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Proctor vs Morton :: Six Minute Lawsuits

Bob Proctor was James Arthur Ray’s mentor :: according to Bob Proctor and James Arthur Ray … even unskilled charlatans need mentoring. Bob and James mentored each other all up and down until they both learned The Secret and told Rhonda Byrne so she could attract $35 million unto her own self.

MLM doublespeak was rebranded as mainstream unicorn spirituality and James Arthur Ray went on Oprah :: Bob Proctor went on Ellen … the fake mentee becomes the fake mentor.

The Secret to success according to the movie The Secret is :: wait for it … The Law of Attraction {which is a totally real thing according to The Huffington NotNews Post}. The Secret to success according to the actions of the “teachers” of The Secret is :: wait for it … psychotic greed and narcissism.

Which is why four dead bodies wasn’t enough to convince Bob that James was up to no good. He stood by his not smart man until the bitter end :: says Bob Proctor in a letter to the Ray court

I have known and been friends with James Ray since the early ’90s. I am familiar with his work and can state, unequivocally, that he has helped thousands of people gain a better understanding of their true potential and live more meaningful lives. There are countless numbers of people who are living happier, more productive lives from the information James Ray has shared with them.

James Ray’s complete lack of education and training unequivocally helped countless numbers in their understanding of potentials … and it helped a very countable number to death. Countless is more than countable :: so according to ProctorMaths™ … James Arthur Ray is a net positive. It’s the victim’s fault anywayz …

I believe one of the glaring weaknesses in our educational system is that people are not taught to take responsibility for their own lives. It is obvious that if one person was free to walk out of the sweat lodge, every person was free to walk out of the sweat lodge and to punish James for someone else’s actions, in my opinion, is a miscarriage of justice.

Kirby and Liz were fucking unconscious you idiotic prick :: but yeah … I’m sure it’s the educational system that was at fault. When will we start teaching our children to not have mental status changes while suffering from severe heat stroke? If only the lazy bastards at Sesame Street would do their jobs.

The day of his conviction for three manslaughters :: James Ray was “sharing information” with his victim database about the glories and successatudes of buying Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes to Success. He finished on the affiliate leader-board and probably received an appreciatory iTunes gift card to his Arizona prison cell …

  1. Mind Movies
  2. Blair Gorman
  3. Mind Valley
  4. Tapping Solution
  5. Bill Harris
  6. Brian Proctor
  7. Vic Johnson
  8. Vick Strizheus
  9. Frank Mangano
  10. Sonia Ricotti
  11. Brian Tracy
  12. Ed Rush
  13. Brad Codd
  14. Alvin Huang
  15. Robert Anthony
  16. James Ray
  17. Rich German
  18. Greg Habstritt
  19. John Assaraf
  20. Magnus Huckvale

Six Minutes to Success was a partnership between Bob Proctor and Harrison “Lanny” Morton {here’s a copy of their operating agreement}. Bob is dirty old man who knows jack shit about the Internets … but he’s been touring the MLM speaking circuit for years and knows all about The Secret to being in The Secret. Harrison Morton knows more than jack shit about the Internets :: but he wasn’t in The Secret so nobody gives a crap about him. Lanny came up with a plan to leverage Bob’s name into an Internet Marketing list and membership site.

You want to believe that’s a really stupid idea that failed :: but you’re going to be disappointed … Morton parlayed Proctor’s lame name into a big profitable list. Six Minutes used a wrinkly nasty old Proctor to build a much more significant Internet ScamLand list than Josh Fredrickson was able to build using piles of money and the far more popular :: and Oprah christened :: James Arthur Ray. When Tony Robbins launched his joint venture with The Syndicate :: Lanny’s new EvilProctor based list finished on top of the leader-board …

Over the years the Six Minutes list has appeared regularly on sales leader-boards for all the frauducts I hate the most. Harrison Morton was having success using Bob Proctor’s name to sell Frank Kern’s craps … and he was putting monies in the bank. But having financial success with a company 51% owned by Bob Proctor is exactly like failing :: because of the aforementioned psychotic greed and narcissism … big sharks get to be big sharks by biting off the heads of little sharks.

