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PhotoSpam - Summit on Land and Sea

I’m not a full time trash can photographer, it’s just one of my passions. This one basically sums up my experience floating around the Caribbean during the Summit at Sea.

You are sailing on the greenest ship on Earth; all waste is sorted and recycled on board.

Even the trash cans were fake woke…

We’re on a giant floating mall powered by building sized engines. This is one of the least efficient forms of travel, and the form least useful to tourism dependent local communities. But us rich white people shouldn’t have to feel any guilt about throwing away our plastic trash while attending this preposterous party… because a low wage international workforce will be sorting our garbage.

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PhotoSpam - Warehouse Stakeout

That time I rented a car and did a stakeout of Herbalife’s bizarre Miami warehouse. It was boring. I needed some kind of sidekick to fetch me coffees and bear the brunt of my witty banter.

The warehouse is located near the Opa Locka “Executive” airport. I think you’re allowed to snort coke in line at “executive” airports… I don’t know. It’s important that rich people be allowed to do whatever they want.

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PhotoSpam - Use, Wear, Talk

People who spend years trapped inside Herbalife’s mind game end up with a storage locker full of propaganda, paperworks, and bad memories.

By the time they talk to me they’ve usually purged it all in some semi-ceremonial sort of way. It’s a good thing to do. A physical manifestation of the “putting this mistake behind me” moment can really help with the forgiving oneself and moving forward part of the process that is essential to fully escaping the MLM manipulation loop.

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Homeless to Herbalife

This post is brought to you by Tony Robbins.

This is your last chance to see Tony Robbins live in Dallas, June 23-26, 2016. Mention that you saw this old screen capture from my phone and receive the SaltyDroid Special pricing package (which includes being disrespected and forcibly removed from the venue). Sorry no refunds.

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Stay Home SaltyDroid


This post is brought to you by Tony Robbins.

So I did this podcast. I don’t like doing stuff like that (so please don’t ask me to be on your podcast), but I try to say yes anyway (so please don’t ask me to be on your podcast). Because isn’t getting the message out there kinda my job?

Shut up! Don’t you dare answer that question! What the hell do you know about my job?

But yeah, it’s probably my job.

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