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You Married Facebook

Here’s a graph from a 2015 paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Read it if you love the science of freaking yourself out.


If a computer has access to 300 of your Facebook likes, it will be better at predicting your personality traits (and life outcomes) than your spouse.

Cool. Scary. Oh my god!

Facebook is not just a computer; its a computer with scale and power that is all but unfathomable by your fragile little mind. And Facebook doesn’t have access to a puny 300 of your likes… they have a full data conversion of your ‘in real life’ and the ‘in real lives’ of all the people you even kinda know.

They know who you know.

They know 100% of your Facebook clicks.

They know who you hate.

They know who you love.

The know your ex-friends.

They know where you live.

They know what you watch.

They know what you read.

They know who you have sex with.

They know how you vote.

They know everything.

And they aggregate all that everything and process it in ways you are not allowed to know.

What are they doing with the everything they know about you?

They’re fucking you with it.

Delete your Facebook.