Proctor vs Morton :: Six Minute Lawsuits

Bob Proctor was James Arthur Ray’s mentor :: according to Bob Proctor and James Arthur Ray … even unskilled charlatans need mentoring. Bob and James mentored each other all up and down until they both learned The Secret and told Rhonda Byrne so she could attract $35 million unto her own self.

MLM doublespeak was rebranded as mainstream unicorn spirituality and James Arthur Ray went on Oprah :: Bob Proctor went on Ellen … the fake mentee becomes the fake mentor.

The Secret to success according to the movie The Secret is :: wait for it … The Law of Attraction {which is a totally real thing according to The Huffington NotNews Post}. The Secret to success according to the actions of the “teachers” of The Secret is :: wait for it … psychotic greed and narcissism.

Which is why four dead bodies wasn’t enough to convince Bob that James was up to no good. He stood by his not smart man until the bitter end :: says Bob Proctor in a letter to the Ray court

I have known and been friends with James Ray since the early ’90s. I am familiar with his work and can state, unequivocally, that he has helped thousands of people gain a better understanding of their true potential and live more meaningful lives. There are countless numbers of people who are living happier, more productive lives from the information James Ray has shared with them.

James Ray’s complete lack of education and training unequivocally helped countless numbers in their understanding of potentials … and it helped a very countable number to death. Countless is more than countable :: so according to ProctorMaths™ … James Arthur Ray is a net positive.  It’s the victim’s fault anywayz …

I believe one of the glaring weaknesses in our educational system is that people are not taught to take responsibility for their own lives. It is obvious that if one person was free to walk out of the sweat lodge, every person was free to walk out of the sweat lodge and to punish James for someone else’s actions, in my opinion, is a miscarriage of justice.

Kirby and Liz were fucking unconscious you idiotic prick :: but yeah … I’m sure it’s the educational system that was at fault. When will we start teaching our children to not have mental status changes while suffering from severe heat stroke? If only the lazy bastards at Sesame Street would do their jobs.

The day of his conviction for three manslaughters :: James Ray was “sharing information” with his victim database about the glories and successatudes of buying Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes to Success. He finished on the affiliate leader-board and probably received an appreciatory iTunes gift card to his Arizona prison cell …

1. Mind Movies

2. Blair Gorman

3. Mind Valley

4. Tapping Solution

5. Bill Harris

6. Brian Proctor

7. Vic Johnson

8. Vick Strizheus

9. Frank Mangano

10. Sonia Ricotti

11. Brian Tracy

12. Ed Rush

13. Brad Codd

14. Alvin Huang

15. Robert Anthony

16. James Ray

17. Rich German

18. Greg Habstritt

19. John Assaraf

20. Magnus Huckvale

Six Minutes to Success was a partnership between Bob Proctor and Harrison “Lanny” Morton {here’s a copy of their operating agreement}. Bob is dirty old man who knows jack shit about the Internets … but he’s been touring the MLM speaking circuit for years and knows all about The Secret to being in The Secret. Harrison Morton knows more than jack shit about the Internets :: but he wasn’t in The Secret so nobody gives a crap about him. Lanny came up with a plan to leverage Bob’s name into an Internet Marketing list and membership site.

You want to believe that’s a really stupid idea that failed :: but you’re going to be disappointed … Morton parlayed Proctor’s lame name into a big profitable list. Six Minutes used a wrinkly nasty old Proctor to build a much more significant Internet ScamLand list than Josh Fredrickson was able to build using piles of money and the far more popular :: and Oprah christened :: James Arthur Ray. When Tony Robbins launched his joint venture with The Syndicate :: Lanny’s new EvilProctor based list finished on top of the leader-board …

Over the years the Six Minutes list has appeared regularly on sales leader-boards for all the frauducts I hate the most. Harrison Morton was having success using Bob Proctor’s name to sell Frank Kern’s craps … and he was putting monies in the bank. But having financial success with a company 51% owned by Bob Proctor is exactly like failing :: because of the aforementioned psychotic greed and narcissism … big sharks get to be big sharks by biting off the heads of little sharks.

