Dr. Tony Alessandra :: Speaker’s Homicide

Tony Alessandra Pro-Death

Dr. Tony Alessandra is a “professional” speaker :: and he definitely does not live in a van down by the river … too many crackheads down there. It’s best to keep the van on the move :: maybe take your under-appreciated daughter on a road trip to a beauty pageant with someone from The Daily Show. Stuff like that. There’s lots of great things to do with a van you happen to be living in :: this whole “down by the river” stereotype really peeves The Tony.

Doctor of the professional speaking arts Tony Alessandra welcomes you to his retrograde website with this masterpiece of blurb-a-tude {seriously!} …

“As the room lights dim, a hush comes over the audience in anticipation of the keynote address. “Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Tony Alessandra,” echoes the announcer as the energetic figure walks briskly onto the stage. Departing from tradition, he passes the awaiting podium, steps off the stage and directly into the audience. He delivers his first line and the hush in the room is broken with spontaneous laughter and applause. From that moment on, the electricity of Tony Alessandra never stops.”

OMG I’m so fucking captivated right now! This is such a great story :: it deserves a great finish.  I’ll give it a try :: I’m not a faux-leader of not-thinking like Dr. Tony Alessandra or anything … but I’ll still make an effort for the sake of the fake arts …

As the room lights return to a more acceptable shade of corporate florescent :: the ladies and gentlemen notice that Dr. Tony’s neck flaps around like a poorly stitched muppet’s as he sweats like Richard Nixon. “Who is this turd ball?” :: whispers a regional sales rep from the tri-state area as she sneaks out the back to chain smoke and play Angry Birds. Sticking with tradition :: Alessandra attempts to pass off a series of cliché and shallow banalities as some kind of secret wisdoms. “Crap like this is why this company hasn’t met its sale’s goals in three consecutive quarters” :: thinks almost everybody. The chicken tastes like old shoes :: but it’s better than Alessandra’s pathetic attempts at recycled humor. Many audience members start biting their tongues :: the pain reminds them that they’re still alive … and the blood flavors the chicken. Finally :: the sweet release of it being over … people rush off to cheat on their spouses and forget all about Tony Alessandra.

And you can too!

Here’s a small taste of that Alessandra electricity …

This is Tony’s “famous story” about buying a house :: it had 17 views when I posted it. I guess one man’s famous is another man’s slightly mushy potato. The story is about how when people buy a house it’s like life :: and how life is like a box of chocolates that you got at Walgreens and some of them were already melted and tasted of taint … or something. Okay :: fuck :: I can’t lie to you people … I didn’t watch it. I’m not going to watch it.  You shouldn’t watch it either :: it’s a waste of your already mostly wasted life.  But enough of you are going to watch it based on the power of my non-recommendation to make it Dr. Tony Alessandra’s “most famous” video.  So congrats on that Dr. Tony :: you’re welcome!

With Dr. Alessandra you’re not getting some jackass nobody who says he’s a something when he’s actually a nothing. No :: you’re getting the real deal :: a Certified Speaking Professional :: CSP for short. Ask yourself this :: if CSP wasn’t a real thing … would they have their own acronym? I think not!

James Arthur Ray :: convicted felon and negligent homicider :: is also a CSP.  He even put it on his wall :: right next to his O …

CSP’s gots to stick together. If there aren’t any other pretenders out there to pretend that you’re not a pretender :: then how are you supposed to pull off pretending like you’re not a pretender? Did I just blow your mind? Then you might want to join a French for trade union.  French for trade unions are very important if what you’re offering has zero core value and is completely non-differentiated.

Scum coagulates …

From: On Behalf Of Dr. Tony Alessandra 858-999-2119
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2011 12:06 PM
Subject: [CSPlink] Re: More on James Arthur Ray

…I just received this email from James Ray. He needs help from all those who really know him. I’ve volunteered to testify as a character witness in Aug.or Sept. prior to sentencing. ALL your letters will help his case.

