything it’s that race laws are a great way to solve fake problems.

It kinda reminds me of fascism at its worst :: but I’d hate to go dropping hyperbolic analogies on your asses … Goodwin’s law and whatnot.

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    1. Salty. your ego was so quick to get stupid content for your biased scammmy blog that you overlooked the fact that this was a cover for a vid as in a theme. its not kevins views. not that i like kevin myself but i like you even less.

      1. @Gary Cook,

        I’m trying to follow what you’re trying to say in your rant… but it’s just not making sense.

        I’m not actually even sure what you or Salty are referring to with “cover art”. I guess you and Salty are referring to the “Mexican Immigration Laws” thing.

        I had never actually tried to watch the video Salty linked to before. I tried just now.

        I can’t really watch it. It just feels like a variation of Alex Jones’ Info Wars BS. (Yeah I know–KT was around loong before.)

        Even simply sitting in the presence of KT going on and ranting damages my brain. I have to turn it off. I turned it off. Sanity now rushing back in.

        Defending KT… that’s like defending the Devil. Good luck with that.

        1. @Wyrd,

          Here’s a podcast from that same time period in which Kevin Trudeau lets his views on undocumented workers known.

          Today, Kevin explains how illegal aliens are hurting America’s economy and what the government should do about it. Plus, find out how well Dr. Theresa Dale’s colon cleanse really works!

          A couple minutes in he contrasts undocumented workers with terrorists and himself. I couldn’t stand to hear him say, “Chipolte,” again, so that’s as far as I got.

          To learn more about how immigrants work 25% of our shitty, non-minimum-wage-paying food-service jobs, read this Reuters article.

      2. @Gary Cook, Make up your mind, dude! On Facebook you have told me that you like Salty even though you don’t agree with his contention about the difficulty/near-impossibility of making money online.

        I think most of us understand that KT was suggesting — perhaps facetiously, perhaps not — that the US needs to adopt immigration laws as stringent as Mexico’s.

        In fact, lots of conservatives seem to think that the US should adopt immigration laws similar to Mexico’s. Is there any reason to believe that Kevin Trudeau thinks differently? Maybe he has said so somewhere — I haven’t listened to all of his stuff.

        In any case, Gary, if you follow the link I provided to my 2011 “racist rants” post (first comment), you will see that Kevin actually did indulge in some… well… racist rants on the radio show in question.

        And Wyrd, Gary is an ex-GIN member who no longer likes Kevin Trudeau.

  1. Guacamole you say? Okay then, where should I send my check?

    It is also possible that he likes guacamole as a Californian, not so much the stuff that had dirty mexican hands all over it. According to Bob Trudeau, Trudeau’s main McMansion is in California owned by a family trust, the church of avacadoes or some such thing. I will have to get to the bottom of this guacamole thing before I send money. He may be a freedom fighting mexican loving guacamole eater or just an annoying yuppie californian.

          1. @Anonymous – only a dick head would reply as ‘Anonymous’ because only dick heads are too cowardly to use their real ID’s.
            I’m Bernie O’Mahony, or O’Baloney, or O’Tool (thanks Not-a-Doctor-Leonard Coldwell Bernd Klein Dumpkoff for those hilarious (almost) names), owner of

            Might be a good idea to learn to spell first before trying to sound clever.

          1. @ulla psoli, Nice volley ulla, unfortunately you are standing on a football field. My spelling and grammar are always impeccable, even when yammering on about nonsense on blogs about Trudeau. I’m not sure if I make fun of people who can’t spell, I don’t recall ever doing that. But if I did, there had to have been a good reason because I am a wonderful person.

            1. @Tom Banjo, there is never a good reason to make fun of people Tom and re not recalling making fun of people who can’t spell who are you kidding

            2. @ulla psoli, there are many good reasons for making fun of someone. If you have any evidence of me making fun of someone for their spelling, show me when or where I’ve done that and I will gladly explain my point of view.

  2. Well, except for the part where Trudeau has not yet been directly responsible for someone’s death (AFAIK), he and James Arthur Ray are neck-and-neck for the Most Evil Scammer Asshole to have been featured on so far. I think. But then I think about Kilstein and Belcher and all… I dunno. So far, I think KT’s way ahead of them because he seems to have caused and be currently causing a lot more damage.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @Wyrd, Trudeau is an old fashioned carney huckster. He runs cons and takes whatever money he can. I don’t think he compares as far as pure evil to a guy like Coldwell, except for the fact that he foisted Coldwell on his followers. After learning about this creepy little anti-doctor, I almost like Trudeau for his commitment to the art of scamming.

      1. @Tom Banjo,

        I was comparing KT to James Artur Ray, not Creepy Coldwell.

        Coldwell and KT are not exactly the same animal, probably I agree.