In November 2011 Bob Proctor unilaterally amended the operating agreement to remove Lanny Morton as Manager of Six Minutes to Success … and install himself and his lil’ woman Sandra Gallagher at the helm.

It’s how Proctor rolls :: it’s how you “succeed” in this “industry” … and there’s a trail of “partner” tears behind Proctor 20 years long. Harrison Lanny knew full well what he was dealing with {a freak} :: and should have just considered himself fortunate that he wasn’t bilked for $200K on the front end … and that he actually made a couple bucks {off the backs of others} in the process of getting screwed out.

But he let himself feel aggrieved :: and sued … Bob sued back.


… hang on while I get some chips.

First the case got booted from Nevada :: boring.

Case ends up in Arizona :: one county south of Ms. Polk and the dead victims who were failed by the educational system … Ms. Gallagher lays out The Bob’s claims against Harrison Morton in her sworn declaration

1) Lanny uses company money for himself … like it’s a toy in a game.

Yep :: I’m pretty sure that’s the Six Minutes to Internet Lifestyle. It’s fun and easy spending other people’s money … Bob should know.

2) Lanny moved “the company” {aka himself} to Hawaii.

Well :: you can still kiss Frank Kern’s ass from Hawaii …

… please Irwin :: please!

3) Lanny used the “customer” database to promote Deena Morton’s life coaching of champions :: and various other “competing” craportunities.

Um yeah :: and they also promoted every other piece of shit known to man … that’s what you do with one of these lists.

But you can’t really explain the whole dark world of fraud and manipulation to a Judge now can you? Normal operations of a bullshit unicorn business are more than just cause for removal under real world rules. So Morton’s claim to improper removal was always gonna fail. And his attempts to keep control of things he already controlled made things worse :: quoting Sandra …

Six Minutes is an online business. As such, it communicates with its customers and prospective customers based on information stored in a database (the “Infusionsoft Application”) that is maintained by Infusionsoft, a service provider located in Tempe, Arizona. Six Minutes additionally gains access to its online shopping cart, which used to in the product payment process, through the Infusionsoft Application. Without access to the Infusionsoft Application, Six Minutes cannot provide customer support, sell products, access its online shopping cart, or communicate with its current and prospective customers. Lanny Morton has blocked Six Minutes’ access to the Infusionsoft Application by instructing the service provider to use his name and contact information to do so. This has caused, and continues to cause, an immeasurable amount of harm to Six Minutes because it simply cannot do business without access to the Infusionsoft Application. Moreover, the service provider has refused to relinquish these access rights to Six Minutes without a court order. Access to the Infusionsoft Application is part of Six Minutes’ TRO Application.

They could never do it without Infusionsoft :: thanks Infusionsoft … it’s awesome how you have the courage to help vicious animals destroy the lives of real people.

So tell us Sandra :: who else is indispensable for the operations of your “business?”

Lanny Morton has also crippled Six Minutes’ ability to process online payments and to receive monies from sales through its financial service providers. Once an online purchase is made using the shopping cart hosted by Infusionsoft,, which is a financial service provider for online transactions, then processes the transaction. then sends the payment proceeds to PowerPay, another financial service provider used for online transactions. PowerPay then transfers the processed payment funds to the Six Minutes’ business operating bank account. Thus, and PowerPay are indispensible components in Six Minutes obtaining money from its online sales. Without access to the income stream provided by and PowerPay, Six Minutes cannot continue to operate as a going concern.

Infusionsoft :: :: PowerPay … as almost always.

The gurus of success don’t know how to build successful lasting businesses :: they just know how to take from you … and you keep letting them.

Lanny Morton lost :: and Bob Proctor lost … and the lawyers sucked up the remaining cash. Lawyers win!

Of course I think it’s fucking hilarious :: like when Proctor and David Schirmer were having a turd fight … or like Proctor sticking it to John Asaraff {more on that laters}. But this smoke speaks of a sad and scary story where the successes of Bob Proctor’s partners belong to Bob Proctor … and where the massive failure of Bob Proctor’s partners leads to yet more “successes” for Bob Proctor.