From: James Ray
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 8:58 PM
To: Tony Alessandra (TA@Alessandra.com )
Subject: help James Ray

Tony I need as many letters of support as possible talking about the good I’ve done and WHY I SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE DOING MY WORK and get probation versus prison. Can you help me? How do they know me, what have I done for them or what have they observed me do, what do they know about my character, work ethic, contribution, WHY SHOULD I BE ALLOWED TO GET BACK AND CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY, ETC.
You mentioned that many speakers have made supportive comments to you, can you get them to write letters-the more the better. My lawyers want to give them to the judge to help sway his sentence. Have them send via email to nk@jamesray.com. Attachment with a signature is best but if not possible can be in the body of the email.

Thanks in advance for your help

James Arthur Ray

James Ray MUST BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE DOING HIS WORK.  Yeah sure “his work” involves killing some people :: but what’s a couple of dead bodies to a world thought leader :: and CSP :: like Tony Alessandra?

Tony Alessandra knows that the REAL James Arthur Ray is not the d-bag who tells people to urinate inside of an air tight death trap. That’s just what people testified to in a court of law. The REAL James Arthur Ray is all about cupcakes and adopting rescue dogs.  This whole “covering up Colleen’s death” thing wasn’t the REAL James Ray either. The REAL James Ray :: as only Tony Alessandra seems to know :: is all about making scrapbooks for old ladies in retirement homes.

So if you’re thinking about booking CSP Tony Alessandra to speak at your super-lame corporate sales-a-thon type thing :: you may want to consider requesting his hot new speech …

— The Upside of Homicide —

It’s a classic! {allegedly}

And if you’re thinking about writing in support of Death Ray :: please be so kind as to CC my fake secretary Debbie at saltydroid@gmail.com … I’m sure she’d be interested in booking you on the show as soon as possible.

Tony Alessandra.


>> bleep bloop


88 thoughts on “Dr. Tony Alessandra :: Speaker’s Homicide”

  1. OMG, James Ray has just secured his end. That email just proved how deluded the man is. He shows absolutely no remorse for what has happened to his victims and he is adamant about “getting back to doing what he wants to do”. For the Good Lords sake why the hell is this guy allowed to write to people to start with AND manipulate them even more. This is really really scarey stuff and makes you wonder what the hell is going on. My gut is aching for the families of the victims, particularly the children. Does this man EVER stop to think of anyone but himself?

    1. @coco, Watching two minutes of that video convinced me Alessandra himself is a mistake. He’s exactly the type of loser freak I predicted would slither out in support of Ray. He wants Ray set free because the drug scene in Carlsbad,CA just ‘ain’t the same without the JAR hookup.

  2. BAD career move, Alessandra. Bad move. Here’s a hint: Death Ray needs you more than you need him. Linking your fate to his is even stupider than your sales rhetoric, just not as funny.

    1. @Yakaru,

      I looked at his email with a critical eye and wondered– where are his copywriting skills? The great persuader made a glaring rookie mistake in ‘WHY SHOULD I BE ALLOWED TO GET BACK AND CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY, ETC.’
      Its phrased as an open question that allows the alert reader the response–You shouldn’t, you are a liability.
      ‘Why I should’ which he did use earlier, presupposes agreement and a positive response.

      I have a faint glimmer of hope that ole DeathRay may be losing his grip and fraying a bit round the edges. That chain gang/hard time could be the coup de grace.
      Here’s hoping.

      1. @Stoic ::

        Maybe he’s fraying :: or maybe {like I’ve been arguing all along} :: he was never any good. In a world of every man for himself charlatanism … he would never have risen above the bottom 25th percentile because he’s not a subtle or skilled manipulator.

        His rise was an accident :: and more a reflection on our wildly out of control mass media culture. He’s a monster who rode in on the crest of a wave that was not of his own creation.

        There were some complicated patterns in his actual LGAT syntax :: but as you well know :: that system is already well developed and available if you know the right/wrong people.

        ALL of his off syntax actions are impressively unimpressive.

