Boiled Lemonade


When life hands you lemons :: tie life up at gun point and be like … how u like me now life?

… or at least assault a police officer :: violate your probation … and keep being a complete and total fucking junkie.

If only boiler room suck-job John Paul Raygoza had better taste in motivational wall hangings :: he may have avoided the jail time that is sure to follow the problems his actions have piled on top of the problems he created with his other actions … it’s complicated. Like a Richard Nixon situation … except stupider. Much :: much … stupider.

You’ll recall {or maybe you won’t … because of your being an idiot and/or drunkard} that JP Raygoza was the slime emitting overlord of a wannabe Syndicate lead processing phone room … which was instead processing leads for the likes of Big John … of “who the fuck is Big John?” fame …

… that’s the actual sales page graphic :: I didn’t touch it {you shouldn’t either it’s probably got crabs}.

Most of the big boys :: bar The Gnome {who is in no way big} :: wanted nothing to do with Raygoza’s ghetto ass lameness. Hear that ghetto boy? Even when you were big … you weren’t fucking big. Too desperate :: too shady … that’s what I hear ghetto boy {from people who are also too shady … compounding the insult}. Maybe later you can write a book {prolly a picture book} called :: Scummier Than Utah … The John Paul Raygoza Story.

Anywayz :: John Paul Raygoza and his PushTraffic were still able to generate {or purchase} enough leads to do a massive amount of damage over a very short period. The first Droid post about Raygoza detailed some of the so sad details from a class action lawsuit filed against him and his fake companies in 2010.

The lawsuit was filed by California and D.C. lawyer Dr. Jon Levy’s international law and litigation practice :: with little hopes of collecting anything from ghetto maggot John Paul Raygoza … a public service very much appreciated by fake robots everywhere.

While I’ve not reported much further on the issue :: I’ve kept up with the case and read all the filings and other boring type stuff that my fake secretary Debbie should have been reading instead of sucking down Slurpees and RedVines like a high fructose corn syrup madwoman.

Long story short {for now} :: Raygoza lost and a $1 million default judgement has been entered against him.

It sounds bad :: but as of April 2011 :: it’s become the least of his punk ass problems. From the L.A. County criminal records {behind a pay wall} …

207(a) — Kidnapping

236 — False imprisonment

211 — Robbery

136.1(B)(1) — Witness tampering

12021(A)(1) — Junkie with a gun

Good times :: it’s all a part of the successful Internet lifestyle … get you some today before supplies are running out!

After a disposition hearing this month :: the kidnapping charge was dropped in favor of an even worser kidnapping charge …

209(A) — Kidnapping with intent to ransom or extort

Not like breaking the law is something new to this fucking goon bag …

243(D) — Battery resulting in serious injury

As an added bonus :: this incident seems to have involved injury to a peace officer.

And of course :: drunk driving :: cause you can’t be a sociopathic twat without it …

23152(A) — Drunk driving

What a guy!

… and that’s just L.A. County :: and it’s not even all of them.

Sometimes when it rains on the devil … it fucking pours. During the discovery process :: Jon Levy subpoenaed the recorded phone logs of the PushTraffic boiler room scam from a third-party vendor. He got them … eighteen fucking gigabytes of tragedy on tape.

Guess who has them now? Guess who has already had them for months and spent ungodly amounts of time probing their disgusting contents? Guess who is about to publish {a victim’s identities protecting} selection for the whole world to look upon in horror?

I’ll save you the embarrassment of guessing wrong and just tell you … it’s me!

>> bleep bloop

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  1. Oh… you know, when I read that last line I think I had a mini-orgasm. And I’m not even into robots. Especially not male fake ones.

    One other point…did you try to google for ANYTHING bad on Tony Robbins? It’s like the internet has been scoured of anything negative about the guy. Apparently he sues immediately on anyone saying anything negative even if true. Like that he cheated on his wife (he teaches these high morality seminars) before he divorced which I think is more in the personal category compared to what his busy-ness does. There was one guy who wrote about some of Tony’s shadier/hypocritical life aspects and you can access a version of his now defunct site on the wayback machine but apparently he got sued into silence too. The only place I actually saw something about him stick is on this site.Pretty awesome, droid.

    1. @G,

      Yep that fuckin robot is the bomb…Don’t fuck w the robot or you’re likely yo wake up with that damn thing and it’s stoic look and all perched in your flower bed.

  2. SD, you’ve got my reading material is all lined up for me. Sounds like a much worser dude than the enlightened crowd I’ve been hanging out with.

