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I’m Not Your Friend, Guy!

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{The Droid Remix of Perry Belcher Not-Selling}

Evil Jowls Perry Belcher isn’t trying to sell you anything! Please don’t stereotype him as a slime-ball salesman just because he’s a convicted felon and Internet fraudster who makes his money EXCLUSIVELY by selling LIES on the Internet. If he were trying to sell you something … would he be CONSTANTLY telling you that he wasn’t? Think about it. {I just blew your mind}

Perry just wants to be your friend. He wants to hold back your hair while you puke up Merlot :: He wants to listen to you complain about your condescending mother-in-law {who does that bitch think she is?} :: He wants to be your doctor, your nurse, your HillBilly sidekick.

That’s why he has a follow script that has followed more than 85,000 Twitter accounts in 10 months {Because 80,000 “friends” just wasn’t enough}. It’s NOT about selling stupid crap like {Get Money from Google} {Continutiy Blueprint} {Feild Trip Scam} {43 Split Tests} … those are just hobbies he likes to talk about with his “close personal friends.”

The size of the human neocortex limits the number of real relationships a person can maintain to 150 :: Evil Jowls is a well below average person so he’s likely only HandiCapable of about 125 :: FatFace Perry is just a scant 68,000% above maximum.

Lucky for Evil Jowls and his ConMan smile :: There is no similar maximum on the exploitation of hopelessness.

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