A faux wise man once said …

“I believe one of the glaring weaknesses in our educational system is that people are not taught to take responsibility for their own lives”

Yeah personal responsibility :: maybe I can help you out with that Bob Proctor … just maybe.

>> bleep bloop

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  1. Dan Kennedy has mentioned he owns part of Infusionsoft. Another connection to the french trade union.

    1. @Where is Dan Kennedy?, I’ve always been curious why Clate Mask, Scott Martineau, and crew down at Infusionsoft (who apparently care so much for their dream, vision, purpose, and mission (dvpm) to actually help entrepreneurs) could either not see how these villains are using their platform to destroy lives… Or care more about getting ipo ready and cash money than any ‘actual’ dvpm.

      I mean, how could they not know?

      Yet they have done nothing to distance themselves the sick machine that they so desperately need to stag afloat. And hopefully long enough for someone who doesn’t know can come along and buy ’em out.

      Hey Clate, how good is it gonna feel going into church leadership / retirement knowing that a good chunk of your nest-egg came at the cost of millions of hopeful entrepreneurs getting scammed, all the more because you helped to ‘automate’ the predation of the weak?

      Can you honestly say that you are honest in your dealings with your fellow man, when your best “strategic” “partners” have so clearly demonstrated their true nature as predators of the weak and vulnerable?

      Are you a man of the cloth or a man of the cash?

      1. @Curious?,

        So I take it Clate Mask is mormon? :)

        I don’t think Clate made a trade off … he built this business/tool for this market. Without this market Infusionsoft doesn’t exist.

        1. @RT, He’s Mormon. In fact, I would hazard a guess that Clate Mask is related (son?) to Clate Mask Jr., a Mormon General Authority from 2003-2009.

          One of Clate-the-Internet-Marketing-Enabler’s goals is to be able to take Fridays off so he can do temple work. (I’d post a link to the site, but the website tried to slip me a Trojan, thankfully Microsoft’s Security Essentials caught that crap.)

          I wonder how Clate-the-Internet-Marketing-Enabler answers the following Temple recommend question: “Are you honest in your dealings with your fellow man?” I suspect the man believes he has a clean conscience, even as he’s taking money from Internet Marketing Scam Artists.

          1. Awww… that was me. Anyway, who am I kidding? Utah is the scam capitol of the universe. All these get-rich-quick schemes, designed to get you further up the ladder to success and importance in Mormon circles…all destined to failure, except for the guy at the top, who might get lucky and not get indicted for ripping off his fellow man.

          2. @mirele ::

            OMFG :: I think you might be right!


            Definite resemblance … and his profile on the church site says he spent most of his married life in Arizona.

            Please :: please :: please God … let the namesake son of a Quorum of the Seventy member be a member of Dan Kennedy’s insider mastermind.

            Holy shit balls!

            1. @SD,
              Oh that’s him, alright.

              And that’s why I ask…

              Clate Mask, do you honestly not know of the atrocities and lies your partners commit using your platform? Do you not know how many entrepreneurs and small business owners -families, Clate- you have destroyed through your promotion of these documented scam artists and market manipulators?

              If so, and you claim you didn’t know, until now (cause I know you’ve got google alerts set up, though it’s probably managed by Joe Manna, your social media schlep) what you have done in courting these “men” … Then NOW is the time to break ties with these guys.

              If your salvation and exaltation, reputation, family name, let alone human decency isn’t motivation enough, consider this:

              You have a brand to protect and it is only a matter of time before your board of advisors finds out about all this… What do you think they would have to say about you partnering with such unsavory characters?


              In fact, does anyone know who they got their venture capital through? I’m sure they’d be pleased as punch to see how their investment could soon be embroiled in a major lawsuit. Oh and that you’ve been courting convicted felon’s who are breaking their parol through their very association with you. Oh and that you platinum parter and client Frank Kern has had some FTC issues in the past… Which are only a small reflection of what is to come. Make no mistake… The FTC is watching. Not gonna be very pretty having your brand all over the pr web associated and directly affiliated with this group!

