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Rule 3 vs. LuLaRoe

Sometimes the things I do make things worse :: or at least harder … for the people I’m most trying to help.

It’s terrible!

Is it okay to increase the suck for 10 people in order to {maybe hopefully} decrease it for 10,000 others? Don’t try too hard to answer that question or you’ll end up an unemployed liberal arts professor.

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Rodgers vs. Herbalife (extended cut)

So you saw the 83 page RICO complaint against Herbalife and a couple double dozen of their top distributors :: and you were like …

I wish it was longer!

Point taken.

Here is the 246 page version with all the exhibits attached.

Thank you for your continued interest in boring documents.

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Mashed Circle of Success

Did I mention that :: in partnership with Miami litigation firm Mark Migdal & HaydenJones@Law has filed a real facesmacker of lawsuit against 20 ton turd salad Herbalife?

pdf pic

I know “20 ton turd salad” is fancy lawyer talk :: I think it’s latin or something … I’m sorry for talking over your empty little heads with my advanced scholarship.

Yesterday Truth in Advertising posted the RICO complaint to their important site … along with the above video {which looks like something I would make minus the creepy background track that I so shamelessly overuse}.

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SaltyDroid’s 7 Rules for Better Blogging

I hate being called a “blogger” :: it’s stupid … but surely if “blogger” is a thing I’m a very successful one.

I’ve spent a lot of time shitting on “blogging about blogging” sites/cartels … all peddling their useless tips as religious sacraments to hopeful and struggling writers.

But I have never offered any useful advice on the subject … even though I very much empathize with hopeful and struggling writers. So here it is :: a onetime unlimited time offer … SaltyDroid’s 7 Rules for Better Blogging.

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The People vs Herbalife

I started thinking about Herbalife in 2009 … when Liz Neuman died in James Arthur Ray’s fake sweat lodge. Liz got her first tastes of Death Ray’s self-help poison while attending Herbalife related events.

The deadly fake sweat lodge {that killed three people and seriously injured many others} was the culmination of James Ray International’s “Spiritual Warrior” weekend :: a deeply manipulative $10,000 event … the most expensive in a never ending sequence of events that Ray dubbed the “Journey of Power.”

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