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Salty Droid

Dismissively Appealing

What if the badguys had to answer my questions?

It’s a rhetorical question because obviously nobody’s going to answer my questions. But what if they had to? I don’t know… it would be strange.

So that’s what’s happening right now.

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Robotic Reformation

I like being me! I over-deliberated about giving up my SaltyDroid character and instead writing as whatever it is that I actually am, but now that I’m doing it… I like it a lot.

Just to explain the decade old joke: it was funny how SaltyDroid was so totally horrible to darkside conmen pretending to be rivers of light. I pretended to be mean to expose people pretending to be nice. It was epic. I should have won some sort of beer-soaked comedy award for it; or at least an unrequested Louis C.K. dick pic, a plaque with my name misspelled, a Applebees gift card, maybe a giant blow-up of a post dated check for $100? … something.

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Disparaging Arbitration

In 2013, Herbalife, facing a full-on assault from a hedge fund manager still bitter about not rowing varsity crew at Harvard; a class action lawsuit inexplicably emanating from Salt Lake City; and several ominous Sword of Damocles style government inquires… added a mandatory arbitration and class waiver provision to its ridiculous consumer “contract”.

Here’s the first version of that provision. (Please make sure to read every word carefully because it’s desperately important to the story. I can’t overemphasize the importance of reading the provision, in its entirety, before continuing.)


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Court Ordered Court

The first hearing in Rodgers vs. Herbalife went so badly for the Defendants that they may be compelled to use their too fancy lawyers to file an immediate appeal. But, but, but… the objective facts in the case of Rodgers vs. Herbalife are so bad for the creepy, misrepresenting, Instagram-spamming, Defendants that filing an immediate appeal is fantastically, beautifully, amazingly, dangerous.

I’m feeling like using lots of adverbs and adjectives!

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Jessie’s Playbook

Jessie Conners Tieva is a scammer who’s spent most of the last ten years fronting for various Utah fraud operations. She’s a grinder–always out on the road, talking about doing things she’s never done. Jessie is one of the few scammers who I’ve had the pleasure of heckling in person. When we met in a half empty hotel conference room in Chicago six years ago, she was fronting for the Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad Utah-backed op.

This week Jessie and her husband Matt Tevia were busted by the FTC and the Minnesota Attorney General for operating a short-lived hustle called Sellers Playbook.

The Fake News should be running the headline:

Trump University “Professor” and Failed “Apprentice” Busted for Fraud

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