ColdHearted HotHeads

The Wings of the FuckHeads

Do you have a statistically significant shortage of grey matter in your anterior rostral prefrontal cortex?

That’s a shame.

You should seriously have that shit checked out … you might be a psychopath.

Vacation over :: I bailed my fake secretary Debbie out of debtors prison {which she’ll be repaying at a variable interest rate that I’ve pegged to Italian credit default swaps} … now back to freak town.

1 … 2 … 3 … go!

Not all psychopath’s are bloody :: liver eating … mass murders. But those are the ones we {eventually} lock in cages … because it’s hard to pretend that mass murders didn’t happen. Psychopaths are dramatically over represented among the prison population :: and they’re easy to test because they are all sitting around bored out of their whacked out minds.

Researchers @ King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry used MRI to compare the brains of prisoners diagnosed with anti-social personality disorders {ASPD} :: to those who had the additional distinction of being diagnosed with ASPD plus psychopathy … it’s like the bonus version of being a fuckhead.

You can read about it in the Daily Mail so you can find out all about celebrities getting their titties twisted in the sidebar :: just what your own lame lack of grey matter loves so so much …

Of the 44 men scanned, 17 met the diagnosis for ASPD plus psychopathy and 27 did not. The researchers also scanned the brains of 22 healthy non-offenders.

The results showed that the psychopaths’ brains had significantly less grey matter in the anterior rostral prefrontal cortex and temporal poles than the brains of the non-psychopathic offenders and non-offenders.

These areas of the brain are important for understanding other people’s emotions and intentions, and are activated when people think about moral behaviour, the researchers said.

Damage to these areas is linked with a lack of empathy, a poor response to fear and distress and a lack of self-conscious emotions such as guilt or embarrassment.

Lindsay Thomson, a professor of forensic psychiatry at the University of Edinburgh who was not involved in this study, said Blackwood’s findings add to evidence that psychopathy is a distinct neurodevelopmental brain disorder.

Here’s what looks like the simple scary facts …

1) People are sheeple.

2) 3% of people are a sheeple eating virus.

We don’t know how to stop the virus :: and we desperately don’t want to believe in scary fact one … or scary fact two. So a small percentage of people :: who are in a very real way not people :: are allowed to reap mass havoc on our worlds … driving them always towards blood and collapse.

Nigel Blackwood, who led the study, said the ability to use brain scans to identify and diagnose this sub-group of violent criminals has important implications for treatment.

‘We describe those without psychopathy as ‘hot-headed’ and those with psychopathy as ‘cold-hearted’,’ Blackwood explained.

‘The ‘cold-hearted’ psychopathic group begin offending earlier, engage in a broader range and greater density of offending behaviours, and respond less well to treatment programmes in adulthood compared to the ‘hot-headed’ group.’

While cognitive and behavourial treatments may benefit people with anti-social personality disorders, the same approach may not work for psychopaths with brain damage, Blackwood said.

They literally can’t be stopped … so what the fuck are we going to do about it?

Cages for psychopaths!

… or at least t-shirts and asshole watch lists.

>> bleep bloop

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  1. This is part of a documentary (part 5 on YouTube) showing a psychopath getting an MRI scan.

    5.30 shows the researcher talking a bit about psychopathy and the MRI starts around 8.00 and goes into part 6. He says “I regard life as a giant supermarket. I stroll among the shelves and take what I want.” (Compare The Secret: “The universe is like a mail order catalog.”)

    7.00 in part 6 has a fascinating MRI test which shows the strange emotional responses of psychopaths – emotional flat lining.

    Horrifying segment in part 7 (around 6.00) about how psychopaths can spot a vulnerable person. Killer Ted Bundy apparently mentioned to a researcher that he could tell a “victim” by the tilt of her head as she walked. A test was developed where people were shown short clips of different people walking. One of the walkers was a victim of a violent crime. The psychopaths could instantly pick that one person simply by their walk.

    (H/t Stoic, who I hope is ok.)

  2. I agree:

    Cages for Psychopats!

