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Bill Harris :: Shilling ShitHead

Back before Bill Harris was threatening to sue the blogosphere into silence :: He was running his fat disgusting mouth in service of James Arthur Ray.

“James is the best. He knows everything. Give him all your money {except for the bits you give to me}. He’s a good person. He’ll change you life.”


It was fun while the money was pouring in … but now that’s over and Bill would like us to forget that he was one of Ray’s top cheerleading shills. He also thinks it would be lovely if we could get some group selective amnesia regarding the unpleasant FACT that Holosync was used at the DeathLodge event … and that Bill {like his husband and BFF James Ray} hasn’t issued any refunds to people who lost their lives.

Sorry bitch :: but the Internet never forgets.

So please enjoy the video :: Bill’s personal assessment of James Arthur Ray’s value :: All mixed-up with the inconvenient truth.

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