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Peak Performance Presidents

Bill Clinton and Tony Robbins are besties. They both like to mention it and it’s gross both ways. Name-drop circle jerk: This is America.

In Tony’s story, the night before Clinton was impeached - for being a disgusting lying piece of garbage - he was on the landline to the infomercial salesman seeking his (allegedly) sage advice.

If your life coach is an actual life coach you need a new life coach.

Clinton says Robbins has a “great gift” for teaching the most important life lessons; not that Clinton seems capable of learning life lessons. Clinton’s early public embrace of Robbins’ nonsense was critical to the mainstreaming of Scamworld’s empty ideologies.

It’s the people who’ve paid the price.

Motivational speaking is about motivating people to give scary amounts of money to the motivational speaker. Our political leadership started building successful second careers by accepting unreasonably high compensation for speaking at dubious events.

Soon enough a dubious event became the political leadership.

As the bad debt fueled housing bubble was burning hot through its final fumes, Donald J. Trump toured the country touting the quick wealth to be had in high debt real estate.

The Los Angeles Times circa 2005:

Next weekend, [Donald Trump’s] the headliner in a two-day real estate seminar at the Los Angeles Convention Center whose ad slogan is, in case you missed it on bus benches, billboards, newspaper ads, and in radio and television spots: “One weekend can make you a millionaire.”

Sounds legit.

Wasn’t Trump, a highly stable and successful business genius, worried about the obvious overheating?

From where Trump is sitting, whether it’s his fake boardroom on NBC’s hit show “The Apprentice” or one of his multimillion-dollar properties, the billionaire tycoon doesn’t foresee home prices dropping anytime soon. In fact, he believes they’ll continue to ascend, much like his gleaming Trump Tower.

Nailed it.

The big show, which will also feature appearances by “#1 Peak Performance Success Coach” Tony Robbins and hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons, is being staged by the Learning Annex.

Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Russell Simmons… which one of these is exactly like the others?