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Herbalife - Death to America

The Federal Trade Commission has taken massive action against Herbalife.

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Oh my sweet green jesus … I’m flabbergasted! I was sure they’d do nothing meaningful :: because …

a) Herbalife is too big and rich an opponent.
b) Because it would step on the toes of the SEC.
c) Because it would question the integrity of a stock market without integrity.
d) Because it would seem to be done in the service of some rich asshole.
e) Because there are 800 softer targets available.

But I was wrong … so wrong. The FTC’s complaint in this case is an epic slap down :: and the stipulated settlement … unprecedented and game changing.

Or as the media headlines screamed {while the stock price soared} …

The FTC has decided that Herbalife isn’t a pyramid scheme

hahaha! wtf?

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The Presidential Apprentice

Donald Trump is all smoke and mirrors.

Two NYTimes articles :: separated in time by twelve years … each end with this old-fashioned expression.

wikipedia …

Smoke and mirrors is a metaphor for a deceptive, fraudulent or insubstantial explanation or description. …

The phrase, popularized by newspaper columnist Jimmy Breslin c.1975, has been said to derive from carnie slang for magic acts and ‘freak show’ displays that depend on `Trompe-l’œil’ effects, but also calls to mind the fierce Aztec god Tezcatlipoca (lit. “Smoking Mirror”) for whom the hearts of huge numbers of human sacrificial victims were regularly cut out.

… human hearts sacrificed to fraud :: #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

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tony robbins foot fetish

Some people were walking on hot coals … and got their feet burned.

No fucking way!

Yes way :: it totes happened … I know because I read stories about it on like forty different news outlets.

The media doesn’t do stories about the huge harms done by Tony Robbins. But they love the shit out of the #footburn #ambulance thing.

I got all mad about it in 2012.

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Trump University of Utah

How do you turn $97 :: into $9700 … with an eight letter word?

S - C - A - M - M - I - N - G

Damon Willis :: top salesman for Utah boiler room {and Trump University partner} Prosper Inc … has a different answer for this criminal crossword clue.

C - O - A - C - H - I - N - G

What you talkin’ about Willis?

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Donald Trump Scamfomercial

donald trump is a fucking scammer

appreciate the congrats for being right


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