        1. “In a world of every man for himself charlatanism … he would never have risen above the bottom 25th percentile because he’s not a subtle or skilled manipulator.

          His rise was an accident :: and more a reflection on our wildly out of control mass media culture. He’s a monster who rode in on the crest of a wave that was not of his own creation.”

          I completely agree. Ray was a copycat primarily, not a skilled manipulator. His single virtue is persistence, which is why he clings to his only hope of freedom–ruthless pursuit of his own self-interest. That’s always been the core of his message and his “work.” Ray’s “contribution to society” has always been deeply anti-social, a reflection of his personality.

          The really skilled manipulators in our society work on Wall Street, in Washington, and at the tops of various global corporate entities.

        2. @SD,
          I quite liked that noughts and crosses one with

          It was impressively confusing and meaningless, yet tweaked my inner nerd by making me wonder what other words you could do that with. And I can never resist a half-finished grid of noughts and crosses, sad I know.

          1. @Stoic,

            He was a good pitch man from the stage, I’ve watched a few and he’s not that bad at working the room, from the vids I’ve seen.
            Of course, reports of his nastiness to selected audience members are coming out now, edited from the PR vids for mass consumption.
            I’ve seen better but that seemed to be his greatest skill.
            That Elmer Gantry schtick.

      2. @Stoic,

        JAR is like a lossy video format: It doesn’t add new information, the noise just keeps increasing over time.

        Start out with basic sleazy direct mail salesmanship and some self-help information looking like this:

        End up idly standing by while your trusting customers die in one of your “trainings” and make a pathetic attempt to avoid the law looking more like this:

        Actually, JAR probably starting out sounding something like video 150, but that’s a different issue.

        1. @Clark,

          Oh, so that is the transformation I witnessed over a few years. He started out sounding like the first video and ended up like the last. I just thought his reptillian side was leaking out.

  3. Thanks for listening, Salty! ;)

    And Tony, don’t blame the Droid — blame yourself, and blame James Arthur Ray — “you attract what you are”.

  4. I can’t wait until Jay Rockefeller censors and shuts down internet websites run by average people.


    This blog would die because of the required ISP fees, excessive hosting fees and a fee for placement into Internet 2. Just like the robber barons shut out small operators utilizing the railroads – I want them to monopolize the internet media.

    Fuck you sheeple…I want to eradicate 95% of you and then I want the remaining peasants to take the RFID chip. If any peasant complains – I’ll just shut off their chip and then they can’t buy or sell anything.

    Growing your own food will be criminalized & bartering will be illegal. All trading transactions must be processed by your RFID chip.

    And organic food will be preserved only for the elites. All food for peasants will be grown artificially & contaminated with chemicals to shorten their lives and chemically make them docile sheep.

    1. @SyndicateExposed,

      The genie is out of the bottle, SyndEx, and won’t go back in. I’m adding megalomania to your list.

      You are starting to shape up as a multi-faceted and very complex crazy indeed, interesting.

  5. While it’s true that many “professional speakers” are fraudulent / evil, and many CSPs fit this description, The CSP designation does offer a modicum of legitimacy to this wild unregulated world of “experts.”

    I for one, like that the National Speakers Association (NSA) has CSP requirements impossible to meet for a newb who just watched some overpriced Malinchak / Burchard / Mark Victor Hansen DVDs on how to be a speaker. In particular, a speaker has to earn over $250K in speaking fees for at least 100 presentations within a 5-year period. (http://www.mynsa.org/Portals/0/documents/2011CSPApp.pdf).

    So, while the CSP doesn’t prove you’re ethical or talented or in any way deserving of respect…it is a very well-documented piece that shows you’re experienced and getting booked. In a world where many speakers are shady, and you don’t know what impressive-sounding endorsement is real…it’s a credential that has some intrinsic meaning.

    I hope Tony’s [CSPlink]-distributed email generates nothing but disgust from the NSA members on the receiving end.

    1. @LOLlerskater,

      “In particular, a speaker has to earn over $250K in speaking fees for at least 100 presentations within a 5-year period.”

