Fabiani vs The Pope

Have you recently ::

  • killed some people?
  • raped the land?
  • ruined the global economy?
  • raped a goat? {inappropriate!}

How disastrous for your reputation :: you might need the “master of disaster” Mark Fabiani. He went to Harvard :: so you can be sure that his exorbitant fees aren’t a flagrant fucking ripoff.  Right?

Goldman Sachs hired Fabiani to help manage the growing public perception that they should be banished from the kingdom {probably without their heads!}.  So far he’s doing a great job … of taking their money and not producing results.  The Daily Show clip above shows Goldman losing the PR war to the Catholic Church … an accomplishment that requires more than your average amount of PR suck-a-tude.

James Arthur Ray hired Fabiani to spin the “accidental” deaths that he not-accidentally caused. Money rightfully belonging to Ray’s victims is flowing instead to Fabiani :: but he could give two shits about that. He believes in his own right to take money in ANY and ALL circumstances. No exceptions for stupid little bitches {like ethics :: or morality :: or human dignity … fuck all that crap!}. And what is Ray getting in return for the money he’s pissing away on Disastrous Fabiani?  Again :: it looks suspiciously like nothing.  Although maybe M.F. is dominating the story via telegraph and teletext :: two mediums not monitored by The Droid.

See Fabiani continue to fail this Tuesday night at 10 pm when ABC airs an hour long special that :: according to our friend Steve Salerno :: will be …

“devoted entirely to James Arthur Ray, magical thinking, and the oft-overlooked dangers of the New Age.”

Sounds like wishful thinking … but one can hope.

>> bleep bleep

19 thoughts on “Fabiani vs The Pope”

  1. To Mr. Salty:

    I know my standards are lower than yours, but every little bit helps.

    If they do a halfway decent job covering this, and don’t make excuses for the perpetrators, I will consider this a WIN.

    Loved the clip of Samantha Bee above. I was waiting for that PR guy to say that the Catholic Church has no right to criticize Goldman Sachs investment strategies because they should be handling their child-abuse scandal. I wish he had said that.

    1. @Hippo,

      Given that the Vatican has massive investments which amount to controlling interests in some banks and other financial vehicles– not to mention owning condom factories–I am sure that they consider themselves uniquely positioned to question and influence any financial institution on the planet.
      But I digress.

      I’d like to comment on the vid but youtube has blocked it due to a squabble over payments in my country of domicile.

        1. @SD,
          No, not that one either. No biggie–I don’t really understand(or care about)the terms of the ongoing spat but it has something to do with a refusal to pay royalties, we couldn’t access youtube music vids for a time although that has since been resolved.

        2. @SD,

          For me it’s a Cambodian thing, must have to do with “broadcast” agreements. Last time I bypassed it and watched it through a US based proxy, but it appears that most proxies are blocking streaming videos (it just keeps spinning..and spinning…and spinning)…

          I have to go to the comedy network to see the video, unfortunately the “generic” link they provide to the comedy network does not lead to the actual video (but the home page). I am not sure of the show or the episode to search for.

        3. @_cartman_ & @stoic::

          Wow big corporations are SO stupid about the Internet! It kind of makes sense blocking YouTube while you’re trying to negotiate some kind of licensing deal … but why gimp your own content … on your own site?

          I won’t be crying any tears when all of these shitty companies disappear!

          Anywayz :: I’ll keep that problem in mind in the future. Not like it’s a life changer :: but here’s the link …


          1. @SD,

            Yeah, it’s idiotic. They have the technology to “serve” content specific advertisements (if that is the issue), so it makes absolutely no sense to place these ip “blackouts” or what difference it makes where it is broadcast from (mabye an idiotic CRTC (the cambodian FCC) regulation)..leave it to industry (or government bodies) to make things more complex (inefficient) then they need to be…

            good news and bad news…thedailyshow.com streams their episodes from comedy central (so i get the same area specific message even on their site)…but I was able to find and watch it knowing the title (hilarious btw)…

            Not sure if people outside Cambodia (who couldn’t view it on the US site) can view it, but the link for the Cambodians is as follows…


            1. @_cartman_, It’s a wonder that “Cambodia” allows its nationals (e.g. Samantha Bee and Jason Jones) participate in “The Daily Show”. In the 90’s it frustrated me that there was Canadian music that I wanted to get my hands on and it was virtually impossible without going there. Hopefully this “broadcast” agreement B.S. will get worked out soon. Some of the researchers that I work with tell me about their fun with the internet restrictions they have to work with when they are working on an experiment that we have at a site in China.

          2. @SD,
            I’m in the uk and NONE of the links worked it just says
            Sorry the video is not yet available in your country
            Doesn’t say why…

  2. Not sure where to post this, but Nightline had a short piece on James Ray and Michael Beckwith on Monday night, discussing the idea of whether you could heal yourself from medical problems with positive thinking.

    They interviewed author Barbara Ehrenreich, one of my favorites, who wrote a book critical of positive thinking after she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer, and found herself bombarded with suggestions on how to “think” her cancer away.

    She was disgusted, and wrote a book called “Bright-Sided,” which I enjoyed very much.

    They used the Nightline segment to promote “Mind Games” which will air Tuesday night.

    If “Mind Games” is going to be in the same vein as the show I saw last night, it should be reasonably good. Probably not up to Mr. Salty’s exacting standards, but not a whitewash, either.

      1. @Jean D ::

        Ha! Funny.

        “I’m sorry Dan but I can’t answer that simple question without exposing my own fundamental hypocrisy.”

    1. @Hippo ::

      I really like Barbara Ehrenreich also … and I thought Bright-Sided was kick ass {and so was Nickel and Dimed}.

      I hope tonights show is good … I think it will be. The Nightline stories about JAR have been quality … so there’s hope.

      It’s not so much that I have “exacting” standards … as that I have SOME standards … and CNN and NBC {both culpable in these crimes} have NONE.

        1. @Jean D,

          Nice. Joe Vitale quote from that piece:

          “Very often people have the secrets to their own success inside of them, but they need somebody who can listen to that and repeat it back to them.”

          The price for having your ideas repeated back to you? $7500. I think dinner is included though, so you know – that’s got to be worth something.

          Go Spain.

      1. @SD,

        You might also consider reading “Bait and Switch,” where Barbara went undercover, pretending to be a mid-level executive looking for a job. She used her maiden name, Barbara Alexander, and went un-recognized.

        She spent months looking for a job as an event planner, and her experiences make an awesome book. I think you might get a kick out of some of the people she met.

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