Annihilating Kilstein

sucky seduction

sucky seduction

Not-Doctor Harlan D. Kilstein has very little to be proud of in his miserable excuse for a life.  His “career” in education was suspiciously short and full of bridge burning failures.  His unfortunate body shape {known as The Mutated Potato} makes waddling his tremendously lumpy ass a necessity. His digestive system was described by one imaginary {and quite unprofessional} physician as :: “An absolute cluster-fuck from cake-hole to anus.” And now his “career” in copywriting / Internet Marketing Guruing is coming to an abrupt and disastrous close {also after a series of bridge burning failures}.

But the Dumpy Beast does have one thing to be proud have :: The zenith of Harlan Kilstein’s copywriting career :: The sales letter for The Annihilation Method.

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annihilation [verb] —  destroy utterly; obliterate

Naturally :: The Annihilation Method is about picking up women.  How do you expect to find love and happiness if you don’t start each relationship with annihilation? I know! It’s just so simple you wish you’d have thought of it.

The Annihilation Method was the turd-of-the-loins of one Neil Strauss {also known as :: “Style” :: because all of these little douche bags give themselves nicknames}. Neil is a pathetic fucking hack who apparently devolved from a {bland and mediocre} writer for The New York Times :: to a soulless maggot feeding on the misery of others.

Neil wrote a pointless book about the pointless act of ‘picking up’ chicks at a bar.  He gave it a grandiose title unbefitting its station ::  “The Game” :: because he’s constantly compensating for other areas in which he is very {oh so very} fucking small.  But the book :: like James Arthur Ray’s Harmonic Wealth :: is just the worm on the hook.  The real money comes from selling the super-saddest on uber-expensive fake miracles.

Enter The Annihilation Method :: 8 DVD’s for a measly $4,000 :: It’ll change your life {mainly via oppressive credit card interest rates}.  Harlan writes the sales letter :: and his number one man-crush Frank Kern does the other promotional shit.

Frank Kern :: Misogyny :: Scandalous Pricing :: ALL of Harlan’s favorite things {just add a vinegar colonic administered by a chubby dominatrix for a full on Harlan-gasm}.  Let’s inspectify the Not-Doctor’s copywriting pièce de résistance ::

“The Annihilation Method has proven to be the most effective and most powerful collection of pick up techniques ever to be produced.”

And by ‘proven’ :: we mean nothing.  And by ‘produced’ :: we also mean nothing.

“So, after The Game came out, I decided to figure out EXACTLY what enabled me to become supposedly the best pickup artist in the world while other guys were still virgins, spinning their wheels.”

Supposedly :: that sentence wasn’t written by a sexually obsessed thirteen year old with a drawer full of his mother’s GrannyPanties :: supposedly.

“Here’s the problem I face: Frankly, I’m concerned The Annihilation Method might become too well known and get used without responsible guidelines.

That’s why I spent a fortune of copy protection software that my friends in the entertainment business use to hunt down file sharers and bleed them dry.”

Because only 375 copies of this Super Secret Unicorn System will ever be sold.  The website is called :: and Kilstein emphasizes this “point” {in various grammatically suspicious ways} ad nauseum.  Of course :: it was available on the torrents within seconds {or before} its release.  And now :: just three years later :: anyone can watch it on google video {link :: but don’t waste your time}.  Not to mention :: file sharers don’t tend to have blood to bleed … and the entertainment business has completely failed to curb {or even slow} piracy.

Both of those sentences SUCK!  Not because they’re embedded with NLP commands :: or because they contain calculated ‘errors’ meant to put the target at ease with the writing.  They just suck :: because Harlan Kilstein is a lazy fuck who can’t write for shit.  Some of you try and tell me otherwise :: But you are WRONG.  The Not-Doctor can’t write.

EXPOSED – A Woman Reveals How To Make Threesomes Happen!

… But to my surprise, she was TOTALLY open about it and shared with me exactly what I did right to get her into bed with another woman for the first time in her life. When you hear this fascinating interview, you’ll never be nervous about going for a threesome again. This is proof that they want it too … and what’s more, you’ll hear exactly what works …straight from a woman!”

Because if you know how to get one lady into a three-way :: You know how to get ANY lady into a three-way.  What a lot of guys don’t understand is that everyone with a vagina thinks and acts in the exact same way.  Women aren’t human … and they can’t be individuals.  Not very deep down they’re all just sluts … waiting to be “Gamed” into a three-way by some spoiled frat-boy reading from a ‘fuck-me’ script.