      And that isn’t hard to do, as JAR has proven, since it seems that people believe that the more you charge, the more your speech (or product) is valuable — which ‘may’ have been valid in the distant past — but definately not in the present days of “do anything to get their money” greediness and conartistry and shoddy workmanship.

      “I hope Tony’s [CSPlink]-distributed email generates nothing but disgust from the NSA members on the receiving end.”

      Definately hoping and praying you’re right on that! Anyone with any decency and honesty and self respect will avoid that email and JAR like the plague!

      1. @Bonnie, I hear you. I’m just thinking about my buddy who is a CSP and busted his butt to build his skills and service his clients in the process of earning it fairly and honestly.

        Certainly conartistry can get you there too.

    2. @LOLlerskater, Yep. Being able to bilk people out of money. Now there’s a credential to be proud of. Way to trim the fat. Money talks. Bullshit walks, baby!

    3. @LOLlerskater ::

      The CSP designation does offer a modicum of legitimacy to this wild unregulated world of “experts.”

      And giving legitimacy to things that are not legitimate is good how exactly?

      1. @SD, Thanks for calling that out; it certainly requires clarification. True, if someone inferred, “James Ray has a CSP, therefore I should trust him,” then that’d be bad news.

        I was thinking from the perspective of an event planner who sees dozens of prospective speakers claiming they’re all that. The CSP signals “this guy has experience and has been getting booked” kind of like a CPA says, “this guy has passed a program of study and some tests indicating that he knows generally accepted accounting principles.” Neither is a guarantee of morality, as James Ray and Arthur Andersen teach us.

        I’m just saying the CSP is one useful data point in the consideration, and not intrinsically evil.

        1. @LOLlerskater ::

          And I’m saying it’s not a useful data point.

          Let’s say I’m one of the people trying to get this speaking gig with the hypothetical event planner. I’ve never made a single paid presentation … that makes me bullshit? Or is it possible that some speakers :: the best speakers :: aren’t people who call themselves “speakers” … but are people who are actually doing something real and interesting in the real world of not-speaking … and then they occasionally speak about that thing to others who may be interested?

          My guess is that the designation CSP is most useful on the speaking about speaking circuit.

          “You can trust my speaking about speaking because I’ve obviously spoken for monies.”

          Speaking about speaking is just like selling the sell.

          You know the Amway {et al} term “the tools business”?? Look close at the NSA and ask yourself if they are really just organizing the tools business … and carefully controlling access to it based on something other than intrinsic merit and marketplace competition. Those are the questions I’m asking …

          Are you about to attend the big NSA conference? I wonder if any CSPs will be selling tools from the stage? I wonder if everyone on stage will be CSPs selling tools?

          1. @Salty,

            I haven’t heard the term “the tools business” but am now curious to read all about it. I’ve heard mixed reviews from people I trust about NSA events. Some people think they’re jammed full of great content and networking. Others felt like they were being pitched WAY too much. I’ve yet to make it to one myself, but will drop back in with commentary when the day comes.

            I’ll concede that the CSP would be particularly valuable in the speaking-about-speaking circuit and primarily matters to people who identify themselves as speakers–and not fake robots with interesting things to say. Nonetheless, I still find it interesting to notice the CSP and say, “Oh, so this guy’s getting booked, huh? I’ll take a closer look now.”

            1. @LOLlerskater, When I was 18, I joined Amway and tried to “build the business” for 3 years. One of the reasons I finally defected was my discovery that most of the income distributors make comes from “the tools business” — and not selling Amway products.

              Of course, Dexter Yager was the owner of the biggest “tools business” that supported Amway distributors, so he was the one who was really making a killing.

  6. Something is wrong with the video anyway. It appears that any story that could ever possibly be famous has been replaced with a stupid and really boring one. Also, Alessandra’s electricity seems to be missing.

