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Pyramid Venn

Herbalife and Carl Icahn have spent years buying Herbalife shares. Now Carl is selling some shares.

What will happen to the stock?

If you’re not one of the American oligarchs currently fixing the markets with your self-interested machinations, then you have no idea. No idea. If you think you have some idea then you are deceiving yourself, and self-deception has a nasty habit of oozing onto adjacent (far more important) areas of your life.

Why do we pay rich guys to gamble our money? We endow them with power and riches far beyond their capabilities, then lionize their outsized egos into ego blackholes that threaten the entire world.

These dicks have no idea what they’re doing. No idea. They can’t predict the future any better than you can so they spend their lives building cheats and backdoors into our system - and then fighting about who gets to control the slimy levers.

I get to call Herbalife a scam because I’ve devoted my life to fighting scams. It matters that I think Herbalife is bullshit because I have a friggen amazing, nearly unblemished, record of pointing at naked emperors.

But Wall Street calling out scams? The forrest doesn’t get to call out the trees for being woody.