Abundance of Oprah

“Oprah totally loves me now :: she’s getting all my craps for free :: but you should pay enough to upset the normal functioning of your life” :: says Tony Robbins to his email list {basically} …

“You think you have a busy schedule – how about Oprah’s? She showed up at Unleash the Power Within expecting to spend two hours,

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Tellman Knudson :: Running for Cover

Run Tellman Run :: at the mouth :: constantly run at the fucking mouth.  Tellman Knudson has been unable to stop running his yapper for YEARS.  He could run his ignorant mouth incessantly for 3 months :: without ever taking a breath … or saying a goddamn thing.  It’s a gift really :: like being born with a tail.

Recently Tellman decided that running at the legs was probably just as easy as running at the mouth. 

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