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Peak Performance Presidents

Bill Clinton and Tony Robbins are besties. They both like to mention it and it’s gross both ways. Name-drop circle jerk: This is America.

In Tony’s story, the night before Clinton was impeached - for being a disgusting lying piece of garbage - he was on the landline to the infomercial salesman seeking his (allegedly) sage advice.

If your life coach is an actual life coach you need a new life coach.

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{variable} & {variable} < had a baby >

ABC canceled their new/old (s)hit show starring a racist because their new/old (s)hit show starring a racist had a racist as its star. I guess someone should hold up the “APPLAUSE” sign now?

It’s like when NBC canceled The Apprentice after just fourteen seasons when it turned out that everyone always knew that Donald Trump was a racist.

Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.

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Pyramid Venn

Herbalife and Carl Icahn have spent years buying Herbalife shares. Now Carl is selling some shares.

What will happen to the stock?

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Herbalife Is Not Nutrition

Herbalife changed their name.

“Our new name, Herbalife Nutrition, reflects our strategic transformation as a leader in the nutrition industry.”

They’ve strategically transformed into a leader in nutrition. But they don’t sell food; they sell food replacements isolated from commodity crops and industrialized into unnatural pills and powders. It’s the opposite of everything that science, and life, has to tell us about nutritiousness.

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Documented Defamation

Don’t be Jelly, but, I was in a documentary. It never really got much traction; the filmmakers knew they were taking a risk - fully crazed character assassination is an out of favor sub-genre.

I’d give it a solid five out of an indefinite number of stars.

This is a screencap picto-summary of the film’s narrative vision:

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