  7. I’m struck with JAR’s inability to construct a sentence, use grammer, or punctuate a sentence as well as a fifth grader. geez…dumb ass

    1. @billie, I know. My favorite part was the first sentence in the second graph; the one that should really be three sentences and include one question mark. Actually, it’s two sentences and a sentence fragment but you take my meaning. The all caps is a nice touch, too. It’s always a good idea to shout at people when you want their help. It’s so very professional.

  8. So where can we write our letters in opposition of James Ray to make sure he gets locked away for as long as possible? I’m sure Colleen’s family would have a few choice words about the matter.

    1. @Sheila,

      Here’s the email for Sheila Polk / Detective Diskin: ycao@co.yavapai.az.us

      I hope that all Death Ray’s letters of support get placed on the public record. In any case, I wouldn’t put it past him/ his lawyers to “accidentally” publish a list of contributors.

      I also hope hope someone is considering collating all material sent to the prosecutors, to eventually be placed on the net.

      1. @Yakaru, What type of information is valuable and of use to the State of AZ at this point?

        The jri Peru videos I ran across yesterday reveal so much about Ray’s state of mind in 09. For instance,he had clearly developed a “cult of death”, unbeknownst to participants. I’ve posted the 8/4/09 link because what he says about death is very telling. Again,this was filmed 10 days after he caused Colleen’s death and about 71 days before he caused the deaths of Kirby,James and Liz.

        Based on all we know,Ray will never stop causing injury and death if given leniency. He is compelled to lie,steal,cheat,hurt and kill. Cages 4 Sociopaths!

        1. @Jean D,

          Too bad one of those “hundred and thirty tons” rocks didn’t fall on his fat head. Maybe we can send him back there and hope for the best?

        2. @Jean D, couldn’t be more clear that what we need to “release so that we can move forward” is James Arthur Ray! Lucky for me (and I am “luckygal” for a reason) that I “released” JAR in 2007. Now if they would just put his ass in jail so he can’t hurt anyone else. He must be stopped.

          1. @JeanD, oh and “jag-wire”??? wtf if you can throw around words like “archetype” can you at least say “jaguar”?

            1. @luckygalnj, @Bonnie Every single video out there of James Ray is nothing but manipulations and fabrications. He flies by the seat of his pants making up things about culture, history, language,science, education, health,religion,relationships…and all for a huge price!

              He reminds me of an evil version of Mr.Haney from Green Acres; marketing nonsense to the skeptical Mr.Douglas who still bought into it occasionally,and to the other characters who were clueless.

        3. @Jean D, Amazing…this video was taken 10 short days after Colleen died at HIS SEMINAR. He appears calm, relaxed and without a care in the world….while we on the other hand were going through HELL! What can I say…his lack of compassion for human life makes me cry!

          1. @Colleen’s sister, It’s horrifying that Ray could go on a trip and hold seminars while you all were mourning and suffering. Just one of the reasons many of us detest everything about him. He does not possess a human soul.
            Maybe I’m reading into this,but when he says many people don’t “understand death”; he says it so smugly and flippantly,almost as if he’s justifying what he did to Colleen 10 days prior.

            If Ray is so darn comfortable with death and dying,why did he bother to hire a multi-million dollar defense team? And why is he currently asking people to write letters on his behalf? Obviously, because he’s terrified of the prospect of meeting his own death in the non-weanie ass section of prison where there are lots of non-weanie ass inmates.

      2. @Yakaru, I have written my letter to Sheila and had a response from Diskin. He thinks its a miracle that more people weren’t injured over the years. And indeed it is!

        As to publishing the pro-prosecution letters to the web…I would prefer that they be kept confidential. Here’s why…we need as many letters as possible telling the story for Sheila to use for maximum effect and sentence. My concern is that if people know that their letters will become public, they may choose not to write them. Many of us who gave police interviews, myself included, were surprised when the transcripts appeared online and in google search.

        Many who “studied” with JAR were business people and professionals and have had their business negatively impacted by their association with JAR. (Eg. Conny Joy who has bravely continued to lead the crusade) So, if you are out there and have a JAR story to tell, please write to Sheila! IMO she needs to hear from more men. There is a disproportionate number of women actively following and posting. I know there were at least as many man as women participants attending events – men need to speak up too!