In November 2011 Bob Proctor unilaterally amended the operating agreement to remove Lanny Morton as Manager of Six Minutes to Success … and install himself and his lil’ woman Sandra Gallagher at the helm.

It’s how Proctor rolls :: it’s how you “succeed” in this “industry” … and there’s a trail of “partner” tears behind Proctor 20 years long. Harrison Lanny knew full well what he was dealing with {a freak} :: and should have just considered himself fortunate that he wasn’t bilked for $200K on the front end … and that he actually made a couple bucks {off the backs of others} in the process of getting screwed out.

But he let himself feel aggrieved :: and sued … Bob sued back.


… hang on while I get some chips.

First the case got booted from Nevada :: boring.

Case ends up in Arizona :: one county south of Ms. Polk and the dead victims who were failed by the educational system … Ms. Gallagher lays out The Bob’s claims against Harrison Morton in her sworn declaration

1) Lanny uses company money for himself … like it’s a toy in a game.

Yep :: I’m pretty sure that’s the Six Minutes to Internet Lifestyle. It’s fun and easy spending other people’s money … Bob should know.

2) Lanny moved “the company” {aka himself} to Hawaii.

Well :: you can still kiss Frank Kern’s ass from Hawaii …

… please Irwin :: please!

3) Lanny used the “customer” database to promote Deena Morton’s life coaching of champions :: and various other “competing” craportunities.

Um yeah :: and they also promoted every other piece of shit known to man … that’s what you do with one of these lists.

But you can’t really explain the whole dark world of fraud and manipulation to a Judge now can you? Normal operations of a bullshit unicorn business are more than just cause for removal under real world rules. So Morton’s claim to improper removal was always gonna fail. And his attempts to keep control of things he already controlled made things worse :: quoting Sandra …

Six Minutes is an online business. As such, it communicates with its customers and prospective customers based on information stored in a database (the “Infusionsoft Application”) that is maintained by Infusionsoft, a service provider located in Tempe, Arizona. Six Minutes additionally gains access to its online shopping cart, which used to in the product payment process, through the Infusionsoft Application. Without access to the Infusionsoft Application, Six Minutes cannot provide customer support, sell products, access its online shopping cart, or communicate with its current and prospective customers. Lanny Morton has blocked Six Minutes’ access to the Infusionsoft Application by instructing the service provider to use his name and contact information to do so. This has caused, and continues to cause, an immeasurable amount of harm to Six Minutes because it simply cannot do business without access to the Infusionsoft Application. Moreover, the service provider has refused to relinquish these access rights to Six Minutes without a court order. Access to the Infusionsoft Application is part of Six Minutes’ TRO Application.

They could never do it without Infusionsoft :: thanks Infusionsoft … it’s awesome how you have the courage to help vicious animals destroy the lives of real people.

So tell us Sandra :: who else is indispensable for the operations of your “business?”

Lanny Morton has also crippled Six Minutes’ ability to process online payments and to receive monies from sales through its financial service providers. Once an online purchase is made using the shopping cart hosted by Infusionsoft,, which is a financial service provider for online transactions, then processes the transaction. then sends the payment proceeds to PowerPay, another financial service provider used for online transactions. PowerPay then transfers the processed payment funds to the Six Minutes’ business operating bank account. Thus, and PowerPay are indispensible components in Six Minutes obtaining money from its online sales. Without access to the income stream provided by and PowerPay, Six Minutes cannot continue to operate as a going concern.

Infusionsoft :: :: PowerPay … as almost always.

The gurus of success don’t know how to build successful lasting businesses :: they just know how to take from you … and you keep letting them.

Lanny Morton lost :: and Bob Proctor lost … and the lawyers sucked up the remaining cash. Lawyers win!

Of course I think it’s fucking hilarious :: like when Proctor and David Schirmer were having a turd fight … or like Proctor sticking it to John Asaraff {more on that laters}. But this smoke speaks of a sad and scary story where the successes of Bob Proctor’s partners belong to Bob Proctor … and where the massive failure of Bob Proctor’s partners leads to yet more “successes” for Bob Proctor.

A faux wise man once said …

“I believe one of the glaring weaknesses in our educational system is that people are not taught to take responsibility for their own lives”

Yeah personal responsibility :: maybe I can help you out with that Bob Proctor … just maybe.

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