From Her Perspective – Inside Virgin Territory.

In this interview, the girl I’m talking to was a virgin with no thoughts of having sex before marriage… until I came along. In this eye-opening expose, we talk about the tactics you can use to win over the hardest cases.

Plus, you’ll discover how to do it with integrity.”

Okay :: That’s enough :: OMG! :: The soul behind my eyes is burning :: No more … please God … no more.

At the end of “The Game” {which I’d rather die than read} Neil Strauss apparently comes to the conclusion that annihilating drunk chicks in clubs is not a good way to find healthy and fulfilling relationships.  He gave up “The Game” when he found true love.  But then he unfound true love a couple of months later {because he’s a short :: scrawny :: bald :: insecure little prick} :: and dove right back in to the shallow end.

Another self styled ‘legend’ of the game :: David DeAngelo {Eban Pagan’s doubleD game nickname} :: Has moved on to greater things.  His $3,500 get-rich-quick scam is currently being promoted by the circle jerking echo chamber.  He learned some valuable lessons about business while lying to girls to get them into bed {and then lying about how effective others could be using the same ‘principles’}.  Now you can learn to fail in business from the same spoiled bitch that taught you how to fail at life.

But Neil Strauss was never able to move on.  He wrote the forward for fellow woman hating d-bag Mystery’s ‘tap-that-ass’ book {creatively titled :: The Mystery Method :: get it?} :: and he wrote a sequel to his original turd called Rules of the Game :: which is like the Betty Crocker Cookbook of being a complete DickHead.  If you’re seeking some misery :: I’m sure you’ll have a chance to see washed up “Style” at a spectacularly overpriced seminar near you.

As for Not-Doctor Kilstein :: I think his time would be better spent in thoughtful reflection upon this tome …

Rules of the Game: Grammar Through Discovery

… lord knows he needs it.

>> bleep bleep

61 thoughts on “Annihilating Kilstein”

  1. It’s hard to imagine where Harlan Kilstein could POSSIBLY have acquired sufficient knowledge about “picking up women” to even be remotely qualified to write a sales letter about it. Granted, that sales letter was one long, stream-of-consciousness piece of pie-in-the-sky psychobabble, but still…

    Sex seems to be a common theme with Kilstein. Threesomes, Christian Blow Jobs, Finger Healing for premature ejaculation, taunting female sex victims with questions like, “what do babies taste like?” The list just keeps on growing…

    And to imagine he was once a “headmaster” of a private school…OY!

  2. All I can say is HOLY SHIT!  Do they actually sell this crap?  Are there actually people who buy it?
    I made it all of the way through the 19 pages of juvenile bullshit, and now I feel like I need to take a shower.  In the end, I had to follow the link, just to see if they are still selling this rubbish.  Amazingly enough, and thankfully, the site is dead.
    I think your critique of Shitstain’s writing is pretty kind, actually.  how could anyone who fails to understand the basics of grammar, such as when a noun is plural, represent themselves as a professional anything?  Sorry, he does rate to be a professional LOSER.

        1. Rich Schefron’s cheap import knockoff….of Numerology fame!  Another Maria Andros success story.

          Oh geez, do I ever want to expose someone right now and show you where these direct marketers like Rich and Early to Rise get this crap from in the offline world and how it’s done.

  3. OMFG!!!! And I thought I’d heard everything about Harlan!

    In viewing his copywriting masterpiece pdf above, I question if Harlan is using examples from his dreams or personal experience? Just where does Harlan get all this shit from? He must live on porn sites or something. Maybe he writes for them too.

    “How To Transform From Chump To Champ In No Time! If you’ve ever felt you’re a “loser” who needs to turn his life around, you can see how I did
    and apply my same techniques to YOUR life.” Yep, that about says it all…Harlan is the man I want to be!

    For instance, he says “lived out sexual fantasies 99% of the male population can’t even fathom.” When you’ve been blessed with such good genes like Harlan, this little bald Strauss dude he’s writing for, or the homeless Frank Kern look, I hate to think what I can’t fathom?

    Oh, and another interesting fact he reveals..”An ex-girlfriend I met online spills her guts and tells you various internet tactics I used to get her wanting to sleep with me before we even met! And the best part is, these tactics will work on ANY girl online.” Now didn’t Harlan try some internet tactics with a female here named Karen on this site that didn’t go over so well?