    Sorry I will not elaborate further on this blog post because I am busy reading Jeff Walkers all new post on how to get rich.

  3. Isn’t race tied in with criminality? Wouldn’t it be easier to segregate ourselves on the basis of race rather than trying to ‘detect’ psychopaths with brain scans? Of course, on TV, prisons are full of white men, but we all know that real life, prisons over in the UK (and many other places) are filled with negroes. Is it the negro culture’s lack of shame concerning anti-social behavior that is the fault, or is it a racial pre-disposition to crime, or is it simply some random “shortage of grey matter” that’s the real problem?

    1. @Race and Criminality, I am pretty sure that it is a sex and criminality issue. Get rid of males and we shall have a better world.

      Now take that and stuff it in your troll pipe

    2. @Race and Criminality,

      As of Saturday, March 24, 2012, 37.4% of U.S. prison inmates were black. The Census Bureau‘s 2010 American Community Survey (ACS) 1-Year Estimates reported 12.5% of the U.S. population as black/African American. (@Anonymous, yes, 93.5% of prison inmates were male, while males only made up 49.2% of the 2010 population estimate.)

      Black New Yorkers are more likely to be stopped and frisked, and black Californians are more likely to be arrested for pot possession. In the UK, “[b]lack people are six times more likely to be arrested than white people for drug offences and 11 times more likely to be imprisoned,” “[a]lthough there is no evidence that black people use or deal drugs more than white people.” Among juvenile offenders in the U.S., the arrest and sentencing disparities between whites and blacks are astounding. Some of those 37.4% would not have been stopped, been arrested, been sentenced to prison, or still be in prison if they were a different race.

      The other consideration is socioeconomic status (SES). There’s a gene-environment(GxE) interaction in which SES and short alleles on the gene region 5-HTTLPR correlate with diminished serotonin handling in the CNS, not only based on household SES but on census tract SES. This correlation has been shown repeatedly in the U.S. and among Italian children as well. Short alleles on 5-HTTLPR plus low SES have been tied to borderline and antisocial traits among young adults. In the U.S., 11.3% of all households are below the poverty line, but 23.3% of black/African American households are. While 11.9% of U.S. residents receive food stamps, 26.1% of black/African American households receive them. With a higher percent of blacks living in poverty – or simply in poor neighborhoods – more are apt to display antisocial behavior based on this GxE interaction.

      In another, SES-independent GxE interaction, short 5-HTTLPR alleles plus maltreatment correlated with antisocial behavior in children, and the genetic variance plus childhood mistreatment is a risk factor for antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) in adults. Short alleles alone correlated with violence among Israeli teenagers, “recurrent and overt physical violent behavior” among German suspects, and “extremely violent criminal behavior in Chinese males.”

      However, like race and criminal behavior, short allele correlation is not causation. Short alleles also correlate with anxiety, depression and violent suicide. More than 60% of Asians have the short allele variation, and there’s a theory that this is why Asians tend toward collectivism rather than individualism. 5-HTTLPR variations did not correlate with aggressive behavior among Chinese children.

      Now, circling back to psychopathy versus stand-alone, treatable ASPD, American youths with short alleles scored higher on the APSD impulsivity subscale than their peers with long alleles. However, in a GxE interaction, “callous-unemotional and narcissistic features of psychopathy” “increased as SES decreased” among youths with long alleles. So, basically, fear the poor and poorly educated, because they’re either impulsive or callous enough to take what they need. I guess the “Abundance” book is right about the trickle-up benefits of getting everyone what they need, but who would interview Peter Diamandis in a stupid video if Jeff Walker’s unpoisoned brain wasn’t full of narcissistic long alleles?

    3. @Race and Criminality, Stephen pierce is a disgrace to not only his own race, but also to the human race. One thing that’s certainly funny, though, is that he uses the racist stereotypes of all blacks being in ghettos and gangs to his own advantage in scamming hopeful, but ignorant white people . But then again, ghetto mentality can be found in the most affluent of white communities – they just wear suits and ties, instead of saggy pants and bandanas.

