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Aaron {Pansy} Parkinson: Web 1.34

Carbon Copy Crap co-founder Aaron {Pansy} Parkinson :: He’s a legend in the field of Calling Yourself a Legend. The Pansy claims he can help you leverage the internet to become a marketing “rockstar” {jazz hands}. But before you go handing The Pansy your wallet {and the keys to your 2002 Chevy Lumina} … let’s inspectify his webification!!

Name :: Full Contact Marketer {insert.shadow.boxing}


His business name is a ManChild reference to MMA fighting :: He’s Dukes-Up in his primary headshot! Aaron, let me explain something to you … as a personal favor … YOU’RE NOT FIFTEEN. You’re a balding, and occasionally impotent, man with a complete LACK of real skills :: It’s time to give up the “dream.” Put down your dukes and grab something other than your dick … like a wrench … or a vacuum.

Twitter {here}:: Following 6200 / Updates 234


{translation} Bulk follow script {obviously}. He’s followed 3000 tweeps in the last week. Notice that he was just about the last scammer on EARTH to figure it out :: Apirl ‘09 .. Cutting Edge :: Are you just picking up a Wii as well? Telling all your friends about how much fun the bowling is …

The Blog {here} :: Oh god … look away!


The Pansy don’t need 1 of these new-fangled blogging programs with a database backend … he’s only got SIX posts … so just one page of HTML and he’s Web 2.0 GoodToGo!

Quotable Quotes :: {vomit receptacle recommended} :: loop.[sic]

Why Calling Something a Scam Is A Scam.

“Here are the three reasons why calling something a scam is a scam.

  1. People take zero responsibility for the decisions they make … There are so many reasons why a person can fail and 99% of them are the fault of the buyer.

  2. They want to “ride the coat tails”. This means they have something they want to sell and they leverage the successful person’s traffic to get people to there website.

  3. Consumer protection-like sites. These are the biggest scammers out there … They allow uneducated people to whine and complain about people and companies without verifying the validity of anything.”

When will these uneducated, failing, haters stop complaining about Aaron the Pansy scamming people out of money? :: It totally gets in the way of him scamming people out of money.

Dick in Sheep’s Clothing ::


Talking about your family to cloak your wickedness = Bad

Using images of your child in blog headers :: Putting her in your videos {here} :: Constantly referring to her by name :: That’s just plain SICK.

NO KIDS! That’s supposed to be a rule that even the bad guys understand. NO KIDS!

I wonder what she will think at 26 when she’s watching it all on the _Eleven Dimensional Visual Archive _::

YOU –> Exploiting HER -> To exploit the WEAK

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