              I would honestly like to believe you when you spout your dream, vision, purpose, and mission. But when your actions run so contrary to them, and your employees know it, you’ve got a serious problem on your hands.

              Good luck, guy.

              You’re gonna need it.

              Ps. Employees of Infusionsoft, now is the time to do the right thing and start standing up and sharing in meetings what you know in your head and heart: your partner channel is filled with fraudulent, convicted, scam artists. Start filtering out more information, the Droid’s got this, but he can still use your help.

              The livelihood of innocent an vulnerable victims is on the line, and you are in a very unique position to help.

            2. In all seriousness: Clate, please do some personal research on this site.

              Don’t let the droids potty mouth and sparkling prose disuade you from the potential rightness of his message and the damning documentation he has exposed.

              What he has exposed is criminal and lecherous activity (think secret combinations) with those whom you have closely associated yourself with in the past (and recently). But here you have the clear opportunity to DO something to protect the years of precious investment and sacrifice.

              Are they worth it?


              Go look and I am willing to bet that the leads and clients they produce are the ones who cost you the most and drive down your teams moral.


              Because these criminals who fake and manipulate their way into being “bestsellers,” don’t care one bit about maxing out a persons credit card to sell them a bogus “business in a box” or shitty information they could find on google for months on end in some vacuous continuity program PERPETRATED ON YOUR COMPANY’S SERVERS!

              Is that loud enough for you?

              Ask the Ultimate Steve H. to objectively look at the facts presented. He just may give you a different perspective you need to help you sort this out.

              Sure, you should also talk to some other lawyers than Mark Chesley and company. But lawyers can’t save your soul or reflect a look of admiration in your Father’s eye.

      2. @Curious?,

        I want to tell people about that before they get mad at CEO Clate Mask for InfusionSoft, which now is now the leading provider of Email Marketing 2.0 software for small businesses…

        …please go to make your own decision about value from his free exclusive content which is available for anybody who wants to get it – I made a video for helping you to get it from the InfusionSoft system, which is the leading provider of Email Marketing 2.0 software:

        1. @Jack ::

          I was just coming to terms with him being named Clate Mask … and you’ve already tribute videoed him.

          He should get some training on how to use his super entrepreneurial email 2.0 … Perry Belcher can do it so it must not be too hard.

          1. @SD, He can get training from the man behind InfusionSoft’s big success…because I found out about it from the man today who told me:

            “I’ve worked up-close and in-person with many hundreds of entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs and millionaires.

            I advised Clate Mask, president of InfusionSoft, when all he had was three guys in a room writing custom software for anybody who would give them money. Now he’s doing well over ten million dollars a year.”

            Also, I found out from him about that buying $18 books is bad and spending BIG, BIG money to get to bump around into people is the way to big and ultimate success:

            “P.S.: If I only took what’s cheap or free —- for example if I only bought $18 bookstore books and if I only helped myself to the vast quantities of free advice online – even if I got the best of the best, I would still miss out on 95% of the NETWORKING opportunities that you get from live events. Because learning happens in communities and conversations, not just at home and online.

            There is NO substitute for human contact. Oh, and the people you meet at a fifty dollar seminar are not gonna get you where you want to go.

            Find the price. Decide to pay the price. Then pay the price.”

            Takeaways for me:

            1. Pay big money to make big money.
            2. Don’t go around big expensive events to learn things but what you can do is go to them to bump around into people that will make you have money from coming to the event where you didn’t learn anything you couldn’t get for free or cheap online or in the bookstores.
            3. $18 is the mark of the devil (I think is what that part means).
            4. 95% of success comes from bumping around into people but only if you spend more than $50 (I think it has to be whole deal more than the $50, too).
            5. Decide to pay the price you need to pay to get to bump around into people (I think even if you don’t have some sort money to pay the price, probably you can figure out a way to pay the price, I guess…maybe like a credit card house-mortgage?).

