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Fabiani vs The Pope

Have you recently ::

  • killed some people?
  • raped the land?
  • ruined the global economy?
  • raped a goat? {inappropriate!}

How disastrous for your reputation :: you might need the “master of disaster” Mark Fabiani. He went to Harvard :: so you can be sure that his exorbitant fees aren’t a flagrant fucking ripoff. Right?

Goldman Sachs hired Fabiani to help manage the growing public perception that they should be banished from the kingdom {probably without their heads!}. So far he’s doing a great job … of taking their money and not producing results. The Daily Show clip above shows Goldman losing the PR war to the Catholic Church … an accomplishment that requires more than your average amount of PR suck-a-tude.

James Arthur Ray hired Fabiani to spin the “accidental” deaths that he not-accidentally caused. Money rightfully belonging to Ray’s victims is flowing instead to Fabiani :: but he could give two shits about that. He believes in his own right to take money in ANY and ALL circumstances. No exceptions for stupid little bitches {like ethics :: or morality :: or human dignity … fuck all that crap!}. And what is Ray getting in return for the money he’s pissing away on Disastrous Fabiani? Again :: it looks suspiciously like nothing. Although maybe M.F. is dominating the story via telegraph and teletext :: two mediums not monitored by The Droid.

See Fabiani continue to fail this Tuesday night at 10 pm when ABC airs an hour long special that :: according to our friend Steve Salerno :: will be …

“devoted entirely to James Arthur Ray, magical thinking, and the oft-overlooked dangers of the New Age.”

Sounds like wishful thinking … but one can hope.

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