      Do you think Stephen Pierce is serious when he threatens to “bust a cap up in u” ? Could Mr Pierce be an E-thug?

      Still can’t get the whole Black American Online thing. 99% of Stephen Pierce’s buddies are pasty white people with hairy moobs and serious drug addictions. No wonder it flopped.

  4. The PubMed entry reveals the initial ASPD and ASPD+P diagnoses were made with the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV and Robert Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist-Revised. Hare’s checklist was briefly covered in the “Psychopathic Pity Party” post and perfectly describes most IM and self-help scammers.

    This research seems very helpful for rehabilitation programs for formerly incarcerated individuals. Programs can screen people with Hare’s checklist and exclude the people who test positive. They’ll be able to focus their resources on people who are more likely to be rehabilitated, and they’ll increase their success rates so they can continue to get funding.

    Hopefully future research will contrast ASPD+Ps who’ve committed violent crimes with ASPD+Ps who’ve committed nonviolent crimes and ASPD+Ps without criminal records. I like to think there’s a difference. Sam, in the video, seems like a dick but not cage-worthy. But then again, the John Paul Raygoza story makes me think it’s just a matter of time or circumstance that pushes a psychopath into nonviolent and then violent criminal behavior.

    1. @Lanna, so you believe that eventually all ASPD+Ps will become violent criminals, or at least a large portion?

      1. @Anonymous,

        What I want to believe is that there’s three distinct types of ASPD+Ps:
        1. ASPD+Ps who will never engage in non-normative criminal behavior.*
        2. ASPD+Ps who will commit nonviolent crimes but never violent ones.**
        3. ASPD+Ps who will commit violent crimes.

        If this were true, we could stop worrying about Type 1 psychopaths becoming Type 2 or 3 psychopaths. There would be no need to track or cage the Type 1s, and they could admit to and discuss this psychological quirk without fear of caging or other disciplinary action.

        In the American youths article I cited above, regarding the callous and narcissistic low-SES, long-allele types, the authors state:

        Although not assessed in the present study, the same individuals in more affluent environments may express the emotional hyporeactivity associated with the long allele in more prosocial ways, such as fearless athletes or socially-dominant leaders.

        So possibly (unhappily) the difference between Type 1s and the others may be that Type 1s experienced sufficiently high childhood SES.

        However, what we see with Raygoza is that he could’ve been identified as a Type 2, since he was scamming people with his boiler room, and then he committed battery and kidnapping, earning him a Type 3 label. I’d like to think that he was a Type 3 all along, but it seems more like he transitioned from Type 2 to Type 3. And that means it’s very possible that a Type 1 would transition to a Type 2 and then to a Type 3. They become Stages, not Types.

        No, I don’t think all or even most psychopaths will reach Type/Stage 3. Many will start at sufficiently high SES, never experience childhood maltreatment, and never experience a triggering event that pushes them from Stage 1 to Stage 2. Some will be caught and caged at Stage 2. Maybe they’ll advance to Stage 3, but it will be in prison. Others may reach Stage 2 but will never be pushed into Stage 3.

        This transitional hypothesis is a big lose for everyone. It’s a big lose for Type 1s because then they can’t admit to the problem for fear of being caged. Rather than criminal psychopaths and violent psychopaths being subsets of a subset, it means there’s a greater number of potentially criminal and potentially violent psychopaths among us. A triggering event will drive a Type 1 businessman like Sam to commit Type 2 white-collar crimes and then Type 3 violence. I want to believe the three are discrete groups, but I admit it’s unlikely.

        * I say non-normative because I think most people have broken a law at least once. If you tasted beer before you were of legal drinking age, you’ve broken a law.

        ** I’m applying a moral judgement that being literally raped, assaulted or killed is worse than being financially and psychologically raped, but there are a lot of gray areas and probably personal differences there.

        1. @Lanna,
          sorry but I disagree (from experience) with the whole Aristetolian on/off, black/white, psychopath/not-psychopath theory. It is completely flawed.
          There was a study done (sorry I lack a citation and it’s late so I will not look for it now) on so-called war-heroes and so-called psychopaths and it was found they were essentially the same people in different circumstances. I am pretty certain I exhibit some high values for psychopathy under certain situations, but extremely empathic values in different situations.

