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Apologists to the Queen Mary


Not everyone is in love with The Salty Droid {inexplicable!} :: Apparently, some people would rather NOT be informed that their Prophet of False Hope is a scum sucking maggot. In a darker age :: I’d have been burned as witch long ago. But in the Information Age there has been a significant decrease in the deadliness of slings and arrows.

The Apologists {flinging fecal globules}

StinkMarketer :: Calling yourself a Salty Droid is lame and you’re annoying. Stop following me.

ChinHair :: you sure are a salty fella. must be miserable being so angry all the time…

TurdKing :: @ChinHair yeah! I just hope he can hate on me too! lol I’m looking forward to it! b/c I love haters… they = more exposure! :)

FlyingLow :: wow that is some smear campaign you got there! I have nothing but good things to say about them personally

HoustonHustler :: man what are you talking about

AssKisser :: didn’t Tupac or was it @iamdiddy say “Don’t hate the Player ~ Hate the Game!” …. so why you filled w/ so much hate?

TexasTurdBall :: admirable attempt at banter though once again sub par in cleverness and logic. Sorry to be dismissive but it’s just sad. Enjoy

GlassMenagerie :: I’ve known Matt for a lot longer than that. I’d appreciate it if you kept your animosity to yourself. #mkmd16

GreenMan :: @BallSack warned me about you - we believe you are a 12 year old living vicariously through internet marketing superstars

EmptyHead :: That’s a shame. Think love and love will follow…xx

FlipperDouche :: I stand for @EvilJowls! I have met the man and he is pure with a huge heart! Assholes that would malign him, are assholes!

BuildingDebt :: WOW, that’s a lot of hate.

MissingDNA :: Thank you for ensuring that anything sent me in a reply only reflects THE unconditional love without judgment; TRUTH & LOVE WIN!

MixedMessages :: Go away and drown dude. Bad vibes not welcome. Get a life! Bye

VeganHypocrite :: I get the distinct impression that you have @EvilJowls e-penis envy. #justsayin


{roll eyes}

{shake head with dramatic slowness}

{heavy sigh}

{thick fucking condescension}

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