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Salty Droid

The Teeny Tiny Turtle Tyrant

Turtles are like the only cute reptile … but that doesn’t mean that you can trust them. Some turtles are real assholes.

Out-of-control bastard turtles is something the lamestream media refuses to cover … too busy sucking off the frogs one supposes. No matter :: picking up the slack for sloppy :: lazy :: useless fucks is what I do … right Dateline?

Anywayz :: video of turtles fighting! {_music by _The Capstan Shafts}

>> FTW!!!

Speaking of turtles … as I just was … just now … right above this here. Turtles … remember? God your stupid!

Anywayz again :: they’ve featured here before … Graphic Turtles

… and probably will again. Better watch your fucking back {shells} turtles!

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