  9. I wonder if Death Ray sent similar emails to his Secret co-stars — Scientist Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, David Schirmer, John Assaraf, Michael Beckwith….

    Surely Scientist Bob (who happens to be an expert on electricity http://www.allaboutprosperity.com/articles/bproctor-lawofvibration.htm ) would be willing to help JAR, seeing as how he has publicly spoken out for him on more than one occasion.

    Of course JAR could always send an email to Kevin True-dough, who has recently come out in a big way in his defense. True-dough would be a *great* character witness.

    But Tony Allesandra? That’s pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      I would think that the usual suspects, Vitale, Scientist Bob et all are way too canny scamsters to align themselves with the tainted James Ray in anything other than a sales letter. A sales pitch, page or letter is a no-holds barred, ethically uncompromised space for these guys–purely business–for these guys who compartmentalise so well.

      Putting pen to paper (or, far worse, making a personal appearance) to extol James Ray in a court process is a step too far even for these teflon types.
      Self-preservation and the interests of staying in business is a priority for these guys, they don’t have friends they have alliances of convenience that often become inconvenient.

      So I am sure that he has already contacted the usual suspects, he wasn’t a telemarketer for nothing, and has received a resounding silence in response.

  10. Tony Allesandra is the promoter behind the earth shaking Platinum Rule®, which makes all other rules® obsolete. Plus, it obviously kicks the “Golden Rule’s®” ass, because hey, it’s platinum! So get out of town, Golden Rule®, there ain’t room enough in this-here shelf help genre for two rules®!

    Now, if you want to know exactly what the Platinum Rule® is, you can buy the obligatory book, or pay to stay awake during a Tony® Allesandra electrifying® speech.

    Or you can just® read the next line and…wait for it…behold, the Platinum Rule®:

    “Treat others in the way they like to be treated.”

    That’s just so much more high tech than the old Golden Rule®, isn’t it? Besides, thanks to the Platinum Rule® we now know (based on the clinical pub tests) that other people like to be treated differently than we ourselves do, and who better to know how others want to be treated than…US!

    Which could explain why James Ray assumed that just because he® himself preferred to continue living®, his clients instead expected him to launch them into the hereafter, using advanced sweat® technology and the power of misplaced trust®.

    (*)All trademarks referenced herein are the property of their disrespective owners.®

    (**)”All trademarks referenced herein are the property of their disrespective owners” is, itself, also a registered trademark.

    1. @Sam the Shrubbist,

      Sam, I’m going to buy your ‘Titanium Rule’ when you trademark it.

  11. The titanium rule won’t hold a makeshift dildo to JAR’s soon to be released taint-numb rule.

    1. @spoonfaceboy ::

      Well … that was a pretty orignal one at least.

      But maybe you should bring up your anus obsession next time you’re with your therapist.

      1. @SD, With the frequency I visit this site, it appears I do have a fetish for ass holes of all types.

  12. This reminded me of the scene in Boogie Nights where the one producer is behind glass, talking to Burt Reynolds and then drops the bomb on what happened. Burt looks at him, hangs up the phone and the dude begs for help.

    That’s James on the other end. Tony on the receiver. Both are fucked in their own ways but James is so toxic that people can’t risk ruining their fraudpersona on him.

  13. You are all idiots…….probly to stupid to understand anything but ffffff you…….I hope all of you have to deal with the justice system someday and you will see how it really works…..I have had to deal with this back woods justice system and it is so easy for them to get people to lie about you…..besides I wonder how many of them are planning on writing a book and how much money they plan on making……If you really did your research you would understand the real James Ray……but like most stupid people when it comes to others beliefs so you can feel like your right you jump on the band wagon and just believe what ever is negative just to make yourself feel better about your little lives……James Ray had a bigger picture and to the stupid people who thought he had a death wish…..that is far from the truth his plan was to do everything he could to live to be 120 he was into health in a larger scale than most. He had no planns on killing people off he wated peole to eat healthy, excersice, turn of the stupid stuff like this and build the best life you can…….By getting in touch with your inner knowing…..
    for all that is being said out there about his beliefs very little that is being said is the truth.

