Millionaire Marketing … The Party

Psychopaths fucking love pity parties :: but they also love real parties … because of the free drinks … and jumbo shrimps … and opportunities to steal jewelry and/or spouses.

Stephen Pierce had a party in 2007 :: it was for millionaires only bitches :: or at least for people comfortable saying the word millionaire … very exclusive stuff. Malaysian Internet Marketing expert Patric Chan was at this exclusivity party :: and he told me all about it on his sales page

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Shotguns and Fancy Pants

Everyone’s asking the same question right now :: do sweatpants qualify as actual pants?

No … they don’t. Do they feel like pants … or do they feel like freedom? Exactly! :: think before you ask questions people.

In other news :: some half-wit … half-cocked … half-ass suggests that death by shotgun would be an appropriate end to my Salty Droiding™.


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The Syndicated Comments

{smoke still clearing}

Hi again!

So badguys … how you like me now?

The Internet Marketing Syndicate post {plus comments} currently has a word count of 54,000. The first 1500 words are fucking priceless {natch!}. The quality of the remaining 52,500 is … let’s say … highly variable. So :: for the second time :: the comments are the post.

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Vacationing with Mike Filsaime

Each year the tiny town of GnomeVille has a pissing contest :: literally.  The winner of the contest gets to spend several decades selling used cars in what the GardenGnomes call :: “the big people world!” :: One such lil’ pissin’ champion was turdy little troll {because even gnomes can be trolls} Mike Filsaime.  After pissin’ big :: Mike did something none of the other gnomes had ever done :: he quit selling used cars.

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