          For example, when my daughter was born, the utter incompetence and human stupidity of lackadaisical “doctors” and rank incompetence of the associated nurses meant both my wife and daughter very nearly died. There was literally panic in the eyes of the “doctors” when they realised how bad they had let it get and the one semi-competent person in the room (the anesthetist) was similarly extremely concerned. Heart rates of my wife and unborn child were in the red zone. And I was the calmest person in the room. I only had one thought in my head. If one of them dies I am fucked because I have to look after the other one. But if they both die, I will kill everyone in this room. None of them are going to make it out of here alive. I also realised in that moment, very calmly and clearly, that I was not normal. I was perfectly calm and I have no doubt that if my wife and child had died, at least a good half dozen of those people would not have made it out of that room. The other six might have made it to the corridors and one or two lucky ones might have got away, but frankly, I doubt it. So in theory that makes me a really scary psychopath. However in another occasion, I consciously, placed my life between a lethal threat and my then girlfriend, fully expecting to die just to give her time to get away.

          So in one case I’m a mentally deranged monster, in the other an archetypal “hero”. Neither is true. “psychopaths” are not as clear cut as you all seem to think. I believe a clearer indicator is narcissism. It seems to be a MUCH stronger and less flexible parameter than simple “psychopathy”. A psychopath can do morally reprehensible things but still within a certain logic. A twisted one perhaps, but not NECESSARILY a solely self-serving one. A narcissist on the other hand tends to almost invariably act for purely selfish reasons. Add a touch of psychopathy and THERE you have your dangerous animal. People should be tested for narcissism more than psychopathy.

          1. @G,

            You’re right – up to a point. Most things in psychiatry are “spectrum disorders” – there’s a bell-curved spectrum of behaviour, with things at either end being unusual…but not abnormal. This is why psychiatrists are so obsessed with the DSM-IV and ICD-10 – they define the point on the spectrum where “normal but unusual” ends and “abnormal” begins. I have a friend who is so dispassionate and calculating he meets some of the criteria for sociopathy, but who cares too much for those close to him to be a sociopath; it sounds like similar could be said of you (without ever having met, that’s a big claim, but I’m basing it on your comment above – and rest assured, I’m talking about one of my dearest friends here) There’s a debate about those who fall close to the margin, but those who we’re debating here (Mr Pierce, say, or Ms Dunford) appear to be far beyond that point.

            1. @Dr Geek,

              There’s a debate about those who fall close to the margin, but those who we’re debating here (Mr Pierce, say, or Ms Dunford) appear to be far beyond that point.

              Exactly. I mean sure, shades of gray, sure there’s a spectrum or a bell curve or whatever, but where-ever you choose to put the dividing line, individuals like Stephen Pierce fall well beyond it.

              Furry cows moo and decompress.

          2. @G, I think Blackwood is saying there is a spectrum from hot headed to cold hearted, from those who react emotionally to those who are emotionless ( flat affect? ), which makes sense to me. Most of us are in the bell curve. We react emotionally but act logically, too. Your example of defending people you care about puts you closer to the hot headed end to me.

  5. I thought that the typical IM Guru had ADHD. However agreed that lack of empathy for their victims would indicate more psychopathic tendencies. Once anyone gets to cult leader status – pretty much guaranteed that they are a psychopath.

  6. As long as sheeple (I mean, people) are greedy and want to make quick money with little or work, the IM Gurus will still thrive. The main thing with these hucksters is to make a lot of money FAST by hyping a phoney product launch through a highly promoted conference call.

    The sheeple eagerly sign in to the conference calls with the hyped up and excited IM guru extolling the virtues of his great money making scheme. These sheeple are willing to try to make money by paying money for the “opportunity” and privilege to make supposedly quick money. Of course the only quick money made is by the IM Guru.

    Greed feeds on greed.

