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ABC canceled their new/old (s)hit show starring a racist because their new/old (s)hit show starring a racist had a racist as its star. I guess someone should hold up the “APPLAUSE” sign now?

It’s like when NBC canceled The Apprentice after just fourteen seasons when it turned out that everyone always knew that Donald Trump was a racist.

Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.

That was the tweet that ended Roseanne. It’s like a 3rd grader and another 3rd grader had a baby, and that baby got to the 2nd grade and learned about making ‘had a baby’ jokes.

It’s racist against black people; it’s racist against Muslims; and it’s racist against jokes. Let me speak for the least of these.

That is not a joke. You can’t just call any offensive arrangement of words ‘a joke’. It’s not fair to other jokes that think themselves through.

The Muslim Brotherhood is twenty years outdated as coded stand-in for Islamophobia. And which part of the Planet of the Apes impregnated the Brotherhood? The apes? The planet? Charlton Heston?

Let’s not let this moment of crass madness ruin ‘had a baby’ jokes for all of the nation’s elementary and middle school students. They can still be funny:


  • Alex Jones and a ham shaped like Karl Rove had a baby=rb

  • Michigan militia & Mississippi Burning had a baby=rb

  • Donald Trump & Fox & Friends had a baby=rb

  • A YouTube troll & Papa John had a baby=rb

  • Sean Hannity & Charles in Charge had a baby=rb

  • The KKK raped The Big Lebowski & Republicans forced it to have the baby=rb

  • A racist joke & an actual rotten tomato had a baby=rb

  • It’s like abstinence only education had a baby=rb

  • Dana Loesch & any man had a baby=rb

  • That time Roseanne mangled the national anthem & that time ABC refused to air a Black-ish episode about the NFL anthem protests had a baby=rb

Thanks folks! These have been jokes. You’ve been a terrific audience. I’ll be here all decade (though not on Twitter where I’ve been banned for being racist against scammers).