    And this…”This DVD also contains explicit instructions on how to manage multiple women, how to create a “harem” environment, and how to get women to sarge other women for you.” Harlan, would mind visiting this site to explain that harem secret?


  4. Everyone who uses or has used marketing CRAP like this obviously has a very very small appendage along with some serious problems controlling their ego and
    so does every women they have ever been with.  If only they knew how often they are the butt of bad jokes and how much girls talk.
    I find this stuff extremely disturbing and I also find everyone you mention on your blog very disturbing and that includes Belcher, Ray, Kilstein, Schirmer, etc. etc. —- everyone who has been caught double dipping their marshmallow deserts in the hot chocolate when they think no-one is looking!!!!!!!!
    You know who you are.  You know we know who you are.  You know that everyone you have ever been with knows who you are and what you’ve got – smiling now. Friends and even strangers of the people you have been with know who you are.  Your family knows who you are but they might try to deny it or cover it up because they are so freaking embarrassed about you. Your staff know who you are.  People you call your friends know who you are and guess what THEY ALL WASH THEIR FREAKING HANDS AS SOON AS THEY’VE TOUCHED YOU because you are nothing but absolute slime balls and deserve every single thing that you get.
    Dig up some home truths on all of these wankers and let the whole world know what they’ve been up to yeah?  And we all know that the worst of these have dared to call themselves CHRISTIAN.

  5. Harlan Kilstein must have given himself an orgasm just writing that. I’m sure it took him weeks or months just to string together the sentences after doing whatever “research” he could at the library. He’s obviously living out his fantasies on paper, in some barely literate way. That’s just pathetically sad. What’s with his apparent kink fixation? Does his middle initial “D” stand for deviant or what? I feel like washing my eyes with soap after reading that.

  6. Sure, sure, flim flam dimbulb…

    //That’s why I spent a fortune of copy protection software that my friends in the entertainment business use to hunt down file sharers and bleed them dry.”//

    Out of curiosity (not because I’d waste the ratio on any of this bald headed creepy looking no doubt baby dicked Neil Strauss’ products–for Christ sakes, this guy washes out at the bar as sure as the sky is blue), I checked out one of the sites I belong to. 

    There are 114 Neil Strauss products on the site, free for the taking by anyone dumb enough to take the 10 seconds it takes to start the downloads.  Including his Anniawhatever product (5 seeders, one current moronic downloader in the process of ripping it as I checked it), and the game (in PDF, and MP3s).

    To the credit of the king kamaya maya of free membership sites (that has literally every business product ever produced–including, very unfortunately, everything by Kern, Killstein, Reese, Pagan, Filsaime, Schefren, Deiss, Belcher, Knudson, Silver, the stomper net turds, and all the other gurus), only three of Strauss’ products are taking up space–inlcuding the super copy protected Annhialation program.

    In fairness to Killstein, though, a lot of the products uploaded on these sites are uploaded with the comment that the anti-copying digital serial numbers have been cracked and removed to protect the original uploaders.  So, while anti-copying measures do exist, most of the people into uploading to torrent sites (and I’m talking about the no follow membership sites, not the demonoids, pirates bays of the world) know how to get around them.

    One thing I don’t understand, though, to hear Kern tell the story of the birth of annhialation, I always thought surfer dude boy wrote the sales copy after his cousin Trey reached out to Strauss and got him interested.  I know Killstein is Kern’s copywriter of choice (what does that tell you about Kern), but I’ve listened to recordings of Kern telling the Strauss story, and he (Kern) sure makes it sound like the sales copy for Annhialation is his handy work.

    Perhaps it’s just another lie by Kern.

  7. There are many, many copywriters out there, and there is a lot of talent that is far superior to Kilstein. Somehow Kilstein may have postured his way into some odd relationship with a handful of these characters…but they are falling for his hollow pretense. Too bad for them. Or actually, that’s a good thing. They deserve to sell themselves short, and Kilstein’s level of work is the perfect broken hammer to fix their dubious wagons.

  8. Harlan must suffer from some type of delusional disorder…or he’s been working or living in the porn industry too long.

    He really needs to consider taking some writing classes.

  9. OK this may not be Harlan Kilstein and Frank Kern’s finest moments but what about the suckers who want to learn this stuff?
    Don’t they all just deserve each other.
    And do some (any?) women really fall for this kind of stuff?