    1. @antiIMGuru, yes that is true, but you’re leaving out more of the bigger picture. The whole system programs people to think greed is ok. You have commercials prompting you to buy now or miss out. The message is always the same “get as much as you can for as little money or effort as possible”. “No money down, pay 30 days same as cash, 2 for 1, supersize for just x dollars more, buy now on credit, pay later ” and on it goes.

      The whole marketing and advertising industry is based on exaggerations, emotional manipulation, and greed.

      SO to an extent, I can agree with the fact that greed feeds on greed, but sheeple just blindly sit and watch TV for all their lives every day, and let their minds be programmed but what they think is just “entertainment”. This is not to throw off responsibility, but it is a factor to consider.

      Also, you have those who for whatever reason need money badly, people who are on the verge of losing their home, their child having cancer, old age, and other dire situations. When your only child is dying of cancer and the medical bills pile up, you’re not greedy, you’re desperate.

      Thing is, these scammers don’t just scam, but they also work hard to breed and churn out more parasitic scammers by telling these people that they can teach others how to make millions before ever having made any millions themselves.

      The real loss is not so much the money as it is a robbing of people’s hope, soul and integrity. Your thoughts?

  7. … or at least t-shirts and asshole watch lists.

    Yes, and why not? I mean: I agree. I think it’s a good idea.

    How about this? New law: Upon being convicted of a felony for some type of violent crime, sex crime, or for fraud (possibly insert approx $$ value of fraud that must be met or exceeded in order for this clause to kick in), that person has one of these brain scan thingies done on them. If the test conclusively shows they have that brain make-up that the mental health medical community associates with psychopathy, then that person gets, literally, branded for life–right on their forehead.

    We can choose the specific labels later, or maybe it could go on a state-to-state basis. The brain scan is the really important part–it’d suck to brand the wrong people. If the test comes up positive, the (newly convicted) felon could make a one-time request for a re-test to be performed by a different facility. If that test did not come back positive, then no branding would occur. (However, should the person commit another felony in the future, they get tested again.)

    Maybe it’s not strict enough, I dunno. It’s just I think writing laws is pretty serious. You’ve always got to assume the worst possible cases of intentional or accidental misuse/abuse of the proposed law and ask yourself “How much new injustice are you willing to stomach accidentally creating whilest trying to mitigate the existing injustice?”

    I don’t really know that much about existing laws. I’m not sure which levels of fraud are considered felonies and which are misdemeanors. That’s another area of law that might need some revision.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  8. THIS SOUNDS JUST LIKE THE STEPHEN PIERCE THAT I KNOW….”No ability to understanding other people’s emotions and intentions, lack of empathy, a poor response to fear and distress and a lack of self-conscious emotions such as guilt or embarrassment.”

    ‘The ‘cold-hearted’ psychopathic begins offending earlier, engages in a broader range and greater density of offending behaviours, and responds less well to treatment programmes in adulthood.

    “They regard life as a giant supermarket where they can stroll among the shelves and take what they want.”

    For further reference, see these stunning articles:

    Stephen Pierce Scam Nipple Lawyer

    Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease :: Attorneys-at-Scam

    The People Vs Stephen Pierce

    Revengeful Bloody Rampage

      1. @Jack, He also says “Jeremy Johnston” instead of Jeremy Johnson. Maybe he’ll correct those couple of typos. Otherwise, it’s a great article.


        At the bottom, there is a link to download the article to your Kindle so you can read it off-line. Might be easier to read that way, especially if you’re pressed for time.

    1. @Jack, Can somebody tell me about if mr. Lewis’ dirty-movie money maker is a good one? Because he told me about that:


      Even if you’re UGLY, BROKE, or a SHY VIRGIN!”

      whois from the aug/2006 time-period for Bangflick tells me about this one:

          1. @Ryan Healy,

            That’s probably a PUA tactic. Men worth having are already taken, so appear already taken in order to appear worth having.

        1. @Jack,

          Jamie Lewis is positively a dick. Turbo Tax can produce any and all kinds of cool looking W-2s with all kinds of numbers on them.

