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Facebook Analytica

The shifty internet marketing outfit Cambridge Analytica, attached to the shifty editor of internet propaganda site, attached to the shifty too-old-for-the-internet billionaire Robert Mercer; mined Facebook data and used it to target voters.

Also, if you need any Ukrainian prostitute type stuff… that’s a yes for Cambridge Analytica. They do it all - from spamming, to expounding on spamming, to pretending that they know a guy who knows a guy who does murders while spamming.

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Ryan’s Return


Twitter is infested with sock-puppets, follow spammers, bots and liars; criminals are manipulating meaningless follower numbers into undeserved real world currency and authority. That’s what I was talking about on the day I got banned from Twitter; this was back before you, your mom, and your grandma all created accounts so that three generations of you could tweet at @Comcast support and follow @Oprah.

It was a shit day that completely melted my techno-utopian view of the internet. Fraudsters weren’t ruining the internet, the internet was dependent on the fraudsters. The network hated me as much as the scammers did.

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Ends of the Earth

I walk into Bill Ackman’s offices at 888 7th Avenue, alone.

I’m gonna march straight up the elevator and tell him that he’s doing it all wrong. Billionaires love that shit, I’m assuming.

The Pershing Square offices are bright white; like a surgical suite for plucking the kidneys from pharmaceutical companies. There’s an expensively executed aviation theme for reasons that are never explained, and park views that make you think you should speak with the Devil’s representative, maybe work out a soul selling deal of your own.

Ted Braun, later to direct Betting on Zero, is in the PSQ lobby… he’s going in with me. My mate Christine Richard was crazy/brave enough to arrange this, she’s already inside.

It’s medium intimidating.

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The Compelling Case Against Arbitration

On September 18, 2017, myself (an online activist) and my longtime friend Etan Mark (an offline litigator) filed a federal class action lawsuit against Herbalife’s fraudulent Circle of Success event system.

The suit doesn’t accuse Herbalife of being a pyramid scheme, or make any claim for damages related to the purchase of Herbalife’s products. Instead, it focuses on a cartel of shady creeps who run a dirty side business mandating that victims spend small fortunes attending a never-ending sequence of expensive events.

Live events are the backbone of the Herbalife scam, and of the scam industry in general; the draw and the glue that makes all of the life ruining possible. It can’t be “too good to be true” when you can see other people believing that it is true. The best weapon against nice people is other nice people.

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Salty Droid Ten

Welcome to SaltyDroid 2018.

I’m Jason Jones. I write this website.

Hello World!

We’ve never really talked before. I’ve spent almost a decade inhabiting the voice of an angry internet robot, hiding my real self behind an abstractionist curtain.

It’s been fun. It’s been funny.

But I feel like I should make a confession:

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