Bill Harris :: Shilling ShitHead

Back before Bill Harris was threatening to sue the blogosphere into silence :: He was running his fat disgusting mouth in service of James Arthur Ray.

“James is the best.  He knows everything.  Give him all your money {except for the bits you give to me}. He’s a good person. He’ll change you life.”


It was fun while the money was pouring in … but now that’s over and Bill would like us to forget that he was one of Ray’s top cheerleading shills. He also thinks it would be lovely if we could get some group selective amnesia regarding the unpleasant FACT that Holosync was used at the DeathLodge event … and that Bill {like his husband and BFF James Ray} hasn’t issued any refunds to people who lost their lives.

Sorry bitch :: but the Internet never forgets.

So please enjoy the video :: Bill’s personal assessment of James Arthur Ray’s value :: All mixed-up with the inconvenient truth.

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  1. So, Bill Harris endorses James as an “expert in many spiritual disciplines”. Just shows how carefully Bill Harris checks his sources, doesn’t it. Exactly which disciplines, Bill? The ones he claims to have mastered? Like giving sweat lodges, for example? Or maybe you mean holotropic breathing which he learned with Stan Grof, except the Stan Grof Institute have never heard of him and say he never studied there.

    Bill Harris made over $11000 from the Death Lodge, so maybe that’s why he didn’t bother doing a brief background check on his man. Easy to talk big, isn’t Bill, but you don’t have anything to back it up with.

    Better just go back to your zen practice, Bill. They do a lot of silence, zen monks. Oh, I forgot you know all that don’t you….The deep pool of silence behind your words….the stillness…..

  2. That’s it! Bill Harris has convinced me what an awesome guy Death Ray is, and I’m signing up for the next JRI event. Anybody know where I can get a schedule? Anybody? Bueller? *crickets*

    Hey, what’s the world coming to when your fellow hustledork stops supporting your wheeling and dealing just because a few folks died? Sheesh.

  3. How can anyone look at Harris and find credibility! That hairdo is so 1970s evangelical preacher. Does he also wear red polyester suits and white patent leather shoes?

  4. A correction to the last post regarding Bill’s hairdo. He is now actually bald like a couple of his mentors, Ken Wilber and Genpo Roshi. Since he and his wife have both become Buddhist monks (according to one of the posters one a recent blog post of Harris on the Centerpointe website) the bald head is probably appropriate.

  5. Here’s an interesting observation from a commenter on the Rick Ross forum:

    “Participants would pay their enormous fees, with a set time period where a refund was available. Three days after the refund period expired the disclaimers appeared.
    These disclaimers were the usual, JAR divesting himself and his organisation of any responsibility for any outcome, up to and including death, as a result of participating in the event.
    Anyone refusing to sign the disclaimer could not participate and could no longer get their money back.”,77450,80410#msg-80410

  6. Its now 2010, someone should like up all the people in the secret and do a ‘WHERE ARE THEY NOW’ series because pretty much all of them have had their massive hypocrisies exposed. Even the loser from down under seems to be drowning in his own faeces with new of the authorities liquidating his company because he owes them around quarter million buckeroos (oh dear god surprise surprise). If people think these fools are their mentors then where is our future headed? That guy was claiming to be a wealth expert but the best he could pull off was a massive headache for everyone who ever got involved with him. Now hes changed direction and is claiming to be an expert with God and has even taken over the church website (all very paranoid as usual). Its all a bit whoohoo really and made people completely distrustful of anything that might otherwise be quite helpful to some. Anyone who gets caught by these fools now is a fool themselves. Enjoyed the video and look forward to each revelation in this continuing SECRET saga. 2010 is shaping up to be one helluva year for these guys and they will need a helluva lot more than shallow faith and a master plan in marketing.

    1. Shelby,

      The Australian ‘secret guy’ David Schirmer, successfully pulled all videos about him done in an expose by Australian TV’s ‘A Current Affair’ off of youtube, etc and replaces them with his own propaganda videos. But the original shows you can still see here: … this guy is indeed very bent!!