  10. Wow, these guys have no shame. Someone needs to put out a Shitstain annihilation method or something along those lines. I wonder if Rob Benwell (or whatever his name really is) of blogging to the bank fame, took his queue to name his products from Killstein. Benwell has products like “Niche Annihilation” and “Internet Marketing Annihilation” among others.
    Salty, I bring Rob Benwell to your attention. Apparently, other internet marketers of dubious reputation have given Rob the nick name of “Ben Robswell.”

  11. Harlan claims to be of Orthodox Jewish background and rabbinical ordination by one of the most highly revered rabbis of present-day Jewish Orthodoxy. He must have been aware that a sales letter like that would jeopardise whatever there was left for him in religious Judaism.
    Would those techniques work on women? Possibly. Some women will spread their legs for half a dozen bourbon&cokes etc., but I don’t see any self-respecting woman ever making out or more with anybody with such a despicable behaviour.
    You can go out fishing and catch some mackerel or maybe even salmon, but pretending that catching those fish that are swimming stomach-up on the water’s surface made you a master angler might only impress those with highly limited expectations towards what they’re being served.

    1. Holy fuck, that guy just oozes desperation. Who in their right mind leaves a fucking novel on voice mail. The sadest thing was that the guy thought he was cool. As George Carlin used to say “You ain’t cool, you’re fucking chilly”.

  12. It says a LOT about Kilstein that he would promote this sort of behaviour.

    Ever heard of “Dmitri the Lover?” He’s a former psychiatrist in Canada that professes to “using psychiatric insight to psychologically conquer sluts.” According to him, he has “developed a way in which to identify women who crave cock by observing their “slut gait” and “slut gaze.””

    He’s really quite the modest fellow, ladies:

    And the backstory:

  13. The douchey voicemails to Olga by notorious seduction guru Dimitri The Lover are just viral marketing for a  Hollywood documentary by producer Brad Goodman of Borat, Bruno, Religulous fame.  They are staged and totally FAKE!  Details are contained in <a href=””>Dimitri The Lover’s Tweets</a>.  Also, you’ve got to check out his <a href=>Dimitri Banned Animations</a>

  14. Got that off one of the sites that was posted and linked with Harlan’s topic here .. in the body of the copy it says “Every normal man fantasizes about grabbing women off the street, throwing them onto the ground, and RAPING the fuck out of them (especially if they dress slutty, act bitchy, and roll their eyes after being asked out on a date, as many women in Toronto do). It is bred into us to mercilessly seize then ravage any orifice we encounter … whether the slut is willing or not.”
    This is very disturbing, and I’m tempted to think it is almost pro-terrorist website

  15. Anybody noticed that Kilstein tweets incessantly about his odd “Finger Healing” product? Are people actually paying their hard earned money for that stuff? I don’t get it.

  16. There is at least one of these self appointed “teachers” who cannot afford to be seen endorsing this guy right now although he has other extremely dubious people.  Why? because a whole can of worms WILL be opened up that will spell the end of everything he has ever pretended to be.  Hey shitface?  Everyone is biding time…..

    1. And…who might that be?

      I know at least one marketer who’s been mentioned in comments…but never by Salty Droid…who’s paying attention out there!   Kinda weirds me out in a way.

  17. Hey…my video made first position for the search term ….social media traffic blueprint…. on youtube….out of a whole 244 videos…man that is unheard of!!! More then 600 views in one month…..that is only dreamed of…..with this one video I have had multiple back to back 5 digit months….unbelievable!…ending andros channel now
    It appears that I am a shitload better then Andros at manipulating data and  ranking for unsearched search terms. I won’t say how I did it, otherwise Andros may charge $5k to her new “clients”…..bahahaha….and to be honest…I tried so many things, so I’m not sure which one (or ones) actually worked…damn secret algorithms…Can I be a guru? Please?
    I will follow the guru credo….
    .5) I know nothing, but will multiply that by 1000 fold, & call myself an expert.
    1) Any failures will be placed where they belong, on my “students”.
    2) I will take credit for any successes (real or imagined) as those are a result of my training.
    3) I will take those successes (real or imagined) & multiply them 100-10000 fold
    4) I will prime anyone as a monkey spud…so they will feel worthless if they ask for a refund.
    If 7 people will follow me…I can have a more powerful celery like following then she does….
    My apologies to Harloon…sorry harlan ….don’t mean to take the spotlight away from you, you’re just as useless as Andros in my eyes….back to Harlan’s annihilation.

