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RICO vs. Addy, et al.

Let me catch you up on the Herbalife story so far…

It’s the 80’s and people are really learning a lot about how much they love cocaine. This stuff is amazing… these people are amazing.

“Oh my god, I just had such an amazing idea!!” says one of these amazing people. “Shouldn’t I be able to lose weight in a way that respects my love of stimulants?”

Yes, of course. America. Capitalism, etc.

“But, wait, while I’m losing weight couldn’t I also lose a shitload of money and make a tiny group of people stupefyingly wealthy for no particular reason?”

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This Sweet Life

Ginny Brown and her daughter Jean have written a touching and emotional book about their less-than-wonderful experience with James Arthur Ray killing their daughter/sister in a macabre death dome of Ray’s own demented devising.

The book, This Sweet Life, is live on Amazon now. I had the privilege of reading a pre-release copy, and on June 30th, at 7:00 EST, I’ve agreed to participate in a Facebook live launch event including a panel of people who were involved in this tragic disaster. I hope some of you will sign-in and listen.

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Deadly Cults

I agree with Donald Trump.

Not about much mind. Don’t drink bleach. There’s no way to get the light inside of your body. The worst pandemic in one hundred years is not a Democratic conspiracy/hoax. Mexicans aren’t rapists. There weren’t good people on both sides. There’s no such thing as a stable genius (as any legit genius could tell you). But, the news media is absolutely horrible. Horrible. The worst. Worse than lawyers… or, at least, co-worst.

On that one thing myself and DJT can agree.

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Alex Jones’ Big Back End

Alex Jones, in case you don’t know because you have lived a blessed life, is a conspiracy nut-job who has the blood pressure of a double bacon cheeseburger soaking in a 12 gallon vat of aged donkey lard.

His many years of hate-rage haven’t worn well, leaving Jones looking like …

… if Vladimir Putin ate another Vladimir Putin and then died in the back of a mini-van snorting cheese.

… an oversized Dorian Gray blow-up doll of Alex Jones.

… that one of your uncles — you know the one.

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It’s so funny that I’m suing Herbalife. It wasn’t exactly on my bucket list — I didn’t even want to be a fucking lawyer — but life takes strange turns.

I badly want to tell jokes about the case… because jokes are my jam and scammers hate jokes. But I can’t (scream emoji) because lawyers hate jokes even more than scammers. That’s why “you’re so creative you should become a lawyer” is something that’s never been typed into the internet until just now.

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