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this is a pyramid scheme

Did you know that current A#1 SaltyDroid punchbag Herbalife … got beast-mode-shredded {which I have to assume is a bad thing} on one of television’s only good news programs?

Of course you knew … because it happened like six months ago. This is not a timely site … you did not hear it here first.

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The Year of the Dragon

2016 is over now.

It was the worst year ever :: with the possible exception of 2008 … 2001 … oh and also maybe 100% of the other years before I had access to decent broadband.

Life’s been all about plague / disaster / genocide / catastrophe / extinction / etc. … for hundreds of millions of years.

You weren’t so bad 2016 … get over yourself.

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Toilet Paper Enlightenment

Not everyone hated Enlighten Us: The Rise and Fall of James Arthur Ray … but it did seem like pretty much everyone hated James Arthur Ray.

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Who’s Afraid of Virginia Brown?

James Ray thinks of himself :: and speaks of himself :: as a …

:: god
:: samurai
:: warrior
:: savior
:: leader

… but in real life :: he’s a mortal / coward / failure.

… a complete fricking ambush!

John Ferriter the twitter troll :: and agent to James Ray and other CNN talent like Larry King and Piers Morgan … was also disappointed.

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Estrange Us CNN

“You know Shelly, I’d really like to reach over and strangle you to death.”

… is always what I imagine James Arthur Ray is about to say during his smile orgy media appearances. He really hates Shelly {everyone does!}.

Death Ray dutifully promoted CNN’s Enlighten Us :: a movie ostensibly about him being an insane asshole suckwad … across CNN’s wide range of terrible trapped-at-the-airport programs.

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