        And, IMHO, the difference between a simple old fashioned carney huckster and KT is like the difference between a mom-and-pop general goods store and Wal-Mart.

        KT looks like the Wal-Mart of scammers to me. I mean even Frank Kern paid his FTC judgement so he could more easily get back to scamming. But this KT– apparently flees the country and refuses to re-enter. His actions actually getting lawyers of the FTC to ask the judge to hold KT in contempt of court and have him incarcerated. And all of this out of a civil case, not even a criminal case.

        It’s some seriously messed up sh*t. And ask yourself how many people have been “touched” by the Natural Cures book or by some other piece of KT scammitude.

        The Mexicans-go-home racist angle is just the last straw is all. Common carney hucksters aren’t ever so bad, at the end of the day, because they have very limited scope. KT seems to have, or at least have recently had, vast, near-unlimited scope. He’s been on TV a lot. I saw one of his Natural Cures commercials. I once met a guy at work who was all “Natural Cures”. The whole thing is a bad gig.

        I have nothing but hatred and contempt for Kevin Trudeau.

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

  3. Kevin Truedeau is simply…


    He’s a sociopath. And a conman. And a complete liar. And a total fraud.

    Fucking dirt bag.

  4. I wonder if True-Dough wants to go back to Plessy v. Ferguson? If so, then I wonder which “one drop” counts for me? Is it my Indian (Native American) ancestors? Or my Northern European ancestors? Or my African American ancestors? Or my Eastern European Jewish ancestors? (Yeah, I’m a one woman fucking melting pot here!)

    I hope the government doesn’t wimp out here and throws not just the book at True-Dough, but the whole fucking law library, including the Code of Federal Regulations! The guy’s a threat to the pocketbooks of anyone who comes in contact with him.

    1. @mirele,

      And his crapology seriously fucks up any residual logical thinking skills his followers might have.

  5. {In the best Monty Burns voice I can manage} “Does anyone have change for a button?”

    (Although, unlike Mr. Burns, a button really is about all I could offer. Sorry Kev.)

  6. By the way, this story by the KSHB-TV (Kansas City MO NBC affiliate) is creating quite a bit of buzz. It aired Monday night at 6 PM Central. The finished piece is only a little over eight minutes long but I think it’s a good start. And the conversation on the page is quite interesting. (Coldwell’s name came up, but because the topic was introduced by an obvious defender of Trudeau, some are dismissing the issue as a red herring to distract people from Trudeau.)

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      Thanks for posting that. It’s odd, but then not really, that I would find out about a local news story via The amorphous Internet.

      1. @Wyrd, This story has many amusing twists. Some folks on Facebook have been praising Coldwell for his part in “exposing” Trudeau as a con artist. Coldwell is thanking them humbly and is now giving all due credit to the grass-roots efforts of people such as Abe Husein (who went to the Kansas City reporter in the first place) and Bernie O’Mahony, who runs an interesting web site called

        One of Coldwell’s most recent posts on Abe’s wall (not edited for spelling): “…I really tried to make a dent with the FTC and wasted 4 to 5 month when they just used myself and Peter [Wink] to get their money. They dont care about justice or consumer protection they dont want him in jail because than he cant pay. At least least that is what I believe is the truth.”

        1. @Cosmic Connie,

          So what’s the connection between Bernie and Coldwell? (Apologies in advance if you’ve already covered this 50 times or something.)

          1. @Wyrd, Bernie O’Mahony used to be a GIN participant/member but became disillusioned earlier this year. This past May he started a Web site called for people to share their experiences, good and bad, about GIN. But mostly the experiences shared have been bad. Apparently Bernie used to be friendly with Coldwell, but I have a very strong sense that he has seen the man’s true colors since then. I do know that he has actually confronted him a few times on Facebook about some of Coldwell’s b.s. My guess is that the only reason Coldwell hasn’t blocked him yet, the way he does everyone else who dares to criticize him, is that Lenny is still trying to play on the “brothers-in-arms” theme with Bernie. Bernie’s web site is becoming more popular and influential among the ex-GIN and others and Coldwell is trying to glom onto that. That’s the way it looks to me, anyway.

  7. We’re not an “immigrant nation”! That’s a ridiculous, oxymoronic expression.

    What soem of us are is a nation of strong, like-minded settlers who created a civilization out of a savage wilderness.

    …A civilization that’s now diluted by millions upon millions of 3rd-world immigrants — many of them Mexican Indians — that are not part of our beseiged nation (and never will be).

    Why does the Droid pretend not to understand the difference between a settler and an immigrant, and a nation and a country?

    1. @Orenthal, I’m going to suggest you read “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn for some perspective. This “savage wilderness” you describe was already populated when the settlers arrived; they committed mass genocide towards those native inhabitants – some of whom were “Mexican Indians” – who were living peacefully alongside them until those same like-minded, strong-willed settlers decided they needed more land.