  3. I wanna take this opportunity to thank Mr. Salty Droid for exposing all these scammers, conmen that take advantage from the greed of innocent people.

    I just wanted you to know that I (I´m sure I am not the only) appreciate what you are doing in your site. Please don´t give up on your mission to expose the scammers that contaminate the internet and in several cases destroys the life and finances of naive people…

    From the bottom of my heart



  4. I’d just like to say:

    1) Nice work!

    2) Cages for Sociopaths!

    3) Cages for Sociopaths!

    4) Did you know Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher are running Glen Becks $5/ mo newsletter thing… And are making a killing while climbing into more and more legitimate businesses that -sadly are apparently unaware of this blog. We should all call, email, or write in to Glen, just to make sure he -publicly- is aware that the team he is outsourcing his marketing to are felonious shams.

    In other news, Brendon Douche-Hard is aparently doing really good too, leveraging his fraudulant NY Times bestseller status to get some fortune 500/100 crowd consulting gigs.

    Meanwhile while Trey and Frank Kern have racked up 400,000 downloads of their iPhone games on the app store.

    5) Fuck these guys. We’ve got ’em on the run, and like the sychophant cock-roaches (emphasis on the cock, cause they loves the cock) that they really are, they are scattering. What can we do to ratchet up the heat and keep these guys from escaping the laws they have broken?

    6) I like ending lists on even numbers.

    1. @Yeeeaaah haw!,

      Excellent list. You probably could’ve numbered some of those paragraphs in number 4 separately…and still ended your list with an even number. Without having to add number 6 to say you like ending lists on even numbers.

      But that’s not a criticism. It’s just an observation, really.

      1. @jacqui, thats because #4 is essential to the purpose of the message. While #3 was intended for everyone, #4 is aimed squarely at the Sociopaths themselves… Cause those bastards never listen the first time. It’s pathological.

        Oh snap! I gotta run, apparently some ex-hacker just found a legal loophole that siphons money like clockwork from the massive untapped traffic sources of a hidden Internet that he only found out about because he was hired by some high-rolling Internet guru to crack the code, but once he ramealuzed how much money could be made from completely automated 3-click to set-up software systems that he realized it was too much power for one person to hold and that through this ‘hidden internet’ everyday ordinary jobless guys like me can make insane amounts of money to finally set my family free and live the lifestyl we deserve (do you have any idea how hard it is to watch daytime tv and not pull the trigger? … I F’n deserve me some financial freedoms, the low price of $37) so he had to smuggle the code half-way across the world, evading the rich bastards goons who were trying to stop him from releasing this cash code to the world… But they failed, and now it’s online and I can get one of the only 15 copies left, if I hurry… That rich fuker is probably trying to hack the hackers site, who knows how long it’ll be before they crash his site, to prevent us from having access to this money making magnet of massively massive porportions that makes making money online easy as makin Mac & Cheese in a tin can on a radiator… Or something.

  5. False imprisonment???

    WTF??? FTW???

    Did he like lock people up, hold a gun to their head and force them to buy his Dog Shit Traffic 2.0 course?

    Well guess what Mc Gruff…Ur gonna have to sell a lot of Dog Shit, lemonade, etc to reach $1 million…

    And SD….u kiddin me??? Thats the actual sales page?? No Doctorin??

    Hmmm, I just thought of somehin….bein that I’m all crafty and shit

    How’s about this… contact Mr. Fire and see if we can run a slick JV project with that there camel…

    Shit, I reckon people’ll pay about $10k per head for a Master mind session w Mr. Fire nd that Phantom Camel…

    I’m a fuckin genius….btw…next person I hear call that Frank Kern a genius…m gonna slap m so fn silly

    1. @Mike & Friends, it’s proof that cross species evolution exists… In retrospect I guess we should have seen that it was only a matter ohms time before one of these single-celled pond scammers branched off to started holding people hostage ‘offline’ … Instead of merely entrapping vulnerable and desperate individuals in a world of perpetual loss snd fear. Besides… Everyone knows the real monies are in offline marketing *ahem* imprisonment…

      I smell a product launch in the works…

      $37 front end on click bank, $97/ mo in cart up-sell, $2-20k back-end upsell (depending on their credit limits) to a live ‘event’ where we pull the -soon to be classic- ‘Raygoza Kidnaps Yo Momma’ ‘marketing’ system (Belcher Button, eat your heart out!) and extort the shit out of those fools!

      Oh man!

      Imagine, pulling 10-100k of pure profit – per head! This is gonna be the best IM conference all year!

      And don’t gimme that “illegal” or “immoral” crap… Buyer beware bro! Buyer beware!

