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Jeff Johnson Goes Down the {You}Tubes

Jeff Johnson :: best known for having a fanged vagina face :: has been banned from YouTube for reasons that Jeff Johnson can’t possibly imagine with what little brains Jeff Johnson has inside of the oddly shaped head that helps attach Jeff Johnson’s lying mouth to Jeff Johnson’s turd blackened heart.

That was a really long sentence :: so Jeff Johnson is probably done reading this post even though it’s about Jeff Johnson. Readin’ and writin’ and understandin’ is hard for Jeff :: so his multi-word YouTube banned me diatribe must have been a real labor of {narcissistic} love …

Youtube Shut Me Down And I Don’t Know Why Part 1

Good title :: except it’s too long :: too dumb :: a conjunction is capitalized in violation of grammar school level grammar :: and YouTube is not correctly capitalized in violation of grammar school level web knowledge … but otherwise awesome job guru.

“Dear Youtube, I’m sorry.

I would never intentionally violate your Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.

Everyone makes mistakes, especially me.”

Starts fake web guru Jeff Johnson’s oddly contrite email to YouTube’s automated systems …

“I’ve been a loyal partner of yours for years and we’ve both benefited greatly from our mutually beneficial relationship.”

Yes :: where would YouTube be without Jeff Johnson’s videos of Jeff Johnson mumbling at years old pitch-fest seminars?

If I made a mistake I’m sorry and I’d love a second chance to make things right between usicon smile Youtube Shut Me Down And I Dont Know Why Part 1

It kinda sounds like Jeff Johnson wants to get down YouTube’s automated pants :: but that’s not the case as he explained in his point-by-point-by-same-point-again breakdown of his non-violations …

Jeff Says: I have never posted anything remotely close to pornography anywhere on the internet, especially on youtube. Don’t get me wrong, I like naked women as much as the next guy but my youtube channel is 100% porno free so this can’t be the issue.

He likes boobs :: let’s get that straight right now … no homo. But his YouTubes are 100% boob free.

Now I’m a big boy and I know when I do something wrong but I still have no idea what I did wrong.

Why is Daddy being so mean to his big boy? Gosh :: growing up is hard to do.

YouTube did leave this one little hint as to the non-boob-related reasons for the cancelation …

… but big boy vagina face no can understand that … too confusing.

Not cool, youtube! You are accusing me of posting “spam, scams, and commercially deceptive” videos yet nothing was being sold in the video …

Hmmm :: well maybe he should change the name of the post to … “Boobs Youtube Shut Me Down And I Know Why But I Don’t Want To Believe It Part 1 No Homo Boobs”

If you have experienced similar issues with Youtube or Google (since Google owns Youtube) I’d love to hear about it.

Oh shit really? You’d love to hear about it? Okay awesome :: not that many people like to hear me whine about it … so this a great opportunity for me.

See Jeff :: I write about this syndicate full of fuck-tards that calls itself The Syndicate. The various members of this The Syndicate have filed dozens and dozens of false complaints against my YouTube accounts :: and three of my accounts have been permanently deleted without notice or a chance to respond. One video in particular has been taken down more than five times …

If only this video was allowed to stay in one place and collect all the views that it has collected :: then it would rank well in search :: and Jeff Johnson would be able to easily find out that Jeff Johnson is a member of The Syndicate. If he knew that he was member :: then maybe the “spam, scams, and commercially deceptive” accusations would have made more sense to his big boy brain :: and all this confusion could have been avoided.

@Rsberg on the WarriorForum thinks it was prolly just the fates …

“First it was his Adsense account and now YouTube shut him down….

Coming from someone who has purchased a few of his products in the past (only to be disappointed), one where he basically just left 3000+ people hanging when he lost his Adsesne acct. I can honestly say…what comes around goes around! In reality though it’s not like losing his YouTube account will mean he’s done in IM, not if he’s smart anyway.

This isn’t “bashing” so don’t take it that way but if you’re the kind of marketer that builds your business by letting some of your loyal customers flop in the wind shortly after you’ve gotten their money then you probably deserve it.”

I’m sure what @Rsberg meant was “what goes around comes around” :: and yeah :: we can hope at least.

But other “warriors” have other “ideas” …

That vicious, paranoid price fixing accusation originated at the site of mean spirited, whining, hating losers-“salty droid”, for whom everyone who’s ever had any success is scum, worthy of their insults and hate. (Are you sure you didn’t subconsciously borrow the word “cartel” from the “droid”-because that’s the word they used for what you described-applied to Kern, Reese, etc?)

HEY! Leave me out of this … I’m fucking innocent!!

I spent a few hours once, reading the garbage on that site, and listening to the “evidence” they base their asinine accusations on-in the case you speak of, a scratchy tape of the gurus, “conspiring”. The only reason I don’t regret it is because now I know what to tell anyone who ever brings them up as a source of information-you’re better off getting advice from the contents of the plastic bag you took on your dog walk.

As far as I’m concerned, being hated and accused of awful deeds by them is a sign that you’ve probably done something worthwhile. We should all hope to be in that esteemed company. Every prominent Warrior is a target of their abuse, along with the likes of Tony Robbins, etc.

Well congrats then Greg Vinson … your esteeming has commenced.

I’d be more than happy to accuse you of some awful deeds :: but it looks to me like you’ve never done anything but troll the troll forum. I guess I’ll have to settle for this tweet

Adorable! I’m sure you’ll be showering in Internet monies and dating Paula Abdul in no time … keep the faith.

Boiler Room blow-hole :: and in no way Olympic wrestler :: Russell Brunson also just lost his YouTube account. I guess he didn’t have time for a whine-a-thon like Jeff Johnson though :: and just put all the vids right back up on another account. Here’s one :: don’t watch it …

Good job YouTube :: you really got your shit together. Oh and thanks for being one of the prime distribution networks for the scammers :: while doing nothing to protect dissent … it’s totally not evil. Why have a thoughtful process when you can just do some randomly shitty automation and hold it out as progress?

Speaking of boobs :: YouTubes :: and people who deserve to be in jail

Yep Yep!!

… try getting that moobie ass shit out of your mind …

You’re welcome.

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