      Our “beseiged [sic] nation” was never besieged until people who thought they were infinitely better suited to own this continent due to the color of their skin arrived on it.

    2. @Orenthal,
      My ancestry= West African (Senegal, Gambia, Mali) French (can’t beat the hot buttery croissants) Native American (Gulf Coast Area)
      I call myself African American.

      My son all above plus Irish and German
      He calls himself African American :P

      My grandmother never spoke English fully until she was an adult. She was born and raised in Louisiana ( creole french ). No need too when everyone else is speaking Creole :)

      I’m living proof this is an immigrant nation including former slave holding nation buster !!!

      Mexicans are not immigrants… TEXAS is North Mexico !!!

  8. Hello good-folks!
    I bought a course, and even upgraded to an extremely limited version of “russel Brunson goes to the Olympics, London, 2012”, but I think I got screwed, because all I hear is someone that is humphing, grumping, moaning and half-screaming, and it sounds much to me like russel, but the weird part is that it doesnt sound that it comes from his matches in OL.London, 2012(which he won gold-medal, by the way, at least that what was I heard), the audio sounds like russel is humping his wife for his dearest life, so even that wasn’t what I paid for, it got me thinking, “what the hell do they need all them kids for??” I mean, one kid isn’t half-way out of his/her mother before another one starts coming…weird man..
    Anyways, point is, I paid this dude $2999,95 for the upsell that was as mentioned supposed to be russel winning the olympics, but as I suspect him humping his wife. Supposed i got fokked, fokking bastards…

    1. @Alex ::

      You’re talking shit.

      What frauduct did you buy? In what event did Russell take the gold? Eating lunch meat from the bag? Didn’t know that was an event … someone tell Rick Calvert.

  9. “… we need a national immigration policy that’s consistent with our roots as an immigrant nation …”

    Good little progressive Democrat. The US Constitution should ebb and flow, but immigration philosophy is immutable.

    Why not go pay your taxes in Cali? That complex labor market can put your money to good use.

    1. @Hypercrit,

      Hey Random Entity,
      If you’re gonna troll could you try reading the whole article first? Or if you insist that you actually read the whole thing, could you make that clear in your comment?

      ‘Cause see the way you wrote that, seems to me, you took Salty’s words out of context and also Mae it appear that he wrote something he didn’t.

      In the original section, Salty didn’t say what policy we need–he said what policy KT didn’t think we need.

      Silly troll.

      1. @Wyrd,

        Hiya Random Entity Too,

        If you’re going to comment on a comment, make sure you read the post, the comment and the pretty pictures.

        The posted JPEG representing Kevin T.’s views in bullets doesn’t mention “our roots as an immigrant nation”. Nor does it mention “complex labor market”.

        Clearly that context was manufactured by Salty Droid. Clearly Salty Droid has opinions on immigration issues.

        Wyrd, you wrote, “Salty didn’t say what policy we need–he said what policy KT didn’t think we need.”

        It’s clear Salty Droid wrote sentences revealing direct arguments to Kevin T’s views on immigration reform.

        After reading the post, any reader should understand Salty Droid’s position on Kevin T.’s views on immigration.

        I simply concluded the Salty Droid is a progressive Deomcrat machine.

        C’mon WYrd … you got this!

  10. According to someone on one of the ex-GIN Facebook forums, this message was sent out this past week to Kevin’s Truedough-nuts:

    “As many of you are already know Kevin is fighting a substantial battle against the Government. They continue to attack him on many different levels. The bottom line is that they are doing this simply because Kevin speaks out against the big pharmaceutical companies and they don’t like it! This is something we must fight hard and strong against. We cannot allow our Government to control us by manipulating the Constitution and throwing people in jail just because they don’t like them.

    “Kevin is, of course, willing to go to jail for this cause. BUT we need Kevin! We need him to fight this for us! He is so very precious to all of us as a man of wisdom, integrity and sacrifice…

    “They are also trying to fine him $37,000,000.00 – yes, that’s a lot of zero’s and alot of money.

    “So, that is why we ask for your support. Help us help Kevin! Have a private dinner with Kevin in beautiful Miami Beach on Sunday, January 27th. These exclusive dinners are now limited to a small group of people. This allows a great deal of personal time with Kevin. Please go to the link below and make your contribution. Help us keep Kevin from harm.

    ‘Go 1 mile for me, and I’ll go 1,000 miles for you.’
    – Kevin Trudeau”


    It’s more like, “Spend $100,000 on me and I will give you a chance to give me even more money to blow on expensive cigars and lawyers.”

    The pathetic thing is that apparently many people are still buying into this crap.