          1. @SD, Now in defense of a guy named Clate, at least his name is five letters and there’s maybe two ways you can pronounce it: Clate or Claaayteee. And I would betcha that every time, people hit the right pronunciation right off. He could have my name, five letters, butchered 90 percent of the time. So at least his parents gave him a weird but pronounceable name. I got weird but butchered.

            At least he’s not wandering around calling himself C. John Mask or something like that (the good old Mormon tradition of turning the first letter into an initial and going with the middle name as the first name). But after this, he may want to. :)

          2. @SD, In fairness to some speakers there, it could be that some only agreed to attend if Clate promised to stop issuing that terrifying smile of his at them.

          3. @SD, I could have been looking forward to being dissapointed in Infusioncon 2012 Speakers but I had to find out about that it’s over, so only the InfusionCon 2012 recap can work to know about it:

            “This year, Infusionsoft hit it out of the part with their keynote speaker line up. Examples included Ali Brown, Pam Slim, Chris Brogan and Gary Vaynerchuk. All are great keynote speakers, and all are successful Infusionsoft users which is equally inspiring when you are sitting at the user conference!”

            The only secret kept so far from the write-up is which part they hit it out of.

            1. @Jack,

              re: the InfusionCon 2012 recap:
              Yeah. Two whole responses to the post and one of those being from Clate himself and the other being a link back from a post on the “” website.

              I’m thinkin’ this event wasn’t exactly a smashing success.

              Furry cows moo and decompress.

            2. @Wyrd,

              [sarcasm]But it was SOLD OUT!!![end sarcasm]

              I grabbed the Meetings & Conferences PDF guide from the Arizona Biltmore website and compared the rooms they used to the max seating for each, ignoring concurrent sessions, which did not list rooms anyway:

              – The Sunday night mixer was in the Gold Room, which accommodates 490 people in a Reception setup, plus 180 more on the room’s patio, for a total of 670 people.
              – All the lunches happened in the McArthur Ballroom, which fits 1,220 with Banquet Seating.
              – The Real Secret to Success in the Arizona Ballroom could’ve fit 1,000 people using Theater Seating or just 655 with Classroom Seating.
              – The Opening Night Party was in the FLW Ballroom, which fits 1,600 people for a Dinner/Dance setup, 2,400 for a Reception or 3,120 packed in Theater Seating style.
              – The Invitation Only Parter Mixer and Dinner was in the Aztec Ballroom, fitting 150 Banquet style in the room, plus another 200 on the room’s patio, for a total of 350.

              I’d guess that the event had between 600 and 1,000 people. Compare that to the reported 45,000 in-person and 35,000 online Dreamforce ’11 attendees or – looking outside list management – the estimated 40,000 C2E2 attendees.

        2. @Jack,

          Great video. Love the bag pipes. And all the pointy arrows.

          So I guess the main feature of Email Marketing 2.0 is that no email addresses can be added to the list. That way–people can’t get upset about receiving hoards of spam in the Inbox every day.

          I like it. Email Marketing is much less offensive when it’s non-existent.

          Furry cows moo and decompress.

        3. @Jack,

          I tried signing up on the site in your video just for s n’ gs. It’s still down.

          I’m surprised, but then I probably shouldn’t be surprised. fly-by-night operations and all that. Also the even they talk about was back in 2010. So I guess they’ve never bothered to take down the front-end page.

          Furry cows moo and decompress.

  2. “However, Mr. Proctor began to be dissatisfied with his arrangement with Mr.
    Morton. He believed that Mr. Morton would not respond to communications and failed to provide financial information.”

    How can that one be true when in clear-plain language in the Injunction we can see this financial-revelation:

    “The parties made lots of money.

  3. Great reporting as usual, @SD, and I’m glad you’re turning some of your attention back to Scientist Bob. May all of his dirty misdeeds eventually come to light!