    1. @jjjjjjj,

      JamesJamesJamesJamesJamesJamesJames, it really shows that you didn’t go to college — how on earth did you ever make it through grade school?

    2. @jjjjjjj ::

      You should go outside right now and ask someone to smack your face … cause I think you might be delirious.

      I’m rarely accused of not doing my research … maybe you should do some research on that and report back.

    3. @jjjjjjj,

      God forbid. A 120 year old DeathRay still peddling crap. Stll, when he totters onto the stage with his zimmer frame he will rue the day he said Balance is Bogus.

    4. @jjjjjjj,

      There is so much wrong in your post that I think I threw up a little. What alternate reality are you living in that you don’t get it? JAR had the “big picture”? Yeah, right. While your statement that he had no “plan” to kill people may be true, the fact is, his actions belie the intent. The fact is, his actions showed a reckless disregard for the health and well-being of the people who trusted him, and he did kill people. As a result, he is now a convicted felon, and no amount of whitewash or wishing otherwise will change that.

      The only bandwagon most of us here are on is the one cheering the fact that the justice system worked, and JAR will be going to jail. Maybe you can visit him there and tell him how great he still is.

    5. @jjjjjjj,…WOW…longevity of 120 years for Ray?…Really??…I quess only the good really do die young.

      “If you really did your research you would understand the real James Ray……”

      I think we all have gotten about as close to Ray as is allowed in our “comfort zone”. Do you, by chance, know him personally?

    6. @jjjjjjj, James Ray does not seem to be a healthy person who exercised. Watch the videos from Peru. He was completely out of shape and barely made it up those hills. Repeatedly mentions needing to stop and catch his breath.

        1. @Omikse, There’s no reason a man his age can’t climb those hills,unless,of course, he’s in poor health and/or lazy. We all know,or know of,people well into their 70s, 80s who accomplish amazing physical feats. Unlike Ray,they are healthy.

          1. @Jean D,…what I was going for was…”needing to stop and catch his breath.” and I countered with…”if only he had never stopped!”…thereby being without an oxygen supply!!…Ray can’t even fake healthy.

            1. @Omikse,

              I guess he doesn’t know that all those steroids and other drugs that he’s on aren’t making him any younger, they’re just killing him faster — but then, I guess that’s a good thing ;)

            2. Bonnie@…you go girl!!…always look on the bright side of life, not just for Brian…wink-wink, nudge-nudge!

            3. @Omikse,

              Ok, I feel like I should know this (or at least, “you” think I should! lol), but who or what is Brian?

            4. Bonnie@…The Life of Brian…a Monty Python movie…maybe I am just alot older than you…(sigh…)

            5. @Omikse,

              Oh, I see. And I’m probably older than you, but I’ve just never been much of a TV or movie person. Sorry ’bout that! ;)

            6. @Omikse, I was in 100% agreement with you about his stopping to catch his breath.Don’t you love it when he points to the guy on the path above him who is not winded? He tries to say it’s because he’s local,but many of the WWS folks with Ray weren’t winded at all. He just couldn’t admit he’s out of shape. Not even once.

      1. @Jean D,

        One need only look at Ray during his brief few months in prison without steroids, HGH, botox, hair dye, and spray tan. He had aged ten years.

        There is more than one reason for Ray to fear prison.

        1. @Bethann,

          That was “weeks”, not months ;)

          And yes, fast fall from grace in more ways than one.

        2. @Bethann,

          ‘There is more than one reason for Ray to fear prison’

          Bring it on.
          I have gotten out my calculator and reckon that at the previous rate that he did a Dorian Grey due to lack of roids, botox, HGH and all the other essentials for today’s superior Spiritual Warrior, he only needs 6-7 months before he hits the 120 year mark and shuffles off to a better place. To use his own rationalisation for the deaths he caused: where ‘he is enjoying himself so much that he doesn’t want to return.’