    1. thanks guys…I appreciate that….

      I actually have been thinking about a Harlan video, i’m just trying to figure out a way to make it funny, that guy is so boring, it’s hard. With Andros, it’s like shootin fish in a barrel….I mean…..the whole don’t listen to people who criticize, followed by “I don’t hang out with garbage people” (in the same damn call no less)…..I mean if you just told someone that (and I have) people think you’re just f*ckin with them….Then she gives the whole “attraction marketing” (law of attraction) spiel, and later (in the same call) claims her “clients” were SOOOO negative….what she can’t even master what she teaches (insert disclaimer: not that I ever even had the notion she did…it’s just for dramatic purposes only) it’s fricken surreal.

      Some sad news…..I went to take a music bath, but little did I know there was Acid rock on the Ipod…and now have third degree burns to my soul…..I need a couple days to heal ….sigh….

        1. Oh and upload it onto separate accounts from the Andros one. In case Kilstein tries to “get jiggy wit it.” Gotta keep your creative masterpieces in circulation, you know.

  18. Yes! Give us Kilstein videos! I will digg,, wuwang,blog, article distribute, Press release it, Youtube, SEO that shit till kingdom come.

  19. I’ll second that! 

    Now…what can we  do collectively  to encourage Kilstein to refund this guy’s money?

  20. lol @ debbie deangelo.
    To be honest, I really don’t think there’s much opportunity to bash Eben Pagan, as much as there are some of these other “guru’s”. Most of them say completely stupid shit and charge a lot, but Pagan’s pretty straight-forward with his stuff, isn’t he?
    Least from what I’ve seen, he’d probably be the last on the Guru hit-list for being a “D-Bag”, but I don’t know as much about him as I assume some here do.

    1. HAHAHA You must be kidding me? Show me something ground breaking, original or anything… Same Shit Different Day.

    1. Program your Subconscious in just minutes a day and turning your Dreams into a Reality!”

      That’s her very first sentence. Let’s hear it for literacy!

      At least she saved the “thousands” of dollars she would have thrown in the dumpster to have Kilstein “rite” her sales letter for her. [Unless he were to do it “pro-bozo” (“that means free”).]

      1. hahaha…yeah…and she passed that savings straight onto her “students”……however, that page is going to be part of an intro and signup page (with a special welcome video…to see that knowledge of hers)….I actually gots hole of that by astral travelling to her subcutaneous mind…..took a couple of Bimbecile translators and was able to discern the location of that super secret project she is/was going to announce today.

        This is like a sale at Target…that hasn’t been announced yet….everybody dance now…..and I share it all with you pro bozo!!  :)

  21. Sale at Target?  Hell, I think it’s more like announcing some trashy flea market setting up shop for the weekend somewhere in middle of nowhere. 

    Geez, Cartman, I commend you again for your A++ coverage; you’re always all over this bimbo.  Oh dear, I hope don’t catch anything from her.

  22. Kilstein just tweeted this:

    “This is the video that got me banned from the Warrior Forum”

    He doesn’t appear to currently be (cough) “banned” from the so-called “Warrior Forum” (perhaps the biggest time-wasting inertia convention on the internet).

    I’d actually prefer to hear Kilstein has been banned from the entire internet. Can we take a vote on that?

    1. Fuckstein is definitely banned from The Warrior Forum. Don’t know for how long. BTW someone above said fuckface is “Kern’s copywriter of choice” – that is definitely wrong – he’s on the outer.

  23. Ew, it  just gets grosser and grosser.
    (I’d like to point out that my Gravatar is animated. Static, it appears as an endorsement, but animated it’s actually a little man falling down stairs. I guess Gravatar doesn’t support fully animated. I’ll find something new soon)

  24. It always was grosser than “normal”.  All these guys have serious issues with themselves but ironically they only ever see everyone elses problems and thats why they are in the situation they are in.  Life will only get worse for them from this day forward.  They have let out who they are, now they suffer.

    1. hahaha…you want me to have nightmares aboot christmas…. hey you used harlimation….nice…..

      Continuing on last yesterdays (damn….what the hell am I saying) video diatribe (or VD for short..), here’s the new link (to the still unrevealed) PDF( so you don’t have to give your email out).  She somehow managed to turn less then 300 words into 10 pages.

