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Christopher Reese :: Straight for My Boys


Christopher Reese {pictured above left with Herbalife executive Des Walsh} is an International 15K President’s Team member :: which in case you’re not down with the lingo … means he’s very near the tippy top of the pyramid. Reese oozed up from Chairman’s Club member Doran Andry’s Southern California scum-pot-downline … a group of people building their fake businesses beneath the Newest Way to Wealth and Financial Success System umbrellas.


Chris {far right} is a real family man :: and never passes up an opportunity to use his wife and kids in his marketing materials … one of my least favorite things.

Reese is a featured speaker at Herbalife events all around the world :: and is this weekend keynoting an event in Columbus … The Salty Droid’s new home base.

While Reese spends his Saturday bullshitting Herbalife’s most recent Ohio victims :: I’ll be just a few blocks away putting the finishing touches on a long overdue post about the critical role that these live events play in the Herbalife scam … oh … wait … speaking of long overdue … that fucking reminds me …

In March 2013 Christopher Reese was in Vietnam helping Herbalife scam the poorest of the poor. He posted to his Facebook from Ho Chi Minh City :: congratulating someone on his dream team back home for making the Millionaire Team …

Reese in Ho City

WOWOWOW :: and also … WOOOO HOOOO! … I feel so warm and cozy … gosh … Big. Group. Hug!

and now the sadness

During that same trip Christopher Reese :: who was born in 1957 and is /creeses57 on facebook … seems to have been posting as user chris7757 on a cityXguides forum thread headed “Ho Chi Minh City – Massage Parlors” … making friends and influencing people.

chris7757 …

Hi Guys, I’m in HCMC till the 3/31 staying in Ben Thanh dist. any suggestions would be VERY appreciated as I don’t know my way around and am pretty particular. Reply or email to

Posts classy-as-heck cityXguides user “phokinggg” …

I find pretty girls stroking my weaner quite erotic lol. I spend a lot of time (and money)researching massage parlors in the area. I have gone to literally every massage parlor in Ho city. Last week, I went to on in Q5. I tipped the quang ly (manager) guy $200,000 Dongs and requested a new girl. She hooked me up with a fresh one who just came to the city from the countryside. When I saw her, I just couldn’t believe my third eye. This girl was definitely a 10 and drop-dead gorgeous with an honest an honest to God innocent look. I couldn’t believe my luck. She said she was 18, but I believe she had fake papers because she couldn’t have been more than 16-17 years old. The massage itself was mediocre, but who wanted massage anyways lol. I couldn’t take my eyes off her face and titties. She was quite inexperienced and let me do whatever I liked except FS because she said it was not allowed there. I love her soft small breasts. They were quite nice and the nipples were very tiny. Anyways, she must have made me come at least twice as I fingered her wet tight pussy. She even let me insert my middle finger into her tiny asshole lol. I am planning to request her many more times.

She hooked him up with a countryside fresh one :: with honest to God innocence … so that’s pretty cool lol. I love a girl with fake papers :: chris7757 knows what I’m talking about … cause him and phokinggg quickly bonded over their mutual interests.

chris7757 …

OK phokinggg, I took your advise and went to Dainam, asked for #44 and to my surprise she was working. I got the works body scrub, steam, sauna, Jacuzzi then massage. At first I thought I was out of luck because I didn’t want to wear the shorts they give you at first and I thought she was pissed off at me. The back massage was actually pretty good (Guess she been practicing). Anyway on the flip she rubbed my feet a little then went straight for my Boys. So you were spot on Phokingg, beautiful small nipples very tight ass very sexy and yes see definitely knows what to do once a solder stands at attention.

Thanks for this tip, I’ll work on finding a new one to pass on!!

chris7757 …

phokinggg, I haven’t had a chance to go see #30 yet been working like a mad man and for some reason I keep getting a relay error when I send email from here. I’l keep you posted.

chris7757 …

phokinggg, thank buddy you are on a roll! I’ll send you an email as well and what the address at Vien Dong and what’s your usual tip I don’t want to spoil her… haha

This phokinggg is such a {pimping} people person … I certainly hope Christopher did his Herbalife duty and tried to recruit him into his LEGIONS of future President’s Team members.

phokinggg …

Guys, a local introduced me to this other local back in ‘09. He seems to have major connection to fresh girls from the countryside every week. These are girls who are from poor families and they come to Saigon to sell their virginities. Some then become prostitutes. I always try a few of them every time I return to Ho City. These girls provide FS at about $500,000. The guy seems to have a fresh stream of new girls every week. The girls range anywhere from 5 to 9 in terms of looks. Age usually below 22. Some of the girls dont look very clean because they came from the countryside. They let you do pretty much anything you want. I fucked a couple of them in the ass lol. Let me know if you want the phone number of the local dude.

The genius gmail address that chris7757 left for his new prospective pimp pals :: … is very reminiscent of Reese’s internet lead gen site … … which is registered to he and his not-at-all-scammy-sounding-company … Millionaire Makers Inc. … at the email address

This had to be Herbalife’s Reese :: but I emailed him the following at the address to confirm …

Subject: Ticket 2 Cheap BJs???

Hey Christopher ::

It’s me … The Salty Droid.

Isn’t it fun to get an email from someone who is {way} more famous than you? I always think it’s fun when it happens to me.

Anywayz :: congrats on being Herbalife President’s Team … it’s a real accomplishment of riches and splendor.

I guess I’m just a little confused about why a super successful millionaire like your own self :: would worry about over-tipping impoverished young girls for their prostitution services … like I see you doing on this page.

Maybe President’s Team isn’t all it’s cracked up to be financially? Or is it more about solidarity with other white western assholes who want access to “girls who are from poor families [that] come to Saigon to sell their virginities” … but who maybe have yet to achieve wealth in the newest ways … and so can’t afford to have high rollers swooping into town driving tips up from $9.50 to $17.75?

I’d appreciate if you could help clear up this confusion for me.

Or :: you could ignore me … and find out how much I fucking hate being ignored.

To our success,

Reese’s reply was neither grammatical nor substantive …

Who are you

… but it told me everything I needed to know :: because it was sent from Reese’s primary email address …

Herbalife :: ambassadors of the American dream around the globe … right Madeleine Albright?

Herbalife Columbus Kickoff Reese

Anywayz Christopher :: like I said … I’m The Salty Droid. Welcome to Columbus :: enjoy your stay … but please do try and keep your filthy old-man hands off our young countryside virgins.

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