  6. I can’t say I’m looking forward to hearing those recordings…since I’m still thinking about the last one I listened to…but I’m really glad you got them.

    I might start planning a party to celebrate that million dollar judgment and Raygoza’s upcoming convictions. Maybe I should invite Debbie…you always make her sound so awesome.

  7. Now SD listen here for Is got a JV venture offer formyala that I’d like you ta considur

    See I was like the one who was figuren since I came up with that Camel Ridin dream weaveren Phantom Mastermind…

    That me un you put a package together…here it is…Ready??? Cause this here msg is going to vanish b4 tomorrow morn…cause it’s gr8

    But we have that camel saddled up…trottin through the pastures of Wimberly Tx…and on over n thru Pat O’Briens backyard with them tapes playin…w them binaural beats in the background

    I’m thinkin we can get…not $199 but a $9999 price tag on such an offer…you know lower refund rate n all

    Get back at me will ya? All right now

  8. You realize this could make the best scammer mix tape ever? Hurry it on itunes before supplies are running out!

  9. Wow, funniest one in a while Droid!

    “how u like me now life?”

    Actually, I like that motivational poster more than the real ones.

    Raygoza is a definitive example of the “impossible-to-believe-people-actually-buy-this-shit” category. Like, even IMers said he was a scammer. That is pretty f-ing bad.

    Kidnapping, ransom, and racketeering suit him better — even tho he obviously sux at them shitz too! What a n00b.

    I can’t believe {lots of} people actually used to give him $20,000 … for anything. Especially not for “business” “information.” Sheesh.

    The power of boiler rooms … huzzah!

    1. @Doctor Mario, Yeah, well if these tapes are like the other boiler room one I’m sure they were ‘giving’ him that twenty thou’ the way you ‘give’ your wallet to a guy with a gun.

      1. @Wanderlost :: maybe more like the way you give your life savings to the pump & dump “stock” broker (or ponzi scheme salesman).

        “You’ll make it back … like, times 10 over. You can even make your investment in affordable installments & finance the whole thing on your credit cards!”


  10. Wow.

    It reminds me of the demotivator that reads something like, “It could be that the purpose of your life is to serve as an example to others.”

    But actually, no, I guess that’s not the right quote. ‘coz most folks, even the very evil IM scammers, know better than to even attempt to do these things.

    IMHO, this dude is very worthy of a life sentence without possibility of parole. I kind of doubt the system’s going to go for that though. So then, at least some sort of very long probation with an ankle bracelet and a lot of strict penalties to go into effect when he inevitably breaks parole.

    But how does L.A. county justify putting all that legal info stuff behind a paywall? I suppose they call it a “convenience charge?” Of course now that I think about it, IIRC, CA is perpetually running close to bankruptcy. So I suppose they need all the spare change they can scrounge.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @Wyrd,

      I agree with much of your comment. But I actually believe that my purpose in life is to serve as an example to others…and I try to behave accordingly.

      Be a bright light in a dark world and all that. Silly, I know. ;)

    1. @Syndicate H8r, Would you agree then with the statement that “When words aren’t enough… Use a Meme.” ?

  11. Well I’ve been following this for over a year now and not sure if you know or not, but that picture you have posted here for John Raygoza is definately wrong because big john is a different person. Raygoza took all of his sites down months ago, but if you see his actual picture he’s of latin decent and looks a bit mexican to me. Just thought you should know ;)

    1. @Betty, yeah I think you are right. The camel thing is funny, but it isn’t the same John. Are you sure you checked your details right SD? I think this is misleading making it look like ‘Big John’ is JP, who he isn’t.

    2. @Betty ::

      RayGoonZa is pictured here …

      And the explanation of the above pic was …

      “… which was instead processing leads for the likes of Big John …”

      It’s a pretty confusing sentence if you’re not an insider :: but basically Denton {and many other low level scum bags like him} produced the lists of potential victims for the boiler room to call … for a taste of the monies {usually half}. That graphic was used in one of Denton’s lame web pitches … the results of which were funneled to Raygoza.

      As a general rule :: when the boiler room gets someone on the phone … they would represent themselves as being the lead generator. So lots of people got calls from assholes saying they were Big John Denton :: but it wasn’t Big John … who is also clearly an asshole.

      PS I don’t make mistakes … I’m a fucking robot.

  12. Hey Salty

    Last year I took a robot completely apart. All the way down to its cast aluminum bones. Had all its gears and electronic guts laying around all over the place.

    But guess what – I put it back together again, with some new stuff on the inside. And it worked when I was done with it.