          P.S. Did he get fired or did he quit his job? Make up your mind!

      1. @Jack, I was wondering what “hot niche” he had discovered…

        He may as well have said, “I made $1 million peddling crack to drug addicts… and you can too!!!”

        There’s a lot of money to be made in “sin businesses”… but then you’re in a sin business.

        In this case, the question is not how to make money, it’s how low will you stoop for that filthy lucre?

    2. @Jack,

      It’s pretty cool! I watched the main video (Scamworld: the Movie) (15 minute). Sadly, I don’t have time to read the whole article yet, but it’s at the top of my non-work TODO list.

      … and so now two rambling asides
      (1. I wonder if @SD will be making an official post about it here or not) and
      (2. I had been wondering, and now I have a pretty good sense, just how old the phrase “boiler room” is.)

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd,

        Logically, the term wasn’t used in its original capacity – to mean a room with a boiler in it – until steam engines began to be used for practical purposes around 1700. The sales floor meaning can’t possibly predate the 1876 invention of the telephone.

        It wouldn’t make sense to establish a telephone sales floor until some sufficient number of people had telephones, too. Here’s an infographic showing telephone adoption rates among Americans. Telephone adoption hit the 40% mark around 1929, but then tumbled (Great Depression), reaching 40% again around 1940.

        Using Google’s Newspaper Archive, the earliest mention I find is an August 26, 1929, story in the New York Times about “Gerald Tiffany, the stock promoter wanted in three States” who had “offices at :80 [sic] Fifth Avenue, with a “boiler room” of ten telephones.” An August 18 story broke the news that Tiffany and Arthur H. Montgomery were “wanted on charges of using the mails to defraud in connection with sales of stock of the Airvia Transportation Company, Inc.”

        On March 4, 1933, The Financial Post mentioned the book “Scapegoats”, sometimes subtitled “By One of Them,” by former boiler room salesman Julian Sherrod. Evidently Sherrod “published copies of boiler room letters he received from his sales managers encouraging him to go out and push certain sugar bonds which were ‘steadily improving in position.'”

        Before the days of Mark Shurtleff, scammers who wanted to swingle Americans located their boiler rooms in Canada. An August 21, 1936 AP story published in the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix reported both countries were working on an agreement to end that.

        Such a system, officials explained would enable quick action against a firm which set up a ‘boiler room’ in one country to persuade investors in the other to buy worthless securities. In ‘boiler rooms,’ they said, are installed batteries of telephones, manned by salesmen who call thousands of prospects in an effort to peddle stocks of dubious value.”

        Use of the term seems to have died off in the late 1930s and resurged in the late 1950s.

        On January 24, 1957, the St. Petersburg Times’ Sylvia Porter wrote:

        The “boiler rooms” of the ’20s have been revived. The boiler room is a sales organization which employs high-pressure, fraudulent and deceptive sales tecniques [sic] to tout extremely speculative securities over the phone. Until last year, most operated out of Canada. Now they’re in this country. Dozens are known to be working in and around New York, using the long distance phone to peddle worthless or near worthless stocks.

        On March 26, 1957, Sam Dawson at the Lewiston Evening Journal shared a definition issued that day by the NYSE:

        A boiler room is defined thus:
        “High pressure peddling over the telephone of stocks of dubious value. A typical boiler room is simply a room lined with desks or cubicles, each with a salesman and telephone. The salesmen call what is known in the trade as sucker lists”

        The New York Times reported on September 26, 1958:

        Canadian Javelin, Ltd., consented yesterday to a permanent injunction against boiler room operations, or high-pressure telephone selling of stock.

        The idea seems to be that the high pressure placed on the leads by the salesmen and on the salesmen by the managers is similar to the pressure placed on the turbines and piston in a steam engine. However, in a January 1, 1959, article, Peter Edson at the Park City Daily News wrote:

        The name “boiler room” comes from the din of their high pressure sales offices

    1. @F*cked by Matt Harward,
      Good question…. I don’t know.
      Awesome movie, btw.

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