  11. When old-school motivational guru Zig Ziglar died late last month, there was sort of a hustledork Olympics of friend-and-mentor claims. Among those claiming friendship with Zig was none other than Kevin Trudeau, on his Stand With KT blog


    I Don’t Miss Zig

    Zig Ziglar, a mentor of mine, a friend of mine, and a ground breaking entrepreneur passed away this week. Zig had been suffering from pneumonia, and died at a hospital in Plano, Texas. He was 86.

    My positive thoughts and energy go out to his family and friends and the millions of people whose lives he touched. But I don’t miss Zig Ziglar. Because Zig lives on in me, he lives on in you, and he lives on in everyone who benefitted from his wisdom and pioneering spirit over the last several decades.

    Let’s keep his spirit alive and well. Let’s lead the lives he taught us to lead, which starts with us keeping our free speech rights and our entrepreneurial rights intact.

    Please consider making a contribution to, as a gesture that keeps Zig around for a long, long time.

    “If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar


    Looks like everybody wants a little piece of ol’ Zig, including (as I mentioned to our private group) True-dough’s ex-b.f.f. and business partner, Not-Doc Lenny Coldwell, who modestly allowed his current b.f.f. and business partner Peter Wink to write this about Lenny on Facebook (November 29):

    “Here’s something I bet none of you ever knew — Zig Ziglar owned every one of Dr. Coldwell’s books and CD programs. Zig was also one of Dr. C’s closest friends. It is too bad the medical industry got to Zig Ziglar before he met Dr. C — or Zig would still be here. I choose to listen to the man Zig Ziglar listened to! :-)”

    I have no doubt that Lenny or someone working on his behalf sent all of Lenny’s frauducts to Zig, and Zig did write a testimonial for one of Lenny’s frauducts on Amazon. But that’s a far cry from being “one of his best friends.”

    In response to the friend-and-mentor post, someone wrote on Lenny’s FB timeline, “Didn’t realize Zig was a fan of Dr. C., although he spoke often of being a big fan of the Bible.”

    And Lenny responded, “He was a great christian.”

    I am sure Lenny is eminently qualified to judge who is a great Christian and who isn’t.

    But at least some people are awake. One person wrote, in response to the Stand With KT blog post above: “Yeah a good man died so give me money!!! What a scumbag!”

    And other people are apparently asleep; that would be the folks who are supposed to be tending to the Stand With KT blog. Looks like a bit of spam is showing up there too. Then again, I imagine KT’s offices are a bit short-handed, and the remaining staff members are just waiting for their pink slips – or for the Feds to raid the premises.

  12. Fun Facts about Trudeau’s Free Money

    – Trudeau’s Free Money infomercials #7 and #2 held the #2 and #4 spots for most-frequently-run long-form bizopp infomercial for November, the most recent month for which data is available to me (Response Magazine PDF link).

    – Out of all the informercials run in 2012, Trudeau’s Free Money had the 25th largest media spend (Response Magazine).

    – Trudeau’s Free Money costs $29.95 + $11.95 S&H, which is actually $41.90, not free.

    – The informercial is marketed by a company called Free Money, which the BBB says is actually an alternate business name for Free Is My Favorite LLC, which also uses the alternate business name Kevin Trudeau.

    – According to the national BBB listing for the company, “This company is not owned by Kevin Trudeau.”

    – The BBB contact lists an ops manager at fulfillment company Innotrac as the company’s principal.

    – The Kevin’s Free Money website says orders are fulfilled by Pacific Living, LLC, and the website is copyright 2013 Kevin Trudeau’s “Free Money.”

    – Whereas natural person Kevin Trudeau has pushed for special Mexican Immigration Laws, alternate business name Kevin Trudeau has a Mexican flag on his website with the words “OREDENAR EN ESPANOL” … which Google Translate tells me should be “ORDENAR EN ESPANOL” … which … wait for it … isn’t a clickable link.

  13. I’ve been to Mexico several times for both business and pleasure.

    My take – FUCK Mexico.

    Mexicans are always running off at the mouth about Mexico and how Mexico is so great and flying Mexican flags n’ shit, yet they are all trying to break their goddamn necks trying to get to the US. “La Familia” my ass.

    There is a lot of true history about Mexico you ain’t neva (yes “neva”) gonna read in your public fool system history. (So please don’t give me your publicy-educated response about Mexicans being here first because that is some public foolsystem mis-history.)

    Hell, you won’t believe that 99% of the fake shit they tell you is “history” is just that – fake.

    Anyway. Fuck Mexico and fuck Kevin Trudeau lol

    1. I keep forgetting you have to agree with SD and his followers. Anything else is not reality.

      Still like your work anyway SD. And STILL FUCK MEXICO – lol.

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