    And speaking of James Arthur “Death” Ray, I just found out from “Tragedy In Sedona” author Connie Joy, via Facebook, that JAR is currently flogging the notorious Kevin True-dough’s ludicrous CD set “Your Wish Is Your Command,” which is the upsell for the even more ludicrous and atrociously expensive Global Information Network (GIN). Wrote the other Connie, whose FB moniker is “Tragedy In Sedona: My Life In James Arthur Ray’s Inner Circle”:

    “Under the subject of ‘You just can’t make this kind of thing up’ I just got an email from with the title of ‘From the Desk Of James Arthur Ray’! I didn’t know that he had a desk in jail?!? But he is still selling his stuff. He has a “GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU” a program he is calling Your Wish Is Your Command. ‘I’ve personally gone through the entire program and can strongly recommend it to you.’ Yes, you want to buy this so you can be just like him???”

    It’s possible just paying KT back for KT’s public defense of JAR — and the entire selfish-help industry — last year on KT’s wing-nutty “radio” show.

    The circle jerkers keep on jerking…

    1. @Cosmic Connie, Great stuff from both you and the Droid! As for Death Ray and True-dough, hey, a list is a terrible thing to waste. They both intend to make money from that email list. Neither one has an altruistic bone in their bodies.

    2. @Cosmic Connie, Well, if the state of Texas can’t find it in themselves to shut down Warren Jeffs, who is currently a resident of their fine prison system, on a permanent basis (i.e., cut off his phone communications that he’s using to run his empire), do you really think Arizona’s going to step in and tell James Ray he can’t run a scam from inside the state prison? I think not.

    1. @alternativedroid,

      Well, that’s what happens if you try to run sentient software on a Windows Media Center platform. You could’ve at least installed a spell check plugin, though.

  4. Morton and Proctor are getting what they deserve. When you lie with internet dogs, you wake up….broke.

  5. Bob Proctor better find another really good legal minion and find them FAST…

    All these guys are screwed. I hear Bernie Madoff is lonely and needs a few friends to join him.

  6. I was rummaging around the Infusionsoft site, seeing what kind of employment opportunities they have, noticing that they want to know your definition of “entrepreneur” as part of the employment process and I came across this quote in the sidebar:

    “We saw a 55% increase in revenue since 2004, we’ve increased our conversion rate by 15%, and we’ve shortened the sales cycle by 50%.”

    Joe Polish
    Piranha Marketing

    I believe this Polish guy is the one who has offices across from the art supply store I like to spend money at in Tempe. At least when I buy art supplies, I get something tangible, which is not something that one can say about these scam setups.

    1. @mirele,

      Joe Polish started out with carpet cleaning. Became a marketing “guru” under Dan Kennedy.

      Spends a lot of time buying third party credibility, like paying to hang out with Richard Branson along with other french trade unionists.

      1. @Where is Dan Kennedy?,

        Joe Polish reminds me of Sam Harris’ argument about moderate religion giving fundamentalists arguments to hide behind and make themselves appear less evil than they are.

        Whether one agrees with this or not, imho it’s just as applicable to marketing. Polish does do good stuff – giving carpet cleaners a way to establish a stable business, doing free podcasts, etc, but he’s also giving scammers a place to brand themselves as legitimate entrepreneurs.

        Next time he’s in the mood for spending a few thousand dollars on a weekend trip, maybe he should go visit the guys behind A&E’s Intervention instead and learn how enabling hurts oneself and others?

  7. Re Six Minutes concept:


    By letting Bob Proctor or any of the other dickweeds into your brain for as little as just six minutes a day, you too can slowly have your thoughts altered, mind converted.

    And before long, you’ll be locked into that cycle of gotta buy the next frauduct.

    Of course this process doesn’t work on everyone. (Not meant to imply that some are more gullible–just that it’s hard to inoculate against a mind worm that promises so much.) But that’s why Bob needs a really big list. So that the conversion rate times the number of potential “customers” equals a large dollar value.

