If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Says Jesus … maybe you’ve heard of him.

The J-man’s version of the truth is about putting your neighbor :: your brother :: your wife :: the widows and orphans :: the poor and needy :: the hopeless and the lost :: the children :: and the pimps and the hos … all BEFORE yourself.  Your-own-damn-self ranks low on Jesus’ pyramid of stuff to give a crap about {as does gettin’ them big monies} … look it up.

Trouble is :: most people who claim to have {or be} “The Truth” are just stinky turds. The truth is that the truth is complicated :: and you can’t buy the resell rights.

In 2008 “stealth marketer” :: and mega motherfucking asshole :: John Paul Raygoza had the ignorant audacity to release a frauduct called “The Truth” as a way to generate leads for his heartless bloodsucking operations.  Raygoza’s version of the truth is all about instant can’t fail easy multi-millions … and you can too!

aka …. a lie

“To those of faith I say, let those who are without sin cast the first stone. (That one means nothing to someone that is not a person of faith.)”

Says idiot garden gnome Mike Filsaime in his pointless stone throwing rant about somebody named Jason Jones.

Hmmm … well I didn’t know that The Gnome was a person of faith … I thought he was just a clueless little dickhole.  This changes everything! Starting now :: and into the future :: I shall defer to his superior “faith-based” biblical interpretations.

Like …

–> “casting stones” = calling out fraud/harm

–> “the truth” = John Paul Raygoza

From: Mike Filsaime
Date: Wed, Dec 3, 2008

Subject: can the truth REALLY set you free?

Hey {name}

I recently met a stealth marketer by
the name of John Paul Raygoza
who has made over $4 Million in just
365 days using a formula that he reveals at:

http://www.thetruthdvdseries.com {link changed by fake robots}

He decided to share his 7 Figure Blueprint
with his best customers at a secret workshop
and got it all on a 6 DVD Set called…

“The Truth DVD Series – Million Dollar Marketing Secrets Revealed”

Here’s just a snippet of what he’s about to reveal to you:

- How he started a company that made $100,000
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- how you too can start an overnight business and
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- Secret revenue generating tools that you NEVER hear
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tactic that generates a guaranteed $1,000 the first day you use it!

- PLUS a ton more – there’s really TOO MUCH to list in this message!

He doesn’t leave any stones unturned in this DVD course.

Go see for yourself before he sells out his entire inventory:



Mike Filsaime

Hallelujah :: Amen.

And they lived happily ever after {or not}.

>> bleep bloop