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James Arthur Ray’s big mistake … was doing something interesting.

Killing people … that’s interesting.

Killing people by convincing them that they should stuff themselves into a hotbox with a hundred other sweaty sheeple :: then convincing them to stay in that hotbox until long after it’s obvious that people are dying … that’s very interesting.

The nutz ballz human drama of it all :: the “suck on this Jim Jones” brazenness of the manipulation … it’s too interesting to be not noticed.

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donald trump’s ministry of love

donald trump is not my president

except of course for holy fuck he totally is

it makes me want to do something crazy, like use a comma

do commas make me feel better?

so far, i’d say, it’s really not helping, at all, semicolon; no puppet


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Whiskey Trumpy Foxtrot 2016

Don’t vote for whiskey today … at least not until after you’ve voted for Hillary Rodham.

This election season has really blown goats. We’ve been forced to choose between the lesser of two evils :: either …

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Make Estrogen Great Again

Donald J. Trump knows women.

He knows about how to grab them by the pussy and get away with it {namely by inheriting his rich daddy’s money and becoming an untouchable celebrity asshole}.

He knows about publicly rating them on a ten point scale of fuckability.

He knows that unattractive women deserve {and secretly want} to be fired.

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Trump That Bitch

During one of this year’s excruciating Republican primary debates :: bearded progressive puppet and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly … had the temerity {read balls} to ask Donald Trump a tough/obvious question. It was something like …

“Don, why are you such a bitch to women?”

His perfectly ridiculous response percolated through his night rages and spewed out his butthole shaped mouth the next day …

She must of had blood coming out of her wherever!


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