          Let’s give him the max to be sure, just in case my arithmetic is a bit off.

  14. I think this is one of the good cases for naming names instead of the parable play discussed back a while. Maybe of course naming the names of every body who signs the letter who who testifies as a “character” witness.

  15. “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.”
    ( Ecclesiastes, Old Testament)

    This saying calls on people to believe that their good deeds will ultimately benefit them.

    I suggest that Ray, and others like him, open a bakery and begin cranking out all the bread they possibly can. Take that bread, load it into big trucks, drive to the coastline as quickly as possible, and scatter it upon the oceans. They all need as much “bankable” good deeds as possible.

  16. “As the room lights return to a more acceptable shade of corporate florescent :: the ladies and gentlemen notice that Dr. Tony’s neck flaps around like a poorly stitched muppet’s as he sweats like Richard Nixon. “Who is this turd ball?” :: whispers a regional sales rep from the tri-state area as she sneaks out the back to chain smoke and play Angry Birds. Sticking with tradition :: Alessandra attempts to pass off a series of cliché and shallow banalities as some kind of secret wisdoms.”

    OMG ROTFLAO Salty this is just hilarious. Ever since I’ve started reading this site it’s like all these self-help and biz opp flop people are looking all the same. They all seem to have the same cheesy attitude and are so not inspiring.

  17. Someone tried to sell me on some kind of MLM thing that pretends to sell vitamins but uses that as a front to recruit people into some business opportunity crap. They were no where near the level of any of the dbags on that blog of course, just some losers who still have to work day jobs and got suckered into it and now need to recover their losses.

    1. @Kalista7,

      I don’t see another motion for mistrial filed. Where did you get the info?

      In any event, I don’t think there’s any reason to think such a motion would have any more merit than the previous, what is it, about 6 or 7?

      1. @Anne,…”IF” Miss Polk played the jury something at the aggravated circumstance part of the trial that had not been entered as evidence during the main body of the trial, which she seems to have admitted to, then there may be legal ramifications. A very scary thought.

      2. @Anne,…July 11, 2011…CAMP VERDE, Ariz. — Prosecutors who secured convictions against a self-help author say they erred in playing an audio clip during the sentencing phase that was not admitted in the trial.

        James Arthur Ray’s attorneys raised the issue after jurors were dismissed in the case and moved for a mistrial with prejudice.

        Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk said at the time that the clip was played during the trial or considered by jurors during deliberations.

        But Polk acknowledged Monday in a court document that she played one minute of a clip for jurors considering aggravating factors, but that she shouldn’t have. She argues the clip was cumulative and did not prejudice Ray.

        Judge Warren Darrow has not ruled on the mistrial motion.

        Three people died following a 2009 sweat lodge ceremony that Ray led near Sedona.

        —Copyright 2011 Associated Press

        1. @Omikse,

          According to the court document itself, the tape “was” admitted as evidence, and “parts” of it were initially played, just not the part that she played during the aggravating factors part of the trial — what was initially played was either immediately just before, or immediately just after what they’re talking about now (sorry, my memory escapes me about which it was right now) — but the tape “definately” was admitted as evidence, and parts of it played during the guilty part of the trial — so if Judge Darrow throws this out, then there is “definately” something fishy going on with him and this trial. We shall see. But if he gives JAR the maximum, I will personally walk across the country and get down on my knees and kiss his feet (with apologies to Faron Young and “Unmitigated Gall”.

          1. @Bonnie,…together we can make the quest, for I too, pledge to kiss his feet. ( praying for a well deserved road-trip!)

      3. @Anne, Connie mentioned it on her FB page. There was another post who’s atty. friend said that this shouldn’t matter.

  18. I didn’t know there was anyone left who would voluntarily offer James Ray their credibility.

    I yet again underestimate what some people will do for “friends”…

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