    And, the kicker is that even though Bob knows this is how it works–that people get locked into a vicious cycle that can be almost impossible to break out of that increases his bank account, when it comes down to it, he’ll wash his hands of the whole thing and claim people just need to take more responsibility for their own lives.

    It’s easy to say that, Bob Proctor, when you’re the one pulling all the strings. Bob, why not trade places for a few days with someone locked in your frauduct cycle and see how well that grabs you?

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  8. “I’m not saying this to impress you, but to impress upon you…”

    If I here one more MLM’er or IM’er say this, my head will explode! Shouldn’t they have to recycle that crap every century or so?

    What confuses me is, why – when Proctor is the guru of success – do so many of his ventures fall into the toilet? Here’s the success story of a recent MLM venture of “Faculty Member” Bob’s…

      1. @Jack, Well SH!T! If Stephen -I must be a great hypnotist because I’ve been able to publicly abuse my wife, employees, and customers without retribution because I’m Stephen Muther Fkn- Pierce, says it… you know it’s good.

        Plus he’s black.

        And he’s got an amazing nipple.

        Have you seen it?

        You should.

        Especially in the pale glow of a buzzing boiler room floor.

        MMmm… the sound of human suffering in the morning!

        Makes you wanna hit up a starbucks and screw a hooker.

        My wife won’t be expecting me til late anyways… proly keep her around for the whole day.

        Had a solid product launch. I deserve it.

        HOLY SH!T I think Stephen Pierce just infiltrated my brain!

        Get Out Stephen! I cast thee from me… in the name of the salty one, BEGONE!!

        Oh, whew…

        How will I ever be free of the curse though?

        Oooh… I know!

        1) I “could” let go of it.
        2) I “would” let go of it.
        3) “When?” Fkn NOw! … AHhh man, I feel so much freer!

        Where’s the optin box?

    1. @Sue,
      “What confuses me is, why – when [Bob] Proctor is the guru of success – do so many of his ventures fall into the toilet? Here’s the success story of a recent MLM venture of “Faculty Member” Bob’s…”

      Because success is relative.

      Einstein taught that.

      Bob’s just the light bearer who brought it to your now enlightened quantum consciousness.

      You’re welcome.

  9. The Secret to success according to the movie The Secret is :: wait for it … The Law of Attraction {which is a totally real thing according to The Huffington NotNews Post}.

    I thought that Hale Dwoskin fool looked familiar. Here are Penn and Teller calling him out on their epic series, appropriately titled, “Bullshit!”

    1. @zipnar ::

      I love how his fellow Transformational Leadership Council butt buddy Jack Canfield is pretending to take notes on Dwoskin’s genius “this pen is you not having anymore problems” method.

      1. @SD,

        That’s because innovation is like a slut: the more she’s passed around, the better she gets.

        Except for the gonorrhea.

        That, sucks.

    2. @zipnar,

      Penn & Teller! Awesome! Love those guys. Of course I don’t always agree with them, but that’s not really the point.

      The point is they’re willing to call a whole lot of things bullshit and make a case for it. It makes you think. I think thinking is good.

      And now that you play that clip, I do vaguely remember it–I’ve seen most of the P&T BS eps once each.

      I remember the pen drop stunt and the goofy looking chairs more than the mild-mannered, soft spoken spin doctor of empty words and touchy feel goodness.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd,

        I actually listened to some of the Sedona Method material after a (woo-ey) friend recommended it to me.

        Dwoskin is pretty weird, but he’s brilliant at “making ’em believe” as Dan Kennedy would call it. They’re both doing the same thing: After getting your attention, they consistently switch from course material to “oh look here’s a person who did this and wow their life is so much better now”.
        If you repeat it long enough, the listener is likely to think “Oh, this stuff must actually work really well, I’m just not good enough yet”. I bought into it until Dwoskin went on with the infamous Yale goal study and the “we don’t really use our brains” myth. It pretty much went down-hill from there (did you know that our intuition is always right and you can lose weight by meditating?).

