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This is {also} relevant to my interests

Great black waves {of allegory one supposes} … I think that’s where we left off.

ProBlogging :: you can do it! … in just 10 easy steps according to me.

And according to the professional blogger who calls himself ProBlogger :: Darren Rowse :: pro blogging is a six-figure type situation …

… apparently one of the secrets of six-figure blogging is book writing. Books are like blogs with all the convenience of a book … or something.

According to the professional blogger who calls himself Copyblogger :: Brian Clark :: if I want to be a six-figure pro blogger I should leave comments on pro blogs in order to build relationships with the pro bloggers … and the other fucks who leave comments on pro blogs.

Sounds easy!

But then I tried to leave some comments on the Copyblogger :: and they were rejected for being too awesome.

Naomi Dunford pro-blogs about her IttyBiz. Unfortunately I can’t relationship-market myself over there because she’s turned off commenting in order to better sell her Internet success strategies.

Darren Rowse wrote a pro blog post explaining how you should survey your readers to find out how they’re feeling about your blogging about blogging blog :: so I tried to leave a pro fake robot comment for the sake of my six-figures ….

… but it was rejected :: I guess it wasn’t up to pro standards.

Maybe I should buy James Chartrand’s new $1600 writing course that Brian Clark is recommending … then my writing will be better and I can qualify as a commenter on ProBlogger. As long as I was reading the sales page already :: I thought I better relationship-market myself …

… but James Chartrand doesn’t want me to become a pro blogger by using her “damn fine words” … and my comment was rejected.

I think I’m noticing a pattern here.

What about my fucking six-figures?

Sonia Simone’s blog is about remarkable communications and relationships :: maybe she’ll want to comment network with a super nice fake robot

… more rejection for my pro blogging comments.

frowny face

How about Laura Roeder? Her frauduct is called Creating Fame … which sounds totally real … and she’s not nearly as old as Simone so she’s more likely to be comfortable around robots …

… boom! Moderation off … comment printed!

… unboom! Couple hours later … comment deleted.

The Third Tribe of copyblogging probloggers wants to pretend like I don’t exist …

… but I do :: and I’m coming over for dinner.

>> bleep bloop