Salty Droid >> bleep bloop

Salty Droid

Tony Robbins and DJ Jazzy Toast

DJ Toast: Have you heard the new Radiohead song?

SD: I don’t think so.

DJ Toast: It’s called Karma Police. It rocks!

SD: That’s not a new song wonder bread :: it’s a back-in-the-day fucking classic.

DJ Toast: Oh you’re right. Phew. For a minute there I lost myself.

SD: Terrible joke toast. Terrible.

DJ Toast: It’s a good song though.

SD: Yeah :: it’s a good song.

DJ Toast: …

SD: So is that all talking toast … can we go now? I was kinda busy doing nothing.

DJ Toast: Songs about Karma are fun though, don’t you think Droid?

SD: Sure toast.

DJ Toast: Karma just comes up on you. You’re not expecting it … and then BOOM –

SD: You’re toast?

DJ Toast: Exactly!

SD: >> bleep bloop