      1. Thanks mate, that guy has threatened abused and accused so many people who say things about him that he doesnt like its hard to keep track of it all. You get the feeling he thinks hes won every time it happens when all he is doing is making sure all his sins are multiplied exponentially. You might like to look at also it has a lot on this guy. By the way youtube will pull any video if anyone makes any claims to it without much of an excuse at all but its easy enough to get them back up again.
        This guy is in deep shit and his latest vodoo magik schtick is to chant the word faith however faith wont pay your taxes it seems.

      2. @RD,

        huh… Ok so apparently “THE SECRET” is… take the money and run. IMHO, that method of getting rich is too expensive.

        You can’t screw all those people over and not suffer from it. I mean even if you get away with it you suffer. Even if you have killed your conscience by then or if you just don’t have one, you will still suffer eventually by virtue of having no real friends.

        About the video: it’s really good at about 6min 15sec. That’s good stuff right there: repeatedly asking mr. scammer the hard question, “where’s the money?”

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

  7. Hey Bill, if you had’ve checked up a bit on your poster boy’s claims, you wouldn’t be ruining your blood pressure now trying to cover your footsteps. You were hoping people would look at Ray and think “Wow, look at Ray. He uses Bill’s cds.” Well now they’ll also be saying “Wow, Ray uses Bill’s cds AND injects anabolic steroids.” You’re right, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it does it.

    Some more details about Ray’s drug use

    A person taking any anabolic steroid regimen is prone to mood swings, anxiety, and aggressive behavior.

    Ray’s cronies suggest that he suffers from a hormonal imbalance, but…

    It is peculiar why a man of Ray’s means living in Carlsbad, CA, would be prescribed drugs by an internet physician in Michigan rather than seeing a board-certified endocrinologist or urologist at one of the outstanding medical centers in southern California.

  8. I wish that Oprah would be brave enough to cover this.

    She was gushing uncritically over “The Secret” when it first came out, and I feel that she is partly contributory toward all of the harm that has been done.

    I suppose she’ll pretend that she doesn’t know these folks, now that everything has gone south.

    1. Well, Oprah did take James Frey to task after it was discovered his “autobiography” was not exactly as true as Frey had claimed.

      You never know…


      1. To Ryan:

        Point taken. However, I would be very surprised if she did the same thing with “The Secret.”

        The James Frey book was a story that would not probably not cause anyone to alter his or her own life or beliefs.

        “The Secret,” however, challenges us to turn our own lives upside-down. Oprah believed it worked and said as much on her show. She claimed that she had even been “doing it” her entire life without knowing what it was.

        This would be far more embarrassing to her than finding out that James Frey’s autobiography was actually a work of fiction.

        My guess is that Oprah won’t touch this one.

        Now, I would LOVE to be wrong. I’m actually hoping I’m wrong.

  9. SORRY, everyone…we found out today that colleens story was aired last sunday on geraldo at large..jan.4th… we were told that we would be notified of its air date, but not the case….you can see the interview at geraldo at large…Once again, THANK YOU. from a greiving family

      1. Pity the segment wasn’t longer – especially given the number of people they assembled. But Lynn and John Graham spoke excellently and brought out the facts, and for once Fox’s simplistic “good vs evil” characterisation is perfectly appropriate.

        “Depraved indifference to human life” yes- that sums it up perfectly.

  10. How many of us would be willing to make an organized effort to bring Colleen’s story more media attention?

    1. The media attention we have received so far has been awesome…It is unfortunate, that it took the sweatlodge deaths to bring colleens tragic story to light…We know things happen for a reason, and we are very fortunate to have met some wonderful people, who are helping us in this awful time…anyone interested in helping colleens story to be told, contact the san diego police, and ask them to re-open this case….thank you…john

  11. Well it looks like Ray’s attorneys also haven’t just been sitting around idly.

    Brusseau, who owns buildings just down the street from Ray’s corporate headquarters, had a series of banners made, which read “Be accountable James Arthur Ray. You were trusted by our friend Kirby Brown and now she and two others are dead.” Ray’s attorneys have contacted the Brusseaus requesting that the banners be taken down.