        Still, I think meditation is great and I can understand that Levensen (who invented the thing before passing it on to Dwoskin) experienced some kind of high that he interpreted as a revelation. But there’s no magic to it, and it might not help you become rich, healthy or a desirable mate.

    3. @zipnar,

      WTF? Check out the ‘Forever Alone’ dude in action @ 28:21-28:58 … Poor dude wants some SO bad!

      Sorry Chief, your steely-dan in cabo strut-walk through the fire-coals did little to help your chances. But truth be told, you were friend-zoned from the beginning anyways.

      Maybe he could be upsold into Eben Pagan’s PUA funnel.

      Actually that’s not funny, Eben did close to 8-figures last year, which even with 30% clawback rate, it’s still a lot of people out separated from their monies, in the hope of making monies, but no monies are coming, because this pyramid only goes one way.

      Damn it. That video had me cheered up with some good lols… now I’m pissed again.

      How do these fck-trds still exist?

      Oh yeah: the money from millions of victims. I forgot.

      FTC: any day now is fine with me.

      Salty: FTW!

    4. @zipnar,

      “You can use this stuff in a living room or operating room”. I hope that guy is not a doctor. If he is a doctor, I hope he is not a surgeon. If he is a surgeon, I hope he is not a neurosurgeon.

    5. @zipnar, Simple stuff? I like simple. I can DO simple. Thanks for the tips. (I dropping pens all over the joint!)

    1. @Stompernets next win, Hope this poor dentally-challenged dude gets his money back so he can get new teeth.

    2. @Stompernets next win,

      That’s a very, very scary video. I’m not quite sure what the goal is. That character surely can’t be for real.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

  10. Want to get ripped off? Try one of these:

    Imagine the visa commercial voice:
    Bob Proctor Coaching Program $7000
    Bob Proctor Matrix $15,000
    Bob Proctor Consultant training $20,000
    Bob Proctor Publishing $100,000

    The feeling of getting fucked in the ass? guaranteed if you buy one of these.

    Everything Bob teaches is ripped off. If you want the source material, which is a lot better than listening to this crook, listen to lead the field by Earl Nightengale ($32), read Think and Grow Rich ($8) and the Science of getting Rich (Free in public domain)

  11. Bob’s burp 32 seconds into the video: flawless. Very funny, but too good to be true… Congratulations to the Droid on the editing? Or was it a real Bob burp?

    1. @Bob’s Burp?,

      I wish I’d seen your comment before I listened to it on my headphones. Disgusting. And he didn’t even bother to stop filming and start again. Shows how much attention he places on the quality of what comes out of his mouth.

      1. @Clark,

        There’s another really obvious one hidden in the links. Finder wins the chance to win the chance to win the chance to win a Ferrari.

      2. @Clark, From first link up there.

        “They are strangely oblivious to things that everyone else takes for granted, such as whether it is okay to turn their suitemate’s room into a landfill and board it up.”

        …or whether or not it’s OK to burp out loud during a presentation and not go back to it to edit it out later on.

        1. @Jack, He must have learned how to burp like that from watching Harlan Kilstein. If it’s still up, SD had a video of Harlooney where he let out a great big belch and just kept right on recording his little pitch. Couldn’t have missed that belch. Maybe he thought his bodily functions help distract people from the bullshit he is saying.

  12. six minutes to success changed my life for the better. I loved their information and am sad to see them split

    1. @Manuel, Actually, NOT being exposed to ‘six minutes to success’ would have changed your life, and made it MUCH better. Plus, that would have been FREE.

      Paying for that is like paying someone to take a typical self help book, and tear out a page a day and hand it to you, for 100 times the price of the book. Sort of like being spoon fed, and still ending up with an empty stomach.

      No need to be sad about them splitting. Now they won’t be splitting your money!

  13. Comments are closed for Hale Dwoskin’s HuffPo farce, but I only wanted to address the first sentence, in which this fraud refers to himself as a “teacher.” You’re no teacher. If you want to teach, either get a teaching certificate and work for a school (god forbid), or try something much harder – get an authentic understanding of spiritual principles. Good luck with that.

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