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Matt Bacak Pisses Pants - Blocks Droid


The Salty Droid scans the Bio of each new follower on Twitter and uses the data to craft high quality BURNS, SNAPS, and SMACK DOWNS! Each one of these unique insults has a retail value of $94,450 … but The Droid just gives the shit away for FREE!!

Matt Bacak (aka The BallSack) links to a Facebook page on his Twitter Bio. On the Facebook page The BallSack links to a couple of his other rip-off websites, and makes you a “generous” offer. Get his “Newsletter” ($197 value) for FREE!

Unfortunately, in the land of The BallSack: FREE! = Automatic credit card charge of $30 per/month.

Notice that when The Droid mocks the completely contrived $197 figure, The BallSack doesn’t even catch the reference!

@BallSack: “what are you referring too?”

I’m referring to the most prominently displayed item in YOUR Bio you transparently foolish fuck!