    Also worth noting:
    Liz Neuman a personal friend of Ray’s who had been on his “dream team”. Neuman suffered massive organ failure and lay in a coma for eight days, accruing a hospital bill in excess of $300,000 before she died on October 17.

  12. To Yakaru:

    Those banners have been up for a while. Do you suppose they have a legal ground to insist that they be removed?

    1. I imagine they could claim it is defamation, but I doubt they would risk taking it to court at this particular moment. I guess the “request” from the lawyers contained a few thinly veiled threats. No doubt they know their client well enough by now to know when to bite and when to growl with a wagging tail. — Imagine what they’ve already dealt with over the years – proofreading waivers, rejecting refund claims & lawsuits. I remember Melinda Martin said Ray had already called them the day after Colleen’s death. Who knows what else.

  13. Bill Harris –

    Wow that name brings back bad memories. About 15 years ago, I bought one of his “The End” tapes from an ad in Psychology Today magazine.

    With that purchase came “phone support.”

    When I called Bill Harris for phone support, he was abusive. Then when I returned his product, the SOB charged me a restocking fee just to piss me off. He claimed it was because he wasted time on the phone with me.

    Even after 15+ years I have never forgotten what an outright jerk Bill Harris was and how badly I, as a customer, was treated.

    Bad kharma, Harris. Glad to see others are on to this guy.

  14. Bill Harris is obviously a mammoth huckster. If you want a good brainwave entrainment product, look into Transparent Corp’s Neuro-Programmer. No, I don’t work for them and I’m not an affiliate. It’s just a much better value that Harris’ massively overpriced crapola. Or, if you want a free product that does the job (but with limited features), get the Brainwave Generator freeware. Certainly do not become involved with Centrepointe’s frauducts, as the entrainment technology used is substandard and it will cost you a fortune.

  15. I am disappointed in Mr Harris. I used to have a lot respect for him, when I saw him in the “The Secret” movie. I have been a holosync user and have completed a few holosync levels and the results are good. But he has designed it so you have to buy 12 levels (excluding the introductory level) to complete the program. It is a good product but I get the feeling these self help gurus are fleecing people out of their hard earned. In a way I am not surprised by what you have said about him. It sounds like a clique (syndicate) where they are all buddy-buddy and rock solid and they love to prop each other up. It is funny that his endorsement of Ray has backfired. But I am most disappointed that he tried to shut your site down. He shouldn’t be in the business of silencing those who find his endorsements worthy of critique and ridicule.

  16. I’ve watched this so many times….and I still love it ! Salty—your talents make my day….this is hilarious !

  17. Seems I am the first to post after the guilty convictions of James A. Ray. I am disappointed that most (including me at one time)do not understand the cross-promotional, often negligent claims of guys like Bill Harris. I admit to having given the man a lot of my money to be in the “inner circle”. I have also attended one of his seminars and left because his unhappiness was so real, his manipulation so obvious, and his money grubbing so apparent. I have found him to be a dispicable man, but it is not until you see him in person that you see the hole in his soul. On the Oprah issue, she, like many, had big dreams, and hers became reality. Unfortunately she took her sample size of one to sell that there was a cause and effect to “The Secret” and in the process did a lot of harm to many who trasnferred their money to hucksters like the author and Bill Harris. We have scientific inquiry to expose such fallacious thinking, but many choose to ignore the results such as the studies showing positive outlook, etc. has no impact on disease, etc. Karma is arriving Bill.

  18. Bill Harris lied to me about a one time payment would covered all cost of his “program”. I gave him my entire stimulus check. I am 78 years old. He took it and then recanted his previoius statement. This man could “milk” you into eternity.

  19. I had a nasty phone call experience with Harris way back in the early 1990s! I can’t believe this driftwood is still around.

    The SOB charged me a re-stocking fee when I returned the product out of malice.

    THat was all I needed to know to realize how “enlightened” the man is.

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