      The best part is the disclaimer……

      “This material has been created for education and entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for direct professional medical or psychological care. You are advised to consult your mental health care provider about your personal questions or concerns”

      Like what the fuck does she think she wrote?

      Moving on….It may look like it’s all blurry (no you’re not losing your sight), the bimbecile used a highly feathered surround shadow around the font (in the same color), giving it the most atrocious blurred effect. My wife saw it before she left, and asked me what the f*ck was wrong happened to the screens (I had it up on both just to see which one looked worse)….before she realized that somebody actually designed it to look like you were going blind.

      “Take Inspired Action: When something shows up that you have envisioned your job is to take action and say yes to opportunity. The law of attraction and visualization can only help you when you are open to receiving and by taking action you create new endless opportunities that help you along your path.”

      Looks like she is back to the same old claptrap…I kind of wondered how she was going to translate a “free” ?video? into cash (thought she was working on new stuff..this is the same crap they used when learning from Kargorilla)…..channeling Andros for clarity….please hold….
      Start trancemission…..

      Oh look you MAde it by my website for some unknown reason. I don’t even want you to use that word, I don’t even use that word, I don’t even have that word in my vocabularry. There is no unknown, there are only things not yet discovered, like my video vision bored.

      The reason you came by is that the universal mine has asked you to visit. There are no axidents, there’s only synchroniceties (the universal likes you to be nice). The universal mine wants you to learn from me, don’t MAke the universal MAd. Listen to the universal!

      I have given you valuable videos like

      “Walk balanced through the weed field” – “Look at my rocks, the series..1st episode”
      “multiply it by 10fold” – “watch me get my picture taken”
      “Look, I’m shopping” – “I want to help water africkans with my carpet”
      “Look, I’m walking on the beech” – “Meat my Angels”

      and two many moar to mention. People usually pay 10’s of 1000’s of dollars to attend my videos (and receive 100’s of 1000’s in value), butt i want two help ewe.

      I now introduce you to my mineset series. My mine is the most powerful farce in the universal….

      beeeeeeeeeeeeeep…beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep….beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep……connection lost…..please hold…attempting to reestablish andros connection.

      <<I’m sorry….the person you are channeling is not in service, and is unable to come through at this time….please try again later…this is a recording….>>
      End trancemission….

      Sorry guys….I’m still healing from these 3rd degree burns to my soul (caused by the acid rock). I will attempt to establish a connection later on.

      Oh my aching head!….

  25. I know from the inside that Neil’s Stylife scam is about to come crashing down with serious cash flow problems. They can’t afford that staff of bogus, skinny-jean weaering “coaches”.

    All sorts of scams going on, including hidden continuity, forced continuity, you name it.

    Let it sink into the eternal sea of flaming turds.

  26. A lot of this crap works like a charm on women in general, and especially bitchy ones.

    1. Surprisingly, it also works with feral animals, particularly ground squirrels and woodchucks. However, where the system fails to deliver is helping you convince them to “come back to your place” for a nightcap or oat treat. The “whole grains” tease just never seems to work, even on drunk squirrels.

  27. Do any of you on here have a clue to what you are even talking about…I think not?

    First off Harlin IS a total douche bag, rude, arrogant, which is total lame becuase NLP is about creating Rapport!

    But that still not take the merit out of the product or the dating industry or the success of the launch which is due to FRANK KERN.

    I know Neil Personally. He was a total loser with women that learned how to be successful with women. You see it does not come naturally to every man especially when a huge number of men are raised without father figures. The do not have a role model to subconscious pickup the Alpha-Male Traits. Other men are raised with weak father figures.

    Neils stuff has help a lot men. Is it fool proof no. Does it work every time no, is it over hyped YES!(That’s called sales)

    I also teach men how to become successful with women and I have real testimonials for men that turned their dating and sex life around after working with me.

    I work from a different perspective than Neil or Mystery does. But I have seen the Annilation method and it has some good stuff in it for men that don’t have a clue. If you’re a natural you don’t need this stuff and will think it’s a joke.

    If you’ve accepted that you just will never get hot women then you are just a loser that is attacking others that are willing to put in the effort to change their life.

    I mean really this is just a huge hater blog that rags on everyone for everything and calls everything a scam…so you all are filtering everything through bullshit colored glasses. How does the world look…lol

    I have tried many things and bought many courses and most of the time that have been good. I have library of courses they have been a great investment.