    That was a real robot, but fake robots can’t be much different, can they? So when you’re having a bad day, get in touch, I may be able to help you out.

    I know this has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but it just gets so depressing reading about the slime balls of the world. And all the sadness they cause.

    Sometimes it’s just better to change the subject. At least for a little while.

    Now go back to kicking ass.

  13. @ Salty.. It is my understanding that the lead suppliers also did not realize how their leads were being handled and they were upset by Raygoza’s operation just the same as the card victims once all this came down. Contracts were broken all the way around. Raygoza burned many bridges along the way. Essentially, anyone who dealt with Raygoza got screwed over.

    1. @Betty ::

      Not really.

      Ignorance of the horror is not an excuse for pushing leads into a boiler room. And the whole stupid thing is set up for lead gen people to pretend like their hands are clean … when their hands have been up the devil’s ass the whole time.

      Push leads to a boiler room :: then you are the fucking boiler room … they can save all their pathetic little excuses for the judge.

    2. @Betty, Instinctively it sounds like a dumb-one to me. But on more thought about it, it sounds much dumber.

      Take the bizopp-scam-lead fishing-hole Odigger bizopp list and then tell me about xcuses again.

      I can’t know the lead-providers on this case yet now, but my bet is going on them not being so much different.

  14. @ Salty.. Perhaps, don’t know really everything or claim to, but that’s what I read in one of the court documents that the judges conclusion came to.

    1. @Betty ::

      Well I do claim to know everything … and no judge could possibly understand this situation without a year or more of research.

      I saw all the lame excuses submitted by the lead gen idiots in the case. Let’s take the best possible excuse :: that he outright stole the leads :: as though it were true {even though I don’t believe it for one second}. Well what kind of list was it that he stole? Was it a “you can make money right now it’s an Internet Christmas miracle” list? Yep :: it sure was … cause that’s the only leads that were getting processed.

      It’s not like they were taking leads for carpet cleaning and unauthorized upselling them on fake coaching … they were taking unicorn leads and upselling unicorns.

      Everyone whose name I heard or saw is on my fucking list now. Anyone who doesn’t like the idea of being on my fucking list might want to come to me with the no bullshit truth sooner rather than later. But I never forgive someone for lying to me … so be careful now.

  15. Does anyone here know if paydotcom is a good place to get software for making money online somehow? I want to supplement my social security income. If that’s not good what is??? I prefer it to be 100% legal of course. I don’t want to see my name come up on here some day! Alot of these do have a good BBB rating, so I’m assuming they are safe :)


    1. @Betty, When you say, “A lot of these do have a good BBB rating,” do you mean a lot of scams have good BBB ratings? Because the only “these” on this blog are scams.

      Now, the best software you can get for making money is Microsoft Word. If you know Microsoft Word, you can then get an honest office job. Just make sure it’s not in a boiler room, unless the boiler room happens to have a real boiler in it, and it doesn’t make you sweat too much.

  16. I was one of those Raygoza took. Something that is overlooked in most of the discussions online about the PushTraffic scam is that, in many cases (including mine) Raygoza charged people’s credit cards even before there was a written agreement. They actually put people on hold on the “sales” call while putting through CC charges. The only way one could know it had happened was by becoming suspicious and calling the bank.

    The way they got away with maxing out accounts was by putting through several charges for amounts small enough to fly under the radar of the issuing banks’ protective measures, ie: instead of putting through a charge of $4500 which would flag the transaction for verification by the bank, they put through transactions for $1500, $2000 and $1000 one after the other.

    Long after the scam had blown up and been taken to court I contacted the marketer from whom I knew Raygoza must have gotten my name and number (Raygoza’s caller identified himself to me as that marketer). The marketer admitted he had gone to work for Raygoza for a short while, but quit in disgust.

    Although we who are involved in the civil suit against Raygoza and Push Traffic were awarded damages, the courts and law enforcement took long enough to bring it to a conclusion that Raygoza and his scumbag brother, Ted Molina, had all the time they needed to hide and dispose of assets which might have been used to reimburse his “marks.”

    In the meantime he’s dealing with his criminal case, and producing nauseating “nice guy” tweets about “seeing the light” about giving more than you take in IM, and about enjoying life as a family man.

    Gag me. If anyone wants more of the story, you can contact me at and request access to the Online Low Blows and Sucker Punches blog which I agreed to take offline in hopes Raygoza would live up to an agreement to begin paying back a nominal amount to his victims in January. He is too “poor” apparently.

  17. Sounds like everyone is jealous….you lames aint got the balls to hustle foe yours…ghetto for life! God created us!!!

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