    Back to the salesletter. The product SOLD OUT! 375 x $3779 =$1,417,125
    I would not have paid that for it. But many of the guys in the videos that paid $7K really did change their lives. So for them is was worth it.

    I’ll tell you a secret you get out of life what you put into it and most haters calling everything a scam are too scared to take action. I mean really what used is this blog. Let see the pictures and accomplishments of the writer of this blog just another critic (person that makes not real contribution to anyone or anything so that hate on those that do successfully)

    The reason is sold out is the launch was done by FRANK KERN a master of product launches and really I think the sales letter had little to do with it at all. And before someone calls Frank a scam artist I paid $2000 for his course and it has made me back at least $10K so far so to me that’s not a scam!

    Now rag all you want but at least you have been informed.

    BTW thanks for the posting the salesletter as I was looking for it becuase I’m working on one of my own.

    I doubt you’ll have the balls to post this comment.

    1. @GetEducated.

      That comment is like a collage of every bad comment ever left here. It’s kind of beautiful in a way … you know? Like tragic beauty?

      1. lower amphetamine dosage

      2. try reading more than one post {you might find someone you really enjoy hating}

      … not necessarily in that order.

  28. “I mean really this is just a huge hater blog that rags on everyone for everything and calls everything a scam…”

    “I have tried many things and bought many courses and most of the time that have been good. I have library of courses they have been a great investment.”

    Investments? uh…huh….you’re going to lose your carbon credits for the shit your spewing now….

    So you have a “library” of “money making” courses (akiywa “investments”)….one would think that you would only need one (I guess you don’t want to put all your eggs in one investment)….you don’t sound like someone who made much…you sound like someone who is upset they have a “library” of programs, and it appears you came by to “justify” them….

    Investments…Dating “niche”….kissing Franks ass….don’t like “Harlin”….is that you Turner….it sure as hell sounds like your writing…

    question….If you were on course for making $10million in ’09 (your video statement below..isn’t proof wonder-fluffy) fantasy dollars in April ’09, and you just started the fantasy of $5-10K/day in late March for Andros April launch (lucky for her…will the universal ever cease to show us great wanders)…you would have to make $35-40K/day for the rest of the year to be on track for $10million…I’m just curious…did Maria’s course include a “math” module (my guess is it did)…because you both appear to use new-wage math….or was that income “multiplied by 1,000 fold”

    My gawd though…it is fun…last year I made $100 Million mock dollars…I bought a mock mansion..I bought a mock vector W8 (it had a lambor-genie engine)…and I mocked around the world (TWICE)…staying at the best mock resorts, eating the best mock foods, and meeting the best mock celebrities ever (sorry…while I did take a pic of my coconut dish, my camera broke when I was posing with the mock celebrities at the mock parties I attended…shrug…oops…it appears I took my coconut dish down…sorry..your loss)…but then…the mock bottom fell out…

    It happened…I just stopped mocking money….now I have to mock panhandle just to live in my mock cardboard box…which is why I started the _cartman_ foundation…a not for anyone elses profit foundation…the _cartman_ foundation tries to make _cartman_’s life better through better mockery…please give whatever you can (and then multiply it by 1000 fold)….


    1. That video set off every bullshit bell I have. A staff of 100? Yeah, right. That supposed “office” looks like a tiny apartment bedroom. Rolling in money? I think not.

    2. You have to love people like this labeling others as ‘haters’

      How much do you have to hate the world to make a video like that? How much contempt and disregard do you need to have for people to stand in your clearly shitty apartment and just..LIE like that? There’s no trace of embarrassment or shame, even though he must know, deep underneath all his ‘positive-thinking’ bullshit, that what he’s saying isn’t a half-truth, nor ‘marketing’, nor ‘goal-setting’ – it’s just fraud, plain and simple. He’s created a whole false life for the camera, designed solely to part viewers from their money. And he does this with a smile on his face.

      So which is the better definition of hater? Knowingly defrauding others because you only give a shit about yourself, or blogging ‘negatively’ about obviously fraudulent marketing?

  29. I wasn’t sure where to put this because there are so *many* posts about PUA douchebags on here. This seems as good a place as any.

    Twitter user @JennLi123 started a hashtag campaign against PUA Julien Blanc. It led to a couple petitions, and Anonymous gave the campaign a signal boost. Venues started canceling his shows, and now the Australian government canceled his visa, forcing him to leave the country overnight.

    Trigger warning for rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse for this link and basically anything having to do with Julien Blanc:

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